Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 36 - Supergirl's Sudden Withdrawal

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia and Don Lupenzo are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

When Tony gets back from Junior's Restaurant, he heads right up to the penthouse suite in The Pleasure Dome to talk to Supergirl. As he walks out of the elevator into the quiet suite, he hears Wonder Woman gently snoring on the couch before he sees her. He walks closer, listening to her soft cat-like rolls of quiet nasal purring. Occasionally the purring is broken by hesitant little snorts that emanate from the beautiful black-haired beauty as she slumbers deeply after a very, very long day. She had drifted off after the heavy dose of heroine from Sergei, who himself is sitting on the opposite side of the plush leather sectional. He is simply watching the lovely Amazon sleep and trying not to doze off himself. Tony surveys the sleeping female with deep appreciation of the sight before him. The shapely Amazon is wearing a tight t-shirt and tight black nylon shorts that show off her world-class figure with breath-taking definition. Her wrists are shackled with a generous length of the light titanium links, ensuring her mighty Amazon strength is reduced to that of merely a strong, athletic woman. Tony takes a deep breath and takes solace in the fact that although he will be losing Supergirl in the next day, he will still have Wonder Woman to enjoy as a plaything and a serious money-maker from her own series of DVDs. He had hoped to have Supergirl much longer but, he thinks, if you want to give God a good laugh, tell him your plans.

"Where's Supergirl," whispers Tony to Sergei, "In the bedroom?"

"Da," responds the large blonde Russian softly. "Sleeping as well."

"Yes, well, I'm afraid I'm going to have to wake her up for a little heart to heart," Tony continues to speak softly. He motions to Sergei to stand up. "Come into the kitchen area for a moment, Sergei. I don't want to wake up our pretty princess here."

After walking fifteen feet away, Tony and Sergei stand close together near the humming refrigerator, whispering for a good ten minutes about how Tony wants to effect the release tomorrow. Sergei is nodding and gesturing mildly and the two men come to an agreement on how the whole procedure will go. Sergei nods thoughtfully. It seemed to be a good plan. He was going to miss having the blonde around to fuck over but he realized the need to give her up. They could all be screwed big time by this man Don Lupenzo unless Supergirl was released. But Tony's plan at least made the best of a bad situation. If it all went well.

"Okay, make sure your end of things goes right and we should be good.," Tony says. "Take what you need from the safe. And make sure everything goes like clockwork. That's important, okay?"

"Da, Tony. I am on it. You can trust me in this. I have good men with cool heads I can use for this."

"Good. I'm going to go in and talk with Supergirl now. How long ago did you give her the crack pipe? And how much?"

"She had a full bowl of the good stuff about an hour and a half ago. She fell asleep like her friend. Pretty fast, especially after she diddled herself," Sergei grins. "Crack and cum, together always with this one."

"Heavy conditioning. She may just be fucked up for the rest of her life. Who knows. What a waste to have to let her go. But I sure can't think of any other way to handle it, can you?"

"No, Tony Bonano. I cannot either."

"Hmm. Well, let's set up a client for Wonder Woman tomorrow afternoon. She's agreed to be a whore. Let's put her to work and give the DVD series some more footage. Who have we got in the pipeline?"

"For her first customer, I thought we would offer the stuck up Amazon whore to Don Corronado. He is a man of particular appetites that will reinforce to the haughty bitch that she is very much under our control and must do as we say."

"I'm not sure I know the man. What kind of appetites are we talking about?"

"He is from Newark. Waste disposal mostly. Bright guy, in his late 30's. A mover, and an earner. He comes recommended by Don Tuzzini out of Cliffside Park. Another Jersey guy."

"Tuzzini and I went to high school together in Brooklyn," Tony interrupts. "before he moved to Jersey to be near his wife's family. Great guy, but his wife's a total bitch on wheels. Still, if he vouches for Corronado, that's fine with me. And what's Corronado's thing?"

"Rubber," says Sergei with a raised eyebrow. "Lot's of it."

"Another perv? No one just plain fucks for the fun of it anymore?"

"It's a kinky world, Tony. Besides, it's good for the DVD's. Adds spice."

"I guess." He shakes his head as he heads back through the suite and toward the bedroom where Supergirl is sleeping.

When Tony walks into the dark room, the blonde's head is turned toward the door. The bedside lamp is still lit, the teen champion had obviously fallen asleep quickly and was too tired or oblivious to shut the lamp off. As he walks over to the side of the bed, Tony stares at Supergirl's face. In the soft pool of pale yellow light. Her hair on the pillow frames her face with thin waves of golden silk. Her skin is smooth and her expression is almost angelic in its purity. She is a true beauty and only a few lines from the hard living she's endured since her capture show around her eyes and around the corners of her mouth. In quiet repose, after all the pleasure of the crack and her self-administered climax, the lovely champion seems untroubled. Tony regrets having to wake her from such a peaceful sleep but he must drive home his points with ruthless determination to ensure she would abide by the promise he needed her to make. Reaching down he grabs Supergirl's shoulder roughly and shakes her hard.

"Wake up, bitch. I need to talk to you now!"

"Huh...whhuhhh?" Coming slowly out of her heavy, drugged sleep, Supergirl is groggy and confused. "Hoozat. Tony? Whaddja want?"

"I want to give you some good news. I'm going to let you do that favor you said you would do for me a while back. I'm going to let you rob a bank for me. Tomorrow at noon."

"A what...a bank? Huh? Whad'ju mean? Why?" She rubs her eyes and looks up at the man glaring down at her.

"Call it a little test of loyalty. You said you'd do it when I was training you in the ways of crack and love not so long ago. So I'm taking you up on your offer."

"" Supergirl's mind is now finally coming around and she's extremely suspicious of this scheming bastard. The softness in her face has tightened down into a very severe, very skeptical, very un-angelic scowl.

"Well, let's just say I'm trying to move our relationship forward into an era of mutual trust. I know the Luthor thing was hard on you but you performed very well during a very difficult time. I want to reward you but I need to know I can trust you. So I'm going to let you rob a particularly easy bank nearby with all your super powers intact. When you return with the money and various items from the safe deposit boxes in the vault, I will let you go free."

"What's the catch, Tony?" Supergirl is still scowling in open disbelief.

"No catch. You will be free to go and come as you please," Tony waves his hand back and forth in the air. "It's my guess, of course, that you will return to me time and again for the excellent crack you've come to enjoy so much. And I will happily provide that, free of charge. Of course," he shrugs with disdain, "if you want to buy an inferior, cut-down version on the street and never see me again, that's your prerogative. But as of now, we're done with the whoring."

"Done?" She repeats with incredulity.

"For good," he nods. "As you know, your DVD series has sold incredibly. So we don't need the income from you debasing yourself like that anymore. All you have to do is promise me that you won't come after my business for a year and you'll be free as a bird to fly wherever you want? How's that for a great deal?"

"What about Diana?"

"She stays with me. I will be using her for her own series of DVDs. I expect I'll make another killing on them. The whoring thing is small change compared to the revenue from a series like the one you performed in."

"Performed in," Supergirl snorts. "That's rich. You make it sound like I was a willing participant in all that horrible abuse. No, I can't make that deal, Tony. Diana's my good friend. I can't stand by and let you humiliate her the way you did me."

"What good can you do for her here? If you remain my captive, how does that help her. You two come up with a neat little escape plan, did you?"

Supergirl looks at him and barks out a loud laugh. "Right. Me with my kryptonite collar and her in chains. You know how Sergei took us out without much trouble. What kind of escape could we come up with, Tony?"

The thoughtful Don stares at Supergirl as she lies on her side on the bed, looking directly back at him with her cool blue eyes peering back at him. He takes the measure of her and smiles broadly. "After all you've been through with me, you still believe you can outsmart me, little Kara?"

"I don't know what you mean, Tony. I'm saying that together Diana and I can support each other here, emotionally, no matter what you do. I won't leave her alone with you or that slime ball Sergei. I just won't"

"Fine, Supergirl. Have it your way. But I still want you to rob the bank and come back to me tomorrow afterwards. I just won't let you go when you come back. If that's how you want it. Of course, you could change your mind. Maybe we can work out a deal about the timing for your Amazon friend. Say I only keep Wonder Woman here for just two more weeks. That doesn't sound so bad. Think you and she could live with that?"

"How can I trust you to keep your word?"

"I could say the same thing to you," he snaps back at her. "How would I know you wouldn't try to come back without a kryptonite collar and shut down my whole operation. I have a lot more at risk here than you do."

"First of all," Supergirl says with an imperious air, "when I give my word, I keep it. You can believe me on that. Second of all, a year is much too long a period for me to promise you. I won't wait that long. But you can have three months to clean up your operation."

"Six months minimum. And what about the other families? I need you to promise you won't go after any Mafia families during the same amount of time you give me. Otherwise I keep your collar on you and drag you around like my pet. Think that sounds reasonable?"

"Four months maximum and while I won't target any Mafia family, I won't stand by for any killings, robberies, muggings or other out and out dangerous activities. Bookie joints, brothels and minor drug deals on the street I will not interfere with, unless I see children of 16 years or younger involved. Then all bets are off."

"You going to card all the whores on the street corners and the johns and druggies, Supergirl? Isn't that a little time-consuming for a super heroine who needs to be everywhere at once?"

"Let me worry about that when the time comes. I'm still not agreeing to any of this yet. Especially since we haven't determined if I can trust you to do what you promise."

"If I don't keep my word, you aren't obliged to keep yours. That's only fair, right? We're just discussing options. Let me tell you about the bank I want you to hit, okay?"

"Nobody gets hurt in this hold-up or its no deal."

"Well, like I said back then, that's pretty much up to you to control. But the bank I'm thinking about is nearby and has a 59 year-old guard who's looking forward to his pension I'm guessing. He shouldn't be a problem for a super powered champ like you, I wouldn't think."

The two antagonists converse together for a half hour, with Tony laying out what he wants her to do in the bank. He draws rough floor plans on napkins from the night stand drawer and tells her about the wall of safe deposit boxes in the vault he wants her to break into.

"The thing is," Tony explains with a chuckle, "most of the safe deposit boxes are filled with cash from the area cops taking payoff money from us. I know the bank president because I opened my account at this branch. I've seen the major depositor's list and I know the place cold from all the times I've been in there. You shouldn't have any trouble. Just scare the guard, take his gun so he doesn't do anything stupid and clean out the teller drawers and the vault and be on your way. Should take you all of seven or eight minutes max. Hell, if someone pushes a silent alarm button, you won't get a response for at least four minutes. The nearest precinct house is eight minutes away. One scared hostage should keep everybody in line. Keep him or her nearby and you won't have to hurt anybody, I'm sure."

"And why do you want me to do this again?" Supergirl looks at Tony, now yawning from her renewed tiredness.

"Two major reasons. First off, I want to give you more freedom and this is a test of trust. You do this and I can release you without fear as long as we agree on the details of your promise before I let you go. Secondly, if you rob all those deposit boxes of all those crooked cops, they're back to square one. They'll be easier for me to control again. They'll have to be on my payroll for an extra five years or so. They've been squirreling away their money for at least that long. It's a good business move for me all around."

"Well, it sounds harmless enough but things can go funny." Supergirl pauses a moment then suggests, "How about if Wonder Woman goes with me as a lookout in case something goes screwy?"

"No fucking way, Supergirl! I don't trust her at all yet. And frankly, she's my insurance policy so you don't try anything stupid. She'll be carefully watched the entire time you're in the bank. You do anything funny and she pays for it. AAugust 30, 2009re we clear on that?"

"Yeah, I thought you'd say that. Now, could you leave me alone so I can get some rest. We'll finish up all this in the morning, if that's okay with you?"

"Yeah, sure. I'll wake you around 9:30 so we can go over the details fresh."

"Fine, fine," Supergirl says, yawning and turning the knob on the bedside lamp. "See you in the morning." Punching the pillow and fluffing it up, the beautiful blonde heroine then nestles her head in the extravagant goose down-filled luxury and closes her eyes. She is fast asleep before Tony even leaves the bedroom.

At 12:30 the next afternoon, Tony is sitting on the couch in his own suite in the Pleasure Dome building with Sergei and Carmine talking over plans for Wonder Woman's future as a starring member in her own series of pornographic DVDs. When his cell phone sounds, he looks at the caller ID. It's Stevie.

He knows the young protege has been upstairs spending a few hours watching Wonder Woman in the suite, taking a much needed break from his editing duties.

For Stevie, just being in the same room with the woman who's sexual devastation he'd been viewing for the past ten hours had been getting him hard. Side by side, they had been watching "Superman Returns" on a broadcast station. Neither of them had been thrilled with the lead actor. He looked like a CGI drone with no character to his face. And then the broadcast was interrupted by a news flash. Ashen faced, Stevie had flipped open his cell phone and called Tony one floor below.

"Stevie, my lad" Tony answers cheerily, "how's the best paid, hardest working editor/producer in porn doing today?"

"Turn on your TV, Tony. There's trouble. I'm watching channel four but it's breaking on all channels I'm guessing."

"Carmine," barks Tony. "Turn on channel four."

Carmine grabs the remote and points it at the television. The face of a concerned young, red-headed male reporter immediately fills the screen. Behind him is a circle of police cars cordoning off the street outside the bank in the Bronx which Tony had stipulated that Supergirl rob. Flashing blue and red lights reflect off the pale cream-colored brick walls of one of the older bank branches in the Chase chain.

"...a phoned in tip twenty minutes ago from a passerby who noticed the famous heroine pacing around inside the bank gesturing wildly as she held a frightened young woman by the collar who we've been told is the branch manager. Supergirl had apparently lined up everyone in the bank against the wall and appeared to be in the middle of committing a robbery when she began ranting and raving in front of the stunned and frightened group inside the bank."

"Christ on a cracker. This was all supposed to be done before any cops showed up," moans Tony. "Why the fuck did that blonde cunt start ranting like a maniac?" Tony looks around the couch to Sergei and Carmine who shrug their shoulders and watch the TV screen. Upstairs, Stevie holds the phone to his ear and watches the news unfold. Wonder Woman has a small smirk on her face. Kara's plan was working.

"Things got even stranger moments after that, Jim." reports the redhead. "In the middle of this apparent robbery that Supergirl was committing, a group of four men wearing ski masks suddenly entered the bank and confronted the Maid of Steel with their guns drawn. Shots were fired we understand but we have no confirmation about any fatalities yet. But the same passerby who phoned in the tip was looking inside the front window of the bank and saw Supergirl go down when one of the gunman fired at her. How Supergirl was wounded by a gun is unknown at this time. Certainly she has been impervious to bullets up until now, but with her capture not quite two months ago and the release of the best-selling series of DVDs that cataloged that capture, it's a well-known fact that the young heroine has been subjected to severe physical and mental stress including large doses of kryptonite and crack. We can only speculate that perhaps she was somehow weakened during this long captivity.

Wonder Woman's smirk has completely disappeared. These gunmen were bad news and certainly not part of the plan. What a bizarre twist of bad luck!

"Jim," The reporter is saying with pride, "We have a quick cell phone video taken from five minutes ago by that passerby who gave it exclusively to NewsCenter Four just before the police secured the area. Here you see a restrained Supergirl on the tile floor bound at the ankles and wrists with what appears to be a glowing green pebble of kryptonite hung around her neck. We apologize for the reduced quality of the image but we're dealing with a cell phone image and a breaking news situation. You can tell from the position of her body and the tilt of her head, however that Supergirl is badly compromised. The red bulging pile that's nearby looks to be her cape wrapped around a good deal of cash and valuables from her robbery attempt.

"Her cape has the GPS in it Tony," says Sergei. "If she's not wearing that..."

"We can't track her. I know, Sergei. But if the police take her, it won't matter anyway. She'll be out of our hands and Don Lupenzo gets what he wants. Just like I planned." It's Tony's turn to smirk a bit.

"If you're just joining us," the fast-talking reporter reiterates, "we're at the Chase Bank on Gun Hill Road in the Bronx where Supergirl was in the middle of an apparent bank robbery when she herself was shot and disabled by four masked gunmen. The four men are still inside the bank with approximately a dozen hostages. Amongst them, a bound and helpless Supergirl. I'm being told that a police negotiator has just arrived on the scene and that an attempt is being made to stabilize and resolve this stunning situation."

"...uuuugghhhnnnn..." Supergirl moans in grimacing pain as the glowing green rock dangling between her rapidly rising and falling breasts sends shooting pains through her chest. She's laid out on the floor with her upper back barely raised off the floor against an aluminum heating duct in the wall that's pressing uncomfortably into her shoulder blade. The Kryptonian champion's head is tilted awkwardly to the side, her wrists are tied with simple rope behind her back and her legs are crossed at the ankles and tightly bound there with rope as well.

Rao, if I never see another piece of kryptonite in my life it will be too soon! Why is so much of this stuff floating around that a bunch of simple thugs has some? As she breathes in deeply to try to encapsulate the pain in her mind, Supergirl's stomach bruise causes her to wince and grunt. The bullet to her stomach had obviously been coated with kryptonite somehow. It hadn't penetrated her costume or her skin fortunately but it had felt like the worst sucker punch she'd ever taken to her gut. Crumbling to the floor with helpless painful wheezing, the mighty heroine had been easily restrained by two men while a third man reached down and put a tiny glowing kryptonite stone on a plain gold necklace over her head. This necklace now hangs around her neck and lies lightly against her rising and falling chest. With the bracelet hung on the helpless blonde, it was an easy matter for the threesome to tie her hands and legs while the fourth hoodlum held the bank patrons and employees at bay with a menacing glare and a wide, constantly moving arc of his arm holding a nasty-looking .357 revolver. The shocked and frightened group, already cowed by Supergirl's ranting behavior huddled against the opposite wall and were quietly acquiescent, except for occasional whimpering.

Brilliant plan, Kara. Fake a nervous breakdown, rant and rave so everyone knows that it's definitely the Mafia who captured me and got me addicted to crack. Repair my reputation and put much more pressure on Tony from the families so Tony has to adhere to his promise to let me go and I adhere to mine not to bother him or his families for three months. And it all would have ended up well in two weeks after he lets Wonder Woman go. Except for this little snafu of a simultaneous robbery. What are the chances of that happening?

Around the bank, the three masked gunmen are now walking in and out of the vault carrying valuables, jewelry, bearer bonds and folded reams of stock certificates that they're stuffing into canvas athletic bags and tear-resistant silvered plastic trash bags. The fourth hood stands over Supergirl, watching her with a phone in his hands.

"Yeah, she's here but she can't talk right now. She's tied up. Besides," the hood snarls into the portable phone from the bank manager's desk, the mouth looking cruel and unforgiving through the hole in the ski mask, "I'm running this show now, Mr. Negotiator. Not her. And no, she don't look so good so I guess we better move this along before little Miss Al Pacino's Dog Day Afternoon gets much worse, don't you think?" The movie reference to a screwed up robbery tied to a threat gives Jim Sykes, the police negotiator, yet more information that his contact is fairly articulate and cool-headed.

"You can call me, Jim. And what can I call you?"

"Call me Daffy Duck for all I care. We're not getting into a relationship here, Jim. I'm cutting out of this place in ten minutes untouched or the dumb blonde groaning on the floor here gets another kryptonite bullet. This one to the brain." He stares down at the blonde champion tightly trussed and helpless on the floor, enjoying his power over her, waving the gun ominously at Supergirl's face. She goes pale at the sight. "You want that on your conscience, Jim? Causing the death of a famous superhero 'cause you're too fuckin' dumb to let me call the shots?"

"Nobody needs to get hurt here, Daffy."

"Follow my orders and they won't. I need five minutes to think. Don't call me back before then." He clicks the off button and shoves the long portable phone into his pocket. He had expected to be long gone before the cops showed. But the blonde bimbo here had screwed that timing up with her ranting. Apparently someone hit the silent alarm during her rave about Tony's injustice to her. Looking down at the prostrate beauty, he frowns and considers his options.

The number of his options are reduced to zero in a flash as, from behind him, a brass desk lamp connects solidly with the back of his skull. 'Daffy' grunts loudly and his eyes roll up into his head as he collapses in a heap on the floor, falling next to Supergirl's legs in limp pile of hard muscle. It had taken everything the blonde heroine had to keep her face immobile as she watched the bank manager she had throttled earlier sneak up on the hood with the lamp in her two hands and brain him. The timing of all three of the other hoods being in the bank vault at the time was pure luck, but it wouldn't last much longer. The manager knows that too and she quickly reaches over to Supergirl and pulls the necklace over the heroine's lowered head and slides the thing across the floor to a young strawberry blonde girl in a red dress sitting on the floor watching the scene intently.

"Hide that in Mommy's bottom desk drawer, sweetie. And be quick like a bunny! The bad men will be back any moment." Looking back at Supergirl as she begins to untie the ropes at her ankles, the nervously-smiling brunette says to the Maid of Steel. "Great day to take my child to work, huh?" The girl who looks to be all of seven years old at the most does as she is told without fear and is back at her place against the wall in less than ten seconds.

"I'm sorry if I hurt you before," Supergirl whispers. "I'm playing a desperate game here. You were unlucky enough to be in the middle of it."

"Why were you robbing my bank?" Supergirl's legs are unbound and she twists herself around so the young bank manager can untie her hands. While the effects of the kryptonite are lessening, she's still too weak to break the ropes tightly binding her wrists yet. The nervous manager is fumbling with the knot. Before Supergirl can answer, one of the larger men among the other robbers walks out of the vault with his arms filled with a silvery plastic garbage bag of more money, papers and jingling jewelry. The six foot bald looks over to see the leader of the team unconscious on the floor. Without a word, he immediately drops the garbage bag, pulls his gun from under his belt behind his back and begins to trot by the wall of hostages toward the young manager and Supergirl. The knot is still not untied and the man is raising his gun at back of the desperate young brunette manager's head. But then his feet get tangled up in something somehow and he trips forward, his eyes wide with surprise. The large man, instinctively trying to protect his face as he falls toward the hard tile loosens his grip on the pistol and, as he hits the floor with a hard grunt on the palm of one hand, the gun slides forward out of the other. It glides over to the manager who's too intent on trying to untie Supergirl to notice the gleaming weapon that would give her the edge she needs to bring the whole crisis to a conclusion. As the large, winded thug begins to reach for the gun a mere three feet away, a figure in a red dress hops over him, grabs up the gun and gets into a shooting stance, aiming the muzzle of the gun directly in the man's face, both arms straight out, elbows locked, her finger on the trigger.

"You were going to shoot my mommy," she says with a scowl. Her eyes watching the man as she steps back out of his reach.

"No! No I wasn't. I was going to aim the gun at Supergirl who was robbing the bank before, remember? She's the bad lady. Not me."

"I'm six years old, Mr. Badman, not three. I'm not dumb, you know."

"Of course, you're not, darlin'. He starts to get up when the girl shakes her head slowly back and forth.

"I will shoot you dead," she says with a tilt of her head. The large man settles back down to the floor. That is when the third and fourth men in the robbery team walk out of the vault with gym bags bulging in each hand and come to a sudden halt at the incredible scene before them. All the hostages are wide-eyed against the wall except for a very young girl holding a gun on Big Dan. Vince lies unconscious on the floor by Supergirl who's being untied by the bank manager.

"What the fuck?" Blade says loudly. He drops both bags out of his hand and pulls a switchblade out of his pocket. He throws this directly at the girl holding the gun, not giving a shit about how young and innocent she is. He's done hard time in prison and he's not going back.

"No!" Screams the bank manager, who had half-turned toward her daughter the moment she heard the words "shoot my mommy" spoken in that sweet sounding voice. Frozen in fear by the tableau of her daughter holding a loaded gun on a huge man lying on the floor not three feet away from her child, the manager had stopped working on Supergirl's knotted bonds and watched in horror like the rest of the crowd in the bank as the horrible scene played out before them.

The shiny metal blade circles twice on its way toward the youngster's face and comes to a sudden stop- directly in the grasp of Supergirl's palm. She had gained back enough strength just in time to snap the rope and dive forward to catch the pointed steel agent of death. The point sticks out of Supergirl's palm, half a foot from the manager's daughters wide-eyed face. The crowd of hostages gasps and breaks into spontaneous applause and 'thank gods.'

As the other man with the gym bags drops his and reaches for his gun, Supergirl leaps up and soars over to the twosome with lightning speed, easily knocking them unconscious with fists to both heads before they can do any damage. Distracted by Supergirl's actions, the young girl is watching her favorite heroine drop the two hoodlums when the big man on the floor lunges for the gun in the child's hand. His hand is inches away from the gun when a the point of the bank manager's high heel enters his eye with brute force. The big man squeals like a little girl in agony as he begins to roll on the floor, screaming "My eye! My fucking eye!"

Supergirl leaps to this offender and yanks him to his feet only to backhand him hard enough to send him spinning unconscious onto the two thugs sprawled on the floor eight feet away.

The leader of the robbery team begins to moan just then and Supergirl hoist him up as well. She taps him with hard knuckle on his head and tosses him like garbage onto the pile of thieves she has built in the middle of the lobby floor.

Just then a muffled phone rings somewhere. Supergirl's eyes go immediately to the leader of the robbery team and walks over to the pile. She pulls the phone from his pocket and answers it.

"Chase Bank. Gunhill Road Branch. How can I help?"

"Hello? I was...who's this? What's happening in there?" Jim Sykes is confused and concerned. He had expected to have to deal with Daffy Duck, not some woman who apparently had no idea there was a robbery going on in her bank. With the police keeping everyone away including themselves until the negotiator had established control of the scene, nobody was close enough to the bank to see what was going on inside. Being an older branch. There were only two front doors with very little glass to see through. Media cameramen had been kept far enough away on the perimeter so that nobody could zoom in and possibly disturb the delicate balance between the negotiator and the criminals inside. Hence, nobody outside the bank could tell for sure what was going on inside. No swat team with mini cable cameras had been dispatched yet.

"There's a robbery going on in here. We're not allowed to talk on the phone during robberies. Please try again at a more convenient time. Thank you for calling Chase!" Supergirl clicks off the phone with a smile.

"Now where were we. Ah yes, I was robbing the bank. I'm afraid due to circumstances beyond my control, I must continue to do so, my friends. I will not hurt you and you will all be released with a fascinating story to tell all your friends and families. The money will be returned eventually. I'm working...undercover to stop the Mafia from doing the same thing to Wonder Woman as they've done to me as I was ranting about earlier before we were so rudely interrupted. I hope you all understand."

With that, she reaches down to the bundle of money she'd wrapped up in her cape, grabs it so it's tightly bundled like a huge laundry bag held in her fist. She nods to the manager briefly and is about to fly through the ceiling and return to Tony as promised when the manager's young daughter speaks up in a small voice.

"You're really still going to rob the bank, Supergirl? You're a hero. You're not s'posed to rob banks."

Looking down at the bravest little girl she's ever known, Supergirl smiles and squats down to get eye to eye with the youngster. The brown eyes looking into the blue ones of the famous Maid of Steel are calm, steady and a little hostile.

"What's your name, sweet thing?"


"Well, Audrey, you're right. I'm not supposed to rob banks. And if my best friend wasn't in terrible, terrible danger, I wouldn't be doing this. But it's the only way I can think of to help my friend. I want to thank you for being my friend, too. And for being so brave, so helpful and so strong in such a dangerous situation." Supergirl holds the bulging cape with one hand and curls her palm of her other hand against the youngsters cheek, gently holding it there. "I promise you I will return every penny of this money as soon as my secret undercover job is over. Do you believe me?"

"Yes." The girl nods, her eyes calmer and more trusting now.

"That was a very brave thing you did, tripping that bad man and then getting his gun. You're the real hero here, you know that?" Supergirl's palm moves from the cheek to caress the girl's hair gently a final time before she has to leave.

"He was going to hurt my mommy. I couldn't let that happen."

"And you didn't. I know your mommy is very proud of....of you..." Supergirl feels a wave of sudden dizziness sweep through her and she movers her palm from the girl's head onto the floor to steady herself.

As she shakes her head and brings her eyes up to young Audrey, Supergirl notices a gleaming reddish hue peaking out from under the neckline of girl's red dress. She hadn't noticed the glow due to the red material of the dress obscuring the light.

" a locket?" She murmurs to the girl.

Pulling out the shining red stone from under her fabric, Audrey proudly displays the glowing little red globe to the wavering Maid of Steel. "No, it's a gem necklace that my mommy made for me from a rock we found when we went hiking in Harriman State Park. No one else has anything like it. My mommy polished it and fixed it to the chain and gave it to me for my birthday."

"S..s'pretty...Audrey..." Supergirl stands up slowly, wavering weakly. She drops the bundled cape on the floor and mumbles badly, "Gotta go now..." Without the cape or its contents, a confused and disoriented Supergirl takes an awkward leap and flies into the ceiling, crashing through the roof and soaring into the sky in an ungainly spreadeagled star shape.

Everybody in the bank is startled at the sudden exit, the big caped bundle left on the floor after all that drama, and the graceless exit of the famous teen heroine. Walking shakily to the front doors of the bank, the bewildered manager unlocks them and calls out to the police. "It's over come in and get these criminals please before they wake up."

Jim Sykes looks at the head of the S.W.A.T. team with a stunned look and motions them to advance on the bank and find out what the hell just happened in there.

Dizzy, confused and fatigued, the mighty blonde teenager is flying erratically half a mile away, heading toward the Pleasure Dome building. But the dizziness and weakness is too much for the addled blonde dynamo. About a mile away from the neighborhood where Tony's business is located, the exhausted, bewildered and wild-eyed teenage wonder suddenly loses all consciousness in mid-air. She drops like a rock and crashes into a vacant lot behind a corner of a demolished building that had been condemned and was scheduled to be removed by the end of the year. Nobody saw her go down. Nobody sees her lying sprawled among a heap of black plastic garbage bags that have broken open from her impact, spilling foul smelling garbage and refuse all over her now filthy uniform.

The only beings aware of Supergirl's graceless plummet to earth is a small pack of five stray dogs who gather quickly once the smell of the broken bags fills the air attracting their keen noses from two blocks away. The brooding group cautiously approaches the downed blonde beauty but she gives no sign of danger, no sign of awareness at all. So the pack closes in and takes delight in the free meal that is presented to them. They argue and growl over the scraps, pawing at the torn plastic to release more of the feast. One dog even licks clean the garbage strewn face of the mighty Maid of Steel as she lies unconscious in sprawled, pathetic indignity. Supergirl's arms are flung out over the garbage heap, her legs akimbo, her brain temporarily fried from a nasty dosing of red kryptonite that has stolen not only her powers for at least 24 hours, but all her memories as well.

In fact, the only thing Supergirl will be left with besides her famous costume which is a soiled, stinking mess is a very powerful drug addiction to crack. An addiction that, thanks to Tony denying any of it to her before she left for the robbery, will awaken with her when she does. This addiction has rooted itself to the very core of her soul over the past weeks, corrupting it with a powerful hunger that she will do anything to satisfy. Anything at all.

End of Chapter 36

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