Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 9  

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Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

Note 2: Sorry if Part 9 goes a little long, but I didn't want to break this part up into two story entries.

Before the Wrath's encounters with Nightwing and with the Joker, Wonder Woman once again found herself naked with her wrist and ankles shackled to the VR chair. She struggled against her bonds.
A tall, muscular German woman entered. She was dressed in a tight, black leather outfit with zippers that could be opened up at her tits, ass, and cunt. Her bright, long blonde hair was braided into a ponytail that nearly reached her butt cheeks. Her eyes were emerald green. Her high-heeled boots clacked with each step that she took.
"What happened to the other guy?", Diana asked. She referred to the tall, muscular Afro-American who loved smacking her huge breasts. He had tormented her breasts in a weird VR session, and nearly drowned her face and breasts with copious amounts of his cum.
The blonde woman spoke with a heavy German accent, "He iz no longer wvith uz."

Wonder Woman demanded, "What do you mean?"
"Your VR zezzion wvith him was too much for him. His orgazm wvas zo ztrong and intenze that he had a heart attack. At least he died wvith a zmile on his face.", the German woman answered.
The implications of using the VR hit Diana. The brunette superheroine thought that nothing in the VR could affect, but obviously not. Reaching certain physical limits in the VR could mean death for Wonder Woman in the real world.
The tall blonde placed the familiar sensors all over Woman Woman's naked body. She gently kissed the Amazon princess on her cheek, and then walked out of the VR chamber.

The VR helmet lowered onto Wonder Woman's head once more.
"Nnnooo!!!", the Amazon princess angrily protested.
There was the familiar flash of bright light.
Wonder Woman found herself bound and naked to the gyno chair that Doctor Cyber had used to take her anal cherry. She struggled against the metal shackles, but she could not free herself.
"Ah, there you are.", a familiar Asian voice stated.
The brunette superheroine blurted out, "Egg Fu!"
A gigantic-sized egg with a yellow shell approached Wonder Woman. He was 8 feet tall with a thick, dark mustache. He sat in a mechanical platform with spider-like legs that let him move about.
"I thought Steven Trevor and I had destroyed you!", she stated.
Egg Fu laughed and then mocked, "Did you really think you and your boyfriend could destroy me?!?"
Wonder Woman corrected, "Steve Trevor is not my boyfriend."
"Maybe you could mine, eh princess?", he teased. His mustache elongated into whips, and then whacked Wonder Woman's large, exposed tits. His flailing mustache, like any expert whip wielder could, swung close to the speed of sound.
The dual whips smacked Diana's huge 38G breasts. She cried out in pain, "Aaauuuhhh!!!"

The mustache whips left visible red marks across her pink aerolas and firm juggs.
Egg Fu aimed his mustache at Wonder woman's inner thighs.
"Ggguuuhhhaaahhh!!!", the bound Amazon screamed. Whipping her inner thighs hurt more than smacking her huge breasts. She instinctively spread her legs wide apart.
Long red marks were left behind on Wonder woman's inner thighs.
"Did you enjoy that, princess?", the oval-shaped villain asked.
"No! To Hades with you!", Diana spat.
Egg Fu retracted his mustache back to his face. "Don't worry, Amazon bitch.", he proclaimed. "You will soon be begging for me to whip you all the time."
To the brunette superheroine's surprise, she helplessly watched as Egg Fu revealed his cock! "Great Hera!", she shouted in shock.
Diana had never expected the oval villain to have a fully functional phallas. She noticed that his cock was scaled to inhuman sized proportions that matched his huge body. The head of his cock looked like a large, grade A egg. His phallas had the longest, thickest shaft Diana had ever seen!
Egg Fu was rock hard and ready to fuck, but he wanted the naked Amazon more prepared for his super-sized cock. He commanded his mustache again. One part of his mustache wrapped around and then squeezed one of Wonder Woman's gigantic, firm tits. The other part of his mustache rubbed her clit.
"Ooohhh!!!", Diana moaned. She had not expected the dual foreplay on her breasts and clit. She could resist the squeezing of her titantic breasts, but not the rubbing of her sensitive clit. Her clit swelled and then popped out of its fleshy hood. Her cunt grew hotter and hotter, and then leaked with her pussy juice. The delightful musk of her pussy juice permeated the air. She breathed faster and faster with each stroke of her swollen clit. She felt her orgasm quickly building up inside of her.
"Do you like that, princess?", Egg Fu retorhically inquired.
"Goddess!!!", Wonder Woman blurted in estascy. She felt the pulses of pleasure rippling from her engorged clit and then surging through her naked body. She moaned each time Egg Fu's mustache strummed her sensitive love button. Her head was turned upwards. Her blue eyes fluttered as she was brought closer and closer to orgasm. Her pussy was completely drenched, where her sweet juice oozed out of her fuck hole and then coated her inner thights and butt cheeks. The excess of her pussy juice dripped onto the floor.
The oval-shaped villain quickly flicked his elongated mustache up-and-down the helpless Amazon's huge clit. He marveled that Wonder Woman's clit had grown to the size of a small grape.
Diana strained against her shackles as she was very closing in cumming. She was nearly hyperventilating. Her face and chest were red.
Egg Fu suddenly stopped stroking Wonder Woman's love button. He unwrapped the other end of his mustache from the bound Amazon's huge titties.
The horny superheroine collapsed into the gyno chair. She could barely think. She desperately wanted to climax, but could do nothing to pleasure herself to orgasm.
"Do you want to orgasm, princess?", the villain teased.
Wonder woman still had enough resistance left to not answer Egg Fu's question. She reminded herself that she was an Amazon warrior, who did not give in to the domination and desires of Man's World.
Egg Fu resumed strumming the horny Amazon's engorged clit.
"Aaahhh!!!", Diana screamed in pleasure. She liked how good it felt to have her clit played with. The brunette superheroine felt her orgasm building up again. Her cunt was burning hot and resumed oozing out her pussy juice. Her pink nipples were completely hard as pointy tips.
The oval-shaped villain continued to sexual torment Wonder Woman. He would stop stroking her big clit, just before the horny Amazon could climax. He then asked the brunette superheroine if she wanted to orgasm. Without getting an answer from Wonder Woman, Egg Fu resumed strumming her engorged love button.
Diana had lost count on how many times Egg Fu sexually toyed with her. Like a malfunctioning computer, she could not process any rational thoughts. She only desired, actually needed, to orgasm. Her proud, Amazon resistance had been crumbling each time Wonder Woman was brought to the edge of climax.
The evil villain removed his elongated mustache from Wonder Woman's red, engorged clit. He asked again, "Do you need to climax, princess?"
Her resistance had eroded down to dust. She gave way to her base, sexual instincts and desires. The horny Amazon immediately yelled out, "Yes! By Hera, yes! I need to orgasm! Make me climax!"
Egg Fu resumed stroking Wonder Woman's gigantic clit. He quickly passed his elongated mustache up-and-down her engorged love button.
"Yes, fuck, yes!", Diana happliy cried out. She bucked her hips upward to meet the villain's mustache.
The oval-shaped villain wickedly smiled. He enjoyed how much Wonder woman desired his touch, and how much she wanted him to make her cum.
The horny Amazon realized that Egg Fu was not going to withdraw his mustache from her throbbing clit, and make her orgasm. She lustfully encouraged, "Yes! Don't stop! Don't stop! Make me cum!"
After a few having her sensitive clit played with for a few more seconds, Diana was pushed over the edge and climaxed! "Ccccccuuuuuummmmmm!!!!!!", she loudly roared.

Wonder Woman arched her back, while her arms and legs strained against the shackles. Her head as thrown back. Her blue eyes were open wide. Her drenched cunt gushed out a tidal wave of her clear juice and of her white, globby jizz.
Egg Fu removed his mustache from Wonder Woman's engorged clit, so that he could enjoy watching the brunette superheroine orgasm.
After the first energetic release of her powerfuly orgasm, Wonder Woman gritted her teeth. Her blue eyes closed tightly shut. Her naked body thrashed uncontrollably in her bonds, as the waves of orgasmic bliss exploded through her. Diana looked like a bucking philly. She grunted and gasped throughout the rest of her orgasm.
Diana sensed another release within her body, but this release did not add to the pleasure of her powerful orgasm. If she not been lost in the bliss of cumming, the Amazon princess would have know that she had just ovulated. One of her precious eggs erupted out of right ovary. The spasms of Diana's climax helped move her egg faster than normal. Her egg tumbled down towards her womb.
A few delightful moments later, Wonder Woman slumped back into the gyno chair. She breathed quickly and heavily as she recovered. Her massive bosom lifted up-and-down as she panted. Diana smiled happily from the incredibly powerful orgasm that she had. Her blue eyes were half open as she drifted in the pleasurable post-orgasmic haze. She had nearly forgotten about Egg Fu.
With plenty of lubrication available from the brunette superheroine's gushed out pussy juice, Egg Fu pushed the egg-shaped head of his monster-sized cock into Wonder woman's drenched cunt. Despite how big and wide the head of cock was, he easily slipped into her. "Oh fuck!", he gasped in pleasure.
Diana's blue eyes opened wide in shock from Egg Fu's unexpected penetration of her wet snatch. Her pussy was stretched out like never before! "Hera!", she screamed in pain.
Her cunt felt as if it was going to be ripped asunder! She desperately begged, "Too big! Take it out! You're going to tear me apart! Take it out!"
"No, princess, you will take!", Egg Fu demanded. "Long have I wanted to fuck Wonder Woman!" He pushed forward, where a few more inches of his wide cock invaded and forced open the brunette superheroine's tight pussy walls. The villain's thick shaft stretched out the helpless Amazon's cunt so much that her pussy lips were barely visible.
"Merciful Minveria!", Diana loudly pleaded. "Don't! Too big! Stop! Tearing me apart!"

"I'm going to tear you, princess!", the oval-shaped villain confirmed. "Tear right through your precious virginity!"
The bound Amazon had forgotten that her virginity had been restored to her virtual body for each VR session. "Don't! Stop!", Diana protested.
Egg Fu pulled back, until only his large bulbous head was inside of Wonder woman's stretched out cunt. He then slammed forward with all of his might! His well-lubricated cock rammed back into the helpless Amazon's fuck hole, and then ripped through her hymen!
"Nnnnuuuuhhhhaaaahhhh!!!!", Diana bellowed in agony. The exruciating pain of the brutal tearing of her hymen seared through her body. She instinctively twisted in her bonds in a desperate attemtp to escape, or to dislodge Egg Fu's gigantic cock from her tiny pussy. Her blue eyes watered from her painful deflowering.
"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!", the evil villain blurt out. His shaft was tightly squeezed by Wonder Woman's tiny cunt. He had never felt anything so incredible in his life.
He closed his eyes tight, and then focused on holding back his cum. Egg Fu had no arms and hands, so he could never jack off. He also had little sexual experience with a woman. Other women could never withstand his super-sized cock, so he never finished fucking a woman before. He cried out in joy, "Never before has anyone been to take me!"
Diana desperately tried to move her hands to claw and pull out the villain's super-sized cock from her deflowered pussy. She pussy throbbed in pain from her sudden delflowering. Her pussy walls had not been given to time to adjust to Egg Fu's monster-sized girth, and had been stretched too quickly. She felt as if someone had tried to shove a missile into her. She instinctively clamped down in an attempt to push the villain's gigantic cock out of her. Her squeezing cunt, however, only helped keep Egg Fu's monster cock inside of her.
He had an imagined idea of what sex would be like, but darkened and twisted due to his evil soul. He had little regards for Wonder Woman's enjoyment, and only cared about his pleasure. He pounded the deflowered Amazon's cunt as fast and hard as he could.
Diana protested, as he pulled back, "Don't!"
The bloody remanants of Wonder Woman's virginity coated part of the villain's monster-sized shaft.
The villain slammed his gigantic cock back into Wonder woman as hard and as deep as he could.
"Aaaauuuuhhhhaaaahhhh!!!!", she screamed. More of her abused pussy walls were forced wide open, as Egg Fu rammed more of his big, hard shaft inside of her.
Egg Fu pounded his gigantic cock in-and-out of Wonder Woman over-and-over again. He closed his eyes, and then lost himself in how good the brunette superheroine's tight, seeming unyielding, pussy felt along his shaft.
The helpless Amazon grunted in pain each time the evil villain plunged back into her sore cunt. Her lust and pleasure had vanished. Her pussy juice no longer flowed. Her first orgasm, however, had produced enough of her pussy juice to lubricate her cunt.
Egg Fu could not hold off any longer. He lacked the control over his orgasm and the patience for a long fuck. He loudly announced, "I'm cumming!"
"No, not inside of me!", Diana pleaded.
"Yes, inside!", the oval-shaped villain proclaimed. "I'm going to breed you!"
He rammed forward with one last powerful thrust of his hips. His monster-sized cock plunged deep inside of Wonder Woman.
"No! Goddess, no!", the helpless Amazon sobbed.
Egg Fu roared loudly, and then climaxed. His huge cock deposited a big, thick stream of his jizz into the depths of Wonder Woman's cunt. He kept his erupting cock deep inside of the bound Amazon, so that he completely fill her with his seed.
Diana shut her blue eyes tight, and then looked away. She prayed that the forced breeding would end soon. She felt Egg Fu's burning hot cum flow deep inside of her, and then make its way into her womb.
The villain finally finished orgasming. He pulled out, and then collapsed onto his support platform. He huffed and panted from cumming, where he felt like a cooked egg.
Wonder Woman's pussy showed how savagely she had been raped. Her cunt gaped open, where you could see the raw and reddened insides of her pussy walls. Her pussy lips stuck to Diana's inner thighs like stretched out pieces of canvas.
"No! Merciful Minveria!", she cried out in disbelief. She blue eyes widened and then she gasped. Diana felt the fullness of Egg Fu's sperm inside of her. The Amazon princess desperately wanted her hands free, so that she scoop the villain's cum out of her pussy. She restored to another tactic of flexing her pelvic muscles.
"Stop that!", Egg Fu scolded. He lashed his mustache at Wonder Woman's inner thighs and massive juggs.
"Aaauuuggghhh!!!", the deflowered Amazon cried out in pain. The painful hits disrupted Diana's flexing of her pelvis.
Due to the magic of virtual reality, a colorful shimmer glowed over Wonder Woman's tummy.
"Great Hera, no!", the brunette superheroine gasped in shock. Diana sensed that the villain's sperm had penetrated her egg.
Egg Fu laughed softly at first, and then roared with loud laughter. He howled with joy, "Yes, I have bred the mighty Wonder Woman!"
The Amazon princess gave up trying to rid herself of the villain's sperm. She had been fucked by enough villains to endure the indignity of forced sex. As an Amazon, however, Diana could not bear the horror of being impregnated. She was supposed to be proud and strong warrior, and not someone's breeding factory. Shameful tears tricked out of her watery blue eyes.
Egg Fu impatiently barked to some unknown person, "Do it now."
Wonder Woman felt a ripple of energy flow through her bound, naked body and then realized something in the virtual reality had changed. She no longer felt the fullness of Egg Fu's sperm inside of her. It was as if her body had absorbed all of his cum.

"Most excellent!", the oval-shaped villain happily stated.
"What?", the confused Amazon princess asked.
A moment later, Diana no longer needed to inquire further. She felt something growing inside of her! She blurted in shock, "Great Hera!"
A few seconds later, Wonder Woman's tummy had expanded to a visible pregnancy. Her gigantic 38G breasts became firmer and felt harder. Her body coursed with the hormones of being pregnant. Her emotional side took over and dominated over rational side.

The villain laughed with delight. He proclaimed, "Yes! Oh yes! Wonder Woman is going to have my baby!"
Wonder Woman helpless endured the dramatically hurried pregnancy. She sobbed uncontrollably from her fate. Diana should have remained defiant and unemotional, but her increased hormones made the Amazon princess an emotional mess.
A few moments later, her tummy had expanded to a big belly of a woman in her third term. Her belly button had stretched out. Due to her rapid pregnancy, there were visible stretch marks across the naked Amazon's stomach. Her giant, hard breasts felt full. Her nipples swelled to pointy tips.
Egg Fu teased, "I hope the baby has turned. Otherwise, I'll have to cut you open."

Diana's mind raced with thoughts of what the baby would look like. She imagined an egg-shaped creature with arms and legs emerging from her snatch. Her imagined baby looked more horrifying than a minotaur! "Nnnooo!!!", she protested. She blubbered even more from the imagined creature that she would give birth.
"Goddess!", Wonder Woman cried out. Her rapid pregnancy was nearly done. Her tummy had expanded greatly to where she could no longer see her legs. Her massive breasts felt so swollen and throbbed in pain. She desperately wanted to grab and squeeze her engorged nipples, but could not.
A moment later, a huge gush of water erupted from Wonder Woman's pussy.
"It's time!", Egg Fu deligtfully announced.
Wonder Woman felt her body warm up and then felt the strain of her snatch dilating. The birthing process had taken control of her body, where all of Diana's energy and strength was focused on making her vagina expand for the upcoming birth.
The contractions started as well. She felt small contractions at first, but then her contractions become stronger and stronger the more she dilated. The pregnant Amazon grunted and huffed as she worked through the pain of her powerful contractions.

She panted and sweated from the exhaustive birthing process.
The full dilation of a woman's vagina could take a few hours to complete, but happened to the pregnant Amazon in the short span of a few minutes.
"Uuuhhhggg!!!", Diana loudly cried out in pain. She had no benefit of modern drugs to help lessen the agonizing pains of her contractions and bodily changes.
When she had fully dilated, Wonder Woman felt whatever had grown inside of her womb move out of her. Her hip bones were flexed beyond their normal limits as the growth inside of her made its way out of her. Something so incredibly huge, far bigger than Egg Fu's monster-sized shaft, pushed through her insides.
"Aaaauuuuggggaaaahhhh!!!!", the Amazon princess screamed. Diana's blue eyes fluttered. Her brow and face were drenched in sweat. Her long, dark hair was matted to her face. Her naked glistened with a sheen of her sweat. She was in a semi-conscious state. The excuriating pain of giving birth overwhelmed all of her senses and all of her thoughts.
"Fffffuuuuuhhhhhaaaaahhhhh!!!!!", Diana bellowed.
A yellow-tinted head appeared at the opening of Wonder Woman's dilated pussy. The head had a bloody coat from Diana's womb.
"Get it out! Get it out!", the bound Amazon demanded. She felt a surge of energy that seemed to super-charge her strength. She pushed down with her pelvic muscles with all her might. Diana pushed so hard, as if she was having the biggest bowel movement in her entire life.
Diana loudly grunted as she continued bearing down. Her nostrils flared with her panting breath.
More and more of the yellow-tinted creature emerged from Wonder Woman's vagina. This end of the creature seemed to look like the smaller, rounded end of an egg. A few moments later, eyes like Egg Fu's were seem.
The pregnant Amazon strained all of her muscles for one final push! Her blue eyes were tightly shut. Her teeth were tightly clenched together. Her hands were balled up into tight fists, where her fingernails dug into her palms. Her face and chest looked white hot.
Egg Fu wrapped his mustache around Wonder Woman's massive, firm tits. He squeezed her juggs hard. Powerful sprays of breast milk squirted out from the many tiny openings along the pregnant Amazon's engorged nipples.
Diana's body produced endorphines from her breast milking. She was relieved that her filled breasts were being relieved of their precious milk. The brunette superheroine endured an intense mix of pain and pleasure.
"Ggggguuuuhhhhhaaaaaddddd!!!!!", she bellowed. The end of the creature inside of her was wider than the part that had exited her snatch. Wonder Woman's last powerful push finished the birth.
The vagina opening of the pregnant Amazon's snatch stretched open beyond anything ever imaginable, as the widest end of the creature came forth. A loud slurping noise echoed throughout the room. A yellow creature, which looked like a smaller version of Egg Fu, rolled onto the floor. A tendril-like trail of Diana's blood stretched out from her vagina and to the newly born creature.
Egg Fu released Wonder Woman's milked juggs.
Diana's massive breasts were completely empty of their precious milk. Without the fullness of milk inside of them, her huge 38G breasts flopped over her chest. Her formerly firm and upright tits now looked like deflated airbags. A milky sheen coated her gigantic udders.
The villain joyfully lifted his baby into the air. He happily roared, "I'm a father!"

"Great Hera!", the Amazon princess blurted in horror. She had not expected to give birth to such a foul creature.
Diana's spent and sweaty body stopped producing the adrenaline that had kept her going and had given her strength to give birth. Her blue eyes closed as sheer exhaustion overtook her. She collapsed into the gyno chair.
Wonder Woman laid there unconscious, while her body instinctively pushed out the last remenants of her pregnancy. Her tummy quickly shrank back down.
There was a flash of bright light.
Back in the VR chamber, Wonder Woman was slumped unconscious in the VR chair. She was drenched in sweat from her exhaustive effort of giving birth in the virtual world. Since she had not been pregnant for real, her real body had no changes. Diana looked like a puppet who's strings had been cut.

Wonder Woman: Dark Nights part 9