Supergirl Captured by the Mob 57  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 57 - Used, Confused And Totally Abused

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia and Don Lupenzo are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

Wonder Woman stumbles along the dim underground corridor in dazed confusion. Sounds seem to be the only thing getting through to her consciousness right at the moment. The sound of her clattering boot heels on the hard cement floor mixes with the thumping soles of her softly jogging companions around her. The drugs in her system still muddle her thoughts and fill her with a deep sluggishness. For now they eclipse the need for heroin. But that won't be the case for long.

Pushed repeatedly from behind by one of the mafia hoodlums to move her along, the mighty Amazon's wrists are tied tightly together with her phony golden lasso. Held tightly in the hands of the man in front of her, the lasso is drawn tight as he pulls Diana along without even looking back. The rapid retreat from the Room of Shame has produced a thin sheen of perspiration that coats the shuffling heroine's body, beading up on her forehead, the top of her breasts and her inner thighs.

"Pick up the pace, princess. We don't want the police to catch up with us," the mobster behind her barks, prodding her lower back with the muzzle of his machine gun for emphasis.

"...sorry....i'm...just so....tired...."

"You can rest back when you're back in your fancy suite, slut. Until then, you have to do what I say. Now move it! Your limo is waiting and you only gotta another couple a' minutes to go before we get there."

"...thank...Hera..." Wonder Woman sighs. With the foul taste of ejaculate from multiple men in her mouth and the sticky sensation of their oozing wetness draining down her inner thighs from the dripping crotch of her cum-soaked panties, the wrist-bound Amazon warrior shuffles along under a crushing weight of complete disgrace. Her head is hung low, her shoulders are slumped and she winces now and again when the stinging soreness of her violated rectum throbs while she makes her awkward way under the city streets.

Diana knows deep in her heart that she is now the exact opposite of the Champion of All Women. She realizes that she has let herself become nothing more than a shameless, sleazy whore for hire. She has not just let herself down, but her Amazonian sisters and the entire country as well with her scandalous sexual conduct. And while she can't remember everything that happened, those acts she can recall disgust her to her very core. And that pile of dead bodies of those robed men would haunt her memories for quite a while.

Hera help me! What have I done and what is to become of me?

* * *

The feel of a wet cloth pressed against her face brings Supergirl back to a thick consciousness she is not particularly pleased to accept. Her head aches something fierce and she feels incredibly weak. Her wrists and ankles seem to be tightly restrained and that depresses her, too. Even as the moist washcloth is pulled along her brow, swept around her cheek and pulled under her chin and away, the young heroine tries to take stock of what has happened to her and where she is. When the cloth finally pulls away from her face, her glassy blue eyes search upward to see the face of an elderly Mob boss. What was his name again?

"...Lupenzo..." she murmurs.

"Supergirl. You remember me. Good. I was afraid I'd damaged you more than I intended."

"Damaged me...jes' enuff..." The blonde answers dully, pulling on her arms and legs to test the restraints. There's no give on the legs whatsoever but her arms raise up with the clinking sound of metal on metal. Handcuffs. Looking down, she sees them through the glass table on which she lies, the cuffs securely fastened to the metal table legs. Feeling a small lump pressed between her breasts, Kara recalls the kryptonite pendant and groans softly in despair. She knows by the familiar sick feeling throughout her body that she doesn't have any super strength to break the steel shackles, no heat vision to melt them, no powers she can call on whatsoever. She frowns deeply then spots a small red pile of silk lying directly underneath her head, right next to the hem of her cape that's draped over the left edge of the table. Her mouth twists with a stabbing jolt of realization.

"My panties!" she blurts out, horrified.

"Precisely, Supergirl. So now that you realize your cunt and asshole are exposed and easily accessible," gloats Don Lupenzo, "how do you feel about that, my dear? Are you deeply ashamed? Depressed? Frightened? Do you feel panicked and desperate? Maybe all of those and more?"

"Angry is more like it, you sick perv!" Truly, Supergirl's anger brings her adrenalin up and her awareness to the forefront. "And when I break out of this little wet dream of yours, I assure you, you will feel my vengeance."

"I doubt that, you stupid bitch, considering how defenseless you are. But right now, you're going to feel my vengeance for what you did to my beautiful headquarters. And to start off, I'm going to conduct a little experiment on behalf of a friend. It's something we both should enjoy, he promises me."

Supergirl's soft lips draw into a tight pink band. It was never a good thing when these bastards started yammering on and on about their clever little experiments. Without warning, she pulls up hard on the handcuffs, her elbows flying up with the effort she knows she must make. The cuffs clang against the underside of the metal supports on the two corners of the table but do not bend, even with all the strain the famous blonde champion is exerting on them. The small but potent kryptonite pendant nestled between her breasts for the past 45 minutes has, indeed done its job well, draining the famous Maid of Steel of every single bit of her super powers. The grimacing girl pulls and strains her arms and twists and yanks her wrists with every ounce of her willpower. Her cape flaps and shifts with the obvious effort. But it's no good: the cuffs hold tight. Finally she relaxes her arms and slumps against the wide glass surface in glum defeat.

Above her, Gino Lupenzo's look of concern turns to a grin of satisfaction. Once again, Luthor was right, the girl could not break out of her captivity. Excellent. He'd had his doubts but the bald genius had been true to his word.

"That was it? That was your big escape attempt, Supergirl? What an overblown gasbag you are, you pathetic twat," Gino sneers. "You're not going nowhere until I say you are. Now let's see how this stuff works."

Without warning, he stabs the blunt end of the aluminum bat he is holding with a brutal thrust into Supergirl's lower back, right over her kidney. The Maid of Steel yelps in pain.


A nasty follow-up backstroke to the back of the blonde heroine's head knocks her silly.

"NUUGGHH!" Supergirl's chin bangs against the glass top of the coffee table and her eyes glaze over in helpless befuddlement. The lids lower halfway as she moans aloud. "...uuuuhhhnn..."

Walking around to the head of the blonde champion, Don Lupenzo kneels directly in front of Supergirl's dazed face, grasps her chin and smiles at her. "I've got a new lip gloss I think you'll like, my young friend. It's made especially for you."

The pretty blue eyes of the young blonde champion simply stare vacantly at him.

"..whuhhhh?" There's no understanding in those irises at the moment. Hope I didn't hit her too hard. So difficult to know with this bitch..

Taking a small flat round tin from his jacket pocket, Don Lupenzo twists open the top and presses his fingertip deep into the bright orange paste within. Then, taking her jaw in his palm, Gino squeezes Supergirl's cheeks until her lips pucker like a fish. He quickly and none too gently smooths the orange paste in a thick layer all around her mouth, coating her lips completely. Wide swaths of the bright glossy lipstick extend far past the edge of her lips, awkwardly coloring her mouth like a badly applied makeup job on some spinster. Don Lupenzo lets go of Supergirl's cheeks and her head drops feebly to the table as he stands up.

The addled blonde champion moans softly, laying spreadeagled on the glass table in her famous costume. She is limp and weak. Her lips tingle and twitch like little bites are being taken all around the outside of her mouth. A sweet, powerful scent from the glossy orange paste on her lips drifts into her nostrils, making her nose twitch as well. Slowly, Supergirl opens her eyes with great effort only to see the old don squat before her and unzip his trousers.

"I've got a gift for you, Supergirl. Something that famous heroines like you can't get enough of: a nice big penis for you to suck on." The grinning don produces his member a mere foot away from the face of the famous red and blue clad heroine from Krypton. Her eyes grow wide as she sees the penis pulled out of the pants, like a magic trick.

She gazes at it wonderingly, confused and tired. Her head is throbbing thanks to the jolt from the bat and it's spinning, too, from the sweet smell filling her nose. She can't seem to gather her thoughts together. They drift like flotsam on an angry ocean.

Squatting in front of her, Don Lupenzo searches the unfocused blue eyes, waiting patiently like Luthor advised. After a silent 20 seconds of the nodding Maid of Steel staring lazily at the fleshy tool he's slowly stroking before her, Gino waves the expanding wand gently under her nose.

"Looks good, doesn't it, Supergirl," he coaxes, "I mean, a cock like this is certainly something you wouldn't mind putting your soft young mouth around, right?" His soothing voice sounds confident, friendly and quite reasonable.

Perplexed, somewhat hesitant and then, suddenly surprised, the dazed teenage heroine abruptly realizes that, yes, in fact it would be a pretty wonderful thing to be able to suck on this lovely male muscle stretching out before her. A true pleasure.

"...cock..." she murmurs with breathy anticipation, her lips thick with the warm orange paste. Looking up with dull, questioning eyes, "..for me...?..." she asks.

"Absolutely," smiles Lupenzo. "Open wide for the big tasty penis."

The beautiful teenage champion, the last Daughter of Krypton opens her mouth wide and closes her eyes in thrilled expectation of this delightful treat. "Mmmmhhh," she murmurs before the rod even touches her lips, her face shining with eager anticipation, her head filled with the utter joy of the knowledge she'd be feeling a full hard shaft on her tongue, filling her mouth completely. She quivers heavily, a complete upper torso shimmy of sexual need.

From just above her head, the squatting Gino Lupenzo laughs out loud at the blatant sexual desire on display by the shapely blonde heroine sprawled before him. It had been so easy!

"Luthor promised me you'd be gobbling my cock like a true nympho slut," exults Gino, "and here you are, ready, willing and able. He's a fuckin' genius, alright! Come and get it, Supergirl."

Taken aback somewhat by the nastier tone from the voice overhead, the blonde girl's eyes drowsily open up to stare at the cock before her. It truly was a thing of beauty to the famous heroine, her mind tainted by the powerful aphrodisiac that formed the basis of the glossy orange paste. But this aphrodisiac was far beyond any ordinary sexual stimulant. This formula included one very special active ingredient: semen from Superman himself. This tantalizing chemical additive is clearly having a profound affect on his addled cousin. Panting slightly, Supergirl studies the don's wavering penis before her, it's length well-engorged with the expectation of untold delights to come within the mouth of the famous Maid of Steel herself.

"...Luthor....promised....?..." Kara mumbles, her very essence longing to suck on this man's penis, to savor its salty length on her curling, dripping tongue.

"That's correct. So go for it, girlie!"

"...lex....luthor......promised..." Kara repeats herself. The halting speech from the young girl's mouth literally drooling for cock fills Gino with a rush of sexual anticipation and his cock firms up all the more, further intoxicating the blonde beauty as its bulbous tip bobs inches from her face. The rate of her breathing increases even more as she contemplates the luxury of that member in her mouth. But then a faded memory kicks in.


"Who," snaps Gino, annoyed by this new delay.

" my....cuzzin..." Her rapid breathing is bringing added blood and oxygen to her brain and with it, a steadily growing awareness of her situation.

"Yeah, so?"


"Won't what, Supergirl?" Gino's erection bobs angrily before her face but her resistance continues to build despite the lure..

"...won't" She utters softly, reluctantly, eyeing the bobbing penis and sighing with a final twinge of longing.

"What won't you do, you pathetic crack whore?" Gino is startled at what this cunt is saying. His angry cursing blasts the final wisp of sexual desire out of Supergirl's thoughts.

" I. Won't. Suck. Your. Penis!" Supergirl spells it slowly out for him. Her eyelids pull up as she finally recovers from the blow to her head, the sickeningly sweet scent and the relentless pull of the aphrodisiac smeared all over her lips. In fact, thinking quickly, Supergirl bends her head and smears her mouth all over the glass table top, coating the hard clear surface with a slimy streak of orange paste. She has rubbed the majority of it onto the table with this one sudden move.

"Why the fuck won't you suck my prick, bitch?" Gino grabs the chin of the teenager bound to the table before him, his face red with anger while hers is a study in grim determination. It's taken every ounce of willpower she has to fight the powerful draw of that cock hanging before her but she's done it. She's beaten Lex Luthor at his own game.

"Blame your friend Lex, Lupenzo," Kara spits. "I won't give Luthor the satisfaction of any such victory."

"Really?" Gino continues to hold Supergirl's chin in his palm, he twists it slowly left to right, looking at the steely gaze returning from her bright blue eyes. "Fine, guess it's better to find out now than before you had my cock in your mouth, huh, sweet cheeks?"

Supergirl mentally lashes herself. Hell, she could have bit his dumb cock off if she'd planned it right. Well, the satisfaction of having resisted will have to be enough for now.

"Well, I'll have to tell Lex that his lip gloss was a failure," Gino drawls, releasing Supergirl's chin, packing his junk back in his pants and standing up straight. "I just hope he takes the news well and doesn't, you know, take out his anger on your cousin Superman."

Kara's mouth turns to a heavy frown at this distressing thought. Could she have played her hand any better. Probably, but the knock to her head had really rattled her brain. She was lucky to have resisted at all. But now what?

Don Lupenzo walks around behind the tightly restrained superheroine and smiles broadly. So Luthor's experiment failed, why the fuck should he care? He still had this babe stretched out before him. Her luscious body was securely bound, her cape draped limply off to the side, her long blonde hair splayed across her shoulders in disarray. This super bitch was helpless to defend herself. Her cunt was just waiting to be oiled up and fucked. He, Gino Lupenzo, was about to bone the famous Supergirl and she couldn't do squat to prevent it.

"Fine, since you refuse to suck my cock then I'll have to be satisfied with giving you a thorough fucking, Supergirl." He admires how her shapely young ass curves the material of her short silky red skirt into a perfect pair of rounded bumps.

"Gino, listen to me. If you do this, there's no going back." Supergirl speaks boldly, calmly, determinedly to the mob boss, turning her head to send the glaring truth at him, to stare into his eyes and show him his error. Ignoring her words, the mob boss stands behind the famous blonde champion obviously savoring her body.

"Look at me, Gino," Supergirl snaps and the mob boss does meet her gaze. "When I escape...and somehow I will be thrown into jail for so long, you'll probably die there. Is that what you want? Because that's the path you're taking if you don't let me go."

"Big talk for a crack whore who's tied up with no means of escape," replies Lupenzo, now returning the earnest, beseeching look with a contemptuous sneer. "Admit it, cunt. I outsmarted you, I beat you senseless and now you're just trying to save that gorgeous ass of yours."

"I'm trying to save you from what will be a life sentence, Gino," the Maid of Steel's voice is soft yet adamant. "You're smarter than this, I know. Don't let your passions rule your intellect, Don Lupenzo. If you let me go I give you my promise that you'll have a year to clean up your act and go straight. You're a capable businessman who can do some good with his life. You don't have to waste it in some antiquated brotherhood who's sole purpose is to make profits off people's weaknesses." Supergirl argument is heartfelt, her conviction real.

"Weakness like crack you mean, Supergirl. Like your own pathetic habit." Gino meets the blonde's gaze with his own imperious look.

"Fine! Yes, like crack. But I was forced into this addiction. It''s...different. It...wasn't my choice."

"You had the choice to leave, to fly away with your nasty mission completed, my dear. Yet you willingly chose to stick around for a hit of crack. That tells me that you actually wanted to be caught, Supergirl. You feel a deep need to be punished for your crack habit. Admit it."

Kara didn't want to get into an emotional debate about her weaknesses. She felt more tired and feeble every passing minute from the kryptonite pendant glowing under her blouse. She wasn't thinking all that clearly as a thin wave of radiation poisoning gets the better of her. Its all she can do to try and continue to meet Lupenzo's own firm stare, to keep her head up and face him down.

"...i..don't..agree," she replies. "Certainly no woman...wants to punish herself with...rape."

"Who said anything about rape?" Gino looks insulted. "You'll be an eager player in our lovemaking, my dear."

" rape..." Supergirl mumbles. "I'm not...agreeing to...any sex with or...ever."

"Ever is a long time, Supergirl. Let's just see how it goes, eh?" Don Lupenzo smiles wolfishly then suddenly turns away to head through the archway. He disappears around the corner into another room somewhere.

Supergirl lays her head on her shoulder and closes her eyes, trying to summon up strength that just isn't there! She is mentally and physically spent. There's no refreshing spring of willpower left to fight with. No calm inner voice. No welling of hope within her. No plan to follow. The fact is, she didn't know how long she had been unconscious but frankly, the dominant thing on her mind is how nice it would be to actually have another hit of crack right now.

And there was bitter truth facing her dead on! She couldn't control herself anymore. She truly was a crack addict. Pure and simple. If this bastard waited long enough, when he finally offered her crack for sex, she'd probably do it. Probably? Who was she kidding? She'd suck his penis, sit on his face or let him violate her ass for the very promise of a hit of crack. The cold realization of this fills the blonde teen's eyes with tears that flow heavily down her cheeks and onto the blue shoulder of her tunic.

I'm a failure as a heroine. I've lost all my pride, my honor, my dignity. Everything I stood for. I'm a joke. I came here as Tony's muscle and couldn't even do that right. Maybe Lupenzo's right. Maybe I do need to be punished, to be raped. Or maybe I'll just go along with anything he asks or does. Why not? It's not like Supergirl stands for anything anymore anyway! Hell I haven't stood for anything for months!

When a smiling Gino Lupenzo returns to the study where Supergirl is stretched out on the coffee table, he is carrying a large tin of olive oil. The moment he enters he hears her sobbing quietly, sees her cheek pressed to the table, notices her tears mixing with the orange paste she's smeared there in defiance not ten minutes ago. Her muscle tone is slack and her pert rear end trembles gently as she weeps.

"What happened here," Lupenzo asks setting down the olive oil container on the carpet.

"Just a little...pity party," she murmurs softly, staring off into the distance.

"Looks like you could use a mood enhancer, Supergirl," Gino says brightly standing behind her.

"Like crack, you mean."

"Well, it is your drug of choice," he replies confidently.

"What would I have to do?" The flat tone of voice surprises Gino. The bitch had been pretty fiery not three minutes ago. Was she bipolar, he wondered.

"Anything I ask," he says with a heavy bluff, figuring to negotiate from strength like the power mogul he was.

"Fine," the famous heroine says with no emotion at all. "Give me the crack."

Fine? This bitch is agreeing to any sex act I choose, just like that? Gino is stunned but recovers quickly, hiding his delight with a stern voice. "Afterwards, sweetheart. That's how it works."

"Not with me. I get it beforehand," Supergirl states, still no inflection whatsoever in her voice. "But don't worry, I'm told I usually put out...and do it in all the ways that you bastards seem to like!"

"I'll get the pipe," Gino says, walking over to the small bar where he'd placed it for safekeeping. What was the down side here? Not much that he could figure.

"Double me up, Gino. I don't want to think about anything but the sex."

"My pleasure, Supergirl. Your wish is my command." He adds a second pebble to the pipe bowl.

"And vice versa," the blonde teen says, the voice flat as a mathematician's plane.

"I'm still going to have to keep you tied up, missy. I don't trust you." Gino walks over with the pipe and squats down in front of Supergirl, the pipe raised to her mouth.

"Whatever turns you on, Gino," she replies, craning her head forward to take the glass tube between her supple lips. "Light me up."

The feeling was like a familiar warm welcome home. Supergirl's long exhale of bluish smoke streams out of her mouth and her lips twist into that addict's stupid grin of mindless pleasure as she watches the cloud disperse before her.

"You having any?" Supergirl looks into Gino's eyes. His head is craned back, away from the slowly dissipating cloud of crack smoke that Supergirl had exhaled. He wanted to savor this conquest in all its glory and not forget about it due to a failed memory because of the crack. All the mobster sees as he looks back at the blonde teenager are tired blue irises that are devoid of all hope. It's disconcerting but just what he wants nevertheless.

"No, I don't partake of this drug, my dear. But take another hit. I'm pleased to share."

"..'kay...." The blonde says and draws on the pipe until the bowl glows and crackles softly.

Mere seconds after the second toke came the rush. Supergirl's forehead bumps softly against the glass table as the crack high fills the blonde beauty's mind with a glow of complete satisfaction that makes her body quiver on the table with involuntary joy.

"Mmmmmmhhhhh!" The Maid of Steel is high as a kite, lying prone on the glass table before Don Lupenzo in complete oblivion as she thrills to the cloud of pleasure on which she drifts. "...gooood...." she breathes out. It's the same highly potent crack she had before on the couch. It numbs her mind like a mallet to the forehead.

"And its only going to get better, my lovely young toy," beams the pleased Don. He walks around behind Supergirl, leans over and picks up the tin of olive oil. After unscrewing the top, Gino then squats down beside the purring teenager hero. He carefully tips the cannister slowly until a thin pale green line of olive oil spills from the lip of the tin container onto the back of Supergirl's skirt. Drizzling the oil over the bright red fabric with a casual back and forth motion, Lupenzo drips enough oil to create a small puddle in the crease of the blonde's butt cheeks as well as a wavy line of it down the back of her thighs.

"...whazzat..." she mumbles.

"Just a little homemade lubricant from my great grandfather's estate in Italy." Gino jokes as he caps the tin of olive oil, screwing it tightly shut. The aluminum side pops with a soft "dink" as he sets it back on the carpet.

"...granfadder into sex aids...?..." Supergirl murmurs softly, her brain stunted by the dope.

"Not knowingly. At least I don't think so. Never know about that older generation and sex though. Everything in the bedroom was a state secret back then. Still, they produced plenty of kids so there was certainly plenty of fuckin' goin' on."

"...yuh..." is the doped champion's only reply.

On his knees behind her now, with both palms on her ass, Don Lupenzo leans forward slowly to massage the fragrant oil all over and around Supergirl's costume skirt. He kneads the butt cheeks beneath the thin cloth, coating the silky fabric with a shiny, slippery film that soaks through the skirt and accentuates every dimple, every sexy curve of the famous teen hero's ass.

"...mmmhh....nice...." Supergirl says with a whisper of breath. She rests easily on the glass table without any protest whatsoever while the grinning old don squeezes and fondles her butt with impunity. Once, she would have crushed the old mafia don's bones in his hands to chalky dust for the disrespect of even a grazing touch of her rear. Now the world-famous Champion of Might allows Gino's hands to circle her rear over and over, completely covering the heavily doped teen's ass in slippery olive oil. There's no troubled hint of dismay, no glancing thought of shame. Gino is incredulous but delighted.

"Think that feels good, Supergirl? How about this?" Gino peels back the drenched, slippery red skirt until it slops in a heap over her lower back, revealing her beautiful naked ass. There's still no complaint. No whining anxiety. Supergirl lies on the table in a fog of crack pleasure quietly reveling in the steady cycling sensation of the drug.

The thrilled mob boss begins to slowly smooth his palms all over the blonde's exposed cheeks, smearing the oil in wide circles across, around and into the cute rounded glutes until Supergirl's pale white rear end gleams brightly in the glow of the overhead track lights. Even when his thumbs dip between her thighs and tickle near her exposed pussy while his palms squeeze and massage her buttocks, the young blonde heroine says nothing, does nothing. Her thighs merely twitch in pleasured response.

With her tight teenage rear end completely glazed in olive oil, Gino then moves his palms slowly down along the back of Supergirl's thighs, coating them with a thin layer of slickness that finally causes the famous blonde heroine to jerk with tickled excitement.

"Ahh!" She yips, her head pulling up with joy, her body twitching and wriggling with delight. "...very sexy..." she murmurs, lowering her head back to the table to savor the sensations the mobster is providing..

Gino's deft hands continue their work, spreading the slick oil all the way down the stretched expanse of the blonde champion's spreadeagled legs to her knees. His hands circle around them slowly, coating their rounded shapes with a glistening film of greasy oil. Then the hands slide down to the girl's calves as she softly sighs. Don Lupenzo kneads them skillfully, smoothing down the tight muscles just above the tops of her shiny red boots with his firm thumbs, relaxing the tension until the powerful muscles are slack and slippery, fully relaxed and well-oiled up.

"'re....good...." mumbles the Maid of Steel, limp with pleasure, stupefied by crack.

Gino's hands now move back to Supergirl's upper thighs. Using firm pressure, active thumbs and strong hands, he kneads the powerful muscles. Sure-handed palms slide along the slippery expanse of flesh, spreading relaxation as they go. A small silvery line of drool eases out of Supergirl's mouth and drips onto the glass surface of the table.


"There's more," Gino replies as he reaches behind to pick up the tin of olive oil. He unscrews it, pours a generous puddle of it into his cupped left palm, sets down the tin and twists the cap closed with his right hand as his left steadily holds the oil. Only a tiny few drips slide down his wrist and escape onto the carpet. Cautiously leaning forward, Gino takes a clump of Supergirl's cape that's secured to her collar and pulls up on it.

"Get up on your forearms, missy. I'm not young enough to hold you up very long."

The dazed blonde obligingly raises her upper torso half a foot off the table and Gino slides his left hand beneath her. Carefully, he cups his palm under Supergirl's left breast and guides the slack-jawed teen, using his hand in the middle of her back, to lower her upper body just a bit until just the rounded tip of her breast is immersed in the light green oil puddled there in his hand. He then pulls on her collar again.

"Upsie daisy," he commands and Supergirl slavishly raises her body back up until Gino pats her back to indicate she should lower down again. She does this until her right breast dips into his extended palm, anointing that tit in what remains of the puddled oil. The palm closes around the firm breast and smears the viscous liquid all over the dangling round shape, massaging the squishy flesh and working the oil deep into the silky thin material.

"...ohhhhh..." moans the erotically-charged teen as her chest is thoroughly lubricated with olive oil. The sensations are obviously arousing Supergirl because Gino feels the nipple in his hand stiffen and press into his palm as he slowly and continuously fondles the right tit of the famous Maid of Steel. A long, stuttering "..ah..ah...ahhhhhhhh," bubbles from Supergirl's moist lips which she then rapidly licks them in erotic excitation.

Still gripping the heroine's collar with his right hand while the doped blonde props herself off the tabletop with her forearms, Gino's left hand goes on the move. He releases the jiggling mound of feminine flesh and slides his palm slowly and indecently across the famous emblem at the center of the world-renowned tunic. This tracks a wide, oily smear across the famous diamond-shaped "S" there, fouling the logo with an obvious, greasy palm print in the process. Supergirl is completely oblivious of the humiliating desecration of her famous insignia, exulting only in the thrilling sensation as Gino now palms her left breast and fondles that one with slow, circling caresses.

"...uuuuhhhhmmm..." The teenage nymphet utters another delighted moan as Gino works the slippery oil into that side of her tunic until an aroused nipple pokes once again into his palm. And with the famous costume top now inundated with pungent olive oil, the thin fabric not only displays the hard nipples so obviously tenting through the material but the entire breasts themselves.

Glazed with a sopping coat of oil, the tight costume blouse has attained a measure of transparency that leaves nothing to the imagination regarding the shape, firmness and excited nature of Supergirl's tits as they wobble beneath her. With the fabric clinging to their ample round curves, the teen's tits shimmy within the tunic in bobbling, wondrous glory. Even the shape and size of Supergirl's sexy aureolas can be clearly seen through the now glistening blouse.

The addled blonde's body trembles mindlessly in Gino's control, suspended a foot over the table by her forearms. Drool from her slack mouth drains in a line onto the table below as she now loudly moans in obvious pleasure as Don Lupenzo continues to fondle, squeeze and caress her bobbling breasts.

"...ohhh....ahhhhh.....ooooooohhhh..." Every circling pass of his palm draws a delighted sigh of pleasure from the glistening pink lips of the drugged Maid of Steel. It's eight minutes into the double dose of crack and the illustrious Supergirl is still whacked out of her mind.

Indeed, if Supergirl could see what she looked like at this moment, she'd never be able to look at herself in a mirror again. She's a world-famous heroine whose skin and costume have been obscenely lubricated with an oily sheen that emphasizes in lurid detail every feature of her tight young body from her gorgeous ass to her ample tits. And, on top of that, the doped blonde moans in mumbled delight as Gino continues to caress and arouse her to new heights of pleasure. Supergirl's inner slut is finding her husky, needful voice.

For once, however, there are no cameras to capture her disgrace. Only the glinting eyes of a thrilled but heavily breathing Don Lupenzo are there to record the humiliation. Of course he will tell this story as often as anyone will listen before his days are done. Tired but pleased with how he's handled this super bitch, Gino finally presses down on the slippery blonde's back and she sags compliantly onto the table. The old mob boss then stands up and goes to the bar to get a stiff drink. Oiling up the Maid of Steel is thirsty work.

* * *

"Good afternoon, Wonder Woman. How was your day, sweetheart," Tony swirls the ice in his scotch as he eyes the Amazon beauty with satisfaction the moment she steps out of the elevator into the living room of the penthouse suite in the Pleasure Dome. She was a mess, her hair an untidy mop, her uniform stained with white streaks of cum. Even the very way she walks across the carpet is stilted as if she had a pole up her ass. He smiles broadly at the Amazon, his eyebrows raised.

Wonder Woman had been stealthily ushered in through the garage by the trio of hoodlums that had taken her out of the Room of Shame. Now the weary Diana looks at Tony with quiet exhaustion, shaking her head.

"I think you know what my day was like since you probably planned it down to the last detail, Mr. Bonano."

"Me? Why, I was just pleased I was able to turn the screws on a few of my Arabic dealers so I could find out where the terrorists were in time to get you out of their hands and into the safety of your lovely quarters here."

"Those thugs were no more terrorists than Bozo the Clown. Do you really believe you're fooling anybody, Tony?"

"Let's just call it plausible deniability, Princess, and leave it at that. Thank you fellas," he says to the trio. "See Carmine on the way out for your pay. You guys did great!" The trio gets back into the elevator, thrilled with the promise of being handed $20,000 each in the next ten minutes.

"Yeah great...for murderers," mumbles Wonder Woman as she sinks down on the soft leather sofa, her head craning back onto the top of the plush back cushion. She lets out a long breath of air, too tired right now to even consider making the effort to shower even though she feels as soiled as a used tampon.

"I gotta say, I'm pretty worried about your friend Kara, Diana," Tony declares, sitting down besides Diana on the couch. He wrinkles his nose at the raunchy smell of her and stands up immediately to take an armchair opposite her. If Diana notices this small slight of her, she makes no mention of it. "I certainly expected her to return by now," adds Tony. I've got a bad feeling that something went wrong in her little chore."

"What kind of chore would that be....sucking another john's penis for your profit?" Diana's head lolls against the top of the sofa cushion, her eyes fixed on the decorative panels in the ceiling. She is trying to relax her body which is knotted all over by tension.

"Not at all. That was supposed to be tonight anyway. No, I sent Supergirl on a little mission while you were entertaining those terrorists so enthusiastically."

"To do what?"

"To take out Don Lupenzo."

Diana lifts her head and eyes Tony with disdain. "Kara wouldn't agree to killing anyone, Tony. Even for crack, she'd draw the line. I can't believe you were stupid enough to even ask her."

"You should please to watch your tone, Princess," Sergei says as he walks into the living room from the hallway. He is wiping his hands on a face towel from the bathroom. Diana snaps her head around to see the big blonde Russian walking across the carpet directly toward her. She goes white and begins to stammer badly.

"....i...i....i...did....didn't....mean....anything by it....tony. I'm sorry. So sorry..." Diana quickly rises from the sofa in nervous self defense as Sergei comes to within three feet of her. Adrenaline is pumping through her body in a flush of energy. She stands sideways even as Sergei feints a punch to her face. Diana's forearm flashes upward to block the blow, only to have Sergei snap the towel briskly against her tush. He gives her a wide smile and turns around to head to the kitchen for a drink. Diana just stands there shaking with nerves.

"Cut the clowning, Sergei, we've got serious planning to do here," Tony snaps.

"Sorry, Tony. I was just trying to lighten the mood." The Russian mobster, still grinning, raises his eyebrows at Wonder Woman and gives a chuckle. "Our beautiful Amazon did herself proud today. I was simply being playful, Diana. I'm sorry if I made you wet yourself." The Russian laughs heartily and then takes a swig from a can of CocaCola.

"Bastard," chokes out Diana softly as she sinks back onto the couch, physically and mentally exhausted.

"Bitch," Sergei responds with a smile, enjoying his small victory over the Amazon cow.

"Knock it off, you two. We have planning to do here." Flipping open his cell phone, Tony dials Carmine's number. "Carm. Come up to the penthouse, we need to have a meeting about our young blonde friend. No she hasn't returned yet. That's why we're having the meeting, big guy. Just get up here. Okay."

Snapping the phone shut, Tony walks over to the refrigerator and grabs a Coke for himself as well.

"Diana, you want anything to drink?"

"I'll have a Diet Coke, thank you."

"Carmine will be up in a few minutes, soon as he's done paying the fellas. When he gets here, we're going to put our heads together and try to figure out how to rescue Supergirl."

Diana lets out a another long sigh. This was going to be one of the longest days of her life, she realized. And her stamina was at rock bottom at the moment. And beside all that, she was feeling the need for heroin slowly rear its ugly head. A long day indeed.

* * *

Supergirl's mouth drops open with a breathy gasp of delight as Don Lupenzo slowly rotates his forefinger deeply within her well-oiled asshole.


Kneeling on the glass coffee table within the gap of her widely-spread legs, the grinning don is now wearing only white boxer shorts. He continues to twist his wrist, this time rotating his finger in the opposite direction, provoking a small quiver of pleasure that has Supergirl grinding her teenage tush against his finger in response.

"Ooohhhh....that's good....very....good," she purrs. Gino continues his rotating finger routine within the girl's oiled and accommodating rear for a full minute as the renowned champion's breathing picks up its pace. When he thinks he's done enough of that, Gino then begins to saw the slippery digit in and out of the tight rectum in a series of slow, repetitive strokes that draws a stuttering moan from the blonde teenager.

"...ah..ha..ah...ha...ahhhhhhh...." Her knees thump involuntarily against the thick glass as the crack-enhanced pleasure sweeps through her body.

"Man, you sure do get off on ass sex, Supergirl. I never would have thought a proper young heroine like you would be so hot for a nasty butt jamming session like this. I gotta say, your crass sexual habits shock me, girl. But maybe they shouldn't. You are a crack whore after all."

" just..(hah)....feels great...(hah)...." Supergirl replies between pants as she closes her eyes and concentrates on the sensations created by Gino's stiff finger repeatedly stroking in and out of her rectum.

And then, it's not just Gino's forefinger in her butt that's making her wriggle with pleasure. His other hand gets busy at the front of her crotch, with his thumb circling her clit while his index finger twiddles deep within her twat.

"OHHH! Yess....wond'rful...yesss....ohhhh...." Supergirl is beginning to sweat from a combination of being underneath the bright track lights, the cloying oil saturating her skin and Gino's slow, insistent fingerplay.

"I'm glad I can give you pleasure, my dear," Gino says, kneeling behind her on the carpet as he continues to slowly stroke and caress the trembling body before him. "Lord knows I'll be taking plenty from you before this night is over. As will my many associates."

If this glimpse into her near future registers with Supergirl, she doesn't show it in any way. She's too wrapped up in the intense, crack-heightened sensations coursing through her body as Gino keeps the finger work going for a good five minutes.

" deeper in my butt....faster against my clitoris. No...faster, Gino....come on...get it going...." After several minutes of trying to direct Gino's technique, Supergirl lets out a small keening whine of frustrated passion. The wriggling blonde unsuccessfully pulls on the handcuffs yet again with a clank of metal. Unable to use her hands to assist in her own stimulation and bring herself to an orgasm, the young teenager is now getting annoyed with Gino's methods. He is too slow, there's not enough heated friction due to the oil and his pacing. Plus, he's yet to use his penis. He's working her up but she's not getting near enough to any significant sexual release. By now, her crack high is completely gone so it's only the sex itself that's getting her aroused.

But then, with his hands working a bit quicker within her orifices, Kara begins to feel a stronger surge of pleasure from his rubbing manipulation of her clit and ass.

"'re getting it..." she says encouragingly. But the irritating man suddenly stops his caressing fingers and lets Kara stew in her own juices for a bit.

"What are you doing," she scolds after tens seconds of silence. "Why did you stop?"

"What do you mean?"

"I was getting nicely worked up and you just stopped. Why?"

"My fingers got a little tired. That's all."

"Well, I'm getting pretty hot over here and your stopping is making me frustrated."

"Gosh, that's a shame. Let me see what I can do about that, my dear," the old don says, smiling widely behind the unseeing heroine's back. He was going to have her begging for him to slide his cock into her damp pussy before he was done here.

Don Lupenzo hikes up the waistband of his boxers a bit, climbs onto the table and lies on top of the famous heroine. He pulls his rock-hard penis out of the fly of his boxers and positions it deep between the teenager's oiled buttocks. There's no penetration, just warm girlish ass cheeks squeezing the full length of his cock. Next, the mob boss reaches around underneath Supergirl's body, slides his hands under her shirt, pushes aside the dangling kryptonite pendant and takes hold of both breasts, one in each of his strong hands. He slowly begins to fondle her tits as he slides his prick up and down between her cheeks.

"Now we're talking." Supergirl rejoices at the change in tactics. She is delighted with the feel of the man laying on top of her, his warm penis rubbing between her cheeks, the slap of his balls against her pussy, his hands fondling her slippery tits and tweaking her nipples. Her oily figure writhes in pleasure beneath him, smearing the pale green lubricant all over his shorts, his legs and some of his chest. The slippery channel of her butt coats his prick and sends an erotic tingle through the mob boss' body.

"I took a double dose of Viagra just for you, Supergirl. 100 milligrams will ensure we have a nice long time to fuck!"

"That's what I'm here for, Gino," she answers huskily. She shakes her ass to feel the penis between her cheeks. It's enjoyable but not quite stimulating enough. "Hey, any chance I can get another hit on the crack? I'm kinda coming down. I am down, actually."

Immediately Gino stops all movement. His hands merely hold Supergirl's breasts in place, his dick ceases its stroking.

"Maybe a little later. Right now, I'm enjoying this great cock polishing I'm getting from the famous Buns of Steel. Now shake these luscious butt cheeks of yours, Supergirl. I want to feel the vibrations all the way to my balls."

The blonde teen complies immediately, rapidly twisting her hips left and right so her buttocks rock in place like matching Jello molds.

"That's a good girl," praises Gino with a condescending tone that annoys Kara to no end. The famous heroine tries to glean a little extra stimulation from friction with the body lying on top of her, by rocking her figure back and forth against the old don but there's precious little stimulation there without any crack to intensify things. Kara had agreed to this but she was starting to not even enjoy the sex much. This bastard didn't know shit about making love or building momentum or even using his penis, it seemed.

"You know...put your penis in me now, Gino, if you want," whimpers a frustrated Supergirl.

"I'm well aware of that, Supergirl."

"I...mean, I'm.... ready for you. I'm....i'm...wet..." she says with a hesitant pause., a fleeting sense of shame brings a blush to her cheeks. There's no crack to lower her inhibitions. She is craving a mind-blowing sexual release and she's not even close right now.

"Yes, I can read your body's signals quite well. I'm just not ready yet. I can get harder."

"Let me help you with that. Take off the handcuffs at least and let me get a nice sheen of oil on that pecker so we can move onto the big nasty. What do you say,"

"Not a chance."

"But it's not fair," whines the petulant blonde. "I'm just trying to help. Guys your age, you know, can....use the assistance of a girl's talents. Come on, Gino. Just remove the handcuffs so I can give you a nice handjob."

"Nope. But I'll tell you what I'll do for you, Supergirl. I'll tickle your nipples."

"But that's not going to be enough," the frowning girl says testily.

"Okay, fine, you can suck on my finger at the same time. That ought to be good for something."

Gino's left hand pulls out from under Supergirl's blouse and comes up in front of her mouth. His right hand goes from a full palming breast hold to a light circling of the nipple on the Maid of Steel's right breast. There's a touch of pleasure there but not enough to work Supergirl up to any kind of new plateau.

"Come on, girlie. Suck on my finger. It'll be good for us both."

"I really don't want to, Gino."

"This ain't about what you want, Supergirl, in case you forgot. You want me to knock you around with my aluminum bat again."

"What? No...please...don't.....I...look, I'm sucking. I'm thucking on yur fhingah..." With a slow, erotic push and pull of her wet lips, the Maid of Steel begins sucking away at the don's forefinger as commanded. In the meantime, the hand under the teen's blouse continues to tickle and flick at Supergirl's right nipple until its sensitized enough to create some tiny shivers of pleasure.

"There, see. I told you you'd enjoy this combo, Supergirl," Gino's condescension builds a slow anger in the blonde champion that she has to remind herself not to bite the bastard's digit right off his hand. In the meantime, his hand continues to work the girl's nip steadily and productively. When he gently twists the pink bud between his oily fingers, it gets the Maid of Steel squirming as her pleasure finally starts to build. Taking his hand away momentarily, Gino sees the hard swollen nub trying to poke a hole in the slippery fabric covering it.

"Mmmmhh...beddah..." grunts Supergirl, her mouth pulling fiercely on his finger all the way to his second knuckle. In and out. In and out. The shiny digit appears and disappears inside the eager face of the famous girl from Krypton.

Gino switches to her other nipple now, giving it the same unrelenting attention he'd provided its mate: the slow slippery circling around the aureola, the flicking fingernail, the steady gentle nipple twisting back and forth between oily forefinger and thumb. It all works together to get Supergirl moaning again as she writhes on the table under the weight of her captor. She feels his hot pulsing rod still resting between her ass cheeks but it's not moving in the least. Nevertheless, Supergirl's mouth is now eagerly sucking away at two fingers on the mobster's left hand like a common alley whore on a sailor's joint.

"That feels great, my dear. And as a reward, I'm going to polish your clit for you."

"..hank...ooh..." she replies, busy with her mouth and starting to enjoy the oral satisfaction.

When the oily fingers of Gino's right hand swirl around the nub of the blonde heroine's clitoris, it's like an electric charge straight to Supergirl's brain.

"AAHH!" She gasps. Her head jerks back and her mouth releases Gino's fingers in a moment of uncontrolled delight. The tightly bound blonde is ecstatic with this long lost pleasure she so desperately needs.

"Missed this did you?" Don Lupenzo snickers loudly.

"Yes! More. Faster. Please. Faster."

But Gino's hand slows instead, barely touching Supergirl's swollen love button that's extended out of its protective hood. Every so often he touches the clit with a grazing pass of his fingertip but it doesn't last long. His left hand, no longer held in Supergirl's mouth joins in the fun, though. Swiping his hand among the oil-drenched folds of the skirt heaped up over the Maid of Steel's waist, Gino gets a thick coating of olive oil on his fingers and brings them down to the teen's butthole. Circling the spot between her cheeks with a quick swipe, the old don thrusts his index finger deep into Supergirl's ass and circles it slowly around her anal cavity.

"RAO, That's sweet!" Please, keep going..." Heavily panting, Supergirl's eyes begin to glaze over as she enjoys the stimulation she so urgently craves. As Gino's fingers work their slow, steady magic on her pussy and rear, Kara's libido kicks into overdrive. Her eyelids slide down and a dreamy expression of unbridled lust turns the famous heroine's face from coy ingénue to randy skank in the blink of an eye.

"...we're...getting there..." she moans. "...closer...and closer..." Her body is quivering as the pressure of her pleasure builds to a formidable wave she longs to have sweep over her and carry her away. "...yes...yes....yes....NO!"

Gino's hands withdraw from her crotch completely. And he sits up on his haunches, his dick dangling inches away now as the famous teen hero whimpers and cries beneath him.

"WHY DO YOU KEEP STOPPING!!!" Supergirl is openly sobbing in frustration. "WH...WHAT...DO YOU WANT FROM ME?"

Gino walks around the cocktail table to look at Supergirl's face. The small amount of eyeliner she's wearing is running down her cheeks in dark streaks. There are now pockets under her eyes that are tinged green from the steady radiation of the omnipresent kryptonite pendant. Her quivering lips are pulled back into a desperate grimace of total frustration. Her sweating hair is plastered against her forehead and her rapidly blinking eyes look up at him in misery. The mighty Maid of Steel is sick, strained to her limits and sweating from radiation fever and a libido on the knife edge of helpless arousal without relief. Precisely the way he wanted the bitch.

"WHAT THE HELL IS IT YOU WANT, GINO?" Supergirl repeats the question with a choking sob. "Tell me and I'll do it. Anything. Please tell me. PLEASE!!!"

"You're not too proud to suck my cock now, are you, Supergirl," Gino asks in a quiet voice, looking down at the pathetic figure trussed onto the glass platform before him.

"Absolutely not too proud! I will do that. Right now. Give it to me. Put it in my mouth!" The desperate, frenzied Supergirl opens wide, her tongue wiggling back and forth obscenely. "Let me lick your prick."

" about a nice ass buggering," Gino suggests, circling back around the crazed blonde. "You good with that?"

"I'm all yours. Sodomize me," the nodding blonde answers without pause. "Shove it in as deep as you want. 8 inches, 10 inches, it doesn't matter. I'm ready for you."

Gino squats down behind the fawning, trembling heroine and lets his finger drift lazily down the crack of her butt. It slowly slides over Kara's butthole and then deeper into the depths of her thighs where it slips between her labia and smoothes lazily over her pink nether lips. This keeps Supergirl on the fine edge of total sexual frustration. She's close but then the finger stops and she gulps in air angrily.

"Maybe an old fashioned gangbang is called for here," Lupenzo says. "Satisfaction from a whole crew of my men. Sound good to you, champ?"

"Like heaven! Are they here in the building? How many do I get?"

"They're not all here just yet, so you'll have to wait for that. In the meantime, why don't I just stick my nice hard cock deep into your damp skank hole? That alright with you?" The finger rubs her pussy lips in slow-motion that's nothing short of torture to the superheroine.

"Oh, Rao, yes!! Yes, please do that. Please fuck me, Gino," Supergirl's voice quavers in desperation as the fingers circle and stop, circle and stop. The blonde beauty yanks all her appendages like some wild animal. The handcuffs jangle, the ropes around her boots squeak and the glass table shakes with her yanking, heaving need. To no avail. When she exhausts herself, Supergirl slumps against the table whimpering like a toddler. "I want your cock in me, Don Lupenzo. I need it desperately. Please, have mercy!"

"Well, since you asked so nicely and so properly, how can I refuse you, Supergirl?"

Kneeling on the glass table behind the blonde beauty once again, Gino Lupenzo puts his arm around her waist, pulls his cock out from the fly in his boxers, positions it at the entrance to her heavenly treasures and easily slides his rock-hard prick into Supergirl's slippery vagina without a hint of resistance, either physical or mental. He buries himself to the hilt, his balls slapping softly against her crotch.

" last...." Kara squeezes her love channel around the warm hard pole like a hug from a long lost friend. She luxuriates in the sensation of the invasion she could no longer resist, savoring the pleasing length and heat of the mighty invader with a rapid flicker of her bright blue eyes. "That's...whut....I needed...." she sighs.

Behind her, Gino is beaming with pleasure. He was fucking the famous Supergirl and her twat was nice and tight, slippery and oh so accommodating. Exactly as he liked them, and exactly the way he engineered it. In fact, the world's once strongest girl is so eager to please that she begins to rock her pelvis back and forth in slow repetitive movements that serve to stroke Gino's love muscle back and forth with her wet feminine muff. And both of them shudder with delight at this.

"Uunhhh," Gino grunts with pleasure as he leans forward onto Supergirl's back, puts his two hands on her soft yielding breasts and begins to move his prick and back forth to match the rhythm established by the slickly-coated teenage heroine.

" do to use that thing....after all..." murmurs the delighted girl.

"Likewise, blondie. How'd you get so good?" Gino's pace is steady and slow in a very pleasing way as his thick dick slides in and out of Supergirl's pussy with metronomic precision.

"...Carnegie....hall....." she answers blurrily, resting her cheek on the slippery glass and rocking herself again Lupenzo's hips at a faster pace until she reaches the next plateau of sexual satisfaction. She takes the mob boss along with him.

"Practice!" He grunts in appreciation, not just for reference to the old joke but the surprising squeeze and roll maneuver by the Maid of Steel. It's a move that makes him cross-eyed for a moment. "Ahhhhh!"

Firmly squeezing Supergirl's tits, Don Lupenzo snuggles tightly against the rocking blonde beauty and caresses her slippery figure with every available part of his body. His chest rubs against her back, his pelvis against her gleaming oiled butt, his outer thighs against her inner thighs. Even his calves rub against Supergirl's now slippery boots. And, of course, his greasy hands continue to maul, fondle and squeeze the teenager's plump tits in ways that yank gasps of joy from the young heroine. Their oiled bodies slip and slide against each other in an unrelenting tangle of slick flesh on flesh. The weight of his body on hers creates just enough friction to make it a fucking delight to the Maid of Steel.

"'s....incredible...." As her slippery figure is heavily massaged inside and out by the surprisingly virile old don, Supergirl is drifting to yet a higher plateau of erotic joy. She really begins to pump her hips against the panting mobster's crotch now, bringing him along for the ride of his life. Supergirl bumps back and forth, back and forth, over and over as she feels Gino's cock plunging and withdrawing within her loins with a heat that pulls sweat from her skin in tiny silver beads. The sweat flows off her to mix with the olive oil and create an almost frictionless surface of the glass table. Her pelvis slides back and forth against the glass surface.

Thhippp. Thhippp. Thhippp. Thhippp. Thhippp. Thhippp

Reaching near the peak of his arousal and his stamina, Don Lupenzo's left hand moves off of the soft tit of his blonde prize and clasps firmly around her neck. The thumb and forefingers of his hands hold as tightly as possible to the sides of Supergirl's jaw, freezing her head in place as he begins to jerk his hips back and forth with a final frenzy of sexual gratification. The friction feels like it's increased ten-fold and before he can think about holding back a second longer, Don Lupenzo's penis erupts with pleasure, dousing Supergirl with a thick load of cum that tickles her to her very core.

"HHHUUUNGGGHHHH!" His face strains with ecstasy, his tendons tight in his neck as he spurts and hoses her cunt with every inch of his being.

Restrained by her arms and legs, and by one strong hand holding her breast as the other tightly grips her neck, the kryptonite weakened, overwhelmed, overmatched, oversexed Maid of Steel relents completely to the control of the man's dominating power. The rushing thrust of him ejaculating within her puts the icing on the cake, so to speak, and Supergirl lets her ego admit total defeat. And in that moment, she is flooded by a rushing white wall of overwhelming pleasure that has her screaming with joy.


Her pussy floods with a rush of cum that sets off two more spurts from Gino who is holding her tightly as before, pinning her to the table and living the very dream of ecstasy he'd imagined for weeks. His final spurts create a secondary wave of titillating pleasure within Kara's body that takes her completely by surprise.

"...oh...oh....OHH.....YES...YES....YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS...." The famous heroine is reduced to a panting, drooling, oily tangle of oozing pleasure. Finally, she's satisfied. She never thought he would do it. Pinned beneath a wheezing mob boss, she moans out a long slow exhalation of ultimate release, her eyes fluttering as she sinks into the deep black pit that is the delightful result of absolutely exhausting and completely fulfilling sex. Gino joins her in that dark realm, limp on top of the debauched heroine, the two of them leaking fluids in two pungent puddles that flow all over the wide glass surface.

* * *

"What do you think could have happened to her?"

Wonder Woman looks up at a pacing Tony from her place on the couch as she pulls on her costume boot. Her outfit had been completely cleaned by one of Tony's most trusted One-Hour Cleaners. The owner behind the counter had known Carmine for years but when the heavy mobster actually threatened the owner with grievous bodily harm if he ever told anyone who's uniform he was working on, the man gulped, agreed and swore an oath to Carmine. He then personally took the gym bag with the clothes in it into the back, gave his crew of three an extended lunch break and cleaned the uniform himself. It wasn't easy getting all those crusty white jism stains out of the underwear or off that gold fabric eagle but he kept at it and when he was done treating it, he sent it around the machine to deal with the sweat stains and nasty odor that the costume gave off. He cleaned and shined the boots and buffed the tiara and when he was all done, he neatly folded the clothes back into the gym bag that he had cleaned as well. When Carmine came back 70 minutes later, the owner absolutely refused payment and send the big mafia hood away with a free magnetic calendar as well.

And while her costume was being cleaned, Wonder Woman took a 40-minute shower, letting the water pour over her in torrents as hot as she could bear. She scrubbed every inch of her self until her skin was raw yet she didn't feel clean. She shampooed, rinsed, repeated and then repeated again but it still felt like she had clumps of cum in her hair. It was all imaginary of course, She was badly rattled by the days events. And she didn't have much time to pull herself together.

"It's just another mission, Wonder Slut," murmurs Diana as she stands under the shower head looking up into the needles of spray raining down on her after she's supposedly all clean. "You can swallow that, right," the black-haired Amazon blurts out. And then she collapses to the floor of shower sobbing heavily as she bangs her head softly against the tile wall again and again and again. "It won't be a big deal for a hero whore like you," she chokes. It takes her another twenty minutes before she can compose herself enough to face Tony and the others in the living room.

"I think she fucked up," Tony replies moodily in answer to Diana's question. "I don't know how it happened but my only guess is that somehow Gino had kryptonite stashed somewhere in reach and took Kara down. I have no doubt he's fucking her if he did trap her somehow. Now we've got to go to his place and get her back. She's been in there over six hours now."

"This will not be easy," Sergei says, standing in the kitchen and slicing off pieces of a large Granny Smith apple with a menacing paring knife. Munching noisily on the fruit, the large blonde Russian adds, "I'm sure he is to be having guards up the wazoo by now."

That's why you're coming and that's why I am bringing Wonder Woman, too. And her magic lasso. Plus the three fellas who polished off the terrorists at Columbus Circle."

"Think that will be enough?" Carmine asks. "You sure you don't want me along, Ton?"

"I want you guarding home base Carmine. If anything happens, I trust you the most to handle things. Besides, you're not a very good shot." Tony grins at this mentor

"Aaaayyy!" Carmine feints a body blow at the young mafia chief and then smiles himself.

"I would like it more if we could have at least some kind of element of surprise," Wonder Woman admits.

"Well, you can case the rooftops and see if there's a way in that's unexpected. It's the best we can do," Tony replies.

"If I could call in reinforcements I'd feel better," the Amazon warrior admits. She isn't on her game, she's handicapped by her heroine habit and she has zero self-confidence at the moment. All in all, not the best time to be breaking into a heavily defended Mafia stronghold.

"We talked about this, Diana. No Flash, no Batman, no meta-humans of any kind. I can't trust them," barks a nervous Tony Bonano. "You I got a kind of hold on because you won't do anything funny to jeopardize Supergirl's safety and vice versa. Those other clowns I don't know from a hole in the ground. We do it my way."

"I'd wear a vest if I were you, Tony," says Diana with a rare smile. You don't have my bracelets to deflect bullets."

"I got something better than bracelets. I got charm."

"Yes! Charm up the wazoo," Sergei interjects. "That is working well against bullets I'm sure," the Russian Bear says with heavy sarcasm. For himself, he's wearing a vest, three different guns on his person. A nasty knife from his days in the KGB and a good luck coin from his dead brother in Moscow. He's ready to go to battle.

"Fine, I'll take a vest," Tony says, reaching into the closet for his personally tailored model. "Alright, let's do this," Tony says, leading his team to the elevator.

End of Chapter 57

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