Supergirl Captured by the Mob 02  

By Dr. Dominator


Part 2. So Near an Escape

Note: All characters and names are property of DC Comics. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

Supergirl slowly gains consciousness in a warm pool of light. Her Linda Danvers burgundy outfit, disguise wig and contact lenses have been completely stripped off. Now she is only wearing her familiar red and blue costume. The red and yellow insignia on the front of her blue blouse and the crotch of her red panties are heavily encrusted with the dried residue of kryptonite gel. It has formed into a shell of glowing green crystals that shine brightly in the dusty beam of a floodlight pouring through the barred window in the wall of this large cell. Jagged green shards of the toxic paste obscure the famous red and yellow 'S' insignia on Supergirl's chest. They poke into the soft tissue of her breasts and scrape against the inside of the limp blonde's thighs as she starts to stir.

The teen's expression is dark and drawn. Feeling drained, nauseous and very confused, the exhausted blonde sluggishly awakes to find herself laying face down on a cold stone floor.

"...ohhhh...." she moans aloud as she shakes her head, trying to free herself from the stupor of a drugged sleep. It only makes her feel more sick.

"..ughnn....where am ...I...?" She moves to stand up but finds she can't. She looks up to see that her arms are spread out over her head and bolted to steel plates in the floor by thick steel manacles around her wrists. Turning her head, she glumly registers that her legs are spread wide apart and her ankles are also shackled to identical steel plates embedded in the stone floor.

"Oh...what is this...I...can't believe...' she scowls. '...Rao...i...i'm...chained to the...damn....floor...."

The groggy girl then notices that a thin, clear hose extends from a hole in the wall and runs along the floor to her feet. Following it with her eyes she realizes with surprise that the hose runs up the back of her bare legs and disappears under her short red skirt. Only then does the perplexed blonde feel the probe that has been inserted into her vagina.

"..what's this....what the...hell...going on here?" Supergirl murmurs in numb confusion. The kryptonite crystals have scrambled her thoughts and she isn't thinking very clearly. She senses danger though and gives a hard yank on her wrist bolts, expecting to snap them apart. They don't! The dazed blonde dazedly realizes her super strength is gone. These thick clusters of large glowing green crystals clinging to her blouse and panties are kryptonite! They've drained off her super powers. She can't break the tight shackles surrounding her wrists or ankles!

Must get free of these miserable crystals!

Just then, the sound of a motor kicks in. There is a second's pause and then the shackled heroine feels a pulse in her groin. The sensation confuses her momentarily then fills her with cold fear. She suddenly recalls the entire attack that brought her to this desperate situation and begins to struggle against her restraints.

"What is...oh Rao...No," the shackled girl blurts and gives the steel manacles the hardest yank she possibly can. They don't budge an inch. Unable to escape, the grimacing Maid of Steel turns her head, looking immediately for some way to free herself when she sees a bright green light slide out of a hole in the wall and move toward her through the thin hose. It flows through the transparent tube and travels slowly along the floor.

Oh Rao! What is that? More liquid kryptonite? I've got to get out of here somehow! I can't let that vile stuff weaken me anymore The frantic blonde teen yanks with all her strength on the shackles pinning her to the floor. It does no good. She is too weak!

Supergirl watches with a grim mix of fear and anger as the glowing green light pushes steadily up the tube. She tries scraping her pelvis rapidly against the floor but cannot dislodge the hose stuck up her skirt! The light continues to approach, now riding over her calves, filling up its clear tunnel, sliding directly at her.

"Damn it, you bastards," the blonde dynamo yells. "You'll pay for this!" Her vow makes her feel no better though as she watches with dread while the menacing glow passes though the hose draped between her legs. Soundlessly it disappears under the hem of her famous short red skirt.

The very next thing Supergirl feels is the sudden surge of a warm liquid gushing up into her vagina.

"YOU SICK PERVERTS!" she squeals. "You bastards, where are you? Show yourself!"

There's no answer, only the warm solution that slowly ebbs into her body, washing into her vagina. Some of it overflows, draining out into the crotch of her red costume panties and soaking them with what she knows is slimy green kryptonite. They were actually pumping her vagina with this heinous poison!

"...NOOO!..STOP THIS... STOP THIS...NOW..." Helplessly bolted to the cold stone floor, the famous heroine pulls and strains in anger.

The speaker in the ceiling suddenly squawks to life. "Is there a problem, Supergirl?"

"YOU PSYCHOPATHIC PIGS! YOU COWARDLY CRETINS!" She screams furiously as she yanks with all her might on the arm and leg manacles pinning her to the cold stone floor. They hold her tightly without the hint of a shake. The powerful teenager's body is shaking all over with her desperate effort to free herself. Her large, wide breasts shake and jiggle within her famous blue blouse. Every desperate yank on her restraints sends shimmying waves through her soft flesh. Her chiseled calf muscles quiver like those of a nervous racehorse. And her soft, round ass wobbles and shakes beneath her thin, silky costume skirt as she jerks and struggles in vain to escape the warm solution pumping into her loins.

"...STOP THIS...NOW...Y...YOU.. BARBARIANS...STOP THIS BEFORE I..I... ...UUUGHN!!....Before I....ghet....oohhhh....uhhh....'fore....i...uhhh...i..umm...eehhhr..."

The captive blonde's entire body shudders with a sudden wave a nausea that sweeps through her.

".....oohhh...ummm...what was i...uhhh...before...UNGGH....huh..i..i...mean ...b' ...uh...uh.....uuunnnggh!" Her eyelids flutter and her breath wheezes out of her in a soft grunt as her chin thumps to the stone floor. The mighty teenage powerhouse feels sick, weak, humiliated and confused.

"Ohhh, what's the matter, you incompetent cow? Feeling defenseless and disoriented, Supergirl? Nauseous too, aren't you? You're overwhelmed with a dizziness that makes you want to puke your guts out any moment, right, my dear?

"....GHHAAAALGKK.." As if to answer, the world famous Maid of Steel opens her mouth wide in a retching spasm of sickly nausea but manages not to vomit. Yet.

"OH, And let's not forget that horrific weakness you're feeling as well, Supergirl! There's an all-encompassing tiredness that is sapping your strength, nullifying your will and scrambling your brain, bitch! Your having trouble organizing your thoughts, too, aren't you, blondie? Well, your complete subjugation seems to be right on schedule!"


"Just can't seem to coolly assess the situation for weak points, can you, lassie? Can't put that flimsy blonde brain to work to figure out an escape. No, I'd say that the mighty Maid of Steel is feeling much too weak and helpless to handle this nasty dilemma of a degrading, poisonous cunt flushing, Isn't that right, champ?"

The sprawled teen hears the speaker blare loudly overhead but is too disoriented to reply.

"You really don't have to bother trying to answer me, sweetheart. Do you know why? Has your puny female brain managed to figure out yet what are we doing to you, Supergirl?" The sinister voice barks from the steel grill in the ceiling.

"...t...trying" she slurs dully in response.

"Correction, you pathetic buffoon. We're succeeding at subduing you. That's right, my dear. Escape isn't in the cards for the pretty superheroine tonight. No, tonight we're fucking you over big time, gorgeous! In fact, you may be interested to know that we've just elected you Miss Congeniality, Supergirl. Because your orifices are going to be filled with pricks in one way or another all night, bitch!"

Although she feels weak and humiliated strapped down to the floor like this with her body being so blatantly violated, the weakened teen glowers with anger at this filth. She gathers herself together, focusing her mind and her courage. She calms herself down while directing her anger. Her heroic nature is coming to the fore.

She suddenly snarls bravely at the voice in the ceiling. "That's not going to happen, Tony. That is you, hiding under some rock with a microphone, isn't it, you slug? Tony 'The Wire' Bonano. Big time hood." She's working at the manacles now, her resolve returning as she tests their strength and tries to distract him so she can escape. "Well, I can handle any perverted stunt you can dish out, buddy!"

"Is that so, Supergirl! You can handle anything, huh? And you're just so cock sure of yourself, too, aren't you."

"I've fought your type before, Bonano. You don't scare me." Supergirl looks around the room for escape routes as this vile liquid slowly presses into her body. Much of it puddles beneath her on the floor, soaking her skirt, her belly and creeping up to her breasts. Nevertheless, her anger is building into a small reserve of strength now.

"Not scared, hmmm? And I suppose you're not the least bit concerned about your current predicament, champ? Even with an unknown liquid being pumped up under your pretty little skirt. Even as it drenches your pretty red costume underpants and fills your tight young pussy with power sucking muck?"

"It's not unknown to me, Bonano. Okay, so you got your hands on a batch of kryptonite. Well, I've faced worse, you pathetically sick hoodlum."

The group of men crowded into the control room eye each other nervously. Carmine, Stevie, Randy and Tony are all frowning now. Could Supergirl escape this trap? It seemed impossible but this blonde beauty had pulled off innumerable impossible feats before. She seems so confident. Maybe she could get away....

The Maid of Steel lies face down, now calmly stretching her leg and arm muscles as she pulls her wrists and legs tight against the steel bands. They would be difficult to break but maybe not impossible. She has to quickly roll herself against these kryptonite crystals and crush them into dust particles. That way, they won't be nearly as lethal. The liquid slowly oozing into her crotch is weakening her steadily but she still may be able to fight it if she's got the will and the time. She has to keep the voice talking and distracted while she makes her move quickly though. Another dizzy spell like that last one might not be one that she could recover from.

"You're telling me that you don't feel even a little fear given the fact that we've compromised you and pinned you to the floor of a jail cell, Supergirl?" The voice has a tinge of concern mixed in with incredulousness.

Good. The determined blonde thinks to herself. Scare them a bit.

"You're not scaring me one bit, Bonano," she shouts, twisting hard to grind a particularly large crystal on her hip into powder.

"Not scared, huh. And you claim you've faced worse than this? I sincerely doubt it! And naturally you're not the least bit upset or shamed by the degrading sensation of a fat rubber hose delivering a thick, sticky semen-like load of poisonous kryptonite up your snatch, are you, darling," drawls the voice on the speaker, now getting stronger with conviction.

"You demented thug! My virtue and my dignity can stand up to any of your foul schemes, Bonano. Whatever disgusting kryptonite solution you're trying to subdue me with won't work. And no matter how you attack me, no matter how many tools of death you have," snaps Supergirl, "I will prevail! You know I've beaten you before. I'll do it again."

"Use the other stuff, Tony," Stevie says with a jittery voice. "The stuff you told us about. She's gonna get away. She's still too strong."

Supergirl resolutely continues to crush the crystals clinging to her blouse against the floor of her cell. In a few moments more, the dust will not be so toxic and she may well be able to break her shackles and take care of this bastard! She presses her torso hard against the floor, rapidly pulverizing the crystals stuck to her chest and pelvis. She already feels like a tiny measure of her strength might be returning. It's a fight against time now. But it's one she believes she can win.

"So the famous girl hero thinks she can still win," Bonano purrs into the microphone, trying to undermine this bitch's confidence while building up his own. "Even when she's shackled and weak and tired."

"I have confidence in myself, Bonano. That's more than enough to deal with you," responds the defiant heroine as she wriggles and slides faster now, gaining confidence from the fight.

"Tony. Come on, don't play around," says Carmine Vega

"Yeah, well, I wouldn't be so fucking sure of yourself, champ!" The speaker snaps to life again. "I've got a very good reason to be confident myself, my dear! That's because I know something you don't."

"God, how childish can you be, Bonano?" She steadily crushes the crystals under her. In fact, she's damn sure she feels their effect weakening on her. The liquified kryptonite oozing into her is too slow to be as effective as Tony thinks. Her plan is working! She just has to keep this thug talking. "You've got a secret and you won't tell me. Grow up, you pitiful slug."

"A brave front to the last. But really, my dear, the fact is, I do have a secret. A biggie! I know that your virtue and your dignity and your tight little cunt have to endure something you've never faced before. Something that not even you can handle, my dear young Super Twit."

In the control room, Bonano turns a new valve and a second glowing white solution mixes into the tube pumping the glowing green solution through the hole. Slow and steadily, it moves up the clear hose across the floor toward the writhing determined Maid of Steel.

"Something I've never faced? That's unlikely. Especially since I've faced just about every foe you can think of, Tony. And yes, even foes with kryptonite!"

The comment about her 'cunt handling something she's never faced before' concerns the shackled teen but just then a particularly large chunk of crystal gives way beneath Supergirl's pelvis and is quickly ground to powder. She feels a small surge of strength flowing into her tired muscles. The Maid of Steel is excited that her plan is beginning to work. She had a real chance here! In fact, she's only a moment or two away from breaking the shackles. She feels she almost has all the strength in her she'll need.

What the Maid of Steel fails to notice is the swirl of milky white liquid flowing within the glowing green solution in the thin tube snaking from the hole in the wall across the room. Only a yard or so away, it inexorably creeps toward its target.

"So, Supergirl, you're telling me that at one point in your long career you've successfully defended yourself against an attack that employed kryptonite?"

"That's right, Tony! Even kryptonite - dozens of ways: fashioned into bats, clubs and even bullet-sized slingshot pellets. The stuff's been sprayed and even dropped from vats. I've overcome them all!"

In just seconds now, she will use all her might to break these manacles and take these men to jail for decades if she has anything to say about it!

"Really? And have any of these attacks employed a total saturation of your lovely blonde love hole with a Deutronium-enriched alloy of synthesized liquid kryptonite, my dear?"

"WHAT?!" The shocked blonde beauty foolishly blurts out her alarm as her head jerks up in surprise.

"...Did you say...kuh...kryptonite...deutronium...alloy.?...a...flow ME?"

Bonano's eyebrows pop up at the sudden quaver of fear in his pretty blonde captive's voice. His lips curl up in a slow smile. The shaking ashen-faced Supergirl is obviously deeply unnerved by this news. Fantastic!

The men looking at the screen in the small control room lean forward with eager expressions. Everyone there heard the nervous, shaking stutter in Supergirl's shocked response and liked the implication. The group feeds on her fear with satisfied smiles.

"...but...that...that...can't be...." Only a foot away, the milky white substance mixes with the green flow and passes over her calf in the plastic tubing draped over her legs.

In her jail cell, Supergirl knows she is feeling weak and she knows they're using some form of kryptonite sludge to subdue her, but she had never expected them to have a concentrated version of a liquefied Deutronium-enriched kryptonite alloy! This alloy generated a radioactivity that was considerably stronger than basic kryptonite! The last time she'd faced this element, she'd almost died!

The distracted blonde teenager is frozen in confused fear. How had they synthesized this much? They couldn't have! She would have succumbed sooner, too! There was some.... some slight of hand going on here. It hadn't been Deutronium kryptonite alloy before. She was sure of that!

"'re...lying.....Bonano..." Supergirl snarls, slowly applying her tremendous strength to the manacles. She feels them starting to give. "I'm weak...its true.." The Maid of Steel's voice gets measurably stronger now. The time is now or never! "But. I'm not quite as weak AS YOU THI......HHUNNGHH!"

The mighty teenage heroine's entire body suddenly jerks in pain as the first wave of deutronium liquid inundates her vagina. Straining impotently against her shackles, the grimacing teens feels every ounce of super strength drain away in an sudden swoon of nausea and confusion. She


"Now you really feel the effects of my nasty stun cum, don't you, darling? Feels like a stunning punch to your gut, doesn't it, you pathetic whimpering bitch?"

"...cuh....caa...can'" But it was! She knew it. She'd felt this overpowering, relentless exhaustion before! This deadly and effective solution now inundating her....her body....must now really be exactly what Bonano claimed it was. Deutronium kryptonite alloy! Th...this....this ....this was a disaster....

"You heard right, sweet thing. In fact, right this moment you're now experiencing a crippling, four ounce per hour infusion of a synthesized Deutronium-enriched kryptonite alloy up your pussy. Did you really think I wouldn't come prepared to kick your sorry ass all over this room when I wanted to, Super Snatch?"

The shackled heroine looks at the milky white swirls in the puddle surrounding her, recognizes the smell and effect of this deadly gunk and begins to stammer out loud.

"..b...but...t..there isn't that..m..m...muh...much...kryptonite... .d..d.. Deutronium...alloy... to the...the...universe....never this..i..mean...not thought...that.. mean...OWWW!"

A second harsh spasm of pain and weakness sweeps through the captive blonde and her head drops to the floor with a sickening thump. Supergirl's awareness of the addition of Deutronium to the kryptonite base of this solution is the ultimate blow to her confidence. Drooling in a bleary daze, she feels the terrible toll this poison takes on her body already!

A mistake! This has to be some kind of sick mistake! No one had ever created more than a few teaspoons worth of this element in a lab anywhere. Never!!

"I'm afraid you did hear me right, Supergirl. Lots and lots of warm, syrupy, crippling Deutronium-enriched kryptonite surging into your innocent soft young teenage twat."


"Really takes it out of you, doesn't it, princess? Drains your strength. Makes you sweat like a fat stinking warthog and makes you want to puke your guts out, right, sugar?" The satisfaction virtually drips from the voice in the speaker. "Man, you should have been cunt flushed like this a long time ago, bitch! I'd have saved millions."

" get...i..i...mean...n..not... ..poss'ble.. th..this." she stutters, stunned and helpless as a new wave of pervading weakness and the horrific realization of the true futility of her position takes its toll.

"Indeed. So very much more deadly Deutronium-enriched kryptonite than you ever thought you'd have to face, isn't that right, you incompetent moron! That small half-ounce spray that Lex Luthor attacked you with years ago nearly killed you, sweet cheeks. But now we're talking pints of the stuff. Is that why you look so shocked, so pained and so sickly, Supergirl?."


"Never thought you could be beaten did you, bitch? Well, I'll clue you in, champ. You can be beaten. Quite easily as it turns out. In fact, we have beaten you, bitch! You can credit it all ...wait a minute. Let me get this right." Bonano takes out a piece of paper from his shirt pocket and reads, "...our brand new 'dynamic extrusion process' we've just developed in our labs. Let's see, I'm sure you'll want to know this. It's an advanced 'microsynthetic transformation procedure.' Anyway, the guys tell me that we can reproduce in large batches all the properties of Deutronium-enriched kryptonite that you find so intolerable, my sweet."


"You want to know who to thank? That would be a team of scientists working around the clock under my direction. Quite a project but it was worth it to see you try to defend yourself against this devastating sliming: Kryptonite times ten. Impressive, huh?'

"...t...teh...tenfold....???" The sick blonde's eyes go wide with dread.

Ten times?!! This alloy had ten times the natural radiation of kryptonite?...b..but...

"....t...t...there's no way to fight that!" Supergirl says aloud, not even realizing she has blurted her despair out loud. She feels herself beginning to panic despite herself.

'That's right, cuddles. No way to fight ten times the impact of the deadliest element in the universe as far as you're concerned. And it's being pumped right up your precious pussy, Supergirl. Now that ought to drain the yellow pus out of that boil of a superior attitude of yours!"

All the men in the control booth cheer and high five each other as they realize they've destroyed the strongest force for good on the planet. They are going to be very rich with no Supergirl in the way.

"....aaulgkkk....ooh...ohh....oohhhhhh..." The mighty blonde gags in sudden disgust at his words, overwhelmed with nauseous horror at first, then depression at the realization of her predicament.

"Next," Tony continues with obvious pride, "we distribute this poisonous mixture in a thick liquid polymer base with a high adhesive factor. We wanted to make sure it would cling to your tits, your skin, your costume and inside your twat like glue in order to eliminate your super powers in the most efficient manner possible. And as you can see, it all works quite effectively. Pretty impressive, huh, champ?" The voice is filled with sneering delight..

"'' much... p...p...p..pain...painful..deu...duh...deutronium ..k...k....krypto...kryptonite!" The shapely teen's eyes dart in every direction, terrified by this development. She has lost all her composure.

"It's all quite real indeed, Supergirl!"

" can't be...haalgckk....ohhh....ha...happen...auulwwgkk.... huuu.... UNNNGH!"

The slow, steady flow of liquified kryptonite passing between Supergirl's muscular thighs suddenly overwhelms the horrified girl with a secondary wave of nausea and fatigue. She'd been afraid this was coming and there's nothing she can do to stop it! Her body drops into the puddle with a wet slap. She lies there, numb and silent, engulfed by a wracking urge to vomit and an overwhelming weakness generated by the devastating solution inundating her crotch. The horror is made doubly worse by the despair of this nightmarish new truth confronting her.

....finally happened! ...I've ....met....a criminal with the tools and ....and....and....the tactics to beat me. He....he...surprised me against his...his deadly sludge....!

Supergirl gags and groans, realizing she's been dealt a devastatingly humiliating defeat for the first time in her life! One from which she will probably never recover!

"Yes indeed, everything is happening, Super Slut. All exactly the way I planned! I'm afraid you're discovering that your oh-so-stupendous super powers are just no match for my nasty kryptonite death slime!"

Supergirl's mouth drops open with a stunned gasp. "Ohhhh..." Never felt so weak....

The blonde's beautiful blue eyes roll up under her lids and her chin drops to the floor with a hard thump. The mighty heroine involuntarily shivers from her boots to her jaw. Between her thighs, the blonde teenage champion feels the hose sending slow surges of warm liquid against the walls of her vagina. Liquid Deutronium Kryptonite. Still steadily pumping into her. Draining her power. Filling her. Killing her.

Now that she grasps the noxiously fatal nature of the pulsing gunk flooding into her vagina, Supergirl's confidence is absolutely obliterated. She moans loudly again in spite of herself.

"OOHHHHH..." She can't begin to fight all this deadly kryptonite! Not all these crystals. Not all this lethal, sticky poisonous muck! It will combine to nullify all her strength and make her weaker and weaker with every minute. She groans again in horrified anguish as she lies in stunned confusion on the cold stone floor, flooded with panic now for the first time in her life. She has no idea what to do.

"Gosh, Supergirl, that mournful sigh tells me all your pompous heroic bravado just vaporized like a tiny cloud in a blazing hot sky. I guess I know a little more about how to dominate you than you figured, sugar! Seems like you're not the invincible heroine you thought you were."

"....n...not...ih....ih...invincible....?.." parrots back the badly disoriented blonde heroine.

'That's right, you pathetic doormat. You're just an ignorant young twit. A dumb little cheerleader for the status quo who's about to become a lowly whore for my amusement." Bonano looks around the room to his cohorts. Clicks off the microphone and says, "Operation Morale Blast is underway, gentlemen."

"Well, Supergirl, right about now, I'd say you're beginning to appreciate exactly how a common whore feels when a john climbs on her body and fucks her hard." The voice from the ceiling speaker taunts with a haughty laugh. 'So, how do you like the sensation of being ejaculated into like a helpless bimbo, Supergirl?"

"c...can't....I...i uh...can't...believe...this!" The desperate girl moans as she squirms feebly on the floor, trying to dislodge the hose. But firm rubber straps hidden in her costume panties circle around her crotch and hips to hold the torture tube tightly between her thighs. She feels the slow pulse of toxic liquid steadily forcing itself against the walls of her vagina. It fills the cavity between her legs. It leaks all around her groin, pooling beneath her and being absorbed by her costume. Her knees knock against the cold stone as her crotch throbs with the steady flow of the bright glowing green muck. Supergirl's eyes flutter weakly as she continues to succumb to the green gook oozing through the hose strapped to the crotch of her securely bound body.

Through the years, with all of her super powers, the blonde heroine never imagined this sort of devastating sexual abuse could ever happen to her, but the tight steel bands around her wrists and ankles keep her securely pinned to the floor with no recourse whatsoever as poisonous green kryptonite sludge is pumped through the clear hose directly under her costume skirt.

'm...must...try to break awa.. UNNHH!' The blonde is suddenly knocked into a stunned silence as a third intense wave of nausea sweeps through her. Her chin drops to the floor and her eyes glaze over. There is no way for her to escape this! She lies in a sluggish stupor now as the deadly gel courses through her cervix and into the passages of her Fallopian tubes. Now paralyzing cramps and nausea take hold of the blonde dynamo. She gags and shudders in feeble bewilderment, groaning and writhing on the floor, unable to escape the hardened steel manacles that pin her to the floor.

Nobody had ever witnessed Supergirl's very femininity so suddenly and brazenly turned against her in such a devastatingly degrading way! The inspired strategy of totally saturating her sexual organs by pumping a crippling liquefied kryptonite concentrate up the surprised heroine's skirt was a stroke of brilliance. The tightly restrained teenage heroine could not possibly escape this horrifying trap. With her body flooded with kryptonite and her uniform saturated with it, no matter how much she struggled and cursed, she'd never be able to muster the strength to break out of the steel manacles pinning her to the floor!

The plan displayed a malevolent genius that could not be denied! What's more, the devastating effect of this unique strategy was immediately obvious! No man had ever rendered this beautiful and powerful teenage heroine so completely helpless so quickly. Gagging loudly in heavy retching spasms and sweating profusely as she lay helpless in steel shackles, the mighty Maid of Steel was now nothing more than a haggard and confused teenage girl strapped down to the floor, ready to be violated.

" done....." moans the defenseless blonde beauty.

No foe she'd ever faced had turned her female physiology against her in such an invasively humiliating manner! She was sick with horror. Overwhelmed with shame. Destroyed by self-pity. Double-crossed by her serene confidence in her own strength.

"I've filled your precious costume panties with the one element that sickens you to the core, my inept young friend. And now that I've put you in your place, bitch, I'm gonna take full advantage of it. Every possible way I can dream up, Supergirl!" Bonano crows. He had convincingly disciplined the once mighty Supergirl at last. Her body was his playground now!

"!" she calls out in sudden, panicked desperation, her plaintive voice echoing loudly in her own ears. Suddenly, the speaker on the cell wall scratches to life again.

"Help? Not going to happen, Supergirl! You're in this alone for the long haul, beautiful."

And still the mighty teenage heroine feels the flow of deadly gunk washing into her with a relentless flow, flooding her shapely body and soul simultaneously with weakness and despair!

The struggling blonde's bright red silken panties are now soaked with the glowing green muck. The toxic sludge pours into the Maid of Steel's body, collecting in debilitating pools within her. She tries to concentrate to block the debilitating nausea but there's no way she can succeed.

"I...uhn...oh no.. ooooh....this impossible! Can't..." Suddenly, the pumping fluid stops dead. There is a fifteen-second pause and the listless girl feels a soft tug of suction as the hose in her vagina has its gel withdrawn.

"Impossible. Nothing's impossible when you plan long and hard enough, blondie,' the intercom squawks. 'Even the delightful spectacle I see before me: The beautiful and famous teenage superhero, Supergirl's, lithe, athletic body is helplessly stretched out in shackles on the floor of my own special jail cell with a fat pantload of kryptonite death gel!"

uh kryptonite flood...maybe...over Supergirl thinks groggily to herself. She weakly lifts her heavy head to look around for any possible way to escape. What she doesn't see is a tiny green pellet come shooting through the hose. It disappears under her skirt, shoots deep into the center her vagina and lodges there. Supergirl's head snaps back on her shoulders in a painful spasm of excruciating concentrated toxic poisoning from the pellet shot into the center of her pelvis.

"AIIEEEEAAAHH!" Unable to control herself because of the pain, the tortured teenage girl shakes and bumps violently in the restraining bolts for more than 20 seconds.

"We're just making sure you don't get the wrong impression, champ. We thought you might feel that there was a slight chance you could escape," The voice pauses for dramatic impact. "There isn't!"

Totally disabled now, Supergirl's head falls forward again onto the hard floor, slapping into a large gelatinous puddle that has formed under the debilitated blonde. Her chin thumps and rocks against the floor from the pain in her groin.

"g...god...don't ... it... hur...!"

"Of course it hurts, blondie,' a disembodied voice chimes in. "It's meant to. Not even the likes of you, Supergirl, can tolerate a concentrated kryptonite attack like this."

"" groans the blonde teen.

"It's all true, blondie. We've completely humiliated and disabled you so you're too weak to defend yourself, sweetie." Staggered and numb by the combination of poisonous green muck and deadly krypto-pellet inundating her crotch, the blonde drools in a dazed semi-consciousness.

"" A broken and pleading Supergirl's head falls to the side as she is so overwhelmed by weakness that she can't continue her sentence.

Despite her desperately mumbled pleas, the deadly toxins that have been pumped up under Supergirl's silk skirt continue to work their destructive force on the most powerful female on earth. Her soft round ass quivers weakly as the tiny but lethal kryptonite pellet spreads an exhausting weakness throughout her body. Her breasts press into the expanding puddle of glowing green sludge beneath her and the fabric of her bright blue blouse, shiny red skirt and sopping wet panties are now dark and slick with the glowing poisonous slimy mixture surrounding her.

The mighty Maid of Steel lies in helpless daze in the deadly gelatinous puddle of kryptonite deutronium alloy that has totally destroyed her. She feels completely humiliated by this brilliantly conceived onslaught. There is no hope left in her at the moment. Only fear!

Suddenly, driven by absolute panic, Supergirl's head comes up with a start and she gives the shackles a sudden final desperate yank. She strains with all her might against the metal bands that pin her wrists and ankles to the cell floor. They do not budge one iota.

The only result of her pulling at her restraints is that the hidden pump has been reactivated. The motor kicks in again and once again, a surging dose of thick kryptonite sludge gushes through the clear hose. Once again the blonde female champion feels a sudden rush of warm, sticky gel surge against the walls of her vagina.

"..oohhhhh.....d...d...don'" The famous blonde's cheek slaps loudly into the puddle on the cold stone as she succumbs to the overwhelming sense of weakness.

Lying shackled to the floor in a deep pool of the deadly radioactive gel and covered head to toe with it, the captive blue and red costumed teenage girl whimpers and shakes in abject misery.

Suddenly, the door to her cell opens and Tony the Wire walks in.

"Well, well. Look at what we have here. The supposedly invulnerable Maid of Steel is helplessly bolted to the floor whimpering like a pathetic little puppy while a thick kryptonite sludge is being pumped underneath her famous costume skirt," Tony says in a sneering chortle, kneeling down to taunt the shackled teen at his feet.

"And just how do you feel, Supergirl, now that we're exploiting your one tragic weakness to its utmost? Feeling completely helpless and depressed I'd say with a rubber hose pumping strength-sapping Deutronium-enriched kryptonite up your precious pussy, aren't you, blondie? Well, that's the superhero business. Up one day and down the next."

"'t get away...with this...Bonano..." slurs the captive blonde. A superheroine to the last.

Tony kneels down beside the prostrate girl as puts his mouth to her ear, whispering with icy delight. "But of course I will, dollface. Because the only person in the whole world who could have possibly stopped my plan, Supergirl, is you!

"But, sadly for you, even though you're putting up a brave front, with our flexible hose of death running lethal liquefied kryptonite directly up into your cunt, sweetie pie, you're much too sick and much too weak to break out of the reinforced steel shackles pinning you to the floor here."

"..w..will...geh...g..get away...somehow..."

"No way in hell, bitch. Nuh uh! Not this time, blondie,' The heinous thug slowly hisses in the teenager's ear with a hostile conviction born of previous disappointments. 'This time, there won't be any fancy last-second escapes, Supergirl. This time there will be no strategic mistakes made by your adversary for you to exploit. This time out, you'll find that things are much too well planned for you to slip away from us. These heavy steel manacles are bolted to two-inch thick steel plates embedded in solid rock, for example. They will see to it that there's no way for you to crawl away."

A feeble yank on her wrist shackles confirms the horrible truth to the stunned blue and red costumed blonde lying in the slowly expanding warm green lake.

"And of course there's our highly-toxic kryptonite vaginal probe. It will continue to pump our deadly liquid kryptonite alloy up that pretty young vagina of yours and drain all your strength and nullify all your intelligence. It's true! I know you feel it! You can't think things through clearly. You can't fight the panic. You can't plan shit. Everything's much too deeply inserted into your lovely body to counteract, my dear. There's no margin of error here for you to slip through this time, sugar. This time out, everything's right up against you and inside you and around you. A relentless glowing deathtrap!"

"...nooohhhh...." The demoralized blonde exhales with breathy despair.

"No, this time out there's no room for the mighty Maid of Steel to maneuver. No hope for the pitiful kryptonite-soaked Supergirl!"

".....uuhhnnnn...." The feeble blonde groans in agony as the lips of her captor blow the hateful words directly into her ears.

"You see, Krypto Cunt, we've learned all our lessons very well. No mercy. No leeway. No let up. None whatsoever."

"'scape...?.." murmurs the stunned blonde.

"Correct! And now, you're going to learn a lesson of your own. You're going to learn that not even the mighty Supergirl can withstand the devastating pain and suffering caused by...oh, I'd say by now half a gallon or so...of radioactive Deutronium-enriched kryptonite jelly sloshing around her vagina and drenching her precious panties and skirt and costume blouse and cape.'

"" Quivering lips and a tear slide out of Supergirl. Her muscles felt like useless broken rubber bands.

"That's right, champ,' Contino nods. Still kneeling beside the trapped heroine, he pats her rear end with several soft slaps that cause her cheeks to wobble and the slimy load in her pants to shimmy noticeably.

'We've ordered up plenty of sticky warm Krypto-Cum to destroy you, Supergirl! It's true. And it's doing it too! Right this moment, you're suffering through an unending barrage of pelvic cramps, nausea, wrenching stomach pains, blurred vision, shortness of breath, confusion and total physical exhaustion. Maybe even a new heart murmur. No, I'm afraid that you're in no shape whatsoever to stop anything. I'm certainly going to get away with all my plans, Supergirl."

Reaching down, Tony grabs Supergirl's hair with his left hand and pulls her upper torso up off the floor, then reaches down with his right hand and squeezes the helpless, drooling blonde's breast.


"Oh, yes, and on top of everything else, I'm also going to enjoy dominating you sexually, little lady! That's right, Super Skank, I'm going to FUCK you, Supergirl. I'm finally going to have the pleasure of sticking my cock into that tight little cunt of yours, bitch!'

'...uuuuhhhhnnnnnn.....' the blonde droops pathetically as Bonano holds her by the hair and mauls her breasts, squeezing and blatantly defiling the famous red and yellow "S" shield that the world had come to trust. The girl's eyes have rolled back into her head and her mouth gapes open in an incoherent stupor.

"You see, Supergirl, you are trapped in a small sound-proofed jail cell more than two-hundred feet below the street. You are hopelessly bolted to a cold stone floor, face down in a great big kryptonite puddle that's drenching every fiber of your garish little costume and surrounding you with strength-sapping rays. Even your furry blonde snatch is inundated with a highly toxic kryptonite pellet. Well, actually, by now that has just about melted in the heat of your mighty cunt as it is fabricated to do, but it did its job. Don't you think?"

"' mumbles the devastated teen in meaningless protest.

Bonano drops the whimpering teen back down to the floor with a sneer.

"You know, dimwit, as powerful and brilliant as you may think you are, Supergirl, even you can be reduced to a whimpering, helpless teenage girl, my petulant blonde friend. All it takes is the powerful debilitating effect of a nice, thick radioactive kryptonite douche."

"....nuh....nooooooooo....." The grimacing Maid of Steel lets out a long, low, pitiful groan as despair pours into her soul from the smiling thug kneeling beside her.

"That bright little girl in burgundy who thought she was so smart up there in the dark corner took a nasty fall, didn't she gorgeous? She wasn't quite up to task of being the hero she thought she was, now isn't that right, you little tease?"

"...heroes....have....ways.....B'nan...ohh..." gasps out the defiant teen.

"Sorry, cunt. Not this time they don't In fact, right now, to prove the point, I'm going to shoot a little of my own warm, white cum juice right up your sweet soft ass, Supergirl!"

"...wha...NOOO!" The Maid of Steel shrieks in a sudden peal, stunned and terrified at the same time.

"Oh yes indeed, Supergirl. And you won't be able to do jack shit about it, little lady, because I'm in full command here. You may be praying for me to kill you, cunt, before this day is done! Now let's get the party started! First, I think I'll pull up your skimpy little costume skirt here to show off your sopping wet kryptonite filled panties."

Reaching over, Tony the Wire yanks up the sludgy wet fabric of Supergirl's short skirt, pulling it sharply away from her trembling buttocks.

"DON'T!" the once-mighty blonde blurts out a surprised gasp as her famous costume skirt is jerked up to reveal her red costume panties, slick with oily kryptonite gel. They're plastered to her smooth round buttocks which tremble noticeably the grinning Mafia don is pleased to see.

Tony leans in toward the blonde and murmurs softly, "Is that surprise and fear I'm hearing, sugar tits? Yes, I think so. I guess you've never had a man pull your skirt up, huh, champ? No man's ever been confident enough to approach you from behind, take your lovely smooth neck in his hold and hike up your skirt just so in order to avail himself a good long, lingering caress of your soft, sweetly scented, beautifully curved rear end, have they, Supergirl?"

Eyes closed and mouth half open in a dulled, drooling stupor, Supergirl moans in sickened dismay as she feels Tony's palm confidently smooth slowly over the silky red rise of her panties. His hand curves slowly around the rise of her soft young cheek. Next, the long deft fingers push between her thighs and slide slowly along the crease of the panties covering her vagina.

"....uuuhhnnnn....." The mortified heroine groans in pitiful despair at this demoralizing abuse of her body.

"Such an unexpected and degrading experience for such a lovely and famous heroine, isn't it?"

"'" The girl's eyes well up with shame.

"Think again, bright eyes! This is just the beginning of many exciting new compromising sexual positions coming your way, beautiful. Now, I'll just drop this sopping wet rag of a skirt and see what's going on inside your pretty panties here first. Okay?" Tony's patronizing tone is heavy with delight. He drops the skirt against the girl's back with a wet slap of material.

His hand glides up the trembling girl's thighs now, sliding up to the super heroine's drenched costume panties clinging tightly to her ass. The bright red underpants conspicuously define the steep curves of the Maid of Steel's firm round cheeks. Her heaving buttocks quiver noticeably under the stretchy fabric of her slick red panties. Wet wrinkles, highlighted by the light in the cell, accent the cool shadows that fall between Supergirl's thighs. The mighty teenager's buttocks are shamelessly featured within tight costume panties drenched with kryptonite solution. The cameras zoom in on the beautiful Maid of Steel's round sensuous a shocking spectacle of unseemly sexual exhibitionism.

"Boy, your panties are awfully wet, Supergirl. I can see every single curve and dimple of your magnificent ass, sweetie, right down to the tiny crease of your pussy from behind, blondie. Its all very revealing!"

This would be an appalling show of weakness and sexual degradation that any female would be horrified to be so shamefully subjected to. To have a super heroine, especially one as modest as Supergirl, shackled to the floor and have her skirt yanked up and her rear end shown off within her soaking wet, clingy panties is an unbearably humiliating nightmare! The mighty blonde heroine whimpers in mortified defeat.

"" she whimpers.

And immediately, it gets worse!

Bonano places his two hands on the stunned heroine's buttocks and, once again, rubs the sopping wet underpants in opposite directions, massaging the soft, protruding cheeks firmly as he smiles broadly.

"You know you've really got a gorgeous ass, Supergirl. Tight, round and dimpled. Very inviting." His hands dip between her legs and slide down to grasp the insides of her shaking thighs.

"....oooohhhhh....." The limp figure moans weakly as she feels her legs roughly yanked apart against her will. Then, from just above her head, she hears the relentless taunting of her assailant softly murmur to her.

"I'm really going to enjoy fucking you in this low-class cheerleader's outfit of yours, Supergirl. It'll be very arousing to hold your limp, slippery body in my arms and dominate you body and soul, knowing that I've completely obliterated all your awesome powers."

The mighty heroine gives a tiny squeak of despair at this prospect even as the waistband of her costume underpants is gripped by Tony Bonano.

"But first, let's take a look at my ingenious mechanical Super Heroine Cunt Fucker!" Tony looks over at the clear hose that runs through one of the leg bands, pressing flush against the blonde's inner right thigh. It pulses slightly with each succeeding cycle of the pump in the wall. After each pulse, a flush of liquid green and white gel spreads out from under Supergirl's crotch and the puddle in which the decrepit girl lays grows a bit larger. The exhausted teen can only lie amid the poisonous soup and try to remain conscious.

"Well, my special super powers neutralizing device seems to be working very nicely. Let's take a closer look at it, shall we, Supergirl." The good-looking thug tightens his grip on the waistband of Supergirl's slippery red underpants.

"You know, I just bet you heard me say to Don Vega you were going to lose these panties of yours both legs at a time, Supergirl. Didn't you? Well, here's where it happens, bitch!" With a sudden yank, Tony pulls the blond heroine's silk underwear down off her hips, stripping it away from her rear end and all the way down her thighs to the backs of her knees.

"NOHH!" She gasps in surprise and then begins to sob with shame.

Her soft, round tush wobbles before the grinning hoodlum in the lamp light of the cell. Strapped to the stone floor of the tiny room with her arms and legs outstretched and her famous red costume skirt pulled up and away from her rear end, the mighty Maid of Steel lies bare-assed before Tony the Wire Bonano, with the glint of her blonde pubic hair peeking through her legs, helpless to defend herself in any way.

The Mafia Don grins from ear to ear at the beautiful prize spread out before him.

"Well, lookee here. I just pulled down the pretty little costume panties of the famous and mighty Supergirl and she couldn't do a fucking thing about it!"

"" Supergirl begins to weep. A wash of shame, torment and nausea drain her of all her resolve now. Tony beams at his prize below him. She is now little more than a pathetic, confused blonde teenage girl bound to a stone floor who can be abused at will.

"Looks like blondie here's not the all-powerful female hero she thought she was. That's right, go ahead and cry like a baby, sweet cheeks. With the way we've got you securely shackled here bare-assed and too stunned to escape, that's all you're going to be able to do, slut!"

Tony looks down closer to examine his clever hose hook-up girdle carefully.

"Now let's just see what gives here." A wide rubber strap circles the limp teenager's waist while two rubber straps circle her high upper thighs. A fourth rubber strap, fastened to both the waist and leg straps, fits snugly between the teenager's legs and presses a circular rubber connector tightly against her crotch. It grips the clear hose on one side and a long vaginal probe on the other. The wide holes in the probe's rounded tip are now flooding the girl's violated vagina with greasy kryptonite gel.

"How do you like my collection of toys so far, cunt?" chortles Tony as he softly pats Supergirl's slimy ass. "A special kryptonite sludge gun to knock you on your sorry ass and this rubber kryptonite bondage harness to keep you out of trouble for as long as I want."


"Oh, What's the matter, Supergirl? Is my nasty little Supergirl Cunt Fucker sucking all your strength out of your muscles? Feel too weak and helpless to pull out of these forged steel manacles? Is the sensation of your tight young twat helplessly gripping the death probe making you frustrated and depressed? Is there a gorge of sickening nasty vomit creeping up your gut? Those pretty blue eyes of yours seeing double? Is it getting hard to breathe? Well, I suppose that should be enough krypto-cum to keep you under control. Right, sugar cunt?"

The helpless girl bolted to the floor beside him is too numb to respond so Tony reaches down and squeezes her nipple beneath her soggy blouse's insignia until the groggy virgin yelps in pain.

"YEOWW!....OH...Yes!...yessss...stuuuppp...diss...." The demoralized, helpless blonde begs the grinning Bonano who's shadow darkens her very being.

"I thought so. Okay boys, cut the pump!" Yells Tony and the hose stops pulsing.

'There, blondie. I did you a favor by stopping that nasty green gunk from being pumped up your hole, now you do me a favor by being a real easy lay. Okay?" Tony laughs. "As if you have a fucking choice!"

End of Part Two

Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 2