Supergirl Captured by the Mob 45  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 45 - A Hard Lesson Learned

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia and Don Lupenzo are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

An ambivalent Supergirl follows Sergei over to the couch in the sleazy South Bronx apartment that had been the scene of many sexual humiliations for the mighty blonde beauty. And now she was about to take an active part in yet another one just so she could enjoy the pleasure of a bowl of crack cocaine heaven. She could barely wait for it, having gone more than eight hours now since her last hit of the mediocre dose that Luiz had provided during their giggling sexual romp in the middle of the night. She is only shaking mildly now since her super powers are letting her suppress the physical cravings for the drug somewhat. But the psychological need had wound itself tightly around her soul and she is prepared to anything she has to in order for Tony to provide her that slice of heaven.

As Sergei reaches the couch, he turns around, sits down and spreads his arms wide with beckoning circles to the blonde champion who has stopped about four feet away from him.

"Come, my young divooshka, and show me your most seductive charms," he croons.

"You've been waiting a long time for this, Sergei. You look like the cat who swallowed the canary," Supergirl says with disdain. She was going to do this service but she wasn't going to like it.

"As have you, my sweet," he replies.

"In your dreams," she says.

"Enough!" Tony calls out. "Get to it, Supergirl." He has a schedule to meet, after all. Don Lupenzo must be notified. In fact, he turns his head and says to Carmine, "Call Gino. Tell him we have the girl and we'll be back at the Dome in an hour. Tell him I don't want to talk business until we get her secured. He'll wait for that. He may think it's a stall, but he doesn't want to go to war if he doesn't have to."

Carmine nods and makes the call. Don Lupenzo is annoyed but agrees to wait until Carmine calls him back in an hour. If he doesn't hear from Carmine by 2:35 sharp, all bets are off, he growls. Carmine nods at Tony that all is set for the moment.

Supergirl scowls as she watches Sergei lewdly entreat her to lower herself in every way possible. He wants her to lower her body over his and he wants her to lower her status in the eyes of everyone present by performing the lap dance that will confirm her subjugation to crack and to Tony and to him. Grimacing, the angry heroine looks down at Sergei's lap and then over to Tony.

"What are you looking at me for? You know what to do, Supergirl," Bonano says, his cruel tone allowing no leeway. "If you want the crack as much as I think you do, you'll give our Russian friend here a nice, sultry lap dance."

Back to her scowling glare, she looks down at Sergei and he looks up at her with a grin from the depths of the couch.

"Please to be smiling and enjoying yourself, divooshka!"

With a frown that she then turns into a pale, shallow smile that reeks of insincerity, Supergirl begins to reluctantly swivel her hips in front of Sergei, rotating her pelvis in slow, gyrations. Then she turns away from him and lowers her rear near to his lap and begins once again to rotate her hips so her gyrating ass swivels and circles directly over his bulging crotch. Supergirl is angry at herself but obeying the rules to get the crack she desperately desires.

The eyes of all three thugs kneeling on the floor grow wide in astonishment as they watch Supergirl do her slow grinding dance in front of the big seated blonde Russian. They don't miss the fact that Tony is constantly turning his head sideways to watch them for sudden movements. In fact, not wanting to leave anything to chance, Tony pulls his gun from his shoulder holster and points it right at the threesome.

"Just enjoy the show, limp dicks, and don't try anything funny. Just maybe you'll learn how to keep women under control without beating the crap out of them."

Off to the far side of the room, Joey Target also watches with his mouth agape.

Edging even closer now, the lithe young blonde lifts the back of her skirt up slightly and rubs the rear of her silky red panties directly against the lap of Sergei's khaki-colored slacks. Dressed much more casually than Tony or Carmine who are wearing suits, Sergei's clothes are well-tailored enough to show a rising under the fabric at the front of his khaki pants. His wide smile also confirms the result of Supergirl's close proximity to him. He is getting quite stiff and she hasn't even done anything fancy yet. The Maid of Steel's long lovely legs straddle his own, which are tightly pressed together as she rocks her hips back and forth. Her ass now rests directly against his, the split in her butt sliding up and down along his straining bulge.

Not being a professional, the Maid of Steel doesn't realize that an actual lap dancer wouldn't let her crotch actually touch a man's body but simply gyrate a mere inch or so away, all promise and no contact. Certainly not without an extra $50 bill for her efforts and even then only in a back room so legalities are observed. But Kara, even living in the penthouse of one of the most bawdy strip joints in the Bronx has never attended the rowdy bar downstairs or the gentleman's club in the spacious backroom, so she knows nothing about it. Her rubbing of Sergei's crotch with her butt gets the big Russian's blood going and he reaches up and palms Supergirl's breasts from behind, holding them firmly while she circles her ass and rubs herself against him. This fondling of her breasts is another absolute no-no in lap dancing. The customer is never allowed to touch the girl giving the dance. In fact, if they do, they can end up unceremoniously tossed out on the sidewalk with their wallets much lighter and their faces badly bruised by the bouncers. Sergei knows this from his long hours in clubs and even Supergirl thinks this move is out of line, but she says nothing as she continues to rock her rear end against Sergei as she looks down at the floor in quiet contemplation of the crack to come.

Sergei gives a small groan of delight and the Maid of Steel takes this as a cue. She stands up, turns around and then bends down, letting her long blonde hair dangle against his beaming cheeks. She then drags her hair slowly across his forehead and into his eyes.. Next, she swirls this around in short circles, teasing him with a circling drape of hair all around his face as he reaches up again and fondles her with hard squeezes of her tits. The blonde champion lowers her pelvis at last and rests her crotch against Sergei's, rocking on it slowly and seductively.

Of course, the pressure of Sergei's dick on Supergirl's crotch does absolutely nothing for her. First because she wouldn't be aroused by this crude, embarrassing behavior in front of a roomful of men and second because, with her super powers back, it would take a jackhammer between her thighs to even get her attention. In fact, when it comes to allowing them to penetrate her, Supergirl is going to have to concentrate quite diligently to ensure her vaginal and anal muscles relax enough to permit entry. With her powers intact, it would take an outrageous amount of explosives to get her thighs apart if she didn't want it to happen. But with the promise of that incredible crack of Tony's imbuing her thoughts, she'd make sure she'd give them access to her most precious treasures. That, more than anything else, is what is loosening up the muscles of the mighty teenage heroine.

Even as she thinks of the drag she'll take on that small blue glass crack pipe, she begins to lose the rigidness of her frame and she arches her neck and swirls it in a wide circle causing her hair to swirl in its own golden circle before it comes to stop and drapes silkily down into Sergei's face again. He is smiling up at her with an eager light in his eyes about his own reward coming very soon. Together, the young blonde heroine and the Russian thug are immersed in the luxury of their dreams even as they rub pelvises in front of the avidly watching audience in the apartment around them.

Supergirl continues to grind her crotch against Sergei's with agonizing slowness, letting the cleft of her sex within the panties enfold the bulging dick in his pants. She rubs it back and forth a few times with a firm vigor that is not echoed in her eyes. In fact, her face is a frozen mask with a distant look off to nowhere even as she puts her palms on Sergei's thighs and draws her pelvis farther forward, now circling over the hardness beneath his khakis.

"I am to be expecting much more emotional interaction, my blonde toy," Sergei demands.

"Expect what you want. It wasn't part of the deal," Supergirl replies, her arms are straight, hard rods supporting her lithe body as her satin panties grind and hover seductively against his bulge.

"It is now," Tony says from across the room. "Or I step on the crack so hard it'll barely get you off, champ."

The Maid of Steel turns her head around to look at Tony with a glare. She thinks how easy it would be to permanently blind him with a blast of heat vision and he registers the anger there and smiles widely. "But behave like I know you can and you'll have a double portion of my best stuff, my friend. The very best." Carrot and stick, it does the trick. Just like Dad used to say. Before he was whacked at Umberto's.

Supergirl turns back to Sergei and gives him just half of her 1000 volt smile and shimmies her hips back and forth pressing harder against his straining cock.

Behind Supergirl, Carmine figures his time has come and he walks up close behind the Maid of Steel. He puts his hands on her shoulders and presses his chest against her back. Again, this breaks every rule of lap dancing but nobody has been enforcing rules of any kind in this apartment. Certainly not over the last 24 hours.

Carmine begins rubbing Supergirl's shoulders, trying to knead them to loosen her neck and relax her. He might as well have tried to relax a battleship the same way for all that he can do to Supergirl's muscles. But she relaxes her neck slightly on her own and Carmine actually thinks he may have something to do with it. To be politic and to ensure her continued promise of the crack, Supergirl gives her rear a little shimmy as Carmine stands behind her, bends over slightly and nestles his own crotch against her butt. She does it again and both men give small sighs of pleasure at this. Carmine's hands then begin to lightly caress Supergirl's rear, smoothing against its curves in smooth, gliding circles. Without any rules, the two men are now fondling and caressing Supergirl's body with slow steady caresses all over from breasts to thighs, abdomen to hips. Allowing them the freedom, Supergirl circles her torso, then gyrates her pelvis and finally squeezes her thighs together around Sergei's legs, all in an effort to fuel the fire of their passion and bring this humiliation to as quick a conclusion as possible so she can get her crack.

The three little pigs kneeling on the ground near Tony are wide-eyed with wonder, as is Joey Target over near the kitchenette. Without any restraints or kryptonite or rough stuff, the famous Supergirl was grinding away at Tony's Russian associate and the big Italian mobster with her beautiful body and letting them fondle her body and tits without batting an eye! And all so she could have a pipeful of crack! Supergirl really was a genuine 100 percent crack whore!

The threesome of Luiz, Paul and Rico knew she liked the stuff but had no idea she was that hooked! Luiz thought she was doing it mostly cause she'd lost her memory and had swallowed his line about it providing her powers. Turns out he could have fucked her six ways to midnight and she would have let him if he just provided the crack! He'd been a fool and now he was on his knees with the handle end of an aluminum baseball bat shoved up his ass watching what had been his prize giving another man a lap dance and then some!

The famous Maid of Steel lowers her face until it is so close to Sergei's that she can smell the peppermint lifesaver he'd popped into his mouth on his way to the apartment twenty minutes ago.

"Wouldn't you like to kiss me, Sergie," Supergirl breathes softly, her lips grazing lightly against his, her sweet breath mingling with the peppermint of his own.

"Da!" He cranes his neck forward and presses his lips to hers and feels the softness of her mouth seal with his. His tongue slides between her lips and he is surprised to find her own tongue willingly entwining his. She was complying with Tony's instructions on all fronts and Sergei couldn't be harder than he was. She rubs her crotch against his own and continues to kiss him soulfully as his hands squeeze and fondle the firm breasts. Being fully super powered, her breasts give very little, barely dimpling under his hard, firm hands. This disappoints Sergei but her crotch is giving him the best time possible with two layers of clothing between them. Sergei tries to alleviate that situation by suddenly pulling down his fly.

Supergirl pulls back and disengages her mouth from the eager Russian's. "Hey, this was only supposed to be a lap dance. No exposed penises!"

"Incorrect, Supergirl," Tony says from across the room, keeping a steady eye on all three men crouched on the floor beside him. "I said you were starting off with a lap dance but that I wanted a three-way fuck. I can't believe you forgot that!"

"I was hoping you had," she grumbles, as her head is turned looking back toward Tony with a frown. Beneath her, an over-eager Sergei has pulled his rock hard dick out of his pants. He takes the edge of fabric at her crotch and pulls it aside revealing her plump pussy lips. They are gleaming with the pale Vaseline gel that Rico had smeared on her earlier on. She hadn't taken the time to clean it up and Sergei is pleased that she will be greased and easy to enter! He's going to take this heroine and show her how a real man handles his women.

With the sensation of air flowing around her privates, Supergirl immediately turns back toward Sergei with surprise. She sees him guide the tip of his penis into the greased cleft of her lips and realizes he's going to try to drive his penis into her vagina. If she didn't want that, he couldn't get his cock into her with a crowbar, but if he bent his cock in half trying to enter her, things wouldn't go well here for anyone. Sergei would be howling with pain and Tony would probably choose to withhold the crack for her lack of cooperation. So in the fraction of a second she's reasoned all this out, the mighty Maid of Steel consciously relaxes her vaginal muscles to allow Sergei his entry. Just in time, her mighty fibers relent to Sergei's long, hard muscle and he drives himself to the very core of Supergirl's sex.

"Uuunghh," Sergei grunts with satisfaction as he fills the warm passage with his cock and enjoys the sensation of Supergirl's tightness surrounding his prick. He has no idea how close he came to not only losing his erection but the use of his cock for the better part of a week had not Supergirl chosen the path of least resistance to the crack she so desperately craved.

Oblivious to the disaster averted, Sergei begins to pull and push his penis in and out of Supergirl's warm tunnel of love with a heady, animalistic need brought on by her teasing lap dance. As a further courtesy, Supergirl even concentrates and relaxes her legs a bit as they cling around Sergei's legs with firm yet yielding acquiescence.

"Uuuhnn! Nice-size tool there, Sergei," she offers. In for a penny, in for a pound, she thinks.

"Iz my pleasure, I assure you, divooshka," Sergei grunts heavily, his eyes shining with the pleasure of the moment. He thrusts himself upward slightly, penetrating a bit deeper into the warm cleft of Supergirl's vagina, savoring the feel of her heat encircling his member. Unconsciously, his hands rise together and circle her waist, drawing her down onto him, pulling himself deeper into her as he holds her body and savors the sensation of fucking the famous Supergirl.

From behind, Carmine has pulled his own cock out and has Supergirl's breasts in his hands as he holds her upper torso tightly and rubs his exposed penis up and down between the silken valley of her panties. Hard and eager, Carmine is squeezing the blonde heroine's tits with all his strength but she's barely aware of it. She's concentrating on keeping her Kegel muscles loose so she doesn't crush Sergei the way she had Rico. There's no thrill of sensation when she relaxes herself, since Sergei's cock does not have the power of an industrial punch press but the Maid of Steel fakes it for appearances.

"Mmmmh. That feels good."

"Da," Sergei grunts as he continues to pull and push his penis in and out of Supergirl's pussy, holding her body close over him as Carmine tries to get harder and harder rubbing his member between the rock-like spheres of her rear end without much success.

"Pay attention back here, Super slut," growls Carmine. "Where's that soft, world class ass of yours? This is like trying to fuck a rack of bowling balls!"

"Sorry, Carmine," apologizes the blonde heroine. "I'm trying to keep Sergei happy."

"Yeah, well, I outrank him so give me a little tenderness, too, sugar, or no crack for you!"

Bending her head forward and kissing Sergei once again to distract him a bit, the blonde teenage champion swiftly relaxes her buttocks with every bit of attention she can and Carmine sighs happily.

"That's much better." He begins to rub his dick steadily back and forth against the silk panties, his member squeezed between two much softer spheres of flesh. His dick firms up nicely and he pulls aside the crotch of Supergirl's panties, opening it wider than ever. With her balloon knot now clearly in view and all ready greased with Vaseline, Carmine presses the tip of his dick against Supergirl's anus and presses himself forward. Relaxing her sphincter completely, Supergirl allows Carmine entry into her rear without the hint of reluctance. The wide, warm tool presses forward and slowly fills the tunnel within Supergirl's cheeks.

With slow and steady thrusts, Sergei and Carmine enter and withdraw the orifices in Supergirl's crotch at will. Her will and theirs. They savor her warmth as they fill and retreat, fill and retreat in eager, slowly increasing tempos, each man with his own. And the mighty Supergirl allows their sawing thrusts without any retaliation and with only the slightest encouragement. She is concentrating on keeping all her muscles relaxed even as she contemplates the glowing bowl of crack cocaine that will be payment for this debasement. And through it all Tony watches with pleasure. Supergirl was his and she was back! And to prove the point beyond a shadow of a doubt, he steps forward, walks around behind the seated Sergei and stands before Supergirl, looking down at the top of her head.

The blonde beauty is still giving Sergei a deep, soulful kiss even as her ass and pussy are being pounded away at by the ever-increasingly eager cocks of two delighted Mafia mobsters. And now Tony is feeling a bit aroused at the very thought of this powerful adversary of his who is about to willingly and literally bow before him to suck his cock!

Before him however, the mighty teenage dynamo feels no passion, no irrepressible stimulation, no flighty swells of erotic thrill as the two penises continue to plunder her treasures. Just because she has relaxed her muscles doesn't mean she's relaxed her guard. Emotionally, she's riding on an ocean of conflicting feelings. At one moment she is riding in the trough of a wave of anger at having to allow these two bastards the pleasure of despoiling her, the next moment she is at the crest of a immense swell of thrilling expectation of how the crack will fill a different hole of hers, the yawning mouth of a fiery dragon that demands its due in untold pleasures of a crack high. She knows the madness of her need but she can do nothing to stop it or lessen the steely grip of its long talons. And the dragon's voice seems to match Tony's who calmly instructs the mighty heroine to bend over and suck his cock. Sergei slides lower in the couch to facilitate this and before she even realizes her complicity in her own damnation, Supergirl bends over Sergei's head. His mouth begins to chew at her nipples under her blouse even as she does, and the blonde champion bows low and stretches forward to meet Tony's exposed cock only inches from her now opening mouth.

Holding his dick up between his thumb and forefinger for her convenience, Tony watches eagerly as Supergirl opens wide and takes the tip of his long hard member into her mouth and sucks firmly at it like the willing whore she has become. Once again the three thugs on the floor are astonished to see the famous heroine willingly bow to this Mafia kingpin and take his cock in her mouth without a whimper of protest.

This is too much for Luiz, the brains of the outfit. "Fuck man! And we had her doing that for us before we got stupid and started screwing around! Paulie, are you seeing this."

"Shut the fuck up, Luiz. We had our shot and blew it. Stop your fuckin' whining!"

"All of you clam up!" Carmine shouts not even looking back at them. "If you know what's good for you, you won't say shit about this to anyone."

"Not a word," Rico pipes in. "Not a fuckin' word!"

But Tony has other ideas. He rubs salt in the wounds of the trio on the floor watching the scene before them in amazement. "As I said, gentlemen, all it would have taken was a little crack provided on a steady basis and you three morons could have been doing this for the last 24 hours," Tony goads. "How stupid do you three feel now?" Paul tries to stand up and Tony pulls his gun.

"Easy there, big guy. You don't want extra holes in you that don't belong there."

"Fuck you, Tony, or whatever your name is. You're going to kill us when this is over anyway. I'm through with this shit!" Paul reaches around and grabs the tennis racket handle and pulls the equipment out of his ass with a yank and a grunt. "If I'm dyin', I'm doin' it like a man!"

"Fine by me," Tony says and raises his right hand quickly. Carmine leans immediately away and turns his head, knowing the sound is going to hurt like a sonofabitch. Tony shoots Paul in the head from seven feet away and indeed, the sound reverberates off the apartment walls as the body of the big man collapses backward in a heap. Luiz shakes his head and trembles in his crouch on the floor.

"Stupid fuck," he mumbles. "Paulie, you stupid fuck."

"Anybody else feeling brave?" Tony aims at Luiz and Rico and then over at Joey Target.

The three remaining Bronx bums say nothing.

"Back at it there, Supergirl," Tony commands and the Maid of Steel starts sucking him off again as her rear end and vagina are steadily pounded away at by Sergei and Carmine. The blonde champion just wants it all to be over now. She's sick of death and men trying to prove themselves to her or to themselves! She quickly grasps Tony's shaft and slathers her tongue over and around the glans of his cock with relentless attention. Her body is held up and in place by Carmine's grip on her tits and Sergei's hold on her hips. She's not going anyplace this threesome doesn't want her to go.

But Tony is not satisfied with Supergirl's performance. She is too cold. Much too remote. He wants her to be tamed emotionally as well as physically. Sliding his right hand in his suit pocket, he removes a dull gray bag. He puts the gun in his belt for a moment, shakes out a thin glowing green strap that draws a moan from the blonde champion sucking his cock. In seconds, he fastens this around Supergirl's neck and pulls the gun from his waist and aims it back at the two men kneeling on the floor.

Supergirl has stopped sucking on Tony's dick and now her chin rests wearily against the back of the couch, her eyes clouded and dull by the reaction to the poisonous kryptonite choker clinging to her throat.

"I figured you'd want to enjoy the sex as much as the rest of us, Supergirl. No thank you's are necessary," Tony states with wry blandness.

Indeed, the small choker has drained the mighty heroine of her powers so that she can now feel all the sensations of the two men thrusting away at her. Her vagina and ass are repeatedly being filled and emptied, packed to the brim and voided again and again, the friction creating waves within her now that she'd been impervious to only a minute before.

"Let's go, Linda. Back to sucking my dick. This time with feeling! Pick it up a little, fellas, that gunshot might have brought trouble. Although I doubt it in this neighborhood."

And all three men now have at the famous blonde with renewed gusto. There is a flurry of pushing and pulling, squeezing and mauling. The weakened teenaged wonder is bumped about and degraded with innumerable caresses that now bring her senses to heights of pleasure she is having difficulty containing. Tony does not even let her suck slowly on him now. Instead, he cradles her face in his hands and thrusts away at her mouth with constant, relentless strokes that her lips barely touch. His penis dives deep into her throat again and again, it's tip grazing the back of her tongue, the back of her throat and the insides of her cheeks in its piston-like force. It is all she can do not to gag or lose consciousness. From behind her, Carmine has her in a bearhug, with his large hands clasped around her breasts even as he thrusts away at her ass. And Sergei is no slouch beneath her. His hands hold her hips as he drives his cock in and out of her pussy with unending determination. The friction from the large, hot shafts thrusting in and out of her body is far too much for the dazed and defenseless blonde champion to withstand. The whimpering and moaning heroine can endure the pleasurable wave within her not one second longer and her vision goes white with ecstacy as she succumbs to one of the most intense orgasms of her life. Her spasms bring her partners with her and all three men fill Supergirl with their cum. It squirts within her rear, shoots deep within her vagina and spills torrents down her throat. And this in turn pushes Supergirl into a second paroxysm of delight which pulls more semen from the men's cocks with jerking gratitude.

Seeing what he believes to be an opening, Rico jolts to his feet and makes it as far as the front door before a bullet from Tony's gun finds his back. The body crashes hard against the door and bounces backward before sprawling with arms akimbo on the cold wooden floor. The door itself is splattered with the blood from the bullet's exit wound from Rico's chest.

Once again Luiz shakes his head and Joey Target actually slides off his stool in a dead faint and thumps noisily to the floor.

After half a minute of heavy breathing and coming back to reality, Tony calmly says, "Did I make my point, Luiz?" He looks down at the man as he puts his dick away. Sergei and Carmine tuck themselves away and help a dazed Supergirl to her feet. She looks at the two dead bodies of Rico and Paul and feels surprisingly little. But that is a combination of all she's been through over the past 25 hours.

"You made your point, sir. Please. Do not kill me. I will tell no one what has happened here. Ever. You have my word, Mr. Bonano. On my mother's life."

"I don't think I can trust you, Luiz. What do you say, Sergei? Can we trust Luiz here to keep a secret?"

"Nyet," Sergei says. He pulls his own gun and shoots Luiz in the stomach without pausing at all. Supergirl jerks in surprise at this and takes a step back in shock. The jerking Luiz looks down at his stomach with surprise and then resignation. "I didn't think it would go well with me," he says and collapses weakly on his knees. Sergei puts a second bullet into his head and Luiz's body jerks off to the right into a heap on the floor.

"What about Joey?" Carmine nods at the crack dealer lying on the floor unconscious but not dead.

"He's got a habit, right?" Tony is thinking.

"Yup," Carmine answers.

"Well, he's got to go, too, then. Linda and I are going to wait out in the hall," Tony says. "Wipe the place down, Sergei, and make it look like a drug deal gone bad. The only loose end is the bartender."

"He's cool, Ton. We can work with him, in fact. He might agree to be Joey's replacement."

"Whatever you say, Carm. I trust you. Let's go get some air, Linda. It's been a long day for you."

"I can't let this go, Tony. No matter what they did to me. I will bring you to justice one day, somehow," the blonde heroine murmurs with little conviction.

"Whatever. Let's get you home and get you that double bowl of primo crack."

"Yes, that would be good," she replies woodenly. Numb.

"Hurry it up, fellas. We got a phone call to make in just 38 minutes."

End of Chapter 45

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 45