Supergirl Captured by the Mob Part 67a  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 67A - An Imaginary Incident: The Girls Meet The Street

By Dr. Dominator

IMPORTANT NEW NOTE: This chapter was written at the suggestion of a loyal reader. It is an imaginary interlude and is not meant to be seen as a part of the current story or plot line, although it's designed to seem like it would. But Tony Bonano would never actually take the chance of letting both women out of his sight together in public. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this imaginary sequence.

The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia and Don Lupenzo are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

"This collar is giving me a rash," complains the frowning blue-eyed blonde to her beautiful dark-haired companion for the second time that evening. She pulls the titanium metal loop away from her neck slightly, her pink-hued fingernails scratching at the scaled greenish skin. "And it itches!"

With its core of powdered kryptonite paste that is exposed through the tiniest aperture setting possible, the collar nullifies Supergirl's super powers completely and leaves her with the strength of a teenage girl who never works out and is easily winded with even mild exertion. Developed by an engineer under the direction of Tony Bonano, this collar and others like it have been effective tools for controlling the famous Maid of Steel throughout her captivity. At higher apertures, the mighty heroine usually collapses to her knees groaning, sweating and dazed with pain from the deadly radiation inside the devastating hoop. As a result, she's been trained to mind her manners since the collar is always in constant contact via high-frequency signals from its home base in the Pleasure Dome.

"I know, Kara," replies Diana with mild exasperation at the whining tone from her young friend. "And I miss my real belt. This fake one doesn't even fit right. See how it gaps."

"You're going to compare your fashion failure to my exposure to possible cancerous consequences? Really, Di?"

"Oh, put a sock in it, blondie! You know you'll heal up as soon as we get back to the suite. You always do and in mere minutes, too, I might add!"

"Whereas your crushing lack of style just goes on and on," smirks Kara.

"Exactly," chuckles Wonder Woman as she looks up into a night sky heavy with storm clouds. "I don't like the looks of that sky," she says, getting serious. "Feels like it's going to rain."

"Perfect," the grumpy blonde responds, looking heavenward. "Just our luck to be tossed out on the street by Tony to scare up business on a rainy night."

Dressed in their traditional costumes, the pair of heroines are walking along a street only two blocks away from the Pleasure Dome, Tony Bonano's gentlemen's club and casino situated in the South Bronx. It's 11:45 on a slow Tuesday night and the streets are quiet with almost no traffic. The lone car that passed them so far had an old couple who looked out the vehicle's windows and pointed at the girls with gaping mouths like some tram occupants on a ride through Wild Asia at the nearby Bronx Zoo.

"He probably heard the forecast and thought it would add to our punishment for trying to slip those sleeping pills into Carmine's drink," Diana scowled. "I told you it was a bad idea."

"It would've worked if Carlo hadn't alerted the casino security team. Damn cameras everywhere!"

"I'll be sporting a bruise for week from that shot to my ribs I took from that big bruiser when we were ambushed. Not even three steps out of the elevator and they took us down. Damn tasers! That rib shot was totally unnecessary. Not to mention him pawing my tits when he lifted my sorry ass off the carpet."

"Yeah, well, my guy tried to rearrange my plumbing with the wedgie he gave me hoisting me up by my underwear," Kara grumbles. "And he copped a feel for his troubles, too."

"Here comes a car," nods Diana at the maroon Dodge Challenger that is slowing as it nears them. The passenger windows front and back slide down with electric smoothness and two black men in their early 20s poke their heads out as the car stops in the street in front of Supergirl and Wonder Woman.

"Hey, ladies! Iz too early for Halloween," says the guy riding shotgun in the front, laughing at his own joke. His crooked teeth are yellowed with nicotine. He flicks an ash to the street from his dangling cigarette as he eyes the two women greedily.

"You're lookin' fine tonight, ladies. Out to party?" The goateed rear seat passenger asks, also undressing the two incredible bodies standing before him with his narrowed eyes. Both girls have one hand on a hip and one stroking a thigh and looking coy as instructed by Tony.

"Maybe," replies Supergirl. "What do you..."

"You're not cops are you?" Diana interrupts."You have to tell us if you are."

"We look like cops to you, bitch? Be real!"

"Could be undercover," answers Wonder Woman.

"Could be undercovers with you, sweet cheeks," Shotgun grins madly, enjoying his humor far too much.

"How much to do that?" The one with the goatee in the back asks quickly, all business.

"That will cost you, lover," purrs Diana.

"I know that! I recognize a whore when I see one," Goatee snaps back. "Even one who's tryin' to trade off the fame of a superhero just to get her pussy to pay her rent."

Diana's mouth gapes in speechless shock at this coarse insult hurled at her. Her body actually is leaning back in recoil at this indignity.

Worried that her partner is about to unleash a world of pain at the young man, Supergirl steps forward immediately and leans over to give Mr. Goatee a close up and personal inspection of her chest a mere half foot away from his face. She flashes a 500 watt smile at him and traces her fingers over the top edge of the lowered car window.

"If you're real nice, sir, I can assure you a wonderful experience for just $37 dollars, plus the cost of the room at an extra $8 dollars."

"What exactly does that get me? A fuck?"

"That's correct," Kara smiles at him as if that would be fun. "You get to fuck Supergirl."

"I'm not interested in your drippy hole, white girl. I'm keen to stick it to your fat-titty friend there. I like her big bazongas. She cost the same?"

"Err...uhmm....She's actually a little less," murmurs the suddenly embarrassed blonde, lowering her gaze and sliding her finger along the window edge again. "She's $29 plus the room."

"Why zat? Higher mileage on her snatch, huh? Had to dial back the odometer on that saggy-lipped pussy. That it? Don't know if I want no gaping cunt who can't give a grip on a guy's johnson. May have to pass on that po' boy special." Mr. Goatee shows all his teeth at the glowering Wonder Woman standing behind a now nervous Kara. "Less'n you think you've got game enough to get me hard and keep me hard, retread."

"Why you son of a bitch..." Wonder Woman takes a hard step forward to confront the taunting bearded man grinning at her from the back seat but is blocked by Supergirl who puts her hands on the Amazon's shoulders and pushes against her with all her strength which is minimal The blonde uses her body and flailing arms just enough to keep Diana from punching out the young man.

"Gun it, Rondo," yells Goatee. "These bitches be nuts!"

The car peels away from the curb with a screech of tires and a cloud of smoke, leaving both women in the street looking angrily at the accelerating vehicle.

"DUMB CUNTS! DON'T BE HERE WHEN WE GET BACK OR WE'LL MESS YOU UP!" The driver, Rondo, screams in the night, his voice fading as the Dodge roars away with a throaty, barely muffled roar.

"Those fucking bastards!" Diana says then yells after the retreating auto, "BASTARDS!"

"Di, let it go. If we get in trouble, you know Tony said he'd punish us." Supergirl takes Wonder Woman's hand and pulls her back onto the sidewalk, then starts to drag her along the avenue heading uptown. "Let's just find some other guys and score already so we can get back to the suite. Tony said if we didn't bring back at least a hundred bucks, we'd keep doing this night after night until we do. And the tote board goes back to zero when the night starts so we both have to get to it. You with me or not?"

"Yeah, yeah," mutters Wonder Woman. "Why do men have to be such assholes?"

"It's how they're wired."

"Even Batman can be such a prick!"

"Tell me about it. And Kal's no great prize either. Much as I love him, when he starts in on his moral code, I just want to knock him right into the sun!"

"But his eyes are cute when they flash in anger, don't you think?" Diana is sauntering up the street looking around for moving cars or pedestrians along the still vacant block.

"Puh-leeze! Get over him, would you?"

"I'd prefer to get on him."

"Eeewwww. Hey! Cousin! Remember? Grody!"

"He's not my cousin," Wonder Woman smiles.

Part 2

"Can we change topics, please!" Kara straight-arms Diana's biceps with a playful jolt. With her powers, such a punch from the Maid of Steel would have knocked her Amazonian friend through the plate glass shoe store display window they're walking past. As it is, however, the black-haired beauty barely registers the hit as she stops to admire the shoes and boots gleaming in the mini-spotlight.

"Oooh. Look at those black pumps. They're adorable," coos Diana. "I have a business suit I wear to the U.N. when the General Assembly's in session that those beauties would go perfectly with."

"And those brown boots are to die for!" Kara says, her eyes wide with admiration at the intricate stitching along the boot tops. Her words are almost drowned out by a rolling peal of thunder in the near distance.

"Even those green sandals would be nice," says Diana, pointing. "But are they for real at that price? $415 for sandals, that's outrageous!"

"No! Outrageous is you two skanks scamming our territory!"

Diana and Kara turn in sudden surprise to find themselves surrounded by five women wearing high heels, tight dresses, hot pants, halter tops and faux fur jackets giving them the evil eye. The thunder had covered the sound of the high heels worn by the small group of whores encompassing them, much to the two heroine's dismay. Diana frowns deeply at her lack of attentiveness. She's been off her game lately and this is just one more example of how her warrior skills have deteriorated. The heroin habit, the extended captivity, the beatings and her depression have all contributed to her lack of focus and dismal conduct lately as a superheroine. To be encircled so easily by an aggressive cadre of enemies was flat out amateurish and Wonder Woman knew it. Still even without her power belt, she shouldn't have any trouble with this paltry band.

Kara, on the other hand, while putting up a brave front with her hands on her hips and her jaw thrust out, is deeply concerned. She is much too weak to handle a group like this. Even the tall woman in front would be tough enough to deal with alone considering with how dissipated she feels from the heinous collar. Diana is going to have to do the heavy lifting in this confrontation.

"Last I looked, this is a public area," Wonder Woman addresses the group's leader, a six-foot tall black woman with brightly-bleached blonde hair cropped close in a tight Afro only a couple of inches off her scalp. Her tight white spandex tube top, crotch-hugging red vinyl hotpants with matching red boots and a fake rabbit fur jacket combine into an outfit designed to show off her ample breasts and long, well-toned legs in a way designed to generate boners in passing males and increase the nightly take. Diana merely regards the woman's aggressive stance and significant muscles, noting that they will be something to watch out for, should this escalate to violence. Still, she calmly rebukes the whore's challenging tone. "You have no right to claim this street as your own."

"Mouthy cunt, ain't she, Desiree," The shortest whore in the group says, standing with her arms folded and her head reared back in disdain right beside the tall leader. With a bright yellow halter top tightly wrapped around her large round knockers, sheer blue pantyhose and a bright blue leather miniskirt, the colorfully-clad black streetwalker is five feet two inches of pure animosity. She slowly shakes her head but her heavily-gelled short black hair doesn't move an inch.

"Can't deny that, Sharla," the tall leader says. "And she's actin' like her shit don't stink."

"Why the costumes, bitches?" Sharla snarls at the two heroines with disgust. "Think you're gonna score more johns with those stupid get ups and those sweet faces? Both of you look like you're out for a fuckin' Sunday stroll down the avenue. Not a fuckin' care in the world. 'Cept you're on our turf ladies and you ain't got no permit. And that means a world of hurt."

"For whom?" Wonder Woman smiles cooly, one eyebrow raised.

"For you, Jugs!" A tall white whore with a light, freckled complexion and wavy red hair answers Diana sharply. Wonder Woman eyes the red-haired streetwalker up and down. The whore's v-neck purple dress shows off a lot of cleavage for a cool autumn day and makes her nipples pop through the thin polyester fabric. The dress barely covers her ass and looks as if it's painted on. The way it clings to the surface of the woman's impressive curves actually widen's Diana's pupils a bit.

"You like what you see, Wonder Tits?" The 5' 11" redhead hasn't missed Diana's appraisal of her and taunts the staring Amazon with a slow turn in the form-fitting dress, one arm held out with her palm up, her other arm draped down her side smoothing along her thigh, her head cocked coyly in a sultry come-hither expression. "I can be yours for eighty bucks. After I fuck you up, of course." The sultry expression turns ugly with that final comment and the redhead takes a wide threatening stance with her hands waving like pointed weapons in the air before her.

"Now, now, Glenda," says Trixie, her slightly shorter white companion with breasts large enough to match those of Wonder Woman herself. "Maybe there's a good reason these two skanks are walking on our turf wearing those ridiculous clothes and, you know, not fighting crime like the superheros they supposed to be. Maybe they're just taking some time off for shoe shopping. That it, ladies? You shoe shopping cause your boots are so fuckin' passe?"

"I wouldn't be pointing fingers when it comes to fashion, bitch," snaps Wonder Woman, eyeing the big breasted white whore's wrinkled red miniskirt and blue see-through mesh blouse over her lacy black bra. "Madonna just called and needs her 80s clothes back for a Smithsonian exhibit!"

"Hee, hee, hee," giggles the fifth whore, a young 5' 5" black teenager with long, silky black hair wearing black vinyl hot pants over opaque black stockings. Her tight red rayon blouse is unbuttoned, showing off the cleavage of a very cute set of tits. Her sheepskin jacket worn unzipped over the blouse shows puffy yellow fleece that needs a good dry cleaning. "She got you there, Trixie."

"Shut up, Chloe. Nobody 'axed' you."

"ENOUGH!" The tall leader, Desiree, shouts. "We don't have time for this shit. We got customers to tend to. Is that what's going on here, girls? You just out shoe shopping? You're not trolling for johns?"

We don't have to explain ourselves to you," Diana replies coldly, assuming her power stance. "As I said, this is a public thoroughfare."

"Just like your pussy, blue eyes," taunts the red-headed knockout in the tight purple dress. Diana's eyes narrow at the redhead, an active dislike growing for the willowy white whore.

"Glenda, shut your pie hole," Desiree says with a glare, then turns her attention back to Diana. "If you tell me you girls are just out for a stroll, we'll let you go."

"Oh, come on, Dez," whines Sharla, her tiny frame jerking sideways as she spins on her leader with disbelief. She really wanted to mix it up with this tall black-haired bitch in the Wonder Woman costume. Her jealousy over the woman's superior height, beautiful face and incredible body makes her want to cut the superior cunt down to size with the switchblade lying in the bottom of her blue sequined purse. "They're obviously not really super bitches," she gestures at the two heroines. "So why else would they be dressed like that if not to pull our action? I say we teach these haughty cunts a lesson they'll never forget."

"Well, ladies, we all now know what Sharla thinks. But if you tell me you're not hustling in our territory, I'm willing to let you slide. How about it, blondie?" Desiree looks straight at Supergirl with the expression of a hawk checking out a plump, juicy toad. "You selling that tight teen cunt of yours tonight?"

"I don't see how that's your business," Kara replies, hoisting her young frame to its full height and staring back at the taller woman's dark brown eyes.

"Shit! Both you bitches got attitudes, huh?" Desiree is losing her patience now. She had tried to avoid a fight because she hadn't liked the look of the Wonder Woman wannabe. She held herself with a lot of confidence. Much more so than her pale, nervous blonde friend who Desiree knew she could handle with one arm tied behind her back if need be. "But I think Supergirl there looks like she's likely to piss her panties in fear, despite her uppity talk. I'm right, ain't I, Sunshine? You're 'bout ready to douse your drawers at the very idea of taking us on. I can see it in your eyes."

"The h..hell I am," answers Kara, cursing herself for her stammer and cursing the poisonous necklace for making her so weak. She stands her ground though, assuming her power position with a confidence that's paper thin.

"Why don't you pick on someone your own size, Desiree?" Diana challenges the leader with her surly tone and truly confident demeanor. Trying to draw the ire and the focus of the group back toward herself. The ring of whores crowding around the two heroines with their backs to the shoe store window had grown a bit tighter now. The band of five prostitutes is imposing its physical presence on the two heroines with obviously threatening stances from each.

Still Diana is fearless even as the five whores even out the spacing around them.

"You still haven't denied you're hooking, ladies. And your time's up. Yes or no? Are you whoring on our turf or not?"

"What would be the penalty if we were?" Diana questions Desiree with arched eyebrows, completely unfazed by the confrontation.

"We will fuck you up so much, you won't be able to give your pussies away for free, bitch!" Sharla is eager for the action to begin. She already has her hand in her purse, reaching for her blade.

"Well, I'm sorry to say that we do, in fact, represent your competition this evening, ladies," says Wonder Woman with a smirk at the closing circle of dour-faced whores. "And by your worn and slatternly looks, I'd say you're looking at a slow night in comparison."

"The fuck you say!" An enraged Sharla leaps immediately at Wonder Woman, her body rising off the sidewalk and her arm suddenly high in the air clutching a nasty switchblade that is swinging in a downward arc right at Diana's face.

Part 3

Wonder Woman has faced off against hundreds of knife-wielding assailants in her career and, even without her magical power belt, handling this short, ill-tempered black whore is no more of a challenge than brushing a gnat off her shoulder. Diana's arm immediately comes up and blocks the descending hand that clutches the knife with a sharp rap of her metal bracelet against the snarling woman's wrist.

"OWW!" The whore yelps in pain as the switchblade goes spinning off somewhere on the sidewalk. A short stiff arm to the woman's chest not only stops her in mid-air before she even can land on Wonder Woman but knocks the short black-haired whore backward in a sudden change of direction that lands Sharla on her tailbone with her legs flying up in the air and her yellow thong flashing brightly from under her blue leather skirt. "UUNGGH!.SHIT! DAMN...Oww! That... really...hurts..!....owwww...."

From Diana's left, the large-breasted Trixie with the blue mesh blouse and lacy black bra takes a sudden step forward and throws a hard jab at Wonder Woman's chest. At the same time, the group leader, Desiree, steps forward and aims a wide, arcing punch directly at Diana's face.

Her talent for handling multiple assailants is legendary and Wonder Woman parries both of the punches with ease. Trixie's jab is effortlessly knocked to the side by Diana's left arm. The Amazon beauty then quickly moves to her left, sidestepping Desiree's haymaker while launching her own left jab straight into the Trixie's now exposed stomach.

"GGHUUUNFFF1" The young white whore drops heavily to one knee with her head bowed, gasping for air and clutching her stomach in absolute misery.

In a blur of motion, Wonder Woman follows up her decking of Trixie with a right fist that snaps out and bashes against Desiree's cheek, knocking the tall black leader backward two steps with a grimace and a glare. She's not badly hurt except for her pride.

Off to Diana's right, things are faring much worse for Supergirl. The willowy Glenda rushes the blonde Kryptonian with both arms scissoring the air with hands formed into blades of flesh. Kara blocks one stabbing thrust at her stomach with her right arm but, far too frail from the kryptonite-imbued choker, her left arm fails to adequately protect her head. Glenda's karate chop comes down hard on her neck, spinning Supergirl off to her right and collapsing her to her knees so that the blonde's cape swirls around her body. Dazed by the blow, Kara is surprised to see that she's facing the shoe store window. How did that happen? Her arms hang limp at her sides. Following up immediately, Glenda rushes forward, pulling Supergirl's cape snugly around her upper body so it pins her arms. She holds that tight in one fist while the other grabs the Maid of Steel's long blonde hair in a tight bunch at the back of her head and smashes the stunned teenager's forehead hard against the store window. The glass stars into a white blur even as Supergirl's head and the hand holding it recoil from the impact.

"NNUGGHH." The famous champion's eyes cross in dull oblivion. She feels a rough tug back on her hair again and her face draws back helplessly then rockets forward. The window rushes at her and Kara's face is brutally smashed against the thick glass again, this time the bridge of her nose meeting the clear hard surface.

CRIGGKK...THUNNNK. The sound of cartilage being bent if not broken is masked by the solid thump of flesh against an unyielding solid.

"HUNNH!..Whhuugh..?...uhhhhhh...." All of Supergirl's reality coalesces into a ring of blackness and then she knows nothing. The only thing holding up the young heroine is Glenda's fisted hold on her hair. The shapely redhead releases the long flowing locks and Supergirl folds onto the sidewalk in an unconscious heap. She is out of the fight for good. Glenda, her killer figure wrapped in a tight purple dress, stands triumphantly over the beaten heroine. The smiling redheaded whore wipes her palms together in a finishing gesture of easy contempt.

"If the real Supergirl were here, she'd be pretty fuckin' pissed, you pathetic fuck-up," Glenda gloats to the unconscious blonde form lying at her feet. "You're not representing that costume very well."

Kara's body is lying on its side, her upper torso wrapped in her red cape like a cocoon. Her lower torso has her knees bent and touching together. Her short skirt drapes over her thighs on the side but rides up in the back, revealing the bottom of her tight red panties over her exposed butt. Supergirl's face is slack, her cheek flush against the cold pavement, her eyes showing nothing but white. Her mouth sags opens slightly, her tongue drooping through her parted lips like a dead slug. The blonde beauty's forehead is spotted a bright red from the impact with the window and from her nose drips a thin line of blood.

Wonder Woman is busily engaged by a yet another onslaught from Desiree and Chloe, but the Amazon princess is furious that she had been too heavily attacked by the two whores to come to Kara's aid in time. Desiree and Chloe had blocked Diana's path to Kara with a combination of sharp defensive maneuvers and sudden dangerous feints that completely forestalled all of Wonder Woman's efforts to come to Supergirl's assistance. It had only taken about 15 seconds at the most for Glenda to dispatch the heavily handicapped Maid of Steel but Desiree and Chloe had made sure there was no way for the black-haired bitch could save her blonde companion from Glenda's rapid and violent subjugation of Supergirl. And now Glenda is coming in to help the gasping whores who are obviously tiring from the frantic pace of the fight with this Wonder bitch.

Off to the side, Sharla and Trixie are still recovering from the painful damage to their bodies and confidence. This Wonder Woman wannabe was harshly good at fighting. Normally Desiree and Sharla would have wiped the floor by this time with anyone foolish enough to tangle with their gang. But Sharla had been very quickly knocked breathless as had Trixie. They were kneeling together and trying to talk through their wheezing.

" to attack her... all together..." Sharla gasped. The shot she'd taken to her chest felt like a rib might have been broken. She couldn't draw a clean breath without a twinge of pain. Trixie's massive chest was heaving as well. The punch to her gut had felt like dynamite going off in her stomach. Even after a few minutes, she was just now getting her breathing back, a slow process.

"'re...right.." Trixie nodded weakly. She didn't feel like wading back in against this whirling dervish but she suspected that Desiree, Glenda and Chloe weren't going to be able to take down the red and blue costumed cunt easily, even three against one. Looking at the spinning, coordinated defense being staged by this Wonder Woman whore, Trixie is amazed at the grace and power of those powerful kicking legs, the viper-fast arms and the bobbing and weaving style that was leaving her three friends' fists and high heels slashing nothing but empty air time after time.

Trixie sees Chloe try a leg sweep of the costumed woman and admires the speed of Chloe's sudden drop to her springy hands and the swift arc of her bare black leg as it sweeps out toward her adversary's bright red boots with their wide white stripes. An instant before the whipping leg makes contact with Wonder Woman's boots, the raven-haired dynamo leaps in the air and Chloe's leg sweeps harmlessly underneath the bent legs of the air-borne beauty. On top of that, the moment Wonder Woman lands, she bends low, dodging a right cross from Desiree, and snaps a hard right cross of her own directly onto Chloe's chin. This knocks Chloe's head sideways and sends her eyes rolling up under her lids even as her body jerks backward and she lies limp on her back with her one leg folded under her and the other sprawled far out to the side. The crotch of her tight black vinyl hotpants is so tight against her body in this awkward position that you can see the bulges of her labia in the light from the shoe store window. The red silk blouse has been pulled out of the waist of Chloe's low-riding hotpants revealing a smooth abdomen with a rose tattoo peeking through the gap. The red rose petals are wrinkled in the slowly rising black flesh as Chloe drops out of consciousness on the cold city sidewalk.

Just then, Glenda shoots out a high leg kick aimed at Wonder Woman's face at the same time that Desiree fires a hard mule kick at the Amazon's stomach. But with her reflexes honed by the adrenaline rushing through her system, the warrior princess jumps back a foot, her back slapping lightly against the window of the shoe store. Both kicks miss badly and Wonder Woman smiles broadly as she leaps forward toward the pair of off-balanced whores. She snaps her own leg kick at Glenda's head and connects with a loud THWOCK of boot heel on forehead. The redhead's hair flies forward as her head snaps back. Her pale green irises shake like peas in a glass vial as Glenda wavers in place on rubber legs. Then the tall freckled whore slowly falls backward onto the sidewalk like a fallen redwood. Lying on her back with her arms flung out to the sides and her knees flopped wide apart, the sheer black nylon panties under her tightly stretched dress display the soft folds of her pussy in the soft yellow light from the overhead street lamp.

Spinning in place, Wonder Woman suddenly squats down low before a frustrated Desiree who's seen all of her compatriots taken out of the fight by this big-titted cow. With a lunge upward, Diana flies toward Desiree with both fists pointing at the tall whore's breasts, one fist for each. No stranger to street fighting herself, Desiree reacts quickly enough to raise her knee and block Wonder Woman's attack. The leaping Amazon's chest smashes into Desiree's knee before Diana's fists can reach the whore. The pain in her tits is harsh and sudden.

"HUUHNNNN!" Wonder Woman is knocked backward, sprawling on the ground on her back, clutching her chest. "Ohhhh...." She'd leapt with such a vengeance, a rashness and a fury based on the ruthless attack she'd seen Kara subjected to that the powerful vehemence of the attack ensures Diana can't catch her breath for a moment. In fact she's quite dizzy from the foolish maneuver. From behind her, a strong arm wraps around her throat, squeezing off her airway with alarming effectiveness.


Diana can feel a huge set of plump breasts pressing against her back even as one of her arms is clutched at the wrist and pulled back to defeat her balance. It must be Trixie behind her with breasts that big. This fact is immediately confirmed by the sarcastic comment the young white whore makes.

"What's the matter, bitch? Can't get enough air to make any more funny Madonna references?"

"ERRGGHHKK!" The crook of Trixie's elbow nestles tightly under Wonder Woman's chin giving power to the headlock that is making the twisting and thrashing beauty weaker by the moment. Diana tries stabbing backward with her free elbow against Trixie's ribs but she can't get the proper leverage. In front of her, Desiree is hopping side to side, trying to angle for a chance to get a grip on the shiny red and white boots and hold this flailing bitch's ankles off the ground so she can't get leverage at all. But the stabbing, jerking boots are dangerous weapons that are all that Diana has left right now and she's using them as best she can. She kicks out viciously at Desiree's hands whenever they get close to her boots. The tall whore has already gotten her knuckles badly scraped by one nasty sideswipe of those cobra-quick boots.

"This bitch is pissing me off. Hold 'er down tight, Trix," Desiree snaps. "Sharla, come around her side and try to gut punch this rabid bitch! Maybe that'll slow her down so I can grab her boots."

Hesitantly, Sharla walks around the struggling women until she's to the six feet to left of them, eyeing the thrashing Amazon for an opening. With her injured rib, Sharla's not confident she can get a good punch in, especially with that free arm warding her off. She's going to have to go around to the other side where Trixie has her quaking arm pinned against her side. Diana's face is now red from the headlock but her struggles don't seem to be lessening that much. Trixie bears down harder on the headlock.

"AACCGGKK!" Wonder Woman's eyes bulge as she tries to tuck her chin into Trixie's elbow to counteract the hold but it does little good. She's almost out of breath and there's no fresh reserves coming through her windpipe. How did she let herself get into this position? More shoddy tactics. More sloppy thinking. More pathetic results. Diana is horrified at how incompetent she has become.

"Come on. Pass out you motherfucking hellbitch!" Trixie growls into Diana's ear.

On Diana's right she suddenly sees a black fist come skewering in from just over Trixie's shoulder. It drives into her right tit but it's too weak to be very effective.

"Hey, Sharla. That didn't do shit. You gotta get closer," Desiree hollers. "Really give her a shot now!"

"I'm trying but she's movin' around so much it's hard to get a clean shot. And my ribs hurt. She may have broken a couple."

"You want to try to grab her feet and I'll punch her side?"

"Hell no!" Sharla blanches. Those feet looked deadly, even with the headlock Trixie was laying on this hellion.

"Then get closer and punch the skank hard, Sharla. Let's get this done!"

Nervously, Sharla edges closer to Wonder Woman's right side. With her right arm pinned down to her side by Trixie's firm grip on her wrist, Diana can only try to ward off Sharla's attack with her wildly waving free left arm from across her body. Suddenly, with her arm waving off to the left, before Wonder Woman can bring it back to block her, Sharla's fist crashes with much greater force than last time, and this one connects right to the exposed ribs of the struggling Amazon.

"GHAAAAA! WHREEEEEZ!" The punch and the newly tightened headlock do the trick. Diana's face goes a deeper red, near purple and her body goes slack with lightheaded pain and confusion.

They've won! They're going to kill me now. And Kara.

She, Wonder Woman, Champion of All Women, was going to die as a whore fighting a turf war. It was all so surreal. And so wrong!

The wheezing distracted heroine feels her ankles suddenly grabbed and her legs hoisted up in the air. Desiree now even had her feet in her tight grasp and wasn't about to let go. There was nothing left to do. She was finished.

Or was she?

There are all kinds of leverage and suddenly Diana realized she had better leverage now than when her feet were on the floor fighting off Trixie's wrestling hold and Desiree's attempt to grab her boots. With all the energy in her body and all the desperation in her soul, Wonder Woman suddenly wrenches her body around in a tight spin. With Desiree holding her legs so firmly, she has all the resistance she need to push off at last! She turns inside Trixie's headlock until her face is buried in the girl's armpit, her face full of blue mesh nylon, her eyebrows scraping against the oversized bra strap underneath the blouse. But she can breathe again. It's rank armpit sweat and all that, but it smells as fresh as mountain air to her fiery lungs. With her free arm, she gives Trixie the most brutal, most punishing shot to the ribs she can muster and it is more than enough to free her from the big-breasted white whore. Trixie releases her upper torso and rolls to the side screaming with pain from Wonder Woman's thunderous punch. Still close enough to grab her though, Wonder Woman does so, wrapping her arms around the wailing woman's waist. With that secure base giving her the anchor she needs, Diana is able to wrench one leg out of Desiree's grasp. With a snap kick born of true desperation and concentrated hate, Wonder Woman connects with Desiree's chest and succeeds in knocking the tall whore's grip away from her legs. The whore with the closely-cropped white-afro stumbles backward until she totters on the curb and falls into the street in an ungainly sprawl while Wonder Woman springs to her feet and dashes straight toward Sharla who is bending down to pick up her switchblade six feet away. Just as the short black woman rises and looks up, she finds herself seeing the sole of a red boot come screaming through the air at her face. She can't block the kick though and the short stunned whore goes flying backward into the outside wall of the shoe store. Her back hits first and then her head bounces against the wall knocking her for a loop. Dizzy and disoriented, Sharla drops to one knee. She doesn't even see the follow-up kick from Wonder Woman that strikes her under the chin and put out her lights completely.

"Who the fuck are you?" Desiree calls angrily as she pulls herself to a standing position using the metal pole of the bus stop sign.

"I'm Wonder Woman."

"No really. Who are you? Where do you come from?" Desiree is walking toward Diana, both fists raised in a boxer's stance, ready to go a few rounds. The two of them circle each other cautiously, searching for openings.

"You want to know where I come from?" Wonder Woman looks into Desiree's fearful eyes and breaks into a very cold smile. "Your nightmares, bitch! I'm your Freddie Kruger." And with that, the Amazon beauty hurls herself in the air without warning and executes a flying drop kick to Desiree's face. The timing and aim are slightly off and Diana only bumps brusquely against Desiree's jaw. The startled whore backs up in a panicked, stumbling retreat, however, and trips over the prone body of Supergirl, rapping her head extremely hard against the wall of the shoe store.

"HUNNGH!" Desiree pitches forward onto Supergirl's body and lays there inertly as Diana watches for any further movement. There is none. Diana looks around at the bodies of five limp women scattered around the area. All five whores are unconscious on the sidewalk in various positions of awkward collapse.

From around a corner comes a loud, bulky street cleaning machine, it's rotating brushes sweeping the debris clean in a wet path down the side street before heading over toward the Grand Concourse. Wonder Woman takes a deep breath and watches it go. The driver is merely looking back over his shoulder at the incredible scene but doesn't stop. He merely waves a hesitant hand and turns back to keep the giant rolling broom on the straight and narrow. The things you see in the city at night. It never surprised him anymore. But that scene was one for the books.

Diana walks over to where Supergirl is lying on the sidewalk. She leans over to roll away the body of Desiree who has collapsed across the inert form of her blonde friend so she can administer whatever first aid Kara may need. As the limp form of Desiree rolls over Diana is surprised to see a yellowish gleam in the tall black whore's hand. No. Not in the hand but around it. And then the big black fist comes shooting upward, nailing Wonder Woman in the temple and sending her to her knees with stars in her eyes and a throat filled with bile. After that, Diana falls on her face in pain and confusion. She passes out with a small, gasping grunt.

The brass knuckles that Desiree had slipped onto her hand from the pocket of her faux rabbit fur coat had finally done what she and her four compatriots had been unable to accomplish. They knocked out Wonder Woman and left her helplessly lying in the street, unconscious and bloody, ripe for the vengeful punishment that a shaky Desiree was very much looking forward to.

Part 4

Holding this Wonder bitch's bright red and white boots tightly by the ankles, Desiree drags the limp form along the sidewalk. The skank's arms drape along behind her head, palms up. All that wavy black hair swishes along the concrete, twirling and tangling as the body is hauled along in total slack-mouthed defeat. Those huge tits bobble and bounce, barely contained by the gold fabric eagle at the top of her bustier. The all-too-pretty face of this heavy load is mostly untouched but there's a nasty swollen bump at her temple that is already turning a nasty shade of blue. The bitch's eyes are open, the lids fluttering as the brightly-costumed white whore seems to be trying to come back to her senses. Her drooling mouth indicates it may be a while yet before fat-ass here can make that happen.

Desiree is walking backwards with Wonder Woman in tow, heading for an alley just down the street so she can enjoy some added privacy where she and her girls can beat the living snot out of this pain in the ass: Really teach her and her blonde teenage carpet-munching toady a little lesson in street justice. She may lose some john time and money in doing so but it will be well worth it!

Her fellow whores had all been brought back to painful, angry consciousness by Desiree with some slapping, some coaxing and some rough nipple pinching where needed. Her grumpy compatriots now walk behind her. Glenda drags a slouching, moaning Supergirl by her armpits. The blonde girl's shiny red boots are flopped toes outward as the sides of the boots scrape along the sidewalk. In the darkness of this autumn night, the titanium collar throws off a pinpoint of green light that has brought Supergirl to such a humiliating posture. Trixie, Sharla and Chloe are bringing up the rear, scanning for onlookers but seeing no one. Trixie checks her cheap digital wristwatch. It's 12:38 a.m. Wednesday.

The odd-looking group passes a small store selling sports equipment, a fruit stand and a diner which are all closed down tight for the night with roll-down steel shutters. The small alleyway is just to the left of the diner and the two heroines are quickly pulled into the long, dark passageway, their bodies bumping on the rougher surface of broken bricks and broken concrete. Soft, pained moans escape from Wonder Women as her head is dragged across the sharp edges and bumpy pits of the neglected surface. Supergirl's ankles are being battered by the rough edges of bricks. The collar has weakened her boots to the point where the now semi-conscious heroine can feel the bone of her ankles being knocked over and over by the stones, bricks and broken cinder blocks that they're dragged across. The cruel knocks against the sensitive bone hurt her deeply and she groans aloud.

Diana, too, winces and moans a mumbled "oww" as the back of her head thumps harshly against a hard surface. Her back is also being jolted and jabbed as she moves forward feet first with no active role whatsoever in the process.

Being dragged. Head really hurts. Was fighting those whores. OWW! Head! Feel sick, queasy. Oww! Back! Bitch leader surprised me... with what?...brass knuckles? Oww! Now hip hurts! STOP! STOP!


"What's that, honey? Speak up. I can't hear your sorry ass!" Desiree chuckles as she continues to yank, twist and shake the helpless costumed bitch down the rough alleyway with pure delight.

"I think she said the ride's too smooth," Sharla calls out with a nasty laugh. "Wants you to bounce her head a few more times. Maybe drag it across that broken beer bottle."

"I'm not trying kill her, Sharla," says Desiree as she gives her victim a heavy twisting shake of her calves causing Diana's cheek to scrape against a rusty metal bottle cap and come up with an angry skin scrape. "Just want Double D's here to know she pissed be off. You hear me, jelly jugs? I'm really honked off at you, honky!"

My face! Oww! Scraped. Got to grab something.

Diana's wrists turn and her feeble fingers reach out to try to hold onto the uneven surface sliding beneath them but she's being pulled too quickly. The Amazon warrior is simply too weak and disoriented to hold on to anything to stop or even slow her progress. Bricks, stones and gravel slip out of her fingers with every pathetic effort.

Oww! Head again. And again. BACK! OWWW! PLEASE STOP!!!

"...STUPPP...! more...Oww...oww....ohhhhhh..."

Finally about twenty feet from the end of the alley, Desiree finally comes to a halt and pushes Wonder Woman's legs down out of her grip so they slam to the ground, drawing a sharp whimper from the dazed and whimpering woman. Behind them, the other girls stop and Glenda drops Supergirl's upper torso to the alley surface like a sack of potatoes.

"....aagh!..." Kara yelps as her head hits an uneven patch of tarmac and bounces slightly. The pain cuts through her barely conscious state and the young Kryptonian slowly starts to regain her senses. She hears someone talking. A female.

"There. We stopped. Happy, cunts?"

"...uuugggghhhh...." Diana is dizzy with pain messages from all over her back and her head. It's like her brain's email box is clogged with urgent notices that she's too sick and confused to know how to open them. And she doesn't even want to try.

"You won't be happy, bitches! Not with what me and my girlfriends are going to do to you two."

Both heroines are still too out of it to respond. Diana's temple is throbbing badly. The skin probably isn't broken since she doesn't feel the drip of blood down her face but it's possible she's sustained a concussion. She feels slightly nauseous but she can remember what happened so that's a good sign. Slowly, Diana opens her eyes to see Desiree looking down at her with a broadly evil smile.

"Hey sugar! Ready to play? You're so good at fighting, I'd thought I'd give you another shot at the title."

"...i won the last time...only here cuz you cheated..." whispers Wonder Woman.

"Let's agree to disagree, skank," Desiree says as she goes down on one knee and reaches low to grabs the front of Wonder Woman's top. Clutching the fabric eagle tight in her fist, Desiree hauls a limp and surprised Diana off her back and yanks her savagely to her knees. The dazed heroine sags backward in Desiree's grip, both arms dangling at her sides, her head wavering as she raises it to look into the eyes of the tall black whore holding her in place. She's too out of it to even see the crooked elbow of the woman in the white tube top and bobbing breasts rear back. All she notices at the last moment is the blur coming at her midsection.


Desiree has gut-punched Wonder Woman with all her might using the brass knuckles.

Diana's vision explodes into a galaxy of white stars with the lack of air. She doubles over in agony and, released from the grinning whore's hold, collapses to her side in wheezing, gasping agony. Then, overwhelmed with lightheadedness and nausea, the Amazon vomits out a pool of greenish-brown slop onto the street by her face.

"Oh, We're gonna have so much fun kicking your sorry white asses, you muthafuckin' cunts. Both of you are gonna wish you never been born. I promise you that!"

End of Chapter 67-A

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