Supergirl Captured by the Mob 62  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 62 - Feeling It

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia and Don Lupenzo are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

Sitting at the head of the bed in their suite in the Pleasure Dome, Supergirl looks across at Diana who is sitting at the foot and shaking like a leaf. Although she was dressed in her full Wonder Woman costume, the Amazon warrior looked nothing like a mighty heroine. Her mascara is dripping down her cheeks in black streaks, her complexion is pale and greasy with sweat. Her eyes are twitching with a nervous tic and her stomach distress is giving her such nasty gas that she inadvertantly releases a windy fart that has Kara wrinkling her nose in disgust.

Diana's trembling body and hunched shoulders announce a desperate need for heroin that will not be denied. Even with all she had been through, Supergirl still looks better than Wonder Woman. And both women need a shower or a good long soak in a tub to get the stench of sex, failure and desperation off of them.

"You look like crap, Diana. How do you feel?"

The raven-haired beauty wraps her arms around her belly and bows forward with a groan as a spasm of withdrawal tears at her guts.

"Not so bad," she lies.

"Bullshit, Di! You need your heroin and I want a bowl of crack more than you can imagine. Well, just as much as you can imagine. So just hold on for a couple of more minutes. I'm sure Sergei will be in here with it in shortly."




"Oh, please! Give the big brave heroine routine a break, Diana. Really!"

"'s what.... we are, Kara. Or...have you...forgotten?"

"Oh, grow up and face facts, Di. We're both junkies. You're a heroin addict. I'm a crack addict. Tony did this to us. It's not our fault but we have to face the truth of what we are. Denying it only makes us stupid as well as addicts. With all we are right now, we're not stupid."

"...we....should fight... it..." whimpers Diana, her brow touching the bedspread, her arms still tightly hugging herself.

"Maybe with Methadone and a swell 12-step rehab program for support we'd have a shot, but in our situation? Not very likely, friend."


"Yeah, the situation is fucked up. Big surprise. It's been that way for months. We agreed we had to bear up and watch each other's backs. If that means feeding our habits until things get better, I say we give in and just do it. Skip the moralizing crap and give ourselves a break. No one else around here will, right?'


"Badly defeated heroines who've had the shit kicked out of them time after time after time, in case you haven't noticed, Princess!" Supergirl's snapping vehemence brings Diana's face up from the bedspread. She looks into Kara's eyes and sees an emptiness there that startles the Amazon, even through her misery.

"...oh ..Kara...we'll get....out..of here...someday....somehow..."

"Yeah, well, until that time, I'm just going to do what Tony and Sergei tell us and keep my head down and take my crack and make the best of it. I suggest you do the same. Anyway, I've earned my place here."

"...that's the second time you...uuhh...said you deserved all this. Why....would you say ...Owww....that..?" Diana murmurs softly, her cramps stealing her breath away.

"I haven't exactly been heroic in case you haven't noticed."

"...did all you...could..." whispers Diana, who's now on her side and curled up in a fetal position trying to lessen the severe cramping from the heroin withdrawal.

"Sure, I did all I could, including blowjobs, fucking anyone who walked in the door, taking penises up my rear. Anything and everything that anyone wanted, well, old Kara just bent over and gave it away. Real heroine."

"...the pressure....and stress.. It was...AHHH....impossible to resist."

"But even when I had my powers over at Gino's place, I couldn't resist the temptation to smoke a bowl of crack and the repercussions of that choice almost killed me. A superheroine who shows such a shocking lack of willpower is worthless, isn't she? Isn't she A WORTHLESS SACK OF SHIT!!!"

Kara's voice cracks with emotion as she screams at a speechless Diana, who lies on the bed with her face turned up in shock.

"WELL ISN'T SHE, WONDER WOMAN?" Kara glares at Diana with self-hate waiting for the condemnation she knows she so richly deserves.

"Oh Kara, no, honey. NO. You can't think that! The addiction did that. That's not you. That has never been you, sweetie." Diana's eyes fill with tears at the realization of the pain her friend is in. The psychological battering that Kara is giving herself is beyond any of the external injuries that Tony or Gino or Sergei could ever inflict.

Reaching out with a limp hand, Diana feels Kara's hand slide into hers. The blonde beauty's head is bowed as her own tears flow warm across her reddened cheeks. She is filled with shame and anger at herself. There are no words in her, just the raw pain of what she has become.

But Diana has words, soft and quiet.

"I did those things too, Kara. I gave in... faster than you did. I ...oww....let men use me like...ohh...a common whore. But...maybe....we through it was...a better way...than dying. I'm not sure...if it was hope or...self....preservation...but we're still here...and that's reason for....some hope. We're anyone....dead. I know...that...."

"But aren't there some things worth dying for? Some principles worth upholding? Some line a heroine shouldn't cross?"

"Yes. Of course. We serve justice....with our bodies...uugghhnnnn...and our minds. When we're humiliated by evil, we bear it and try to....persevere. Like now. Until an opportunity comes that gives us a way to...succeed."

"But I had that opportunity and threw it away. I had all my powers and I threw the opportunity away. That makes me a bad heroine!"

Diana's mouth shifts into a sudden smile before twisting into a hard grimace. "Uuungghh. No, it doesn't make you a bad makes you human."

"How can you say that? I blew my chance, OUR chance."

" was never a real chance."

"What do you mean?"

"You knew I was back here while you were at Gino's. You knew...OHH!....Tony could make for any tricks you might try. It was....just the...illusion of freedom, Kara." Diana squeezes the blonde's hand and whispers a soft "Thank you...for remembering that."

Kara moves over, lies down beside her shaking groaning friend and hugs her tightly in her arms for a long silent period of mutual support before rearing back a bit and brushing the slick, stringy black hair away from her face.

"I'll never forget about your friendship and support Diana. Ever." Kissing Wonder Woman's forehead, Supergirl hugs her once more, then yells out loudly.


A weak chuckle burbles out of Diana.

"That's tellin' him!"

"Great! So we're both whores and addicts. In that case, we should do like I said. Give 'em what they want, take the drugs and wait for a rescue that may or may not ever come. Don't you think that's the only way to go, Diana? Don't you? Especially if you harbor any hope that this hell has an exit."

"...i....think so...for now...I'm not sure..." Diana replies with a full body shiver. "I...just know I need.....that heroin....bad!"

"And my crack," Supergirl answers, looking off into space with dead eyes the color of frozen arctic ice.

* * *

"So you flip this switch to listen to the microphone feed. It automatically sends the signal to the recording station of course. And if you see anything happening that looks like a potential scene for our DVD series, take the controls and do the camera pan and zooms like I showed you."

Carlo Pastore, a young-faced 24-year-old with curly brown hair wearing khaki pants and a navy blue sports jacket over a brightly colored Hawaiian shirt emblazoned with scarlet macaws peeking through lush green ferns nods his head enthusiastically at Tony's instructions.

As Stevie's replacement, he's thrilled to be trusted with such responsibility. Stevie had recommended him to Tony as a bright, capable video director just a couple of weeks before the young man had gotten gunned down buying blank DVDs by Don Lupenzo's hit squad. Now Carlo was being trained on the equipment to be the new director on all the DVD series to be released by Heroine in Peril Productions, a subsidiary of The Bonano Group.

The HIPP brand was worth nearly $215 million already and that was before the Wonder Woman series made its debut this morning. Sales were incredibly brisk already, even without any significant advertising at all. The only notice the DVD was even available were new posters in video stores throughout the U.S. that just showed a close-up of Wonder Woman's famous gold eagle torn in half with a generous amount of cleavage showing and the word's "She's not getting out of this one" in a simple line of type underneath that photo. The words "Now Available" were all that were needed to cause a firestorm of Internet traffic around the world. Tony's HIPP offices in Brooklyn had been deluged for re-orders by 11 am. The company obviously had another hit on its hands. And Wonder Woman's reputation was swirling down the toilet even faster than ever.

"Thank you for this opportunity again, Mr. Bonano," Carlo says pumping Tony's hand like he's trying to draw water from a dry well.

"Carlo, relax. You can call me Tony. You're a member of the team. I want you to be on your toes and capture the action and the sound so it's appealing and clear. I've seen your camera work and your editing reel so I know you can do it. So chill and let me know if anything happens. The girls are just commiserating now but you might want to practice a little to familiarize yourself with all the features when they take the drugs that Sergei's bringing them and especially when they hit the showers. I'll be in my suite downstairs. If you have any non-technical questions, Sergei can probably help you. He handles the security issues around here. If you ever feel the girls are either working up an escape or are in danger from any of the men who will be with them, let Sergei know immediately. Otherwise, have fun watching and saving the views for posterity. I'll check in later."

"Yes sir, Tony, sir."

"Just Tony. Relax son. You've got the job. Now just do what I know you're capable of and we'll get along fine."

"Okay, Tony."

When Tony leaves, Carlo sits down at the panel in the small control room tucked behind the bedroom and zooms in on the mascara-streaked face of Wonder Woman as she writhed in pain on the bed.

"Fuckin' Wonder Woman! What a great fucking job this is going to be!" Carlo can't stop grinning as he plays with the controls and learns the ins and outs of his new toy.

* * *

Both heroines are twisted in pain, shivering and rocking pathetically on the large bed, moaning with severe withdrawal symptoms as Sergei finally knocks and enters the bedroom without waiting for an answer. He sees the distressed state that the two lovely ladies are experiencing and smiles at the opportunity before him.

"Well, ladies. I am here with your crack and your heroin. Only the best for my two best girls, da? Vanilla Pudding for Supergirl. Istanbul Express for Wonder Woman. Your favorites!"

"Why....did you long?" Supergirl asks between moans, her lips trembling now with the need for her crack. Her head rests on the pillow at the head of the bed, her palms caress her stomach to ease the torment.

"...please....shoot me first...." Wonder Woman's right leg dangles off the side of the bed near the foot of the large mattress. Her other leg is tucked up against her chest as the famous Amazon clutches her belly with both arms while her face lies half-buried in the bedspread. "...I need it bad!..."

"But what about what I need, girls?"

"...what...da' you want?" Supergirl looks up from under her eyebrows with anguish clearly filling her beautiful blue irises.

"I want you to be coming over here and giving me head for your crack, hero. That's what. First you, then your pathetic whore friend, Wonder Cunt.."

"...kay..." Supergirl agrees without a pause, groaning as she crawls over by the side of the bed where Sergei stands with his legs spread, his palms on his hips and the dope in a small vinyl bag dropping softly to the carpet.

The Maid of Steel licks her lips in preparation as she unzips Sergei's fly and reaches into the fly of the dark grey briefs to pull out his prick. In her warm palm, the fleshy member goes from limp to firm in just a few seconds and a couple of gentle squeezes. Several firm strokes and a mouthful of drizzled spit later, the Russian mobster is at full attention. Desperate for the crack, Supergirl fervently bobs her head up and down with loud gulping sounds as she takes his cock deep into her throat.

"...ULGK ...ULGK ...ULGK ...ULGK ...ULGK...."

Her blonde hair flaps and swirls around her hidden face as she caresses Sergei's balls with gentle flying fingers.

"You have turned out to be quite a well-trained whore, Supergirl. I applaud your attitude."

"...ULGK ...ULGK ...ank ooh.....ULGK.....ULGK ...ULGK...."

"Enough though for now. Let me see how the Champion of All Women has learned her trade."

Sergei has to push Kara's bobbing face away from his penis with a hard shove, so eager she is to perform well for her crack.

Diana weakly lifts her head to see Sergei move around to the end of the bed, his flag pole waving in the air overhead. Sergei looks down at her expectantly but his member seems so far away and she's so tired. Suddenly Kara edges over beside Diana, cradles her head in the crook of her elbow and, with her arm in the small of her back, lifts the suffering Amazon up so her mouth can reach Sergei's penis. Taking Sergei's bobbing cock in her fist, Supergirl patiently guides the hard muscle to the full fleshy lips that Diana has pursed before the tip of the bulging cock. She kisses it loudly and then lets her tongue drag over the full mushroom head, warm clear saliva dripping across its surface. Bending forward a bit, with a little extra help from Kara's arm, Wonder Woman begins sucking on the head of Sergei's cock, her cheeks drawing in, concaved from a mix of sexual urgency and an addict's desperation. After that, Diana gives him another full tongue swipe and then Sergei pulls his dick away from her mouth. He is beaming down at her.

"Well, I am knowing you are not at your best, Wonder Whore, so I will cut you some slack as they say. Still I appreciate your willing subservience and am pleased to give you your drugs. What do you say, ladies?"

"....thank you, Sergei, sir," the two heroines chime in unison.

Inside the control room, a dumbstruck Carlo shakes his head in disbelief at the scene that had just transpired before him. He'd seen their DVDs, of course, but to see it actually happen in front of him was an incredible turn on. Two of the world's most powerful superheroines just went down on a Russian mobster for drugs. He's got a boner he could hammer nails with.

"Think nothing of it, my dears. It is my pleasure." He bends down and hands Supergirl her pipe and a tiny foil-wrapped nugget of crack. He hands Wonder Woman her heroin kit and departs.

While Supergirl drops the white nugget into the blue glass crack pipe, Diana is wrapping her arm with brownish elastic tubing and tying it off with her clenched teeth. She heats up a spoonful of white powder with a cheap red plastic lighter and waits for it to liquify with hungry eyes and licking lips. Finally it's ready and she draws the magic fluid into the syringe and injects the potent serum into the crook of her arm. Kara has already exhaled a big bluish gray cloud of smoke into the air over her head and is stretched out across the head of the bed at a angle that has her boots draped over the side and her head catty-cornered near the headboard. Supergirl's slack-jawed expression of drugged incoherence is quickly matched by Wonder Woman's as the powerful Istanbul Express fills her head with warm erotic waves of cosmic nothingness. Right now, between the two of them, there's not a worthwhile thought or spark of heroism. Certainly there's no sense of remorse or shame at their dismal tableau, the two of them flat on their backs with clouds in their eyes and drool on their cheeks. So it goes in the life of an addict.

* * *

"Well, it looks like things are somewhat back to normal," Tony says, sipping his scotch as Carmine and Sergei settle into their plush armchairs in Tony's suite on the floor below where the girls are drifting in hazy drugged ambivalence.

"With the girl's maybe but Gino is certainly not going to let things rest," Carmine replies. "He's had people killed in his own headquarters. Think how you'd feel about that, Ton."


"You sent Supergirl to wreck his place. If he's still alive, which I have no reason to doubt, and he still has a pair of balls, you can expect him to come after you. Or me or any one of our crew. He's not going to take this lying down. You certainly wouldn't," Carmine concludes.

"Well, the Wonder Woman DVD series is taking off like a rocket, if we funnel the profits from those into the general fund, it won't calm down Gino but it could help isolate him. Wonder Woman's and Supergirl's reputations are completely shattered or will be by the end of the week. When the public sees how their Amazon heroine enjoys sex so wantonly, the outcry for her rescue will die down significantly. The families won't be so annoyed at the higher profile anymore.

"That just leaves Superman," Sergei chimes in. "And the YouTube of him blowing his nut early and the pacifier in his mouth has helped keep the public and police off our back about him, too."

"So we keep on our guard for Gino's hit squads and set the girls up with some johns and maybe everything can settle down, you think?" Tony takes a strong pull of his scotch.

"You really think it'll be that easy?" Carmine looks Tony straight in the eye.

"No." Tony looks right back at his second in command. "Of course not. Anyway, are the suits ready?"

"I picked them up today," Carmine replies. "And the gentlemen have paid their dues and will be here at eight o'clock. That gives the girls three hours to get straight, showered and dressed."

"Fine. Let them enjoy their down time, then rouse them in an hour to get ready."

"That's half a million in one night, nyet?" Sergei says.

"That's correct, my Russian calculator. 250 Gs per girl for one unforgettable night," Tony answers. "Make sure they're on their best behavior, Sergei."

"Believe me, Tony. They are quite compliant now," Sergei says with a very wide grin.

* * *

A lethargic Superman wakes up with his neck in the unyielding grip of a titanium collar inset with a polished kryptonite stone the size of a golf ball. His waist is secured in a wide titanium band to a massive steel chair sitting in the middle of a wide open area under an overhead spotlight. The chair is bolted to the floor and the collar is attached to the back of the chair. His calves are held secure to the chair legs as well by titanium. His left hand is secured by yet another band of titanium to the arm of the chair. Surprisingly, his right hand is free. Superman rubs his face with it, trying to clear the grogginess. The kryptonite weakens him but it doesn't feel like the full natural mineral from his home world. That at least was encouraging.

Lex Luthor stands five feet away with his arms crossed examining Superman the way a cat would eye a wounded mouse lying on the floor before it. The life signs on the monitor in his control panel alerted Lex that the Man of Steel had pulled out of REM sleep and was coming into consciousness so he walked down to see his subject's condition first hand.

"...what...happened...wha ju do to me....?..."

"We've had to forego the slime tub for a couple of days now, Supes, old man. Your recovery rate was just horrible. We pulled you out and your body went into shock even out of the tub. Heart rate spiked then fell like a son of a bitch! You almost died. You're lucky I was here."


"But your vitals are much better now. You're in the clear."


"What's more, you're now healthy enough for my next experiment."

"You really are a bastard, Lex. I've come across reptiles with more regard for life than you."

"Hey, you're hurting my feelings, big guy. Besides, it's all in the name of science. We must be objective about this."

"You're psychotic and a sociopath."

"And yet I'm a great dancer. Go figure. But enough about me, let's talk about what gets you aroused."

"10 consecutive life sentences for you. No time off for good behavior."

"Nice to see you still have a sense of humor, Superman."

"Who's joking?"

"I'll bet your Amazon girlfriend gets you hot, huh? I saw how you two got along back at Tony Bonano's place when your pretty cousin and I had that four-way with you and Wonder Woman. You couldn't help yourself from shooting your jism into her like a fire hose.

"You manipulative S.O.B.!"

"Please, Kal-El. All that praise will make me blush. Anyway, I thought of a fun new way to get some more semen out of you and to test my new aphrodisiac at the same time."

"You think you'll ever get help, Lex? I know some top-notch psychiatrists. I'll pay for it all. The Justice League has a great health plan."

"Boy, you're just a chatterbox now that you're out of the slime tub for a couple of days. I never realized how much it was dampening that winning personality of yours," Lex says with a chuckle. "Since you have so much energy, this experiment may go better than I thought."

Walking carefully around Superman's left side, Lex stands behind the chair and picks uup a pair of visors lying on a table hooked onto the back of the chair. He slips these over Superman's head and secures them at the back of his head. Superman begins to reach toward his face.

"Touch the visors and a kryptonite laser will burn a hole in your cheek, Superman. You don't want to test me on that."

"Why is my right hand free then?"

"Everything will become obvious once the experiment's started, I assure you, Superman."

"Having fun, Lex?"

"Loads. But not as much as you're about to. Did you know that a DVD series has just been released of your Amazon friend? Hot off the shelves just this morning and I do mean hot. It's a series of sex tapes involving Wonder Woman. She's doing all sorts of nasty stuff. Hell, our little foursome may even be on this. I haven't had time to review the play list, being so busy and all finalizing my new aphrodisiac, you know. Anyway, I heard rumors of this series from a couple of sources so I put in a pre-order for it. Double the price but for my needs, well worth it."

"Diana wouldn't do such a thing."

"I doubt she had a lot to say about it. Not if I know Don Bonano. So anyway, Princess Diana, she gets you pretty hot, yeah?"

"I'm a male. You've seen her. Do the math."

"I'm really enjoying this cynical side of yours, Kal, I must say."

"But we're friends and what you did to us may be one of the most unforgivable things you've arranged in your long list of heinous crimes."

"So what, you didn't enjoy boning Wonder Woman? As if!"

"What's your point, Luthor?"

"I'm giving you the same feeling of that luscious moment you two shared thanks to my new concoction. Now don't move. And remember the laser is pointed right at your face. And there's another trained behind you at your spine, so don't get any stupid ideas."

Moving around in front of the immobilized Man of Steel, Lex Luthor reaches into his pocket and takes out a small brass tube. It's a lipstick holder. Uncapping it, the criminal genius grabs Superman by a large hunk of his dark black hair and proceeds to smear the thick orange paste all over Superman's lips. A nearby video camera records the humiliating scene as the famous hero's mouth twists and shifts back and forth in helpless alarm as the lipstick is ground into his lips until they are fully coated in a bright orange sheen.

"There we go, Missy! Now you're pretty as a picture and ready for your big date with your friend Diana. Let's go to the video, shall we?"

Lex presses a control button on the remote he pulls out of his pocket and Superman rocks back a bit as his vision is filled with a scene of a securely bound Wonder Woman poised on her hands and knees looking into a camera with a haggard look on her face. A tube is inserted into a mouth dildo connected to a clear bag of brown sludge. Behind her, some sort of motorized equipment is stroking a rod back and forth. As the camera moves in, you can see Wonder Woman's underpants have been pulled down and the rod is thrusting a dildo back and forth into her vagina. At first the look on Diana's face is one of resigned self-pity. Superman shakes his head in deep sorrow at what his good friend has been subjected to here. This wasn't Lex's work but the mob boss Tony Bonano. Another person on his list that would have hard justice served to him when Kal got out of this hellish nightmare.

"Wonder Woman looks like she's had a hard time there, doesn't she, Kal-El? But you can't deny she looks beautiful nevertheless, right?"

"Anybody who would take pleasure at watching a proud woman being this abused.... would be....uhhhhhh....would be...." A sudden wave of dizziness sweeps through Superman's head, disorienting him and making him forget what he was about to say.

"Would be a pretty normal male reaction in my book, Superman. Take a good look there at Wonder Woman. She's not really in pain there. That's clear."

"'s still....wrong...."

"But there, did you see her eyes just then?" Lex states loudly. "They wavered all over the place and her posture there as her elbows buckled showed that she was experiencing incredible pleasure. You saw that right?"

"Yes, but..."

"And look at this. There's something going into her mouth through the tube. See? Right there. And now, in about ten seconds, you'll see her head drop down and her whole body shake. She's really enjoying herself here. You can see for yourself, Superman. She's in no pain. Far from it. And how are you feeling, Kal?"

"I...I'm feeling...don't know... a little warm."

"Mm hmm. I see. Are you feeling bad about Wonder Woman, now that she's not really in pain. Can you be happy for her pleasure?" Lex looks at the expression on Superman's face. With the visors on, it's hard to read but the lip licking tells Lex the aphrodisiac is kicking in. He has to keep Superman focused on the physical and emotional content of the visual a bit longer to engage his own desires. He repeats the question to the disoriented champion.

"Is her pleasure making you glad for her, Kal?"

"I...don't...I always want Diana to be happy."

Well that's good. I'm sure she wants the same for you. Did you notice how prominent her nipples are, Superman?" Lex checks his wrist pad which has a wireless feed from the control board. Superman's heart rate is elevating nicely. His skin response is through the roof. The guy is officially horny. In his trunks, the lengthening shape of Superman's penis tells Luthor his new mix on the aphrodisiac is working.

"Boy, I envy you, Superman. You actually had your hard penis inside that beautiful creature. What that must have felt like, huh?"

"...t...tight..." Superman blurts.

"What was that, guy?"

"...she was...tight all around my........rod...."

"I'll just bet she was. A beauty like that and yet a soft wet pussy so rarely used. It must have been heaven to feel that tightness. Bet you'd love to feel it now."

"...yes..." Superman agrees, dizzy and confused as he watches the video of Wonder Woman succumbing to her first orgasm under the control of the electric fucking machine. Superman's breathing increases and his right hand instinctively comes to rest on his lap, his palm squeezing himself, caught up in the sensation of need created by Lex's devilish serum.

"Well, I have a couple of errands to run. I'll be back in an hour or so. I'll keep the feed going if you want. Or I could turn it off. It's up to you Superman."

Slowly stroking himself, unaware of his obscene behavior in front of his arch enemy, Superman mumbles, "Leave it on."

Seven minutes later, after Wonder Woman's third orgasm, Superman's rapidly stroking fist inside his costume trunks brings him to his own delight orgasm. He messes himself with a thorough hosing of white pasty jism, the stain showing dark on his trunks, his sticky fist relaxing under the fabric, his eyes going at half mast as he drifts off to a pleasant sleep. The camera has captured it all.

* * *.

Wonder Woman and Supergirl certainly would have agreed to dress themselves in the rubber catsuits they were wearing but Tony wanted to surprise them for their next assignments with their johns. So he gasses them to sleep right after they finished showering. After their cat naps they'd enjoyed from the much-needed drugs, Sergei had woken them up and told them to get ready for their evening's work.

Kara had just stepped out of the shower while Diana was still toweling off when a plume of thick greenish smoke erupted from the smoke detector in the ceiling. With it's kryptonite component, the gas easily overtook both women and they collapsed heavily onto the bathroom rug, out for the count.

Now they were just waking up. They were in the living room. Diana was stretched out on the couch and Kara was sprawled in the stuffed armchair. Both women were clad in tight rubber catsuits that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Their gorgeous figures were accented to their fullest by the tight confines of the rubber. Both suits were lightly imprinted as well. Diana's had her Wonder Woman costume simulated on the rubber sheathing. Pale blue panties with clear stars showed off her dark black pubic hair and even allowed a glimpse of gleaming pink in as much as they had left Diana with one leg stretched over the back of the couch while the other leg slouched against the floor. The red bustier with it's gold fabric eagle was also simulated in rubber, pale enough to see through yet colored enough to shame the fabulous Amazon when she would look down to see the reminder of her heritage encapsulating her body in stretchy latex. The mighty breasts stretched the rubber to its limits even as they wobbled slightly as Diana shifted in place in her ascent to awareness. The image of her white striped red boots were even imprinted in the rubber stretched tight around her calves and feet. On her head, a fake tiara sat as Wonder Woman struggled back to her senses.

In the stuffed chair, Supergirl's legs were draped over the arms, showing her crotch to every camera present. Her catsuit had her own costume palely emblazoned on it. The blue rubber

with it's famous red and yellow "S" insignia stretched tightly across her ample tits. On her back, a swash of red cutting diagonally across her shoulder blades implied a swirling cape yet revealed a blue tunic on the lower half of her back. A thin pale red rubber skirt was attached to Supergirl's waist and simulated red rubber panties completely surrounded her crotch. The image of Supergirl's boots matched Wonder Woman's, minus the white stripe.

The squeaking sound of dry rubber filled the air as the two women slowly shifted in place as they awoke

Just then the sound of an elevator car rising to the floor emerged from behind the panelled doors in the corner of the suite. The elevator opened and out walked Don Silvio and a tall dark stranger. Both men were smiling broadly.

"Hello ladies," they greeted heartily to the two dazed and unwary super heroines.

End of Chapter 62

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 62