Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 14  

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Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

While Dee Cyde lay exhausted in a semi-conscious state, the Joker had cleaned off his spent cock; put on a silk, purple robe; a pair of matching slippers with smiling clown faces; and had brought out several pieces of equipment.
"Milk me.", she weakly muttered. After repeating herself a few times, she stopped speaking and then became very sleepy. Her eye lids were barely open, where her pupils were barely visible.
The Joker unlocked the handcuffs, and then re-positioned the tired villainess. He re-positioned Dee Cyde into a sitting position, placed her limp arms at her sides, and then recuffed her wrists to the bedpost.
He then sat by Dee Cyde's side, and then softly stroked her face with his green gloved hand. He called out, "Sweetums? Are you still with me?"
The naked villainess sat there like a toy doll, where her breathing and blinking eyes were the only signs of life she showed. Her swollen, milk-filled juggs hung like ripe melons that were begging to be picked. Dee Cyde had not acknowledged her lover-boy's presence.
The evil clown disappointingly shaked his head and then grumbled, "No, no, no! This will not do. If I had wanted a dummy, I would have kidnapped the Ventriloquist's puppet!"
He gently nudged, "Come on, sweetums. Wakie, wakie!"
Dee Cyde's eyes were closed. She was drifting off to sleep from the exhaustion of her powerful orgasm, and from the pain of not being milked.
"Wake up, baby!", the Joker barked. He swatted the bottoms of her swollen, 36DD juggs. His little hits reverberated with strong shockwaves through her milk-filled titties, like a sound wave passing through water.
"Uuuggghhh!!!", Dee Cyde blurted in pain. The painful hit of her huge, swollen udders blazed through her body, and then roused her to a semi-conscious state. Without any additional stimulus, she would fall back to unconsciousness.
The Joker pulled out a capsule from the pocket of his purple robe. He cracked the pill open, where a vapor issued out. He waved the broken capsule under Dee Cyde's nose.
She instinctively breathed in the strong vapors, which were smelling salts. The smelling salts instantly brought Dee Cyde back to full consciousness. "Huawk!", she hacked.
The evil clown kept waving the smelling salts under her nose, until she tried to squirm away from the powerful vapors. He pitched the broken capsule and then happily stated, "Hello, sweetums."
Dee Cyde instinctively wriggled against the handcuffs in her sitting position. She recognized the Joker and then called down. She inquired, "Lover-boy, what's going on?"
"You still need a-milkin', sweetums!", he proclaimed.
She hissed from the great discomfort of her swollen, filled udders. She admitted, "Yes, I need my udders milked!"
The Joker wheeled a device on a rolling cart next to the bed. The evil clown produced two clear tubes with ends that fitted over Dee Cyde's elongated teats.
The naked villainess watched as the clear ends were fitted over her long, dark nipples, and then pressed against her dark areolas. The plastic of the tubes felt cool and comforting against her titty flesh.
The evil clown held down both ends against Dee Cyde's dark areolas, and then flipped a switch with his other hand. A suction sound was heard.
"Uuuh!", Dee Cyde gasped. She felt the plastic ends form a vacuum seal against her areolas, and then felt her swollen teats being tugged into the clear tubes. Her big, long nipples were now stretched out.
The bound villainess gazed beyond the clear tubes, and then saw the rest of the machinery. The tubes had a takeoff tube that was connected to a portable pump. The clear tubes were connected to large, clear containers. The containers had marks to measure the liquid level in them. She realized that her swollen udders had been connected to a milking machine.
The Joker moved away for a moment to active the recording button on a stationary video camera. The video camera focused on a shot of Dee Cyde's bust and of the milking machine. He held a sign underneath the camera's lens.
Dee Cyde could not help noticing the sign, which had brightly color letters written in chaotic characters. She scanned the words to not mess up. She read aloud in a sexy voice, "Milk me. Milk my big, fat udders dry!"
Keeping himself off-camera as much as possible, the Joker managed to only expose his green gloved hand in the camera shot as he turned on the milking machine.
"Hhhuuuaaahhh!!!", Dee Cyde gasped. She had not been prepared for the powerful sucking of the milking machine! Her engorged teats were repeated tugged inside of the clear tubes. She felt her breast milk moving inside of her swollen udders, but nothing flowed out of her seemingly burning hot udders.
For a minute or so, she hissed and grunted in pain. Dee Cyde helplessly watched her big, stretched-out nipples being yanked over-and-over again inside the clear tubes. She tugged against the handcuffs to free her hands, but could not free herself. She desperately wanted to use her hands to rip off the suction tubes, and then savagely yank on her swollen teats. She wanted to use her hands to make herself lactate, instead of waiting for the milking machine to milk her.
"Milk me!", the bound villainess loudly demanded. Her arms strained against her handcuffs. Dee Cyde wiggled her huge bosom in hope that she could slosh her milk free.
The Joker sat back and then watched the erotic spectacle. He could not help opening up his silken robe, and then stroking his growing erection. He wanted to say something, but he forced himself to say silent. He did not want his voice picked up in the video recording.
After a seemingly eternity of waiting, which was actually one minute, streams of milk spurted out of Dee Cyde's dark, vacuum sucked teats. She smiled ecstatically with her first release of breast milk. She joyfully screamed, "Fuck yes!"
Upon lactating, her body released endorphins that induced a euphoria in her. Jets of white breast milk sprayed out of her dark teats, and then flowed into the clear tubes. Her breast milk deposited from the tubes into the twin clear containers.

The Joker found Dee Cyde's forced milking highly erotic. He stroked his full erection, and then felt more of his cum needing to be released from his ball sac.
Dee Cyde's sexy body produced more and more endorphins with each streaming release of her breast milk. The endophins put her into a pleasure-induced high. Her huge, swollen udders were starting to empty and not hurt as much. She started down at the milking machine, and then watched in great fascination of herself being milked.

The formerly clear tubes of the milking machine were coated in milky white, while the machine pumped out Dee Cyde's breast milk. The machine's powerful pumping quickly speed up the milking process that would take three to four times as long with a manual pump. Her breast milk continued to fill up the twin containers.
The lactating villainess happily sat back as the machine milked her dry. She had the biggest grin on her face. She would occasionally giggle in joy. Her dark teats gained a purplish color from being trapped within the suction tubes.
After five minutes of so, the last drops of breast milk dribbled out of Dee Cyde's dark teats. Her 36DD udders had been completely drained, and sagged slightly from being empty. Her huge juggs looked like breasts again, instead of beach balls.
Dee Cyde still basked in the happy euphoria of having lactated. She improvised by saying, "Milk. It does a body sssooo good!"
The Joker stopped the video recording. He turned off the milking machine.
Without any suction, Dee Cyde's dark teats snapped back to her emptied udders. The last drops of milky white oozed out of her long, purplish nipples.
The evil clown deftly snapped off the clear tubes from her big, dark areolas. The suction tubes left behind red circles around her elongated teats.
Dee Cyde gasped from the sudden release of her released teats. She grunted as her blood flow returned to her purple teats. Her big, long nipples soon regained their darkened look.
The Joker marveled aloud, "Ooh lookie! Sweetums, your big udders milked out two cups each!"
The bound villainess thought aloud, "That's four cups."
"My, my sweetums, you still have your brains.", the Joker remarked. "Who ever said that lactating milks out your brains?"
The evil clown still had a rock hard erection. His pale cock need to be relieved. Without warning, he shoved his long, 12" shaft into Dee Cyde's mouth!
"Huuuackkk!!!", she loudly sputtered. With a mouthful of cock, she could not speak. Dee Cyde quickly overcame her fear of being vigorously fucked in her mouth, and then expertly sucked on the Joker's hard, throbbing shaft. She purposely created saliva to provide extra saliva for her blowjob.
The Joker roughly grasped her long, black hair, and then continued to pummel his rock hard cock in-and-out of her slobbering mouth. He had been so sexually aroused from Dee Cyde's milking that he was closing to orgasm.
Dee Cyde hummed with delight as she hungrily sucked on her lover-boy's huge dick. She wanted to make him climax, and then gush his hit jizz into her or all over her. She didn't care, as long as he gave her all of his cum.
He tightly gripped her hair, like a caveman dragging his woman along the ground. If the Joker yanked any harder, he would have pulled out Dee Cyde's long, black hair. He roared, "Cumming!!!"
The evil clown thrust forward to where his groin mashed against her face. All of his muscles tensed as he ejaculated into Dee Cyde's mouth.
The villainess was in complete bliss in making her lover-boy cum. She was oblivious in having her mouth around the end of his shaft, her nose mashed against his groin, and her face poked with his wirey public hair. All Dee Cyde cared about was feeling his hot, globby jizz splashing against the back of her throat, and then traveling down to her tummy. While denied savoring the taste of the Joker's cum, her body was warmed up by his burning hot jizz.
The Joker was flooded with pleasure in actually cumming, instead of making himself empty out of his cum. At the same time, he had plans for Dee Cyde. Those plans, however, would mean going out to Los Angeles for a while. He was sure that Gotham City would miss him more than he would miss Batman's city.
There would be a pit stop along the way.

The Joker and Dee Cyde exited their bright green and yellow Hummer. The evil clown still wanted the huge vehicle converted into his Jokermobile. The villainess, however, had mentioned that the Jokermobile would have blown their cover. He decided to delay his vehicle's remake, until he returned to Gotham. He wouldn't fun with a Jokermobile, unless it was blowing the Batmobile into tiny bits.
The criminal duo approached a meager looking two-story house in the middle of nowhere. The house was surrounded by trees in a lush forest. A large pipe, which was probably the natural gas main, protruded from the ground and then connected to a large turbine that powered the house. A few satellite dishes were on the roof that were used for several purposes. From above or from a satellite image, the house looked like any other house. Without knowing who lived in the house, the residents would only be guilty for not being social.
Dee Cyde inquired, "Why are we here, lover-boy? We're in the middle of nowhere. Who lives here?"
The Joker answered, "There are two very, hmm how shall I say, eccentric scientists. They might be able to provide the psychic part for your wonderful VM machine."
"Are we expected?", she asked.
"Of course we are!", the evil clown proclaimed. He pressed the house's doorbell.

A few seconds later, the double doors to the residence opened. A male voice emitted from the doorbell's speaker, "Enter. You are expected."
The Joker bowed graciously and then said, "After you, sweetums."
Dee Cyde knew her lover-boy well enough not be taken with his chivalry. She angrily remarked, "You want me to trigger any booby traps. Don't you?!?"
The stranger's voice sounded through the speaker, "There are no traps! Joker, enter now or leave! We want to get back to our experiments."
The Joker led the way inside, until he and Dee Cyde reached the living room.
In the room, two middle-aged men sat in comfortable recliner seats. They were both enjoying freshly brewed coffee. One of the men had average looks and build with short black hair and a thin black mustache. The other gentleman had pale skin, who seemed to have a permanent chicken pox bumps all over him. Two other coffee settings and two empty chairs were available.
Dee Cyde gasped in shock upon looking at the disfigured men, and then remembered her scarred face as Doctor Cyber.
The Joker looked at the normal looking men and then greeted, "T.O. Morrow."
He gazed at the other man, winced, and then greeted, "Ivo. Bleech! You really need to get something for your skin."
Professor Ivo was not affected by the evil clown's taunt and remarked, "The side effect of immortality."
Professor Morrow interjected, "So Joker, what can we do for you?"
The Joker sat himself down, and then poured himself some coffee. He requested, "I need a telepath, but I don't want to kidnap anyone."
Morrow asked, "Couldn't get Doctor Psycho to help you out?"
Dee Cyde sat down and then sadly informed, "Psycho is no longer available."
The evil clown commented, "Psycho's was so B-list! No wait, he's D-list now!" He cackled with enjoyment over Doctor Psycho's death.
"We make robots and machines, not people.", Morrow stated.
"Not true, prof!", the Joker countered. "Rumor has it you both are creating a new android! Not like the red-and-yellow spinning loser in the Justice League. One that looks and acts just as human as you and me!"
Ivo stated, "We have started our Tomorrow Woman, but we've run out of funds."
"How much have you done?", Dee Cyde inquired. "Does it have telepathy?"
Morrow muttered, "Well..."
The Joker stated, "Want to complete your fantasy gal? I can be your kickstarter man!"

Wonder Woman: Dark Nights part 14