Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 21  

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Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

In the Washington, D.C. office of the IADC, Agent Diana Prince packed her office. She had several boxes that would lo be sent on a federal government transport to Gotham City.
She walked and used her security badge to enter the computer data room of IRAC, the Information Retrieval Associative Computer.
IRAC was the IADC's artifical intelligent. IRAC's main screen was a screen of colored dots that blinked in patterns, based upon the word, when it spoke. Everyone now interfaced with IRAC vocally. IRAC originally was a room full of computer tape banks, but now had been replaced with several computer servers. Each server housed yatabytes of data. IRAC's servers had encryption that the even the NSA could not crack. IRAC had the advantage of adaptability, where it did not need scheduled patching or upgrades to deal with hacking attacks and other unauthorized network access. The President, however, had a special passkey that could shutdown IRAC, which the A.I. could not bypass or delete.
IRAC scanned Diana's security badge and then confirmed her identity. The confirmation involved several scanning protocols. Anyone not confirmed would have triggered a silent alarm to IADC security. The voice of IRAC, which sounded like a male's voice that had gone through a harmonizer, greeted, "Hello, Agent Prince."
Diana always marveled at the advanced A.I. She greeted back, "Hello, IRAC."
"What can assistance can I offer?", the computer asked.
Agent Prince adjusted her large, circular glasses, which prevented anyone from thinking of her as Wonder Woman, and then said, "I came to say goodbye. You've been an incredible help to me. I also came to pass along Wonder Woman's thanks."
"Do not worry, Agent Prince. I believe that you will frequent Washington, D.C. once in a while?", IRAC inquired.
Diana said, "Yes, but I'm not sure how soon."
Agent Prince scanned the room to make sure no one else was around and then spoke, "Privacy mode."
IRAC confirmed, "Privacy mode engaged."
Diana requested, "Scan for anything ties between Richard Grayson of Gotham City and Agent Diana Prince."
"Scanning.", IRAC responded.
A few seconds later, IRAC stated, "No data found."
Diana sighed with relief. She was glad that no one knew about her relationship with Dick Grayson. She commanded, "Send to me anything you find about this relationship."
IRAC was silent for a few seconds while it tasked the command and then stated, "Request tasked."
Diana stated, "End privacy mode."
Just then Agent Steve Trevor entered. He remarked, "Diana, there you are. I've been looking everywhere for you."
She affectionately patted IRAC's screen and then mentioned, "Just saying my goodbyes, Steve."
Steve said, "I'll be debriefing you on your current assignments and then reassigning your cases."
"Sounds good, Steve.", Diana agreed.
He asked, "Diana, have I done anything to you that made you transfer?"
"No Steve."
"Anything you want to talk about?"
"I'd rather not. It's personal.", Diana informed. She didn't like how Agent Trevor was probing into her personal life. She realized that leaving Washington, D.C. wasn't such a bad thing after all.
Steve asked, "You wouldn't happen to know where Wonder Woman was, Diana?"
"Sorry, Steve, but I haven't heard from Wonder Woman in days. Why?"
"Oh nothing.", lied Steve. He had been infatuated with Wonder Woman, and had mustered up the courage to ask her out. He realized that he might have missed his opportunity to date Wonder Woman.
Diana wanted to get away from Steve now. She stated, "I'll meet you in the conference room."
Steve nodded and then waited for her to leave. He said to IRAC, "Privacy mode."

"Privacy mode engaged.", IRAC responded.
He ordered, "Send me anything about Agent Diana Prince. I want her whereabouts tracked."

IRAC stated, "Provide authorization code from Director Aikenson."
Steve sighed and then said, "I don't have authorization."
IRAC informed, "Agent Trevor, this is your second unauthorized attempt to spy on a fellow IADC agent. A third attempt will be reported to Director Aikenson. Ending privacy mode."
Steve was frustrated that he couldn't spy on Diana. He believed that spying on Diana would lead him to Wonder Woman. He stormed out of the computer data room.
Director Aikenson intercepted Agent Trevor in the hallway. Aikenson said, "Steve."
"Yes, sir?", Trevor responded.
The IADC director informed, "I'll handle Agent Prince's exit interview. Why don't you take the rest of the day off? Play some golf or something."
Steve insisted, "But sir..."
"Don't make give an order, Steve.", Aikenson retorted.
Agent Trevor acknowledged, "I'll logoff my computer and then play a round of golf."

Aikenson said, "Thank you, Steve. See you tomorrow."

During the next evening, the Batsignal cast a bright bat symbol in the cloud Gotham sky.
Commissioner James Gordon stood by the powerful skylight that projected the bat symbol. He stuffed tabacco into his pipe, and then lit up. He had tried quitting smoking several times, but pipe tabacco calmed his nerves and eased the tension as Gotham City's top cop. He expected Robin or Batgirl to respond to the Batsignal, instead of Batman. Gordon was pretty damn upset that Batman had been missing over the past week fews, where he had to deal with the sidekicks.
Batman dropped silently behind Gordon. He crouched in a pose, where he was concealed by most of his cape, and then greeted in his Bat-voice, "Hello, Commissioner."
Gordon turned to face Batman. The seasoned police officer looked over the Dark Knight. Gordon noticed Batman's new costume was brighter than before. He also noticed that Batman's frame was less stockey. He angrily barked, "Where the hell have you been?!?"

Dick Grayson didn't blame Commissioner Gordon on being upset with Batman. Dick felt worse that he had to lie to the commissioner. Batman said, "I apologize in being gone for so long, but it was unavoidable."
James Gordon reprimanded, "Next time, give me a heads up. You at least had Robin and the others in Gotham while you were absent."
The police commissioner put his detective skills at work. While the Caped Crusader sounded like Batman with the gruff voice, Gordon noticed the kinder and more socialible tone Batman had. Batman even apologized without being forced to do so. Gordon felt a different relationship with Batman, as if they were collegues instead of friends.

He put the clues together, and then recognized Batman's voice as Nightwing's voice.
Batman hid is uneasiness. Dick Grayson could see Commissioner Gordon putting the pieces together, and then seeing who he really was.
Gordon asked, "What's going on here? I know you're not the original Batman. Why have you taken over the Mantle of the Bat?"
Batman stood up from his crouching stance to fully reveal himself. He stated, "The original Batman won't be coming back."
James Gordon took a long puff from his pipe. He needed the drag of nicotine to numb his emotions. He wanted to mourn the loss of his friend, but now wasn't the time. Gordon blew a few smoke rings and then asked, "What do you need from me?"
Dick Grayson smiled. Batman was relieved that he had Commissioner Gordon's help.

Gordon was unnerved at seeing Batman smile. He had never seen the Dark Knight smile before. "Do you mind not doing that?"
"Doing what?"
"Smiling. You're creeping me out."
"You'll have to get used to it, Commissioner. You'll be seeing me smile quite a bit.", Batman informed. He held out his gloved hand and then offered, "Partners?"

Gordon shook Batman's hand. "Partners."
"What do we tackle tonight?", Batman asked.
James Gordon nearly choked on his tabacco smoke. "What happened in doing whatever the hell you wanted?!?"
Batman said, "Gotham is your city too, Commissioner."
Commissioner Gordon talked into his radio, "Lieutenant Montoya, bring me the stack of active case files on my desk and then come to the roof."
Batman asked, "While we're waiting, give me an update on the major villains. Especially the Joker."
"Why?", James Gordon inquired.
The Caped Crusader elaborated, "Batgirl told me that the Joker hasn't been seen in Gotham for weeks."
The commissioner reminded, "You know that the Joker doesn't show up in Gotham unless you're around."
"That wouldn't stop him from playing his tricks in the city."

Blue Beetle, aka Ted Kord, piloted his airborne craft through the cloudy sky of Gotham City. He muttered, "We're almost there, Bug."
The Bug is what he had named his vehicle. The Bug looked like a gigantic, mechanical blue bug. Its interior could comfortably seat five people. Blue Beetle, however, mostly flew the Bug by himself. His insect-looking craft had state-of-the-art technology that he could easily acquire as CEO of Kord Enterprises. The technology included the advanced scanning equipment, a next-generation crime lab, and advanced weapons. He even had a private cabin where he could conduct business meetings in his civilian guise, if needed.
Blue Beetle was in Gotham City on personal business. He could use the cockpit controls, but Ted loved the well-responsive voice controls he had programmed into the Bug. He said, "Bug, park here and then open up."
The blue craft stopped to hover above Gotham Towers, and then opened a bottom porthole. A high-tension cable with a bar handle lowered to the opening. Blue Beetle grabbed onto the handle with both hands, and then dropped through the opening.
"Hi ho, Silver!", he joyfully called out.
Blue Beetle loved the rush of diving through the air from the Bug. He dove down, and then felt the cable's winch activate to slow his descent. A few moments later, he deftly touched down onto the roof of the towers.
Batgirl, aka Barbara Gordon, had been waiting for Blue Beetle. She smiled upon seeing him. The redhead sauntered over to him. She ran her dark purple gloved hand through her long, colorful hair. She teased, "Well, well. It looks I caught myself a bug."
Blue Beetle released his drop cable. He flashed a boyish grin and then remarked, "Does that mean you have an appetite for beetle tonight?"
She wrapped her fit arms around his neck and then acknowledged, "Always."
The two locked their lips together in a passionate kiss.
At that moment, the Batsignal illuminated the night sky.
Blue Beetle commented, '"Lookie there. It looks like Bats is back on the job. Still want to go on patrol tonight?"
Batgirl ran her hand down to his costumed crotch. She was frustrated to find a well protected groin, instead of feeling his clothed cock. "Hey, what gives?!? When did you add the protection?"
Ted answered, "Ever since Catwoman kicked me in the crotch a few weeks back."
Barbara whispered to him, "Should I kiss it to make it better?"
Blue Beetle grabbed onto her. He called out, "Bug, take me up."
The Bug responded to the voice command that brought the high-tension cable back to the airborne craft.
Batgirl rested her head against Blue Beetle's chest. "Are you taking me back to your place?"
"Yup.", he confirmed. "I have a nice, twin-sized bed up there."
She teased, "Is there anything you don't have in the Bug?"
"Only the company of a beautiful woman."
Batgirl blushed. She loved how much Ted cares for her. "Flatterer."
The duo were soon inside the Bug. Blue Beetle released the drop cable and then ordered, "Bug, close up. Activate stealth mode."
The Bug closed its bottom hatch. The insect-like craft ascended higher up into the Gotham night sky. After reach its high altitude, the Bug sucked in air from its propulsion system, sent the air through its cooling system, and then spewed out vapors that mimicked a cloud. Chemicals were mixed in with tue vapor that prevented the Bug from behind detected by radar or other bounced signals.
Batgirl slipped off her bat mask to reveal her pretty face. She asked, "Are we private, Ted?"
Ted slipped off his dark blue face mask, which included his signature yellow googles. "Uh huh."
Barbara Gordon deftly removed her dark purple gloves, and then dropped them to the craft's metal floor. She lovingly held onto his gloved hand and then requested, "Take me."
He slipped off his dark blue gloves, which also had yellow ovals with a beetle design, and then carefully placed them in the pilot's sest. Ted picked up the redhead with his athletic, but strong, arms. "I even have satin sheets."
They kissed each other, as Ted managed his way to the small bedroom within the Bug. He dropped Batgirl back onto her feet. He unclasped her bat shaped cape, which was gold on the inside and dark purple on the outside.
Barbara unlocked the security clasp of her golden utilty belt, and then removed the belt from her. She raised her arms, so that Blue Beetle could remove her protective dark purple top from her. Her top had a bright yellow bat emblem.
He picked up her cape, and then draped it around her. He mentioned, "I love seeing you, Babs, with just your cape on."
"I know.", she muttered.
He continued to undress Batgirl. He deliberately planted butterfly-like kisses on her tummy when he had to kneel down. He peeled off her dark purple pants. He loved exposing her shave pussy and the patch of red public hair she kept just above her sex. He gently kissed her soft, smooth skin when he stood back up.
Barbara moaned from his soft kisses. Her pink nipples swelled into tiny buds. Her shaved snatch tingled and then got wet.
She teased, "Time for me to remove your hard shell."
The fiery redhead huffed in frustration, "Damn it. Why do you make your top so hard to open?!?"
Blue Beetle stated, "Well, I had to do something to prevent the Madmen from ripping of my costume whenever I tangled with them."
Batgirl recalled the time she was in Hub City, Blue Beetle's home city, and fought the Madmen. They were crazied acrobatic clowns with colorful hair and stripped outfits with multiple colors. She did remember how the Madmen groped her a lot too.
After a few moments, she found the clasp that opened up his dark blue tunic. She peeled off his top to reveal his muscular and slightly hairy chest.
He unbuckled his black belt, which included the mystical blue scarab as its buckle. Ted found that the blue scarab did nothing for him, except in providing him magical protection. The scarab also absorbed electrical attacks. This If he concentrated, he could make the scarab discharge mystical bolts.
Ted stared at the blue scarab for a moment, as he remembered Dan Garret--the original Blue Beetle. The mystical scarab gave Dan superpowers that included flight and super-strength. Dan died stopping Ted's mad uncle, Jarvis, from trying to conquer the world with robots.
Barbara kissed along his body, and then removed his dark blue pants. Her long cape concealed her naked body, when she was crouched down. She smiled when Ted's hard, 8" cock sprang forth. While he had closer to an average sized dick, his thick girth more than made up for it. She could barely wrap her fingers around his wide shaft. She also appreciated that he kept his cock and balls shaved. Barbara hated getting public hairs in her mouth or stuck between her teeth. She resisted the urge to play or suck on his meaty cock, and then stood back up.
The naked duo locked lips in a passionate French kiss.

Wonder Woman: Dark Nights part 21