Supergirl Captured by the Mob Part 67d  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 67D - An Imaginary Incident: The Girls Meet The Street - Part Four

By Dr. Dominator

IMPORTANT NOTE: This chapter was written at the suggestion of a loyal reader. It is an imaginary interlude and is not meant to be seen as a part of the current story or plot line, although it's designed to seem like it would. But Tony Bonano would never actually take the chance of letting both women out of his sight together in public. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this imaginary sequence.

The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

In any normal circumstance, Diana would almost laugh at the ridiculous notion of having to take on merely three women in a fight. In a skirmish just before she'd been taken captive by Tony's hit men, she'd faced off against two huge barrel-chested thugs in an alley not too different than this one. Led by a thin-faced vicious local gang leader who was wielding a tire iron and looking to expand his territory by taking out an annoying super heroine with big tits and starred dance panties who kept interfering with his plans, the three men had cornered her in a trap using a fake rape attempt. Diana had sprinted into the alley only to find the girl she'd followed rushing past her with her top pulled down and her breasts bouncing in the breeze. Before her, the trio of hoodlums faced her with the wide leers of predators licking their chops over easy pickings. She'd handled them all roughly, rapidly and with easy dispatch, leaving the two massive strongmen and their ferret-faced leader moaning with dazed pain in a heap of broken body parts without so much as breaking a fingernail. But Wonder Woman isn't smiling now.

As she takes a step away from an unconscious Glenda and faces off against Desiree, Sharla and Chloe, Diana is all too aware of her many pains from the thrashing she's been handed by these three whores and their two inert comrades. Her head is sore in several spots from being bashed with brass knuckles, dragged through an alley of broken bricks, kicked by someone's shoe, bounced against the pavement and knocked senseless with a garbage can lid. Her cheek is slightly split and crusted over with dried blood as is her wrist. Her stomach aches from the gut shots she's taken and her back is tender from taking a hard shot from a set of brass knuckles. These bitches have worked her over good. She's given back some of her own but the toll it's taken on Wonder Woman leaves her at less than her best, to say the least. Nevertheless, seeing how badly they've brutalized Supergirl with that wine bottle, Diana's anger is deep and fierce. She stands tall before the three whores, her back ramrod straight.

"If Kara doesn't fully recover from what you low women have done to her," Diana seethes, "you'll wish you've never been born!"

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about it, cunt, you'll get your chance to be bottle-fucked, too," Sharla sneers. "Shouldn't be as painful for you though. Your friend lubed it up nice and slick with her blood."

"You're first." Diana says, looking at Sharla with such ice-cold conviction of the whore's punishment, one might think it was already a past event. Her blue eyes have never been this shade before. Looking hard at the short whore with a mix of revulsion, revenge and anger, her eyes seem lit from within, burning with the energy a cold fusion reactor.

Sharla's upper lip quivers a bit, her eyelids rise slightly and an icy grip of genuine fear flushes through her for just an instant. Her guts turn over like the spin cycle of some hellish washing machine. Her mouth fills with the sour taste of bile. Whoever this annoying costumed bitch was in front of her, she didn't seem to understand the concept of retreat. Hell, they'd already beaten her pretty badly and yet she's standing there ready to fight them once again without any hesitation whatsoever. Even with all her bruises, that nasty cut on her wrist and everything else they'd done to her, this bitch wasn't backing down a fucking inch! Where do they breed women like this?

"D..don't think so, bitch." Sharla replies with just the hint of a nervous stutter. "Fact is, you're hurtin' bad. I think you're goin' down hard."

"What you think matters not, whore!" The thinned lips of the Amazon warrior barely move as Diana girds herself to launch her attack, her muscles coiled like a tigress ready to leap.

"I've got a blade here that says otherwise, balloon tits!" Sharla's hand comes out of her pocket and flicks the switchblade into its fixed position, ready for battle. Still, her hand is shaking and Sharla is angry to see her fear manifested so obviously.

Reaching down behind a pile of stones at her feet, an equally nervous Chloe quickly comes up with a long-handled wooden mallet with colorful bands circling its chipped head and handle.

"And I'm ready to tenderize you with this, fat ass, if'n you want a piece of me." Chloe

moves the mallet head in a threatening circle as she stares intently at Diana. Still, there's a generous helping of fear in this whore's eyes as well.

Stepping immediately to her left, a broken-nosed Desiree snatches up the garbage can lid laying on the ground and holds it with one hand, sweeping the steel disc back and forth in front of her.

"..bember dis liddle weabon, you padedic cund? Knogged you flad on yhur faze las dime. Weddy fhor mhore, bidge?"

"It's pretty hard to take you seriously, Desiree, when you sound like Elmer Fudd," Diana states flatly, watching all three opponents carefully, gauging their readiness, searching for weaknesses in their stances.

Sharla and her knife are her top priority and she goes for her first, using the subterfuge of dashing across the eight feet of alleyway between her and Chloe. When she reaches near kicking distance, Diana drops down suddenly, her palms supporting her as she executes a leg sweep. The maneuver is slow, almost awkward as Diana's leg misses Chloe's legs by half a foot. Seeing how badly that this Wonder Woman wanna-be has performed this basic move, Sharla rushes in with full confidence. This bitch is hurting so bad, she can't do even simple moves now without fucking up. She closes in on Diana's side, thrusting her arm forward, the blade spearing right toward the exposed waist and the smooth expanse of red satin just waiting to be cut into, the waist beneath it punctured with her trusty blade. When Diana's right hand suddenly comes across her body and grips Sharla's wrist with steely pressure, the whore can't believe the speed with which her adversary moves. She'd faked her mistimed move!

Wonder Woman's thumb presses down on the nerve in her wrist. Sharla yells out in pain and drops the knife, her hand completely numbed. Diana's entire body swivels around on the pivot of her left palm and she's behind Sharla's back with her arm around the whore's throat before Sharla can begin to react.


"Told you you'd be first," Diana says coldly into Sharla's ear, her chest pinned against the whore's back as she presses Sharla's right hand up toward the middle of her back.

"Aaahh!" The leverage of Diana's elbow crook pressing against Sharla's throat efficiently cuts off her airway. "Drop the weapons now or I'll break her neck!" Wonder Woman's voice is firm without a quiver of doubt.

"You wouldn't," Chloe says, not four feet from the heroine and her red-faced friend.

"You don't want to test me," Wonder Woman replies. "Drop them. NOW!"

"Don'd do id, Glhoe," Desiree barks. "Zhe's bruffin'. Ruzh her. NOW!"

The total lack of concern by Desiree for her fellow whore takes Diana completely by surprise. As Sharla's left elbow comes jerking backward into her side, Chloe's chipped croquet mallet begins to arc around toward her, and the wide steel garbage can lid in Desiree's hands begins its downward arc toward her head. Wonder Woman is wholly unprepared for this combined assault. She clearly isn't used to foes with no regard for their fellow combatants. While the elbow stuns her, Wonder Woman is not nearly disabled enough for the three whores to overwhelm her. Diana instantly releases Sharla's neck and wrist, dodging back before either the mallet or the garbage can lid can connect with her head. Thanks to her short stature, Sharla's head is missed by both the swinging mallet and the steel lid. They hit together over the whore's head with a loud clang as Wonder Woman pushes her wincing opponent forward face-first onto the ground and backs off quickly into a combat stance. Then, stepping forward with a surprise move of her own, Diana drives her boot heel into Sharla's back, driving the yelping whore's face into the cracked tarmac. That done, Diana quickly retreats two steps, her arms up with hands pointed ready to respond to the next foray be either Chloe or Desiree. Both still have their weapons up, circling them in the air several feet from Wonder Woman's position while Sharla moans on the floor of the alley in the gap between the poised women.

"Who wants next?" Diana asks, looking back and forth from Desiree to Chloe. While breathing heavily from the sudden exertion and all the stress her body's endured, Diana retains the calmness of a battle-tested warrior.

"You can'd wrun vorebber, bidch. Whe're gonna ged you,"

"I'm not running, Desiree. I'm right here. You're the one running. Her mouth. And none too clearly. That nose must hurt pretty bad, huh, Dez?" Wonder Woman tries yet again to goad the tall whore leader into a rash move but it doesn't work. Desiree stays put for the moment, just glaring at her black-haired adversary without reply.

On the ground, Sharla moans again, her cute little ass shifting under the blue leather miniskirt. Then the small woman starts to turn over onto her back, her grimacing face lit by the streetlight as it comes around.

"Stay down, Sharla." Wonder Woman lifts her foot to press it down on the side of the yellow halter top to keep her adversary pinned and out of the fight. Having feigned a wooziness she doesn't feel, Sharla suddenly grabs Diana's right boot, gripping it around the ankles with two strong hands.

"GET HER, GIRLS!" Sharla shouts.

Held in place, awkwardly balanced on one foot while her other is held aloft and immobile, Wonder Woman can only try to block the onrushing duo coming at her from a scant yard and a half away. Her left arm with it's lacerated wrist takes on the garbage pail lid once again and fares little better this time than last. The tin wrist band is knocked completely off even as Wonder Woman takes a harsh glancing blow to the left side of her skull.


"OHH!" Diana cries out as the steel lid connects. Then the wooden croquet mallet swings under her flailing right arm, striking with a solid thump into her right breast. "UUNNGGHH!"

Wonder Woman bends with the impact, her face drawn tight with pain. Sharla yanks back hard on the shiny red boot and Diana falls onto her back, her upper shoulders smacking loudly against the cracked tarmac.

"OWW!" Disoriented by this heavy assault, Wonder Woman can only throw her hands into the air in front of her prone body and try to block the women's weapons more successfully this time. Her efforts are completely futile however as Sharla pull her leg to the side with a surprise heave and Chloe's mallet comes down smack onto Wonder Woman's exposed crotch.


"AIEEYEEAAGGHHH!" The screaming heroine's upper torso snaps upright in agony only to take the steel lid to her forehead, slamming her back onto the tarmac in a harsh reverse motion.


".....ohhhhhhh....." Diana is completely stunned, now unable to even lift her arms as her head spins with a sickening wooziness that threatens to pitch her into black unconsciousness. When Chloe's mallet slams down onto her left breast, Wonder Woman's body jerks with the impact even as a loud whoosh of precious breath blasts out of her mouth. "...HOOOFFF!..."

"I bed dose diddies of yours muzd hurd preddy bad, huh, you zmardazz cund?" Desiree's face is bright with triumph once again. "Deach you do zmard moud me, zlut. Hid her agaid, Glhoe. Ghive her anudder ghud shod ride bedween her legz."

Chloe swings down hard and Wonder Woman's body jerks again with the impact of the mallet. She shrieks with agony.

"AAAIYYEEEEE!" Hot, salty tears spring to her eyes and Diana tries to turn onto her stomach to avoid another devastating blow to her crotch. A firm restraining hand against her shoulder by Sharla prevents this however and Wonder Woman is forced flat onto her back again just as Desiree brings the edge of the garbage can lid down hard on her chest.


"OWWW! OHH! STOP! more...." The weeping, begging Amazon grips at her chest with shaking hands, tears streaming down her face. "I give up. ...I give...up..." Desiree stands over her, the lid poised in mid-air ready to strike yet again. Chloe's mallet is circling over the whimpering heroine while the whore in the tight red blouse and black vinyl hotpants decides what body part to clobber next.

"Oh, where did the big brave woman go?" Chloe taunts Diana viciously. "Did getting her pussy pounded like a beefsteak make her go bye-bye?" Chuckling at her own witticism, Chloe then ruthlessly pounds the croquet mallet down onto Wonder Woman's stomach. The defenseless beauty's body spasms immediately into a fetal position that Sharla's not fast enough to prevent this time. Curled on her side, Diana wheezes, coughs and chokes loudly, painfully desperate for air. Her eyes are cramped shut, her arms wrap around her stomach and her knees piston up and down in torment as the mighty heroine tries with all she has to inhale a decent measure of oxygen.

"Ged her on her dees, Zhar," Desiree tells Sharla.

Yanked up from behind by her long black tresses, Wonder Woman is dragged up into a kneeling position by a maliciously smiling Sharla, The Amazon's head is down, rubbery on a neck that seems almost unable to support it. Her eyes are squeezed shut in pain and her arms still wrap around her waist as a series of painful wheezes finally draws air into her scorching throat.


"You're neber gummin' ondo our durf agaib, zlut. Ju' hear be? NEBER EBER AGAIB"

"...'ess....i...ear...ou..." Diana gasps out. "..never again..."

"Daz ride! Ghloe, gib be dat bal-led."

"What?" Chloe asks, confused by the near unintelligible instructions from the broken-nosed Desiree.

"Da bal-led. Da bal-led. In yhur hadd," Desiree gestures with her open hand for the croquet mallet Chloe has rested on her shoulder.

"This?" Chloe extends the mallet with a quizzical expression and Desiree snatches it away from her in frustration.

"Des! Dis. De bal-led! Desus kwiezd!"

Taking all her anger and frustration out on Wonder Woman, Desiree spins around and swings the croquet mallet in a mighty arc until the cylindrical wooden head connects with Diana's left breast.


"UUUNNNGGGHHH!" The Amazon beauty seems to collapse inward from the blow, her full body cringing away from the mighty thud. Her left tit bounces out of the top of her bustier and sways heavily back and forth, naked and bobbling in the cool night air.

"Bull her bag ub, Zharla."

Another yank on her hair brings Diana's head up this time even as she lists heavily to the right. Her eyes are mere slits and her face is frozen in grimace of pure agony.

"Oww. hair..!"

"Wand adudder wud?" Desiree asks with a broad smile.

"NO! DON'T...NOT AGAIN....PLEASE DON'T" Wonder Woman barks her pleas with raw panic in her voice.

"Zo zowweee......DOT!" Desiree says with scalding scorn and swings the mallet in a wide arc once again.



This time the right breast is crushed inward. It too pops free from the grasp of the golden eagle's wings, now pushed low in thin wrinkles under the mighty breasts that jiggle and bounce on the weeping woman's front. Diana is nearly unconscious. Held up by her hair, she is leaning backward with her ass on her heels, her arms limp, her eyes dull, her mouth gaping wide as she tries to take in air. The bruising is already starting on the left breast, the right one sports an angry red circle at the point of impact.

"Dow, durd her ober. Ged her od her hadds and dees. Den ged her id a hedlogg, Zharla. I'b godda zdick dis bal-led way up her azzzz!" Grabbing the head of the mallet, Desire waves the long wooden handle around in the air with all her frustration in bountiful evidence.

Sharla easily maneuvers the moaning, lethargic Amazon into place on her hands and knees and pulls her neck neatly into the crook of her elbow and holds her there. Too weak to even maintain that position, Diana's elbows give way and she sags forward a bit, her head low and powerfully held in the vise of Sharla's arm and her shapely ass high in the air. Desiree stands behind the wide rump, appraising it happily.


"Egg salad? You want egg salad now?" Chloe doesn't understand.

"Doh! Dot egg zalad...oh...debbermide. Ghloe, bull dowd her breddy liddle banz, bleeze."

"Her pants?"

"Des! Bull deb dowd do her dighz."

And with that, Wonder Woman's famous panties are suddenly jerked off her shapely buttocks and pulled down to mid-thigh. The white cotton crotch pad is slightly yellowed with perspiration and fear. The wide firm cheeks of the Amazonian princess are fully exposed as is her damp, sweaty pussy. Only her butt hole remains hidden in the dark cleft between her twin mounds. But that will soon be heavily assaulted as Desiree steps forward with a gleam of menacing delight in her dark chocolate eyes.

Part 9

Across the alley, Supergirl is curled on her side into a tight fetal ball, her mind drifting aimlessly as the waves of pain from having a wine bottle repeatedly rammed into her vagina slowly pass through her. They are sharp jabs from her pelvis with every inhalation and then they ease. With each breath, her Kegel muscles spasm slightly and she winces but over time the intense pain moderates into tolerable levels. The voices she's been hearing all this while are jumbled and confused. She opens her eyes and sees a dried out wrinkled yellow condom not five inches from her nose. There's also the smell of garbage hanging in the air from behind her. Kara feels awful. She is sore, sick, exhausted and slightly dazed. Her hand goes to her throat and feels for the collar. Still there! In doing so, she inadvertently knocks out the pebble she'd stuck in the aperture of the titanium collar and a tiny green glow blushes brightly at her throat.

".....uhhhh...." She falls backward on to her back, her knees flopping wide open, her chest heaving in anguish at yet another source of discomfort. On her back now, the alley and the sky are madly spinning around and the famous Maid of Steel's eyes cross in confusion as she slides into a warm bath of oblivion for now.

None of the three whores involved with Wonder Woman has even noticed the event. Glenda, who is rising awkwardly to her feet, has seen the blonde stir momentarily before collapsing back in a whispering sigh of defeat. It's all Glenda can do not to join the dumb bunny in blissful unconsciousness herself. Her stomach aches as does her head. Her dress is split up the seam to her hip and hanging badly askew. She straightens it and pulls it into place, the bright purple rayon, though stained, adheres to her shapely form like a glove and she still looks tantalizing even though she doesn't feel very pretty. She's been knocked down and knocked out more times on this night than in the past three years combined. Whoever this black-haired bitch and her blonde companion were, they certainly weren't the usual street trash that Glenda and Desiree and the rest had been easily intimidating over the past three years. Maybe wearing the costumes made these bitches feel like heroes.

In any case, the one wearing the Wonder Woman getup isn't acting very heroic at the moment. Glenda takes a deep breath and straightens up fully, gets a second wind and walks over to where Desiree and Chloe and Sharla are holding down the gasping, whimpering beauty. The sorry cunt's panties have been pulled down off her wide bottom and left in a humiliatingly stretched position down around her thighs. Desiree is poking the handle of the mallet between the girl's shapely buttocks but isn't having much success pushing the thin wood handle into the clenched rectum. Despite being in a headlock, her red face gasping for air and her butt raised high in the sky, even now the defiant brunette is resisting with everything she has.

"Desiree, Desiree," clucks Glenda as she comes up and places her hand on the kneeling black whore's shoulder, "Don't you know that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar."

"Whad?" Desiree stops trying to jam the short stick up Wonder Woman's ass and turns her head to look at Glenda. "Whad ju mead?"

"I mean that I think our little spitfire here may be more inclined to relax her sphincter if she's treated like a lady. And loosen up that choke hold just a tad, would you, Sharla. As Desiree said, we're not here to kill this cunt. Just teach her a life-long lesson. None of us wants to do time for murder, right, girls?"

The four of them nod in unison and Glenda smiles. Order has been restored. Desiree looked like she would have punctured this bitch's colon and gone through to her stomach if she'd been able to in the midst of her unrestrained attack with the wooden mallet handle.

"May I?" Glenda kneels down beside Desiree and her long thigh presses against the length of Diana's own wet one. The film of perspiration gleaming there makes the two thighs slide easily against each other as a the badly-beaten Wonder Woman trembles in place. Glenda gently grasps the handle of the mallet and Desiree releases it, stands up and backs off, regaining her composure. Wonder Woman's face goes to pale pink from the bright red she'd been moments before. But she's still a battered, dazed and defeated woman right now. Her fat, naked breasts press against the tarmac, the weight of them flattening their generous shapes to doughy ovals. Her body sags in Sharla's hold, pained and exhausted from being pounded on and subdued so recently.

"It's possible," Glenda says, "that this wildcat is just misunderstood. All the time we thought she was a fighter, it may be she's really a lover who's just incredibly frustrated because her little blonde underling over there can't deliver the goods she really needs."

With a slow purposeful swipe, Glenda puts her fingertip against Wonder Woman's face and draws it under her eye, gathering up the moisture from her tear-drenched face. "That the problem, isn't it, dearie? You're just a tense, frustrated dyke because your partner doesn't know how to bring you off the way you really like."

"...nuhhh..." Diana breathes out a plaintive denial but is too weak and sore to do anything but lay there and try to gather her minimal strength.

"Shhh. You don't have to play coy with me, honey. Glenda knows the truth about you."

Bringing the finger to Wonder Woman's crotch, Glenda slowly slides the moistened forefinger between the easily available labia presented so readily before her. "Chloe, be a doll and hold down this anxious pussy's ankles as tight as you need to while I show her how a real woman treats her sadly mismanaged clit. Sharla, be ready to tighten up, too. This little mare might buck a bit before she realizes I'm about to give her everything she needs, everything she's ever dreamed about."

Standing behind the threesome, Desiree sneers and licks her lips. Glenda was good. She'd get this bitch's back door open and everything else, too. Wide open, wet and easy to fuck up. Looking around the alley, the lead whore sees the tipped over garbage cans, the dumpster and all the refuse lying around. The possibilities of how they could trash these two cunts were virtually unlimited. Desiree goes hunting for what she can use best. As she passes Trixie, she bends down for a moment and shakes her big-breasted friend.

"You ogay, Drigz?"

The groggy girl moans as Desiree helps her to her feet.

"Damn, that bitch cold-cocked me just as I was getting my brains unscrambled," Trixie murmurs.

"Yeah, daz why we're gudda zhow her whoz de bozz."

"I want in on that."

"Ogay, bud firz helb be find zum dingz to drazh dem bode wid."


"Dat wibblebawb bad iz ghud. And gwab dad whia hangah."

Picking up a red plastic wiffleball bat and the wire hangar, Trixie falters a bit, wavering in place.

"Whoa, I still feel dizzy. I'm gonna sit down here for a minute, Dez, if you don't mind."

"No. Zhure. Dake yhur dime." Desiree wanders over to the dumpster and looks in. A huge smile breaks across her face.

Meanwhile, a dazed Wonder Woman's body quivers in place as Glenda's gives her the "V" for victory salute, sliding her fingers up and down the inner sides of the now fattened labia.

Over and over the v-fingered salute brings a shortness to Diana's breathing while shaking her glutes like twin Jello molds.

"Little "Miss Save the Planet" here seems to like this little maneuver, don't she, Chloe?"

"Sure seems to be fuckin' her breathing up good."

"Yes, and her pussy seems to be getting awfully slippery. Let's just explore in there a bit and see how she reacts, shall we?"

"...please......................don't...." The whispered sigh is barely heard. But the resisting body is easily held in place by the head and ankles and the enfeebled Diana can do nothing about it.

"Oh you silly girl. You really aren't in touch with what you truly and deeply want, are you?" Glenda probes her forefinger deeply into the wet snatch and flicks her fingernail lightly and rapidly against Diana's slightly emerged clit. She does this for a good twenty seconds and the Amazon princess bucks and gasps while her two assailants tighten down on their grips. Wonder Woman's face deepens to scarlet with the pressure of Sharla's fist hard against her throat and her head immobilized. Chloe presses her ankles to the tarmac and finally Diana's body slackens and she whines in frustration.


Glenda has withdrawn her forefinger, her face beaming "You see? You say 'please don't' but your body says 'Oh god, what the fuck was that and can you do it again and again please?' Glenda knows. Doesn't she, you silly slut?"

"'t..." Diana's weak dispute is barely audible. But Glenda's eyebrows dance up in amused delight.

"Really? Well, let's just check your temperature again to be sure, why don't we?"

Once again the finger goes in deep to the slippery crevice, pushing past the glistening pink folds until it comes up against the now elongated nub. But it's not the fingernail this time. This time Glenda bends her knuckle and rubs it briskly against the tender bud, almost bruising it with hard attention. She is relentlessly repetitive and after a full minute of steady knuckled abuse with intermittent light caresses to vary the tempo, the effect is undeniable.

"OHH...HERA HELP ME....(GASP)....STOP! STOP!" Diana's unrestrained pleasure draws surprising shouts from her beleaguered frame. The passion gives her voice volume.

"Tight holds, Sharla, Chloe. I told you she'd buck hard."

"GGGHHNNNNN!" Diana is sweating and writhing and grimacing with helpless delight and gasping frustration as she is immobilized by harsh pressing hands and a suffocating elbow.

"And you thought I didn't know what you wanted. Clearly you enjoyed that, my dear. Why your pussy is positively dripping into the street here."

"...don't... no..more....."

"But I'm just getting warmed up, thunder butt. I don't suppose you'd want me to lick you down there, would you?"

"NO! .... uh..don't...don't do...that... please...."

"Oh please, yourself. We both know you liked me the moment you set eyes on me, honey. No use denying it. You like my shape. You want my long killer body pressed up tight next to yours. You crave my tongue lapping your lovely....little....lower....lips! Admit it, honey, I'm your dream date and you just want to cum on my face as I lick you into seventh heaven."


"In a pigs eye! I know dyke breath when I smell it and, honey, yours smells like the Fulton Fish Market."


"And I'm betting you're wonderful....tasting. Let's just see what flavor you are. Keep a good hold there, ladies. Our mare here ain't broke yet." Chuckling, Glenda gets in a perfect position on her hands and knees behind the head-locked Wonder Woman who's ass is poised high enough that the tall whore only has to bend her head down a little. "And Sharla, doll, pull her head up a bit so her knockers aren't all squished against the street there. I want to squeeze and caress and hold those big lovely ladies while I'm dining from the 'a la cunt menu'."

"...if I ever...WWREGGKK!"

"Hesh up, white trash," Sharla growls, pulling her elbow tight around Diana's neck. "And don't make me hold you up all by my lonesome. Help me out, bitch." She hoists the Amazon's upper torso higher until Diana's palms are flat on the street holding herself in place, her elbows locked. "That's a good girl. See, you can be smart when you put your mind to it."

"Oh yes, this one's very clever. So many fancy fighting moves. Well, let's see if you can fight your way out of this, Miss High and Mighty Fuck Me Boots."

Glenda leans forward on her knees as her palms grab onto the front of Wonder Woman's upper thighs. Holding the tall white whore easily in place, the hands are positioned just above where Wonder Woman's famous blue panties have been pulled down, stretched tightly there in the most humiliating position possible. Glenda smiles as she pushes her face directly against Wonder Woman's bottom, her nose low in the cleft of her pussy lips, her tongue darting into the gleaming pink crevice.

"Aaaaahh!" Wonder Woman jerks forward at the sensation but is held securely in place by Sharla and Chloe's unrelenting grip. And Glenda goes to work on the already over-excited pussy. Long, slow strokes up and down the puffy pink inner lips draw a series of whimpering mews from the rigidly held beauty.

Over and over Diana feels the slippery slide of that talented tongue as it dances the length of her pussy opening. It twirls, it swipes, it foxtrots, mambos and tangos until Wonder Woman's rear end is quivering and rocking in helpless reflex from every inspired move, every dip, every glissade, and every twirl of her assailant's graceful tongue. Her pussy is leaking with her juices, the sweat in her trimmed black pubic hair runs down into her feminine cleft and drains with her musky excitement down her trembling thighs.

Helpless with desire, the befuddled beauty can't help but press her pelvis against Glenda's face and moans in a low, almost cow-like moo. Thus reminded of her other treasures, the grinning whore releases her grip on the shaky thighs and reaches forward to encompass the glorious globes that hang with enticing pendulous weight beneath the heavily aroused heroine. Her palms press up against the hardened nubs of Wonder Woman's extended nipples and circle slowly against them, making them harder still. They feel like warm marbles just removed from a cloth bag that's been laying in the sun. Smooth little treasures that delight from both sides. To Glenda's palms, they offer a sensuous tickle to her hands. To Diana, streaming currents of electric joy sizzle from her breasts to her brain to her crotch with lightning quickness.

When Glenda's tongue trips the light fantastic down below; licking, teasing, probing and blowing softly deep within and around Diana's pussy for a good two minutes while she continues to fondle, caress, squeeze, shake and tickle the sensitized breasts and nipples without pause, the Themysciran princess jerks, moans, weeps and gasps over and over. The feelings are too intense. The frustration of being pinned in place and choked mercilessly. The helplessness in the face of unrelenting physical pleasure generates confusion, desire, heat and guilt in generous portions that almost overwhelm Diana completely. She feels the surging promise of an orgasm light her senses like sparklers on a summer's night.

"...h...h...hera...that...feels...ohhhhhhh....." Diana's eyes clench shut and her body spasms all over with pure delight. Ultimately, she mentally stamps down on the inner rush and is able to prevent the orgasm. For now.

Backing away from the juicy womanly cavity with a face shiny with Diana's pleasure, Glenda slowly leans forward and now squeezes hard on Wonder Woman's breasts, puckering the flesh with deep recesses from steely fingers as she whispers softly into her ear, "Little lady, you're getting pretty excited down there. Maybe it's time we use this little stick in your cooz and see how loud you can howl. How 'bout that. You up for a nice wood dildo that's been thrown out in the nasty old trash to be stuffed up your lily white cunt?"

"...i don't...i...don'"

"There you go again. Saying no when you mean yes. Girl, you have absolutely no idea of what you truly like when it comes to your snatch hole. Now I'm gonna have to prove to you that Glenda knows best."


"Can. And will, Miss Drippy Hole. Just like this." Glenda picks up the croquet mallet, holding it by the middle of the shaft and pokes the rounded end into the sloppy wetness of Wonder Woman's pussy. She twists it back and forth to get the wooden end covered with a glaze of Amazon love juice and then easily and effortless slides the doweled handle inch after inch after inch after inch into Diana's relaxed, exposed and totally receptive vagina.

"Huhh...uhhh....huhhh...uhhhh...." Diana's voice goes higher and higher up the scale with every inch the mallet handle penetrates. It's not all that wide but the slow twisting of the wooden shaft as it makes its steady way through the long cavity is more than enough stimulation to get Wonder Woman suddenly bucking and jerking and weeping and gnashing her teeth in a renewal of her frantic panic from earlier on. But the two whores hold on tight and ride the spastic hell bitch with all their energy and it is more than enough. The choke hold reddens Diana's face to near purple while her calves pull and twist and quiver and then slacken suddenly in a realization of total failure. When she is limp and spent in the arms of a sweaty but gratified Sharla and a grinning, victorious Chloe, that's when Glenda begins to move the handle in a wide circular ring so the handle's front end gyrates hard against the inner walls of Wonder Woman's vagina.

"Ahhhh! Ahhhhhh!" Diana's eyes go wide as the wooden handle cycles around her cavity with more and more speed. It's a mix of pleasure and pain the woman has clearly never experienced before.

"That's right, horsie. You're about to be broken," Glenda says and then moves closer to her subject. Still winding the clock as it were, with wide quick circles of the mallet, the red-headed whore reaches under her toy pony and grips the nipple on her left tit tightly, squeezing with more and more pressure as she whirlwinds the cycling handle with more and more speed.

"OH GOD! OH GOD! THAT'S....I CAN'T ...DOH...OHHHH....OHHHH...." Diana is beside herself with pleasure. A building wave from deep within her that is unstoppable and undeniable.

"You're losing it, slut! I know exactly what makes you tick and this is perfect for you." Glenda's body is completely still but for her pinwheeling arm and her flexing, twisting hand at Wonder Woman's nipple. The twitching, moaning beauty is soft moldable putty in the redhead's hands. The wheeling handle is almost a blur even as the fingertips of the devilish whore squeeze down gently on the soft, ripe flesh of her breast before returning to the painfully engorged nipple, taut with need.

"Haaahhhh. Haaah...uhhh..haaaahhhh....ohh...ohhh...ohhhhhhh'" As Diana's body trembles in the arms of her captors, her panting is rapid and heavy. She is lost in the sensations, rushing and tumbling down some water slide of emotion. Physical pain and pleasure are colliding inside her body like ancient gladiators in arenas long crumbled to dust. The circling end of the wooden shaft is rotating within her feminine essence with the relentlessness of the hands of time on the face of a clock. The dowel cycles against her inner walls over and over and the fingers caress and tickle so light and so rough. It's far, far too much to take. It is impossible to resist this blinding giant electrical short circuit flashing through her body, enveloping her mind, obliterating her very soul.

"Cum, sweetie. Cum for Glenda."

There's a final turn of the handle, the last pinching twist of the nipple. Wonder Woman obeys. And screams without noise. Only a long, hissing squeak like a rusty door opening up to an endless void. Her body goes rock still in the alleyway, a devastated woman in the throes of pure sublime joy. Her body erupts with her pleasure. The cum rushes down her thighs like a freshly squeezed orange, the scent is sweet and only the pulp of her being is left, a spent twisted rind of a person. She's sagging heavily now, limp in the hold of two women who don't know her and don't care about her. They are women who only live to see her suffer. And they are very, very jealous of what Glenda has given her. Even Glenda, in her pride, feels this jealously too. And so, to compensate, Glenda pulls out the handle from between Wonder Woman's thighs. The slouching woman jerks with reflexive delight at the sensation of the masterful wand being withdrawn, the magic act over. She doesn't know there's a whole different sort of black magic yet to come. A very painful sort.

Part 10

Across the alleyway, sitting on a steel garbage can that she's turned onto its side, Trixie has her eyes closed, her head upright, her back straight. She's been taking slow, deep breaths for the past five minutes, clearing her head and listening to the sounds of Glenda, Sharla and Chloe bringing the Wonder bitch to a climax. She's not sure why in hell they think the sneaky cunt deserves one but she might have missed that part of the plan. She had been pretty out of it when Desiree first shook her awake. But now she's back to feeling somewhat better even if not fully back to normal. The yogic breathing had helped with the dizziness but Trixie is still feeling intense anger toward the woman who dealt out her pain. She opens her eyes, stands up and walks over toward the four women in the middle of the alley.

From a different direction, Desiree walks back toward the grouping as well. She had been busy hanging over the lip of the giant steel trash container. Her shapely ass, clad in tight red vinyl hotpants, had wiggled and bobbed and shimmied with her every move. Her matching vinyl boots kicked lightly back and forth, knocking softly against the steel side of the trash bin as she reached down into it time and again to haul out a variety of choice items she thought would be fun to use against her two adversaries.

After carefully placing the split plastic bags on the ground by the front left wheel of the large green dumpster, Desiree brushes some grit off her dirty white tube top, frowns and then wipes her hands together with a touch of disgust. Then she thinks of what she can do with the refuse in those bags and breaks into the dazzling smile that has helped her attract the lion share of johns from among her fellow whores. The smile worked its magic, sure, but it was her tall sexy frame and generous rack that closed the deal every time. Her tight tube top filled with the supple curves of her ample tits with their prominent nipples poking against the satiny white fabric would draw men's eyes to her chest like magnets. Her sexy abs and cute round butt didn't hurt either.

Primping at her short blonde afro and sashaying over to the group gathered in the alleyway, Desiree looks at the spent and satisfied women held lightly in check by Sharla and Chloe. She is sagging loosely in Sharla's headlock, her forearms flush against the tarmac, her eyes closed, her ass high, a gentle sigh escaping her twisted, smiling lips.

"You ain'd even bunizhed her azz yed, Gledda? WHY DA FUG DOT?"

"I'm just about to. I'm sure she won't be able to resist it now."

"Zhe bedder dod! Ged goeeg aweddy. We habbend god all nide!"

"Let me do it."

Everyone turns to look at Trixie who's grim face and air of menace surprises them all. Trixie is usually the first to laugh at jokes and is generally pretty easy going. Her demeanor right now is anything but that.

Glenda looks hesitant but Desiree tells her quietly, "Gib her da bal-led."

Taking the mallet from Glenda's slowly extended hand, Trixie looks at the shiny end of it and silent considers it for a moment. Then she hocks up a noisy wad of phlegm and spits it onto the rounded end of the wooden handle.

"The bitch is probably wet enough and this stick might be too, but I want to be extra sure that I can get this baby nice and deep up her tight little bung hole." Trixie gets down on one knee and quickly rubs the wooden dowel into the cleft of Wonder Woman's pussy, stroking it back and forth between her sweaty swollen labia, coating the end of the smooth stick with the ample wetness remaining there from Diana's massive orgasm. "Little insurance never hurts," Trixie adds.

The stroking wood handle against her throbbing pussy draws a sigh from the dazed, inattentive Amazon held captive by the whores. This draws a scowl from Trixie. Pleasure time is over! Without wasting another second, Trixie positions the rounded end of the croquet mallet against her quarry's anus and jams it forward with a thrust of her elbow.

"GGHHAAAAHHH!" Diana howls at the sudden, unexpected pain in her rear end. Her head jolts up suddenly and her body lurches forward but the headlock tightens down with an immediate intensity. Sharla had expected this reaction and was more than ready.

"WHRAULGK! AAAGGG! HEHHHKK!" The small fist pressed hard against her throat makes it extremely difficult for Diana to breathe. Between Sharla's headlock and Chloe's unrelenting grip on her ankles, she is thoroughly immobilized. And suddenly the stick slides out of her rear and Wonder Woman is shocked at the brevity of the attack but greatly relieved. That felt truly nasty but she had handled it well en....

"YAAARGGHHH!" The handle plunges back into Wonder Woman's ass, driving deep enough to cause instant tears. And then it is withdrawn and driven back in again. And then again. And then again. Every stroke goes deeper and deeper up her ass, jamming into her inner walls with malicious abuse. First to one side, then the other, then back to the first. Diana shrieks out with the fiery pain ignited there. Her agony overrides the constricted airway and she screams out loudly. "AAEEYYHHEEE! OWW! OWW! AAGGHHH! ... DN'T... N'MURR! N'MURR!"

"Oh, is that too much of a good thing, CUNT?" Trixie taunts. "This should teach you to cold-cock a person when she's already down!" The mallet handle jerks in and out of Wonder Woman's ass crack, sliding back and forth between the Amazon's wildly shaking buttocks. The pace is quick and unvarying. It strikes deep and withdraws over and over and over, punching against the inside of her ass cavity and jarring her body with punishing jolts.

"OHHH. OWW...NO....NO....OWW....AAGHH....NO..." Diana weeps openly now. The shock and pain of the ceaseless ass reaming batters both against her rear end and her soul without surcease. Her cheeks shine with her tears. Her upper lip glistens with the slimy snot draining from her nose. Wonder Woman's hands claw uselessly at Sharla's arms, unable to pry them away in the slightest from the stranglehold that is draining her strength and effectively siphoning off every last ounce of her heroic fortitude.

To get a better view of how she's abusing her target, Trixie reaches over and uses her thumb and forefinger to spread Diana's cheeks open and reveal the overtaxed balloon knot as the one-and-a-half-inch-wide wooden dowel stretches it out while driving in and out of the tight pink orifice without mercy.

"...owww....stup....pleeasssssee...stup...i..c..can't.... awwrrghkkk...nuh...muhhrr...gulkk..!" The relentlessly applied headlock has made Diana's face a fiery red. Her tongue slips out over her lower teeth as she desperately gasps for air. Her face alternates between scrunching up in pain and gagging for oxygen that refuses to arrive. And the punishing, driving wooden wand continues to work its devastating spell of pain and humiliation on the once famous Princess of Themyscira.


Her calves yank and twist in a panicked frenzy but they're firmly pinned down by a very determined, scowling Chloe. The toes of the boots knock and scrape against the tarmac with a rhythmic calypso click and swish of desperation. And then Diana begins to cough harshly and her tongue curls out and down while her mouth gapes open wider and wider for the air all around her that she can't have. The deep blue eyes begin to protrude slightly as she barks for air.


"Ogay, ogay! Dake id eezy, Zharla. We dond wad her dead."

Sharla pulls her fist away from Wonder Woman's throat but keeps an iron hold on the head of her black-haired victim. With the fist removed, Diana can finally take in oxygen and the screeching, wheezing gasps coming out of the strangled heroine's throat fill the quiet night. Trixie even stops her plunging weapon for a moment, her quivering bicep a bit sore from the constant exercise.

Off toward the rear of the alley, a low moan issues from the blonde teenager lying on her back with her arms limp at her sides, her knees flopped wide apart and her red panties glimmering in the moonlight. Supergirl's eyes flutter open as she groggily comes to her senses. She feels weak, confused and exhausted. Someone seems to be whistling not far off from where she is. Turning on her side, with her right shoulder raised and her right palm flat against the broken cobblestone beneath her, the bewildered girl tries to get her bearings. She's in an alley. She and Diana had been ambushed by some whores.

"Gledda, go ober dare add geeb dad blod bidge in lide."

"Keep her in line?"

"Des. Dho dizdragzhuns."

"Be my pleasure, Dez," Glenda nods briskly. She walks over toward where Supergirl is struggling to get to her knees by pulling herself up using the brick wall. It takes a mighty effort for the Maid of Steel just to get up to a kneeling position. Her left side leans against the cool brick. Her shaky hand gripping at the crevices between the bricks barely keeps her from falling over.

Glenda walks up to the blonde teen who's nodding head, drooping eyelids and trembling lips all freeze in place as she takes in the approaching redhead with obvious alarm. Even at the outset of the evening when she was feeling at her strongest despite the kryptonite collar, Supergirl had been easily bested by Glenda. The tall white whore had easily outmaneuvered her and then smashed her face against the shoe store window twice in rapid succession, knocking her senseless and eliminating her from the fight in under 15 seconds. So when Glenda merely wags her finger back and forth and shakes her head, the cowed blonde champion submissively nods her head and stays where she is, her eyes moistening in shame.

"Trixie," Glenda says, smiling directly at Kara's troubled face while calling back to her cohort, "try using a wider circling motion with that stick as you buttfuck our once-feisty friend. I think she'll start begging you even more to stop."

"..ohh." A tiny gasp of sympathy for Wonder Woman's plight blurts out of Supergirl and Glenda gives her a grim, thin lipped-stare before talking.

"Something you wanted to say, wimp?"

The heroine who had once faced down a full-grown charging rhino when protecting a safari van without batting an eyelash shakes her head back and forth nervously, chews on her lower lip and lets out the tiniest sigh imaginable. Glenda turns her head to watch Trixie and to hide her twisted smile from this blonde pussy. She wanted to keep a stern facade for now.

"Thanks, Glen', think I will give that a try," Trixie calls out. And she rotates the croquet mallet quickly in two tight little circles like she's trying to crank-start an antique car.

"AAGHH!" Diana yelps as the painful inner walls of her anus are scorched by the wooden stick brushing roughly against them.

"That's not bad, but do it wider," coaches Glenda. "Bigger circles."

"NO! Don't," rasps Diana. "Please. No more." Her voice is raw and cracked from the strangling, even without Sharla's fist at her throat now. The headlock is still firm though, her ankles still gripped by unyielding hands.

"You mean like this?" Trixie says, moving the mallet head in an imaginary circle two feet in diameter.

"EEEEYAAAGGHHH!" Screeching in agony as her sphincter is stretched to its limit and her inner cavity is scraped raw by the digging, grinding wooden dowel, Diana almost breaks out of the hold of the two whores as she bucks and writhes with every fiber of her being. It takes almost 30 seconds for Sharla and Chloe to regain firm control of the wildcat in their arms. Wonder Woman's head had wrenched out of Sharla's headlock and Chloe had lost her grip on one of her legs. But a hard, sudden reach-in blow to her wounded temple by the heel of Desiree's palm, a stunning kidney punch from Chloe and a bloody striping of her dangling right breast from Sharla's slashing fingernails stuns the Amazon, draws a cry of pain and subdues her enough to get her back in position: headlocked, legs pinned down, ass high in the air, too stunned to resist.

And when Trixie slowly cycles the mallet in its wide circle yet again, Diana bursts into tears and pleads shamelessly to her assailants.

"..ohhh...oh..ho.oh...ho..ohhhhhh. m..much...owwhhuh..huh..huh.. Please.. i'm... i'm ...begging you...please...don't hurt me... anymore... please... begging more....."

With her tears cascading down her face, her voice quivering with whimpering despair, the famous Amazon is a broken woman.

In the alley behind the blubbering half naked woman, Supergirl is crying softly too, for her friend who has her massive tits exposed and her famous blue pants pulled down. Kara's cheeks glisten just like Diana's as she leans against the brick with a feeling of such utter exhaustion and helplessness she can't even keep herself up. She drops to all fours and sobs loudly for her friend, her mentor, her idol - now broken and defeated and humiliated in every way possible. And she weeps for her herself. For her cowardly behavior, for her complete disgrace as well.

"Poor little blonde girl," taunts Glenda as she gets down on one knee a few feet in front of Kara. "Your big bad protector turned out to be nothing but a pitiful blowhard of a cunt with feet of clay. How sad for you."

"'s not...she's not..." Supergirl chokes out her denial with heavy sobs.

"Oh, I'm afraid she most certainly is, dear. Say, Trix," Glenda calls, "why don't you get Miss High and Mighty over there to admit what she is. And make her say it loud enough so Betsy Wetsy over here can hear it loud and clear."

"Grade idhea!" Desiree says, giving Glenda the thumbs up sign.

"You heard the lady, bitch. Tell us you're nothing but a slut."

"...p..please...don'" Barely audible, Diana slumps in Sharla's hold, frightened and trembling. Sharla yanks her up by the throat harshly.


"What did I tell you 'bout making me work at this, cunt? Use yo' hands to keep yo'self up." Diana's palms push against the tarmac and her elbows lock. "Dat's better."

"Now tell everybody what you are, skank," Chloe joins in to Diana's humiliation. "Nice and loud so there's no doubt about it."

" win.. ..i..don't.. You don't have to do this."

"No, you have to do this!" Trixie says. "Now!" Lowering the stick so it's parallel to the ground, the big-breasted blonde with the red miniskirt and blue mesh blouse jams the short wood pole straight into Wonder Woman's rear end with a vicious thump.

"YEEAAAGGHH!" Diana's forehead bashes into the tarmac and she begins sobbing loudly again, her body wracked with the spasms of her pain and fear.

"Say it loud, bitch," Trixie commands. "Or I give you another. And I won't be gentle about it like the last one."

"ALRIGHT! OWW! Don't! Please. Oww...ohhhh. Alright I'll say it. I'm...I'm...I'm nothing but a sl...slut..."

"Dell be sumbdin I dond doh, you dubb bidge," Desire growls. "In fagd, adbid do be dad your duddeeg bud a whore."

"Sorry, Dez," says Chloe with chagrin. "Just want to be sure I got that right. You want her to admit she's nothing but a whore. That what you said?"

"Jez!" Desiree nods adamantly.

"...but...i...i...i'm not...a whore..." Diana pleads softly.

"YES! YES WE ARE WHORES, DIANA!" Kara shouts from all fours, her face twisted with anger and misery. "They're right, they're all right about us. That's what we are now! We're whores! Isn't that what you want to hear Desiree? Isn't it?"

"Wand do hear id frub her!" Desiree points at the cringing Amazon at her feet.

"Say it, blackie. Unless you want the shaft again," threatens Trixie, drawing back slightly on the wooden handle still buried three inches into Wonder Woman's rear end.

"NO! Please. No. Don't! I'll..I'll say it. I will." The broken beauty held in place in a small filth-filled alley in the heart of the South Bronx takes a breath and slowly speaks the words that sear her very soul "I...Diana....Princess of Themyscira.... ch...cham...champion of..of...all... wo..wo..women..." A choking sob stops Diana for a moment before she can go on. " nothing...nothing b..but...a...a..lowly whore."

"And you promise to stay off our turf forever and sell your sorry cunt any other place than around here," Chloe adds.

"Repeat that, too, whore," Trixie growls.

"NO! THAT'S IT! THAT'S ENOUGH!" Supergirl screams out loudly at this final degrading demand. She leaps at Glenda with her fingernails curled like claws, aiming for the redhead's eyes. But her long shout has given the tall white whore just enough time to react to save herself and more. As a berserk Supergirl flings herself at her foe, her cape flying behind her, her arms outstretched, claw-like hands straining to sink into the pale white flesh of Glenda's face, the redhead executes a half turn, grabs the shocked teen by her long blonde tresses and by one arm, pivots neatly and flings her against the wall four feet away.

"GHHUNNHH!" Supergirl smashes into the unyielding brick shoulder first, then her side and then her thighs in rapid succession. Then she falls to the street in a heap, moaning but still conscious. A very pissed Glenda strides over to the fallen blonde immediately. A hard stomp to the back of Supergirl's head from the sole of Glenda's shoe smashes the teen's forehead against the gray cobblestone beneath it, solving the consciousness problem immediately.

"Fuckin' idiot," Glenda snaps. Then looks around to the others who are looking at her with surprise and admiration and amusement. "Well, she is," the tall redhead nods firmly at the limp figure at her feet.

"Where were we," Chloe muses. "Oh yeah, you were about to make a promise to us."

Sighing heavily, her eyes brimming with humiliation, Diana repeats the phrase aloud. "I promise to stay off your turf forever...and sorry cunt...any other place than around here."

"I ding dad we're albost dud here," Desiree says.

"What do you mean we're done," Chloe says with an obvious sulk. "That bitch gets off and we get nothin' but bruises and pain for all our troubles. How about some payback, Des! I say we make her bring off each and every one of us for all the trouble she caused."

"I agree with Chloe," Sharla says with a wide wolfish grin. Getting tongued by the haughty bitch would be a fantastic way to disgrace this cunt for good. "We deserve to feel good after all the hurt she put on us."

After musing this over for a long, thoughtful moment, Desiree finally nods her assent to the group. "Ogay. I ghez I gan lib wid dhad." She looks down at the whimpering, shaking beauty at her feet and shows off a very evil smile. "Who wads do go firzd?"

End of Chapter 67-D

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