Supergirl Captured by the Mob 23  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 23 - Coming Back to the World

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia, Bruno Gemano and Scarlett O'Shea are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

"Read 'em and weep, gentlemen. Three ladies!" Bruno smiles, laying down his trio of queens. "I guess they kind of kick the crap out of your two gay jacks over there, huh, Gino?"

"Marone. How da' fuck do you get such good cards all the time, Bruno? If I didn't know better, I'd say this was a marked deck. You did pull them out of your pocket as I recall." The short, stocky Gino with a head full of curly black hair looks at Bruno with a glare that is returned in kind.

"You're accusing me of cheating to my face now, Gino. Is that where you want to go with this?"

"Come on, Gino," says Fredo, a short, swarthy man with a pencil moustache who was sweating even more than he normally had been all night. "Let it go."

"Yeah, Gino. It's just not your night," Big Paulie urges. At 6' 3" and 312 pounds, his nickname fits like a glove. It's the only thing that does. Every item of clothing on the other hand are stretched to the breaking point. "Hey. I lost more'n you and I ain't gettin' sore."

Bruno's dark gray-blue eyes survey Gino carefully for threatening gestures. There's a lot of angry tension there but he doesn't think Gino will make a move, even though Bruno had just bested his jacks to the tune of $355. And the odd thing was, Bruno actually hadn't cheated. His luck was simply running hot.

"No, Bruno. I take that back," Gino sulks. "I'm just angry. And fed up. When the fuck can we get out of..."

"Uuuuggnnnhhh....ohhh....." Superman groans loudly and the discussion comes to a halt instantly as the table of men all turn to look at the mighty Man of Steel laid out like a stiff on the floor to their left. His body is coated in glowing green slime and dried kryptonite crystals. Only his face, neck, arms and lower legs are not coated, having hung over the side of the tub and not been submerged in the liquid death. The man's face is just the palest green and his breathing, while a touch wheezy from the damaged adam's apple, is somewhat more relaxed than before. It's definitely time to get the big guy back in the tub. Past time actually, since the mighty Man of Steel actually opens his eyes and puts his palm on his forehead with a groan.

" the flame trees of Zyria...what's happened to me...?..." I don't ever remember feeling so tired and weak! He struggles to lift his shoulders off the floor. Leaning heavily on his left side, one arm is draped against the floor, his other with the elbow bent, palm down on the floor, is steadying himself. He notices five men sitting around a card table. He only recognizes two of them, the guy called Jerry from the van and his boss in the red sneakers who'd led the ambush against Diana. He can see the sneakers under the table even as his eyes drift with a bit of confusion due to the kryptonite glaze coating most of his body. His dazed reverie is broken by Jerry who swears loudly in the heavy silence.

Shouting desperately, Jerry pulls his Glock 9mm off the tabletop and aims it right at the Man of Steel. "Fuck a duck! Take him out!" Panicked, he shoots the disoriented hero in the chest, the boom from his Glock reverberating with an echo around the warehouse.

"Huunhh!" Superman grunts and falls onto his back from the stunning force of the bullet. It doesn't penetrate his chest but the dark haired hero's grunt and grimace tells all the men facing him that he's definitely not back to near his normal super strength yet. That's good, because it means they may not all be wrapped up in a light pole as Superman is known to do before sending a group of crooks to jail. Bruno whips his favorite lightweight .45 caliber Smith and Wesson pistol out off the table and fires a round into Superman's stomach.

"Oooohffff!" Superman's body jolts and he doubles in half on the floor. The tiny click of the compressed bullet falling on the concrete floor tells Bruno that his bullet didn't penetrate either but the distress that the blue and red costumed hero is feeling is significant based on his groaning. The three unarmed truck drivers just look on in fear at this nasty development.

"Damn," Bruno curses. We got to get this guy back in the tub fast. He's hurting now but he may get strong enough to do some damage. Superman unfolds after a wheezing gasp, puts two palms down on the floor and starts to slowly attempt to stand up.

Gino stands up and picks up his metal folding chair without waiting for Jerry or Bruno to take another shot. He closes it down to a flat weapon and swings the chair, backrest first in a low trajectory that is sweeping up with a vengeance right as it makes contact with Superman's chin as the unwary hero reaches mid-crouch.


"WHUUNGHHHH!" The black-haired hero falls hard on his ass, his arms actually draped over the edge of the stainless steel tub, his fingers inches away from the surface of the slime. "...uhhh...." he moans loudly in pained distress.

Superman's hands are tingling and he glances behind him to see the glowing green gel sending out its deadly shimmer of death and quickly pulls his hands down off the tub's rim and puts them on the floor to begin another effort to stand up. He still has a load of kryptonite slime in his trunks but maybe half of it has run down through the gap in the leg band onto the floor of the warehouse. Consequently, he feels slightly stronger, even with the deadly coating of slime crystalized all over him.

"...can't kill me...guys....haven't you....heard..? I'm Superman..."

Once again he's in a half-crouch, trying to stand up when one of the truck drivers, the new hire, Fredo shouts out, "Fuck this, I'm out of here. I didn't get paid for this shit." He runs for exit door. He never makes it. Bruno turns, takes careful aim and shoots Fredo in the back. The deserting driver seems to dive forward onto the floor without a second's thought. Then a blooming red stain spreads across his back and the new hire dies on his first day on the job. Spinning around, Bruno takes aim at Superman's crotch and fires.

"Ohhh....hgnnhhhhh.....(cough, cough)...heeeeze ..." Superman falls to his knees as if he'd been kicked in the balls. The power of the .45 caliber bullet hitting his nuts certainly feels like he has taken a shot to his cojones. Once again his hand finds the rim of the steel tub and he uses it to steady himself while he fights the nausea caused by the large caliber bullet hitting his nuts.

Motioning to Jerry to circle behind the tall grunting, wheezing hero, Bruno slowly concocts a plan. They've got to bully this mighty prick into this tub using any and every means possible. That means they have to hit the dazed hero hard from all sides without let up. He nods at Big Paulie and then motions toward the groaning hero trying to regain his wind.

"Punch him, Big Paulie. Hard."

The tall man quickly walks over toward the stunned and weakened Superman. He stands over the champion who's bracing himself against the tub and just starting to look up. It's a big windup from Big Paulie and his meaty fist catches Superman right in the jaw


"Ouch!" Big Paulie yelps as he pulls his throbbing fist back. Still, he's done some damage.

"Huunngghhhhh." Superman's whole face clenches in horrific pain from this massive blow to his dislocated jaw. It feels a branding iron has been pressed against his jaw. ".uuhhhh ....stuphhh....don't...." he actually pleads. His chin is hanging against chest, his eyes teary, blinded by a blistering white glow of pain. He can't remember being in such torment from a punch before. Big Paulie steps back several paces and watches as Gino now steps in, taking a wide sideways swing with the folding chair at the grimacing Superman. With his head bowed in an effort to block out the pain with his mind, the unwary hero doesn't even see the chair coming. Gino connects with the face of the mightiest male protector of the planet and knocks it to the left with a walloping follow-through.

"Whuuuunnnfff!" Superman hangs onto the tub side, his mouth dripping blood slightly from his bloody skewed lips. Fortunately for the mighty hero, the full force of the chair had smashed into his cheek, between his damaged eye sockets and his wounded mouth so he didn't black out from the pain of the smashing metal against his face.

Swinging his face back to the front, the blue and red clad figure and growls with thick anger in his wounded throat. Incredibly, he says, "..still....takes take me down....guys..." He then looks directly at Gino. " turn......"

Glaring at the curly-haired driver, Superman is actually able to send a short burst of heat vision toward the metal chair which turns hot in seconds. Gino drops the chair with a yelp and Superman suddenly backhands the grimacing thug with a lucky reach. It's nowhere near his usual strength but Superman's lesser effort still manages to send the surprised thug spinning off into the poker table and sending it crashing to the floor, bills, change and drinks scattering everywhere. Gino lies on the flat, crashed table trying unsuccessfully to regain his senses. It will take time for that to occur.

Superman nods, pleased he's been able to take one of his assailants out of the fight. The satisfaction doesn't last long though. From behind him a length of heavy steel chain whips around Superman's neck like a bolo, the final loose link slapping him painfully in his smashed mouth.

"Yeoww...uhhhh!" Superman head wobbles yet again in a cloud of agony as his hands reach up to try to pull the choking chain off his neck. But Jerry is a step ahead of the confounded and woozy champion. He yanks with all his might and Superman totters back helplessly toward the tub. The back of his calves bump against the stainless steel and Superman can't stop himself from tripping backward and falling toward the deadly slime pool. His back hits the opposite side of the tub and the Man of Steel lies draped sideways over the noxious slime, it's radiation flowing up toward his awkwardly positioned form. With his thighs balanced on one edge of the tub and his back on the other, Superman is weakened by the radiation and fearful about the close proximity of the slime. If he can't regain his feet without dipping his butt into this deadly brew, he's done for. He has no leverage however, with Jerry pulling on the chain wrapped around his neck with all his might. If he shifts his weight too radically, Superman thinks, he could end up falling into the tub. Pulling at the bright chrome steel links, Superman tries to loosen them but his fingertips can't get under the circled steel links due to Jerry's constant pressure. With his hands straining at the chain and weakened by the glowing slime six inches below his back, the Man of Steel sees Bruno take aim at his face with his pistol. Superman puts his hands out to block the shot, covering his wounded face only to have Bruno's hand angle down in a sudden change of direction. Bruno shoots Superman with another round to his groin.

"UUNGHH!" Another "kick" in his balls from the large caliber bullet takes much of the breath away from the Earth's mightiest champion. Jerry gives another harsh yank on the steel chain. But still Superman is able to hold onto the edge of the tub with a desperate steadying hand. Until Big Paulie steps up and gives the completely exposed body of the defenseless hero a thundering shot to the abdomen with his left hand.


"Unnh," Paulie grunts. Both his hands are now sore from punching Superman, but he's done his job.

"Huuuuuuughhhhhhhh" Superman's eyes bulge out in a gasping breathless grunt of pain. He has no air, no energy, no hope. And Jerry gives a final vicious yank on the chain. "GRAGK!.. ....NO!" rasps the horrified Man of Steel. Off balance, he can do nothing as his feet fly up and his ass drops with a splash into the thick glowing green slime. "Oohhhhh...uhhh.. ..nuh..nuh.. ...ohhhhhhhhhhhh.." The struggling superhero is too weak to even crawl his way out of the tub.

Motioning to Jerry, Bruno commands, "Walk him around Jerry so he's facing the long way in that shit." Jerry does this, pulling hard on the chain as the gasping and choking hero is swivelled on his butt inside the tub until he's once again lying deeply within the devastating deutronium-kryptonite death slime. Even his arms and legs go limp, completely submerged now. Bruno walks directly over to the tub, places his palm on Superman's head and pushes him completely underneath the deadly gunk. He holds his head firmly and waits. After ten seconds the helpless blue and red costumed man begins to thrash for his life underneath the slime.

"Take this, you stupid, overconfident fuck!" Once capable of changing the orbits of small planets, Superman is so completely drained of all his mighty strength that he can't fight off this single stiff arm keeping him away from the air he so desperately needs. His bright red boots kick and splash, sending the slippery gel flying in all directions, but the defenseless hero cannot escape the firmly relentless hand pinning him below the surface of the glowing green poison. Bruno looks at his watch with grim determination as he holds the dark haired hero's head in his grip. Thirty-eight seconds. The thrashing boots kick one last time against the base of the tub and then go limp, sinking below the surface to rest on the floor of the tub.

"What the fuck is going on in here?" Stevie shouts, crossing the floor towards the tub. "Pull his head up now, Bruno."

"Look, buddy, Stevie is it? You don't know...."

"Pull him up now or lose your fee. All of it! And this guy too," Stevie indicates Jerry.

"Do it, Bruno," Jerry urges. "I can't lose this payday."

Bruno grabs Superman's hair and pulls his head up out of the slime and the Earth's mightiest hero comes up wheezing, sputtering, gagging and coughing. But alive!


"Bruno, knock him out and shackle him down with those manacles, now," Stevie directs, "and get that chain off his neck. I need you and Jerry to wrap it around his waist and then around his armpits and shoulders so I can attach the winch and pull him out when he's overdosing."

Bruno walks over to the tub and clobbers Superman with the butt of his gun. Without fanfare, the weakened, dazed and helpless Man of Steel slumps into total unconsciousness for now. The hired assassin pulls Superman's arms out of the tub and motions for Jerry to get his legs. Superman's limp limbs are placed inside the unbreakable metal manacles and clicked shut as Stevie continues to give directions.

"When you're done chaining him properly, you guys can go. If he had died, you'd be answering to Carmine about your fee and the slim likelihood of working for any Mob family in North America. You did a good job with Wonder Woman, but this could have been a major fuckup. It's just lucky I got here when I did."

"Lucky for him," Bruno sneers at the inert Man of Steel as he finishes locking up his arms and legs. Jerry unwraps the chain from Superman's neck and the two of them begin chaining his waist and shoulders as instructed.

"Who's that guy groaning on the card table?" Stevie nods toward Gino.

"That's one of the truck drivers. Name's Gino. Got a backhand from Supes here and lived to tell about it. The other guys is Fredo. I shot him for desertion in the face of the enemy." Bruno nods at Superman. "Oh, and this is Big Paulie, also a truck driver for Carmine. Packs a hell of a whollop!"

Shaking Big Paulie's hand, Stevie says, "Thanks for the help, Paulie. Where's Wonder Woman, Bruno?" He has his priorities in mind.

"She's out cold in the recovery room through those doors. There's a nurse in there staying with her til morning, I'm told," Bruno says.

"So what happened," Stevie inquires. "How close a call was it with Superman? I respect you Bruno and I want to put the best spin on this for Carmine. Lay it all out for me."

"Alright, Stevie. Carmine says you're a straight shooter. I'll fill you in completely. You got my money?"

"It's in my briefcase by the door. I dropped in the second I came in and saw what was going on."

"Jerry," Bruno says, and nods at the door. The accomplice goes to retrieve the briefcase full of cash. Then Bruno's cell phone rings.

"Yeah," he answers. "Oh, fuck! What time is it? 8:30 already? I'm sorry Danny. I forgot to call you. Things got crazy after you split. I'm still tied up with Carmine's guy. Yeah, we just got to the money. Yes, your share is safe." He raises an eyebrow to Stevie who gives him the thumbs up. "Yeah, I'm not sure how much more time it'll be. Hold on." Putting his hand over the phone, he says to Stevie, "One of my shooters. He's at my place for the split. I forgot to call him about the change of plans. He's a little nervous, but he's a young guy. I just got to assure him he's not getting stiffed. How much longer you need me?"

"How long for you to tell me the story of what the hell happened?" Stevie turns and takes the briefcase from Jerry and holds it tightly.

"Ten minutes, tops."

It's up to you what you tell him. I won't need you here the rest of the night. Your extra cash is in here, too for babysitting Superman, including yours, Jerry. I'll take out the extra split for the drivers that I put in here for their troubles and you can be on your way."

"Danny?" Bruno talks into his cell. "I can be there in an hour or we can meet tomorrow at the arcade where we first met. It's up to you. Your money is safe. It's all yours. There were just some changes I had to deal with. Everybody's happy with your work. How do you want to do it? Great. Tomorrow at the arcade at 11 a.m. That alright with you? Fabulous. See you then, Danny. Again, good work. Have a dinner on me, out of my share, for your troubles. Anywhere you want. You earned it. Right. See you, hawkeye!" Clicking the phone shut, Bruno says, "Good kid, and a good shot. Nice to see young talent come along!"

"Okay, Bruno. Talk to me," Stevie says. And Bruno does for the full ten minutes.

And after the explanation and the division of the money, Bruno and the drivers head off to their separate destinations, leaving Stevie with Superman. Stevie walks over to the tub and unlocks the manacles, then walks to the wall where the winch control is mounted and lowers the steel cable with the hook at its end. Working between the tub and the winch control, he slides the hook under the chains around Superman's chest and then tests it, raising the limp unconscious form easily with the red and black control buttons. Superman's body hangs by his heavily-chained upper torso in mid-air, his back arched, swaying on the end of the hook as his arms and legs dangle limply below him, dripping glowing green slime into the tub with loud splats. The Man of Steel is still completely unconscious and absolutely defenseless. With a satisfied smile, Stevie lowers him back into the tub and re-shackles the arms and legs of the mightiest male on the planet while whistling "That's Armore."

It would be a cinch to keep Superman out of commission for the evening and far beyond that as far as he could tell. Stevie heads toward the double doors to check on Wonder Woman. Everything was, fortunately, going pretty much to plan. Tony would be pleased.

George Cosmopolis is following Carmine through the living area of the penthouse suite in the Pleasure Dome building in the South Bronx. It is 9:45 at night and the sandy-haired, stout psychiatrist with male pattern baldness is looking at the luxury surrounding him as he passes through the suite.

"Nice digs, Carmine. This your place?"

"It's kind of like a share in a beach house. I'm a part owner. She's in here." He extends his hand and pushes open the door to the bedroom. Stevie has cleaned everything up and the teenager, though still curled up in a fetal position and sucking her thumb, is now dressed in a bright yellow silk pajama top and matching pajama pants. She is lying on a clear plastic sheet on top of the pink bedcover. She is also wearing a short brunette-colored wig to change her appearance.

"You say this girl worked for you, Carmine?" Cosmopolis walks over to the silent thumb sucking blonde and begins to examine her.


"She's quite pretty. What did she do? What was her job?" He takes out a penlight and looks into her open irises closely, watching them contract.

"She was an escort for out of town guests. Name's Linda Dan...Danbury, I think. Yeah, Danbury," Carmine catches himself before he makes a stupid mistake. "She was out with two new clients of mine, rough characters who beat her up and raped her and left her in her apartment."

"She took them back to her apartment?" He's holding her wrist and clocking her pulse using his elegant blue-faced Seiko watch.

"Yeah. That's where my guys found her. Sucking her thumb just like that."

"Mmm hmmm. You sent guys to her place, not women?"

"Yeah, well, I wasn't sure if the two guys would still be hanging around, you know."

"And they found her like this? Catatonic?"


"How'd you find out about the rape then? Who told you she was raped?"

"Oh, well, that was, uh, her. She'd called me early in the morning. I could barely make sense of what she was saying. She was talking a mile a minute and not being clear. 'They raped me,' she said. 'Held me down and raped me.' I asked her if she was hurt but she didn't answer that. I told her I'd send some people over immediately and when they got there, she was, you know, out to lunch."

"Hmm." He puts his hand on her forehead. Cool and dry. "Why is this plastic sheet here?"

"She pissed herself."


" was a few hours ago I think. One of my guys was watching her."

"He around?"

"The guy. Umm. No. He went home. Won't be back until tomorrow."

"Too bad."

"Why, George? What's the problem?"

"I just thought it would be good to talk to him. Ask him a few questions about her movements or behaviors for the last few hours or so. Might help me figure this out."

"He told me she didn't move for like all day until he left the room to use the john and he came back and she had curled up like this."


"Yeah. Why's that surprise you?"

"It gives an indication of awareness of outside influences. She's in an extremely self-protective mode right now. Blanking out the world, almost like an autistic child. But I think she's reachable. It could just be a coincidence she retreated into this mode when he left the room, but my gut says differently. She have any reason not to trust this guy who was watching her? What's his name?"

"Stevie. Well, uhh...maybe. I...uh...think they may have had a thing...a while back...and.. uh it may have ended badly...."

"Right. You know the names of the rapists by any chance?"

"Actually, yeah. It was Sal and Mario Minetti."

"Okay, Linda, sweetie. I'm Doctor Cosmopolis," the sandy-haired shrink says with soothing tones. "You can call me Doctor George. I'm here to help you, Linda. Now I need you to listen to me carefully, Linda. All the bad men have gone, Linda. They're all gone and..."

The blonde's gaze shifts to Carmine behind Cosmopolis and she sucks even harder on her thumb. The psychiatrist's eyebrows go up at this and he turns to look up at Carmine standing behind him.

"You have any negative history with this young lady, Carmine?"

"Well, George. Uh, not any more than any employer has with someone who works... ah..below them. You know how resentment sometimes can build up without any, you know, real cause."

"Mm hmm. Yes, well, I'm going to need you to leave us alone for a minute. She's got to feel completely safe, and with you here, I don't think she does. Would you mind?"

"Well, uh, are you sure?"

"Positive. It'll just be a couple of minutes. But do not come in here until I come out to get you. That's critical."

"Fine. I'll be having a drink in the living room."

"Okay. Would you close the door on the way out?" He watches him expectantly and the reluctant Carmine turns and walks out of the room, shutting the door with exaggerated care. Turning back to the blonde, Cosmopolis once again begins to talk with gentle tones.

"Listen to me carefully, Linda. All the bad men are gone. You are completely safe now. No one in this room will hurt you. You can relax. Stevie is gone. Carmine is gone. Those very bad men, Sal and Mario, they're gone, too. Everyone has left you alone and you are safe, Linda. Completely safe for the first time in many, many hours. You can trust, Dr. George, Linda. I am your friend. You can tell me anything and you will be safe. If you believe me, nod your head."

Supergirl merely looks straight ahead, sucking her thumb, and then her eyes begin to roll around in her sockets seemingly to search the room from corner to corner, only meeting Cosmopolis' searching eyes briefly in their pass around the room. She does nothing like a head shake at all.

"Do you believe you are safe, Linda?" The doctor puts his hand on her shoulder. "Nod your head if you feel secure." More eye movement but no head shake.

"Hmmm. You're pretty deep in there, huh, sweetie?" Thumb sucking and nothing more. "Okay, let's try one last thing. I'm going to give you a little shot of adrenaline to get your heart rate going a little and maybe to help you focus, Linda. It'll feel like a little pinch but that's all. Dr. George is trying to help you get better. Do you believe me, Linda? Nod your head for yes or shake it for no, Linda." The blonde's eyes merely look at the bed cover seemingly tracing the pattern of the stitching.

"Okay then, let's try the adrenaline, Linda. As I said, it'll just feel like a tiny pinch in your arm." Taking the wrist of the hand with the thumb that's she's not sucking, Dr. Cosmopolis rolls up the yellow silk sleeve. Then he takes out a small sealed alcohol swab, a capped syringe, and a small bottle of adrenaline from his pocket that he'd brought just for such a probability. After cleaning the inside of her elbow with the swab, he then fills the syringe carefully. Finally he puts the needle against her skin and presses down to sink the needle into the exposed blue vein. Except the needle doesn't sink in but, rather, snaps off and the adrenaline leaks down her arm onto the plastic sheet.

"What the hell?" He sees the broken needle lying on the plastic sheet. He'll have to use the spare needle. He was lucky he'd grabbed two on the way out of his office. "Damn, what a time for a lousy manufacturing defect." He goes through the procedure again, using the last of the adrenaline from the tiny bottle. Taking careful aim, he centers the needle at the middle of the vein and gently pushes. The skin barely indents. "You're pretty thick skinned for such a frail little lady, Linda." He pushes a bit harder and once more the needle breaks. "Shit!"

Pulling the arm closer, the middle-aged doctor peers at the vein but doesn't even see the hint of a puncture from the needle. "Nobody's that thick skinned. Who the hell are....YLLGKK!"

Without warning, the arm Dr. Cosmopolis is holding thrusts upward and the gentle girl's hand surrounds his throat and squeezes his airway shut. "LHEGGHHKO...LEGGHHKO..." he rasps softly. The pressure doesn't let up however and the good doctor's eyes roll up into his head quite quickly.

The thumb sucking brunette's eyes look over at the limp, red-faced man slouching in her grip and begin to focus. Slowly, the girl's face takes on a look that's a mix of confusion and concern. She pulls the thumb out of her mouth and releases her grip, letting the unconscious man flop forward onto the bed.

"Oh gosh, who is this guy. What's going on? What the heck happened to me?" Almost 24 hours after the cock-choking attempt on her life, Supergirl is finally fully awake and aware, albeit quite confused. Since Tony had ordered the kryptonite collar and all forms of kryptonite restraints removed from her person to help aid her recovery during her near coma state, the mighty teenage heroine is back to maximum strength for the first time since her capture. The Maid of Steel stands up and checks the man's pulse. He's alive but unconscious.

Supergirl tries to sort things out. She remembered drinking with two guys she had been entertaining. Sal and Mario Minetti. She remembered the kiss from Mario and then some sex play and then feeling dizzy. Everything was foggy after that. She had to find Tony and ask him what was going on. And she had to get him to give her a big dose of crack. She can't begin to recall how long it had been since the last time she had smoked a pipe. Rao, did she need one now! She looks herself over and sees the yellow silk pajamas and wonders what that was about. She certainly didn't remember putting them on. And why was there a plastic sheet on the bed? So many questions!

Walking to the bedroom door, she sees the brunette wig in the mirror as she goes to open the door and pulls it off her head, tossing it back on the bed next to the prone form of Dr. Cosmopolis. She opens the door and walks down the hallway toward the living area.

"How'd it go, Doc? You think she'll come out of.....Supergirl!"

"Hello, Carmine. Is Tony around?" She watches him knock back two fingers worth of scotch with a quick gulp.

"How are you feeling?" He looks at her with complete shock.

"Feeling? What do you mean? How should I feel?"

"You've been out of it for a full day. We were all worried about you."

The Maid of Steel walks up to Carmine and pats his cheek. "Aren't you sweet. Fix a girl a rum and coke would you?"

"Sure. Sure thing." Carmen walks quickly over to the kitchenette for a can of coke from the fridge and heads back to the bar.

"So, is Tony around or not?" Supergirl flops down on the couch without thinking about her super powers and the resulting groan of wood, steel and leather raises Carmine's eyebrows instantly. Supergirl is too anxious and wired to notice. She pops up and begins to pace the living room. "I could really use some of that crack. Like now!"

"Tony's downstairs in the casino restaurant with Sergei. Let me tell him the good news. The doc really came through."


"The doctor. Dr. Cosmopolis. George? What happened to George?"

"You talking about the guy in the bedroom?"

"Shit, yeah. What happened. Why didn't he come out with you?"

"He's old cold. I think I probably choked him a little too much."

"Choked...but...what? Is he alive?"

"Sure Carmine. He'll have a headache when he wakes up, but he'll be fine."

"What did he do? Why'd you choke him? How did he snap you out of it?"

"Snap me out of what? What are you talking about Carmine?"

"How much do you remember about last night?"

"I remember Sal and Mario fixing me a drink. A kiss from Mario and then they started playing with my body, stimulating me every way possible. They were very good at it. So good I couldn't seem to resist. But I also remember them making me feel guilty about getting off while innocent people could be in trouble. And I remember they got me so hot I came. And after that one of them, Sal, pulled me up on the couch so my head hung over the arm. Mario came back and went at me with a dildo. It was out of control sex. And...oh, Rao, then I got so dizzy and they....they tried to choke me to death with Sal's cock! Those bastards!" Supergirl punches the back of the couch and her fist smashes through the leather, the padding, the inner coils and the back of the leather couch.

"Do you remember anything since you passed out?" Carmine is worried about a vengeful Maid of Steel with no kryptonite in the room. What the hell am I supposed to do here? Should I flood the room with the emergency kryptonite gas?

Pulling her fist out from the couch, Supergirl actually gives Carmine a sheepish look at the destruction. "Sorry about that," she says. "I was just letting off a little steam. No, I don't remember anything until I woke up choking your doctor friend in there," she waves a dismissive hand toward the bedroom. Must have been a reflex action or something. You going to mix that rum in my coke or not?"

"Huh? Oh, sure. Sorry. Here." He twirls in the rum with a swizzle stick and hands it to the blonde clad in yellow silk.

"Who had the honor of putting these pajamas on me?"

"That would have been Stevie." Carmine glances sideways at her, hoping to god she wasn't pissed.

"I'm sure he enjoyed that," Supergirl says with a smirk as she takes a long pull on her rum and coke. She smacks her lips and lets out a tiny belch. "Urpp. Oops. Sorry," she giggles.

Carmine flips his cell phone open and clicks the speed talk function.

"Hey, Tony," he says after only a moment. "you'll never guess who I'm talking to," Carmine winks at the blonde who's taking yet another long drink of her cocktail. "No, not Doctor Cosmopolis. His pa..."

Snatching the phone from Carmine's grasp, Supergirl barks into the unit, "Come upstairs with a pipe full of your best crack, Bonano. It's been way too long and I need it now!"

She looks at Carmine who's shaking his head and pouring himself a second scotch in celebration. It had been a hell of a day!

"Yeah, he's here. The doctor's indisposed right now. Oh Tony, just get up here with the crack and we'll talk when you get here!" She slaps the phone shut and tosses it at Carmine, then sits down more demurely on the couch and gulps the last of her drink, her thoughts on nothing but getting back to that sweet crack high she loved so much!

In Secaucus, Stevie has his hands full with two superheroes at the moment. He's been steadily monitoring the condition of a sickly, green-faced Superman in the warehouse section. Currently the Man of Steel is moaning in a helpless sweating delirium brought on by his immersion in a tub of deutronium-kryptonite slime. He'll have to be hoisted out by winch in about 15 minutes to prevent his death from overexposure. Wonder Woman, meanwhile, is breathing steadily in a deep sleep brought on by a steady Vicodin drip after her four-hour surgery from multiple gunshot wounds. Stevie has relieved the nurse for now, sending her out to dinner for a couple of hours. Deciding he will stay for a while, Stevie stands by her bed in the recovery area and looks at the monitors hooked up to the unconscious heroine. Everything seems to be okay. The heart monitor shows a slow, steady beat. Nothing's in the red zone. She's alive and her color looks good.

Lifting up the sheet, Stevie sees that the doctor had operated on Wonder Woman with her costume still on. That was strange. Stevie had seen the video of the ambush at Bryant Park and remembered she took a hit near her hip. He gingerly lifts up the bottom edge of the bustier that had been pulled out of her famous starred panties and sees a large bandage taped to her side. Pulling the sheet down to her calves, Stevie discovers her body is covered in a variety of bandages in almost a dozen places. Bruno had been relentless, that was obvious from the news video, but until now Stevie hadn't quite realized what it must have been like to be subjected to such a devastating hail of bullets. He was amazed that this beautiful black haired Amazon was still alive! How could that even be possible? Stevie recalled the news stories about Wonder Woman's incredible strength. Did it come from her costume? Is that why the doctor didn't remove it? If she woke up and was somehow strong enough to escape, all their planning would be a waste of time. He should probably try to remove her outfit while she was under the sedative. She might not even wake up while he tried.

Pulling the sheet completely off the female figure and tossing it on a nearby chair, Stevie sees that only Wonder Woman's boots had been removed. He checks and sees that they are standing side by side under the bed. Peering down at her, Stevie examines the bustier first. There were ragged holes cut into the underside of each breast through which white bandages poked. Wonder Woman's ample breasts rose and fell in a deep rhythm, the bustier barely contained her. He thought he might be able to stick his entire hand down the cleavage of her massive chest if he were inclined to fondle this gorgeous woman. He wasn't into unconscious sex attacks though. What was the fun in that? Plus, he had a job he had to focus on anyway.

This bustier had to come off somehow. Of course, the belt had to come off first before he could even try to pry this eagle off her tits! He'd have to roll her onto her side to take a look at the back of the belt. Gingerly he does just that, slowly rolling the deep-breathing beauty onto her side. She was lighter than he expected her to be. Her skin to his touch felt velvety smooth. He was getting hot just rolling this babe onto her side! The softest little moan whispers between the parted red lips of the Amazon as Stevie examines the back of the belt. He pulls on it slowly but it does not release. Another groan, this one slightly louder from the unconscious woman. After three attempts, Stevie finally manages to release the belt with a combination of movements that unhooks the belt like a bra. He slowly pulls the golden belt from under the woman's waist and drops it on the floor. He's sees a seam that probably hides a zipper when a third moan, this one much louder seeps out of Wonder Woman. One of the monitors beeps and Stevie sees the respiration rate has increased, which he realizes is her soft panting. Shit! I can't let her die but I can't let her be so strong that she escapes. He doesn't have a second pair of adamantium manacles. Superman had to have that pair to keep him restrained. Or did he? He was so weak from the slime, Stevie thought, that he might be able to use those manacles for Wonder Woman. As he's pondering this, the monitor showing Wonder Woman's respiration rate gives off a soft tone and Stevie sees she's calming down, getting back to a normal deep sleep. That was good. If he only knew more about this bitch, he could figure out how to handle this. Supergirl might know something but she was off in Never Never Land. Unless the doctor had snapped her out of it. Stevie makes a decision and rolls Wonder Woman back to her prone position on the bed.

Then, pulling the cell phone out of his pocket, the young mafia hood calls Carmine even as he walks into the warehouse section and over to the winch control. Superman's face is a bright green and he's groaning with a raspy rattle. Stevie pushes the Up button as Carmine answers the phone.

"Yeah, Stevie, what's happening over there? Everything quiet?"

"For now, I'm just trying to figure out how to handle our wonderful young black haired friend." They try to talk very generically against the possibility of any eavesdropping Feds.

"What's that noise, I can't hear you very well."

"It's the winch. I'm using it to raise our other guest out of the bath."

"How's he look?"

"Like somebody frosted his face like a St. Patty's Day cake. He's not the problem. His weak as a lamb. Even Mr. I'm All-Powerful can't handle being submerged in this stuff for hours at a time. No, it's the girl I'm worried about. The sedative is working but what happens when she wakes up with all her strength in tact?"

"Stevie, we talked about this. T and his Russian pal will be there in the morning way before she wakes up. They'll handle her."

"Did he tell you how?"

"Actually he didn't."

"Hmmm. Well, what happened with blondie? The doc able to help her out at all?"

"Blondie's wide awake and ready to take on the world. She punched out the couch when she remembered last night with the brothers."

"You're shitting me!. She's feeling like her old self then, huh? Where is she now?"

"She's waiting for T to come up in a sec," Carmine relates. "She's scarfing down a leftover pizza. Wait a sec. Yeah it is Stevie. She says hello."

"I wanted to ask her if she knows if this wonderful lady gets her powers from her outfit but I'm not sure how to go about asking her."

"Tell him I'm not telling him squat, Carmine," Supergirl says wiping her mouth with a napkin in the kitchenette.

"Uh, Stevie, blondie says she ain't telling you squat about your friend over there. Guess we forgot how well she hears, huh?"

"Yup," Stevie says dejectedly. "Alright, I guess I'll have to leave it to T and S and let them worry about it."

"I'll call you back if T has any ideas," Carmine promises. "Stay cool and make sure Mr. Big Blue doesn't go down for the count. That's not in the plan."

"We're good. He's just hanging out right now. Dripping goo and moaning for his mommy." Stevie shuts the phone and looks up at the swaying figure in the glow of the overhead lighting. The famous Superman is tightly chained and suspended in mid-air. He is dangling helplessly over a tub of slime into which he will be lowered once again for hours more of deadly radioactive saturation.

"You Kryptonians really aren't worth much when there's kryptonite around, are you?" Stevie says. He watches as the groaning hero limply swings in small circles, his mouth slack, his eyes rolled up in his head in a defenseless, stupefied daze. His once powerful body is covered in a drippy kryptonite glaze that is keeping him powerless in a Mafia-owned warehouse in Secaucus. The mighty Man of Steel has no hope of escaping on his own.

"I've got two questions for you, Tony!" Supergirl confronts Tony Bonano the moment he and Sergei walk into the suite from the elevator. "And the answers better be good. First, do you have my crack with you and second, where are you holding Wonder Woman and Superman?"

Sergei gives Supergirl a menacing glare and starts to move toward her when Tony raises his arm up and blocks him from taking another step.

"Calm yourself, Sergei. Supergirl is upset about things and I don't think you'd like her taking out her frustration on you. Isn't that right, Linda?" Tony looks at the girl with her hands on her hips confronting him in loose-fitting yellow silk pajamas. Her classic heroic pose is a little less imposing without the famous uniform but considering she's at full strength, only slightly less so in Tony's mind. He had to get this situation under control quickly. The fact that Supergirl had asked about the crack before she asked about her probably two closet friends in the world gives him all the edge he will need.

"Of course I don't have the crack on me," Tony smiles serenely. That would be suicidal given your present state of mind. But I can get it for you in mere moments if you cooperate. As to where your two super compatriots are located, that will have to remain my secret for the moment. Now I have a couple of questions of my own."

"Me, too," says Carmine.

"Shoot," the defiant blonde heroine continues her stance and looks at Tony with a smoldering anger.

"First off. Why did you choke the doctor. Did he assault you?"

"Honestly, I don't know. I came to and my hand was at his throat. He may have tried. I'm not sure."

"Second question: Do you think he knows who you are?"

"Again, I'm just not sure. He certainly might suspect something since I choked him into unconsciousness using only one hand in about four or five seconds. Anyway, why don't you ask him, I hear him walking out of the bedroom right now. If you have any aspirin, I would suggest you find them for him."

"Please keep quiet for the doctor's sake, Linda," Tony whispers. "His life depends on it."

"Will I get my crack?"

"A man's life is in your hands, sweetheart," Tony murmurs. "Ah, Doctor Cosmopolis, Tony Bonano. I'm an associate of Carmine's. It's a pleasure to meet you. I can't thank you enough for getting our young lady here up and about. You're a genius and I want to pay you for your trouble." Tony strides over to the ambling man who's slowly massaging his temple with his fingers.

"Can't say I did all that much to help. The young lady came out of her withdrawn state when I tried to give her a shot of adrenaline."

"Tried?" Tony's calm appraising look at the doctor would chill his bones if he knew how his life was being weighed in the balance by his words right now.

"Damndest thing. I broke a, two needles trying to inject her with a little adrenaline to help stimulate her senses and bring her out of her autistic state."

"That a fact?" Tony nods thoughtfully.

"Um. Where did you try to give me a shot, doctor?" Supergirl asks.

"Your arm. Inside the elbow."

"That would explain it. I was injured as a child. A fluke accident on a swingset. Broke my arm. They had to insert a metal plate for structural integrity."

"But I didn't see any puncture hole in the vein," the doctor persists.

"Well, that's unlikely," Supergirl says brightly. "The plate's quite close to the surface. You probably just missed it. A trick of the light in there. But look, it's late and I'm feeling very tired now. It's been a long day. If you'll excuse me, I'm going into the bedroom to rest. Thank you so much for your assistance, Dr. Cosmopolis."

"Miss Danbury, if you ever need to talk about your experience with the two men who accosted you I would be happy to try to help you sort out your feelings on the matter," He hands her his business card.

"Thank you, doctor. You're very kind but my feelings are quite definite about those two men and do not need sorting out of any kind, I assure you. If I ever see them again, I will surely kill them. Good night. Tony, can I see you for a moment after the doctor leaves?"

"Of course, Linda. I'll be right in," Tony smiles as the blonde walks toward the bedroom. Turning to the doctor, he puts his arm around the man's shoulder and leads him toward the elevator. "Please send me your bill, Doctor Cosmopolis, and double your usual fee. Linda is a valued employee of Carmine's and mine and I couldn't be more pleased with how you conducted yourself tonight. Your professionalism and your discretion have been exemplary as I'm sure it will continue to be for Linda's sake."

"She may not be on such solid ground as you think, Mr. Bonano. The anger in her is quite evident. And why was she wearing a wig, if I may ask?"

"She wears it occasionally for her job as an escort," Carmine says moving next to his friend and edging him toward the elevator door. "Does it to throw some spice into her relationships with the clients who see her on a regular basis. Her idea actually. She's a favorite among my girls."

Opening the door to the elevator, the doctor shakes his head, "Seems to me that girl could use a lot less spice in her life. She reminds me of someone but I can't put my finger on it."

"You know, a lot of people say that about her," Carmine interjects. "Let me ride down with you and we can set up a golf day for next week, George. I can't thank you enough....."

The elevator door closes and Carmine looks at Sergei who's been standing in the kitchenette all this time, listening and drinking vodka shots from a bottle of Grey Goose kept in the freezer.

"What do you think, Sergei?"

"Ice him. He is a loose cannon and will probably be putting two and two together if he sees her face on the TV. I could do this for you, should you want it so."

"Carmine's going to be pissed about it."

"It's business. Not personal, Tony. Carmine, he's been in the business for many years, da? He will understand. He will have to fill in his foursome with somebody else from that country club."

"Tony!" Supergirl calls loudly from the bedroom. If she wanted to, she could shatter plaster with her voice. So she's being polite.

"Do it. I'll tell Carmine." Tony then heads toward the bedroom, figuring the angles on how to play this most dangerous game with the Maid of Steel without getting his balls fried.

End of Chapter 23

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