Supergirl Captured by the Mob 55  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 55 - The Room of Shame

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia and Don Lupenzo are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

Sergei speaks softly into his cell phone. He stands in the long hall just outside the room where Wonder Woman is undergoing her humiliating subjugation to a crew of phony Islamic terrorists. The fake terrorists, simply a gang of nasty Moslem thugs from New York's borough of Queens, had been hired by his boss Tony Bonano a month ago to act in a video designed to throw off the police and the public from the notion that the mob was behind Wonder Woman's capture. Now they were about to take their well-scripted act to a whole new level. They were mere minutes away from making a total mockery of Wonder Woman's legendary halo of purity, dispelling the myth of her Amazonian strength and completely eliminating the notion of her indomitable spirit.

"Hello, Tony. Yeah, everything's going great," Sergei nods, pacing back and forth in front of the steel door to Wonder Woman's soon-to-be-famous Room of Shame. "She already has fucked one of them royally. She pulled his cock so deep into her pussy, I thought his penis was going to come out her belly button. Everything has been recorded as we planned. Soon we are to be offering her performance to the public as discussed. I have to go back inside in just a moment. She and the guys are taking a water break. Her water bottle is, of course, treated with that special juice of yours to ensure she is confused and horny. She would, of course, do her work as she is commanded thanks to how greatly I have terrorized her, but, like we agreed, the juice will ramp up her performance and will ensure that her reputation is as publically soiled as a whore's cum-crusted panties when the fleet comes to town."

"Just make sure it all goes smoothly," Tony replies, his voice tinny in the throwaway phone that Sergei will toss in a garbage can when the day is done. There will be no traces, no links back to Tony for the police to follow up. "The second team will be there in about an hour for the second act of our little play. Where's Amad?"

"He left, satisfied with his pay. I will attend to him later. There will be no loose ends there. Hey, not to worry, Tony," Sergei says with conviction. They had gone over everything a dozen times the night before with all the parties involved "Everyone knows their roles. Even Wonder Slut will willingly cooperate in her own heroic dismantling. But I have to go in now. Talk to you later."

Sergei snaps the phone shut and gives the secret knock on the door to be let into the room. When Harga opens the heavy door, Sergei saunters casually by him and stands over Wonder Woman. The Amazon princess, once again neatly arranged within her famous costume after her earlier fucking of Amad had left her disheveled and sweaty, is sitting in the simple wooden chair, her head tipped back, chugging down the last of a plastic bottle of the tainted spring water with thirsty eagerness.


Sergei slaps the nearly empty water bottle out of Wonder Woman's grip with a sudden, surprisingly vehement swing of his arm. It goes flying across the room and slaps against the far wall with a crackle of broken plastic. A small stream of water runs down the ugly beige wall. It seeps into a jagged area of chipped paint and then puddles up on the brown speckled linoleum tile.

"Rest break is over, Wonder Whore. Thank the nice Islamic terrorists for letting you refresh yourself while their time with you continues to run out on them."

"What!" Ishmael growls, his forehead crinkling as he glares at Sergei. "I thought the clock on her had stopped while you left during her break."

"Why would you think that, fool?"

"You said you had to leave. Make a phone call."

"I did. So?" Sergei crosses his arms and stares calmly back at the tall Ishmael standing two feet away from him.

"We thought she would not obey with you out of the room. That being so, the clock should have stopped."

"I told you she would do as you asked," Sergei informs him with complete serenity. " I was here to ensure compliance but it was your mistake to assume she would not comply if I left. You simply assumed, incorrectly, that she would not. Would you like me to leave again and test her? I would be happy to do this." Sergei smiles broadly at the tall terrorist.

"No," Ishmael snaps quickly, his anger turning his face ugly. "We have paid you dearly already and we are now wasting even more time." He suddenly reaches out and grabs Wonder Woman's hair by the roots and drags her off the chair in an awkward sprawl that lands the wincing heroine on her knees before the glowering Muslim. Sergei takes the chair and once more turns it around and sits on it with his arms crossed over the back of the chair, watching the proceedings with interest. The extended conversation was nothing more than a ruse to allow time for the drugged water to work its way into Wonder Woman's system.

"Okay, bitch. Stay there on your knees for now, yes?"

"Yes," Wonder Woman replies, shifting her legs slightly in place to get more comfortable. She settles her ass down on her calves and sways slightly in place, a bit unfocused already from the potent drugs.

Ishmael then strides across the room and all five men stand in a line facing the Champion of All Women who sits on her haunches swaying slightly. She felt a bit dizzy but the room was warm and she was perspiring a bit. That could be it.

Suddenly, all five men march forward and surround Wonder Woman on all sides in a circle.

"Before you will "enjoy" the four-way we have planned for you, Wonder Woman," Ishmael states, "we think you should show your obedience. We have prepared a game in which you can demonstrate this for us."

"I seek to please you, sir." Diana chuckles suddenly and surprises herself at this. This was no game here but she felt giddy about the heightened sense of drama. Still she suppresses her giddiness with a clearing of her throat as if the sound had been something else. The men looked at each other with knowing looks but Diana had no idea why that would be.

"Obey well and you shall please us," Ishmael replies. "Now when one of us speaks you must follow the command issued to the letter without delay. Understand?"

"Obey the command. Yeth, I get it," Diana answers with a head nod then a shake then a second,. "Yes."

"Excellent. Now as the game progresses, it speeds up. But don't worry, it's hard for anyone to lose this game, unless you completely disobey the commands. That won't happen will it, Wonder Woman?"

"No, thir....sir," the Amazon slurs.

"Good. Mohammed, why don't you start us off."

The shortest man in the room, Mohammed wears a blue robe with food stains thick all over the front of it. He looks down at Wonder Woman with a sneer.

"Wonder Woman, come towards me on all fours and lick my toes."

Grimacing, the black-haired champion crawls the two feet to Mohammed and bows her head until she's inches from his sandaled feet. Quickly but reluctantly she extends her tongue and licks the top of Mohammed's wiggling toes. Sweaty and foul, the scent and grit nearly gags Wonder Woman as she bends before the terrorist and cleans the tops of his toes with her darting tongue.

"Good. But you must clean between the toes with your tongue as well, heroine," Mohammed commands. He reaches down and takes off his sandals one by one. Girding herself for the foul task, Diana bends low again and cleans the strands of fiber and clots of sweaty toe jam from between the rank toes of Mohammed. When they are fully cleaned, Mohammed says, "Back up to the center of the circle, Wonder Tongue." And she goes there on her hands and knees, backing up awkwardly as the drugs in her system alter her balance a bit.

Ishmael simply says, ."Sufa. Your turn."

The fat terrorist dressed in a pale yellow robe barks out his command eagerly. "Wonder Woman, come here on all fours and kneel before me. Then suck my fingers while you pleasure yourself."

That isn't so bad! Diana crawls up to the huge, squat terrorist in yellow, kneels before him and he starts to extends his hand to her. But then he draws it back with a sudden, blunt, "Wait!" He reaches behind himself, hikes up the hem of his robe and scratches his ass crack, getting his finger deep into the folds of his sweaty buttocks. He then extends this hand forward inches from Wonder Woman's recoiling face.

"No!" she blurts, horrified at the sudden disgusting turn in the command she must follow.

"No?" Ishmael says, looking at Sergei off to the side, his eyebrow cocked quizically.

"You may discipline her, but no scars," Sergei says loudly from across the room.

"I'm sorry...please...I didn't..." Wonder Woman is whimpering and shaking in fear. " took me by surprise...Please...I can't...anything else...please..."

Sufa reaches to a pocket in his robe and brings out a stout long polished hickory stick.

"Wait, no don't. I'll do it. I'm sorry. I'll do it," Wonder Woman pleads for mercy but the stick in raised high in the air and when it sweeps down she blocks it with her bracelet, her phony non-bullet repelling, soft fabric bracelets. The stick rings against the bone in her wrist with a bruising smack that knocks her arm completely out of the way. Sufa follows up with short snapping shot to the top of Wonder Woman's head and she collapses onto her forearm with her ass in the air. Her cheek presses against the brown speckled linoleum and her tongue slips out of her mouth in drooling, stunned bewilderment. Sufa bends down and crams the offending fingers of his soiled hand into Wonder Woman's mouth. She can taste the sour flavor of his taint. Not shit but too damn close anyway. And then his other hand pulls aside the crotch of her starred panties and begin to slowly slide up and down the length of her labia. The stunned and drugged heroine feels a subtle tingle of pleasure down there but is too dazed to respond in any way other than quiver in place. The fingers increase in their pace and Wonder Woman's breathing picks up a bit. With a full minute of this invasive finger play, the Amazon is feeling quite randy and her head has recovered enough so she can try to sit up. When she starts to shift so she can stand up, but Sufa raises the hard hickory stick over her head and says, "Stay down, bitch, if you don't want me to clobber you again. Now suck on my fingers like I commanded you before."

Diana relaxes her body and just lies there sucking on the foul fingers of Sufa's one hand while the fingers on his other hand begin to probe deeper into her sex. He proceeds to rub all around the inside of her vagina, his two fingers plunging in and out like a miniature dick, building her pleasure and her frustration at the same time. After three minutes of his relentless fingering of her twat, Diana is sucking on his now tasteless fingers with a purpose and a lustful need that surprises her. Her breathing is irregular, short gasping moans followed by rapid panting as Sufa works her to a full frenzy of frustrated need.

"..awmmm....auwfff....mmmhhhh...g..gud....gud..." she murmurs, sucking on Sufa's fingers now with all her soul. Her body is writhing on the linoleum in a trembling jumble of twisted arms and legs as the heroine is driven to the edge of sexual climax and then brought back down as the fingers withdraw for full, frustrating moments at time until Diana's blood cools.

And then Sufa raises his stick over Wonder Woman's head and shouts, "Enough!"

Whimpering, Diana opens her mouth and Sufa pulls his fingers out. He yanks his slippery hand out of her panties as well, a thin thread of her lubrication following his fingers until it breaks off.

"Back up to the center of the circle, Wonder Slut," Ishmael commands.

After swaying for a mere 15 seconds on her hands and knees, Wonder Woman's pussy continues to vibrate with need as it slowly drips her lubricant into her panties, darkening them conspicuously.

Ishmael issues the next command. "Crawl around the circle with your ass in the air, whore, and beg each of us to fuck you in every possible way you can imagine. Loudly. However, we will call you in any order we like and you must scurry over to that man, raise your ass in the air and beg him to pleasure you in a new way each time. Let's begin."

"Come here, Wonder Cunt," says Harga.

Crawling quickly to the brown-robed terrorist, Wonder Woman lowers herself onto her forearms and hoists her ass high in the air. "Please fuck me now," she pleads, actually hoping the man will touch her rear. He does not.

"Now to me, slut," says Mohammed.

Quickly crossing the circle on all fours, Wonder Woman turns her back to Mohammed and presents her shapely rear end to him. "I want your dick, pleeeaaaseee!" There's no response.

Over here, Wonder Whore," calls Bensir.

Crossing the diameter again, Wonder Woman turns and hoists her ass up. "Give me your cock," she wails. Why was she so horny? Bensir briefly caresses the inside of her butt cheek and Wonder Woman sways her ass back and forth to enjoy the caress but it is gone before she knows it.

"This way, American pussy pump," demands Sufa.

She rushes over, turns and poses, ass up and ready, hopeful. "Put your dick in my damn twat!" She cries tears as Sufa stands silent, un-touching, unresponsive.

The game goes on for ten more minutes, driving the helpless heroine crazy with lust as occasional passes of strong hands inside the crack of her uniform panties make her drip with desire. She wanders back and forth on all fours across the circle time after time, begging to be violated, to be punished, to have cocks, tongues, rulers, dildos or fingers shoved into her to fill her need. At the end, the distraught, frustrated Champion of All Women curls into a ball in the center of the circle screaming for pleasure as the dope overwhelms her system and drowns her in dire need.

Finally Ishmael feels Wonder Woman is ready. He sends all the men back against the far wall for a moment. Then calls out.

"Harga, Come here and lie down on the floor so this famous fornicating hero whore can straddle you and take your cock into her miserable fishy fuckhole."

"You miserable bastard," the drugged, highly frustrated Amazon beauty blurts out foolishly, her internal editor dismissed for the rest of the day by the drugged water.


Wonder Woman is knocked backward hard enough by Ishmael's hefty slap to hit her head against the floor with a soft thump. The raven-haired princess' eyes blur momentarily as her knees open up wide from the impact. She is so imbalanced that her bright blue crotch is exposed for all to see. Ishmael drops to one knee beside the sprawled heroine and palms her throat in his large hand, pinning her to the floor in a position of complete helplessness.

"You should save that smart mouth of yours for Bensir, Wonder Whore," Ishmael says with cold venom. "It takes a lot of work to make him happy. You'll need all your energy for that. And to satisfy us. Don't you agree, slut?"

"Yes, Ishmael," Wonder Woman replies with a harsh rasp within the big man's tight grip of her throat.

"Yes, Ishmael, my master!" Ishmael prompts her, tightening his grip.

"Yes, Ishmael, my master," Wonder Woman parrots in quick reply. Her fear and her drug-addled brain nullify her thinking to immediate compliance.

The tall Muslim releases Diana's throat but doesn't take his hand away. He merely opens the large hand to its widest and slowly moves it down from Wonder Woman's throat to her cleavage.

Sergei reaches into his pants pocket and presses a button on the small remote control hidden there. The lights brighten slightly and outside the room, on the other side of the long mirror on the opposite wall, well-oiled steel shutters silently slide down to reveal a broad plate glass window to the street outside: New York's famous Columbus Circle.

Inside the room, the mirror remains a smooth reflective surface, bouncing back the degrading image of Wonder Woman's tunic being slowly tugged down by Ishmael. Outside, a resting bicycle messenger wearing black satin riding shorts and a blue and red spandex top is recoiling in surprise from the moving shutters. Spinning around, the red bearded lad with short cropped red hair under his blue and yellow helmet watches with alarm and curiosity as the steel shutters slowly withdraw into a steel casing below a large window in the building before him. He thinks it must be a store opening up for the day. Checking his watch, the bike messenger sees it is 10:45 a.m. He should be on his way since he has to deliver an envelope to a law firm six blocks away by 11:00 a.m. Curiosity takes hold however and he leans in closer, peering through the window to see what merchandise the store offers.

The redheaded youth is stunned to see it's not a store at all. It looks like a plain room, a rather ugly one at that, with a bunch of men standing around in dirty robes of some kind. Looking closer, he looks past the knot of men and spies a woman in a red top and what looks like blue shorts with white stars who is lying on her back with her knees spread open. Another man looming over her is tugging on her gold and red top. It is then that the young bike messenger realizes he's looking at Wonder Woman and his eyes widen in amazement.

"What the fuck!?" His mouth agape, Brian Knox completely forgets about the envelope he has to deliver and watches with eager anticipation as Wonder Woman's top is slowly pulled down, revealing more and more of those bodacious soft breasts.

Inside the room, Sergei casually rises and steps back to the far wall and touches another button on the remote that dims the single light over his head slightly, casting him in a pale shadow that he knows makes it impossible to see his face from the street outside.

Nipple! Brian sees Wonder Woman's nipple exposed and then the man in the faded blue robe briskly rubs the pinkish tip of that remarkable breast between his fingers. Wonder Woman's mouth opens into an oval of pleasure even as her eyelids flutter and her irises roll up slightly.

The bike messenger's eyes widen at this exaggerated reaction to a little simple nipple tweak.

"Damn, Wonder Woman must be really horny," Knox says to himself. He looks around and while there are people nearby, nobody is walking by this section of the sidewalk right now. Pulling his cell phone out of his back pocket, Brian points it at the scene in the window of Wonder Woman's head swaying back and forth while the man beside her rubs and pinches and flips her nipple with constant, aggressive motions. The lovely Amazon's mouth remains open in an obvious moan as her eyelids continue to flutter and blink in blatant pleasure. He takes the shot with his cell phone, then types an accompanying text message. "Check out Wonder Woman's new hobby!" He immediately emails it to his fellow messenger who's across town on his way to an ad agency located above Grand Central Station.

The next thing that Brian sees is one of the other men in a green robe walking over toward Wonder Woman and sitting on the floor beside her. The man in blue then pulls Wonder Woman up to a kneeling position, still playing with her right nipple. The black haired heroine's chin head drops down, facing the floor and she shimmies in place, clearly excited by the fingers teasing her nipple. Just then, the man in green puts one hand on the costumed heroine's hip and his other hand palm up against her crotch. He begins rubbing his hand in circles there and the Amazon beauty's hips jerk forward and back and her head lifts up, her eyes at half mast. Slowly, Wonder Woman's tongue circles her lips in a display of erotic pleasure that Knox also captures on his cell phone.

"What's going on?" A male voice behind the bike messenger startles him and, embarrassed, he almost drops his cell phone trying to jam it in his pocket.

"Uhh, nothing, just watching something...uh...strange." Brian looks sideways to see a middle-aged businessman with a briefcase leaning forward toward the window to get a better look at what's going on inside. His eyes go wide as saucers after only ten seconds.

"Holy shit! Isn't that Wonder Woman?"

"Sure looks like her. But she could just be some actress or something," Brian replies. "Last I heard, Wonder Woman was captured by terrorists. What would she be doing here at Columbus Circle?"

"Tell me what you think those guys in the robes look like, kid," the businessman answers.

"Gosh. Like terrorists I guess."

"Looks that way to me too."

"Think we should try to help her?"

"I guess so, it's like six against one in there," Businessman replies.

Just then, the tall man in blue lifts Wonder Woman a foot off the floor by her breast and the back of her corset while the man in green slides beneath her.

"This isn't good, or fair," Brian scowls at the scene in the window before him. He's about to knock on the window with his knuckles when Wonder Woman's face lifts up with an expression of unbridled lust. This shocking expression stops the bike messenger in his tracks. He watches in stunned silence along with the businessman beside him as Wonder Woman's hands reach down to the man in the green robe who is eagerly hiking up the hem of the tattered garment to reveal a pair of dark green briefs with a brown waistband. The dangling woman's graceful hands slide over the prone terrorist's underwear, eagerly caressing the rising lump within. She then pulls out the dark pulsing muscle until it's at a rakish angle in the air.

"This doesn't look right. I think she's gonna fuck him," Knox says softly. "Wonder Woman is going to willingly fuck a terrorist!"

"Actually, unless I miss my guess," the businessman says with a touch of anger in his tone, "she's going to suck off a terrorist."

And as the two gaping men watch through the window in utter astonishment, they see the famous Amazon beauty slowly lowered onto to the body of the man in green by the terrorist in blue. Without a hint of hesitation, Wonder Woman wraps her thighs around the prone man's lower right calf and begins to hump his leg with a slow back and forth rocking of her hips. She nestles her tits tightly around the smiling man's thighs and takes his hard cock in her hands and bows her head over it with a look of pure delighted anticipation before putting her full wide lips around the large purple head of his penis and starts sucking and licking the unit like the most experienced cocksucking prostitute in the cheapest $12 an hour whorehouse in New York City.

"Whoa. What a slut!" Businessman sneers with total disdain at the famous heroine before him. Is this how heroines dealt with terrorists these days? The middle-aged man is horrified by what he is seeing. Where was this woman's honor? Where were all her principles she was always spouting; idealistic diatribes about looking out for your friends and your community? These men were the real life enemies of the United States and this sanctimonious bitch was humping and sucking on this low-life's cock like the National Porn Queen of America!!

"Jeez," sighs Brian, "I never would 'a thought Wonder Woman was such a..such a..skank!"

"Who's a skank?" This soft female voice behind the two men startles them and they both turn around to see a plain-faced young woman in her twenties wearing pale beige lipstick and matching eye shadow in a dark brown skirt and yellow silk blouse trying to see past them into the window.

"Wonder Woman," answers Brian. "She's in that room giving a blow job to a terrorist!"

"No fuckin' way!"

"See for yourself," Brian say, stepping to the side to give the young brunette a better view. Cupping her hands around her face without banging the window, the young lady's mouth drops open as she watches the famous Amazon heroine bob her head up and down over the prone man's cock with quickly repeated strokes of her tightly compressed lips.

"Gad, look at that cocksucking tramp go!" Yellow blouse is stunned and amazed in equal parts. "Fuckin' A, have a little dignity, you pathetic jizzbucket!"

Both men look at each other in startled reaction to the adamant declaration of the young woman standing there at the window in frowning fury.

"Why are you gettin' so mad," Brian asks.

"Why?" Yellow blouse's voice goes up to near screech as she turns on the bike messenger. "Oh, I don't know. Maybe because that paragon of virtue in there is defiling everything she ever claimed to stand for! Feminist activist, my ass! Apparently, you get little Miss Wonder Tits hot and bothered and all her sisters's cunts can dry up and blow away in a dust storm as long as she's got a penis she can pucker up to!"

"Not to mention she's giving blow jobs to Osama Bin Laden's hand-picked legion of death dealers," Businessman growls. The three of them are standing in a triangle not even looking in the window as they converse in angry tones.. "Makes me sick to think how low America has sunk when one of her most beloved champions proves she's nothing but a spineless toady who gobbles our enemies' cocks without even trying to escape."

"Yeah, she didn't put up any kind of fight at all!" Brian states. The young woman has turned back to look in the window and blanches in horror.

"F..F..Fighting?" Yellow Blouse sputters. "Does that look like fighting to you two?"

Turning back to the window, the two men see Wonder Woman peel herself up off the terrorist in green in a slow, seductive stretch of lithe, rippling muscles like an overfed panther waking from a nap. She then eagerly and carefully position her pelvis over the terrorist in green in an squat of lurid sexual titillation and slowly grinds herself on the head of the man's prick with circular motions that display a deep carnal experience that takes all speech away from the three gaping observers. After a full half-minute of this lewd graphic exhibition, Wonder Woman finally lower herself onto his jutting prick with a slow, lecherous smile and then a wide open sigh of contentment.

"Fuck! Would you look at that!" Brian stares into the windowed room with ever-growing resentment. "Wonder Woman just presented her precious pussy to Osama's homey there like the Countess of All Cunts!"

"Which is exactly what that bitch is!" Yellow sweater snarls.

Brian takes out his cell phone out again, this time for a validating photo of the shameless behavior of the famous Amazon slut. He titles it "Wonder Woman Squatting on Terrorist Cock" and sends off to his messenger friend. Miss Yellow Blouse beside him reaches into her purse and pulls out a small digital camera. She captures a series of scenes that would have Wonder Woman digging a hole a mile deep to crawl into if she was remotely aware of the fatal blow she was dealing to her reputation as a heroine of noble stature. The first shot is one of an ecstatic Wonder Woman with her head thrown back as she gyrates her hips to get the most sensation from the hard muscle pulsing within her loins. The second photo taken catches Wonder Woman's twisted satisfied sexual leer right in the act of pulling the blue robed terrorist's face into her cleavage while her hips jut forward as she continues to enjoy her ride on the green terrorist's fleshy pole. The third shot captures the Amazon princess as she leans forward with both hands around the cock of the terrorist with his blue robe hiked up to his hips as while her tongue stretches out to eagerly lick the bulbous head of the tall, smiling bearded man's jutting penis.

"Ha! That'll teach Wonder Whore there to go down on America's enemies," Yellow Blouse says with a triumphant laugh. "I think the Daily News would like these photos. And pay a nice amount for them."

"Who's going down on someone?"

"Yeah, who?"

Twin skateboard-carrying teenage brothers with almost white blonde hair cut short with buzz-cut sides slow down as they reach the group at the window.

"Wonder Woman,"Businessman announces. "She's in there showing a bunch of terrorists how America opens her legs to allow them easy access to all her most precious treasures."

"You're punking me, right? There's no effing way Wonder Woman is banging terrorists. And she's definitely not doing it right here at Columbus Circle."

"Be my guest," Businessman gestures with a wave as the two tall skateboarders walk up to the window.

The twins lean in closer and their eyes widen in shock at the sight of Wonder Woman slathering her tongue all around the head of some tall blue-robed dude's pecker while another man beneath her holds her hips and jerks his ass up and down like a humping dog while his penis drives in and out of the exposed snatch of the clearly satisfied bleary-eyed heroine.

The two boys turn away from the window and turn to each other in perfect unison, saying in tandem, "Slut City!"

"Tell me about it," Yellow Blouse murmurs. "Looks to me there's not a cock that bitch hasn't met that she hasn't left in a twisted tangle of cunt juice and saliva!"

"Whoa!" one of the white-haired brothers exclaims at the plain-faced brunette. "Issues much?"

Turning to the speaking youth, Yellow Blouse glares at him ferociously. "Yeah, I got issues when it comes to a supposed superheroine taking a long hard one up her joy box when she should be kicking ass and taking names. She look like she going to take those bastards to jail? I'd say she's taking them to heaven instead. And little Miss Multi-Holes looks like she's going along for the ride. Her thighs look like they're wet enough to go water skiing on and I'm guessing she smells like low tide about now. Doesn't that piss you off after all this country's been through?"

"Well, sure it does," answers the blonde lad. "But what the eff can we do about it?"

"We can try finding a cop around here and have him put a stop to this," Brian the bike messenger chimes in. "She and them must be breakin' all kinds of laws doin' the nasty like that in public."

"No doubt about that," Businessman replies turning his head sideways to get a better look at Wonder Woman's snatch being pile-driven by the green-robed terrorist beneath her.

"What is that guy doing now?" The second blonde skateboarding brother asks as he points at a third man in a brown robe who's walking up to the man in blue who's cock is buried balls deep in Wonder Woman's mouth. She is slowly nodding her head ever so slightly with the steady pace of a metronome, barely giving herself a chance to breathe as her drawn cheeks pull pleasurably on the man's wide cock

Just then the brown robed man taps the blue man on the shoulder and the taller man nods and grabs a clump of Wonder Woman's hair and pulls her head back sharply. His long dick appears like a magic trick out of the Amazon's gaping mouth, the shaft shiny with saliva. With her head swaying side to side in a stupefied confusion of arousal, Wonder Woman leans back slightly and simply enjoys the ride on the cock of the terrorist lying beneath her. She jerks her hips while she fingers her clit with lightly grazing fingernails. Her sensuous, full mouth opens in a wide circle with an obvious pleasured gasp and the tall man in blue opens his mouth in an obvious howl of laughter as he releases the sex-starved heroine's hair and walks around behind her back. One hand still holds the hem of his blue robe high as he brings his other hand up to his face and spits in it.

"Looks like Obama's boy in blue there is going in that Amazon slut's back door," Yellow blouse says with a snort as she sees the man put his hand on Wonder Woman's back and gently pat it. She willingly bends forward at this gesture. "And what a surprise, the famous princess of Themyscira is going to let him plow her ass like a farmer's first spring. God, has this bitch no self-respect left at all?"

"I'd say not much," answers the red-headed bike messenger, "since she's about to go down on brown belt there with the taste of blue boy still in her mouth."

Indeed, Wonder Woman is leaning even further forward in order to reach the penis of the man in brown. He has already hiked up his robe, letting his elbows hold it in place as the eager terrorist quickly pulls down his red plaid boxer shorts and lets them fall around his ankles. He steps forward over the legs of his green-robed brother still humping away at Wonder Woman's pussy like a man possessed.

Meeting the brown-robed man's cock halfway, the famous heroine takes his cock in her two hands and opens wide for him. She slips his cock up along her tongue until he's half buried in her mouth. The dreamy-eyed Champion of All Women slowly closes her luxurious lips around the hard member, grips him hard with bright pink lips turned paler and pulls back on it ever so slowly, withdrawing until just the head is still in her mouth. She then opens wide and pulls back just far enough to allow her tongue the proper distance to flick and dance and slather spit on the pulsing glans with a twisting, gyrating, frenzied blur of tightly wrapped pink-pointed pleasure. She then repeats her technique, gripping the cock in her lips, pulling back and then flipping her tongue erotically all around the head of his member.

The group outside the window is transfixed by this obscene exhibition of wanton lust by the quartet before them. It's not just the terrorists bumping, thrusting and driving into the now jerking and bouncing body of the woman between them that was so blatantly indecent. It was the active, eagerly compliant behavior of the famous Amazon heroine that was most stunning of all. The once proud, pure heroine was so luridly and willingly sucking, licking and gobbling cock while twisting her hips and bouncing her pelvis and butt cheeks against the two driving rods that it was unclear who if anyone was being taken advantage of here.

"God, she is relentless. And so are they," Businessman moans. He has a hard-on that is tenting his suit pants like a lean-to. Only his briefcase held before him covers his arousal from the others. The black satin shorts of the bike messenger clearly demonstrate how much he likes the view as well. The breathing pace of the twin teenagers has increased slightly as well. And Yellow Blouse is unconsciously licking her lips as she studies the black-haired woman's technique for pointers she can use for later, when and if she ever landed a man.

When the tireless heroine goes for her fifth encore of her suck-and-slather routine, the terrorist in brown throws his own head back even as he grabs for Wonder Woman's skull. With this great and famous beauty posed before him on her hands and haunches, Bensir is on the very edge of losing all control. He holds her head firmly in place as he rapidly begins to drive his penis in and out of the half-lidded female before him. He's dominating her, teaching her who is her master.

It's obvious that Wonder Woman is delirious with pleasure herself. Her eyelids flutter and the irises barely seen beneath them tremble like pale blue butterflies even as the man in blue behind her pushes his hips firmly forward until they bump up against her soft, shapely butt. He's clearly buried his dick as far as possible up the shapely beauty's anus and the Themysciran marvel hasn't protested one bit at the intrusion. Quite to the contrary, she has welcomed his cock with open ass! Clearly well-lubricated by the continuous attention to every erogenous zone on her body, Wonder Woman is the very picture of lust pursued. She shimmies, shakes and twitches in a dozen directions at once as she seeks with complete abandon to feel and enjoy the fingertips, the hard fleshy rods and the flashing tongues going at her every sensitive spot. Driven by the drug and long past the fear of Sergei, or even his presence for that matter, Diana seeks only the golden path to an orgasm to top all orgasms. And she's damn close. And so are her three thrusting compatriots.

It is Bensir in brown with his hugely engorged penis thrusting deeply in and out of Wonder Woman's mouth that loses his control first. Her soft, plump lips stretched widely open as possible nevertheless still graze against the surface of the driving shaft. This final heady sensation is far too much for the man to handle any longer and he freezes in place, holding Wonder Woman's skull rigidly still. He penis erupts with a thick jet of cum that shoots down the wide-eyed heroine's throat. It's a bit too much to swallow although the majority of it goes down her gullet. The backflow splatters out of the sides of Wonder Woman's mouth and drains down her chin and cheeks. And then a second eruption from the jerking rod held tightly in her mouth blows and Wonder Woman's entire face is splattered with thick dripping jism that has ejected like a broken cum- filled water balloon from her mouth and bounced off of Bensir's crotch right back at her. Heavy drops of white spunk hang off the end of the dazed heroine's nose, her cheeks and her chin, falling onto her chest and the top of her tunic in round, pungent spots of shame. But far from being humiliated by this cum shower, the Amazon beauty is highly aroused by the sensation of not only swallowing his third and final thin shot of fragrant jizz but the feel of her face dripping with a man's ultimate pleasure.

Her moaning hum of contentment causes Bensir's cock to jerk again in her sensitized mouth and Wonder Woman's oral pleasure tips her scales into a small joyous little flare of orgasmic delight that floods her brain with a shiver of ecstacy. Her irises float upward with this pleasure and her hips jerk with unconscious delight. This pelvic stutter is the flame that ignites the blow torch of pleasure within Harga in green below her. Just as Bensir pulls his sticky, cum- covered dick with its long hanging white threads out of Wonder Woman's mouth, Harga's thrusting hips bolt forward with a shock of urgent helplessness as he grabs her waist and lets lose his own fire hose of semen deep into Wonder Woman's tightly clutching pussy. It spears like a water jet against the deepest recesses of her overly stimulated vagina and the Champion of All Women is blasted by a halo of expanding pleasure from her innermost core. Unthinking, Diana clutches her arms around Bensir's legs even as her pelvis jerks and bucks in blinding, moaning pleasure. Her firm spasming pussy clenches around Harga's pulsing cock, vibrating with firing neurons in her drug-soaked brain as she draws every last drop of spunk from the collapsed terrorist's dick underneath her.

Wonder Woman's pussy spasms aren't the only area of her groin inundated with ecstacy. Her rear end, thickly packed with pulsing prick jerks and bumps in helpless joy as well. And then there were three violently cumming terrorists who have been brought to streaming, jetting satisfaction within the heroine's sweat-covered body. Ishmael's lunging, spouting member shoots its wad deep into Wonder Woman's ass, finalizing the realization of her utter helplessness in the tightly enfolding hands of her captors. As Ishmael grips the raven-haired heroines' breasts and thrusts his cock deep within the cleft of her rear, his spurting, jerking ram of flesh sets off the champion's unchecked libido for the third and final time. And this one was a gusher: a real hip twisting, spine curling, head shaking climax that blew out from some unknown spot deep within Diana she'd never known about. Her mouth opens in shriek of total joy even as thick cum in wide, slick strings drools out over her lips onto the brown speckled linoleum. From between her legs, a rush of thin cloudy liquid floods out around Bensir's shrinking cock and drizzles down Diana's quivering thighs. Collapsed against her back, Ishmael lies like a dead fish and his weight collapses the spent Champion of All Women to the floor, arms and legs splayed on top of an exhausted Harga and next to a dazed and wheezing Bensir. On top of her, Ishmael groans with a long, low drone of pleasure.

Outside on the sidewalk at Columbus Circle, the small crowd of five onlookers has drawn more than twenty more shocked and outraged citizens by the end of the carnal display of Wonder Woman's unbridled lust along with those of her partners. While the four exhausted bodies lie in the middle of the floor, the Businessman finally takes hold of his libido and dials 911 on his cell phone.

"Hello, Police, I've just witnessed a rape. And the perpetrators are still here. And so is Wonder Woman. Yes, that's what I said. The scene is Columbus Circle, the Brighton Building. You can't miss the crowd. Thank you." Clicking the phone shut, the Businessman says with a grim smile. "I hope they take them all in, Wonder Woman included."

"Damn right," answered one man.

"Couldn't agree more," a woman scowled.

Inside the Room of Shame, Sergei backs up and opens the door when he feels his cell phone vibrate in his pocket. He snaps it open even as he pushes a third button on the remote in his other pocket.

"We're here," a voice says softly in his ear.

"I'm opening the door in one minute."

The lights overhead shift down radically in their intensity and a trio of new lights flickers on, aimed directly at the mirror. The change in illumination brings up the weary heads of the four fucked out "friends" in confused, blinking stares. Before them is a large window right where the mirror used to be. Wonder Woman, her face plastered with thick, drying cum and her body leaking it out into a growing puddle between her weary tangled legs, is the first to realize what the window means. She sees a large crowd waving fists in the air and shouting at the window before them. She can't be absolutely sure but she thinks she hears epithets such as "Slut" and "Whore" and "Traitor" barked out on the other side of the thick glass. She pushes off the floor, straightening her arms just as a huge clog of cummy phlegm coalesces in her throat. She hawks up the thick white clump onto the floor between her spreadeagled arms.

Those people could have a point.

And then the door is flung open on its hinges and all hell breaks lose in the small room around the disgraced Champion of All Women.

End of Chapter 55

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 55