Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 26  

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Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

Note: The story will get darker from here. If you don't like reading about BDSM or the darker sexual fetishes, then don't read any further. Again, this part is longer than usual...but I didn't want to break up the last bit.

Agent Steve Trevor entered the IADC on Sunday morning. He knew that very few people would be here today, except for security and maybe Director Aikerson. The director used Sunday mornings to catch up on his workload.
At the building's main entrance, he had kept out of the camera views and then shoot dead the security agents with a silenced handgun.
Dee Cyde followed him inside. She set all of IADC's security cameras on feedback loops to give the illusion that nothing was wrong.
Steve and Dee Cyde rushed into Aikerson's office. Trevor held the director at gunpoint.

The IADC director barked, "Steve! What the devil is going on?!?"
Dee Cyde applied more Joker lipstick, and then kissed the IADC director. She teased, "Come here, old man."
The villainess kissed Director Aikenson.
Joe Aikenson tried to resist, and then became enslaved by the Joker's mind-controlling lipstick. He stood there in a zombie-like trance.
Dee Cyde motioned for Aikenson to follow and then ordered, "Follow me."
"Okay.", the director stated.
The trio entered IRAC's computer room.
IRAC greeted, "Hello, Steve. Hello, Director Aikenson."
Dee Cyde whispered into the director's ear.
Director Aikenson cleared his throat. Sweat beaded on his troubled brow, as he tried to fight the mind-control. He muttered, "IRAC..."
The villainess angrily whispered to him, "Do as I say, old man."
Aikenson said, "IRAC, stop all processes and then go into complete shutdown."
IRAC had been programmed not to question commands from the IADC director. The computer responded, "Acknowledged. Stopping all processes. Locking all disk drives. Engaging shutdown."
Silence was heard as the large disk storage bays stopped. The lights on IADC's screen faded as the mighty computer turned off.
Dee Cyde looked at Steve Trevor and then ordered, "Stevie boy, you know what to do."
Steve nodded and then said, "Yes, mistress."
He opened a satchel he had brought in, and then retrieved several square, blinking devices. He attached a device to IRAC's monitor, computer casing, power supply, and disk storage bays.
Dee Cyde walked Director Aikenson back to his office. She remarked, "Come on, old man. You and I need to talk some more."
A few minutes later, Dee Cyde and Steve Trevor teleported out of IADC Headquarters with all of IRAC's hardware. Director Aikenson lay on his office floor with a bleeding bullet hole in his forehead.
As they teleported out, the villainess pressed a red button on a handheld device. The device sent a signal that triggered the Joker explosives planted through the building. The explosives were a unique mix of C4, ammonium nitrate, and nitromethane. The IADC Headquarters went kaboom with one of the biggest explosions ever for a federal building.
It was nearly dawn, when Batman strode into the isolation ward of Gotham City General. He was accompanied by Wonder Woman. The Caped Crusader walked past the two armed officers guarding Commissioner Gordon's room.
James Gordon lay their with various medical devices. He had a breathing tube stuck up his nostrils. A constant pumping was heard from the breathing machine. Beeps sounds as machines monitored Gordon's pulse and blood pressure. He had an IV stuck in one arm that sucked out his blood. His blood circulated through a filtering machine. His filtered blood flowed back into him to the IV in his other arm.
Batman recognized the blood filtering setup as a method to cleanse Gordon's blood of the Joker's laughing gas.
Wonder Woman winced as she saw the eerie, ear-to-ear grin on Gordon's face. She whispered to Batman, "How long until...?"
The Caped Crusader answered, "Not sure. It depends on how long Gordon was exposed to the gas, and how quickly he got the antidote."
Batman, aka Dick Grayson, sincerely said to Gordon, "I'm sorry, commissioner."

Gordon could still speak through his forced smile, but with some difficulty. He muttered, "Jim. Call me Jim."
"Commiss--Jim, what happened?"
Gordon looked suspiciously at Wonder Woman and then insisted, "In private."
The Caped Crusader stated, "Anything you say to me, can be said to Wonder Woman."

Diana smiled. She appreciated that Richard stood up for her.
James Gordon forced himself to relax. He hadn't had a smoke since early evening, where he wa yearning for another puff on his pipe. He nearly choked up when he said, "He took her."
His eyes were brimming with tears. Gordon removed his eyeglasses, with the cracked lens, and then wiped away his tears.
Batman confirmed, "You mean Batgirl, Jim?"
"Yes, Batgirl!", Gordon hissed. "That madman has Barbara!"
The Caped Crusader nodded. Wonder Woman gasped to learn that James Gordon knew that his daughter was Batgirl.
Gordon roughly grabbed onto Batman's cape, and then looked him in the eye. "Swear to me, partner, that you will get my daughter back!"
The Caped Crusader wasn't sure he could rescue Barbara Gordon. He knew what the Joker was capable of. Batman muttered, "Jim, I--"
The Amazon warrior clanched her silver bracers together to make her sword and shield magically appear. Wonder Woman saluted James Gordon with her sword and then swore, "I will get her back, Gordon!"
Batman grabbed her arm and then softly muttered, "Diana--?!?"
Wonder Woman willed her sword and shield to disappear. She lovingly grabbed Batman's head and then planted him a deep kiss. She mentioned, "You have your ways. I have mine. I cannot stand here any longer while the Joker has Batgirl hostage!"
Diana stomped out of the hospital room.
Just then, Batman received a message over his cowl comm. He tapped the side of his cowl and then answered, "Go."
"Blue here.", said the Blue Beetle. "I finished scanning the rooftop, where I can confirm a teleporter was used."
"And?!?", Batman impatiently asked.
"It's the same energy signature as the one you gave me."
"Thanks, Blue. Batman, out." He sighed over the news.
Gordon asked, "What's the matter?"
The Caped Crusader informed, "It means that the Joker is working with Doctor Cyber."
Batman didn't tell the commissioner that Doctor Cyber had perfected VR technology, where criminals had sex with captured superheroines.
James Gordon could tell that Batman was going to leave. The commissioner barked, "When you find him, Batman, you end him! You end him! I've had enough of seeing the Joker in-and-out of Arkham!"
The Caped Crusader stated, "Batman does not kill."
Gordon yelled, "Then have your Amazonian girlfriend do it!"
All of the medical monitors beeped loudly and erratically, as Gordon's blood pressure and hear rate went off the charts.
A nurse rushed in, and then administered a sedative to the commissioner.
Batgirl awoke, and then snapped to attention. She found herself still in full costume, but deprived of her utility belt. She then found herself upright and bound to a gigantic J. Her arms were shackled above her head. One of her legs was straight, while her other leg was at a 45 degree angle.
She looked around her surroundings, and then saw walls covered with multi-colored, chaotic swirls. The swirls reflected the Joker's madness. She closed her green eyes to retain her sanity.
The Joker suddenly appeared. He was dressed in his recognizable purple suit. He looked extremely confident and calm. He sniffed his bright yellow carnation on his jacket lapel. The evil clown gazed over the bound redhead and then smiled. He stated, "Lookie here! I have my own bat-slut to play with."
Batgirl said nothing. She knew that responding to the mad clown would do not good. She also knew that insulting the Joker could trigger one of his mad rages.
The Joker framed his gloved hands into a picture frame to look at Batgirl. He remarked, "Hmm, something's not right here."
He snapped his fingers.
Batgirl gasped when her purple costume, save for her cowl, instantly vanished! She was completely naked before the evil clown. She blurted in surprise, "My costume!"

The Joker nodded his head and then stated, "Much better. I don't know why you whores always insist on wearing clothes."
She demanded to know, "How did you do that?"
"Use your brains, red!", he responded. The evil clown saw the patch of red hair above Batgirl's shave snatch. He came in close and then whispered, "So you are a real redhead after all! I would have guessed you were a dumb blonde."
He admitted, "We're in virtual reality, bat-bimbo! I control the horizontal."
The Joker moved his hands out in the horizontal plane.
Barbara shrieked in pain as she found herself stretched out like a rubber band along the horizontal plane! She felt like one of those rubber stretching toys that kids tried to pull apart. She didn't know how, but she was still alive while being stretched out.
The evil clown brought his hands together that restored Batgirl to normal. He stated, "I control the vertical."
He moved his hands apart in the vertical plane.
Batgirl screamed in agony as her naked body was yanked apart in the vertical plane! She felt like she was being formed into a giant pencil. Her head, arms, body, and legs lost their form as she gained a conical shape. She entire body was on fire as it was contorted like a character in a cartoon.
The Joker moved his hands back together.
Barbara panted from the horrific experience of being stretched out like a rubber band. She realized that she was indeed in a virtual reality, where anything could happen to her. She had never heard or seen about virtual reality this advanced.
Joker examined her naked body and then concluded, "Everything seems to be in working order."
He mused for a moment and then commanded, "Climax!"
Batgirl instantly felt a powerful orgasm explode in her! Her green eyes widened in shock at her unexpected orgasm. She screamed incoherent words and panted as she came. Her pink nipples had swollen into rock hard buds. Her shaved cunt parted slightly, and then her pussy juice oozed out of her. Her clit had swollen into a visible button. She shook in the bonds as she climaxed. She usually had orgasms this intense from her love making with Blue Beetle.
After she finished cumming, her face and chest were flushed red. Her inner thighs were sticky with her pussy juice. Some of her white, feminine jizz dribbled out of her cunt.
"Oh, this is so much fun!", cooed the evil clown. He came in for a close look at her pink areolas and then mentioned, "Hey, are those hickeys on your nips?!? I didn't know my bat-slut liked it so rough!"
Barbara didn't say a word. She had forgotten about the bite marks that Blue Beetle had given her from their past fuck session in the Bug. She defiantly glared at him.
"Let's give you something that makes you easier to identify, red!", the Joker commented. He snapped his fingers.
Batgirl gasped as her skin tanned. White, bat-shaped untanned areas formed over her firm, perky tits and across her trimmed snatch. She felt something behind her, and then guessed her butt had a bat-shaped bikini line too. Her tits, cunt, and ass were creamy white while the rest of her body was nicely tanned.
Joker insisted, "Let's see how rough and nasty you are, bat-slut."
He produced some nipple rings. He informed, "This, red, is going to hurt a lot."
The evil clown tugged to stretch out her left nipple, and then pierced her elongated nip with one of the nipple rings!
Batgirl wailed in pain and cried as the needle-like tip of the nipple ring poked through her sensitive nipple! Intense pain flared though her body. She had never hurt so much in her life. Her left, pink nipple throbbed from the violent piercing. Somehow, her nipple wasn't bleeding.
The Joker locked the nipple ring, so that it wouldn't slide off her left nipple.

She saw the other nipple ring and then shook her head. Batgirl protested, "No!"
It was too late. The Joker released her left nipple, and then yanked out her right nipple. He pierced Batgirl's right nipple with the other nipple ring.
Barbara screamed loudly and cried as her other sensitive nipple was poked! The small length of the piercing tip brought sheer agony to her. She sobbed uncontrollably from the enormous pain in having her nipples pierced. She now had two large, golden rings attached to her nips.
Unlike having her nipples bitten, Barbara found no pleasure from the forced piercings of her nipples.
The Joker commented, "Not so rough after all, red? Let's see how nasty you are!"
He clapped twice, and then there was a bright flash of light.
Batgirl found herself kneeling on the floor. Her arms were far enough apart to give easy access to her perky tits and pierced nipples. Her legs were spread as wide as possible. She felt the cool air brush across her exposed inner, pink pussy as her cunt lips had parted. Her butt cheeks had spread apart to expose her tight, closed asshole. Her wrists and ankles were shackled to the floor.
Her long, red hair had been braided into two ponytails. When she moved her head, Barbara heard jingles from bells attached to her ponytails.
The Joker stood behind her and then remarked, "That's how I like my bitches! Red, you have a great ass!"
Batgirl gasped in fear at what was going to happen to her. She had read reports of how the evil clown had sodomized Doctor Cyber and Poison Ivy at Arkham Asylum. She knew that her ass was going to be violated.
He mused, "Something's missing, bat-slut. You just don't look quite right."
The evil clown snapped his fingers.
"Aaauuuaaahhh!!!", the naked heroine cried out. She suddenly felt heavy weights attached to her nipple rings! Gravity pulled down on the weights. Her tits were in agony from the attached weights. The weights were not heavy enough to touch the floor.
"Damn you, Joker!", she snarled. Batgirl turned her head to glare at the evil clown. Big mistake. Turning caused the weights to swing, yanked on the nipple rings, and then tugged on her pierced nipples. She screamed in pain, "Yyyaaauuuuhhh!!!"
Barbara realized she had to stay perfectly still to avoid torturing her breasts further.
The Joker nodded in approval and then happily remarked, "Delicious! Now red, you'll be a good bat-slut from now on. Move too much, and those weights might even tear off those nipple rings."
He snapped his fingers again.
A clattering set of false teeth appeared before Batgirl. She blurted in confusion, "What?!?"
The Joker said, "One. Two. On her tits."
"Aaauuuggghhh!!!", Batgirl screamed in agony. Clattering teeth suddenly clamped onto her perky tits! The pairs of teeth somehow stayed on her breasts, and then bit into her titty flesh over-and-over again at a frantic pace. She felt as if the mechanical teeth were trying to eat her boobies.
The evil clown laughed and then stated, "Three. Four. Have some more!"
"Nnnuuugggaaahhh!!!", the captive heroine cried in pain. Two more pairs of chattering teeth appeared on her abused tits. Pain surged through her breasts, as the biting teeth gnawed at her titty flesh. The four pairs mechanical teeth did not synchronize together. Batgirl experienced four different rapid bites on her abused tits.
Batgirl liked rough sex, but the Joker's torture lacked any passion or appreciation of her sexy body. She was his plaything, ans nothing more.
"And now, for the piece of de resistance!", the Joker excited announced. "One more! On her front door!"
"Gggggguuuuuuaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!", Batgirl bellowed in agony. She suddenly felt her clit swell to fullness, and then felt a set of chattering teeth bite on her sensitive love button. Each bite on her clit felt as if the false teeth were slicing through her sensitive love button!
She instinctively shook in an attempt to fling the mechanical teeth off her abused clit. Her shacking made her wail in pain, as her motions made the weights on her pierced nipples swing about. She could barely see from her tear filled eyes. Barbara wept from the torture on her abused breasts, nipples, and clit.
"Oops! Did I say I was done, red?", the evil clown teased. He admitted, "I lied."
He broke out into a loud burst of laughter. The Joker teased, "Two more...!"
Batgirl felt her puffy cunt lips pulled down. She knew where the next two sets of mechanical teeth were going to be attached. She pleaded, "No! No more!"
He finished, "...On her nether lips!"
"Aaaaauuuuuhhhhhaaaaa!!!!!", she screamed in agony. Biting teeth clamped onto her pussy lips!
The bound heroine cried from the many, repeating bites on her tits, clit, and cunt lips. She could barely think, as the intense pain blazed across her naked body. She didn't know how this could get worse.
As if he could read Batgirl's mind, the Joker upped the ante. He commanded, "Cum, bat-slut! And squirt!"
"Gggggguuuuuuaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaadddddd!!!!!!", Barbara violently screamed. She suddenly came with the most intense orgasm that she ever had! Her gaping cunt spasmed, and then erupted with a strong, squirting stream of her pussy juice. Her feminine spray splashed onto the floor, where she could feel some droplets spatter along her thighs and tummy.
Her naked body quaked afterwards. Her green eyes rolled back. She grunted and panted from the combination in having a squirting orgasm, while the mechanical teeth continued to gnaw her. Her titty flesh, clit, and pussy lips were white hot from the non-stop biting. She barely registered the pain of the weights attached to her nipple rings.

Batgirl had always loved rough sex, but not as the Joker's interpretation of BDSM and sex. She could not genuinely enjoy her first squirting orgasm, due to the pain of the weighted nipple rings and of the biting teeth. If she could think, Barbara would realize that she was nothing more than the Joker's plaything.
After a few moments, she finally stopped cumming. She desperately panted for air. Batgirl was exhausted, and was zoning in-and-out consciousness. Not even the biting, mechanical teeth could keep her conscious.
The evil clown scolded, "Don't tune out yet, red! We're just getting started!"

Wonder Woman: Dark Nights part 26