Supergirl Captured by the Mob 50  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 50 - A Plan Develops

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia and Don Lupenzo are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

Eli Manning steps back quickly in the pocket and sees to his left that the substitute rookie lineman has just let his man put a spin move on him. Not good! The thundering behemoth reaches out both arms for the Giants quarterback but the quick-thinking Eli adroitly ducks, does a fast spin move of his own and then takes three quick sidesteps to the right into an open part of the backfield. Looking upfield, he sees Mario Manningham streaking down the sidelines easily five yards past his hotly pursuing cornerback. Eli stops, sets and heaves the ball in a beautiful spiral 45 yards in the air. Arcing under the stadium lights like a new rainbow, the pass floats into the hands of the running receiver at the 15-yard line. It continues it trajectory directly through the fingertips and onto the ground with a thud that matches the sound of Manningham's career crashing to the turf. The huge roar of the crowd that had grown in the Pleasure Dome's massive bar as the play developed turns into agonized groans and pounding fists on the leather bar cushion.



"Fucking Manningham! I can't believe it!"

"That was six points! Six fuckin' points sure as I'm standing here!"

The sound of the police whistle barely breaks through the noise. So the sergeant of the New York's Finest from the Bronx South Station House blows it again, this time letting the piercing sound go on for a good thirty seconds. The large man had taken a big lungful of air and by the time the shrill shriek finally came to a halt, the entire bar had fallen silent, the patrons staring at the phalanx of police.

Carmine Vega had seen the contingent of a dozen officers in blue come through the door but the whistle-blower had started his second blast before he could reach the squad standing in a group in the middle of the bar. Several of the officers now had their billy clubs out and were smacking them into their palms.

"Put those clubs away, men!" Captain Ryan O'Donnell snaps his command and the men quickly comply. "This is going to be a calm and professional operation as I explained earlier in the station house" His Irish brogue is thick for the audience he is playing to. "If anybody does anything stupid, they'll be walking a beat in the very worst part of this borough before the night's over, sure as my name is Ryan O'Donnell!

The clubs are reholstered.

"Why hello, Mr. Vega. And how be you doing this fine evening?"

"Captain O'Donnell, what a pleasant surprise. What brings you to our humble abode this evening?" Carmine checks his watch. It's 9:24. Halftime is 22 seconds away and the game has broken for a commercial. Stevie, who had picked 9:24 in the pool among him, Tony and Sergei, had just won $400 bucks.

The entire room is silent except for the drone of the noisy pitchman for a local car dealer. Carmine nods to the bartender who mutes the five big-screen televisions positioned around the bar.

"I have a search warrant here, Mr. Vega. We are looking for a young slim blonde teenager and her statuesque brunette companion whom we believe might possibly be located on these premises: Supergirl and Wonder Woman."

A murmur from the crowd spreads like a cloud of smoke, wafting from person to person.

"You haven't seen them taking a wee stroll around here recently, have you, Carmine?" O'Donnell asks with a wry twist of a smile.

"I assure you, Captain, that if any costumed females of such beauty were here, they would have been spotted, propositioned and been bought a round of drinks by virtually every single red-blooded male present tonight!"

"Yeah!" Shout two or three slightly tipsy patrons simultaneously.

O'Donnell smiles even as he produces a sheaf of papers from the inside pocket of his uniform jacket. "You'll find everything in order here, I'm sure, Mr. Vega. Please step aside so my men can do their job as efficiently as possible."

"I would appreciate such efficiency, Captain. As you are undoubtedly aware, this is a very busy night for us."

"We'll take as long as we damn well please, Vega." A thin, sandy-haired man in a mustache and a cheap suit wearing a sneer that was as nasty as his breath stepped up from behind Captain O'Donnell and poked Carmine in the chest with a bony finger. "And you can't do spit about it."

"Sandy Lindstrom. And I thought someone's order of fish had spoiled. Silly me."

"Don't give me ideas, Vega. I could have the health department in here to shut you down before the second half is over!"

"I didn't think the FBI stooped to such tactics. Aren't you better than that?"

"Whatever gets the rats out of the sewer, Vega."

"If anyone knows about the sewer..." Carmine began before he was interrupted.

"Gentlemen," O'Donnell interspersed himself between the two antagonists. "If you don't mind, I have a police procedure I am conducting here. If you two can't play nice, you'll have to step outside and be settlin' your dispute out of my way."

"I apologize, Captain. Search away." Carmine spun on his heel and stalked back to the office in the casino area. There wasn't anything he could do but keep an eye on things with the surveillance system. It would be more efficient anyway if one of the policemen got overly ambitious with the search.

After an hour and twenty minutes and a fruitless but thorough floor-by-floor search of every room, closet and storage area in the four-story building, the police squad left. The patrons had thinned out considerably beforehand. The take for the evening down at least 35 percent or more. Those who had a guilty conscience had left. Those who actually were guilty of something had left even before them. The pure of heart and the drunk and the curious leftovers spent their money and watched their Giants pull out a squeaker of a win over the Washington Redskins, 24 to 23. If Manningham had caught the ball, they would have beaten the spread and everyone would have been a lot happier. Carmine was just happy there was as little breakage as there was. Only a few glasses were broken, mostly for show by a vindictive Sandy Lindstrom. A few closets were thrown off their tracks. Every bed in the place would have to be remade, and every drawer refilled with contents that had been thrown on the carpet. They were looking for two women but they were also authorized to toss the place for any evidence of the women. There was none to be found.

On the way out, Captain O'Donnell looked frustrated and angry. Not a bad actor, thought Carmine. After all, the man had tipped off Tony about the whole raid in the first place. Carmine hoped that Lindstrom was appreciating the effort being displayed by the Bronx South captain for his benefit and the small crowd of patrons in the bar.

"We may not have found the lassies tonight, Vega," O'Donnell growled in his thick brogue, "but keep your nose clean or we'll be back and won't be half as nice about what we break."

"I will take your words to heart, Captain. I appreciate your and your men's professionalism."

"I am surprised that Mr. Bonano was not here this evening. Please advise him of the same warning I gave to you. In all its gravity."

"I will certainly do that, Captain. Good evening."

"Good evening, Mr. Vega."

"Watch your back, Carmine. I understand that Don Lupenzo has a bulls-eye painted on it," Lindstrom sneers as he passes Carmine while heading for the exit.

"It's probably the first thing you've understood since you got your badge, Lindstrom. Who had to explain it to you? And did they have to draw it out in crayon for you?"

The FBI agent stopped in mid-stride and turned to accost Carmine but the big man had turned and was walking back to his office. The frustrated agent pounded his fist into a mirrored picture of Marilyn Monroe hanging next to the entrance, then stalked out of the Pleasure Dome in a huff. Behind him, the black surface of the mirror had a new white smashed star that glittered over Marilyn's shoulder like a promise unfulfilled.

When Diana climbed back to a bleary state of awareness she found herself bolted face-down on a cold stone floor. Looking sideways, she sees that thick shiny cuffs enclose the silly gold fabric wristbands that were supposed to emulate her own bullet-proof metal bracelets. Craning her head backward, she notes that leg cuffs surround the ankles of the phony boots she wears. Wonder Woman pulls on them with a half-hearted effort, knowing it was useless. Tony and his men left very little to chance.

Dazed by the after-effects of the Istanbul Express that Stevie had shot her up with a few hours ago, the tired heroine remembers the liquid gold flowing into her arm and her brain, filling it with wonder, pleasure and relief. She had gone so long between shots she'd almost forgotten how good the heroin felt. Despite herself, the Amazon princess admitted the engulfing sense of joy and delight this drug bestowed was nothing like anything she'd ever experienced before in her life. No wonder people would steal, beg and agree to just about anything to achieve such a feeling. It made perfect sense from this side of the needle.

"Uhh..uhhhnn..oooohhhh...aaahhhh....eeeehhhhhhhhhnnnnn!!!" Behind her on the table, Supergirl comes to another orgasm. It is an exhausted, mewling whimper through her ballgag that builds to a keening whine and then a loud panting and a grunt.

Diana is completely stunned by the sound. Had poor Kara been subjected to this unrelenting sexual stimulation for so many hours? She wasn't even sure how long she had been asleep. She had drifted off, exhausted after all the abuse heaped on her by Sergei.

"Kara," Diana calls hoarsely, her throat dry, almost fused shut. Her whole face feels tight and then she remembers Sergei cumming in her mouth, all over her face and on her breasts. She had not been washed or cleaned in any way. Looking at the stone floor she sees a dried round white stain that trails off into the grout between the stones. Sergei's cum that had drained out of her mouth! The Amazon princess scowls briefly. What did she expect? A man cums in your mouth and your face, it's got to go somewhere. Such stains were to be a part of her new life she supposed. There wasn't anything she could do about it.

With no reply from Kara, Diana cleared her throat to call again. First though, she comes up with a sticky ball of phlegm and dried semen, which she spits onto the wall facing her a few feet away.

"Kara. Hold on. We'll get you out of there. Be brave. Kick your boot heels if you understand me."

There is no kick. No thump. Nothing.

"Sergei! STEVIE! SOMEONE COME QUICK!" Wonder Woman is using her considerable lung power to its utmost and in less than 20 seconds, Diana hears footsteps behind her.

"What is this noise about?" Sergei walks up beside the prone Amazon who turns her head to look up at the tall Russian hood standing over her, munching on a hamburger. The thought of food makes Diana's stomach growl. She can't remember the last time she ate. But Kara comes first.

"Please, Sergei, you have to give Kara a break. Please take the sex toys out of her. You will give her a heart attack in her condition. She is not super right now. Tony can't want her to die. Please, Sergei, don't let Supergirl die."

"What are you to be doing for me if I do this favor?"

"What do you want?"

"I want you to suck her clit for my amusement."

"Fine! Just give her a break before I do. Please."

"Just like that you agree?"


"You like to do this, I am guessing."

"I come from an island of only women. I am not a stranger to it. Please, Sergei. I don't know if she can even take another orgasm. How many has it been?"

"You think men count? Or care for that matter?"

"Of course not. I should know better."

"Is that a tone I hear from you? Because if it's a tone..."

"It's not a tone. Please, she is beginning to whine again. I can hear her."

"Fine. No tricks. I do this. We give the slut a break and then you go down on her like the friend you are. Agreed?"

"Agreed," Diana nods briskly.

Four minutes later, Supergirl has the huge Marvelous Marvin dildo extracted from her pussy as well as the ball gag removed from her mouth. The kryptonite-filled butt plug stays in, of course.

Lying on the table in the cheap knock-off costume that is now virtually transparent with her sweat, Supergirl breathes deep shallow breaths. She is lost in what may be the deepest sleep of her life. Pushed to the very edge of exhaustion and dehydration, the famous Maid of Steel is lucky to be alive. She has Diana to thank for that. If she'd had two or three more orgasms, her incredible Kryptonian heart would have given out for sure. Three dozen orgasms in under three hours will do that to you.

"Would you like to play with me while your little girlfriend is to be recovering, beautiful?" Sergei kneels next to Wonder Woman, his hand on the key lock for the manacles set in the stone floor.

"What I'd like and what I need is a shower and some food. Not necessarily in that order."

"Again, no tricks and I can agree with this."

"No tricks. You have another burger around here?"

"Happens that we do," Sergei says and he unlocks the manacles.

Rubbing her wrists as she stands, Wonder Woman looks over at Kara and is frightened at how pale she looks and how weak her breathing is. What's more, her thighs have a slight greenish tint to them.

"You have to give her a break from the kryptonite, too," she demands. Look at her color, it's awful."

"Da. But is necessary. I will take you to shower now. Come." He takes firm hold of Diana's arm and accompanies her to the bathroom. To her chagrin but not surprise, Sergei stands in the door and watches as she strips out of the knock-off costume, admiring her figure before she climbs into the stall and begins to wash. She snaps the curtain across the bar to give herself some privacy but it's all pretty pointless after what he's done to her. When he slowly pulls it back to reveal her as she is shampooing her hair, she doesn't even bother to pull the curtain back again. Let him look. She can't do anything to prevent him from doing whatever the hell he wants.

Sitting in silence with Stevie and Sergei, Diana inhales a full plate of fries with her burger and a cold, frosty chocolate milkshake as well. One guilty pleasure meal won't kill her figure. What the hell, maybe if I get fat he won't want to fuck me as much!

The only words said during the whole meal are two questions posed by Sergei. The first was whether Diana had gone down on any other superheroines. She had replied, "Of course not!" The other question was whether she would shoot up the heroin herself the next time.

This answer was longer in coming because Diana wasn't sure how Sergei would respond. Kara's life could hang in the balance. And she wasn't sure the line in the sand needed to be drawn anymore. It just didn't seem to matter that much. Now that she was back on the heroin schedule, it seemed silly to protest against this final insult. There had been so many. And they would probably threaten Kara's life again if she didn't. In the end, she answered, "Probably not," but the smile Sergei showed presented his full compliment of teeth.

"No, probably not," he had echoed with that Cheshire cat grin.

"Well, they came, they searched and they left," Carmine told Tony by cell phone as the Mob don spent time in New Jersey with his cronies at a Spanish restaurant in Newark. They had a huge pitcher of Sangria on the table along with a giant plate of paella as well as a three-pound lobster in front of everyone.

"Great, Carmine. So no problems?"

"Just the FBI prick Sandy Lindstrom. What a clown. He broke a few glasses to make a show of what a big man he is. The cops actually were pretty restrained. O'Donnell kept 'em in line. The take was down a lot, but we knew that would be the case. All in all, we got by without much damage."

"Alright, Carm. I'll be back late tonight. See you then. Oh, any word from Sergei or Stevie?"

"Not a peep."

"I guess no news is good news."

"I hope so. See you later, Ton."

"Yup." Tony snapped the phone shut and went back to his lobster.

Stevie had all the equipment primed and ready for Wonder Woman's session with Supergirl. Power levels were all double checked on every microphone and camera in the room. There was 10 tetrabytes of memory set aside, which would have been enough for several days of super-slow motion sex play.

When Sergei leads Diana into the room, he says, "Have fun, girls. And be creative, Wonder Woman. There will be a bonus in it if you are." and leaves with a wide smile on his face to go back to the control room and watch the action.

Before the Russian hoodlum even leaves, Diana looks down at a still-sleeping Kara. She seems at perfect peace for the moment. Brushing the sweaty hair off her forehead, Diana leans down and kisses Kara softly on the lips, brushing them gently with her own. There is no reaction from the sleeping blonde so Diana kisses her again, more firmly this time, their lips compressed against each other. Kara's eyes open slowly, dazedly. She is looking into eyes as beautifully blue as her own. They are Diana's. This may be the only thing she knows for certain at the moment. All else is hazy.

Diana leans over closer and kisses Kara gently on the ear and then flicks it with her tongue as she whispers as softly as possible, "Hush, sweet Kara. Say nothing." Supergirl's eyes go wide as saucers.

"What did she say?" Sergei turns to Stevie in the control room.

"Couldn't make it out," Stevie replies, pushing the embedded table microphone to its max.

"YOU ARE ONE SWEET KRYPTONIAN FOX!" Wonder Woman's voice blares out of the speakers in the control room like an ear-splitting bellow, although she's only speaking in a fairly normal voice. Stevie dives for the sliding sound level control and pulls it back.

Bending in to nibble Kara's ear, Wonder Woman whispers one word to her ticklish ear: "Escape."

"What the fuck, Stefano! What did she say?"

"She's alternating her volume. I can't get the soft stuff without blaring the loud stuff."

"Maybe we have to live with the shouting," Sergei scowls.

"It will be shouting on the DVD too, though."

"There is nothing you can do in post-production?"

"It won't be great."

"Better than nothing, I am thinking. We need to hear everything."

"Fine, get some cotton for your ears, this could get loud."

"Stay on the sound level, maybe she will stop this nonsense."

"I AM GOING TO EAT YOU LIKE A PLATE OF SUSHI," Diana's voice bellows through the speakers.

"Fuck!" Sergei doesn't know whether to be pissed or excited.

"OH, DIANA. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?" Supergirl looks into Wonder Woman's eyes for clues. Even through the lethargy of her exhaustion, she knows she has to play along with whatever Diana has come up with. She just hopes she has the stamina. She feels sick and in pain from the kryptonite slime-filled buttplug forced deep between her cheeks. Of course, the feel of Diana's tongue flicking in her ear does feel pretty good.


Well, we know what's on the program Supergirl just hopes she's up to the task.

Diana begins her coverage of all of Kara's erogenous zones with a stop at her breasts, fondling them gently with her sensitive palms, squeezing slowly and then rubbing them in patient circles. Her excited nipples poke obviously against the fabric and Wonder Woman pulls down the pale blue material to expose the hard pink nub. She licks at it with a flick of her tongue and Kara's body jerks on the table, her wrists straining against the leather cuffs.

"WHAAAH!" she yelps, the gasp sounding like a hippo grunt in the control room as both mafia thugs wince. Her nipples have always been pretty sensitive and Diana clearly knows what she is doing. In fact, with Diana's fingers tracing circles around the nipples and her deep blue eyes exploring her own for acknowledgment of the situation, Kara gives Diana a clue of her own.



Wincing but smiling, Sergei and Stevie look at each other with huge grins. This was going to be good!

Kara, in the meantime hopes she can withstand the many lovemaking skills that Diana possesses as Wonder Woman pretends to make love to her in order to pull the kryptonite buttplug out of her ass without Sergei's and Stevie's knowledge. It'll certainly be a neat trick if Diana can do it. And a neat trick if she doesn't cum like an open fire hydrant before she does.

End of Chapter 50

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 50