Supergirl Captured by the Mob 20  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 20 - The Minetti Brothers

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

Tony Bonano is drinking Johnny Walker Blue Label scotch and savoring every sip. He is in the apartment within his building in the South Bronx, relaxing with Carmine and Sergei and talking over plans for the near future. He had just concluded a deal over the phone with Joey Bastimento, the head of one of the mob's strongest families in Boston. With news of Supergirl's capture and domination having made the news, and Tony's webcast presentation to Bastimento of the teenage heroine's domination from various stages of his training, the Boston mob boss had agreed to consolidate with Tony's family based in the New York Metro area for an equal share of all of Bastimento's Boston area prostitution, gambling and drug traffic.

On his part, Tony was providing extra protection of Bastimento's businesses for his share of the Boston pie. Tony was guaranteeing this protection based on keeping Supergirl out of the picture for a minimum of one year as well as Tony supplying additional muscle in Boston that he would be paying handsomely for with the proceeds from both Supergirl's whoring revenue and, more substantially, from the income from DVD sales of her capture and subsequent domination.

Already through underground sales of her capture video, Tony had realized more than five million dollars. And with the series of DVDs he could release over the course of her imprisonment and debasement, that figure could easily multiply by a factor of ten.

The only concern was the pressure that would come down on him from the police and, more worrisome, from the heroes and heroines around the U.S. who would be trying to locate Supergirl and bring Bonano to justice if and when they found out he was the man behind her capture. The police couldn't be bought off on this matter, well not entirely. Prostitution, gambling and even drugs was one thing, but the degradation of a female superhero would reap the whirlwind in ways even he would have trouble handling.

Right now, with just about a week since her capture, Supergirl's disappearance was headline news. Thanks in part to the initial DVD of her capture being shown on every major network and local channel that carried a signal, the heat was on. Of course, network and local television outlets had edited the capture video drastically . But there were YouTube clips galore being downloaded day and night of Supergirl's tits and crotch being smeared with the krypto-slime from that first night near Carmine's warehouse. And he was the one who was going to be controlling the subsequent distribution of her imprisonment series. He had set up a thick network of dummy corporations over six months ago in anticipation of this revenue stream. He had to protect himself as much as he could from nosey reporters and cops from tying him to the digital record he was selling. But he realized the buffer he had built wouldn't hold up forever. Too many people knew too much. He only had so much deniability in this issue. The legal proof would take at least a year for the legal system to process, and he'd let the girl go before that year was out. But Tony's concern were the Meta-humans like Superman, the Fantastic Four and every other spandex wearing knight in shining armor. Not to mention and every butch dyke like Batgirl or the Black Canary. Those types wouldn't have any trouble bending the legal code to get to him. They were vigilantes pure and simple. That included Wonder Woman, of course, but he thought he had that situation under control.

He was discussing with Carmine and Sergei whether he should try to slow the wheels of justice down on everybody's part by threatening to whack Supergirl if they didn't stop their rescue efforts. A nice video could be made showing just how vulnerable the young blonde teen had become. Hell, that sequence with Carmine almost choking her to death in the bondage chair would throw a scare into them. Naturally Carmine was against that since his face was all over that scene. It could be distorted so they couldn't make him out if they had to. Basically, the threesome agreed that would be a last resort.

Right now, every john that Supergirl was going to be entertaining from here on in was being vetted and handled through 3rdand 4th party contacts and blind email drops in order to keep distance between Tony and the monies involved. Except for Frank Rozzo and if that caused trouble, Tony had no problem removing Frankie from the picture if started talking too much. Keeping the lid on this thing was going to be more difficult than he had figured. It was a risky business, but for now things were holding and the money was flowing.

"Let's move on. What's the report on the Diana Prince tail, Carmine? Things play pretty much the way we thought they would?"

"Like a fuckin' script, Tony. You were right on the money! I had three good men at the meet we set up with her at 5:00 p.m. Two in the store and a spotter in the apartment looking down on the site. The broad shows up on time, dressed in a raincoat and a floppy hat. A little hard to see but it was definitely her my spotter says. I gave him a picture of her from the UN internet site about that Amazon Liaison office. Anyway, she's waiting on the corner for me as directed to discuss Danver's disappearance. The spotter waits seven minutes past five and the babe is checking her watch every minute or so and getting a little edgy. Finally he gives the two boys in the store the signal with the double ring on their cell phones and they start the robbery as directed, making all the noise and bustin' up the shelves and shit, like they're speedballers."

"Sounds good so far," Tony says with a quiet nod and a sip of his finely aged scotch.

"They did just like they were told my spotter says. He's got binoculars looking into the store and sees them wavin' their knives around and threatening the cashier. Anyway, the Prince dame suddenly ducks into the alley like you said she would, way back so the spotter can't see her from his angle. He sees this bright flash of light though and next thing he knows, Wonder Woman is zipping out of the alley and right into the corner store. She takes out my two boys like they're second graders holdin' crayons instead of hard cases with switchblades. They're slouched on the floor like nappin' babies and she's gesturin' at the cashier to call the cops. Then Wonder Woman splits quick, dashes into the alley, there's another flash and fifteen seconds later Diana Prince strolls out checkin' her watch again. That's when the spotter calls me and I call Prince's cell phone number, apologize for a sudden meeting I had to take and reschedule for tomorrow at 11 a.m. at the place we discussed. So yeah, it looks like the information is good from blondie: Diana Prince is Wonder Woman. Unless you think she was hiding in that alley and somehow contacted Wonder Woman and stayed there while she stopped the robbery?"

"Nope. She's Wonder Woman. And we got her. Did you bail out your two guys?"

"That's being done. Our attorney says they'll get at least a year for assault with a deadly weapon but since it wasn't guns, it won't be extra heavy time. I had the attorney tell them they'd be well taken care of for their services as long as they don't talk. Nobody from my regular crew talked to them as you asked, but she never questioned them with that magic lasso or nothin'. I guess she was concerned about missing the meet, so hurried it up a bit. Mistook it for just another crime in the course of a day."

"Excellent, Carmine. Great work. Okay, get all the rest of the men we talked about and get them in position at tomorrow's meet. How good are the trigger guys?"

"They can knock the linguine off a fork at a quarter mile with a good scope!"

"Great. We'll see just how good Wonder Woman is with those bracelets of hers," Tony smiles and sips his scotch. "Did you contact Scarlett, too?"

"Yeah, she's on board. Costing us a pretty penny, that one!"

"She's worth every penny. I'm just covering every base I can think of. She may not even be needed."

"But we gotta pay her anyway, whether or not she's required?"

"Yup," Tony says. "Don't sweat it, Carmine. The money don't mean shit. We'll be ass deep in cash before this thing's over." Checking his Rolex, Bonano then drains the rest of his drink with a quick gulp and stands up. "I'm going up to give our young crack whore her pipe. Who's next, the Minetti's?"

"Correct," says Sergei, who's been quietly sipping his vodka and listening intently. "They have paid 100 g's for a two-hour rough double. BJ and anal, and they may not be so nice about it. They enjoy roughing up the ladies a little, they are saying."

"Jeezuz, doesn't anybody just plain screw anymore? Like it's not enough to be tapping Supergirl, you got to get your rod stiff slapping that beautiful broad around, too? Fine, but not too rough, Sergei. I know she can take it physically, but she's not mentally adjusted to this scene yet. She took the Sanders thing harder than I thought she would. Be sure that Stevie keeps a close eye on them while he's working the cameras. No knives or guns. Nothing but their own hands. Put 'em through a metal detector! These guys make me nervous."

"Tony, this is why I am here, yes? To protect the girl and your investment. I, too, will be watching to be sure they play within the rules."

"Okay, everything's covered. Carmine, you want to join me at the club downstairs after I give Little Miss Sunshine her pipe? We got Penne Putanesca as tonight's special?"

"Wow. Sounds delicious, Ton. First, though I want to be sure everything's set for tomorrow with the team. How long you figure you'll be with upstairs with Supergirl?"

"Not long. 30 or 40 minutes, tops."

"Should work. I'll meet you downstairs. If there's a problem, I'll buzz your cell."


Tony walks in to Supergirl's suite to find the pretty blonde pacing back and forth, jittery, twitchy and talking a mile a minute. Her hands are all over him when he reaches her, fumbling in his pockets and searching for the crack pipe she so desperately needs.

"Wow, what took you so long? I thought you would have come up sooner. Did you bring me my magic pebbles? Wow, do I need this," she says, pulling the blue glass pipe from his jacket pocket. "You wouldn't believe what an a-hole, excuse my French, that Don Sanders was. Creep number one. Did you know he was a con man who steals people's life savings and he raped a sixteen year old girl? Not to mention sticking it up my butt!"

"Hello to you, too, Linda."

"Sorry. Hi! I'm a little stressed," she says, smiling up at him. She wiggles the pipe. "There's nothing in here."

"No, not yet."

"Oh my gosh, what's the matter? Did I do something wrong?" Her face falters and she looks up in alarm with wide blue eyes touched by panic.

Tony notices the eyelids have the tiniest hint of green from the choker at her throat. He'd have to give her a break from that somehow later tonight after the Minetti brothers were done.

"You? No, you're fine. I got a lot on my plate and I wanted to brief you before the next 'gentlemen' arrived," he says with scorn. "And I need your attention before you get lost in the crack."

"Okay, sure. What's the bad news?" she asks offhandedly, eager for the pipe that will come shortly. They sit down together on the sofa side by side. The pink terrycloth robe falls open revealing a flash of the bright yellow teddy underneath. The skin tight silk shines like a promise in Tony's eye. It caresses her figure and shows off her breasts, hips and crotch with breathtaking allure. It is with great difficulty that he concentrates on the conversation he needs to have with this blonde goddess.

"First, thank you for remembering to refer to me as your handler. That's very important as I mentioned. So, good girl," he pats her thigh softly and leaves the hand there.

"No problem, Mr. B. I'm trying my best. You've got some nasty friends though, I have to tell you."

"Most of these guys aren't my friends, Linda. They're business contacts. Some guys I owe favors to and others I'm trying to help out so I get influence down the road. Business things that you have to do in my line of work. And I appreciate the effort you're making. A lot! I noticed on the monitor you were able to swallow Mr. Sanders'...uh...load...without getting sick."

"That prick! Yeah, I was motivated at the time because I thought he was nice. Real nice, I thought. So I wanted to please him, you know. Three times he shot his load and I, like an idiot, took it all for that scum! And...and... I let him sodomize me and...and it felt good and then.....he turned out to be a real bastard." She concludes softly at the end with a deep frown. Tony strokes her thigh gently.

"Well, I appreciate your efforts and to thank you, I've brought you more 'Vanilla Pudding,' so I know you'll enjoy it. But let me tell you about your next two visitors first."

"Shoot," she smiles, pleased at the good crack and pleased that Tony was satisfied with her work. Though why that mattered to her would probably take a shrink the better part of a year to fully explore, if she ever made it to one.

"The next guys coming up are the Minetti brothers, Sal and Mario. I'm going to tell you right up front that these are definitely not nice men. The only reason I'm letting them within a mile of you is that the connections they have are extremely important for my expansion plans. So while I want you to treat them nicely, they won't be giving you the same courtesy. They like their sex rough. They're signed on for a blow job and, once again, anal intercourse."

"Oh." Supergirl grimaces. Sanders proved to her that anal sex could be pleasurable but if these guys liked it rough, she supposed she was in for a painful session. "You don't suppose I could sway their decision during the course of their visit, do you?" Her eye twitches and her neck does too. She's strained at the edges now for the crack. It's been too long since her last time and the beautiful blonde addict looks a little haggard in this light.

"You can try. You're quite persuasive when you set your mind on something," he smiles and pats her thigh before pulling it away and putting it in his jacket pocket. Frankly though, I doubt it with these two. I want you to know that we're screening them for weapons so you won't have to worry about that, but they may knock you around before they get down to the sex. You can use defensive maneuvers. They'll probably get off on them, frankly. But you can't attack them. Stevie and Sergei will be monitoring them, so there's that backup, too."

"Okay," she licks her lips looking at the hand in his pocket eagerly, her mind already focused on her next high.

"Linda, listen to me," He pulls her chin up and looks into the darting blue eyes and the nervous trembling lips. Focus for me on one last thing." She takes a breath and looks him squarely in the eye now. It's a strain though for the teenage champion who's body and mind scream with the driving need for the crack that is her existence now. "Get them interested as fast as you can in the sex and it will probably go easier on you. That would be my suggestion."

"Alright, Tony. Is that all?"

"I guess so. Oh, no. Actually, one more thing. I need you to be wearing the Supergirl costume for these guys. The asked for it specifically."

"Sure, sure. I'm getting the picture about what these guys want. They're looking to beat the crap out of Supergirl and then fuck her so they can feel superior to all the woman in the world, even the most powerful. Make them feel like they're swinging the biggest dicks on the planet. Excuse my language, but I know the type. I dealt with a guy called Mr. Metropolis a while back when I covered for Superman while he was off on a deep space mission. Mr. Metropolis had to fuck every heroine in a skirt he could find, including yours truly. It took some doing to get out of that situation but I finally did, and then set him straight on the right way to treat a woman. But that was a long time ago...." She drifts off, thinking about her other life.

"Here's the stuff." He says, purposely bringing her out of her funk. He needs her to be up and happy if possible, not morose about her past existence as a superhero. He pulls a small ball of aluminum foil from his pocket and hands it over. The shaking teen's fumbling fingers desperately pry open the crumpled foil and then drop it on the floor as she plucks out the small white pebble and drops it into the base of the pipe. Tony hands her his lighter and Supergirl puts the flame under the pipe and sucks greedily on the mouth of the blue glass crack pipe. Yet again the cameras hidden around the room record the image of the mighty blonde heroine willingly smoking crack like a common street whore, chipping away at the foundation of her inner strength and burying herself in a habit from which few people ever fully extract themselves. She inhales deeply and settles back on the cushion of the plush leather sofa.

"Mmmmhhhh...ohhhhh....yess....that's the stuff I remember!" Supergirl's irises lazily drift around and her head slumps to the right in a foolish, drugged up expression of bubble-headed joy. This once was a girl that kings, queens, presidents and prime ministers from all around the globe conferred with as an equal when talking about national security and global defense. Right now she was barely smart enough to discuss the weather!

Tony Bonano had done to Supergirl what he had promised a mere week or so ago. He had irrefutably turned the world's mightiest, most beloved female defender into a vulgar, sexually subservient addle-brained crack whore for his personal pleasure and profit. Even now, as her robe drapes widely open exposing her flawless figure barely sheathed in smooth, yellow silk, Tony casually reaches through the gap and fondles the slouching blonde's tit without her demonstrating the remotest hint of disapproval. In fact, the stoned teen moans in erotic pleasure. That is how completely Tony has dominated and controlled the famous Maid of Steel! The silky yellow crotch of her tight teddy actually gets darker and damp from his simple manipulation of her breast. Supergirl has been well trained to be the slut he envisioned long ago, a lovely teenage champion who eagerly puts out for Tony and whoever he or Sergei sends to meet her. Her honor, her discipline, her self-esteem and her courage have been completely neutralized by his brutal and disciplined training regimen.

"Your hands feel wonderful on my boobies," the crack-high blonde giggles, pressing her chest eagerly against the smooth palm holding her soft roundness. He caresses her breast gently at first and then squeezes it harshly.

"Aahh..." Supergirl purrs at his rough handling, her brain a million miles away as she gives her body up to his pleasure. His fingers roll her nipple and his other hand pushes the robe off her thighs and firmly squeezes her damp crotch. He's getting hard just holding his drugged prize.


"I think we have time for you to give me a blowjob, my dear."

"Can I enjoy my high a bit longer, please, Mr. B?"


"...ohh...kay...then." she murmurs and slides off the couch like melting ice cream. On her knees before him, the dreamy teen slowly unzips Tony's fly, concentrating on her work with her tongue sticking out between her lips like a overly careful second grader. She pulls out his quickly stiffening rod and pulls herself up higher on her knees for a better angle. With her face hovering over his penis now, she works up a generous dollop of saliva and lets it drizzle all over the tip of his waiting cock. Then she dives in, pressing her mouth over the shaft and working the lubricating spit all over the top third of his prick with her mouth, rotating her head slightly as she does.

"Ahhh!" Tony exclaims. Quickly thrilled, his hands reach to her ears and he holds her head loosely as the blonde wonder works eagerly on his throbbing shaft. Her head rises and falls rapidly in his lap, over and over she mouths his dick as her right hand strokes the shaft in rapid circular motions and her left hand fondles his balls with a soft feathery twittering of her fingers.


"'re really amazing at this!"

"Fwank yoo whehwee muthh," she says with her lips wrapped around his cock. She slathers her tongue heavily all around his glans, bringing it to a throbbing sheen in the light. And then the famous heroine goes down deep on the full length of his member, taking it all the way to the hilt of his cock and holding it within her throat, breathing carefully through her nose. Even with his full 8" length jammed down her gullet, the Maid of Steel is not gagging in the least. She has mastered this skill extremely quickly. In fact, she is totally turned on by her mouth being completely filled with cock. Her throat compresses the full warm length of him. Her repeated swallowing action clinches against Tony's cock, squeezing and stimulating it in a way he's never experienced before. As her throat tightens along the entire shaft and flutters as she sucks in and out, Supergirl's eyes rotate upward to watch while Tony's face loses all control as his orgasm overwhelms him. His prick bobs once and, holding her head tightly against his groin so her nose is buried in his pubic hair, Tony shoots a jet of thick jism into Supergirl's yawning throat. She takes it all without a shudder or a gag.

Then Tony splurges again and she swallows two thirds of the salty jism down easily. At last he releases her head and she pulls her face away from his groin. Several long strings of ropy cum connect her sweet red lips to his cock momentarily. Then she pulls farther away and the long white threads break from his dick and hang loosely from her mouth. After a moment of suspension in mid-air, the gooey jism drops onto the breasts covered in yellow silk, staining it with dark blobs of cum. Her tongue circles her lips, cleaning them and leaving a shiny glimmer under the soft spotlights over the couch. Her eyes are dreamy with satisfaction from the crack and the intense oral stimulation.

"That was a fantastic blowjob, Supergirl," Tony sighs, patting her head like a pet dog. "You've really come far in an incredibly short time," Tony says, putting his wet dick back into his pants.

"S'nuthin' to it," she mumbles and climbs awkwardly onto the couch, satiated with the high of sex and drugs.

"Well, I'm meeting Carmine for dinner downstairs," Tony stands up. "Here's a second hit of the 'Pudding' for your excellent work. He hands her another small aluminum foil ball. But be sure you're ready for the Minettis in an hour and 15 minutes, wearing your full costume and ready to entertain them, alright?"

"Righteeoh, Mr. B. Don't worry about a thing. This is a job for Supergirl," she calls out as he opens the door to the elevator. Filling the pipe again with the little white nugget, the Maid of Steel goes to a drawer in the kitchen area, retrieves a matchbook and returns to the sectional. After only eight minutes, Supergirl lights up the pipe for her second hit. The blonde champion takes a full inhalation of the marvelous drug and settles back to simply enjoy the afterglow of the sex and the quick and rushing high of the crack.

By 8:05 p.m., Supergirl is dressed in her bogus overly tight uniform and her real costume panties. And, of course, she's still wearing the nylon choker with the kryptonite inset. The Minetti brothers are walking into her living room and she strides up to meet them, her arm outstretched.

"Good evening, gentlemen," she says shaking their hands.




"Duh!" Both men chuckle. They are in their late twenties. Sal looks a tad older than Mario, deeper lines around the eyes and a touch of gray twinkling in the dark curly black hair that both men sported.

"Can I offer you guys a drink?" Supergirl gestures toward the open bar. Both men's faces light up with pleasure.

"Now you're talkin," missy." Sal walks over to the bar. "I've got this," he says, waving her off. She stays by the large leather sectional facing Mario. "I like to make my martinis precisely to taste. I hope you don't mind." He picks up a bottle of Grey Goose and pours a generous helping into the special conical martini glass.

"Not at all. I don't drink much, so I'm not that good at mixing drinks anyway. Help yourself," she waves at the bar as Sal picks up the vermouth.

Mario is looking her over with obvious pleasure. He is wearing a white shirt, black slacks and shoes, no tie and a dark blue blazer with elaborately filigreed gold buttons. Sal is similarly dressed, except for his jacket which is dark burgandy. But the buttons match. Same Hong Kong tailor no doubt. Probably got a discount for the pair of jackets. Supergirl returns the admiring glance with a wide smile. Nothing is said, everything is implicit. She wonders when the hitting will begin and how.

"Can I mix you a drink, Supergirl?"

"Well, hmmm. I guess I'll continue with whiskey. I had some earlier. In fact, I think I even left my glass over there.

"I see it. Whiskey double, coming up."

"I don't need a double, Sal, but thanks."

"Whatever you say, princess." Sal busies himself with the whiskey bottle.

"Would you gentlemen like some music to get the party started?" Supergirl starts to head over to the stereo next to the bar when Mario grabs her wrist and spins her around like a dance move. He pulls her tightly to his chest, puts his arm against the small of her back and goes in for a kiss.

His soft lips cover hers and, surprisingly, he's firm but not overly aggressive. She kisses back and no tongues are involved. Just warm pressure that is actually enjoyable. He breaks the kiss and smiles at her.

"I like to break the ice quickly," he says softly looking deeply into her beautiful blue eyes and enjoying the feel of her figure in his arms.

"I can see that," she smiles back. What Supergirl can't see is Sal surreptitiously mixing in a small envelope of powder into her whiskey at the bar behind her. It's Rohypnol, a powerful odorless date rape drug that creates weakness, confusion and often problems talking in anyone who imbibes it. Effective in about 20 to 30 minutes, the drug called "roofies", "ruffies" or "rope" often produces a drunk feeling along with a distinct loss of muscle control, thereby making it difficult to refuse sex or defend oneself. Using it on a woman who is willingly offering her sexual favors anyway would seem to be redundant.

"Are you eager to get started, Mario?" Supergirl puts her hand on the young man's crotch and feels his boner rising to her touch.

"Sounds good to me," Mario grins widely.

"Mario's always eager," says Sal, surprising Supergirl by coming up behind her and whispering in her ear. He insinuates his arm between them, handing Supergirl her drink. Then he hands Mario a straight single malt scotch which he knows his brother likes. "Why don't we enjoy our drinks, Mario, loosen up a bit and then play with our new friend?" The blonde teen takes her drink and sits down on the large leather sectional.

"Yes, let's sit down together for a moment and chill," she agrees with Sal, trying to keep things on a nice even keel.

"Sure," says Mario half-heartedly. He sits down beside the shapely blonde, drinking her in with his eyes. Sal waves his Martini glass and says, "Salud." The three of them drink. Mario knocks his whole shot back quickly and licks his lips with enjoyment. Seeing this, Supergirl shoots back a third of her drink with gusto as well. She needs the fortification and alcohol doesn't affect her anyway. Oh, but that was when she had superpowers! How dumb was that? Well, she'd go easy with the rest of the drink anyway. Sal sips his martini and smiles.

"Ah the pleasures of a well heeled potato," Sal says toasting his companions with a tip of his martini glass in their direction. He sits on the other side of Supergirl, penning her in.

"Do you guys work in the same field as Sergei?"

"That's a stupid fucking question, Supergirl" Mario says bluntly.

Lowering her head submissively, Supergirl murmurs, "Sorry, I'm not used to this. What would you like to talk about?"

"How long you been putting out?" Mario snaps.

"What?" Supergirl is startled at this nasty remark. Then she calmly reins herself in. "Look, I'm sorry I intruded on your privacy, Mr. Minetti. It won't happen again. I apologize. Really." She searches his eyes for forgiveness. There's none in there but Sal breaks the moment by putting his hand on Supergirl's shoulder.

"No harm done. Right, Mario?" He glares at his brother with razor sharp brown eyes that don't allow any wiggle room."

"Yeah, no. Forgetaboutit. I apologize, too." Mario's smile shines everywhere but in his eyes Supergirl notices. "Hey, how about North Carolina winning the whole thing this year, huh? I actually picked them to go the distance and won three thousand bucks on 'em. My bookie's so pissed! But what the fuck, he took everybody else's money, so I got no sympathy for him."

"North Carolina? Aren't they called the Tar Heels?"

"Yeah, that's right," says Sal. "Bright girl. They won the NCAA basketball tournament. You know, March Madness."

"I thought UCONN was going to win. A...friend...of mine said so."

"He wasn't alone. Lot of people picked them," Mario grinned at his brother maliciously. He stands up suddenly and walks to the bar to pour himself another shot of single malt.

"Yeah," admits Sal. "I had them going all the way, but they got beat in the later rounds."

"Speaking about going all the way," says Mario returning and sitting back down next to Supergirl, "why don't we get this party started for real?" He knocks half his drink back and puts it down hard on the glass cocktail table with a loud clink.

"Hey, Mario. Where are your manners?" Sal says sharply

"No, Sal," the blonde teen holds up her hand. "Mario's right. You're not paying to talk basketball. I think it's time to enjoy yourselves," she takes a strong pull on her drink, forgetting her plan to go easier on the liquor. "How do you want to do this?"

"First things first," Sal says, pulling his wallet out of his jacket pocket. He fans out two twenties and puts them on the cocktail table. "Business before pleasure. That's for you, my dear."

"Oh, right," scowling at the paltry sum of money, Supergirl picks the money up off the table and walks it over to the wall unit and a small wooden box on a lower shelf. Bending down to stuff the two bills in the box, Supergirl unwittingly gives the two brothers a full lingering view of her crotch beneath the tiny non-skirt, showing off the shimmering red material of her panties to the wide eyes of the Italian duo. Straightening up, Supergirl turns, sees their rapt expressions and blushes a deep crimson from her face to her cleavage.

"Oh, right! Well, I guess I shouldn't apologize for that, since you both so obviously enjoyed yourselves." Returning to her previous place on the sofa and sitting down, Supergirl smiles gamely at Mario and then turns to Sal. "And that's what this is all about, right? Enjoying yourselves! What's your pleasure, guys?"

"Why don't you start by giving us both a handjob at the same time," Mario says.

"Well...okay, that's not what I was told you wanted but I'm flexible."

"Why, what were you told?" Sal turns her shoulder toward him with his hand.

"You wanted a blowjob and anal sex, I was informed."

"Yeah, that too! The handjob is just a warm-up exercise. And I was told it wouldn't be a problem," Sal says coldly.

"No, it's fine. Fine, Sal," the blonde teen smiles widely, cutting off any problem before it develops. And she quickly reaches for Sal's fly with nervous, fluttering hands.

"Leh...let...let me get right to it," she stammers, anxious to please so there's no physical violence. She pulls his dick out from his pants, her eyebrow rising at his length already, and then, holding Sal with one hand, turns and sees that Mario has already brought his unit out of his fly for her convenience. She takes his cock with her other hand and then, nibbling her lower lip, the renowned Maid of Steel begins jerking off both men simultaneously with her rapidly moving fists.

Up and down, up and down, she strokes their penises rapidly, keeping a firm grip on both men as their cocks throb eagerly within her warm palms. Sal has to be at least 10" long and his brother only an inch or two shorter. Formidable indeed!

Mario leans into the blonde beauty and holding the back of her neck, brings her mouth close to his and kisses her deeply. This time his tongue presses between her parted lips and explores her mouth with slow, warm eager twists and turns. She responds in kind, enjoying the sensation even as she continues to stroke both men's pricks.

The aroused Sal has covered Supergirl's breasts with both hands, feeling her up with wide sweeping arcs of his palms, firm squeezes with his fingers and rapid twiddling of her nipples with his fingers. Her illustrious diamond-shaped S emblem is pulled, stretched, wrinkled and similarly mauled in countless ways by Sal's hands as he continuously fondles the Maid of Steel's sensitized tits.

"Mmmmhh. You two are great at getting a girl going," the blonde teen purrs happily with the attention her mouth and breasts are receiving.

Having pulled away from her mouth, Mario begins kissing Supergirl's neck, pecking and licking at the sides of it where her blood pulses noticeably in tiny veins beneath the skin. She shivers with delight at the sensitivity Mario is exploring. Switching styles as her concentration falters, Supergirl begins using a slow, steady pulsing of her hand on the men's cocks to keep them rigid to her touch.

"It's pretty easy to get a girl going who's cunt is already wet when you walk in the room," Mario says, running his tongue up and down her neck with slow, tickling flicks.

At the same time, Sal moves one hand off her breast and slides it down her body to the waistband of her panties and then deeply down within them, into the silky thatch of her pubic bush which he slowly stimulates with flickering fingertips.

"Ahhh!" The blonde jerks with pleasure at this new barrage of sensual delights to her neck and pelvis. "I...guess you could look at it that way," Supergirl says. She wasn't thrilled with the comment but it was better that physical violence.

And then Sal's finger slides smoothly up and down the length of her pussy lips, caressing them without attempting to part them. Supergirl's hips jerk with pleasure again, even as Mario goes in for another deep soul kiss. Supergirl's concentration is sorely tested as her mouth, breasts and vagina all receive pleasurable manipulation while she holds both men's cocks in her squeezing palms.

"Mmlphhh....hrrhhhh....eehhhhhh...." The steady fingers sliding up and down her labia is getting her more and more wet by the minute. The pace picks up and the digits tickle and tease the Maid of Steel with serious intent. She begins wriggling her hips and pressing herself upward to let Sal's hand complete access to her womanhood. He accepts the invitation, sticking his forefinger into the warmth of her twat, pushing it deep within her and circling it slowly against the twitching walls of her vagina. Mario is back to Supergirl's neck, stroking a particularly perfect erogenous zone with tiny flicks of his tongue. Both men's attentions bring short thrilled gasps from the excited blonde.

"Yah...yessss....ahhhhh." Twisting and writhing, Supergirl squirms on the couch, pinned between the two men helplessly enjoying the intense stimulation of her body. Now it's Mario with his hands fondling the champion blonde's breasts, one hand pawing the emblem as the other slides up underneath the blouse and grasps the weighty breast from below. More squeezing. More nipple play.

"I have to say, though, that I sure never expected it would be so easy to finger fuck the famous Supergirl," Sal declares. "I expected at least a little resistance. Some pride in this emblem on her tits or something." He saws his finger in and out of the juicy cunt with quick short strokes. An endless supply of them that starts to build a wave of sensation the blonde girl will not be able to resist. "But I mean, just look at the famous Maid of Steel here, Mario! She's spreading herself wide for me and holding our two cocks like she's a common street-wise cockteaser who's been hooking for years!"

"I see it. I feel it," Mario says, twisting her nipple harshly and then squeezes the fat breast like soft dough. "I just don't believe it!"

"Ohh....ahh...OHH!'s what you...wanted," the panting girl rasps softly.

"Since when does Supergirl let two total strangers stick fingers up her snatch and feel up her titties like some slutty party girl on spring break?" Sal's sawing finger goes even faster.

"I ask you Mario, did you ever think the woman who supposed to be protecting the planet would be giving you a hand job on a simple request?"

"Fuck. Never, Sal. I would'a thought she'd die before doing this!"

" me....for this...." The befuddled blonde teen tries to reason through the incredible rush of sexual tension the men have brought to her. Her body wriggles, jerks and spasms in helpless sexual delight between them on the couch. Her juices deeply darkening her crotch and seeping onto the beige leather of the sofa.

"All that does is prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you're nothing but a lowly whore, Supergirl." Now Sal's other hand joins the dance, meeting within the depths of Supergirl's damp panties and finding the extended clit that's poking from under the hood, needing attention desperately. Sal's thumb obliges, rubbing the pink nob gently with the pungent oils of her snatch it had gleaned on the way through her loins.

"Whahhhh!" Supergirl's head drops to Mario's shoulder and she roughly gnaws in delight at it, helpless to withstand this new thrill without some response. She couldn't fight back against these customers, not that she wanted to, but the bite helped a little. Mario doesn't seem to mind as his hands continue to fondle the ample tits of the sex-crazed blonde slumped against him. She releases her grip on the two men now, her palms face up on the cushion beside her, limp with sexual overload.

"" Supergirl pants.

"Sergei? That dumb Russian? You weren't smart enough or powerful enough to take out one dumb Russkie? And you call yourself an American superhero? You're a pathetic loser, superslut! I hope you know that!" His fingers rub and rotate the clit with slow, patient insistence that swells the fever in Supergirl's brain, even as she winces at the words he sprays at her with cold vehemence.

There are variations on abuse, she now realizes. Physical abuse was the obvious one. She'd been fighting that all her life it seemed. But this verbal abuse in some ways hurt even more! She wasn't as used to defending against it. Sal was slashing her unprepared soul like a butcher with a broad blade. Why is he so angry at me?

"You know what it is, Sal?" Mario takes Supergirl's jaw in his hand and turns her head to face him. Her heavily lidded blue eyes are clouded with lust as she blinks slowly at him, her tongue draped over her lower lip in an expression a dumb ox pulling a plow might have. "I think the legendary Maid of Steel is all smoke and mirrors. Blondie here put up no resistance 'cause the mighty Supergirl is nothing but a cheap, low-life slut. She likes her twat tickled." Sal complies quickly, rotating his finger against the walls of her vagina which causes Supergirl's pelvis to jerk up suddenly."She needs to have her breasts fondled and mauled and her nipples tweaked like a dumb cheerleader putting out for her boyfriend under the grandstand." Her whimpering at his sudden twisting of her nipple wafts into the air like perfume. "And, of course, she certainly can't do without a good old fashioned clit massage!" Sal's fingers twitter rapidly against the vibrating pink knob that has a direct line to Supergirl's brain.

"Aahhhh....stah....stop....." she looks into Mario's eyes, her own pleading for the words and the relentless toying of her body to end. There's no chance of that!

"In fact, right now there are probably crimes going on all around the city that she won't be stopping because she's enjoying her sexual pleasure so much." Mario closes in on her, his face mere inches from her distressed, befuddled expression. "Just imagine it, Supergirl. Some poor eighty-year old woman with a walker getting mugged right now while I french kiss you and Sal twaddles your twat!" His arms slide off her breasts and enclose her body tightly, pinning her own arms against her sides. Her eyebrows go up as his mouth closes tightly against hers, his lips parting as do hers, his tongue searching as, almost involuntarily, so does hers. The steady stroking and caressing of her clit continues and Supergirl's eyes roll back as she is forced deeply into the back cushion of the couch, her legs splayed apart with Sal's two hands thrust into her panties through the waistband and the legband.

"...eeeehhnnnn.....mmlphhhhh....nnuhhhhhh...." Supergirl slouches in ecstacy, her body tuned tight as a drum. She needs release and she feels it's on its way. How soon?

Sal now picks up the thread of abuse Mario has initiated. "Why, Mario, you don't suppose it's possible that some low-life punk husband is actually beating his wife to a pulp while Supergirl here enjoys getting a finger stuffed up her ass, do you?" The forefinger that had been thrust up the mighty teenager's cooz has suddenly been pulled and moved to between her buttcheeks. It drives deeply and easily into the heavily excited blonde's balloon knot with a sudden soft thump.

"Gglllphhh!" Sal's two fingers do their thing. One rubbing and flicking her clit, the other rotating and sawing at her anus. The mouth covering her own prevents her from calling out but her boots twitch and kick in untold delight as the stimulation of every major orifice drives her into a frenzy.

"Damn these guys have got her going!" Stevie says, peering at the monitor in the control room, and going for a closeup on Sal's hands moving around within Supergirl's panties. "She's staining the couch with her cum."

"Da! They are not what I expected," Sergei responds. "I thought them to be violent with her, to be beating her around the room. This is very bad for her though. Worse I am thinking than the fists."

Mario releases his kiss and the blonde teen's head slumps sideways on the cushion as her body quivers helplessly in his arms. Sal's continuing manipulations of her clit and ass have brought Supergirl to the doorstep of her orgasm.

"Why, Supergirl," Sal says in mock shock. " I never thought I'd live to see the day when the planet's most powerful defender would willingly just lie back in a irresponsible erotic stupor while some heroic young police officer got his head blown off during a drug bust that you could have prevented!"

"...can't....stop...every...crime...." The Maid of Steel's eyes blink as tears of helplessness drip down her temples even as her orgasm builds within her. Mario takes the hem of Supergirl's blouse and pushes it up roughly, exposing her round ample breasts to the spotlight over the couch. He bends low over them and begins to softly lick and nibble at her tender nipples.

"Excuse me for pointing out the obvious, Superslut," Mario says, moving between breasts, "but you don't seem to be trying very hard." He bites her nipple harshly even as Sal picks up the speed of his clit massage to a rapid jittering blur.

"OH!....i....can'" the young blonde's orgasm prevents her from completing her thought,. It thunders through her like an express train running late. "...Yeaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" Her pussy floods with her overwhelming joy, seeping in small rivulets down the beige leather onto the rug below. Mario holds her waist tightly with one arm as her top half slouches away from him, his mouth at her breast. Sal's hands hold her steadily, his fingers frozen in her twat and her ass, feeling the rapid pulse of her interior muscles as the Maid of Steel's residual spasms send aftershocks to her brain. She jerks and shivers in the grip of these two men who had completely overwhelmed her defenses.

After half a minute of simple luxurious sensory delight, the blonde beauty moans heavily, "Oohhhhhh." It's a deep alto voice for her.

"Now I think it is time to fuck your face and ass, Supergirl," Sal says. "You are ready to take everything we've got, I should think! And then some!"

"...yes....okay...whatever... you want...." murmurs the blasted blonde.

"You got a dildo around here?" Mario pulls her top down and pats her breasts.


Grabbing her jaw, he lifts her stupified face to his. "Dildo, Supergirl. Is there a dildo in the house? For pleasure, you know? Sticking it up your cooze to get you off? Dildo?" Mario is barking out his request.

"Wall left drawer..." she points languidly to the built-in shelves. "..plenty to... choose from...take...yur pick....."

Mario releases the girl and she flops down on her back, nestled between the back and seat cushion. He stands up and goes for the dildo as Sal takes his hands out of her panties and stands up as well. Walking around and behind the limp blonde, Sal reaches underneath her back, grasps her under the armpits and pulls her toward the arm on the end of the couch. He draws her along the length of the leather until her upper back rests directly on the arm and her head dangles over the end a bit, her neck arched slightly. She remains in this position as Sal puts the tip of his long 10" dick against Supergirl's lips, rubbing it against her mouth slowly back and forth.

"I bet you know what to do with this, huh, Supergirl?" Sal smiles down at her

Opening her dreamy baby blues, Supergirl looks up and smiles back. "...uh huh..." she murmurs.

"Well, do it, bitch!" Sal demands. "I got you off, I expect your best effort here!"

"..s'not a prob....uhhhhh...what the...." Supergirl is suddenly flushed with a wave of dizziness. And then a secondary wave of sleepiness and slight nausea.

" bleehh..." She whispers, feeling drunk. She can't even speak coherently! The roofies have kicked in with a vengeance. Supergirl lies limply on the sofa, arms at her sides and her mouth suddenly filled with the head of Sal's cock.

"That's a good girl," he says loudly, holding her head and working the stiff dick all around inside Supergirl's cheeks. You can see the effect as first her right cheek bulges out from the pressure of his cock and then her left cheek. Supergirl's eyes drift lazily in her head, her breath shallow as the nasty rape drug takes full command of her body.

Mario walks back to the couch with a long pink rubber dildo shaped with wide rubber bumps along its full length. A tool with a purpose he meant to put to its full use. Seeing the limp body and the subtle nod from Sal, Mario puts the dildo down and takes the two ankles of Supergirl's boots and lifts them in the air, settling down on the couch on his knees as he does so.

"What do you say we get the party started down here, too, Supergirl?" Mario pulls a pair of handcuffs from his jacket pocket. He had convinced Sergei during their preliminary body search that these were for sex play and not for violent intentions. Now he quickly shackles each ankle of the lethargic teen, clicking the cuffs closed around the cheap red leather boots. With her legs cuffed together by a short chain, Supergirl would be hard pressed to defend herself in the best of times. Mario pulls the girl's cuffed legs over his head and lets them hang around his neck. Then, bending over, he draws down Supergirl's panties with a slow, steady pull. He leaves them pulled down to mid thigh, exposing the blonde's soft, neatly trimmed bush and her gleaming pink vagina.

"Ddufffhuunoooghhh" Helpless gibberish through the large cock from the helpless blonde.

"Whoa, I never felt somebody do that before with their mouth, Supergirl. You're quite talented," Sal lies boldly, pushing his cock deeper into the teenager's mouth now, filling it with his head and half of his cock so she can't make much of any intelligible noise.

Picking up the dildo, Mario easily inserts it into Supergirl's fully lubricated pussy, pushing it deeply into her vagina, it's large bumps sliding against the walls of her sensitive channel. Supergirl's pelvis spasms with delight, her boot tips clicking in joy. He strokes the toy in and out of her cunt with short, fast thrusts.

"Yeah! You like that, don't you, champ!" Mario grins broadly at the helpless blonde heroine sprawled beneath him. Her mouth was chock full of his brother's huge dick. Her snatch had 7"of hard rubber sliding in and out of her, driving her nuts and he was about to stick his penis up her soft, beautifully accessible asshole.

The bitch didn't have a prayer! He and Sal would show her how the Minetti brothers exacted retribution for sending their first cousin to jail for ten years for a crime he barely committed. Vinnie Minetti had been the getaway driver of a gang who killed a guard in a bank robbery. Supergirl had caught them not 400 feet away from the scene, flying right in front of Vinnie's car so he smashed right into her. She didn't budge but the front of the car collapsed like an accordion. Everybody was shaken or unconscious and the mop up took only minutes. The police came and Supergirl handed everybody over to them, Vinnie included. The judge sent Vinnie up for ten years cause of the dead guard. He wasn't even in the fucking bank! And Supergirl hadn't even asked for leniency. So she certainly wasn't going to get any leniency from the Minetti brothers now! Now she was going to die by choking to death on Sal's 10" inch cock even as Mario assfucked the hell out of the stupid, helpless cunt in cold cruel revenge!

Stimulated to distraction by the hard, curved bumps rubbing in and out of her vagina and obliterated by the Rophynol, the mighty blonde heroine is helpless to defend this attack in any way. In fact, she was so erotically charged at the rushing sensations from her pussy and her mouth that she didn't want to do anything but experience the swelling joy from the stimulating dildo and the live, hard cock pushing further into her throat. It was more than two thirds down her gullet and she was breathing roughly and irregularly through her mouth. The date rape drug was playing havoc with her new cocksucking skill! She couldn't control her throat muscles well and was feeling the edge of panic from the hint of gag reflex she was fighting.

And then there was a cock at her rear, rubbing against her anus insistently! Correction, it was inside her!

"UNGHHHHH! In fact, it was all the way inside her! Never had she been so quickly sodomized to the hilt like this before. Having been so wet from her previous orgasm, it had been simple physics for Mario to accomplish his pile driving act! An irresistible force against a very unresistant object, her ass!

Mario begins stroking his cock in and out of her rear, lifting her hips with his palm as her boots flop back and forth constantly around his neck. His other hand holds the dildo and works it relentlessly as well. At Supergirl's face, Sal has managed to slide his entire cock down the Maid of Steel's throat. It presses down on her tongue and pushes down into the deepest realms of her throat. No airway is left here. Only her squeaking little nose allows the paltry flow of oxygen now. The Maid of Steel's eyes are closed from the ecstacy of her anal and vaginal penetration. The drug has suppressed the panic, the sexual domination has blocked her reason. There is no outcry here. No alarm. No hint of despair from the defenseless heroine sprawled at the mercy of her cunning assailants.

Very slyly, the finger on Sal's hand starts to move. While his palm is holding Supergirl's cheek, fixing her head in its tilted back position on the arm of the sofa as his penis plunges to the very depths of her throat, the forefinger slides deftly under Supergirl's nose and presses up ever so slightly. He's blocking her nostrils, her last and only oxygen pathway. The blonde's eyes flutter and flicker now, barely open slits from all the pleasure down below.

Mario sees the finger restricting Supergirl's air supply and begins thrusting hard now to cover up any death struggles her body might attempt. Even with the drug, the will to survive in living beings is deep and strong.

"Yeah! Now we've talking. Supergirl taking it up the ass just the way she likes! Ain't that right, hero girl?" Mario is shouting now as the Maid of Steel's choking gag begins to finally overwhelm her. No oxygen. No defense. Nothing but long, throbbing muscles jammed deep into every orifice she has!

"...ghlk..." the faintest hint of distress is covered up by Sal's voice.

"Whoa. What a mouth you have, blondie. That was great! I guess there's never too much cock in the world for the famous Supergirl!"

Lies. Deception. Death and Desire. Supergirl is experiencing it all. Her vision grows to a circle with a dark ring closing down around the edges. Through the slits in her eyes all she sees is the smiling Mario fucking her ass with total abandon. And it feels incredible. The bulges on the dildo do their work, too. It's all too much to bear now. The pleasure, the pain, the despair and the hope of unrestricted ecstacy all combine in a final assault on now the most vulnerable woman on the planet. Lost in a daze of desire, drugs and oxygen depletiton, Supergirl allows herself to release her life will and succumbs once more to a violent final eruption of pleasure. This orgasm takes her body completely, rocking it and twisting it within the hold of the two shocked men.

"She's getting off on this. I don't fucking believe it," Mario blurts. And then he's suddenly overwhelmed by the incredibly sensual constriction of Supergirl's ass. He can't hold back from this and shoots his wad deep into Supergirl's ass. Coming like a firehose within her bowels.

"Why wouldn't she be getting off on this?" Sergei says in the control room. "He's fucking her every possible way he can. What is the meaning of this statement?" He looks at Stevie who's concentrating on the monitor and on Sal. Specifically Sal's dick.

"This guy's a strange fuck!"

"Who? What do you mean," Sergei asks.

"I don't know about you Sergei, but I like a little friction from my women. This guy just puts his dick in there and doesn't move it an inch. And this Sal has a lot of inches he could be moving, let me tell you! But he's letting it lie there like a fucking flounder! What gives?"

"What gives is this is not a sex act! This is a hit! Come with me now! Bring your weapon. Hurry!"

The two men rush out of the control room, weapons drawn, hoping to reach to door to the suite in time.

On the monitor, Supergirl's body is thrashing in the hold of the two men. Her will to survive is breaking through all the effects of the sex and the drugs and the hopelessness. She may live to see another day.

Sal Minetti can't believe what is happening. This bitch was actually cumming! Her body is jerking in his grip. He's having trouble holding her head and her throat is clamping down on his tool with a rhythm and a force he cannot fight. Looking up, he sees that Mario is in the crux of blowing his wad and lost to the cause for the moment. He's fighting with all his will to withstand the spasms his cock feels as Supergirl fights for air and life. He can't hold the center of himself against this girl's surprising surge of energy. His prick spasms and he cums helplessly into Supergirl's throat, his hold on her head slipping with the distraction. His finger slips off her nose and the blonde teen is able to take a long wheezing stream of air into her nose. But her throat is now completely clogged with hard dick and greasy spunk. She swallows desperately, the slime disappearing down her gullet in a river of clots.

Her vision is still focused into a small circle of consciousness. The brief respite is not enough to clear the field. And then calamity! Her nose is harshly pinched by Sal's rough fingers, and, horrifically, he shoots another strong jet of jism into her throat and it dams her airway completely. The Maid of Steel's brief hope is extinguished as quickly as fingers snuffing out a candle. The same fingers that now pinch the life force closed on her face. Her eyes roll up in her head for a final time and the famous blonde champion chokes and gags for air that does not come. The circle of focus tightens down to nothing. Her entire field of vision is now black as she drifts off into a world of soft nothingness. She feels her legs suddenly falling to the couch and that is all there is to that. She is gone.

End of Chapter 20

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 20