Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 15  

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Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

After acquiring their robotic female bust from Ivo and Morrow, the Joker and Dee Cyde drove their bright green-and-yellow Hummer to Los Angeles. From all of the highway signs, Dee Cyde wanted to stop at the Wall Drug in South Dakota.
The Joker agreed and then stated, "This pit stop will be a good test for me. Besides, I've been needing to pee for the last 20 miles!"
Dee Cyde drove and then parked their brightly colored Hummer at Wall Drug. She then waited for the Joker.
The evil clown was in the back of the oversized vehicle, where he changed from his gaudy, colorful outfit to dark clothes. He now wore a dark blue face mask, along with red lensed glasses and a black top hat. The mask's neck tucked into his buttoned up, dark blue shirt. He also wore a dark blue suit and white gloves. He finished his ensemble with a black, Sherlock Holmes-like black cloak.
He presented himself to Dee Cyde, and then asked in a near authentic London accent, "How do I look?"
In his British voice, he actually sounded like a different person. He even acted completely different.
"A little too layered for West Coast in the fall.", the villainess commented.
"Cannot be helped, my dear.", he responded. "In this alias, call me Professor Oberon Sexton. If anyone inquires about my mask, tell them I have high sensitivity to light."

Dee Cyde acknowledged, "Sure thing, lover-boy."
Sexton scowled, "In this alias, my dear, don't call me that. Address me as 'Professor' or 'Sexton'."
She responded, "Of course, lov...I mean, Sexton."
The professor said, "Now let's see if this establishment makes a decent cup of tea."

Nightwing, aka Dick Grayson, had stayed on Paradise Island a few days since he had arrived with Wonder Woman. After having a long talk with Queen Hippolyta about Diana, he had kept himself busy by either sparring with Artemis or by examining Amazonian armor and weapons. He considered what Amazonian weapons he could add to his crimefighting arsenal. Nightwing realized that whatever he had added would require a drastic remodeling of his costume, where he could no longer house everything in his gauntlets.
He had just finished checking in with Alfred, when Wonder Girl--aka Donna Troy--entered the communications chamber.
She was a fine looking woman around Dick's age. Donna had long black hair, blue eyes, a very athletic body, and an ample bosom. In other words, she looked like a younger--but not as beautiful or voluptuous--version of Wonder Woman. She wore an Amazonian white gown with a plunging neckline, instead of red costume white stars.
"So how are things in Gotham City, Dick?", Donna asked.
Nightwing still wore his dark blue and light blue costume with areas of yellow-looking feathers. He was grateful that he had designed this costume with a chest zipper, so that he could open up the front to better cope with the tropical temperatures. He responded, "So far, so good. Robin, Blue Beetle, and the others are keeping Gotham safe, even with Batman's presence."
"Can't anyone find Batman?", she wondered.
He mentioned, "The Justice League searching for him. When Batman doesn't want to be found, however, not even someone with X-ray vision can find him."
Nightwing switched the topic and anxiously asked, "How's Diana?"
"The Purple Healing Ray took care of her wounds. Diana only wanted to see mother two days ago. Big sis and I have been talking since yesterday.", Donna informed.
Donna Troy was Queen Hippolyta's adopted daughter and Wonder Woman's younger sister. Donna had been rescued as a baby from a burning apartment building by Wonder Woman. No one had been able to find any records of Donna's real family.
Nightwing wanted to ask something, but his modesty made him hold back.
Wonder Girl, however, knew him like a brother to instantly know what he was thinking. "I know that look, Dick.", she teased.
"Then you know what I'm going to ask.", he said.
Donna could not help herself from smiling at how cute Dick was at this moment. She continued to tease and stated, "Big sis has been asking about you."
Dick anxiously inquired, "What has Diana been asking about?"
"You know, mother was right. You stopped calling Diana by her superheroine name.", she commented.
"Donna, come on!", he interjected. "You're killing me."
Donna informed, "She told me that you should go see her. Like now."
Nightwing bolted out of the communications chamber, and then headed towards the medical chamber.

Nightwing knocked on the door to Wonder Woman's private medical room.
"Come in.", she said.
Nightwing entered the private room, and then gently closed to door. He saw Diana lying on her hospital bed.
She was dressed in a long, white gown that covered most of Amazonian body, but clung to her body to show her sexy curves and huge breasts. Her long, black hair had been braided into a ponytail. She wore her golden power belt. Her Woman Woman costume, golden lasso, silver bracers, golden tiara, and boots were to the side of her bed.

A nightstand was next to her with a glass bowl of grapes, a half-full pitcher of water, and a partially filled drinking glass. Several comfortable chairs were also next to her bed. A deactivated medical monitor device was in the corner of the room.
Wonder Woman placed her JLA comm earpiece onto the nightstand. She warmly hailed, "Good morning, Richard."
"Morning, Diana. Great to see you're doing better.", he greeted.
He politely kept his distance, as he wanted to respect Diana's personal space. Nightwing, of course, wanted to jump next to the Amazon princess, and then gush his romantic feelings for her. From her excessive and forced sexual encounters by various villains, he wasn't sure how friendly Diana was towards men right now.
Wonder Woman found Dick's chivalrous attitude cute, and then did her best to stifle her smile. She insisted, "Come sit next to me, Richard."
"Sure.", he accepted. He deliberately forced himself to walk slower, hoping that would conceal his feelings to Diana. He sat down with the tension and uneasiness of someone on a first date.
Diana requested, "Can you take off your mask? I want to see your eyes."
Nightwing peeled off his dark blue mask, and then set it on the nightstand.
She smiled upon seeing his compassionate blue eyes. She remarked, "Better."
Dick started a conversion by asking, "Were you talking to the Justice League?"

"Yes. I told Aquaman that I'm switching to reserve status. I think Supergirl will become a regular team member.", she answered.
"I see.", he muttered.
Wonder Woman stated, "Mother talked to me about the long conversation you both had."
Dick had bared his romantic feelings about Diana to Queen Hippolyta. He was worried how the Amazon princess would react.
Wonder Woman sat up on the bed, and then gently held Nightwing's hands. She fondly said, "Richard, you have grown up to a fine man."
His heart beat so fast, when Diana took his hands, that his heart might burst out of his chest. He muttered, "I..."
She stated, "Donna and I had a long talk about you."
"Wha-what did Donna say?", he nervously stammered.
Wonder Woman informed, "We talked about your past relationships with Barbara Gordon and Koriand'r."
Dick Grayson should have guessed that Donna and Diana would have talked about his past loves.
Diana seriously gazed into his blue eyes, and then asked, "I don't think you beat about the bush like Batman, so I'll get to the point. Are you over Koriand'r?"
Nightwing recalled when he and his fellow Teen Titan, Jericho, had traveled to the planet Tamaran. He thought they were going there to celebrate Tamaran's newly won freedom from the Gordanians. He might even get approval of his relationship with Koriand'r with her parents, who ruled the planet. Instead, his world was shattered when he was witness to Kory's pre-arranged marriage. Even though Kory returned to Earth with him and Jericho, Dick could not be in a relationship with Kory anymore. First, she was married. Second, she never told him about her pre-arranged marriage and therefore felt betrayed.
Just when Dick thought he was done with dating, his discovery of Wonder Woman's dire dilemma changed all that. His boyhood crush for Diana was reawakened, but with the passions of an adult. He was dashing off to her rescue, like a romantic novel where the hero rescues the maiden.
When Diana mentioned the Dark Knight, however, Dick asked, "Batman? Do you mean that you and Bruce have?"
Wonder Woman could not help laughing at how cute Nightwing was at that moment, especially his shock that she and Batman might have been romantically involved. She informed, "No, Richard. Bruce has tried to flirt with me, but nothing happened beyond that. I think you Americans would say that Bruce never got past first base with me."
Dick inquired, "Diana, I have to know. Do you have any pre-arranged marriages, or existing romantic relationships right now?"
Diana could tell that Nightwing did not want to be emotionally hurt again, like with his former dating with Koriand'r. She purposely gazed at Richard with her beautiful, blue eyes. She truthfully answered, "No."
Before Nightwing could speak again, the Amazon princess pressed her fingers against his lips to silence him. A few seconds later, she dropped her fingers away.
Dick could no longer restrain himself. He lunged forward, wrapped his athletic arms around Diana, and then passionately kissed her.
His momentum pushed Wonder Woman back onto the bed, where Nightwing lay on top of her. She kissed back, where they were lip locked in a French kiss. Their nostrils flared, like horses running in the wild, as they breathed. She tightly held onto him. Their tongues lashed together.
Diana felt her nipples harden into big pointy tips, which poked her white gown. She felt her pussy grow warm and then get moist. She broke their French kiss, when she smiled. She could not help herself giggling like a little school girl.
Dick asked, "Something funny?"
"No.", the Amazon princess answered. "I've been thinking out this moment for days, ever since mother and I talked. I'm very happy to have you in my arms right now, Richard."
Diana resumed kissing him again. Her hands caressing his back.
Dick pressed his groin against her. He heard her moan, as his clothed, hard cock pressed against her concealed mound. He continued to dry hump Diana as they kissed.
After a few minutes of intense kissing and petting, Diana's sexual arousal grew to where she needed more. She deliberately broke their French kiss and then asked, "Richard, why don't you lock the door?"
Nightwing knew what that request meant. He asked to confirm, "Are you sure?"
"Yes, Richard, I'm sure.", Diana lustfully stated.
He hurried to the medical room's door, and then locked it. From behind him, he heard Wonder Woman call out to him.
He turned, and then saw Diana standing next to the bed.
"Watch me.", she demanded. The Amazon princess unclasped her golden power belt, and then set her belt on the nightstand. She lowered her white gown to reveal her strong shoulders and her smooth skin. She nervously held her gown at her bosom.

Nightwing was surprised and then enthralled that Diana was doing a strip tease for him!
Diana smiled to help alleviate her nerves. Her breathing quickened, as her excitement and arousal grew. She wanted to bare herself for Dick Grayson. The Amazon princess moved her arms away from her concealed bosom, and then her white gown dropped down to her waist. Her huge, firm 38G breasts were exposed. Her pink nipples were swollen nubs. She waited with baited breath for Dick's reaction.
Nightwing stood there in shock upon seeing Wonder Woman willingly bare her breasts to him. His mouth gaped open, and felt as if his jaw had dropped down to the floor. His full erection strained to burst out of the unique kelvar and insulated mesh of his costume. He believed himself to be the luckiest man in the world right now. Dick wanted to see Diana completely naked, but didn't want to press his luck.
The topless Amazon purposely wanted to tease Dick. She had never talked dirty before, but her sexual experiences in Doctor Cyber's VR chamber had opened up her naughty side. She spoke the next words easily and flawlessly. Diana teased, "Do you like what you see, Dick? Do you like seeing my big, huge tits?"
To be more erotic, Diana brought her arms in close to push her massive tits together. She deliberately winked at Nightwing.
Dick sputtered, "Yes."
Diana smiled in joy at hearing how much Richard enjoyed seeing her topless. She had been naked around her fellow Amazonian sisters frequently, but the Amazon princess never willingly bared her flesh for a man. Not even Steve Trevor, who was the first man Diana was romantically involved, had seen her naked.
She further asked, "Dick, do you want to see more?"
Nightwing, unable to speak, nodded.
Wonder Woman loved how entranced Dick Grayson was with her nudity. She slowly released her grip on her white gown, and then her clothing plopped onto the stone floor. She kept her athletic arms are her sides to give an unobstructed view of her naked front.

"Sweet heaven!", Nightwing blurted in utter surprise. His blue eyes drank in Diana's naked body. He marveled at her well toned stomach and her six-pack abs. He felt some of his pre-cum ooze out of his rock hard cock, when he gazed upon Wonder Woman's bare cunt. He could not see a trace of public hair around her vagina.
Diana fought to contain her nervousness at completely baring her Amazon body to a man. She briefly bit her luscious red lips to disspell her anxiety. She coyly motioned with her finger for Dick Grayson to approach her and then softly muttered, "Come here, Dick. Keep your costume on."
Nightwing had to repeatedly tell himself that this was not a dream. He approached the naked Amazon. As he reached Diana, he suddenly remembered what Queen Hippolyta had told him about Amazonian culture.
The naked superheroine put her strong, athletic arms over Nightwing's costumed shoulders and then around his muscular neck. She loosely entwined her hands behind him. Even though she was naked, Wonder Woman stood a few inches than Nightwing at her 6'-0" height.
Dick placed his light blue gloved hands on Diana's arms, and then gently used his hands to bring her arms down.
Diana gave a puzzled expression and then asked, "Is something wrong, Dick?"
He would want nothing more than to toss Wonder Woman onto the bed, and then ravish her sexy body. He, however, had to talk about her first. He mentioned, "Nothing, Diana. Queen Hippolyta told me that it's pretty serious when an Amazon sexual gives herself to a man."
"Yes.", she confirmed. Diana admitted aloud, "You're so cute right now, Dick, on how sincere you're being. Most men from Man's World would fuck me like a horny dog."

Nightwing stated in exasperation, "Diana! From Amazon traditions, when I take your virginity, you're forever bonding to me."
The naked Amazon deliberately pushed Nightwing's face into the valley between her massive, firm breasts. She whispered, "Yes, Dick. I want to be with you. There's no one else I want to be with."
Dick pulled himself away from Diana's wonderfully soft and supple tits. He passionately kissed her.
The naked Amazon hungrily kissed back. Their kiss confirmed that Dick Grayson wanted Diana to be the only romantic woman in his life. Wonder Woman didn't need to use her magic lasso of truth to know how they both felt about each other. A joyful tear trickled down her cheek.

Wonder Woman: Dark Nights part 15