Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 18  

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Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

Dick pistoned in-and-out of Wonder Woman's wet, deflowered pussy. He moved slower than he expected, as her incredibly tight cunt walls hindered his movement. He pulled back, until only his bulbous head was inside of her. Nightwing then pushed hard back into her.
"Great Hera!", the deflowered Amazon cried out. She again felt his cock hit her anterior fornix, and then nearly climaxed! Hitting one of her AFE zones made her pussy juice even more. She panted from the heat and arousal of another impending orgasm. Her pink, pointy nipples were rock hard. Her engorged clit pulsed with each quick breath that she took.
The increase of Diana's pussy juice gave Dick the lubrication to speed up his thrusts. Like a steam-powered locamotive, he plunged into Wonder Woman's stretched out cunt with faster strokes. A few thrusts later, he was fucking the deflowered Amazon hard and fast.
Diana had juiced so much that Dick's long, hard shaft made squishing noises going in-and-out of her. She could feel her groin and inner thighs become wet and sticky, as some of her pussy juice was oozed out whenever Dick pulled back.
She felt her orgasm building and building each time Dick slammed into her. Her hands grabbed onto his strong back, and then her fingernails dug into his sweaty flesh. She lustfully demanded, "Yes, Dick, yes! Fuck me like that! Pound my virgin pussy with your big, hard cock!"
Nightwing was turned on by Wonder Woman's dirty talk. He pounded her drenched cunt as hard and fast he could. His hips bashed against her groin, and made loud slapping noises. He rhetorically asked, "Like that, honey?!? Like it when I pound your tight pussy!?!"
Wonder Woman could not respond. She was overwhelmed with the pleasure from being fuck so savagely. Diana panted for breath as her orgasm built up inside of her. She wanted Dick deeper inside of her, and then instinctively flexed her hips upward to meet his battering ram thrusts into her.
A few more deep and hard thrusts in-and-out of her needy cunt drove Diana over the edge! Wonder Woman bellowed, "Goddess! Cum--! Cumming!!!"
Her body exploded with the sexual release of another orgasm! She screamed, "Ggggguuuuuhhhhhaaaaadddd!!!!"
Dick loved hearing Diana climax. He thought her pleasurable cry was so sexy. Hearing Wonder Woman yell in ecstasy increased Nightwing's lust, where he continued to pound her drenched cunt with his steel hard cock.
After crying out, Wonder Woman arched her back and threw her head back. This pushed up her gigantic, 38G breasts to make them look bigger than usual. All of the muscles in her sexy, sweaty body locked up. Her mouth was agape in a silent scream. Her hands dug into Dick's back like claws, but did not cut his skin. Her face and chest were flushed red.
A few seconds later, Wonder Woman's naked body spasmed as the waves of orgasmic release rolled through her. Her cock-stuffed pussy convulsed to clench Dick's thick, hard shaft over-and-over again. Her pussy gushed out her sweet juice and feminine jizz, which sloshed out whenever Dick pulled back. The feminine jizz that coated his shaft rubbed onto her puffy cunt lips, when he rammed back into her. Diana grunted each time her body spasmed.
A small puddle of Wonder Woman's pussy juice and female cum pooled on the bed underneath her ass. Her butt cheeks felt stickey and gooey along the bed sheets, like walking with boots through snowy slush.
Moments later, the deflowered Amazon finished cumming and then collapsed onto the bed. She panted for air. Her arms slipped off of Dick's back and then plopped to the bed. Her legs lay weakly on the bed. She had enjoyed her orgasm so much that she forgot Dick was still fucking her.
Nightwing, however, was still furious ramming in-and-out of Diana's drenched cunt. His thick, hard cock drove fast and deep inside of her. Deep enough to hit her anterior fornix each time he plunged into her.
"Great Hera!", she cried out. Wonder Woman's anterior fornix was pounded over-and-over again, which drove her towards another climax. She bellowed, "Oh fuck! Oh fuck!"

Without a respite, Diana stayed at a high level of sexual arousal. The horny Amazon loved how stuffed her pussy felt when Dick slammed all the way into her. She loved how hard and fast he was fucking her. She loudly panted, "Hee! Hee! Hee!"
A few seconds later, Wonder Woman climaxed again! She bellowed, "Dick!!! Oh Dick!!! Dddddiiiiiccccckkkkk!!!!!"
All of the strong muscles in her Amazonian body tensed for a few seconds, and then Diana trembled as she climaxed again. Her pussy walls spasmed with vice-like grips. Her asshole clenched and then gaped open, as her forbidden fuck hole almost distended.
Dick's cock constantly glanced along Wonder Woman's G-spot and rammed her anterior fornix. Her hyper-sensitive, engorged clit was mashed each time he lunged into her. Diana's lust, combined with the pleasuring of her erogenous zones, made her orgasm again! She seemed to be having a non-stop climax! Diana blurted out, "Can't--! Stop--! Cum--!"
Wonder Woman could not speak anymore, as she was overwhelmed by cumming non-stop. Her blue eyes rolled back. Her mind was a complete blank. Her body was only responding instinctively now.
Dick managed to maintain his fast and furious fucking pace, despite how tightly Diana's pussy walls clenched his shaft. Her cunt juiced like a fountain to provide ample lubrication. He, however, wanted to fuck her from a different position. He pulled out.
A loud slurping noise echoed throughout the room when Dick took his cock out of Wonder Woman. Her empty, gaping cunt spewed out a tidal wave of her sweet juice and of her feminine jizz.
Diana lay there, panting like a marathon runner who had crossed the finish line.

He deftly flipped the Amazon princess onto her hands and knees, and then positioned her.
Half of her head was buried in the hospital pillow, where Wonder Woman had limited vision with her right eye. She had to breathe through both her right nostril and through the right corner of her mouth. The pillow case became damp from her salty sweat. Diana's muscular arms were bent at her elbows, which could have propped up her upper body. She was too drained from her cumming so much to keep her chest above the bed. Her huge, 38G breasts were mashed against the bed. Her hard, pointy pink nipples dug into the bed. Her long, athletic legs were bent at her knees and spread apart. Her ass was pointed up toward Nightwing. Wonder Woman's butt cheeks were spread apart, revealing her tight, puckered virgin asshole and her gaping cunt. Her pussy juices coated part of her bubble butt, her fuck holes, and her inner thighs.
Dick paused to admire the view. He found Diana incredibly sexy with her ass sticking in the air. He thought her freshly fucked pussy was pretty. Her puffy cunt lips framed her gaping pussy well. He could see inside her wet, pink pussy. He saw how engorged her button-like clit was.
He teasingly rubbed the top of his long, hard shaft against Diana's hot, wet cunt. His cock slid between her puffy cunt lips and along her gaped pussy.
"Merciful Minerva!", Wonder Woman moaned. Contact with his steel hard cock on her hypersensitive pussy sent a jolt of pleasure through her. She wanted Dick's huge phallus back in her drenched sex.
From this vulnerable position, Diana was worried that Dick would fuck her virgin asshole--like what the villains had done to her in the VR. She didn't understand why anyone had anal sex, and was definitely not ready for an anal deflowering. Despite the free thinking Diana was raised up with, she considered anal sex unnatural. The Amazon princess begged, "Dick, please don't fuck my ass."
Nightwing had not thought about having anal sex with Diana, until she had mentioned it. Despite having been with several women, he had never had anal sex. He acknowledged, "I won't."
Dick roughly grabbed Wonder Woman's long, braided hair.
Her face was lifted off the pillow, and then her head was cocked into the air.
Nightwing plunged his 10" hard cock back into Diana's drenched pussy with one swift thrust!
"Great Hera!", the deflowered Amazon gasped. Despite having her cunt opened up, Wonder Woman did not realize how different Dick's cock would feel from being fucked from behind! She felt his hard shaft plunge deeper inside of her. She nearly climaxed from the initial rear penetration.
"Sweat heaven!", Dick moaned in pleasure. He felt how good Diana's pussy felt from the doggy position. He mentioned, "I'm going to ride you."
He pulled back, and then swift slammed back into Wonder Woman. His thick, hard penetrated the inner depths of her pussy.
"Fffuuccckkk!!!", the horny Amazon lustfully screamed. She felt his bulbous head hit her posterior fornix, which was another woman's erogenous zones. Her fingers clawed at the bed sheets. With Dick's strong grasp on her long, braided hair, she could not move her head. Wonder Woman felt like a mare in heat.
"Yes, Dick! Ride me! Ride mmmmmeeeee!!!!!", Diana bellowed. Having her erogenous zone pounded over-and-over again drove her to another powerful orgasm. Even if she could, Wonder Woman did not have the strength to pull away. She would continue to be fucked by Richard Grayson until he ejaculated.
Dick could not hold back any longer. He was nearly exhausted by fucking Diana that he was at the end of sexual endurance. He slammed as deep and hard into her as he could. He roared, "Diana! I'm cumming!!!"
The horny Amazon was overjoyed to hear that Dick was finally going to orgasm. She encouraged, "Yes, baby! Cum in me!"
He orgasmed and then spurted his first stream of hot jizz deep inside of Diana's pussy.
While Wonder Woman had experienced villains dumping their semen in her in virtual reality, she realized that VR could never replicate the real thing. She felt his seemingly lava-like cum splash along the deepest region of her pussy. She felt as if Dick's hot semen was spattering her cervix. The pleasurable sensation of being rewarded with his cum deep inside of her triggered another orgasm for her!
Both lovers howled and grunted during their mutual orgasm. Wonder Woman climaxed was so powerful that she almost passed out. Nightwing was not sure if would stop ejaculating, as he had never cum so much in his life before. Both lovers, however, did not want their orgasms to end.
The pleasurable release in cumming ended for both superheroes. The exhausted Amazon princess collapsed onto the bed, where her arms and legs lacked the energy to keep herself kneeling. The Teen Wonder was tired out. He released Diana's ponytail, and then dropped on top of her.
Diana loved feeling the magma of his cum inside of her. She also enjoyed feeling how filled up her pussy was from his cock. She stammered a request, "Dick...don't pull out."
He muttered into her ear, "I won't."
Wonder Woman was happy to hear his next words.
Dick truthfully said, "I love you."
She immediately responded, "I love you too."
The sweaty, exhausted superheroes lay together, while they slowly recovered from their first love making session. Diana enjoyed feeling Dick's spent cock soften inside of her, and then slowly retract out her pussy as his cock shrank.
Somewhere in L.A. County, Dee Cyde sat with Professor Sexton in the office of Tanya Ryan, the best agent in the adult entertainment industry. The agent's office was in an actual office building, instead of a desk in an abandoned warehouse or trailer.

Tanya reviewed Dee Cyde's portfolio. The portfolio contained color photos of a nude, professional photo shoot of Dee Cyde. The photos were swanky like something that would be seen in Hustler, instead of Playboy. These photos showed Dee Cyde roughly playing with her huge titties and nipples; spreading open her shaved cunt; and even finger fucking herself. The agent was very impressed with the photos of Dee Cyde lactating long, thick streams of breast milk.
Dee Cyde was getting impatient with the silence and the waiting. She didn't know that getting into the porno industry would be like this. She assumed that she would be shooting right away. It didn't help that her milk-filled udders needed to be relieved. She asked the disguised Joker, "Sexton?"
Sexton replied with a perfect British accent and with great patience, "If you're going to get into adult entertainment the right way, my dear, this fine woman is the only person to see."
Tanya mentioned, "This looks promising. You could definitely fill the milk fetish."

Dee Cyde could tell there was a big but in the agent's words. She probed, "But what?"
"You're a newbie.", the agent stated. "Mister Sexton--"
"Professor.", he corrected.
"Professor Sexton.", Tanya politely said. "You want Dee Cyde to start in films and projects with BDSM and lactation?"
"Yes.", he confirmed.
"Is there a problem with Dee Cyde doing boy-girl and girl-girl stuff?"
"I feel that Dee Cyde will do what her soon-to-be fans will request of her.", Sexton responded.
Tanya took great effort not to keep staring at Dee Cyde's photos of lactating and spreading her cunt. The agent's pussy was hot and moist. She proposed, "I will need to do a personal interview with Dee Cyde."
Dee Cyde was confused. She inquired, "Personal?"
Sexton immediately understood what the agent really wanted. He tipped his top hat politely and then answered, "That can be arranged. As long as it's not a taped interview."

The female agent smiled, as Tanya knew that he and she were on the same wavelength. She informed, "It will be very private."

Wonder Woman: Dark Nights part 18