Supergirl Captured by the Mob 64  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 64 - Trouble All Around

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia and Don Lupenzo are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

When Carmine walks out of the elevator into Tony's suite one floor below the penthouse where Supergirl and Wonder Woman are entertaining their mob guests, the young don knows just by the way his mentor's shoulders are slumped that things have taken a bad turn.

"What happened, Carm?" Tony takes a small sip of scotch as the older man gathers his thoughts together. Carmine calmly stands before his protege seated on the long leather sectional and makes his report.

"I killed Frankie Lupenzo at the Top Hat bar just now. He pulled a piece on me. I didn't have much of a choice. The bartender Eddie told me Frankie was trying to muscle in on our turf. No doubt Gino's thinking to take advantage of all our distraction while gaining a little revenge for what Supergirl did to his headquarters."

"Any witnesses besides the bartender?"

"Couple a' kids. Eddie thinks the boy's cool. The girl was spooked and might spill about the thing. They both saw me shoot Frankie but Eddie was damn quick on his feet, calling me an undercover cop and that Frankie was trying to rob me. Story might hold with the boy who might be able to convince the girl to keep quiet."

"A lot of 'mights' in that sentence." Tony swirls the brown booze around the clicking ice cubes thoughtfully.

"The cleaning crew should be done by now. Frankie will be under the Meadowlands in less than an hour. Gino's not so close to Frankie but he'll come after us when his brother comes up missing after a day."

"They'll go after the bartender if Frankie checked in tonight before you got to the bar."

"Yeah, and Eddie can't be sure about that. He was downstairs getting a keg and calling me about Frankie. I'm not sure if he checked in with Gino or not."

"How'd you leave it with Eddie?"

"For now," Carmine sighs, "he knows the bar will be his free and clear for all he's done for us. The owner should sell it to us in a couple of days. I made him a generous cash offer and I think he's gonna take it. So Eddie won't talk unless Gino puts the screws to him. I think we should put one of our guys in the bar for a couple of days to keep an eye on things. Guiseppi is a cool head at this kind of thing. He's with the cleaning crew now. I'll phone him and tell him to get back to the Top Hat once he's done burying Frankie."

"Good," Tony nods, then finishes his scotch with a tilt of the tumbler and a healthy swallow of the smooth liquor. He sets the glass on the coffee table before him, stands up

and claps Carmine on the shoulder.

"Did you go in there thinking to ice Frankie right off the bat?"

"Honestly, Tony, not really. Sure, I was hot about the arrogance of them trying to muscle in, and I did have my piece out and ready but that was just good sense. I had the drop on Frankie and he was dumb enough to challenge me. Guy always was a blowhard and a moron. Even when I was friends with Gino back in the day, Frankie was an annoying asshole tagging along with his brother. Gino, like I said, never was close but still, it's a family thing and he'll have to respond. I just don't know how or when."

"Well, we're already pretty buttoned down these days. Not much more we can do except be careful when we're out and about."

"Yup," Gino nods. "You mind if I have a drink now?"

"Finish the bottle," Tony smiles. "It's been a long day."

"No shit!" Carmine tips the crystal decanter and fills his glass with the last of its contents then slugs down the generous amount of scotch in one quick gulp.

* * *

One floor above, Supergirl stirs from her dozing reverie. Clad entirely in a tight hot rubber catsuit, the blonde teenager is sweaty and dazed from an exhausting session of energetic sex with what was his name...oh yeah, Fabio.

She looks over to see Diana lying on the couch on top of a snoozing Silvio. Fabio is not around. Maybe he's in the bathroom, thinks Kara who gets to her feet slowly. She's a bit shaky in the legs from the sex as well as the glowing kryptonite collar. She puts her hand on the wall to steady herself, her head down as she takes a long breath that expands her chest to the max. Her ample breasts strain against the smooth rubber and stretching out the famous "S" insignia to its fullest. Her knees wobble slightly causing the hanging rubber crotch flap to flutter against her inner thighs. The world famous champion bends over at the waist, reaches down and seals up her pussy inside the clinging rubber suit for now, even though it'll probably be pulled open in a few minutes. She smooths down the thin red plastic skirt but her tufted blonde bush is still clearly visible through the layers of thin red rubber. The way the material clings creates a noticeable camel toe.

"You okay?" Diana tilts her head up to look at Kara, the black hair splayed over Silvio's silky silver shirt. Diana's blue eyes are filled with loving concern for her heroic friend.

"I'm good. A little saddle sore from Mr. Rough Rider. Where is our young stud?"

"Draining the lizard, I guess," Wonder Woman answers.

"I never heard you talk like that, Di," giggles Kara. "You're always so formal."

"Yeah, well. When in Rome...." sighs the Themysciran beauty.

"Now those Romans really knew how to throw an orgy," Silvio says, coming awake with the girl's chatter. "My ancestors wrote the book on great sex parties. Although this one's not half bad in my book."

"What's not half bad," asks Fabio returning coming out of the hallway from the bathroom.

"Our little sex party, Fab," replies Supergirl from her position with her palm braced against the wall, elbow locked.

"You look a little beat, blondie. Not used to my brand of loving, huh?"

"This collar's turned up a little too high, I think. HEY STEVIE, COULD YOU LOWER THE LEVEL ON THIS THING!" Kara shouts, frantic as she realizes her growing dilemma. She was feeling very dizzy.

"Stevie's gone, Kara," Wonder Woman whispers, alarmed at her friend's muddled thinking. The collar definitely must be set too high, the cumulative effect of the glowing element was taking a nasty toll on her friend.

"SERGEI! LOWER KARA'S COLLAR," Wonder Woman yells.

"Uhm...Sergei's not here right now," comes a disembodied voice from a ceiling speaker.

"Well, get him here! Kara's collar is set too high!" Wonder Woman barks. "She's getting sick and our guests expect her to entertain them."

"...uhhhh...who's Kara?" The uncertain voice asks.

"JUST GET SERGEI, WHOEVER YOU ARE," Wonder Woman screams.

Supergirl wavers in place now, her arm getting rubbery. She turns and leans with her back against the wall, using it to prop her up. Her knees set wide apart shake noticeably as they brace weakly against the carpet. Her head drops back on her shoulders and thumps softly against the wall.

"...ohhhh...." Supergril moans softly, inundated with the draining radiation.

"Actually, I'm finding this very entertaining," Fabio smirks. He'd heard about Supergirl and her weakness to kryptonite and this was a first-hand lesson that was pretty valuable he felt. He'd seen footage of this girl lifting a heavy Iraqui tank and tossing it into a river. Now she can barely stand up. In fact, right then, the blonde beauty slowly slides down the wall until she thumps down on the carpet and sits there in a stupor with her knees flopped apart, her crotch on display under that thin plastic skirt and her head nodding on her chest.

"...don't feel well..." mumbles Kara.

"Look for some kind of control for her collar, curse you, you stupid incompetent!" Wonder Woman barks. "Check around for something labeled that will lower the level, damn it!" The Amazon warrior is furious at this ineptitude. She moves to get up to help Kara but Silvio grasps her tightly around the waist and holds Wonder Woman securely against his body.

"Settle down, Princess. It'll be fine," he says.

"I have to help...."

"You have to stay where you are. I'm sure Fabio is perfectly capable of helping her."

"Absolutely," the young mobster smiles widely as he saunters over toward the slouched blonde at the wall. "What's the matter, sweetie? Feeling under the weather?"

"...please...ghet...Tony...or Carmine." Supergirl murmurs, her chin tucked into her neck, her head dully bobbing.

"We don't need anyone. You've got me, Supergirl," says Fabio as he kneels down in front of the helpless hero. He then reaches over and palms the blonde's right breast, squeezing it firmly as the rubber squeaks softly.

"...not now..." pleads Kara. "...let me..get better...then I'll....ohhhh...."

The fingertips twisting her nipple inside the rubber draw a short gasp of pleasure from the bleary blonde champion.

"I don't think you could get much better, sweet cakes. I like my women a bit befuddled. Tends to get past the inhibitions I think. And you, Supergirl, are pretty damn ditzy right now."

" wait...please..."

"Nope." Fabio continues to fondle Supergirl's breast as his other hand grasps the flap and roughly tugs it open, the seal pulling away neatly and rivulets of sweat drizzling out onto the carpet.

Fabio puts his fingers into the wet crease of Supergirl's labia and strokes her firmly there.

"Aaaahhhh!" She gasps as the stimulation breaks through her weariness. She picks her head up a bit and looks at Fabio from under heavy brows.

"...yhur....a...bahstard...." she mumbles.

"Just the kind of bastard you need, Super bitch!" His straight hard fingers probe and thrust at Supergirl's vagina now, sawing in and out even as he continues to maul her breasts, squeezing back and forth between the pair of heavy orbs sagging within the tight rubber confines.

"....ooohhhh...ahhh....whooaaaa...." The two hands steadily stimulate the dazed blonde, drawing more moisture to her crotch and clouding the suit with her perspiration.

"You're getting me hard, Supergirl. And judging by the slickness of this creamy cunt of yours, the feeling's mutual."

".....whoozy....but....yes..." she replies. And then Fabio twists her nipple particularly roughly causing the blonde teen to gasp in a mix of pleasure and pain. Fabio's mouth suddenly seals on the parted pink lips and his tongue delves into the dazed heroine's open mouth. The twisting, probing tongue engages hers and she mindlessly responds, her pleasure swamping her reason. The french kiss lasts and lasts, the pleasure they both feel spiraling upward. Soft mewing coos issue from Supergirl's throat as the combination of the kiss and Fabio's unrelenting hands bring her to a new level of horniness. She tries to break away from him, but the hand on her breast suddenly clasps around the back of her skull and he holds her head firmly as his tongue wrestles her own and his fingers in between her legs continues to stir her to new heights of delirious pleasure.


And then Fabio releases her head and pulls his hand out of her sopping wet snatch.

A surprised Supergirl has time to issue a sudden throaty "...whaa...?" before she has her legs summarily yanked forward so she's pulled flat onto her back. And then Fabio grabs her hips and flips the Maid of Steel on her stomach.

"....Ohhh!" is all she can say as she feels the rubber crotch flap flipped up so it smacks into the small of her back. And then two hands mold themselves to her buttocks and pull them apart. A mere second later, the sensation of a hot fleshy rod pressing against her anus is followed by the immediate penetration of that tool deep within her rear end.


Sodomized! Supergirl couldn't believe it could happen so quickly. So easily. She must be really wet down there. All over.

Next thing she realizes Fabio's hands are grasping her tits and he's pumping away at her ass. The hard hot rod is thrusting in and out of her rear and the pleasure of it is undeniable.


Supergirl's head droops from her shoulders, bumping up and down as Fabio's rapid rhythm in her rear shakes her whole body. Her cheeks jiggle and bounce within the tight rubber as Fabio has his easy way with her. In and out, in and out, his hard shaft fills and withdraws from her rear with endless friction that swells the pleasure within the blasted blonde's head.


"Even superheroes like a good butt-fucking now and then. Am I right, Supergirl?"

The relentless shafting between her soft bouncing cheeks is now driving all the power of speech from the famous teen. The wide shaft strokes into her anal passage over and over and over. An orgasm is more than possible here. There's just so much heat and friction down there. Suddenly the hands leave her breasts. One arm wraps around her throat, cradling her head in the crook of Fabio's elbow. The other hand palms her twat, the middle finger sliding deep within her pussy.


The finger rotates slowly in her snatch as Fabio continues to hump away at the prone figure pressed hard into the carpet. The mounting pleasure of the panting couple is obvious as the cameras capture Supergirl's thumping toes, Fabio's hard grunts and the steady chorus of squeaks from strained rubber as the blonde teen's body is helplessly jostled and pushed and rocked in the hold of the masterful humping Italian mobster.

Over on the couch, Wonder Woman remains firmly held in Silvio's grasp as her friend is corn-holed to within an inch of her reason. But Diana has learned her lesson at last and does not even squirm now as she and Silvio spoon on the couch, he behind her with his hard dick simply held between her rubber-clad thighs. She feels the warmth of him and his engorging cock as they witness the anal domination of the world's once most mightiest blonde.

Supergirl is dazed and helpless and filled with delirious ecstacy as Fabio's middle finger caresses round and round her vagina even as his rock hard dick pistons within her ass. Her neck is wrapped by Fabio's sweaty elbow, her eyes are half open, unseeing and glazed. Her slack mouth drips with a line of drool as her orgasm comes so close. She feels the palm of Fabio's hand clasp around the back of her neck, getting a final complete grip as he bears down with his jerking hips and his sawing finger.

In and out, in and out, both holes are thoroughly stimulated while the overwhelmed teen is held in place, unmoving except for the reactions of her trembling, quaking form from the relentless thrusting of the dominating man pressing against her. Taking her. Possessing her completely. Owning her. The friction tips over into pure white ecstacy and Supergirl squeals out a long impassioned cry of absolute delight.


Even Fabio is overwhelmed by the pleasure of this girl's tight gripping ass, her soft beautiful form held rigidly in his grasp. He hoses her rear end with a steaming jet of hot cum. It spews within her with a seemingly endless supply of ball juice. Supergirl's body is rigid with pleasure as she feels his seed needling deep within her rear. She spasms with a secondary aftershock, her warm body a mass of jiggling flesh within the rubber suit.

The soundless Fabio simply holds his comely prize tightly as he luxuriates in the spurting spasms of his cock's final offerings. The pleasure drowning him with sleepy insistence.

"AAHHH!" He finally moans, pleased with everything he's accomplished here tonight. Even now, he knows his indebtedness to Silvio for this night will never be forgotten and can never be fully repaid. And he is okay with that.

Within the confines of the control room, Carlo Pastore finally sees a small blue lever far to the right of the control panel. Labeled "Collar Dampener"he pulls it back to its lowest setting, not off but at 2 out of 15. Just then the control room door opens and Sergio walks in.

"Everything is good, nyet?"

"Everything is great," Carlo beams. "A little trouble with Supergirl's collar but it didn't seem to matter that much."

End of Chapter 64

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 64