Supergirl Captured by the Mob 07  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 7 - Carmine Joins in the Fun

By Dr. Dominator

Note: All characters and names are property of DC Comics. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

"Okay, Supergirl. I'm going to release you from the table now because I have your word that you'll let me do whatever I want with your body. So behave, cunt. You don't have the strength to manage an escape from this place with that 8" kryptonite dildo shoved up that short little costume skirt of yours. You know it and I know it. So just lie there nice and quiet like until I've undone all the straps."

Tony Bonano was in complete control of Supergirl now. He'd beaten her down in every possible way he could think of since he captured her over a day and a half ago. And now she was knee-deep in her training to be a willing and active member of this large stable of whores. Everything was going according to plan.

After unbuckling all the straps, Tony pats the depressed girl on the rear and says, "Alright, Superwhore, I want to take off your cape so I get the best possible view of your body while we're doing the big nasty. How do I take it off?"

"...tiny hidden hooks under the collar..." she says meekly. He finds them easily and undoes the ingenious little mechanism. Pulling the cape off to the side, Tony tosses it over the nearby chair with an air of total disdain.

"Okay, stand up and walk three feet that way," he commands. Slowly, the dejected blonde pushes herself off the tablepad, twists her hips and slides her legs over so they dangle off the side of the table. She sits there a moment, fighting a dizzying swoon. Tony sees this, smiles and takes hold of the blue fabric covering Supergirl's bicep. "Easy there, tiger. I don't want you to get hurt."

He helps the disoriented teenager get to her feet, her knees nearly buckling in the process. Tony holds her up by her arm and Supergirl shakes her head slightly to regain her composure and her balance. When she straightens up a little more, Tony says, pointing down, "Be careful, Supergirl. There's a little puddle of your piss right there that you don't want to slip in."

A sudden small intake of breath is the only verbal response from the girl, but Tony is gratified to see her face redden deeply as she steps over the shimmering yellow spot. Then, pulling the girl to a stop in the middle of the room, Tony says, "Great. Now I want you to remain standing there while I get behind you here and cop a feel." The surprised blonde's eyes go wide and her body flinches involuntarily when Tony's hand reaches around from behind her to squeeze her right breast.

"Easy there, Flicka. You know the rules." Her jaw set in a grimace, Supergirl relaxes her shoulders slightly as Tony's hand squeezes the breast into a fat fleshy wad. He nuzzles the nape of her neck with his nose, breathing softly against her skin. Supergirl stands silently in his encircling arm, unmoved in the least by his attentions. Tony then slides his hand under Supergirl's shirt and slides it up until he is holding her bare tit in his sweaty palm. His hand fondles and rubs her ample breast in slow patient circles. Does he actually expect me to get excited by this pitiful sexual blackmail of his?

"Squat a little, sweetheart."

"What?!" Supergirl exclaims in surprise.

"Squat down a bit, slut. I want to put my hand down your pants and I want your vagina a little more accessible." Frowning, the proud teen squats down, only to feel Tony grip her breast and pull her back up with a jerk. "Not that much, you dumb bimbo. I want to be able to easily tickle your clit." Supergirl lowers herself literally and figuratively. Tony's hand reaches down past the belt buckle at the front of her skirt and slides his hand deep into the teenager's red panties. His fingers slide through Supergirl's feathery soft blonde bush, stroking it gently as they pass. Finally, practiced fingers slide between the squatting blonde's urine-dampened nether lips and find her small, rubbery clit within its hood. He begins to rub the nub in tiny circles as his other hand continues to massage the fuming teen's breast.

High-speed digital video cameras catch the entire demeaning scene but Supergirl, despite her humiliation, sighs and says, "This going to take long, Mr. Bonano?"

"May not as long as you think. Why, you got someplace to go, slut? Is there a job at some pole dancing strip bar you have to get back to?" His fingers and hand continue to manipulate the girl to no noticeable effect.

"You didn't say I had to like this, sir. Just that I had to give myself to you. Getting off yet?"

"Ladies first." Tony pulls his hand out of his captive's panties and from under her shirt. "Stay right there, chuckles. Don't move. Don't turn around. I think we need to up the ante a little." Going over to the table, Tony back looks quickly to make sure the girl is obeying his command. He takes in the view with a self-satisfied leer. Supergirl stands there slumped in dejection. Her blouse is pulled out of her skirt in sloppy disarray, her belt sags forward, loose and uncharacteristically low on her hips, and her silken red panties have been pushed down so they can be seen clearly drooping below the hem of her skirt. With her hands hanging limply at her sides, the earth's most beloved heroine merely looks straight ahead in a confused fog of despair and exhaustion. She is swaying slightly, dizzy from the kryptonite dildo no doubt but still somewhat in command of her body. For now.

Tony pulls out a bottle of KY lubricating gel from a drawer in the table and walks back to the silent and frustrated teen. "Maybe this will help get you more in the mood, Supergirl." He liberally squirts both palms and all his fingers with the slippery gel, then, once more, reaches into her costume and begins to massage her erogenous zones. Fingertips glide around her nipple in one case while tickling her clitoris in another. Still, the disgusted girl is able to easily withstand this humiliating sexual attack. There was no pleasure to be had here.

"You can use all the gels in the world, Mr. Bonano," Supergirl's voice drips with sarcasm at the use of his name, "but you're the only one who's going to be demeaning themselves today."

"Once again, Supergirl is so sure of herself," Tony chuckles, continuing to manipulate the famous teen's most sensitive spots. While the heat of the friction is building, the arousal factor seems to be nil. "Hmmmm. Bend over, slut. In fact, get on your hands and knees."

"Yes, sir." Supergirl is almost taunting the angry Mafia hood. He actually seemed to expect her to get off on this crude, insistent manipulation. Still dizzy and slightly dazed from the anal dildo, she carefully lowers herself to her knees and then tips herself forward until her palms rest on the floor.

All the while, Tony has continued holding her breast and clit. Now he kneels beside her and says, "Yeah, that's better. Now I've got a better feel for the situation. We're going to party now, my precious little jism pouch." Oily fingers continue to circle, rub and slide against Supergirl's parts, causing merely heat but zero passion. She uses her anger like a shield. He will not degrade her. I am better than that.

"You know, Mr. Bonano, I have to tell you. You're mysoginistic abuse is certainly not scoring any po...OOHHH" Supergirl eyes suddenly widen and her pelvis jerks as an electric thrill suddenly lights up her G spot. Her head drops and she takes a short quick breath to regain her composure. Where did that come from?

"What was that, blondie?" Tony smiles for the first time in a while. Things are beginning to turn.

Covering her lapse, Supergirl replies, "I said your hatred of women is a nasty character flaw and a definite turn....OOOH." Another spiking tingle in her loins catches the stunned young teen in an embarrassing little grunt of pleasure. And now her nipple, despite her disgust at this thug, is hardening and getting much more sensitive at the hands of this persistent bastard.

"You're not.getting....uhhm...excited here, are you, princess?" Tony asks quietly in the confused girl's ear. "I mean, it's okay if you are. Even superheroines are allowed to experience the joys of the flesh now and then." Tony rubs her nipple between his fingers, quickly rolling the nub against his tips in one direction then another like rolling a matchstick.

"AHH" Supergirl gasps in wonder. This was so strange. His fumbling manipulations shouldn't be causing such intense sensations. Her breasts aren't nearly as sensitive as this. It usually takes much more attention to get them....

"WHOA!" Another gasp bursts from the compressed lips of the perplexed blonde as her nipple sends a signal flare into her brain. "....ohhhhh...." What the hell is happening to me?

"Sounds like our lovely young ice queen is starting to melt," Bonano crows. He then takes his hand out from under Supergirl's blouse, pausing a moment to enjoy the sight of his captive posed beside him, wavering on her hands and knees with her breasts wobbling beneath her. The dazed and bewildered blonde's right nipple conspicuously tents the bright blue fabric of her blouse. In fact, the girl's sudden arousal is so blatantly obvious that Stevie in the control room zooms in for a closeup on the girl's nipple. He then pans to her face as the overstimulated teen slowly licks her lips with an unconsciously erotic pass with the tip of her tongue.

"This bitch is gettin' worked up now," Carmine says with pleasure, his eyes boring holes in the monitors before him.

Next, Tony takes the hand that had been working so effectively on her breast, and slides it slowly up Supergirl's thigh until his long fingers are positioned right at her crotch. Even as his one hand is shamelessly stretching out the bright red fabric of her panties as his fingers gently flick and rub her clitoris, the heavily-oiled fingers on his other hand begin to delicately stroke the crease where her thigh and crotch meet, forcing Supergirl to focus her attention entirely on her groin. Tony's unwavering attentions there quickly become far more than she can begin to resist in defiant silence.


With her head overwhelmed by a rush of unyielding pleasure from her loins, the stupified blonde collapses on her forearms and pants heavily as Tony strokes and caresses her crotch without a break.

"That feels like pinwheels spinning in your cunt, I'll bet, Supergirl." The girl's snatch is awash with her juices now and Tony slides his forefinger deeply into her unresisting hole.

"Mmmm...haahh....." she purrs as this new sensation, and the famous Maid of Steel pushes her pelvis against Tony's hand so his finger can drive deeper into her. She gives her head a thrilled little shake and once again erotically glosses her soft pouted lips with her tongue.

"I seem to be getting you more excited than you expected to be, aren't I , nipples?" The mafia don is enjoying this sexual domination of his comely prize. He's especially delighted at the alarm and confusion he sees crossing Supergirl's sweaty face now and again between the throaty little gasps of pleasure. Tony knew she would be thinking. She had obviously thought she'd be able to withstand his mauling and fondling hands. She was Supergirl, after all, and anal kryptonite dildo or not, she was not going turned on by a Mafia thug like Tony Bonano in the least. He snickers softly to himself. What a naive little jerk.

Of course, the shaking, moaning and panting teenager now so clearly aroused beside him never suspected that the fruit juice she'd so eagerly drunk had been laced with the most potent aphrodisiac formula ever created. It was a state-of-the-art potion from a research project by a cohort of Tony's who liked to be called The Chemist. The potent brew contained everything necessary to not just render a woman totally receptive to sexual stimuli, but to actively seek it out. The mix employed a powerfully effective hypersynthesized combination of South American herbs and anise, along with a concentrated liquified pheromone additive, plus a newly discovered hydrolized oyster compound; all suspended in a near tasteless alcohol base. Mixed in with a sweet juice, it just gives it a slightly noticeable tang that packs a huge wallop in 15 to 30 minutes depending on the constitution of the unsuspecting victim. Tony had been worried this Superbitch was impervious to the stuff, and when more than 20 minutes had passed since she had eagerly downed the stuff and the haughty cunt hadn't begun to respond to his manipulations, he thought he'd be forced to dip into his crack supply to keep the training going. But now he knew he had this girl's activated libido in the palm of his hands. Certainly at this fingertips.

The moaning blonde teenager gasps twice in quick succession as Tony circles his thumb against the throbbing knob of her clit. " to stop that...i..can't...can't handle the f...feel...feeling..."

"But Supergirl, you agreed to let me do whatever I want to your body, remember?"


"Never thought you'd succumb to your body's need to experience pleasure? Now isn't that a little naive, my dear?"

"....never...felt so....soo....ohhhh....." Losing her train of thought, the helpless blonde's ass now droops under Tony's constant stimulation. Her powerful young thighs are sticky with trails of her feminine lust. Her panties have long since been inundated with the scent of her absolute arousal. All the wet darkness inundating her crotch has totally subverted any scent of urine that had been there.

Suddenly, Supergirl falls flat on her belly, and rolls over under the shocked Mafia don. Before he can react, the famous Maid of Steel reaches up, grabs the horrified man by his cheeks, rises up directly under him and kisses him with a wide open, searching wet mouth. Her tongue entwines with his and she pulls the breath from him with a passion and a burning desire that she can no longer control. Immediately, Tony's cock swells to a rigid stiffness that makes him a little heady with his own passion. He lowers himself against the writhing, panting blonde and she settles back against the floor, still kissing him even as one of her hands leaves his face and travels quickly to his crotch. She feels the hardness there and moans with pleasure at the tool she has at her beck and call. Who is the predator and who is the prey in this scenario?

Tony unzips his pants and Supergirl eagerly pulls the large cock from out of his underpants. The camera catches the incredible moment as Supergirl moans with unrestrained debauchery as she lies back and spreads her legs for her Mafia conqueror.

Tony reaches down and pulls the damp red satin crotch of Supergirl's panties to the side. Her vagina gleams in the light almost as brightly as her eyes as the eager heroine watches Tony lower himself. With his dick held like a relay baton in his fist, Tony gently rubs his penis along the pink, shiny pussy lips of the nodding, excited blonde teenage girl beneath him. And then he stops. Ever the predator, Tony Bonano speaks, albeit with a rough and lusty tone unusual for him. "You want me to fuck you, Supergirl?"

Unaware of the absolute humiliation she's opening herself up to, the sexually supercharged heroine grunts in total abdication to her need. "Oh, yeah!"

"My penis? You want me to slide this long hard prick into your precious super snatch?" Grinning like it's a big joke between them, Tony continues to tease and arouse the oblivious young blonde, still caressing her soft labia with the tip of his cock. In her delirium, Supergirl, of course, falls for the bait and coos obediently to her new lover, "YES, OH YES. PUT IT IN!"

"Man, oh fucking man," says Stevie in the control room, "I can't fucking believe this is happening." He works the controls to the cameras with delight, zooming in here and there as needed. Randy checks the sound levels. He turns them up a tad just as Supergirl reaches up to Tony's collar and pulls herself up to his ear. "I really need your cock inside me now, Mr. Bonano," she pleads in an easily heard stage whisper, then licks all around his ear with a long slow pass of her wet, pink tongue.

"Did you get that, Randy? Please tell me you got her saying that?" Carmine implores.

"I got it, Carmine." Randy grins. "Supergirl ain't never gonna live this down."

"Well, then, I'm all yours, Supergirl," Tony says with a triumphant smile as he slides his rock hard penis deep into the famous blonde teenage heroine's pussy. The well-endowed Bonano pushes the full length of his cock into Supergirl's heavily lubricated vagina until his balls press against the crotch of Supergirl's panties. The bright red costume pants, pulled unceremoniously to the side for easy penetration, no longer protect the Maid of Steel's precious feminine treasures. But she's too revved up on the powerful aphrodisiac to care.

"Mmmm....yess....that's...nice....very...nice...." She moans softly, lifting her legs and now wrapping them around Tony's waist. "Just what I needed," she murmurs happily as her shiny red boots rest against Tony's back. "I think it's time you use that thing for what it's good for, Tony. I can call you Tony now, right?"

"For now. Sure." Tony begins pumping his hips and the Maid of Steel actually yelps for joy at the sensation. Then he raises his arm, makes a fist and circles it in the air.

"That's your five minute notice, Mr Vega," Stevie reminds the large Don.

"I'm well aware of that, youngster. Your boss is a fuckin' genius, by the way!"

Back in the jail cell, Tony is hovering over Supergirl's sprawled body, slowly sliding his cock in and out of the teen's pulsing vagina. His hands are all over her blouse, squeezing and fondling her sensitive breasts as his hands stretch, wrinkle and crush the famous emblem with rough, humiliating familiarity and a callous disregard for all the honor and strength it represents. Supergirl couldn't care less at the moment. Lying on her back with her legs wrapped around Tony's waist, the heavily-drugged teen is moaning softly in total abandon to her libido. Her head is turned sideways, her hands are thrown backwards, her beautiful blue eyes peer out from under heavy lids in a stupified erotic fog, even as her mouth forms a shockingly raunchy grin of sexual satisfaction.

"Oohhhh....You're very good with that cock!" She pumps her pelvis twice and then grinds her hips a bit.

Tony gasps in delight at this surprising talent. "You're...not so bad yourself." He withdraws slightly and, not wanting to lose control, distracts Supergirl by pushing up on her bright blue blouse until it's bunched in a circle and her soft full breasts are completely exposed. "Let's pay a little more attention to these little ladies, shall we?"

"By all means," the giddy blonde giggles as Tony begins nibbling at her left tit, biting softly around the aureola and licking the very tip of her nipple even as his right hand cups her right breast and squeezes it firmly.

"AHHH...HMMM....OOHHHH..." Supergirl arches her back in a helpless jolt of pleasure as Tony applies his own talents to the moaning girl's over sensitized body. "'re...good... at do..." the blonde heroine murmurs throatily.

"We do our best." Tony raises his hand in the air and points his forefinger skyward. The one minute signal for Carmine. "Speaking of best, I think the best thing for you, something that will give you a completely satisfying sexual experience is having that gorgeous mouth of yours filled with cock. What do you think?"

"But I love having your cock inside my pussy," Supergirl pouts, her eyes swimming with desire look deep into her man's face for understanding. Tony gives the girl a quick triple thrust with his hips and smiles as he watches her neck arch, her eyes flutter and her mouth open in a gasp of sensual delight.

"Oh, my cock isn't going anywhere."

"...g....good...." the blonde girl murmurs softly as her neck relaxes, her face turns to the side on the floor and she drools a little as the mighty teenage superheroine wallows in a helpless haze of erotic bliss.

"But my friend Carmine here is very good with his 'tool' too." Tony gestures back behind Supergirl's head. She turns it slowly to see a large Italian man standing over her in pale blue jogging apparel. He smiles down on her, but it does not fill her with warmth.

"He is?" The blonde teen looks doubtful. Tony, sensing this, reaches down and rubs the distracted girl's clitoris with a rapid rhythm that brings her head around and locks her eyes on his smiling face as she gasps in unexpected joy. "OHHH!" Continuing his quick fingering, Tony lowers his face and softly bites the highly sensitized nipple of the heavily moaning girl.

"...ohhhh....mmmmm.....ahhh..." Supergirl's head settles back on the floor, her neck arched slightly, her mouth open in erotic repture. Her legs are too weak to hold on to Tony's waist right now and she lets them slide off his body and splay lewdly off to either side of him, knees resting against the cool stone.

"Come on, Supergirl. What do you say, let's give Carmine a shot."


Carmine, kneeling behind the unwary blonde's head, takes his cock out of the fly of his jogging pants. It is not overly long but quite wide. He cautiously slides forward, nestling his crotch against the top of Supergirl's head and places the tip of his penis against her quivering lips. Currently raised to a height of ecstacy she had not fathomed possible by Tony's thrusting, ticking and kissing, Supergirl snakes her tongue out in an unconscious act of innate sexual need and licks the tip of Carmine's penis. It bobs on her face and she licks it again, finding the slight saltiness of his dick pleasing. Another bob of the rigid tool knocks against Supergirl's lips. That's enough of that!

The Maid of Steel arches her neck slightly more and captures Carmine's pecker in her lips with a quick grab of her mouth. Pushing off the floor, she slowly works her face backward, swallowing Carmine's tool in her mouth with obvious pleasure.


Tony beams in delight watching his friend Carmine's eyes bulge in surprise and delight at the warm mouth now slowly sucking on his cock. Cameras all around the room capture the incredible scene as the famous Supergirl is sprawled out shamelessly on the floor eagerly taking one man in her mouth while another is pumping away at her pussy.

The thrill of having Supergirl's soft wet mouth surround his cock as her tongue begins to lick lightly along his shaft makes Carmine grunt with joy. "HUNH! Wow...who would have thought Supergirl would be this good at blowjobs."

The hyperstimulated blonde is too engrossed to care about the absolute debasement she is a party to. All her supercharged libido cares about is continuous sexual gratification. And having her mouth and vagina filled with warm hard cocks puts her in seventh heaven. Right along with her two captors. She bucks her hips in rhythm with Tony as he his behind jerks and circles in his efforts to work his cock in, out and around Supergirl's love hole with every bit of skill he can muster.

Meanwhile, Carmine now gently holds Supergirl's head in his palms, her hair overflowing his hands as, upside down, she rocks her head back and forth, taking his member deep into her throat and out, deep in and out with genuine enthusiasm at the sensation this wide tool sends to her giddy brain. Her right hand fondles his balls, squeezing and stroking them to further stimulate the man's cock so it fills her mouth to its full potential.

Drowned in an aphrodisiac-driven flood of sexual desire, the girl in the world famous blue and red costume draws both men deep into her with wildly spasming muscles of her groin and face. Her shapely body writhes, wriggles and rocks against the two men, her short red skirt flapping wildly as Tony bumps away with grunting satisfaction. Supergirl's bare breasts jiggle and bounce in the air with enticing rhythms all their own. Carmine's cock disappears and reappears like a magic act the Girl of Steel has invented with her mouth. His face is strained, flushed and smiling in a rictus of sexual fever he can barely control. Both men look at each other and nod. Tony lifts his hand, holding up four fingers. They were both close and the girl, obviously was too. Slowly, Tony folds each finger down as he straightens his twisting hips and drives himself deeply into Supergirl's tight, pulsing pussy. His hand is under her arched back now, pulling her closer to him and his mouth finds her breast, centering on the nipple and biting it with rough abandon. Tony's final finger folds down and it all happens at once.

"AWWWMMMM" Supergirl's eyes flutter in untold ecstacy at Tony's brilliant maneuver. The heels of her bright red boots thump and jerk in staccato rhythm against the floor in a helpless release of pleasure. Her arms, clad in the tight blue cloth of her sweat-drenched costume reach up and enfold Tony in a desperate clinging embrace. Coupled with the feel of Carmine's firm hands holding her face tight against his groin, his scent filling her nostrils with a heady confusion, the overwhelmed blonde finally feels herself falling over the edge of some cliff in paradise. Her body now freezes in a rushing torrent of ecstacy as both Carmine and Tony fill her mouth and vagina with rushing jets of salty semen. Grunts, pants and moans fill the air as Carmine grips the blonde head in his lap and feels the constricting throat of the renowned Maid of Steel swallow his spunk with eager grunts of pleasure. He pulls himself out of the surprised teen's throat and degradingly sprays jism all over her shocked face and hair. Why would he do that when I was willing to swallow?

Suddenly, Tony, too, pulls his penis roughly out of Supergirl's tightly embracing vagina and shoots his sticky white cum all over the front of her panties and her skirt.

"What...why're you...doing this..." the frustrated blonde whines. Tony hoists himself to his knees and slaps Supergirl's face with a sudden swift forehand.

"UNGHH" Her face rocks sideways in stunned disbelief. Tony then grabs the blue tangle of cloth surrounding Supergirl's upper chest and pulls her blouse down over her naked tits, covering them with a harsh yank.

"Cover yourself, you shameless whore!"

Bitter tears leap to the wide stunned eyes of the flabbergasted girl.


"Why does that not surprise me?" Tony looks at the girl with total contempt. Searching his eyes, Supergirl slowly begins to swim her way out of the ocean of sexual frenzy that she'd been drowning in.

From behind her, Carmine suddenly grabs a handful of the sweaty, stringy blonde hair spread out in a tangle before him. He leans forward and drops his semen-coated cock on Supergirl's cheek and rubs it all over her face, leaving slick trails of cum on her chin, forehead and nose. He straightens up on his knees, tucks his prick back into his fly and stands up.

"You actually have a shred of talent at sucking cock, Supergirl. Keep it up. Shows promise." Carmine walks out of the room smiling away and out of sight from the horrified young heroine lying on the floor, who's just now realizing the absolute disgrace she has become. The aphrodisiac's effects have been dispelled by time and this mortifying attack.

"OHH....NO...NOO...RAO...NOOOOOOOO!" Supergirl screams and curls up in a ball, wanting to shut out the world. To crawl away and die somewhere, somehow. She'd been so badly tricked, so cavalierly used, and so thoroughly dishonored she knew she'd never be the same inside. Her very soul shrinks at the shame of all the acts she's now recalling, all the humiliations, all the wanton and degrading sexual desires she'd exhibited. She shakes but does not cry. This was beyond tears. This was hell!

Tony stares down at the fetal shape on the floor at his feet. The mighty Supergirl, silent, depressed, near catatonic. He believed he could crush her spirit with this training session. Clearly he had succeeded. The rest would be child's play. With the dildo, the supply of crack he'd be dosing her with and the variety of sexual devices he had planned for her, this teenage heroine was going to be a well-disciplined crack whore in just a week or so. And Tony was going to enjoy it tremendously. The incredible profits he'd realize would be icing on the cake.

Now he had one final point he wants to make in this training session. He needs to show Supergirl that reacting with any kind of violence against Tony or anyone else he introduced her to would be totally unacceptable. He reaches down and yanks hard on Supergirl's hair, hoisting the listless blonde heroine to her knees.

"It's not sleepy time quite yet, pumpkin," Tony snarls.

"..huh...whut now...? Lethargic and withdrawn, Supergirl's eyes open is fuzzy confusion as she wobbles precariously before Tony, wondering what he wanted from her now.

"That little punch of yours to my nuts earlier today, Superslut. NOT ACCEPTABLE!" Tony screams in the girl's face and her eyebrows rise in confusion. Was that today?

"...what....when...i...don't...rememb....HUNNNFFFF!" Tony buries his rock hard fist into the kneeling girl's abdomen and she instantly folds over like a cheap cot, falling face first on the floor in a gasping wheezing hump of blue and red.

"Thought you'd be tricky, huh, you pathetic excuse for a champion." More hair is yanked and the dazed blonde is pulled from a gasping coil of tired muscles to her knees once more.

"...dhun't..." slurs the breathy teen, weakly putting her palm out to fend off her attacker.

Tony yanks Supergirl's hair so she bends backwards, her entire body exposed as her palm waves pathetically in the air in front of her.

"Let's see if you like a taste of your own medicine, champ." Holding her off-balance and easily by-passing the outstretched hand, Tony drives his fist into Supergirl's crotch.

"GUHHNN." Her face goes white with a painful grunt as Tony releases her hair. The defenseless heroine collapses forward in a limp-wristed swoon, her forehead thudding against the floor. Her shoulders collapse and Supergirl topples sideways in an inelegant sprawl. The teenager that the unsuspecting world worships like a goddess lies in a tangled heap on the floor of a secret Mafia jail cell. Her skirt has flipped up to her waist, her cum-stained panties are showing, her blouse with its yellow and red insignia is all askew in a wrinkled mess, she's got obvious streaks of cum marking her worn face and thighs like a badge of dishonor and her cape is thrown haphazardly over a chair across the room.

"....ohhhhhh...." The moaning blonde tries to focus. So many painful bruises assail her consciousness. With the glowing kryptonite-filled dildo buried in her, there's no way for the Maid of Steel's incredible healing powers to work. She knows she can't escape. She's got to try to think how to make Tony stop this beating.

"How does that feel, champ? Hurts doesn't it?" Once again, the angry Mafia don pulls the grimacing teen hero to her knees, this time by her collar. "Want another?"

"No....don't..." she grunts, wavering on wobbly knees before him, her head hanging low.

"Oh, that's right, I forgot. You prefer a loving touch, Superslut." Without a shred of resistance from the once mighty heroine, Tony slides his hand under the famous blouse and crudely mauls her breast. There's no refinement here. This is an act of debasement pure and simple. The palms squeezes her tit into a thick wad of flesh. Then presses it flat and hard against her chest, then squeezes it again like a lump of Playdoh. "Yeah, that's what gets Supergirl hot. Playing on these luscious bongos. Ain't that right, sugar?"

Supergirl bites her lip and groans in despair. The pain was manageable. The memory of what this man had done to her body, of what she had liked under his once gentle hands, that is a torture that wracks the girl's body with guilt. She whines, her ego blasted to nothing.

"And, of course, no slut worth the name can say no to a nice cunt rubbing, right, queenie?" Again, without the hint of defense, Supergirl sags by her stretched collar before the dominating man as he sticks his hand down the front of her panties and rubs his palm all around her crotch like he's looking for loose change.

"AAHHH...OWWW..." the grimacing girl yelps at the indelicate probing and prodding of a dry forefinger at her sore and overworked clitoris.

"What? You a little too tender to go to work right now, Superslit?"

"" whimpers the dangling teen. Tears now fill her eyes again. The disgrace. The pain. The hopelessness.

"It supposed to hurt, nimrod. So does a shot to the nuts! I'm trying to make a point here that your tiny little blonde cranium can retain, Supergirl. You take another swipe at me or my men and you'll wish you were dead. You won't be dead, since you're worth too much to us alive. But you'll sure wish you were dead. Is that clear enough for a big time Superheroine like you to remember?"


"What? I can't hear you, beautiful."


"Yes what, cunt?"

"...yes. Yes, Mr. Bonano, sir." Dangling by her collar in Tony's tight grip, Supergirl sags on trembling knees, totally spent. Mentally vanquished, the girl is a shocking portrait of humbling defeat. If he weren't holding her, Tony wouldn't believe it himself. He'd truly done it!

"Fabulous!" He releases the girl's collar and she sags to the floor with knees spread wide, resting her butt on her thighs, wavering in circles in dizzy exhaustion. "Now get on the table, Supergirl, so I can strap you back in for the next training lesson.

"...soo...weak....too...weak..." she mumbles, swaying on her knees in a stunned stupor.

"It's always something with you, Supergirl. Say, I know, I can have Randy help you. Would you like that?"

The bedraggled blonde's head comes up in slow awareness. "...rhandy...? him..."

"Well then, get up on the table, champ. You can do it, you're the one and only Supergirl, right?"

The miserable young girl pushes her rear end away from the backs of her thighs and gets to all fours. Slowly, she crawls across the floor to the table five feet away. Tony watches Supergirl's cum stained panties shimmer in the light as her exposed ass wobbles noticeably beneath her skirt. The cameras record the humiliating crawl of shame from every angle: the drooping breasts under the disheveled blouse, the head hung in humiliation, the whitish streaks of dried cum on her thighs. Maybe even the teardrop gliding down the semen-coated cheeks of the demoralized heroine.

With a mighty effort, Supergirl reaches up to the tabletop when she finishes her crawl. She hoists herself up, standing on trembling legs for merely a second before she grabs the far side of the table and pulls herself onto it with a clumsy grunt. She turns her body slowly until she's spread out on the tablepad, her legs splayed on the V-shaped back end and her arms resting on the open leather shackles at the front end. She turns her head facing the wall away from Tony and her cheek presses into the tablepad with the weight of the world pressing down on the beautiful defeated superheroine. Supergirl sighs deeply and then, mentally and physically exhausted, she slips into sleep even before Tony finishes buckling the straps around her arms and legs.

End of Chapter 7

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 7