Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 24  

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Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

A shimmer of energy appeared in Steve Trevor's place. The energy disappeared to reveal Dee Cyde. She was relieved that the teleporter, similar to the one she had used to capture Wonder Woman, had worked. She had brought a small suitcase. She was dressed a T-shirt, a short skirt, and high heeled shoes.
She found Steve Trevor passed out at his computer. She giggled at how silly he looking with his pants and underwear down, and his cum drying on his inner thighs. Dee Cyde removed his virtual googles, and then took some pictures of him. She wanted reminders of how pathetic and weak he looked.
The busty brunette took out lipstick with a "J" on its casing. She applied the bright red lipstick to her lips. She produced smelling salts, and then waved it under Steve's nose.
Despite how exhausted he was, Steve bolted awake from the smelling salts. His eyes widened from his rude awakening.
Dee Cyde grabbed his face in her hands, and then planted a big, wet kiss on his lips.
Steve muffled incoherent words in shock, and then he calmed down as Joker's hypnotic lipstick--on Dee Cyde's luscious lips--entranced him. When she stopped kissing him, he sat there in a hypnotic haze.
She commanded, "From now on, Stevie, you will address me as 'Mistress'."
He confirmed in a listless tone, "Yes, Mistress."
She removed her T-shirt to go topless. Her huge, 36DD udders needed to be milked. She brought her left teat to his lips, and then ordered, "Drink me like the big baby you are, Stevie."
Steve clamped his mouth onto her long, dark left nipple. He sucked like a newborn, and then was rewarded with warm breast milk. He subconscious flashed back to his youth, when he drank from a baby bottle.
Dee Cyde moaned as the endorphins rushed through her sexy body. "Good boy, Stevie.", she cooed. She stated, "The more you drink, Stevie, the more obedient and subservient you will be to me. Your body and soul belong to me. Nothing else matters to you now, except me."
Steve Trevor's eyes fluttered as her words conditioned and reprogrammed him. His former self and free will was wiped away. He gained the new persona that Dee Cyde was giving him. His desires for Wonder Woman vanished. Dee Cyde was only woman in his life now. The more breast milk he drank, then the more Steve adored her. He would anything for her.
Dee Cyde smiled and then stroked his head. She thrilled at having Steve Trevor as her obedient underling.

The Invisible Jet whooshed through the waterfall entrance to the Batcave. The water cascading off the invisible vehicle made Wonder Woman's jet visible. The stealth jet landed in the space where the many bat vehicles were.
Wonder Woman and Batman exited the Invisible Jet.
As the water beaded off the stealth jet, the Invisible Jet regained its invisibility. The canopy automatically closed behind the two superheroes.
The Amazon warrior walked up to the Batcomputer. She pressed the comms button and then stated, "Alfred, we won't be needing you tonight."
Over the speaker, Alfred acknowledged, "Very good, Princess Diana. The chaps will be happy to see me at bocce ball."
Diana whirled to face Batman. She stood in a seductive pose with her hands behind her on the Batcomputer and jutted out her 38G breasts. She stated, "We have the place to ourselves tonight, Richard."
Batman removed his cowl and then unclasped his dark cape. He preferred to not wear the cape as much as possible. After hanging his cape and cowl, he walked over Diana. He took the buxom Amazon in his arms and then rethorically asked, "What do you want to do tonight, Diana?"
Diana put her muscular arms around his waist. She commented, "Anything you want, Dick."
Dick raised a questioning eyebrow, "Anything?"
She planted soft kisses on his left ear and then whispered, "Yes anything, honey. Including my ass. I know you've always wanted to fuck my virgin butt."
Dick Grayson almost came in his pants in hearing that Diana would try anal sex. He could not wait to go upstairs, and then pressed a button on the Batcomputer. A queen sized bed was revealed nearby. A mesh netting, like one used to keep mosquitoes out, provided a square tent for the bed. A night table with two drawers was next to the bed.
Wonder Woman asked, "What's this? Bruce kept a bed down here?"
Dick shrugged and then explained, "Sometimes Bruce had to detoxify from exposure to Scarecrow's fear gas or something. He felt safer sleeping in the cave than upstairs in the manor."
"So does that make this your bat-bed?", she joked.
Dick groaned at her bad joke and then stated, "I'll call that bed whatever you like, baby, if we can use it right now."
The Amazon princess squirmed her way out of their embrace. Making sure she had Dick's full attention, Diana slowly and seductively stripped. She unfastened her golden power belt, which also had her magic lasso, and then she dropped her belt to the stone floor. She removed her silver bracers, and then deliberately dropped them to clank onto the ground.
She next bent over with her ass pointed at Richard Grayson, and then unfasetened her boots. She flicked her shapely, athletic legs to fling off her boots. Diana grabbed the waist of her chimera armored pants, and then slowly pulled them down--along with her bikini panties--to reveal her less tanned bubble butt. While she had tanned completely nude on Themyscira, the Amazon princess found out that Richard liked seeing tan lines. Diana had started to tan with a bikini, but it would take a while before she had milky white tan lines. She crouched down to finish taking off her bottoms, and then stood up to walk out her pants and thin panties.
Dick loved Diana's strip tease. His cock grew hard, and then to a full erection. He could not stop starring at her bare ass cheeks. He whistled his appreciation of her round behind.
Wonder Woman winked and then said, "I've been so naughty."
The bottomless Amazon slapped her ass hard, and then yelped in pain. Her big, round butt rippled when her flat palm smacked her behind. She turned to look at Dick where she pretended to have a wounded expression. She spanked herself over-and-over, where the sound of smacks echoed throughout the expansive Batcave. She stopped when her butt was bright red. Her rear burned from being slapped so many times.
Diana found herself getting horny from her naughty strip tease. Her nipples hardened. Her pussy tingled and then become moist. Her clit swelled. She had thoughts of what Richard would do to her with his big, hard cock.
She grabbed her sore butt with her hands, where her reddened flesh turned white around her fingers. She spread apart her well-rounded, and nearly perfect, ass cheeks. Her tight, puckered asshole was revealed. Even with her ass spread wide apart, her asshole remained tightly shut. Diana teased, "Do see my ass, Dick? Great Hera, I want your big, hard cock in my tight, virgin ass. I want you to show me how good an ass fucking can be."
Dick felt his erect cock swell to its limits. He could not believe how tiny and tight Diana's ass was! He was looking forward in giving Diana her first anal fucking. He was determined to make the Amazon princess addicted to anal sex. He stated, "I don't see your ass inviting me with a wink or anything."
The Amazon princess knew that Dick was referring to the porn movie they had watched, where the pornstar had flexed her butt to make her asshole wink. Diana wanted to prove to Dick that she could do anything a pornstar could do. She was Wonder Woman, after all. While keeping her ass cheeks spread apart, she moved her sphincter muscles. As she did this, she could feel her puckered asshole push out and then tighten up again.
Diana made her asshole wink a few more times. She could feel her virgin bunghole change.
He saw how the flexing of her asshole had made her anal ring puff out like a budding you flower. Dick applauded her and then complimented, "Very nice! You asshole looks like a rose bud."
The horny Amazon blushed. She loved hearing Richard's compliments about her body, and then desired him even more.
Diana released her bubble butt. With her back still towards him, she unfastened her chimera armored top. The armored part was actually her crimson red vest and golden chest emblem. She peeled off her armored vest, and then dropped her armored top next to her disgarded bottoms. She now only wore her golden tiara and her black, long sleeved top.
Her black top was made out of a fire resistant material with an electrical insulating layer underneath. While her golden belt gave her the super invulnerability to fire and electricity, she wore the black top if anyone ever managed to depower her.
The Amazon princess grabbed the hem of her black top, and then pulled the garment up her back. She pulled the top up and off her head, while still keeping the long sleeves on. A strip across her back of her less tanned bikini line was visible.

Diana turned to face Dick Grayson. She smiled a playful smirk and then asked, "Do you want to see my big titties, Richard?"
Dick immediately answered, "You know it, sexy!"
She purposely kept the black top over her huge breasts. It was a little difficult, but she managed to remove the long sleeves from her athletic arms. She could feel her hard nipples poking through the material. Diana let her disgarded top drop to the ground, but then used her forearms to cover her tits. She had pushed her gigantic, 38G boobs against her nakes body, where her tits looked like squeezed beach balls. Her forearms mostly covered her areolas and nipples.
Diana remembered that her bald pussy was visible. She blushed and then covered her cunt with one of her hands. The naked Amazon shivered in pleasure after her flattened palm pressed against her swollen clit and puffy cunt lips.
Dick enjoyee seeing Diana like this. He thought she looked like a risque swimsuit model from a magazine that wasn't allowed to show any nudity. He remarked, "I could eat you up, Diana."
She flashed a girlish smile and then encourged, "Why don't you?"
He said, "First, open the top drawer and then use what you find inside."
The naked Amazon walked through the mesh surround the bed, and then opened the drawer of the nightstand. She retrieved a small bottle filled with clear liquid with a long end that was capped. She asked, "What's this for, Richard?"
"To clean out your rear, Diana. There's a washroom behind the bed.", he said.
"Clean out--?", the Amazon princess questioned. She caught herself in mid-sentence as she realized what to do. "Oooh, I see."
Diana walked to the washroom and then asked in a loud voice, "Is this enema bottle yours?"
Dick informed, "It's something Bruce and Selina would use. Bruce didn't want to get her pregnant."
Wonder Woman knew that Richard was talking about Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman. She imagined Bruce grunted away, while he anally fucked Catwoman, and Selina meowing in pleasure. She shook her head to banish these thoughts, and then focused on the task of cleaning out her rear.
The Amazon princess read the printed instructions on the bottle. She kneeled into a doggie position, and then uncapped the bottle. She inserted the bottle as the instruction stated, and then squeezed the bottle. The cold liquid rushed into her. She gasped in shock, "Merciful Minerva!"
She finished emptying the bottle into her, and then managed to toss the empty bottle into the nearby garbage can. Diana crouched face down onto the floor, and then made sure her butt was high in the air. She grunted and then blurted out, "By the gods! The pressure!"
"Should I come in to help?", he offered.
"Nuh...No!", she yelled. Her hands were balled up into tight fists. "Wait--! Hera! Wait for me!"
Dick disrobed from the rest of his bat costume, and then entered the mesh around the queen sized bed. He opened the lower drawer, and then confirmed he had everything he needed to prep and have anal sex with Diana.
For both lovers, the required five minutes seemed to pass like an eternity.

Batgirl swung through the Gotham night sky on her grapple line. She was without her cape. A large golden oval was strapped to her back. She mumbled to herself, "Ted, I hope this works."
She pressed the retract button on her grapple. As she was pulled closer to the grappling hook, Batgirl yanked on her line hard to free the hook. Without anything to secure her line, she was in freefall.
She should have completely freaked out and in full panic as she fell. Instead, she was exhilirated with the thrill of feeling the wind against her face. The risk of death excited her.
Batgirl pressed a control button on her golden utility belt. The button triggered the large oval on her back. The oval opened, and then giant purple-and-yellow batwings erupted.
When the batwings were fully extended, Batgirl's descent slowed. She could glide around. She joyfully shouted, "Ya-hoo, he did it!"
By "he", Barbara Gordon referred to Ted Kord--aka the Blue Beetle. Kord Enterprises had developed the batwings for the U.S. military, but the Pentagon had decided not to buy the finished product.
She spied the activation of the Batsignal. The caped damsel grasped the handles on wings, and then glided toward the signal's source of Gotham City Police Headquarters.
Batgirl touched down onto tue rooftop, and then ran to slow down her momentum. She pressed the button on her belt again to make the batwings retract back into the golden oval.
She did not see anyone else on the rooftop. She called out, "Hello? Anyone here?"
At that moment, Commissioner Gorden burst through the rooftop door with his sidearm drawn. He blurted, "Who the devil!?!"
Gordon noticed the costumed female and then asked, "Batgirl? Did you turn on the signal?"
Suddenly, a walking crane burst from the shadows. The cane was pointed at the commissioner, and then spewed a cloud of green gas!
James Gordon was caught off guard, where he could not hold his breath. He sucked in some of the gas.
Batgirl yelled, "Commissioner!"
He grabbed his neck, and then his skin grew pale. His face contorted as he was forced to smile a big, silly grin. His smile went from ear-to-ear. Gordon chuckled, and then erupted with insane laughter. His eyes watered up with tears. He collapsed onto the floor. He could no longer hold his gun, which dropped to the rooftop. As he fell, his eye glasses came off his face. One of the lenses cracked upon hitting the rooftop. James Gordon erupted with loud, non-stop laughter.
Batgirl recognized the effects of Joker's deadly laughing gas. She had to administer the antidote right away, or else James Gordon--her father--would die from his uncontrolable laughter. She knew there was a villain in the shadows, but her only concern was saving her father's life.
She rushed to his side, and then frantically withdrew the antidote from her utility belt. She hoped that the Joker had not reformulated his laughing gas, or else her antidote might not work.
From behind her, the handle grip of the walking cane swung out and then banged Batgirl on the back of her head. She cried out in pain, "Aaaauuuuaaaahhhh!!!"
Batgirl collapsed to the rooftop unconscious. Her syringe with the antidote rolled out of her purple gloved hand and then stopped inches away from the prone commissioner.
From the shadows, Professor Sexton appeared. He removed his top hat, and then peeled off his face mask to reveal his albino skin and bright green hair.
Gordon sputtered through his laughter, "Jo-Joker!"
Joker insulted, "That's right, Jimmy Boy! You must be so happy being right. Well, lookie, you're already laughing!"
The evil clown cackled for a few seconds. He kneeled, and then hugged Batgirl. "Lookie here! My very own life size bat swank to play with!"
Joker pressed a button on his commincator. He and the unconscious Batgirl were surrounded in bright light from the teleporters. A few seconds later, they were gone.
A few moments later, several Gotham police officers rushed onto to the rooftop.
Commissioner Gordon tried to tell his officers about the syringe with the antidote. He laughed so hard that he could only sputter, "Sy--! Sy--!"

Wonder Woman: Dark Nights part 24