Supergirl Captured by the Mob 03  

By Dr. Dominator


Part 3. A Terrible Pleasure

Note: All characters and names are property of DC Comics. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

Tony Bonano leans closer to the listless blonde superhero bolted to the floor beside him and pulls the connector out of the Pussy Fucker. As he does this, he keeps his thumb pressed tightly against the loose end of the hose. With his free hand, he un-straps the deadly appliance strapped around the dazed blonde teenager's waist, taunting her with a haughty chuckle as he does.

"Man, you were so fucking overconfident, Supergirl, it was hard not to laugh out loud as I described to Carmine in the parking lot what I was going to do you, bitch! I knew you were there all along, sweet cheeks. You followed every clue I sent your way, right up to the end. You were so predictable, my lovely blonde squeeze toy! You walked right into my trap. Of course, I had to keep you distracted with all that nasty talk about what I was gonna do to you so my boys could sneak up on you."


"Of course, cupcake. I planned for you to be there!"

Tony shakes his head and mutters, "What a gullible fuck-up" as he carefully pulls the paralyzing probe out of the grimacing super heroine's vagina with a quick yank. Then he pulls the whole appliance away from the prostrate form. Bending close to a dazed and feeble Supergirl, the mafia don whispers softly in his helpless victim's ear.

"Well, my big-breasted beauty, now your days as the lovely and virtuous female superhero flying around in her colorful and inspiring uniform are over for good. I've got big plans for you, Sugar Tits. You're about to learn firsthand what life is like on its grimy underside. The side you never paid any real attention to, sweet cakes."


"You're about to become a lowly whore, Supergirl. That's right! For one full year, starting now, Super Cunt, you're out of the superhero business. Instead, you're working for us as a bought and paid for prostitute, bitch! You'll be using your beautiful body to perform endless sessions of fucking, gangbanging, blowjobs, deep anal penetration and a long list of highly unique, perverted sexual favors for my special list of privileged Mafia Dons. Then you'll hand over the money you get paid to me and I give you a small stipend to keep you in makeup, french fries and feminine hygiene products. That pretty much describes the term 'whore', don't you think, sweetie?"

".....i....i...'lll...never do" hisses the angry heroine.

"Of course you will, you arrogant cunt." Tony's spittle flecks against Supergirl's ear as he leans behind her head and growls at her. "I've got plenty of very compelling methods to guarantee you do. Trust me on that, sweet pants."

"...can't time...." murmurs the defiant teen through a grimace.

"Oh, I won't have to. With my methods, you'll do it all very willingly, champ. And I'm talking about you performing all the normal and all the very abnormal party tricks that your average whore is required to do, Super Twat. You'll be wrapping your luscious soft lips around long hard cocks and sucking them off 'til they spew white jism down your throat, all over your face and splattered across your pretty pink nipples. You'll certainly be gang fucked in the ass - countless times, no doubt. I'm going to love watching you take rock hard penises way up your tight little teenage rear end for gosh knows how many sessions."


"Oh yes it can, darling," interrupts the looming Mafioso, lording his domination over the dazed but defiant heroine. "Oh, and let's not forget all the warm golden showers you'll be getting. That'll be interesting to see you sitting on the floor, shackled tight to the cell wall, dazed and helpless on the floor in your colorful little superhero costume as men pull out their schlongs and spray your hair, face and body with glistening arcs of rank yellow urine. What a cute little piss pot you'll be!

He's not going to kill me. But this...this life will be hell !

"Hmmm. I guess a few of the guys will probably want to subject you to some of their favorite sadistic nipple torture games. Others will force you to endure humiliating enema infusions. In short, anything you're paid to do, champ, you'll do! The money comes out and you go to work."

"!" A hard knock on the back of Supergirl's head by a steel rod that Tony's has produced from a nearby table stuns the blonde dynamo badly. A small string of drool hangs from the battered champion's lower lip as Tony Bonano coos menacingly in her ear.

"You know what my secret is Supergirl? You're not just going to be any whore, my noble young friend. I'm turning you into a crack whore! That's right, in one short week you're changing clothes and lifestyles, blondie. You're transforming from a beautiful world-renowned powerful female champion of all that is good and decent to a dim-witted, corrupt, greasy-haired, cock sucking drugged-up street slut who has no other purpose but to offer up her soft mouth and tight pussy exclusively for members the mob!"

"...not...possible..." the prone girl grumbles.

"That's what they said about this hit, bitch. And look at you now, Super Cunt. You're strapped down in my personal jail cell with your teenage twat filled up with debilitating Kryptonite and no way to escape! No, this is a done deal, blondie. And you're going to have a specially designed uniform, too, my friend. You'll be stuffed into an overly tight, cheap, tawdry-looking, stiff and semen-stained knock-off of your awe-inspiring Supergirl blouse. Easily ripped and simple to strip!"


"That's right, Supergirl. And your little costume cheerleader skirt will be a shoddy knock-off, too. One that's so short it shows off your cute little ass with just the slightest wiggle. Of course, it, too, will be easy to rip off you, not to mention, filthy with humiliating cum stains from men who've pumped you silly in your famous little costume against your will."


"Wait. You haven't heard the best part. Underneath the brief little tease of a skirt will be your very own original red costume panties. That's right, these once impenetrable silky red panties of the famous Maid of Steel! Sadly though, these form-fitting little red beauties, a colorful reminder of your once mighty status, will be heavily soiled front and back with their own collection of pungent spunk stains from the endless spewing of Mafia men who have cunt-waxed and butt-fucked the illustrious Maid of Steel for the price of a new Saville Row suit!"

"" The droopy-eyed teen heroine shakes her head in stunned horror at the picture painted by the leering Don.

"And to start the festivities, I'm sticking a folded flipper of five one dollar bills in between your tits, Supergirl. Just like a common bar stripper, you're going to perform for me. I want to watch you swallow this kryptonite cum, little lady!"

Tony reaches under Supergirl's blouse and sticks the crinkling green bills far up her slippery, slime-covered tunic. You can see the outline of his knuckles as he slides the slim fold of money under the world famous S insignia and pushes it between her wobbling breasts. The tension of her boobs pressing together along with the sheen of sweat and sticky krypto-slime between them holds the folded bills in place. The humiliated teenager whimpers in shame.

"¼this¼is¼not¼right¼not fair¼."

"There. And now that we've established your lowly status, let's have some fun."

"...WHUHH??!! NO...YOU CAA....AAGKHH!!...."

With the sudden move that is Tony's trademark, he has reached quickly around Supergirl's head and seized her chin. He holds her face up and squeezes down hard on the paralyzed blonde's jaw. The painful pressure forces the impotent blonde to open her mouth wide.

"WWAAUGH!" As the sprawled teen's eyes bulge in shock, Tony sticks the hose past the quivering lips.

"Oh I certainly can turn you into a whore, Supergirl. It's going to be child's play actually. And it starts now, you pathetic blonde moron! We're going to see how you like your first taste of being a whore, Supergirl. Swallowing cum, sweetheart!"

He laughs and then removes his thumb from the end of the thin clear tube. A large measure of the deadly kryptonite gel squirts into the panicked gagging girl's mouth. It floods against her tongue that she's instinctively pushed back into her throat. For the moment, this prevents the sickening green pool filling her mouth from sliding down her throat.

"NNEKKGGH...." Supergirl's eyes shift rapidly back and forth trying to search for a way out as she desperately yanks helplessly at her shackles.

Mustn't swallow his disgusting slime!

Tony roughly pins her jerking head in place against his hip with one hand and clamps shut the bewildered teen's lips with the fingers of his other hand so she can't spit out the sickening gunk.

"Oh, what's the matter, Supergirl? You don't want to swallow my kryptonite cum load? Too shy, huh? Oh, I get it now! You're trying hard to be a good girl, aren't you? Proper female superheroes don't swallow cum on the first date. That's it, isn't it, doll face?"

Tony leans over and hisses in the struggling blonde's face now. Cold and merciless, "Well, I hate to burst your bubble, sweet thing, but as of now, you're no longer the famous Maid of Steel. Now, baby, you're just another lowly, addle-brained street whore who answers to me. And I expect all my girls to swallow, bitch!"


"So here's lesson number one, slut! From now on, you swallow whatever comes out of any kind of hose that's shoved past your pretty, cherry red painted lips, bitch. Flesh. Rubber. Whatever happens to be the cream soup of the day is going in your mouth and down your throat. Hear me, Supergirl? As of now you're just another low-life bitch in my stable of bitches."

"....eghhh....nhuhhh.....whun't......whun't....." The grimacing heroine protests through clenched teeth.

"Yes. You will. You have to darlin' because I just stuck my money in your tits for the pleasure of watching you swallow, Supergirl. And the customer is always right!"


"I guess I'll just have to change your mind for you then, blondie. I certainly can't neglect your training as one of my hard-working stable whores, can I, Super Twat?"

With a sudden jerk, the grinning hoodlum tilts the horrified teen's head far back with two fingers still holding her lips tightly shut and his other fingers keeping the tube shoved in her mouth. With his other hand, Tony uses his cold, vise-like fingers to pinch the blonde's nostrils shut. The panicked girl's eyes bulge wide with horror as all her oxygen is closed off.

"Come on, Supergirl. Swallow it now. Swallow the nice sticky green kryptonite cum like you're supposed to!"

"NNNNIIHHH....HNNGHHH...." Whining in helpless misery, the powerful figure's shackled torso rocks and yanks in panic, securely bound to the cell floor by the unyielding steel cuffs circling her wrists and ankles.

"Come on, angel face, swallow the whole, sweet clumpy cum load for your favorite pimp. Just like a common skid row whore!"

Supergirl's head pulls and shifts in vain as Tony holds her face tightly in his grip and refuses to give the pretty blonde's head any slack whatsoever.

Unable to breathe, the blue eyes of the panicked teenage heroine flutter and shake and slowly slide up under the lids in a swooning falter.

"Yes, alright. Now I believe we're getting somewhere! Now Supergirl is about to master the first essential skill expected from a prostitute: swallowing a greasy spunk load from a paying customer, no matter how repulsive! Good. You are going to swallow that green cum, aren't you, Super Slut. You're going to open up that throat nice and wide and swallow it all for the paying customer, aren't you, Supergirl."

Helpless to resist her body's desperate need for oxygen a second longer, Supergirl lets out a painful wheeze, opening her throat for air. Immediately, the oozing green slime rushes down her throat in a thick clumpy mass, forcing the helpless teenage girl to gag in choking humiliation.

"Ahhgggg...ahrggggkkk....eechhhkk....iillggkkkkk.." The prostrate teen jerks and gags on the floor in helpless disgust.

"YES! GREAT! OKAY! Now that's the obedient cum-swallowing hooker I knew you could be, Supergirl." Tony continues to hold the hose in the teen's mouth as she spasms helplessly in her shackles. He lets a slow steady flow of green muck drain down the pinned heroine's throat. "Suck it all down. That's right. That's my girl! Give me my five dollars worth of degradation!"

"...whllkkk...eehgkkk...haaagk..." Supergirl continues to buck and jerk in her manacles on the floor, her body writhing and shaking in total helplessness. Despite all her struggles, the mouthful of foul clumpy slime continues to slither down her throat and nauseates her to the point of near vomiting.


"That's my Super Whore! My very own pretty, cum-loving female super hero clad in her cute little costume skirt. Why she's even letting her slippery red panties show alluringly from behind like a common tramp."


"You know, all the big shots told me there was no way I could get the mighty Supergirl to swallow kryptonite jism. Well, they don't know you like I know you, sweetie. They don't know how much you love to suck cum, Supergirl. And you swallowed it all, blondie, just as I knew you would. Just like any cheap hooker with five bucks jammed between her tits would. Well, I knew you had the talent. I just had to find the right amount of folding motivation for my very special Super Slut. Right honey?"

After thirty endless seconds of futile straining and struggling, Supergirl feels Tony release her head. He quickly stands up to admire his handiwork.

"That should make you think twice about sneaking around Tony Bonano's turf, eh, you pathetic blonde bimbo?"

Overwhelmed by her desperate effort to cough out the nauseating muck, Supergirl is barely aware that Tony has circled behind her. He straddles her jerking form and is kneeling behind her bumping and writhing ass. He slides his knees eagerly forward between the jerking muscular legs spread wide apart on the floor before him.

"...egkkk....he...hepp...hraggkk..." Supergirl continues to choke out the thick disgusting slime, coughing up thick clumps of green ooze as her body bumps and grinds in a wild fit of nausea and panic. Her pubic mound with its dirty and matted blonde hair slaps with repeated jerks into the puddle of green sludge beneath her. Her soft round ass wobbles like Jello now as she gags in choking bewilderment under the smiling don.

Kneeling behind the blonde beauty, Tony silently exults in how quickly he has made the world's most powerful girl his helpless captive. With her famous costume skirt peeled up to her waist and her soggy underpants hanging on the backs of her knees, the soft round mounds of Supergirl's buttocks jiggle and shake invitingly before him.

Man, this bitch really does have some gorgeous ass! Just then, he spots a sudden gleam of pink between her thighs.

Ah, there's my prize!

Underneath the comely blonde's jerking pelvis, shifting and undulating before his eyes are the bright pink folds of Supergirl's once unassailable vagina.


The wrinkled pink oval opening bobs and weaves before him, well greased with strength-sapping kryptonite gel, absolutely vulnerable to his slightest whim. This was almost too beautiful to be true. But he'd really done it. Supergirl's glorious cunt was about to be his!

Tony unzips his fly and takes his long hard penis out of his underwear. It stands rock hard in his palm. Has he ever been harder? He doesn't think so. Quickly lowering himself, he places the tip of his penis against the unsuspecting teenager's slimy crotch. Supergirl slowly turns her head. Her pale blue eyes are half-lidded with druggy bewilderment. Her mouth is slack, her tongue draping out slightly as a thick clump of green kryptonite slime slides down her chin. She feels the prod of something hard, warm and greasy crowding against the lips of her vagina.


Ignoring the horrified girl's blubbering plea, Tony thrusts his hips forward against Supergirl's beautiful naked buttocks with a sudden fierce shove.

"GUUHNNFFF!" The blonde champion grunts loudly with a shocked grimace as she is jolted forward. She feels Tony's long, hard member drive deeply into her vagina. Shoved past her already broken hymen, the hot, wide staff of male flesh presses against her inner walls, quivering with a repulsive repetitive throbbing.

"" The shocked girl strains her neck around in dumbstruck horror within the steel manacle to see behind her. The view confirms the horror story she already knows to be true. This sadistic Mafia thug roughly violated her from behind!

The struggling teen feels her two round buttocks being pulled apart by powerful hands as Bonano pushes his large hard penis slowly and deeply between her wobbling cheeks. Her beauty. Her innocence. Her confidence. All violated!

Just then, Tony reaches up with one hand and grabs her by the hair, tilting her head far back and grinning in her slack, bewildered face.

"Surprise, surprise, Supergirl. We've already begun Step Two in your training to be a whore, my young friend! A man's stiff, hot boner has just been forced into your pussy, penetrating your supposedly invulnerable body. Now you're going to go to school on pleasing a man with a dick in your cunt! All ready?"

"...wait!...don't!...noooo....please.....ohhhhh!" Tony easily slides his prick back and forth with a sudden urgent stroke, driving deeply into the stunned teenager's soft slick crack.

"NOO! Don't! stop...I beg you...OOOFF..."

With a driving thrust of steely male heat between her legs, the ashen-faced blonde has the breath knocked out of her.

"Beg all you want, bitch. But Lesson Two has already begun, you careless slut. Learning to accept a man's long, rock-hard dick!" Tony lets go of her hair and presses both hands firmly down against Supergirl's hips. "Let me show you what I mean!"

The horrified heroine feels Tony's strong hands pinning her hips to the cold stone floor as his hard penis slides slowly out with a slow drawing motion.

Tony's warm breath feathers against Supergirl's neck as he leans into her. He taunts her softly, "You see, Supergirl, you may have been the most powerful female on the planet, but even you couldn't defend your fuzzy little twat when I wanted in!"

"" The confused blonde pleads. Sick and helpless, the pinned teen heroine suddenly coughs up a large clump of green gel that smears against her cheek as Tony pushes her face against the floor.

"Everyone just saw how easy it was for me to get you to swallow cum, bitch. We're videotaping everything here today, you know. And now, they saw how quickly I could hike up your little skirt and pull down your silky little panties, sweetheart!"


"Afraid so, Supergirl. And now, everyone's taking notes on just how easy it is to fuck you from behind, my dear. A long hard slow fuck of the pretty teenage heroine in her famous costume on a cold stone floor."

"" the faint, helpless girl moans.

"You see, Super Cunt, it was simplicity itself to force you into serving as my very own pliable sex toy. All it took was a sudden dousing with kryptonite and you're now nothing more than a dumb, submissive slut who will eagerly submit to my every sexual whim exactly as I command."

"'t...." she protests.

"Yes, I can, sugar. Whatever I want, Supergirl, you'll quickly do: Sucking cock. Fucking for hours. Licking my balls. Whatever suits my pleasure. You're my very own little boy toy, blondie, for as long as I desire. Pretty nifty arrangement for you to be part of, don't you agree, Sugar lips?"


"Oh, what's the matter, sweetie, are you starting to miss those awesome super powers of yours, champ?"

"" whimpers the helpless girl.

Bonano then starts to rock his pelvis against the gorgeous teenager's ass, to build up a steady rhythm. His hips rock back and forth slowly against the smooth rear of the prostrated teen as her hands twist and strain helplessly in the floor-mounted steel cuffs.

"Those cuffs are polished steel with solid titanium ingots for bolts, sweetie. You can struggle and strain all you like, blondie, you're not breaking out of them, I assure you!"


"Come on, hero. Take my big dick. Live a little!" The teenage wonder feels the enormous, pulsating heat of him push into her with a sudden jolt, deeply filling her void.

"...AAHH!" a breathy gasp bursts from the vanquished female followed by desperate groans "..OHH...OHHH....oohhhhh....."

The Italian hoodlum beams with joy as he savors the sensation of this helpless heroine's vaginal warmth tightly surrounding his rock hard cock. His palms press against the back of Supergirl's thighs, his own pelvis pressed up tight against the warm bottom of her buttocks.

He draws himself slowly out of her pussy.

"What a soft, warm, slippery vagina you have my dear! It's such a pleasure to thrust my cock deep in the middle of your oh-so-tight yet yielding love muff!"

Bonano continues to slowly withdraw his prick from deep within the loins of his helpless costumed adversary. He's thrilled with her ineptness, delighted at her misery and excited by her vulnerability. Payback was great!

The toes of Supergirl's bright red kryptovan boots scrape and kick the floor for leverage that does not come. Bonano pulls the famous teen's skirt down over her sopping wet ass and massages her butt as he eagerly thrusts his dick into the shackled Maid of Steel once again. His hard maleness drives to her depths, throbbing with pleasure from the friction of her tight young cavity.

"....if...i....ever get...out...of...AYEE!" Her pelvis shifts and jerks up and down in pain. She's desperate to escape but his palms press her hips to the floor as he thrusts his sword of desire high up under her soggy, clingy skirt, dominating her slick hole with his prick and his will.

"Clam up cunt! You're just an easy fuck without your famous superpowers."

"....WRULGGKKKKK.." A wave of nausea sweeps through the teen and she flops into the puddle with a thick slap. Woozy and bewildered, Supergirl can do nothing. With the deadly deutronium-laced kryptonite flooding her body and surrounding her, the ingenious and resourceful teenage heroine is too sick and confused to prevent this sadistic hoodlum from shoving his huge, throbbing penis in and out of her exposed vagina at will.

"....can''re....g..getting 'way with....this...." the helpless blonde admits in a slow hopeless whisper.

"Really? Well, believe it, sweetie. This is how world-famous female super heros learn humility and sexual submission, my dear, at the hands of Tony the Wire!"

Pressing her pelvis down again with his hands, the young Mafia don rocks back and forth against the blue and red clad teenager's bare ass, savoring his sexual conquest of this mighty champion with sensuous, slow, patient undulations of his hips.

"Oh yeah, that's the soft, super pussy I've been looking forward to sticking it to for so long!"

"....ohhhhh....""the weakened blonde dynamo groans in abject despair as the Mafia kingpin takes his pleasure from her slippery femininity.

His dick continues to slide in and out of the warmth of her tight, greasy vagina with quick, purposeful strokes. He fills her vagina with glowing need and withdraws. Fills and withdraws. Once and again. Over and over. His pumping, driving, rock-hard penis dominates her body, taking her on short dizzying intervals at the edge of consciousness and back until she gasps for release.


"You are one hell of a fun hero to fuck, Supergirl! Lean. Tight. Incredible figure. Sensitive in all the right places. A prize piece of ass! By the time I'm done training you, I'm going to make a million bucks as a pimp for the one and only cock-sucking, dick-licking, Don fucking Maid of Steel!"

The teenage wonder grimaces in misery as this taunting S.O.B. pins her body to the floor and takes his pleasure from her. With barely a pause, he thrusts himself against her backside, sliding his hands up her thighs and along the sides of her slippery blue costume blouse.

And then his hands slide up over the famous insignia of her uniform blouse and encircle her breasts. He squeezes the fullness of her tits, compressing the smooth orbs into fat wads of flesh as he whispers in her ear.

"So much humiliation. So little strength. The mighty Supergirl is felt up while being fucked. Who would have expected this?"

Tony's member surges into her vagina, dominating her with total sexual control. It stretches her femininity to a startling width before quickly pulling his dick from her inner realms. Despite herself, sick and helpless as she is, Supergirl feels the hint of pleasure amid the torment. Bonano is well endowed and the repeated friction of his cock sliding in and out of her vagina is starting to create a new sense of horror in the blonde teenager. This can't be feeling good!


And yet again, a rush of tight friction between her legs, 9 inches of hot muscle pulsing within her and then nothing. Now rushing inward, grinding and rotating. Now slowly, meticulously drawn out to feel the sensation of quivering flesh against flesh. His hands fondle and maul her breasts even as his huge fullness returns again and again, penetrating her to the very core. Then gone for a flash and then back with a rushing thump. And all the blonde heroine in the famous red and blue costume can do is moan and grimace and whimper as she is subjected to insurmountable rounds of pleasure and pain on this cold stone floor.

"This pitiful bitch hero is nothing without her super powers, nothing except a prize piece of ass," thinks Bonano, exulting in the exquisite heat and moisture of her quivering loins.

"...nghhkk...." Supergirl gags in sudden revulsion, unable to control her pelvic muscles as a wave of nausea from the glowing puddle of kryptonite surrounding her sweeps through her yet once again. Her vagina promptly contracts involuntarily along the length of his stiff prick. Holding him tight along the full length of his cock with quick fluttering muscular spasms that make Tony gasp with pleasure.

"YES! That's my girl! A warm, wet love squeeze as good as any whore I've ever had! Man, you're good, bitch. You're a real pro!" Tony's hands slide off the sluggish teen's breasts and slide all the way to her ass. He squeezes the frail teen's rear end with unreserved delight, the fingertips dimpling her cheeks with humiliating familiarity.

"And now, to continue your training, I'm going to shoot you up with a little crack to give our lovemaking a sense of heightened sensuality." Tony sits up on his haunches and reaches into a small pouch on his belt and pulls out a syringe.

"" groans the struggling blonde.

"Give it a rest, Supergirl. You're our very own cute little boy toy for good, sweetie. We own you, doll. Anyway, you're going to love this!"

Kneeling over the prone blonde, Tony squirts a little of the serum from the needle with practiced efficiency. He presses down hard with his palm on a whimpering Supergirl's head, forcing her face harshly against the floor. He carefully places the point at a pulsing vein in her neck.

"Steady, lassie. I don't want to hurt my new stable whore."

"....p...puh...p...please....d...d...duh..don't..." begs the pinned teen.

But then the needle actually pierces the now vulnerable skin at the necek of the slack-jawed girl wonder and the plunger is slowly and steadily pushed as Tony murmurs in the wide-eyed blonde's ear, "Shhhh...sweetie. It's all part of your training."

"...c...crack..won't...'" Supergirl hisses through clenched teeth. At least I have that solace.

The needle is withdrawn carefully and replaced in the belt pouch. Tony leans down and nibbles on the cringing heroine's ear, blowing soft words into her head.

"Wrong again, dumpling. With an inert Kryptonite base solution and an enriched Deutronium catalyst mixed with the heroine and cocaine, we believe you'll find it our little drug to be a very effective cocktail indeed."

Dear Rao, could this be true? No, they were trying to psyche her out.

"...don't...b'lieve...yuh...." mumbles the teen.

"You won't have to wait long for proof, honey. And this is primo stuff, too, Supergirl. You'll be hooked before the day's out! In a week, you'll hike up your skirt in a New York second to dry hump any Mob don I ask you to right in a picture window on Times Square for a chance to shoot up just a drop of this juice!"

"'re full of it....B' may be rape me...b..but...but!!"

Without warning, the blonde beauty bound to the floor under a grinning Tony Bonano goes suddenly limp and shivers with involuntary delight. A warm brain-numbing tidal wave of erotic pleasure sweeps through the Kryptonian's brain in an overwhelming surge.

WHAT IS THAT??!! The proud teen had never experienced such an all- encompassing rush of pleasure in her life. No thoughts come, other than an erotic flow of warm liquid filling her brain...relaxing her body completely.


"I see you're enjoying the crack, Supergirl. Lives up to its reputation, doesn't it?"

This was wait....horribly was...not ....not to be believed.... uncontrollable....she....she....couldn't resist just lying here and letting the warmth flow through her.....such...such...ecstasy..!....

"...whuuuuuhhhh...." A thin line of drool dribbles out of the blonde's mouth onto the cold stone floor. Her eyes flutter in sublime pleasure. A long slow sigh blows out through her slack mouth.

"Once again Supergirl badly underestimates her enemy...and pays the price." Bonano gloats loudly as he bends forward and slides his hands around the doped girl's breasts, fondling them slowly as he circles his hips to grind his penis within the sluggish teen's tight pussy.

".....ohhhh...." she moans is surprised pleasure.

Her body is liquid excitement. A puddle within a puddle. Juices and salves and was all beyond her limited experience.

She feels Bonano thrust his hot penis into her sweaty, exposed crotch. But this time it felt smoother...and EXTREMELY pleasurable!

And there once again, revealed to Tony through the spreadeagled legs of the struggling teenage heroine, the blonde girl's vaginal lips gleam pink in the light, gripping his member tightly as he withdraws.

"" she whimpers in confusion.

Tony shivers with the pleasure he's drawing from this gorgeous wench's body, her ample breasts jiggle beneath her within the disheveled costume blouse. Now the blonde teen's nipple thrust against her costume blouse with obvious arousal. Every hard thrust by the smiling Mafia don makes her skirt flap up slightly, even as the don's hands squeeze and fondle the fullness of her tender breasts.

"....huuuuhhhnnn..." Unable to defend her body, Supergirl moans in a whispery exhalation of surrender, her body violated at will by her merciless adversary. Waves of pleasure waft through her brain, signals sent by hypersensitive erogenous zones that Bonano is carefully stimulating. Supergirl licks her lips and involuntarily hikes her rear to bring this man's penis deeper within her.

"So, this is what it feels like to fuck the strongest girl in the world," Tony announces to the room. The cameras in the upper corners catch every angle as the Mafia hood plays the innocent girl's body like a violin.

"Look at that. She's moanin," says Stevie. "She loves it. The cracks got her goin' good!"

"You're such a quick study, Supergirl. You'll be top girl in my stable in a month easy," he chuckles with a throaty murmur in the prone heroine's ear. His fingers tickle and flick and circle her nipples endlessly through her blouse. His full, throbbing cock gyrates in, out and all around her vagina with a relentless rhythm that the blonde, blue-eyed superheroine's body begins to respond to with small gyrations of her own. The silent, recording cameras capture forever the unimaginable scene of the beautiful bare-assed blue and red clad teenage heroine bolted to the floor in a deep, glowing green puddle being steadily and continually pumped from behind by Tony "The Wire" Bonano.

In years to come, this astonishing video displaying the sexual humiliation of Supergirl will be known simply as "The SG DVD!"

Now Tony picks up the pace with sudden fervor. He thrusts his hips forward and back with joyful insistence against the beautiful blonde's crotch. The pumping penis dominates Supergirl's spirit with unrelenting power.

"HNNF...OHHH...GUHHHNN....HUUGH...WOOONFFF...." The helpless blonde teenager grunts loudly as she is violated with repeated jolts of Don Bonano pumping his member between her cheeks, driving to her womanhood.

The overwhelming combination of Tony's continuous stimulations matched with the crack create a wave of intense pleasure that Supergirl has never had to face before. Her head bobs in helpless ecstacy and she pants in hard short bursts as Tony holds her body tightly against his and murmurs in her ear.

"You're going to cum, aren't you, champ?"


"Will! And right now, too, my drugged up little Supergirl."

With a final squeeze of her breasts and a quick sudden jerk of his hips, Tony drives deeply into the Maid of Steel and rotates his hips one more time. It does the trick.


Supergirl's neck arches back, her flutter behind her lids and her brain floods with a rush of unfathomable joy. Her orgasm completely overwhelms the incoherent blonde. Her entire body quivers uncontrollably in Bonano's arms and her juices flush through her pussy and drain down her thighs. This is too much for Tony and he, too, cums in a full, powerful jet of warm semen within his soft and helpless prize.

"YES...YES..." He yells in triumph. He hugs the warm, soft superheroine as tightly as possible, milking his own orgasm and totally dominating the gasping girl. The two of them stay entwined on the floor breathing heavily for a full minute.

Finally, Supergirl mumbles softly, "....whuh....dear rao....what...was...THAT!"

"That, my nubile young enchantress was your first involuntary orgasm. The first of many I am confident you will be experiencing in my employ."

Supergirl's eyes fill suddenly with water and tears rush down her cheeks as her body goes limp from exhaustion, pain, and a new-found bottomless sorrow in her soul.

"...that...was....a....terrible...terrible...pleasure...." she breathes softly and faints dead away in Bonano's embrace.

"Welcome to your own private hell, Supergirl." Bonano slowly pulls out of the unconscious teen and with a satisfied sigh, slowly stands up. "The pleasure is all mine!"

End of Part Three

Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 3