Supergirl Captured by the Mob 10  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 10 - More Training and More Trouble

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name are the property of DC Comics. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

Come dawn on the third day of her capture, a bleary-eyed Supergirl struggles back to consciousness with an effort she's not sure she wants to make. With her powers neutralized by the large glowing kryptonite stone tucked under her blouse behind her back and her hands, legs and neck shacked to the floor, the powerless girl feels a unfamiliar coldness seeping through her body from the stone on which she lies. She'd never felt so chilled in her life. Shaking with the inner chill, she realizes that she feels something else inside her. Not a device of any kind. No dildos, no hoses, no plugs or patches, no gags or ropes or needles or dope. Or was there?

Dope, she thinks. I do have dope inside me. I have crack inside me. Or, to be more precise, the need for crack. The thoughtful heroine ponders the meaning of this for a moment, then comes up with the answer. She is waiting for Tony or his men to come in and dose her up with crack then abuse her in some hideous way. That was the pattern.

But it's been a long time since the last session, she knows that, even without windows in the cell. She wonders why she's been left alone this long. We're they getting complacent. We're they out on some grand heist of some kind? Now that they didn't have to worry about her interfering in their bank jobs, their con games, their protection rackets or their drug running schemes, they could be running rampant in their various shady business dealings. Their whole operation was probably running like clockwork now that they had taken Supergirl down and made her their very own fuck toy!

I will make these bastards pay if it's the last thing I do!

She watches the door anxiously now. There was no way to defend herself that she can think of. How would they introduce the crack to her this next time? She had to try to control herself. The euphoria of the drug was an unbelievable high. Almost impossible to contain it or her emotions. It was like plunging down a roller coaster from the top of one of those gigantic hills these coasters had now. You were terrified and thrilled at the same time. The high was impossible to resist as far as she could...

Why am I so fixated on the crack? I should be thinking up escape scenarios. What if they try to come in and rape me again. Is there any way I can twist away from those invading penises while I'm caught up in that emotional and physical whirlwind that crack generates. What if they put their cocks in my mouth and vagina again. How will I cope with that feeling of dicks filling my cheeks and my pussy while I'm high on....

I'm doing it again. I can't get my thoughts away from crack or sex. Can't concentrate on solving my situation. Have these bastards hooked me?

An hour or so later, the nervous teen hears the door between the control room and her jail cell open and Tony walks in with Stevie.

"You're not going to give me more crack are you?" Supergirl looks from Tony to Stevie with a frantic glare.

"What?" Tony asks nonchalantly as he checks her manacles.

"I asked if you were going to be shooting me up or making me inhale any more crack today."

"No." Tony inspects the kryptonite stone pressed between the pinned heroine's shoulder blades. "This isn't giving you too much discomfort I hope, Supergirl. We're just trying to keep your powers away while we complete your training. Who knows, when we're done, you may get them back.

"Yeah, right," the skeptical champion doesn't believe them for a moment. "When is the next training session.

"Not for hours." Tony whistles a old Guns and Roses tune as he goes over to the bondage table and checks the supplies in the various drawers.

"Really." Supergirl blinks dumbly. What was going on here?

"You sound disappointed, slut," Stevie crouches down, slips his forfinger under Supergirl's chin and lifts it up. Looking directly into the Maid of Steel's beautiful blue eyes, Stevie asks brazenly, "Were you hoping for my cock in that pretty mouth of yours?"

"Or maybe a dose of some Grade A, Number One crack," Tony suggests from across the room.

"Not likely," Supergirl snaps back. "Either one!"

"Yeah, right," Tony mimics her earlier skepticism. "Come on Stevie, everything's set. Let's go."

"You're not going to win, Mr. Bonano."

"We practically already have, Supercunt. See ya!" The door shuts firmly behind them as they leave the room. Supergirl hears their retreating laughter and frowns in frustration. No forward progress there. No escape possibilities. And no crack.

Five hours later, a bored, queasy and depressed Supergirl hears the jail cell door open and opens her lazy eyes. The deadly glowing kryptonite situated so close to her head for so long has rendered her more helpless than usual. She's got a major headache, she can't focus her mind on anything for more than half a minute and she's back to being a little nauseous. So when she sees Carmine come through the door instead of Tony, she doesn't know what to make of it.

"You here to give me another training lesson in crack and sex, Mr. Vega?"

"Exactly in that order, bitch. Happy?"

"You know, when I 'scape from here...."

"Tony talked to you about that bullshit. Knock it off!" He stands over the shackled teen and enjoys the view of her beautiful ass. The soft curve of it under that short little skirt of hers...

"What's the matter, Carmine. Scared?"

Carmine squats down and punches the prone teenager right in her kidney.


"That's Mr. Vega or sir to you, Supercunt! Got it?"

"...yes...sir...." she says with a grimace.

"Do I look scared to you, Supergirl? I'd say it's just the opposite and you're just trying to keep up a brave front, you pathetic floozy. Anyway, you can't even keep your hands and mouth off of all the dicks around here for more than five minutes. I'd say you're scared that you're getting an education about the true inner slut that you've become, Supergirl. And graduating from slut to whore is a tiny little step in our book."

Taken aback by the cold hard facts thrown in her face, the dazed and unprepared blonde teen simply replies in a low mumble, " It's the drugs, the crack that makes I've done."

Carmine squats down in front of the girl's face. "Crack is not the whole reason you've been eagerly taking our cocks in your mouth, your cunt, and your pretty round ass, you oversexed little sexpot. You love it. In your heart you know I'm right."

"No...IT'S NOT TRUE! I AM NOT A WHORE AT HEART. IT'S THE CRACK. THAT'S ALL!" Supergirl snaps in anger and exasperation. She can't debate in this condition. She can't think straight.

"Well, if it's the crack, then by all means, let's take advantage of that."

"'s not what I meant. I'm sick. I'm tired and confused. Don't really know what I'm say...Hey! What..."

The shocked teenager watches Carmine's fist as it suddenly rockets in from the side, crushing against her nose and mouth.

"Ghunnff!" Supergirl's head snaps sideways, held painfully in place by the neck manacle. Her nose runs with a small drip of blood that slides down the blasted teen's lip, into her mouth and down her chin. The side of the blonde's mouth drips its own small rivulet of blood.

"....uuuhhhhh...." With her head knocked to the side, the stunned Maid of Steel doesn't see Carmine take a needle filled with the good stuff out of a leather belly pouch. He throws a handkerchief on the floor in front of her. Then pins her lolling head down into the handkerchief to absorb the blood even as he pokes the needle into a small vein in the defenseless girl's neck and fills her with another noxious dose of crack. Between the crack and this kryptonite necklace pinned to her back here, this bitch will be the easiest fuck I've ever had.

Battered into a simple-minded incoherence, Supergirl morosely thinks to herself. Did I actually want this to happen?

Eight seconds later, it's not even an issue as the euphoric Supergirl lets Carmine clean her face up with the handkerchief. The amount of blood isn't much at all. Nodding in a haze of good feeling, Supergirl feels Carmine pull her head up by the hair. The dizzy girl's mouth hangs open slightly as she tries to breathe through it rather than her tender nose.

"Time for more candy cock, Supergirl," Carmine say, pulling a dildo from his waist pouch. "This one's root beer flavored and filled with pheremones. Suck on it." Putting the wide tip into the drifting teen's open mouth, Carmine pushes it to the back of the girl's tongue so she's forced to grip the dildo with her lips and taste its unique flavor.

"AWLFF....AUMM....mmmmm..." it tastes very good to her. Better in fact, than any root beer she's ever had. That's the pheremones working overtime. Released into her mouth and nostrils by her sucking action, the activated sensory molecules inundate the beautiful blonde heroine with an instinctive desire for some type of sexual stimulation. Carmine rotates the wide candy cock against Supergirl's tongue and she takes up the sucking motion quite voluntarily now. Her cheeks suck in and out like a tiny bellows as she savors the flavor and feeling of this wonderful wide treat filling her mouth.

"Mmmmmm.....awlmmm....ahhlmmmm...." Carmine circles behind the now orally fixated blonde superhero and pulls another distinctly shaped device from the leather belly pouch. This hard pink rubber tool is nothing less than a two-inch wide motorized buttplug.

"I've got another toy for your pleasure back here, sweet cheeks," Carmine says, smearing the end of the buttplug with AnalEze lubricant for easy insertion. You'll get off on it, I'm sure."

"...thathhh...fhine..." the drugged girls replies, still sucking with all her attention on the mouth filling root beer flavored delight. "Mmwaulmmm....awwlllfff." The pheremones released by her steady sucking make the teenage wonder giddy with sexual desire.

Carmine lifts up Supergirl's skirt and pulls her panties down to the backs of her thighs with a quick maneuver he'd practiced countless times over the last day and a half. Greasing her anus with the pointed applicator, Carmine shoots a generous dollup of the AnalEze up Supergirl's butt. She flinches at this and turns her head to look at what' going on, swinging the dildo around with her. The look of infantile stupidity as she sucks mindlessly on the fat brown candy cock and stares questioningly up at him makes Carmine snort in wonder. How did this naive Supercunt even make it through the day?

The large Mafia don puts the buttplug against Supergirl's balloon knot and pushes hard. It slides in a full three inches, just enough for the girl's ass to accept the full rubber conical head of the slippery tool.

"MWUUNGHH." Grunting hard, the young heroine is caught off guard and spits out the candy cock in a stunned gasp. "...wh..whatchu....doing?" She blurts. "...whazzat..."

"This is the special toy you told me I could shove up your ass, Supergirl. Remember?"

"..what...?..did...i...? Don't...remember saying....OHH...OH...OHHH...." Carmine has turned on the powerful government-designed motor within the buttplug. Stolen from a different high tech device, the high-speed, high-rotation motor had been installed especially for the sexual needs of the mighty Maid of Steel. It works up to spec, to say the least. The writhing, delirious blonde has jerked her head back so it faces forward. Her neck is now arched in ecstacy, her mouth and eyes both open wide. The heavily vibrating buttplug massages every single nerve ending in the blonde's rear end with powerful, repetitive stroking sensations that send wave after wave of pleasure into the gasping, writhing teen's brain. Her libido has gone from zero to 60 in under four seconds.

Carmine reaches up to replace the candy dildo into the moaning girl's mouth. She sucks it in like brand new Hoover vacuum machine. Her cheeks drawing in deeply as she satisfies her oral needs, even as her anal needs nearly overwhelm her completely.


"Tony said we should have a good time together. Are we having a good time, Supergirl?"


"Good," Carmine says, "then you're fine with me fucking this wet, eager snatch of yours?"


"That's what I thought, slut." Carmine immediately pulls out his penis and kneels between the insensible heroine's thighs. The bumping, shaking vagina is a beautiful and tantalizing target. And Carmine's always been good at target practice. He nails it on the first shot.

"HEEWWAAALLFF!" The delirious teen yelps with uncontrolled passion as she is penetrated by Carmine's wide penis. He pins her hips and strokes in and out of the wet, eager hole.


Filled in every major orifice, Supergirl moans in absolute oblivion from the sensations going off like fireworks in her head. Carmine's strong, self-assured thrusting of that wonderful wide prick of his is pouring into her head like the Mississippi flowing to the sea. The incredibly relentless buttplug cannot be ignored either, it's every movement a telegraph signal to her brain tapping out CUM...CUM...CUMMMMM.

Carmine climbs onto Supergirl's writhing, trembling body and reaches up with both hands. One hand finds the candy cock, holds the end of it and slowly moves it in and out and around the delighted heroine's mouth. With her hands pinned to the floor, this special service makes the pleased young teen grunt in appreciation.


"Don't mention it, Supergirl. This is for you, too." Sliding his hand underneath her blouse, Carmine grasps her naked breast and squeezes it gently.

"...mmmmmmmm...." she purrs. Yet again, the famous insignia that symbolizes honor, trust and freedom is disgraced and dishonored as knuckles from Supergirl's captor stretch out the red and yellow shield, wrinkling it, violating its bright promise and abusing its meaning as Supergirl is eagerly and willingly felt up under its distinct diamond shape. Adding insult to injury, Carmine thrusts his prick once again high up under the heroic teenager's famous skirt and the ravished champion shrieks in uncomprehending delight at this shocking violation of all she stands for.

Carmine's pumping hips take on a rhythm that is strong, persistent and yet varying in its back and forth and side to side motions. With his hand fondling her breast and his other now stroking her gorgeous ass, Carmine is having the best fuck of his life. This girl was tight, she was totally receptive thanks to the crack and she even grateful and responsive to his technique.

Ultimately the pumping penis within her loins coupled with the vibrating buttplug are far more than Supergirl can handle any longer. With her mouth, ass and vagina filled to bursting with constant wet, slippery, sliding, rubbing and vibrating sensations, the powerless teen is quickly and easily pushed into a full-fledged vaginal orgasm. She spits out the candy cock so she can breath and screams at the top of her lungs.


Carmine hangs onto the teen while she lies on the floor in a rigid, mindless frieze of sexual release. He's still slowly sliding his cock in and out of the gasping teen. And she goes limp in his hold, spent for the moment.


"I appreciate a girl who likes her work."


"Just an expression." Slyly, Carmine feels for a remote in his pocket and touches a red button. The motorized buttplug hits a new and faster speed. And Supergirl's attention is snapped back to her ass.

"WHOA.....thadt's a ...n...neat....trhik.," Supergirl murmurs. " do...tha...OHHHH"

Carmine has begun thrusting vigorously again within her pussy. He hasn't cum yet but he plans to. With energetic determination, the Mafia don strokes away with relentless hip pumping at the girl's warm, wet slit. His wide tool is a drilling machine now, matching the humming endless vibrations of the super-modified buttplug.

"...Oh....ohh....yesss.....yesss...." the girl who could once lift mountains is too weak now to even keep her head up. Rubbing her tits with one hand, Carmine reaches around to the waist of the now grunting blonde beneath him and sticks his hand down the front of her skirt. He quickly massages his palm against her soft bush then drives his fingers into the top of her vagina, finding her swollen clitoris. He flutters his fingertips against it and then rubs it briskly, even as his hips dominate her very intelligence, shutting it down so that her body's demands can be met yet again. The buttplug finds a new dimension of reality within the gasping girl's rear end and all her sensations culminate in synchronized rhythms that explode within Supergirl's overstimulated brain like an abandoned building being blown apart with dynamite. The entire structure of Supergirl's powerful ego disintegrates in a rushing hot cloud of expanding pleasure

Yiiieeeeeahhhhh......RAOOOOOOOO....HELP MMEEEEEE....."

The trembling spasms of Supergirl's pussy send Carmine on his own funhouse ride. He grunts in sudden, blind delight as he shoots his load deep into the warm center of Supergirl's snatch.

"...eeeemmmmm..." she moans at the thrill of this sensation, knowing she has pleased this guy completely. Her whole figure slumps in exhaustion beneath the large, still form draped on top of her. Together they savor the warm floodlight of joy that comes with intense sexual release.

"Hhhnhhhh...." Carmine moans softly as he slowly gathers his wits. Tony was right, this girl was fucking amazing. He could have never pulled out and humiliated her on this one. It was too good to lose. He pulls his hand out of the girl's blouse and carefully rises to his hands and knees over the still limp blonde. First he withdraws the buzzing buttplug from her ass. For this, she grunts and sighs in relief. Then he picks up the candy cock and throws it in the garbage. Finally he goes back, squats down and pulls up Supergirl's panties arranging them neatly and pulls down her skirt so she has some modesty left, until next time anyway.

"These panties have been up and down more times than a kite on a windy day, sugar hips. You're getting quite a training seminar here in the pleasures of being a whore."

The drowsy heroine turns her head away from Carmine and murmurs softly, "Not a whore," as she drifts off in exhausted slumber.

Carmine walks into the control room where Stevie had been handling the motorized swivel cameras. "What a fucking ride she is, Stevie. You won't be disappointed. I gotta get a nap, this cunt wore me out! See you in a couple of hours."

"Sure thing, Carmine. I'll keep watch." Stevie checks the monitor, sees the sleeping girl and goes back to his Elmore Leonard book.

Neither man noticed that the kryptonite necklace had been knocked loose from under her blouse near the very end of all the action. It now rested underneath the dozing blonde heroine, against her stomach, the chain broken.

Late in the afternoon of the third day of her capture, Supergirl stirs to consciousness with a horrible stomach ache. It stems from two very different causes. First, the large kryptonite crystal has been pressed against her stomach for the last three hours or so since the tired teen drifted off after Carmine's "training" session. The radiation pouring out of the deadly green element underneath her has, once again, disturbed the captured teen's digestive system creating the need to use the bathroom. Secondarily, the blonde heroine hasn't eaten anything other than several generous servings of Mafia semen. Under normal circumstances, Supergirl did not require any food to sustain her energy, but the last three days have been anything but normal. She needs food.

Dragging herself out of the grayness of her sleep lethargy, Supergirl takes stock of her situation with a pained grimace at the twisting uneasiness from her belly.

I've got to get to the bathroom again. Stomach's acting up badly. What's this hard lump I'm lying on, anyway? Feels like kryp...oh, yeah. That damn necklace that Tony had put around my...Hey, it's not around my neck! When did that happen? Don't remember Carmine moving it. Does it even matter? Thing's still keeping me too weak to do anything. Hurts so much. Crack would sure help take away this pain....

"...ohhhh...." The helpless teenage champion groans miserably at her plight. Inside the control room, Stevie checks the monitor with Randy at his elbow.

"Sounds like Superslut is coming to again," Randy notes.

"Yeah, but Tony and Carmine said not to do anything while they were out. Let her lie there and suffer," Stevie replies.

"Guess so." Randy looks at the beautiful girl lying in manacles on the floor of the jail cell in the next room. The one and only Supergirl. He'd had his dick in that famous heroine's mouth. True, she hadn't been a particularly willing participant in the act. He would have preferred she had been, but Tony had asked Randy to brutally face fuck the self-important heroine while she was held down. The humiliation would help break the bitch down so she'd be a willing whore at the end of the training. Randy smiled to himself. His face fuck of the famous Maid of Steel was still something he'd never forget. Her look of surprise in the midst of her crack high was perfect! She would have willingly pleased him and even swallowed. Until Tony grabbed her wrists and pinned her down that is. He hoped Tony or Carmine would let him have another go at this girl. She was amazing. When they got back from their meeting with the other Mob bosses, he might ask them when that next time with Supergirl could be.

The two-way speaker in the ceiling overhead in the control room comes to life. "Hello? Someone? Can someone come in here? I need help." The shackled blonde is calling out for assistance. The two young thugs look at each other and shrug.

"Suck it up, Supergirl," Stevie says sternly into the microphone even as he gives Randy a wink.

"Please, Stevie. I don't feel good. My stomach..."

"Not again with the stomach," Stevie says to Randy in the control room.

"Yeah, that's not good."

"Fellas, I need the bathroom again. Please guys."

"Not now, Supergirl," responds Stevie coldly. "Not til Tony gets back."

Randy lightly slaps Stevie on the back of the head. ""What'd you say that for? Now, the bitch knows Tony's not here."

"Why does that matter. Fuckin' slut can't do anything about it."

"I guess not," Randy replies.

"Stevie, please! You don't want to have to clean up my...uh..mess...again, do you?" Supergirl pleads in earnest. She's weak and feeling very queasy.

"That's the fucking truth. I'm tired of cleaning up after this bitch," growls a frustrated Stevie.

"Yeah, but Stevie...." Randy gestures at the monitor. "That's Supergirl!"

"That is one severely fucked over Supergirl who's about to pump out a load of super shit with its super stink all over the floor in there. I don't want to have to deal with. Do you?"

"Of course not, but..."

"Look, Randy, put on those kryptonite rubber gloves Tony used before. Hold her tits and face, I'll cover her with the gun and we can walk her over to the bathroom together, real careful like. Come on, Randy. You took her out before. I saw it on the monitor. You were a beast. That little twat in there's afraid of you. We can handle this. I know it."

"You're right. I took this bitch down before. We both did, a couple of times already. Why back up on the street, she even had all her superpowers at the time and we still double teamed the bumbling twat and took her down. Fine, let's do it."

Stevie pushes the talk button on the microphone and says, "Alright, bitch, we're going to allow this. But by our rules!"

"....thank you...."

Two minutes later, the two men walk into the jail cell together. Stevie's carrying the fully reloaded kryptonite slime gun. He walks over to the prone blonde and trains the gun at the middle of her back. Randy goes to the bondage table and removes the deutronium-kryptonite rubber gloves from a drawer and pulls each one on, slowly working the fingers down so they're snug and completely flexible. He then walks over and stands beside Stevie, looking down at the silent girl lying there in shackles. She looked harmless enough, but he knew better. Weak as she was, he and Stevie had to do this right.

"Please fellas. I can't hold it in forever."

"We're going to let you up now," says Stevie, but we're doing it our way. No tricks or you're toast, Supergirl. Got that?"


"Okay then. Uhm. I'm going to unlock your legs first, then the arms and then your neck. I want you to get up slowly and carefully. Randy will be right beside you with the kryptonite gloves Tony used before, so you behave and everybody'll be happy."

"...okay...please hurry...."

"Yeah, yeah, we are. Cool your jets, sugar." Randy is pumped but anxious.

Stevie undoes the leg clamps first and then the arms. Supergirl curls up in a fetal position holding her stomach and groaning. Neither man has noticed that the blonde heroine grasped the glowing green necklace hidden beneath her and had slid it in the only possible hiding place, her underpants.

Oh Rao, I hope this works. It feels like I'm on fire down there!

Finally the neck manacle is released and Stevie nods to Randy to kneel down beside him and take hold of the moaning, twisted teen.

"Come on, bitch," Randy snarls, "you need the john so bad, let's get up and moving." He grasps Supergirl's bicep with his gloved left hand and pulls the groaning teen to her knees. Her arms still clutch her stomach in genuine distress. The glowing stone necklace in her panties drops lower and hangs in her crotch, unobserved. But the girl goes white, swaying feebly on her knees. This could be the worst idea I've every had. Can't handle the pain.

Stevie, his gun pointed at her chest, motions with a jerk of the nozzle. "Let's go, Supergirl, we're doin' what you asked. Get moving!"

"...too...weak...i...can't...walk....stomach's killing me..."

"I may have to carry her again like Tony did," Randy says. The gloved hand on the blonde heroine's bicep is also draining all her energy. Supergirl's head drops to her chest and she groans in misery. Randy has an idea. He puts Supergirl's arm around his shoulder and holds it tightly with his gloved left hand. The other arm he wraps around the slumping teenager's upper torso and cups her breast tightly with his right hand.

"Aahhh....ohhhh..." The helpless blonde sags impotently against Randy as he stands up straight. "...uuhhhhh...."

"Look, Stevie, put down the gun for now and grab her legs, would ya? This cunt's not going anywhere we don't want her to. I got her tit wrapped in this kryptonite glove. You know what it does to her. We'll hoist her over to the toilet and you can come back for the gun quick and easy. She's under control."

"Yeah, alright." Stevie puts the gun over on the table and returns quickly. He grabs the inert teenager's shiny red boots by the ankles and the two men carry the groaning, nodding superheroine all the way to the bathroom in the storeroom without incident. At the bathroom door, Stevie lowers her legs and opens the door then turns and runs to get the gun on the table in the other room. Randy continues to hold Supergirl's shoulder with one arm and removes the other from her tit. He reaches down, about to pull down Supergirl's panties when the woozy Maid of Steel puts a weak palm against his chest while she slides her other hand unseen around behind her back.

" it" she murmurs. She desperately slides the hidden hand past the waistband and deeply into her panties. She only has seconds here. Her fingers grasp the stone and hold it tight.

"I don't think so, Supergirl," says Randy with a leer. "You look like you could use some help pulling down your panties." He wants to be sure he can at least humiliate his captive while he's letting her get her way with this trip to the toilet. Tony would be pleased he's keeping to the plan in that way at least. Grabbing the back of her underpants, Randy just misses Supergirl's swiftly retreating hand clutching the stone. She swoons limply in his arms as he pulls down the famous Supergirl's panties with a satisfied yank.

"There you go, Supercunt! Now sit down and do your shit!"

Supergirl's hand swings behind her back once more and she drops the glowing necklace into the toilet bowl just as she squats down and lets out an ear-piercing groan to cover the sound of the clink of rock against porcelain. She bends forward with true distress from the terror of the last two minutes, all the nausea from the gloves mauling her and the actual strain her digestive tract has undergone. She lets go with a flow from within that reeks horribly. Randy backs up suddenly and bumps into Stevie who's returned with the deadly krytpo-slime gun ready in hand.

"Everything okay?" Stevie nods at the bent blonde on the toilet.

"Everything's good except that stink from our gaseous young girlfriend here."

"...little...privacy...?..." The drawn blonde heroine looks up in pathetic hope.

"Not a fucking chance, Supergirl, says Stevie, aiming the gun straight at the teen on the toilet.

"Well, let me get the fuck out of the way, then, if you two want to be alone in this stinking shithole!" Randy shoulders past Stevie, walks ten feet away, bends over with his green- gloved hands on his knees and takes a deep breath. "Whoooo...that girl's got intestinal problems."

Supergirl sits on the bowl for a good three minutes, slowly releasing the remainder of whatever's inside her in intervals so her captors don't get suspicious. Her color has returned and her powers are slowly creeping back. But not nearly fast enough. The abuse she's been subjected to over the last three days has drained her energy reserves completely. She feels as weak as any normal girl her age would be at this moment. Possibly even a bit weaker.

Randy and Stevie are talking together nervously a mere three feet away from the bathroom door.

"Look, he and Carmine are going to be back in about ten minutes according to what he told us," Stevie is saying. "Finished crapping or not, this bitch has to be strapped down now. I don't want Tony finding her up and out of position from when he left."

"You don't think she'll tell him how kind we were, letting her use the toilet and whatnot," Randy replies.

"I don't know. I guess. Still, let's get her back in place," Stevie raises the gun and points it once more at Supergirl's chest.

"Yeah, okay. Guess you're right. Come on, beautiful. Time to get back into restraints." Randy moves in front of Stevie now, reaching for the still bent over teen sitting on the toilet. She's frowning deeply. The bright glowing rubber gloves are coming right at her. Ready or not, powers or not, she's got to act. This may be her very last chance to escape the horrors that this team of mobsters had planned for her. She tenses her muscles, ready to fight to the death.

End of Chapter 10

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 10