Supergirl Captured by the Mob 32  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 32 - Lex's Big Day - Part 2

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

"Stevie," Tony says, motioning to the blonde bearded protege he's come to trust. "I need you to go up to the control room and work the recording equipment. I'm sure everything that's happened here so far has been saved to disk but I want your practiced eye up there for the close-ups, the lighting adjustments and all that magic wizardry of yours, okay?"

"Sure thing, Ton. Carmine, I could use your help with the audio feed and such, if you don't mind." Carmine nods in agreement and turns to head back to the elevator. "Mr. Luthor, I'll be up there in five minutes if you want to hold off for just a bit," Stevie says, "so I can get you and the ladies performance in the best light."

Luthor turns his head toward Stevie, breaking his gaze from the shining rope he holds aloft. It's like watching a lizard turn its head to size you up, he thinks. "Well, certainly Stevie. I can wait, although it looks like Supergirl here is dying to suck my cock," he nods at the blonde teen collapsed between his knees as he calmly sits there. "So you should hurry off." Stevie does.

Supergirl's muffled moans escape faintly from Lex's lap. Her red cape is draped over her ass, defining its gentle round shape in soft curves of fabric. Her helpless hands lie beside his brown shoes, resting limply on their sides. Her thick mane of beautiful blonde hair spreads against his thighs, partially obscuring the slackened, dazed face that lies half-buried in Luthor's crotch, her mouth agape and drooling into the bald villain's lap in numbed senselessness from the powerful effects of the radioactive green energy bathing her from the control disc.

"...stop...this...lex..." groans Superman, trying to distract Luthor as he weakly tugs on the chains that secure him tightly to the chair. "...too low....even"

"Low? Superman? I think not. No, I think this is a perfectly wonderful situation. You, your Amazonian girlfriend and your pretty young cousin helpless at my command. Not low at all, Superman, but the very height of genius! I have my new friend Tony here to thank for the arrangements, naturally, but when I heard what had happened in Bryant Park and saw the videos of Supergirl being fondled and easily disabled with kryptonite slime, well, I put two and two together and came up with four: you, me and the super sluts here. It was meant to be, my old nemesis. It was meant to be! Anyway, you should relax and enjoy yourself Superman. You and I are going to have a great time in the next hour or so. Courtesy of these lovely, heroic courtesans. Isn't that right, Supergirl?" Luthor lifts the feeble, dazed Supergirl's head by a clump of hair and bounces it up and down in his lap several times.

"Why yes, Lex," Luthor mimics in a falsetto. "I'm just thrilled and honored to be the one you chose to polish your knob with my mouth."

"....noohhh..." Off to the right, Wonder Woman protests with a weak moan of her own and Sergei gives her a hard, sudden shot to her belly. "HOOOOFFFFFF!" Her knees knock together and she falls forward to a fully bent position before being yanked upright again by Sergei, grimacing and gasping for air.

"Oh, don't worry, Wonder Woman," Luthor turns his head to his right and smiles at her, "you're going to play a major role in the fun here today. Say, what's with the low-rent panties you're sporting there, champ? They make you look cheap and pathetic, my dear. Lose your good ones in the Laundromat, did you?"

"...noo.." she gasps weakly, still trying to catch her breath.

"Let's hear it, princess. Why are you wearing such demeaning underwear?"

"Sergei's decision." Her wind is finally coming back to her.

"Be specific, Wonder Woman," Lex barks.

"...i...gave...Sergei my original costume...briefs. He....made me...wear these."

"So the famous Wonder Woman, superheroine beyond compare, the Champion of All Women has been forced to wear cheap, second hand, worn out, stained, old, battered costume panties because she handed over her true ones to her captor? That about it, hero?"

"...yes..." Diana murmurs softly.

"Good work, Sergei! Quite a clever bit of humiliation there. If Tony doesn't pay you well enough, talk to me. I could use a man of your skills in my organization."

"Thank you, Mr. Luthor. I am happy where I am right now."

"Suit yourself, Sergei. Suit yourself. Well now, would you be kind enough to tie this magical lasso around Wonder Woman's waist. Tight enough so it cannot slip off, thank you."

Sergei takes the lasso from Lex and carefully secures the glowing gold rope around Wonder Woman's waist, making sure there's no slack in the knot.

"I'll take that now, Sergei," Luthor says, taking the end of the golden rope. Diana's eyes widen in shock as she feels the powerful will course in her direction from the man holding the other end of her magical lasso. No commands have been given but Wonder Woman can sense the massive intellect and dominating willpower she is about to have to endure. It shakes her to her soul even as she tries to battle through the pain, breathlessness and tasered confusion she's been subjected to over the past few minutes.

"Tony, what's the status of your man Stevie? Is he in position yet to record this lovely tableau we have here?"

Tony flips open his phone and uses the walkie talkie feature. "Stevie? You set to go?"

"Ready in one minute, Tony. I'm just adjusting the lighting and angles slightly." The bulbs in the corners of the large storage locker brighten slightly and motorized cameras whine softly into position.

"Do you need Sergei and myself here for security, Lex? Or would you prefer we leave?"

"Tony, my friend, you can do as you wish. You are the responsible contractor on site. I am merely the architect whose plans you have so perfectly executed."

"I will stay, then," Tony says and then turns to the Russian. "Sergei?"

"I will stay as well."

"Excellent," Luthor grins. "You have admiring fans, girls! Well, if Stevie's ready, everything's good to go here."

"Stevie?" Tony asks.

"We're good to go here, too." Stevie responds.

"Alright!" Luthor exclaims. "Now Diana, Wonder Woman. With this rope in my hold, I understand that you must follow my commands, true?"

"Yes. I am compelled to obey the commands of the holder of the magic lasso."

"Well, aren't we the formal royal princess?"

"You are not the royal princess. I am."

"That's a figure of speech, nimrod. I was told you didn't have much of a sense of humor. Nevertheless, here is my command. You are to experience the emotional and physical sensations that flow from the wearer of this rope through its fibers to your waist. They will inundate you and you will be compelled to repeat the actions of the wearer, to experience the same emotions and to feel the same physical sensations as the wearer. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Mr. Luthor. I will feel the wearer's physical and emotional sensations and repeat the actions of the wearer."

"Precisely. Now I remind you, Wonder Woman, that you have agreed to be whore and that these sensations should be right in line with what's expected of you. Nevertheless, on your honor, you have given your word to Sergei here that you will perform as a whore and you will do so. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Mr. Luthor."

"Good. Now walk over to Superman there."

"What?" She had expected to have to please Lex. This was a nasty twist she did not want to comply with, but the command had been given. She slowly turns and walks up to the chained blue and red hero sitting in the bondage chair who looks up at her in painful resignation.

"Now," Lex says, "put your face in his lap just like Supergirl has hers in mine."

"Lex! No!" Superman shouts. "You can't..."

"Chill, Superstud. You're about to get a royal blowjob by your dear friend and Princess of the Amazons, Wonder Woman."

"...but..." Wonder Woman hesitates for a moment. Lex shakes the rope and the wave of fiber arcs along its length right to her body. So does his indomitable will.

"Diana! Fight him." Superman growls in desperate anger as she kneels before him.

"Kal. There is no way I can." She replies and, leaning forward puts her mouth on the bulge in his shorts and rests her hands on her sides by his boots, in precise mimicry of Kara's posture. With the beautiful raven-haired heroine's soft, wet mouth pressed against his member, Superman desperately tries to think of horrific images from his vast experience to prevent himself from getting hard from this sensation. He is focused on the tragic death of a beheaded young male suicide on the rail bed of a commuter train track that he was one second late from saving. Still, the feeling of her warm breath pulsing on his penis is impossible not to feel through the soft fabric of his uniform. He feels himself stiffen slightly despite himself. The cameras catch it, of course.

"Feels pretty good, huh, Superman? Beautiful woman with her mouth on your cock, her hair tickling against your thighs, the weight of that luscious body pressed so close to yours. Virtually impossible not to grow wood from such terrific sensations, am I right, pal?

" sick...bastard."

"Got a boner over there yet, boyscout?"


"Yeah, yeah. Let's amp up the fun, shall we?" Luthor takes his end of the rope and ties it around the waist of the weak, helpless blonde heroine slouched between his knees. He too makes sure that it has no slack in the knot.

Tony and Sergei look at each other, shaking their heads in wonder. The guy was a fucking genius. Supergirl was going to give Lex Luthor a hummer and Wonder Woman would be forced to give one to Superman, too. The look of embarrassment on Superman's face as he gets harder despite himself is priceless already. The whining little motor on the camera mount tells Tony that a closeup angle of something is being taken. His faith in Stevie's skills is paramount and they have eight cameras at all different locations working here. This DVD is going to be a monster hit!

"Alrighty, Supergirl," Luthor commands, "I want you to give me the best blow job you ever have! I've paid a very tidy sum of money to Tony over there and I expect quality for what I pay for. Understand?"

"" she murmurs into Luthor's crotch as he leans down to hear her.

"Tony, Supergirl claims she's too weak. This control device is yours. You know it better than I do. Is she faking?"

"I don't think so, Lex. How about it, Stevie?" Tony calls out, knowing the microphones stationed around the room can pick him up better than the cell phone at this point.

"She's probably not faking, Tony," blares a speaker set up in an upper corner of the locker. "I'm taking her down to 3.0."

"Tony, you should ask Stevie to take Superman's level down also," suggests Luthor, "so he's not helpless with pain. I do want him to feel the physical joy of fucking and being fucked by his good friend Wonder Woman."

" of..shi...." Supergirl starts to lift her head, mumbling into the bald man's lap.

"Ah, ah, ah!" Luthor yanks up on Supergirl's hair and slaps her face hard, stunning the blonde champion into pained silence. "Well, she's feeling feistier already, that's clear. But that's certainly no way to talk to a customer, Superwhore."

Diana's face comes up out of Superman's crotch and she winces in pain and shock and awe! That slap she'd just heard had hurt her! I was across the room from that slap and it felt like it was done directly to me. Not only that but the shame, anger and horrible weakness that Kara is experiencing is now surging through Diana's body like a fever. She moans in obvious distress.

"Feeling Supergirl's pain, are you, Wonder Woman? Well, don't worry, it'll feel much better in a while, I assure you!"

Is this what Kara feels like every time kryptonite is used on her? Hera help me! It is nauseating...and draining...and completely overwhelming me...No strength in me. No wonder Kryptonian's hate this stuff. It's like passing a kidney stone and having the flu at the same time. How could anyone fight against such sickening, debilitating glowing death? Did Kara or Kal get use to these sensations over time? Was that even possible? This is going to be virtually impossible to resist!

"Okay, Supergirl. Pull open my zipper, take out my cock and start sucking, blondie."

"..don't....make this..." she begs.

"Linda, this is your customer," Tony calls out. You know the rules. Please obey them for your sake. Sergei is watching."

Diana is flooded with such a sense of such unrelenting fear through the golden rope that she almost loses control of her bladder. Squeezing her thighs together, she concentrates on keeping herself from pissing in her panties. Good god! Kara is completely terrorized by Sergei! I know what he's capable of , but what in Zeus' name must he have done to her?

The blonde heroine obediently pulls down Luthor's zipper, reaches into his pants and pulls out the fleshy snake she finds within. Unable to help herself, Diana reaches up and pulls down on the waistband of Superman's trunks, shooting him a mortified glance as she does so. He is looking down on her in stunned horror at what is happening and then quickly turns his head to spare her feelings but the damage is done. Diana burns with shame, going red in the face as she looks at the large semi-erect penis of the Man of Steel before her. Kara's shame flows into her as well. The blonde heroine holds the penis upright and brings her face close to Luthor's rock hard prick. Compelled to repeat the action, Diana takes Kal's rod in her soft hand and, unable to resist, the Man of Steel's cock quickly grows to massive proportions: 13" long and almost 3" wide.

"..uuughh...." Superman groans, feeling the sexual thrill of his penis held by the beautiful woman he's felt love and desire for since he first met her.

"I...i'" she whispers.

Supergirl puts her lips against the tip of Luthor's penis and kisses it softly. His eyebrows go up and he waits. Wonder Woman feels Kara's disgust and shame even as she too is obliged to kiss Superman's cock with a gentle kiss. His pelvis quivers and he continues to look away.

"Let's go, Supergirl," Luthor snaps. "You've got to do about 3 million times better than that sorry excuse for foreplay! Put your mouth around me and suck it, hero! I know you know how. I've seen your DVD. You can do amazing things when you're motivated."

"..that was under....the e..e..effects...of crack..." she stammers.

"Tony? You got any crack on you?" Luthor looks over at the mob boss.

"Actually, no I don't, Lex. Did you want me to get some. It's just upstairs."

"Yes! Please!" Supergirl pleads. It has been too long since her last pipe and she needs to get high desperately to get through this.

"Whoa!" Diana blurts out. Kara's raw animal need for drugged satisfaction just jolted through her like lightning and she was stunned by it. This girl has been bitten by the dragon. Diana's not sure where she heard the expression but the thought that popped into her mind certainly seemed deadly accurate. Kara was a crack junkie in the worst way! The craving almost overrode the effects of the kryptonite. Almost. There was no way Kara could live a very long life with this addiction. Diana vows she has to help her friend kick this habit if and when they ever escape.

"No. I don't think we'll go for the crack just yet, Supergirl," Luthor states with calm authority. "I want you to experience this little session without losing yourself in an artificial high. I want you to feel the full measure of your shame as you suck me off. After that, I have something that will make things better for you. Now get to work, bitch! Suck it like you love it or your friend Sergei will have to discipline you." Luthor was no fool. He had seen Kara's face when Tony had mentioned Sergei. So he pushed her button and it was that easy. The beautiful Maid of Steel leans forward, purposefully lets a thick dollop of drool drop onto Luthor's prick and then slathers the slippery saliva all over the tip of Lex Luthor's cock.

"Mmm. Yes! Much better!" Luthor smiles widely as Supergirl begins to tongue his glans swiftly while slowly beginning to stroke his shaft. "Now that's how a beautiful super heroine starts a blowjob. Am I right over there, Superman?"

The dark-haired man chained to the chair has his eyes wide open, his mouth agape and his hands and legs straining against his chains as Wonder Woman's mouth, lips and tongue caress his penis even as her fist takes his member and begins to slowly stroke him up and down.

"Great moons of Krypton! Diana, you can' mustn't..."

"Nuh..thoice," Diana says with her mouth surrounding Superman's cock. All her dignity is blasted to smithereens. She's being forced to suck on the penis of her good friend Kal against both of their wills. What's more, while she was ashamed to be forced into such a disrespectful position for an Amazon princess, kneeling and pleasing a man this way, deep inside, the sensation of him in her mouth is not disgusting as Kara now feels, but sensual and heady. Diana is humiliated, weak, sexually titillated and, most of all, confused. So many emotions were pouring into her head. Her's and Kara's and they were matching in some ways and divergent in others. Still, compelled by the magic lasso, she continues to suck on Superman's penis with the deep drawing sucking motion that Kara has chosen to use on Luthor.

"Uugghhhnnnn." Superman groans with sexual delight as Diana works him over with her mouth, mimicking Supergirl's expertise. Diana's experience sucking men off is minimal at best, but with Kara leading her technique, the Man of Steel won't have a chance. Even Luthor is beginning to pant as Kara's mouth grips him tightly while her pretty face bobs up and down on his 9" penis with grim determination now. She might as well get this over as fast as possible for everyone's benefit, she thinks.

"Don't shoot too early there, Superman. There's only so much humiliation your reputation can withstand, you know!"

"Diana. down...?" Superman whispers in strained agony from trying to fight the joy pulsing through him. ".. I...can't...fight...the...pressure.."

Can't....Kara's leading this...thing..." she replies softly between mouthings of his cock. "and she's trying to get....thwew it ath fatht ath pothible." The last part of Diana's response is garbled with her mouth surrounding Kal's glans again as Kara sucks tightly on Luthor's cock and then skitters her tongue all up and down his shaft.

"Man, this bitch is really good!!" Luthor cries out loudly as his prick bobs and jerks in Supergirl's fist now as she works her tongue over him with slippery assurance.

"OHH....Hahhh....don't...." Superman groans in pure pleasure.

"Just go with it, Kal," murmurs Diana. "We'll worry about our feelings later. Don't hurt yourself fighting it."

"...oh...Diana...." he whimpers, half in shame, half in thanks.

"You know, Supie, old friend," Luthor calls over. "All the sensations you're feeling in your cock are your cousin's doing. You realize that right? She's the one who's sucking you off in reality. Your cute little cousin from Argo City is giving you the best blow job of your life. Diana's just the mouthpiece. Think about the indecency of your cousin blowing you, Superman."

The mighty champion blanches white at the thought of this, and his cock shrinks a bit in response. Young Kara was this good at fellatio? How did my cousin learn such things?

And then, to try to bring Luthor to a climax, Supergirl goes down deeply on him, her mouth surrounding the long shaft until it reached the back of her throat and she tightened down and began sucking hard, moving her head up and down with as rapid a stroke as possible.

"Yeah!" Luthor shouts in joy at this new technique. "Kara is the one you should be thanking, Superman, when you cum in Wonder Woman's mouth. It's more like you'll be blowing your wad in pretty little Kara's mouth. Ohh! I'm....I'm sure your cousin is thinking just that right now, aren't you, Kara?" Luthor is panting heavily now as Supergirl continues to pump the top third of his cock with her mouth and stroke it with every upstroke.


"Aaahhhh!" Superman gasps in another spasm of joy as this new technique brings him back to full stiffness and flood his brain with rapid, tight pleasure that is indescribably sensual.

"Aalgkkk...hauwgkk.....akkkk....akkkk...." Diana, unworldly in the ways of blowjobs is gagging helplessly as she tries to copy the actions of her blonde friend. But what is pure sexual bliss for Superman and Lex Luthor is nothing less than a choking, gagging, nauseous impossibility for Wonder Woman. And then she feels Superman's penis swell, bob and freeze in place. Oh, Hera, Kal is going to cum!

Luthor is not quite near the erotic heights Superman has reached and Supergirl continues to work over Lex's member with her constantly rising and falling face now. So Diana is forced to act accordingly and, as Superman's eyes roll back under his lids and he shoots a massive flushing jet of white cum into Wonder Woman's mouth, she is still sucking and stroking his cock as though he weren't. This causes a huge amount of jism to shoot down Wonder Woman's throat, but since she's still forced to copy Supergirl's actions, her throat is out of sync with the reality. She can't begin to handle the load and much of it sprays out the sides of her mouth and all over the front of her bustier and all over Superman's trunks. Ultimately, half of the load has collected on Superman's groin and with her body still tight against his crotch in duplication of Kara's current pose, Wonder Woman's face is smeared all over with thick sticky jism that blinds her and sickens her. Pulling away, Wonder Woman hangs her head weakly between the blue-clad thighs as thick, ropy strands of Superman's cum drain out of her mouth and nose as Diana's hands brace against Superman's thighs and she tries desperately not to vomit up the contents of her stomach.

In the meantime, Supergirl has succeeded in bringing Lex to his own climax and, with his eyes rolling up in blissful satisfaction, the notorious bald villian blows his nut into a waiting Supergirl's mouth, filling it with a rush of white love juice that she takes with practiced ease, swallowing it as expected. Diana immediately and involuntarily swallows the remaining thick cum load still lodged in her throat and begins to hack and wheeze from the disgusting slime trickling down her throat.


"Lick my prick nice and clean, Supergirl." Chagrined but subservient, Supergirl proceeds to lick Lex Luthor's cock with her tongue, slowly cleaning off the thin strands of cum and leaving a sheening glaze of saliva on the man's dick as she does.

Horrified, Diana is forced to do the same with Superman's cock, a much messier affair. Wonder Woman rolls her tongue around Superman's red engorged penis, swiping large strings of dangling cum up with her tongue and swallowing them in choking disgust until finally she has cleaned the penis of all its sticky residue.

"...i'" Diana whimpers in broken despair.

"I...i....can't....I don't....I'm so sorry, Diana...." Superman whispers.

"Shut up, Kal. Just shut up!"

"What are you whispering about over there, you two?" Luthor demands to know.

"I will kill you, Lex Luthor," snarls Wonder Woman. "I vow this now and forever for what you have done here today."

"But Diana, my dear," Luthor replies, unfazed by the vehemence of her anger. "we're only one third of the way through my program. Why not wait til it's all over and then decide how you feel, okay, Little Miss Putrid Panties?"

Diana's face goes pale and her eyes widen in anguish. What else did this bastard have planned?

"Now Supergirl, I want you to give me a little lap dance to entice me for a few minutes and let me get hard again."

"You are a true pig, Luthor," Supergirl growls in a low menacing tone.

"Don't make me discipline you, cunt. Just be glad you only have to deal with my playful side," he replies as he takes her face in his hands and leans into her with a cold hard look. "You wouldn't like me when I get out of sorts. I tend to destroy things. And you have such a pretty face and body, it would be a shame to fuck them up so much you wouldn't recognize yourself in a mirror." He lets that sink in a minute and then brightly calls out, "Ready over there, Wonder Woman?"

"Luthor. Stop this....I'm pleading to your better nature," Superman groans out in desperation.

"Oh, come on, sport. You know you'd love to have Wonder Woman's big beautiful tits bobbing in front of you for your amusement, Superman. Just sit back in your bondage chair and let her show you all her generous assets. Unfortunately, chained as you are, you're not going to be able to fondle Diana's bodacious boobs like I will be doing to Supergirl, but that should make you all the more hotter for the next act, don't you think so, Superman?"

"You are vile scum, Lex. Always have been," Superman spits out.

"Remind me to kick the crap out of you when this session is done Superman. You're the most ungrateful prick I've ever met. I've arranged a wonderful blowjob, a fabulous lapdance and a world-class fucking by the one and only Wonder Woman and all you can do is call me names. What a putz you are, Superman. Well, Supergirl, what are you waiting for? Get up and give me my lap dance, pretty lady."

End of Chapter 32

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 32