Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 17  

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Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

Dick Grayson had kissed down to Wonder Woman's bald, drenched sex. His nose was overwhelmed with the fragrant aroma of her pussy juice. He noticed how her puffy cunt lips glistened from her juice. He used his hands and arms to keep Diana's legs spread open.
He teased, "You're so wet, Diana."
The horny Amazon tried to close her legs into a scissor-like vice around Nightwing's head, so that he would be forced to lick her sweet snatch. Without her golden power belt, she did not have the super-strength to overpower his muscular arms.
He teased Diana by planting soft kisses just over her wet cunt and along her inner thighs.
Wonder Woman moaned when she was kissed above her snatch. She gasped when his lips pressed along her inner thighs. Diana stopped straining to close her athletic legs. She was going crazy at how much Dick teased her! She desperately wanted oral attention to her hot, wet pussy. She demanded, "Dick, lick me! Lick my pussy! Don't you want to know how sweet I taste?"
Dick flattened out his tongue, and then pressed his tongue at her tight, puckered asshole.
"Gaea!", the horny Amazon cried out. A jolt of pleasure arched through her. She didn't expect tonguing of her asshole to arouse her so much.
He slowly licked upward over her juice-coated pussy lips, and then through the fleshy hood of her swollen clit.
Wonder Woman's blue eyes widened from the oral stimulation. She felt her engorged clit pop out, and then swell even more. She gasped, "Great Hera!"
Dick licked his lips, where he savored the sweetness of Diana's pussy. He remarked, "Hmm-mmm, Diana! You have the sweetest pussy I have ever tasted."
She blushed from the compliment. Wonder Woman silently thanked the goddess Aphrodite for the gift of her sweet muff.
He resumed licking her wet cunt and her swelling clit. He lapped up-and-down, where his tongue slowly opened the folds of her pussy lips. The tip of his tongue easily found her engorged clit, which had swollen to the size of berry.
Diana moaned as her pussy was licked. Her breathing quickened. She felt her orgasm building and building. She gasped whenever Dick's skillful tongue flicked across her sensitive love button. Her cunt juiced like a leaky faucet. She lustfully encouraged, "Yes, Dick! Lick me just like that! Just like that!"
She tugged against her bonds. The horny Amazon wanted to grab Dick's head, and then press him against her drenched sex. Wonder Woman was close to climax.
Dick wanted to plunge his fingers into Diana's slick cunt. He resisted, so that his fingers would not break her hymen. He wanted to deflower her by fucking her. He could tell that Wonder Woman was going to orgasm any second. He stepped up his oral attention to her pretty, wet pussy by sucking on her reddened clit, and then strumming his fingers over her cunt lips.
"Ggguuuhhhaaaddd!!!", Wonder Woman bellowed. The simultaneous attention to her engorged clit and to her pussy was too much for her! She exploded with her first orgasm! Diana screamed, "Dick! I'm cum--! Cuuummmmmminggg!!!"
Wonder Woman flopped around on the bed as the waves of her orgasmic release rippled through her. She gasped or grunted throughout her orgasm, where she frantically huffed for air. Her hips swiveled from side-to-side. Her gigantic, 38G breasted bounced and occasionally smacked together.
Dick had been prepared for Diana's intense climax. He kept his mouth clamped over her huge clit. His fingers were coated with a gush of her pussy juice.
A few seconds later, Wonder Woman's powerful orgasm ended. She, however, gasped and shivered during her post-orgasm. She had believed that Dick would stop his oral foreplay on her, like her Amazon sisters did, to give her a respite.
He, however, continued sucking on her engorged clit! Dick wanted to bring her to orgasm again.
"Merciful Minerva!", Diana blurted out. With the non-stop oral attention to her giant clit and gushing pussy, her level of arousal did not subside. In fact, the horny Amazon was so sexually aroused to where she could easily climax again. She could barely breathe, and was nearly hyperventilating. Her nipples were the harder than ever before. Her giant clit throbbed. She felt her asshole open up slightly.
Dick took his middle finger, which was coated with Diana's pussy juice, and then pressed his thick digit against her anal ring.
Wonder Woman blurted in protest, "Richard, your finger--! Don't! Going into my ass!"
With Diana's virgin asshole opened like a blooming flower, his well lubricated middle finger easily slipped into her butt.
"Nnuuggaahh!", the naked Amazon cried out. She had never had anyone insert anything into her ass for real. None of Amazon sisters had ever sexual toyed with her backdoor. Diana felt as if she was commiting a taboo with Dick's anal insertion. She could not believe how incredibly huge his middle finger felt inside of her tight asshole.
She grunted as Dick pushed his finger inside of her ass. She felt her super-tight anal passage made to widen apart. Wonder Woman was thankful when Dick inserted up to his knuckle inside of her asshole, instead of pushing in his entire middle finger.

She gasped, "Merciful Minerva, Dick! Your finger so goddamn big in my butt!"
Dick increased his oral attack by nibbling on her engorged clit, while rubbing her soaked cunt.
"Ggguuuaaahhh!!!", Wonder Woman wailed in ecstasy. Her fingers clenched tightly together. Her sex drive went into overload as his teeth gently dug into her sensitive love button. She panted frantically, while Dick drove her to another orgasm. The triple foreplay on her virgin butt, over the entrance to her drenched cunt, and on her giant clit was too much for her. Diana, despite her sexual escapades in the VR, did not have much real world experience to hold back.
A few seconds of Dick's oral foreplay seemed much longer for the horny Amazon.

Diana wiggled excitedly on the bed. The rope of her golden lasso dug into wrists and bruised her flesh. Her gigantic tits sloshed in all directions. Her long pink nipples poked upwards. Her legs tightened around Dick's head. Her asshole tightly gripped his middle finger. She felt her pussy juice along her inner thighs and underneath her ass cheeks.
Wonder Woman succumbed to the ecstasy, and then exploded with her second orgasm. She bellowed, "Dick! Dick! I'm...l'm cum--! Ggggguuuuuaaaaadddddaaaahhhhh!!!!!"

Her pussy spasmed. Each time her drenched sex parted open, her sweet juice gushed out. Her asshole locked down with a vice-like grip on Dick's inserted finger. She stretched her neck out, and then her sexy, naked body arched. The veins pulsed along her slender neck. Her back lifted off the bed, as all of the muscles in her Amazon body tensed.
Diana was frozen in silent bliss for a few seconds. She could not breathe.
She then collapsed back onto the bed. Wonder Woman huffed and grunted for the rest of her second orgasm, while her body thrashed uncontrollably. Her face and chest were flushed red. She was experiencing the most intense climax in her entire life. She only processed the pleasurable release of her climax.
A few seconds later, the naked Amazon lay there like a rag doll. She gasped, as her body shivered in post-orgasm. She needed a respite from their love making. Diana blurted, "Dick! Please stop!"
Nightwing complied, where he withdrew his finger from her asshole and then stopped playing with her pussy and clit. He knew how hard he was driving her libido, and understood her request for a break. He untied her wrists from her golden lasso, and then cleared her matted hair from her face.
Diana was glad that Dick was giving her time to recover, unlike the villains in the VR who used her unmercilessly like a sex doll. Despite the counseling from the Amazonian psychologist and in talking with her mother, Wonder Woman's mind flashed memories of her sexual abuse in Doctor Cyber's VR. She tightly closed her eyes, and then silently muttered a prayer to the Greek gods to banish these foul memories. Wonder Woman was not going to let those horrible memories taint her love making with Dick. She focused on the pulsing in her freed wrists, as they tingled to her blood circulating through her hands again. She relied on her Amazonian training to reinforce the mental wall of those unwanted memories.
Dick inquired, "Ready to continue?"
The naked Amazon touched her golden power belt. She instantly felt her belt's magic energies recharge her strength and stamina. Wonder Woman moved her hand away from her belt of power, so that she remained a normal woman during their love making. Diana stated, "I'm good, Dick."
He asked for confirmation, "You ready for what's next?"
She affirmed, "Yes, Richard Grayson. I want you to take my virginity, so that you can complete me."
Dick rose up to his knees, and then spread apart her legs.
Diana propped herself up on her arms into a semi-sitting position to see Dick push his huge cock inside of her virgin pussy. She was spellbound as she watched his long, hard cock hover near her hot, drenched sex. Part of her feared having his long, hard phallus enter her tight and seemingly small pussy. Part of her, however, wanted his hard cock fucking her.
He guided his rock hard cock into her drenched pussy. His bulbous head pushed past Diana's puffy cunt lips, and then pressed against the small opening of her pussy. The oozing of her pussy juice provided ample lubrication. His bulbous head spread open her virgin hole, and then disappeared inside of her.
"Great Hera!", Wonder Woman cried out. She instinctively pushed her hands against his thighs to stop him. This was really the first time someone had stretched open her tiny, tight pussy. Despite being fucked in virtual reality, the horny Amazon was not fully prepared in having her virgin pussy dilated and filled with Dick's cock. She didn't realize how incredibly huge he would feel inside of her.
Dick grunted, "Sweet heaven, Diana! You're so tight!"
She gasped, "You're so big in me!"
After Wonder Woman relaxed her hands along his legs, Dick pushed down to further embed his hard, shaved shaft inside of her. He slowly plunged an inch more of himself into Diana.
The virgin Amazon gasped and panted as another inch of his long, 10" cock entered her. She felt more of virgin pussy walls stretched out and filled with Dick's steel hard cock. Diana lay all the way back down to a more comfortable position. She quickly adjusted in having his thick shaft inside of her well-juiced cunt.
He continued his slow paced insertion of his rock hard cock inside of Wonder Woman, until his bulbous head hit against her hymen.
"Goddess!", she gasped. A jolt of pain erupted from her virgin pussy, and then shot up through her spine. Wonder Woman had rarely felt such pain in her life.
Nightwing sternly asked, "Ready?"
Diana steeled herself for the painful tearing of her hymen. She had experienced and re-experienced the rupture of her hymen several times in the VR to believe that she was ready for. She took a deep breath, and then nodded her head.
He pulled back slightly, until only his bulbous head remained inside her drenched, stretched out cunt. A few inches of his shaft glistened with the coat of her pussy juice. He gained the proper support for himself, and then lunged forward with one powerful thrust.
Dick felt his momentum stop briefly, as his cock meet the resistance of Wonder Woman's hymen. His thrusting, however, tore apart and then plowed through her virginity.

"Ggguuuhhhaaahhh!!!", the naked Amazon bellowed in pain. She tightly shut her blue eyes from her deflowering. Intense pain surged through her sexy, athletic body. She, like the previous times before in the VR, was not prepared on how much her deflowering would hurt! Her hands instinctively grabbed onto Dick's legs, and then her fingers dug into his flesh.
Nightwing deliberately paused. He wanted to give Diana time to cope with the loss of her virginity.
Wonder Woman gritted her teeth, and then huffed until the pain subside from her pussy. She opened her watery blue eyes, and then released her cat-like grip on his legs. She requested, "I want to see your cock, Dick."
He slowly pulled his steel hard cock out of her still wet pussy. A mixture of Wonder Woman's pussy juice and her vaginal blood trickled out of her gaping cunt. His bulbous head and part of shaft was covered in crimson red from her destroyed hymen.
Diana gazed at Dick's blood-coated cock, and then the reality of her deflowering set in. She muttered, "I'm not a virgin anymore."
"Not anymore, honey.", he confirmed. He then said, "I'm going to clean myself up."

Wonder Woman offered, "No, let me."
After an Amazon's first animal kill, the Amazon would drink the blood of the fallen animal. Amazons believed that this brought them closer to nature, and respected the goddess Artemis--goddess of the hunt.
Diana wanted to do the same, except she would be respecting Priapus--god of fertility and of male genitalia. She grasped the base of Dick's shaft, and then lovingly kissed his bulbous head. She tasted the mixture of her blood and pussy juice. It was a unique salty-sweet taste. The deflowered Amazon continued to lick the rest of her blood off of his rock hard cock.
She licked clean his cock. She lovingly kissed his bulbous head. Diana begged, "Dick, put your big, hard cock into me."
Nightwing pushed his bulbous head against Wonder Woman's hot, wet hole. He opened her up again, and then slipped a few inches of his hard, shaved cock into her. Diana was still incredibly wet, which provided ample lubrication. He pushed forward, until he reached Wonder Woman's destroyed hymen.
"Great Hera!", the deflowered Amazon gasped. She felt her pussy walls expand again to accommodate his thick girth. Diana wanted to feel every inch of his 10" inch cock stretch her out and fill her up. She requested, "Baby, go slow. I want to feel you going deep inside of me."
"Okay.", he acknowledged. Dick fought against his lustfully urges to ram his entire shaft into Wonder Woman, and then fuck her brains out. He instead slowly pushed forward inch-by-inch at seemingly worm-like pace. He was rewarded for his snail-like entry into Diana's pussy with the incredible tightness of her cunt walls, and with hearing her pleasurable gasps and moans.
Diana grunted as the last few inches of his long, hard cock entered her deflowered pussy. She had never been so deeply penetrated in real life. Wonder Woman was thankful and amazed that her pussy could really take his entire length. When Dick bottomed out in her tight, wet cunt, she cried out, "Merciful Minerva!"
She felt her engorged clit mashed against his hairless groin. She also felt his swollen, cum-filled balls rest against the flesh between her cunt and asshole.
Dick wiggled around with himself full embedded inside of her. His hard shaft pushed along her stretched-out pussy walls. His groin rubbed her huge, mashed clit.
"Goddess!", Wonder Woman lustfully gasped. Her pussy juices flowed again. She nearly climaxed, as his bulbous head pressed against her anterior fornix. The anterior fornix is considered an erogenous AFE zone that can make a woman orgasm.
Diana lustfully gazed at Richard Grayson and then demanded, "Fuck me, Dick. Fuck me, and then spurt deep inside of me."

Wonder Woman: Dark Nights part 17