Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 28  

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Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

Note: The story continued to be dark, where things don't go so well for certain superheroines.

The Flash appeared in the JLA teleport of the Batcave. He had a dark scarlet, full body costume with gold lightning bolts at his ears. He had gold boots and a gold, lightning-styled belt. His chest had a big lightning emblem. He pulled off his cowl to reveal his red hair.
He was Wally West, and the third person to take the mantle of the Fastest Man Alive. He was Dick Grayson's, and another hero who started out as a sidekick. He was originally Kid Flash, and a founding member of the Teen Titans.
The Flash found Dick Grayson, dressed in his bat-costume, brooding at the Batcomputer. Wally greet, "Hey, Dick. I know something major is going on if you're brooding, like how Bruce did."
Dick knew that Wally was referring to Bruce Wayne, Dick's mentor and the first Batman. He sighed and then stated, "You could say that, Wally. Batgirl's been kidnapped by the Joker."
Wally pointed proudly at himself and then boasted, "I'm your man. I can zip through Gotham to find his hideout."
"It's not that simple this time. He's working with Doctor Cyber, who's developed a sophisticated teleportation system."
"Can't pinpoint the source?"
"Not yet. I need a few more teleports, but I don't anyone else kidnapped.", Dick informed. He then asked, "Aren't you supposed to be on monitor duty?"
Wally admitted, "I was, but your girlfriend took over my shift."
"Diana did what?!?", Dick barked. "We need to get back to the satellite now!"
The Flash zipped back to the Batcave's teleporter at super-speed. His hands were a blur as he activated a return teleport to the JLA satellite. Before he could re-activate the teleport, the teleporter's console blinked a warning light that the system was offline. "Offline?!?", Wally complained. "Come on!"
The Caped Crusader ran a few diagnostics and then confirmed, "Someone's deactivated the entire JLA teleport system from the satellite."
Dick returned back to the Batcomputer, and then hurriedly brought up a video. He mentioned, "Wayne Enterprises has a satellite in close orbit to the JLA satellite."
The Flash gasped in shock, "You mean Bruce was spying on the JLA?!?"
The Caped Crusader said nothing. The central screen of the Batcomputer showed the JLA space headquarters. A red glow surrounded the JLA satellite. Dick muttered, "Uh-oh."
"What the hell is that?!?", Wally asked.
Dick commented, "Someone's activated the forcefield and shifted it to the red sun spectrum."
"Red sun?", the Flash questioned. Most people knew that the yellow sun provided Superman with the energy for his super powers. A red sun emitted energy that made the Man of Steel an average person. "That means Superman can't get through the forcefield."

Batman brought up then Justice League roster status. He cursed, "Damn it! All of the Green Lanterns are scattered on different space missions. Captain Atom is on a secret government assignment."
The Flash remarked, "So we don't have anyone who can attack the forcefield head on."
pussy Caped Crusader stated, "Maybe Cyborg can help us."

Earlier, after the Flash was teleporting off the JLA satellite, two other pads in the teleportation system shimmered. Steve Trevor appeared with Wonder Woman, who was still bound with her magic lasso.
Steve commanded, "Disable the teleport system, Wonder Bitch."
"Yes, my Lord.", she replied. The Amazon princess could not stop herself from taking the JLA teleport system offline. She pressed the final button on the console, and then the teleportation pad turned off. On the teleportation console, a red light blinked that indicated the teleport system's offline status.
"Good, Wonder Bitch.", he remarked. Steve then asked, "How do we prevent anyone from entering the satellite?"
Diana could still fight the enchantment of her magic lasso, where she resisted telling about the JLA's defense systems. She needed her love, Batman, or the Justice League to save her. Thinking about Richard Grayson gave her the strength to resist. She muttered, "Don't know."
"Liar!", Steve snarled. With angry, adrenaline-fueled motions, he yanked off Wonder Woman's armored top. He then forced down her black top to expose her 38G tits.
The Amazon princess gasped as she was partially stripped. She managed to protest, "Steve!"
He was furious that Wonder Woman, despite being under his control with her golden lasso, was still defying him! He slapped his hand hard across her pink areolas and nipples.
"Aaauuhhh!", the captive Amazon screamed in pain. Her long, sensitive nipples throbbed from being hit so hard.
Steve smacked her gigantic tits a few more times. He barked degrading words as he abused Wonder Woman's huge tits. He swung harder and harder each, as he let out years of sexual frustration from Wonder Woman. He remembered all the times that she rebuffed him. He didn't even have the chance to ask her out.
Diana cried in pain each time her massive breasts were slapped. She stood there helplessly, making herself an easy target. Her nipples swelled and her areolas puffed out from the repeated hits. Her titty flesh turned red, where Steve's hand kept hitting her. Her gigantic tits swayed back-and-forth from the kinetic energy of his hits.

He huffed from his sexual rage. He demanded, "Keep the rest of the JLA out! Now!"
The pain of her abused breasts had broken her resistance. She could barely hold onto her thoughts. Her body moved to the JLA monitoring console. She saw herself entering in her pass code to unlock the console, and then pressed more buttons.

The viewport of the JLA satellite shimmered as the forcefield was activated. A few moments later, the forcefield glowed crimson as it was shifted to the red sun frequency. The forcefield was impenetrable by most of the JLA--including Superman.
Wonder Woman turned to face Steve Trevor and then stated, "Done, my Lord."
He gave another order, "Activate the self-destruct for 15 minutes."
The Amazon warrior trembled as she fought to resist the command. She would not destroy the JLA headquarters! She had betrayed her fellow superheroes enough. Destroying the JLA satellite would cripple how the world's greatest team responded to global and intergalatic threats.
Steve tightly gripped the magic lasso and then blared, "Now, Wonder Bitch!"
A surge of magic energy flared from his hand, across the golden rope, and then blasted Wonder Woman. The magic energy further enslaved the Amazon princess to Steve, who currently had her magic lasso. Her blue eyes dilated, and then she gazed blankly. She could no longer think. She robotically acknowledged, "Yes, my Lord."
Wonder Woman keyed in the satellite's self-destruct sequence. A timer on the control console appeared with the self-destruct countdown. Red lights flashed throughout the chamber as a warning about the imminent self-destruction.
Steve cruely stated, "I have time to get my rocks off."
Wonder Woman responded, "Yes, my Lord."
He commanded, "Doggie position, Wonder Slut."
The Amazon princess crouched down on her hands and knees. Her huge knockers dangled like ripe watermelons. She had her legs spread wide enough for Steve to mount her from behind.
He kneeled behind Wonder Woman, and then violently yanked down her armored pants and bikini underwear to expose her butt and bald beaver. Steve dropped his pants and boxers down to his knees. His hard, average-sized cock sprung forth. He was relieved that he had freed his erection.
Steve ordered, "You are now very horny. Your pussy is very wet."
Wonder Woman moaned as she found herself incredibly horny. Her pussy grew hot and juiced quite a bit. She felt her sweet juice ooze out of her bald slit.
He further commanded, "My cock will feel like the biggest, monster dick that's ever fucked you. You will talk and squeal like a pornstar."
"Yes, my Lord.", she acknowledged. Wonder Woman then talked dirty, as she was compelled to do. She lustfully demanded, "Oh fuck, my Lord! Stick your big hard cock in me! I need your monster dick in me!"
Steve was incredibly turned on. Not only was he finally fucking Wonder Woman, but she was being the wanton slut that he had always fantasized. He bellowed, "Take it!""
With one powerful thrust, he slammed his average-sized dick onto her drenched cunt. He grunted, "Fuck, yes!"
"Ggguuuaaahhhaaaddd!!!", the Amazon princess wailed. She gasped, "Oh fuck, you're so big! You're splitting me apart!"
He grabbed Wonder Woman's shoulders, and then fucked her as fast as he could. He pounded her pussy like a jackhammer.
Wonder Woman screamed and grunted as her pussy was pounded. She had commanded to be horny, so the Amazon princess felt her orgasm building. She was flooded with a mix of pleasure and pain. She was not enjoying her forced fuck, as she was believing that Steve's cock was stuffing her cunt to the max while stretching out her pussy walls to their limits. In other words, her tight cunt was hurting like hell.
She, however, had been told to be a pornstar. From the porn movies she had watched with Richard Grayson, Wonder Wonder believed that pornstars were sex-starved women. She acted as if she was getting the best fuck of her life.
Steve plunged his average-sized cock into Wonder Woman's wet cunt. He panted and then regained his strength, so that he didn't cum right away. He asked, "Am I the best fuck you ever had, Wonder Bitch?"
Wonder Woman, still playing a pornstar, moaned, "My Lord, you are so fucking incredible! I love being pounded by your monster cock! Destroy my pussy with your huge cock!"

He commanded, "Cum for me, Wonder Bitch! Cum from having the besf fuck of your life!"
"Aaaaauuuuuaaaaahhhhh!!!!!", the enthralled Amazon wailed. Her cunt walls spasmed as she orgasmed. She thrashed underneath him for the rest of her climax. Her pussy gushed a mix of her juice and of her jizz onto Steve's buried cock.
"Oh fuck!", Steve groaned. He almost came as Wonder Woman's pussy walls tightly gripped and massaged his shaft. He had imagined on making the Amazon princess climax, but he never knew Wonder Woman's orgasm would be one of the most exotic things he had ever experienced.
He pulled out of her drenched cunt. He saw Wonder Woman's pussy juice dribble out of her gaped cunt.
The Amazon princess barely had the strength to stay kneeling. She had been forced to have one of her strongest orgasms.
Steve ordered, "Kneel, Wonder Slut, and open your mouth."
Wonder Woman slowly got onto her knees, and then opened her mouth wide.
He could not hold back any longer. Steve had a problem of not having any sexual stamina. He stroked his average-sized cock in front of her face.
Still commanded to act like a pornstar, the Amazon princess begged, "Cum in my mouth, my Lord! Feed me, my Lord. Feed my your hot spunk!"
Hearing Wonder Woman talk dirty brought Steve over the edge! He roared, "Oh fuck! Oh fuck!"
Steve gripped his shaft tightly, and then lunged forward. He shoot his first jet of hot jizz into Wonder Woman's waiting mouth. He shook and panted. Steve stroked his ejaculating cock to spurt another stream of cum into her mouth.
The ravaged Amazon kneeled still while Steve emptied his cum into her mouth. She hadn't been told to swallow, but luckily Steve didn't cum that much.
Steve tugged on his spent cock to cum some more, but he was completely spent. He ordered, "Swallow."
Wonder Woman gulped down his slimey cum. She noted how his jizz didn't taste as good as Richard's sweet cum. Diana knew that Steve was a heavy drinker, and possibly experimented with drugs, which probably contributed to his low quality sperm.
Steve panted from his intense orgasm. He had enjoyed himself so much, where he let the magic lasso slip out offers his hand. He remarked, "That was fun, Wonder Slut. Wait until I have you in my mistress' VR!"
The instant Steve dropped her golden lasso, Wonder Woman was no longer his thrall and then regained herself. She was furious that he had treated her like a whore. She still tasted his bad cum on her tongue. Diana went into a blind rage, as soon as she heard about the VR! She would never let anyone make her their sexual playing in virtual reality!
Being herself again, the Amazon princess felt her strength and powers surge through her. With the speed of Apollo, she rushed him.
Steve had no time to react, except to be in complete shock. He had fucked up again, but didn't have time to fix his mistake.
Wonder Woman roughly grabbed his head, and then twisted his head to snap his neck.
The distinctive crack of Steve's neck bones breaking were heard. He was dead on the spot.
Diana tossed his lifeless body onto the metal floor.
She hurried to the control console, and then saw the last seconds of the self-destruct tick away. She cursed, "Hades!"
The self-destruct was not an explosion, but rather a failsafe that depowered the JLA satellite. The main power was shutoff, where the control console went dead. The red warning lights stop. The emergency lighting gave just enough illumination to see.
Without any power, the forcefield turned off. The exterior of the JLA satellite no longer glowed red. No power also meant that the JLA headquarters could no longer maintain its 22,300 mile orbit around the Earth. The JLA satellite's orbit decayed immediately. Earth's gravity pulled the large satellite back towards the planet.

The JLA satellite's artificial gravity stopped working. Wonder Woman found herself floating in zero-G gravity. She took in a deep breath, as the life support system had stopped.
She realized that teleporting out was not possible. Diana could not summon her Invisible Jet in time. She had to escape the doomed satellite now, or else be caught in the flaming inferno of the falling satellite.
Diana flew towards a specific maintenance hatch. She opened the hatch, and then flew down the maintenance tunnel. She could hear the satellite creaking, as the artificial body was being drawn towards Earth. She exited the tunnel, and then found herself where the escape pods were. Wonder Woman rushed into an escape pod. She smashed open the protective glass to the launch button, and then pounded the button.
The explosive bolts blasted the outer door open. The pod's jets fired, and then flung her escape pod into space.
Wonder Woman donned one of the pod's oxygen masks to her face. She gladly sucked in the fresh air.
The Amazon princess put the black top and pants of her costume back on. She didn't have time to collect her armored top. Diana sat in a meditation pose, calmed her breathing, and then rubbed the ruby star on her golden tiara.