Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 19  

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Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

In the office of Tanya Ryan, adult star booking agent extraordinaire, Professor Sexton rose with the help of his cane. He took a few steps with his cane to the office exit, where he notably limped with his left leg. The Joker had completely transformed into this British persona.
Dee Cyde wondered how many other characters her lover boy had done, and then realized she may never truly know the real Joker.
Sexton mentioned, "Must dash. I have another appointment to attend."
Dee Cyde inquired, "Sexton, how will I get to the hotel?"
Tanya immediately offered, "I can drop her off later."
"Brilliant.", he agreed. "Ta-ta, my dears."
Tanya Ryan hid her excitement that she was alone with the busty and shapely Dee Cyde. The agent nonchalantly asked, "So, where were we?"
Dee Cyde barely noticed the question. Her swollen udders throbbed and burned with her trapped breast milk. She needed to relieve her gigantic udders now. She muttered, "A personal interview?"
Tanya could easily notice Dee Cyde's discomfort. The agent asked, "Something wrong?"
Dee Cyde blurted, "I need to milk my udders!"
Tanya inquired, "How many times a day do you lactate, Dee?"
"Several. Oh god!", Dee Cyde grunted. Her huge udders hurt so much. "Several times a day."
Tanya Ryan stood up, and then offered her hand. "Come with me."
The brunette wannabe porn star accepted the agent's offer. She was led into a back room. Her blue eyes widened in surprise at she scanned the room.
The back room seemed to be a mish-mash of different filming sets. A queen sized bed was in the far corner to film a bedroom scene. An X-shaped torture rack was in another room corner to film bondage scenes. A gyno chair was in another room corner to film medical scenes.
Dee Cyde asked, "You're not going to film anything, are you?"
"No. I made a promise to Sexton that I would not.", Tanya acknowledged. She patted the padding of the gyno chair and then requested, "Sit here."
Dee Cyde sat into on the gyno chair. She placed her wrists into the arm rests, and then relaxed her calves into the leg supports. The weight of her milk-filled udders was constantly pulling her down. She struggled to maintain a good sitting posture.

Tanya commanded, "Take off your top and bra."
The lactating brunette deftly removed her top and then unhooked her bra. Wet spots were visible in the cups of her bra. She sighed in relief as her 36DD, swollen udders were freed. Her nipples, however, still throbbed and burned as she desperately needed to lactate. Exposed to the air, her dark nipples swelled into pointy tips. Tiny droplets of white milk seeped out of her long nipples.
Meanwhile, Tanya had draped herself in a liquid-resistant smock that completely covered her front. She could not believe how firm and swollen Dee Cyde's tits were. She had booked many other women for lacatating shoots, but Tanya had never lusted after any of them. She licked her lips in anticipation. She felt her nipples harden and her pussy moisten.
Tanya bent in and then softly kissed the topless brunette. The agent whispered, "You look so beautiful."
Dee Cyde blushed like a shy school girl. She was speechless. This was her first lesbian encounter. She hadn't expected such a tender kiss. She found herself entranced to Tanya, and then waited how this cosmic encounter would turn out.
The agent lightly circled her fingertips around Dee Cyde's large, circular areolas.

Her touch sent a jolt of electricity through the busty brunette. Dee Cyde felt her cunt lips swell, her bald snatch tingle, and her clit grow. She begged, "Please, suck on my udders."
"You mean like this?", Tanya rhetorically asked. She immediately clamped her mouth onto Dee Cyde's left tit. She sucked with all her might, where her cheeks caved in. Her mouth was instantly flooded with a river of warm, sweet milk.
She had gained a fondness for breast milk years ago, but could rarely have the real thing. Most of her lactating clients, by the time they worked in the adult industry, were at the end of their milk production cycle. Those clients only produced enough breast milk for one daily shoot. With Dee Cyde, however, Tanya had gained a daily supply of breast milk.
Tanya nearly choked on the unexpected torrent of breast milk that flooded her mouth. She had never suckled a woman with such a strong and sustained milk flow before. Other women, whom Tanya had suckled, had a predictable spurting cycle from their tits. She discovered that Dee Cyde lactated continuously, like a running fawcet. Tanya forced herself to swallow faster, while still trying to breathe through her nose. She quickly adjusted to hungrily and selfishly gulp down the brunette's sweet milk. She felt the milk travel down her and then filled her tummy. A euphoria flowed through her.
Dee Cyde tightly clutched the armrests of the gyno chair as her breast milk flowed. She was so relieved to lactate, even if it was to another woman. The agonizing pain in needing to be milked had been replaced with the endorphins in lactating. She delightfully blurted out, "Yes! God, yes!"
The booking agent had nearly forgotten how good breast milk tasted. She wanted to completely drain Dee Cyde's left tit. Tanya used her hands to expertly massage the topless brunette's left boob, which continued to maintain the powerful flow of breast milk. She marveled at how much milk Dee Cyde produced.
The wanna-be pornstar felt like a mother feeding her child. She decide to verbalize what she was thinking. "That's so good, baby. Yes, baby, drink up all of your mommy's milk. Mommy loves feeding her precious."
Tanya pinched down with her fingers on Dee Cyde's dark areola to temporarily suspend her milk flow. The booking agent released her lips from Dee Cyde's milky, left breast to respond. Her tongue was coated white. "Mommy, I love gulping down your milk! You taste so sweet!"
Dee Cyde gasped when the agent's hungry mouth latched onto her left udder again. She moaned when her milk flowed again. She tenderly ran her hands through Tanya's hair and then cooed, "Good, girl. Who's being such a good baby?"
Tanya suckled the topless brunette during the next 10 minutes, until the agent could not longer squeeze out any more breast milk out of her. Tanya teasingly bit Dee Cyde's long, milky left nipple.
"Ouch!", Dee Cyde yelped in shock. She saw visible bite marks along her engorged, left nipple.
"You'd better get used to that, Dee.", the booking agent informed. "Nearly everyone you perform with won't be able to resist playing with your long, pointy nipples. Some performers will get very rough with you."
Tanya stood up, and then walked one foot away from the topless brunette. She thought up an experiment to test. She commanded, "Shoot your breast milk at me from your right tit."
"Udder.", Dee Cyde instinctively corrected. The Joker's mental conditioning was still in place, where she always referred to her huge, 36DD breasts as udders.
Tanya decided to not debate Dee's remark. The booking agent knew that everyone had their own quirks. Tanya requested, "Let's see your milk, Dee."
Dee Cyde blushed out of embarrassment and then remarked, "Okay, but I've never done this before."
"Just pretend you're squeezing a pastry bag.", Tanya advised.
The busty brunette grabbed her huge, right udder with both hands; aimed her long, dark nipple at the booking agent; and then squeezed her milk-filled udder. She applied gentle pressure to her large udder, which only made a dribble of milk ooze out of her engorged nipple.
Tanya mentioned, "Come on, Dee, you can do better than that! Other performers are going to maul your big tits."
Dee Cyde took a deep breathe to steel herself from the potential pain to her left breast, and then squeezed her large udder as hard as she could. She felt her milk rush out of her filled udder and then spurt out of her long, pointy nipple. An intense euphoria erupted through her body.
A visible stream of white milk jetted out of Dee Cyde, arched the distance between the two women, and then violently spattered on Tanya's liquid-resistant gown. Unlike other women, who lactated thin, barely visible streams of breast milk, Dee Cyde's milky stream was thick and easily visible. White droplets of milk shot out in all directions that even landed on Tanya's face.
Dee Cyde released her partially filled left udder, and then her milky stream subsided. Her long, dark nipple dripped with her breast milk.
The lactating brunette smiled from ear-to-ear, as she was very proud of making herself lactate so much. She happily announced, "I did it!"
Tanya's mouth was agape in surprise. She knew that Dee Cyde had a lot of breast milk, but the booking agent had never expected this. She only thought such visible lactating was only in the fantasies of Japanese hentai. Her initial shock quickly faded and then she demanded, "Again!"
Dee Cyde guessed that she had enough breast milk in her for a few more spurts. She roughly squeezed her left udder again. Another powerful spray of her breast milk jetted onto Tanya's gown.
"Yes, yes, yes!", Tanya joyfully shouted. She felt herself getting sexual aroused from Dee Cyde's milky sprays. Her nipples hardened. Her pussy grew hot and damp. Her clit swelled out of its fleshy hood. She wanted to go muff diving on the lactating brunette.
Dee Cyde could not stop herself from completely emptying her left udder. She firmly applied pressure on her milk-filled orb to make herself violently lactate over-and-over again. Her fingers poked deeply into her deflating udder and then left white hot marks on her flesh. Her dark, engorged nipple swelled even more from the incredibly flow of breast milk that spewed out.
Tanya was in heaven. She have found the perfect lactating woman in Dee Cyde. "More!", she shouted as each milky stream spattered on her gown.
A few minutes later, the milky streams ended as Dee Cyde had completely emptied her left udder. Only a droplets of semi-clear milk oozed out of her super-engorged nipple.
It looked as if a small, white river had flowed between the two women. Drops of breast milk had spattered everywhere and on everyone in a four-foot radius. The area smelled succulently sweet.
Tanya looked around at the milky area and then giggled with joy. She would get the building's janitorial staff to clean up later, but she'd probably have to pay extra. She removed her wet gown, and then let it drop to the floor. The booking agent crouched down to the floor, and then lapped at the large, milky puddle like a cat.
The topless brunette asked, "Is that safe to do? Isn't the floor too dirty?"
Tanya remarked, "Dee, honey, you'll learn that the good adult sets are clean as a whistle. I keep this place cleaner than that. Join me."
Dee Cyde was overwhelmed with the smell of her breast milk. She gave into the temptation to taste herself. She left the gyno chair, crouched down on her hands and knees, and then lapped away at the huge puddle of her breast milk.
The women meowed in pleasure as they drank Dee Cyde's breast milk. They shook their asses back-and-forth.
Tanya saw dollar signs dance before her eyes. After Dee Cyde's first adult lactating assignment, the booking agent knew that that all of the adult studios, magazines, and photographers would be paying top dollar to book Dee Cyde. Tanya also realized she had to help Dee Cyde create an adult website, which would get a lot of paid subscribers.
Very late in the evening, Tanya Ryan dropped Dee Cyde back at the hotel.
The busty brunette could barely walk. Her long, black hair was a complete mess like someone who had woken up with bad hair. She could barely keep her eyes open. Her clothes barely kept her huge, 36DD tits concealed.
Tanya helped Dee Cyde into the hotel and then into the elevator. The booking agent whispered, "I loved eating your pussy. I also loved milking you again."
Dee Cyde smiled and then mumbled something incoherent.
Tanya knocked on Dee Cyde's room door.
Professor Sexton opened and then greeted the two women. Upon seeing how utter exhausted Dee Cyde was, he commented, "I hope she was up to snuff. My darling has never been with another lady before."
Tanya smiled and then responded, "Dee was incredible. Your description of her lactating abilities did not do her justice."
Sexton sneered at the word "justice". His mind flashed with images of the Justice League and the of Batman. He had nearly forgotten about the accursed superheroes.

Tanya asked, "Something wrong?"
"Not at, my dear.", he stated. "When does Dee Cyde start?"
The booking agent informed, "Hopefully in the next day or so. Depends on when the studio has an open slot for her. I will also need Dee Cyde to sign all of the paperwork tomorrow, and then see my doctor for tests."
"Not a problem. Give us a ring tomorrow. Cheer.", Sexton said. He took Dee Cyde into the hotel room and then closed the door,.
Tanya returned to her car. She was jealous that Sexton was Dee Cyde's partner. As long as Tanya had regular dates with Dee Cyde, the booking agent would be happy. She recalled Dee Cyde's lactating and the taste of her breast milk. Tanya was getting horny again. She had to rush home, so that she could get herself off.

Wonder Woman: Dark Nights part 19