Wonder Woman: Dark Nights Part 2  

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Note: The DCU in this story series is mostly pre-The New 52, but there might be a few concepts, character revamps, etc. that I have taken from The New 52.

Several years had passed since that summer meeting between the Teen Wonder and the Amazon princess. During that time, the universe has gone through what has been called The Great Crisis. The universe had been attacked by the Anti-Monitor. Worlds, which seemed like different versions of Earth, had died. Sacrifices had been made by heroes and villains alike. The Anti-Monitor had been defeated, but the Earth--and the universe--would never be the same.
Wonder Woman, in her secret identity as Diana Prince, caught up on her work e-mails. She right-clicked on her mailbox Trash and then clicked Empty to permanently delete all of her discarded e-mails.
Diana slumped back into her leather chair, took off her eye glasses with the large rectangular frames, and then breathed a sigh of relief. Fighting crime as Wonder Woman, she thought, was far easier than keeping up with government bureaucracy
She closed her blue eyes, and then briefly drifted into darkness. Diana found herself dressed as Wonder Woman, but in a costume she had never worn before. She noticed this costume was different than her own with blue bracers, a silver belt, a blue skirt with white stars, and knee high red-and-white boots. Wonder Woman looked around and then saw herself fighting alongside the youthful members of the Justice Society of America. She charged along with them to fight the Nazi forces.
"Great Hera!", she gasped in surprise. "I'm in World War Two!"
Diana snapped back to consciousness. She whirled around in her executive chair, and then found herself back in her government office. She rubbed her brow and then muttered, "Merciful Minerva, what was that dream all about?!? I left Paradise Island after the Vietnam War ended."
She grabbed her still steaming hot mug of black coffee to steady her nerves, and then sipped the warm, dark liquid. Diana smiled. At least Man's World has some redeeming qualities, she thought and then sipped her coffee again.
Her reprieve was broken, as someone anxiously knocked on her door. Diana quickly donned her eye glasses of her civilian disguise, so that no one could deduce that she was Wonder Woman, and then she stated, "Come in."
Etta Candy, Diana's friend and the sexiest administrative assistant in the building, flung open the door. "Diana!", Etta blurted.
Etta was a redhead that men drooled over. Mother Nature had been very good to Etta, where she looked like a swimsuit model but with sexier and bustier curves. While men constantly hit on her, Etta was heavily involved with Colonel Steve Trevor.

Diana could hear the panic in her friend's voice and then asked calmly, "Etta, what's wrong?"
"All of the news channels are reporting about a bomb threat in the Washington Monument!", Etta hurriedly informed. Her eyes darted back and forth to scan the hallway. "I have to find Steve!"
"What?!?", Diana angrily responded. She rose out of her chair to catch Etta, but the sexy redhead was already down the hallway.
Diana logged off her computer, and then hurried to exit the building. The government key card system would show that Diana Prince had departed. She was free to become Wonder Woman.
She bolted to a secluded back alley where there were no surveillance cameras or traffic cameras. She was well hidden where no one from the street could see her. Diana cautious looked around and about to make sure no one was watching her. She also made sure no one had followed her. She peeled off her wide brimmed glasses, held out her arms, and then twirled in place. She spun faster until a magical flash of light erupted from her. After the blinding flash faded, Wonder Woman proudly stood.
The Amazon warrior instinctively checked that her golden tiara was snuggly in place, and that her golden girdle of power was securely strapped to her waist. She had updated her costume to where a gold, double W was wrapped around her massive bosom. Her blood red top was made of material from Wayne Tech that was far more durable and resistant then Kevlar. The inside of her costume was lined with a material that insulated her from electrical attacks. Her silver bracers covered her entire forearm and could deliver a bludgeoning blow when she elbowed someone. Her golden lasso of truth was clipped to her girdle. She wore black leather pants that were puncture and electrical resistant. She still wore her red-and-white boots that did not have high heels.

Wonder Woman closed her blue eyes, focused, and then rubbed the ruby star on her tiara. Only visible to her eyes, she saw her Invisible Jet arrive in the skies above her. She leapt into the air, and then landed in the cockpit of her jet. She took hold of the steering controls, and then piloted her Invisible Jet to the Washington Monument. While Diana could fly on her own, she wanted to approach the threatened building.
Wonder Woman signaled the FAA to clear the skies around the Washington Monument, including any navy fighters.
In a few minutes, she arrived at the tall building. She exited the Invisible Jet, and then glided down into the top most access point of the building. She mentally commanded her Invisible Jet to fly away, and then return to the hanger at the Hall of Justice.
Wonder Woman dropped out her Invisible Jet, so that she plummeted down. About halfway down the length of the monument, she called upon her flight ability to slow her descent. She touched down near the entryway. While she could have found a stealthy way to enter, Wonder Woman hoped that her presence would scare the terrorists out of hiding.

She approached the S.W.A.T. team that stood ready at the monument's entrance and then asked, "Any updates."
The team's leader, a well-armored female, answered, "Nothing yet Wonder Woman. In fact, no one has contacted us yet."
"Strange.", the Amazon warrior mused. She hoped that someone had not pranked the authorities. She inquired, "Has everyone been evacuated."
"Evacuated and ferried off Ellis Island.", the S.W.A.T. leader confirmed.
Wonder Woman took a deep breath and then stated, "If I'm not out after sixty minutes, then do what you need to do."
"Hold on.", the armored woman commanded. "Comm check."
The S.W.A.T. leader adjusted the frequency on her comm device and then spoke into it, "Check, check. Do you read?"
Wonder Woman could hear the transmission from her communication earrings. "I read you."
The team leader gave Wonder Woman the thumbs up.
Without looking back, Diana entered the emptied Washington Monument. After she way inside the national monument, she was surprised not to find any booby traps to avoid or thugs to fight. She tensed up, where her instincts warned her that she was walking into a trap. Wonder Woman had to clear the building of the bomb threat, and could not walk away.
To be prepared in case she was captured in a sinister trap, Wonder Woman took out the Bat-tracker Robin--now Nightwing--had given to her a few years ago. She turned on the device, hoping that Nightwing still monitored this frequency. The device glowed red, showing that it was transmitting. If she was captured and searched, then there was only one place she could secure the Bat-tracker. Diana spied a nearby water cooler. She dispensed some water for herself, plopped the device into her mouth, chugged all of the water, and then forced herself to swallow. Feeling like the biggest horse pill she ever had to swallow, Wonder Woman managed to gulp down the Bat-tracker. The device would be in her for up to 24 hours, depending if she was forced to defecate or not.
Diana secured the main floor, but found nothing and no one. She was familiar enough with the layout of the Washington Monument to know where an explosive device would do the most damage. She opened the door to the stairway, and then deftly sprinted up the stairs.
Wonder Woman communicated with the S.W.A.T leader, "First floor cleared. Moving up."
In the stairwell, Diana pushed off with her red boots and then flew up the stairs. The clanking of her boots on the metal stairs would give away her position to the terrorists.
A few minutes later, she arrived at an upper floor where an explosion could cut the Washington Monument in half. Wonder Woman flung the door open, hoping to catch the terrorists by surprise. She saw, however, that no one was about. "Great Hera, not another false alarm.", she muttered to herself.
A large platform, which was wide enough for one person to stand on, was on the room's center. The platform was connected to power transformer. The transformer was plugged into every available power outlet nearby.
Diana approached the power transformer. She could hear the device hum and radiate heat. "This thing is sorting up power, but for what?", she wondered.
Wonder Woman's curiosity got the better of herself, where she walked onto the large platform. When she reached the center, the platform activated and then glowed a bright yellow. Diana squinted from the blinding light and then blurted out, "Merciful Minerva!"

Before she could think about or do anything else, the platform discharged arcs of high voltage electricity! The electricity struck Wonder Woman, and then kept surging through her!
"Aaaaahhhhh!!!!!", she screamed in agony. The electricity immobilized her, where she could not make her arms or legs move. Her mind blazed in pain that prevented her from controlling her magic lasso. Her insides felt like they were on fire as the electricity surged through her. As long as she stood on the energized platform, Wonder Woman completed the DC circuit that electrocuted her.
If anyone was watching, Wonder Woman looked like an out-of-control Christmas tree as electrical arcs flowed all over her paralyzed body.
Completely immobilized, Diana stood there silently as the electricity assaulted her. With each passing second, the Amazon princess felt herself weakening. She felt herself floating in-and-out of consciousness, like when she was drifting off to sleep. Her muscular body felt heavy. She found it harder and harder to keep her blue eyes open. While she still wore her golden girdle of power, Wonder Woman felt as she had no super-strength left.
The electrical arcs vanished. Wonder Woman collapsed to the glowing platform in defeat. Her blue eyes were closed. Her mouth gaped open. She looked like a lifeless doll. Wisps of smoke came off her silver bracers, golden girdle, and magic lasso. She had electrical burns on her arms and around her forehead, but the magic from her golden girdle would heal those wounds,
The power transformer hungrily leeched electricity from the power sockets, where the room's lights flickered. A few minutes later, the transformer was fully charged. The platform glowed orange that engulfed the unconscious Amazon. Wonder Woman vanished a she was teleported out of the monument. After the teleportation had finished, the platform glowed red, sparked, and smoked. The platform and the power transformer exploded!
From the ground, the S.W.A.T. team witnesses the explosion and then believed a bomb had been set off. They donned oxygen masks, and then rushed into the Washington Monument. They were drenched as the monument's sprinklers rained down water. A fire crew followed behind them with fire extinguishers.

Nightwing sat in the empty meeting room of Titans Tower. He wore a newer version of his costume that was a full blue body suit. He had yellow circles with a feather pattern around his arms, around his calves, and across his chest. He still had the light blue bracers that contained his gadgets. Yellow glider wings were underneath his arms. He had black escrima sticks.
While leader of the Teen Titans, he wondered about still living in the tower or finding a place of his own. He and Starfire had recently broken up. They were still okay as friends and teammates, but he needed time to be away from her socially.

The communicator in his left gauntlet beeped. "What?!?", Nightwing blurted in surprise.

He checked his wrist comm and then muttered, "This signal's from my old Bat-tracker. I haven't had that since I get it to Wonder Woman..."
Nightwing bolted out of his chair! If Wonder Woman had activated his Bat-tracker, he thought, then she must be in some real trouble. With concern about Wonder Woman's safety only on his mind, Nightwing raced to the tower's hanger bay to use the T-Jet. Nightwing considered calling Batman, but he knew that Batman was still upset about him giving up being Robin.
If needed, Nightwing would call his fellow Titans or call the Justice League. Part him selfishly wanted to be alone with Wonder Woman.
He reached Ellis Island as fast as he could, and then landed the T-Jet. Nightwing greeted the S.W.A.T. and FBI forensic teams outside of the Washington Monument. Nightwing noticed that Colonel Trevor and Etta Candy were here as well.
"Colonel Trevor.", greeted Nightwing.
Trevor was not pleased to have a costumed hero here and stated, "You're not authorized to be here."
Nightwing pulled out his JLA ID card, which he had as a reserve member of the team. "Sorry Colonel, but the League's U.N. charter allows me to be here.", he rebuked. "What's the sit rep?"
"Steve!", Etta chastised. "The young man's here to help."
Trevor softened a little from his girlfriend's words and then stated, "Wonder Woman was investigating a bomb threat. There was an explosion, but she's no where to be found."
Nightwing had a guess on what happened, but he need to look at the crime scene. "I'm going in.", he announced.

Wonder Woman awoke. Her Amazon body felt sluggish and weak. She could not believe an electrical attack would have tired her out so much. She tried to move, but could not. Her arms were spread out and shackled to each side of the large table. Her ankles were chained to the bottom of the table.
"Great Hera!", she gasped in shock. An intravenous needle had been stuck into her left arm. A green colored liquid flowed into her body. Diana guessed that the liquid was some kind of drug that weakened her.
Wonder Woman was thankful that she was still in full costume. She saw her golden lasso hanging on a nearby wall. She tried to telepathically command her magic rope. "Gguuhhaahh!", Diana cried out in pain. Studs attached to the sides of her head shocked her whenever she tried to use her telepathy.
"Naughty, naughty!", a mechanical-like sounded over the room's speakers.
A high-definition video camera descended and then hovered over the bound Amazon.
"Who are you!?!", Diana snarled. "Release me this instant!"
"Release you, Wonder Woman?", the strange voice mocked. "We haven't done your promo spot yet."
Two robotic arms appeared with human-like claws. The claws grasped the waist of Wonder Woman's pants and panties.
"No!", Diana screamed to protest. She knew that she was being disrobed, which meant that someone was going to violate her body.
Unable to resist, Wonder Woman watched helplessly as her clothing was yanked down to her knees. Her bald snatch was completely exposed. Her puffy cunt lips protruded out like a closed clam shell. She expected the unknown villain to continue his or her exposition, as villains seemed to talk quite a bit, but her captor said nothing else.
One of the robotic arms rose back up into the ceiling, and then returned holding a Hitachi wand. The wand's short power cord was plugged directly into the robotic arm.
"Great Hera!", Diana gasped into shock upon seeing the Hitachi wand. She freaked out that the wand's large white, knobby head would be plunged into her virgin sex.

Wonder Woman helplessly watched as the large head of the Hitachi wand was pressed against her snatch. She was relieved that her pussy was not spread open, and forced to be impaled by the wand's large head. She confidently retorted, "Is that all you're going to do to me?!?"
There still was no vocal response. Instead, the other robotic arm flipped the blue switch on the Hitachi wand. The wand turned on, buzzed loudly, and vibrated at high intensity.
Diana's blue eyes widened in shock as the powerful vibrations that assaulted her pussy! "Nnnuuuhhhaaahhh!!!", she loudly wailed.
The robotic arm held the Hitachi wand on Wonder Woman's bare cunt. The wand's large head vibrated so strongly, where Diana felt as if someone was rubbing her exposed sex at super-speed.
She felt her pussy moisten and heat up as the strong vibrations pleasured her. She thrashed in her bonds to escape, but could not. Wonder Woman felt her body succumb to the erotic pleasure where her orgasm was quickly approaching. She panted faster and faster as her arousal grew. She felt her nipples harden and poke into the protective lining of her costume. Her clit swelled. "Ggguuuhhh!!!", she grunted.
Diana had juiced so much that she lubricated the wand's large head. She wailed in pleasure as the vibrating head had parted her pussy lips, and not pressed against her swollen clit and inner, wet pussy. She felt her orgasm building and building, like gigantic tidal wave forming in the ocean. She had climaxed before, when she and her Amazon sisters pleasured each others. Wonder Woman, however, had never felt such an intense orgasm building up inside of her.
Her face and chest glowed a bright red as she was brought closer and closer in cumming. Her bosom heaved up-and-down frantically as Diana breathed hard and fast. Her pelvis bucked against the Hitachi wand. "Heei!", she panted with each breath.
As the Hitachi wand in continued to assault her pussy, Diana had juiced so much that her inner thighs were sticky with her pussy juice. Drops of her sweet juice were flicked into the air by the wand's vibrating head.
A few moments later, the Hitachi wand had done its work to make Wonder Woman climax! The robotic arm pulled away the Hitachi wand from her soaked cunt.
Her teeth were tightly clenched. Her hands were balled up into tight fists. All of her muscles were tensed. Veins throbbed in her neck, arms, and thighs. "Gggggguuuuuuhhhhhhaaaaaadddddd!!!!!!", Diana wailed at the top of her lungs. Her orgasm burst through and then exploded through her sexy, Amazon body.
The Hitachi wand had aroused so much that Wonder Woman squirted! She arched her back off the table. A powerful geyser of her juice sprayed out of her gaped cunt. Her squirt shot several feet into the air, and then landed somewhere on the floor. Diana's blue eyes rolled back, and then her body flailed uncontrollably. Her bonds kept Wonder Woman on the table as she convulsed.
"Mmmaa, hhhuuuhhh!!!", she bellowed. Wonder Woman wanted to move her hands down to cup her spasming pussy, but could not. Her drenched cunt pulsed open and close as she continued to climax. Her pussy pushed out more of clear sweetness and then oozed out her white, feminine jizz. She was completely overwhelmed by her orgasm, where Diana became oblivious to her surroundings. Time seemed to stand still for Wonder Woman.
Wonder Woman's orgasm ended. She collapsed onto the table like a discarded toy doll. Her gaped pussy continued to trickle her juice. Her long black hair was matted all over face. Her big bosom heaved up-and-down as she recovered.
While Wonder Woman recovered, the robotic arms wheeled in a large, flat screen HDTV. The screen turned on to show an unknown website. The browser's URL box was off-screen. The webpage had the following text: Click here to watch Wonder Woman climax. Want a chance to fuck her? Click here to place your bid.
Someone, probably the unknown villain, clicked on the video link.
"Merciful Minerva!", Wonder Woman blurted in shock. She watched helplessly as the video played Diana forced to a squirting orgasm by the Hitachi wand. Her slick reddened cunt tingled, which was either an after effect from the Hitachi wand or Wonder Woman was getting around by watching herself.
Diana was allowed to watch the entire video. She just noticed the website's money counter, which increased with each new bid. "Great Hera! I'm to be auctioned off for someone's deviant pleasure!", she realized.
A robotic arm lowered a wet rag over Wonder Woman's face.
"Chloroform !", she blurted out in recognition. "No! No!!!"
The chloroform cloth was placed over the captive Amazon's nose and mouth. "Nugh!", she tried to yell in protest.
Diana's blue eyes fluttered as the chloroform quickly made her pass out. A moment later, Wonder Woman lapsed into unconsciousness.

Wonder Woman: Dark Nights part 2