Supergirl Captured by the Mob 49  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 49 - A Bad Time in Brooklyn

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia and Don Lupenzo are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

The famous red and blue-clad blonde heroine stretched out on the thinly-cushioned bondage table is not feeling well at all. And she doesn't look so good right now either. Her face is ashen and drawn. Her once beautiful blue eyes are now dulled to a flat insensibility, her eyelids heavy, the pupils drifting. Her soft young lips are slightly parted with the tongue barely poking out with slack confusion.

Her famous blue and red costume is all wrong, too, off-color in a pathetic tawdriness that mocks the champion wearing it. The threadbare red cloth cape that hangs off the table is unraveling noticeably at the edges, stray threads everywhere. The wrinkled "S" emblem on her chest is a faded red on a pale yellow diamond background. It is stiff with pale white streaks. Her round, ample breasts are all too prominent because the shirt is at least one size too small. The nipples while not excited are still more than obvious. What's more, the seams of the shirt are pulling apart so the soft flesh of her waist is peeking through the gaps. Supergirl's skirt, only a slightly brighter red than the emblem, is also coated with old yellowish and pale white stains that are so stiff they crudely distort the natural drape of the thin fabric. The tacky skirt is also so short that her shiny, silky red panties are blatantly exposed. This is the brightest red of her outfit, being from her original costume. The color difference only serves to heighten the shocking indignity that such a tawdry uniform now clads such a famous champion.

Drifting in a dulled stupor on her back with her wrists and ankles tightly buckled by thick leather, Supergirl issues a long slow moan as she tries to bring her formidable willpower to bear. She has heard the meaty sound of fist hitting flesh and dull loud thumps along with cries of alarm and soft whimpers of pain. But she is so tired and confused by heavy waves of weakness and clenching pain in her rear end that she doesn't have the strength to break the frustrating restraints.

She knows this crippling sensation all too well: kryptonite poisoning. And she has a very nasty case of it right now. This wasn't a low-grade maintenance-level sort of uneasy tiredness going on here. This was a grinding, gut-wrenching ache type of dosing; one that drew breathy gasps and heavy wincing every half minute and sapped away every bit of her strength. It made her too sick to focus on anything for more than a half a minute or so before another wave hit. It was certainly much too severe to help the nearby moaning voice that sounds achingly familiar. As Supergirl turns her head slowly, her cheek presses against the cushion and she looks blearily off to the side. She sees a big blonde man sitting on a wooden crate. His back is to her and he is arching his back and pushing his pelvis forward. Sergei? Yes, that is his name. But what is he doing and what is he saying?

"That's it, Princess. Run that pink tongue of yours all up and down my prick. Make me hot, Diana."

Prick? Did he say prick? And Diana?

"" The blonde whispers hoarsely. It was an effort to even form words to talk.

"Quiet down over there, slut. Your friend and I are to be sharing quality time right now. This doesn't concern you."


"...Yeth, Kawa..."


"Did I say you could speak, Wonder Whore? Now stick out that pretty pink tongue of yours and start licking again. And pick up the pace."

"...don't...Sergei...Stop...this..." Kara pleads.

"Hush, davooshka!" Sergei snaps out his warning.

Supergirl can't see Diana from where she is but Sergei's comments tell her exactly what's going on. She feels sick with frantic helplessness. If only she could pull her wrists out from these damn.....

"AAGHH!" Supergirl yelps from a particularly harsh spike of pain in her rear. If she could get hemorrhoids, she supposed this was what it would feel like. "...ohhhh..." she moans through clenched teeth. Then tries again. "Puh...leeze...Sergei..I...beg you...don't...."

"STEVIE! Come in here now and please to stuff a ball gag in Supergirl's yammering pie hole. I can't hear myself think with all her whining!"

" strong...yur...a...a...Amazon....warrior...."

"Yes, a beautiful Amazon warrior who is very busy lapping up my cock sweat like a poodle right now. So she does not have time for your silliness, my little Kryptonian rag doll. STEVIE! COME NOW!"

"Kawa....on't whuwhee...I...amb...okay...I...don't...."


Wonder Woman's face stings from Sergei's two hard slaps to her face, palm and backhand in quick succession.

"I am telling you one final time. No talking, bitch. Just licking! STEFANO! Where the fuck are you?"

"Take it easy. Sergei. I'm on the case!" Stevie breezes into the room and heads for the bondage table on which the helpless Maid of Steel is tightly cinched. "I was just changing over disks to be sure we capture all the wonderful new footage we'll be getting today from our lovely two guests here. Fortunately I was turning on the equipment, saw you on the monitor and was able to catch your first act with Wonder Woman. I don't want to pump sunshine up your skirt, Diana, but you could be hearing Oscar nomination whispers for your heart-wrenching display of shameful submission.

"" mumbles Supergirl, "don't...give in...fight back...."

"Stevie, I am losing my erection with all this talk." He swings his arm wide and points his finger dramatically at Supergirl. "Put a cork in that one so I can put my cork in this one!"

"Well, Supergirl," Stevie says as he circles the grimacing Maid of Steel, "you look just awful. Is that kryptonite filled-buttplug making you all sick and helpless?"

"...too...much..." She softly wheezes out . "...could"

"Nice try, shortcake," Stevie says as he opens a drawer in the table and pulls out a bright pink ball gag with black vinyl straps, "but I don't think that'll happen for at least and hour or so. So we're good, right?"

With a sudden move forward, Stevie pins the blonde teen hero's head sideways into the cushion with one hand while his other squeezes on her jaw's pressure point, easily forcing Kara to open her mouth widely.

"AIEEYEAH!" she yelps and he immediately shoves the wide pink ball into her mouth.


He fastens the velcro strap quickly behind her head and the famous blonde champion is effectively silenced, her white teeth sinking into the smooth, wide rubber ball, her eyes wide in shock. She had been so easily dispatched! She is deeply resentful but the radiation drains much of her anger away into despair. Weakness and humiliation abound in this awful room. It is the way of the world. Tony's world.

"And now, for your crack, honeybun," Stevie says, taking a needle from the small locked drawer in the table that he just keyed open and pulled out. Supergirl's eyes go wide with an odd mix of anger and thrilling anticipation. She is an addict and the sweet music of her need is a tune that makes her heart beat a little faster. Stevie squirts the tiniest bit of solution out to ensure there are no bubbles in the syringe and gently sticks the needle against a small vein on Supergirl's pale green neck. There is definite resistance there as the skin is slowly regaining its invulnerability. Stevie calmly presses harder and the needle point suddenly disappears into the vein. With a steady slow push, the plunger sends the clear liquid on its way deep into the wide-eyed blonde's tensed, anxious body.

Ten seconds later, Supergirl's body goes slack, her eyelids flutter and she lets out a very long, satisfied moan. For now, very strong crack trumps the painful effects of kryptonite radiation.

"Keep the customer satisfied," Stevie says, the Paul Simon tune drifting through his thoughts. "You know, I think I will lower the level of kryptonite in her buttplug," Stevie says softly to himself. "She might not be faking it."

"Do what you want," Sergei says, turning away from the scene to look down at Wonder Woman, "The two of us can now get back to our games in peace. Where were we, Princess? Ah yes, you were licking my dick. Continue again from the beginning!"

While a defeated and cowed Wonder Woman slowly slides her tongue out to meet the wide warm head of the now flaccid penis resting on the blood-smeared plywood, Sergei reaches over to the cheap plastic tiara clasped into Wonder Woman's hair. He pulls it out without hesitation, and strangely, the raven-haired heroine who is licking on this gangster's penis like a willing whore is struck by a soul-searing despair. Yes, it's a stupid fake tiara that means nothing but the very act of it bites deep into Wonder Woman's soul. As she slowly guides her tongue along the veiny shaft of growing flesh, the willpower of the famous Champion of All Women takes a mortal wound that is expressed by a soft, choking whimper. The beating, the agonizing withdrawal pains and the knowledge that one of the most powerful beings in the universe is helplessly drugged and bound not eight feet away is taking a terrible toll on Diana's willpower.

Sergei casually tosses the tiara on the floor, loving the power of the moment. He then reaches over to Diana's head and runs his fingers deeply into her hair. He palms the back of her head and forces her face closer to his groin.

"A little closer, Princess. Make friends with it!"

Wonder Woman can do nothing but comply. Devastated, heartsick and nauseous from her need for heroin, the shivering beauty slowly slides her tongue around and around the fat pink head of Sergei's cock, obediently licking away at the steadily growing member that seems to be reaching out to her like a plant bending to the light.

Over on the bondage table, a limp Supergirl is having her crotch carefully attended to by Stevie. He is carefully and gently working the buttplug out of her ass. The cylindrical handle with its bulbous knob at the end has been pulled out from the depths of Kara's clenched ass. Only the conical end is still buried in her butt. After unscrewing the knob, Stevie slides a hand under Supergirl's back and lifts her up slightly. The angle is just enough so the thick green slime can slowly ooze out the cylindrical handle into a small paper plate that Stevie has placed between Supergirl's thighs. Judging about half the slime has drained out, Stevie lowers Supergirl back down and screws the knob back on the buttplug. He then pushes the sex toy deeper into the Maid of Steel's rear, drawing a moan from the barely conscious blonde.

"There, that should keep you out of trouble without killing you," Stevie declares. "Now let's ratchet up the pleasure factor here. Tony wants you entertained and compliant so he said whatever makes you happy for the next 24 hours or so is just what the doctor ordered. So this doctor is ordering one very exciting dildo. Kneeling down, Stevie reaches into the bottom drawer and pulls out a monstrous dildo. He holds it up so Supergirl can see the huge sex toy.

"Look what I have for you, Supergirl: Marvelous Marvin! He's missed you. Have you missed him?"

The palest of smiles glimmers on the heavily-doped Supergirl's lips, twitching with their erotic synapses of pleasure from deep within her fevered brain. Even dulled to a thick-headed stupidity by the crack and the kryptonite, Supergirl still recalls the name and the affect of Marvelous Marvin. Her body shivers with anticipation that Stevie notices and smiles at.

"You have missed him. Why you little slut!"

Across the room, Sergei begins complaining angrily as he holds Wonder Woman's head by a clump of her hair in his fist, keeping her in place as she lethargically laps at his prick.

"No, no, you dumb bitch! Faster still. You are barely keeping me erect with your shy little schoolgirl technique. Kiss it and lick it like a true whore, Wonder Woman, or your blonde friend dies. Now put that famous Amazon energy into it."

"'On't ' fabous power...belt, Sergei. Doo sick...doh enerdjee."

"So, you're getting cute again, huh, bitch? Clever now? I have clever for you. Watch this and learn something, skank. You will see who has the control here."

Releasing her hair, Sergei shoves Wonder Woman backward so that her head bangs into the top edge of the plywood crate, bringing tears to her eyes, a tiny cut to her head and a dizzy befuddled look on her face as she slumps helplessly inside the box, tightly trussed with her bound hands in her lap. Dazed and weak, the shivering heroin-deprived Amazon helplessly watches Sergei with a blooming flame of fear in her heart.

Sergei strides over toward a moaning Maid of Steel laying bound and helpless on the table. Stevie has pushed the Y-shaped lower end of the table together and pulled the blonde heroine's skirt up so it covers her waist and uncovers her panties. The young thug stands off to the side, leaning against the wall just watching Supergirl's excitement build before him. He is savoring the unrelenting, helpless pleasure that he has engineered in her.

There is a dark vibrating bulge sticking out from the crotch of the teen's red silk panties. The very end of the 14-inch Marvelous Marvin dildo is creating a web of crease lines that show the strain of the fabric to contain the device. Because Supergirl had not been all that excited when he pressed the wide hard pink shaft into her pussy, the dildo is not embedded into Supergirl's vagina as deeply as it had been on the last occasion it was used. Still, the motorized hum, the steady moans and the look of complete rapture on the blonde heroine's ball-gagged face tells Sergei all he needs to know about Supergirl's mental status. It is nil! She is wriggling in place, her breasts rising and falling rapidly in excitement, her nipples stretching out the tight blue fabric as yet another wave of delicious arousal builds quickly within her. The crack, the kryptonite buttplug and the huge dildo have reduced the mighty teenage champion to a drooling, defenseless, jerking wreck of a girl. She is no more aware or capable of protecting herself than a newborn kitten.

Reaching into the side pocket of his sport coat, Sergei lies, "I was hoping I would not be needing this," then pulls out a wire with two wooden dowels at the ends. He walks behind Supergirl's head and immediately loops this tool around the throat of the whimpering blonde, pulling tight on the dowels. Just as he does this, Supergirl's mind is overwhelmed with absolute pleasure and she clearly exhibits all the splendor of a full-bore major orgasm: her body rocks with uncontrollable spasms, drool flies off in all directions, her white teeth gnash at the rubber ball gag, the plastic heels of her cheap knock-off boots thump mindlessly within the tight leather restraints, and her head bangs against the cushioned pads as Sergei tightens the wire even more.

"GGLLGGKKK!" Supergirl chokes loudly as the thin wire cuts off her air supply.

"So, now you see how it is with you. If your blonde bosom buddy enjoys herself too much, jerks too suddenly, she might choke to death. Bad, nyet?"

"Doh!" Wonder Woman calls out in fear, her broken nose still slurring her speech. "Please don'd do id. I will do bedder. Cub back, I will do bedder!" She is crying openly. She couldn't let Kara die through her stubborn pride. While she doubted Sergei would kill Supergirl outright, any sudden, hard jerking orgasm could do major damage with that razor thin wire around her throat.

"Yes, you will do much better. I will put my cock in your mouth. I feel any teeth on my dick, Supergirl dies, yes? You get me, Amazon whore? We have an understanding now?"

"Yes, Sergei. I will please you. Cub back here and let be do id for you." Diana's voice is a shaky quaver of fear, thick with blood from her nose."

"Good, yes. Stevie, please come and take this garrotte. Keep it loose but be watchful of how Wonder Woman acts. Also, be careful every time that this famous blonde slut marks her panties with the pungent juices of her unrestrained pleasure. We do not want her to be dying unnecessarily."

Stevie nods, pulls up a steel folding chair to the head of the table and sits down. He then takes the wood dowels in hand and waits, turning his head to look at Wonder Woman with a wide grin. "You can go to work, Wonder Woman. Supergirl's life is in good hands."

The famous Amazon princess is psychologically devastated. Backed into a corner by cruel, brutal tactics, her sickened body's desperate need for heroin and Sergei's heartless willingness to destroy such a noble creature as Kara, Diana is a lost and beaten spirit. The symbolic removal of her fake tiara, the threat to Supergirl's life, the shame of her willing compliance to orally satisfy this beast: It all pushes the dagger so deep into the Morality of Justice as Diana sees it, that she doesn't know or care what she will do now. Suck cock. Take it up the ass. Steal from her friends. It's all open season on what's right from here on out! There doesn't seem to be any greater good worth fighting for since it's all negotiable. Everything. Even her defiance about shooting up heroine. It's now all on the table for discussion.

As Sergei walks back toward the slouching Amazon beauty, he sees in Kara's eyes the look of a frightened bird that has lost its way and flown through an open window into a room where a menagerie of hungry cats prowls the floor and leaps high up the walls. Diana is this bird fluttering and flapping wildly in panic at the ceiling of this hellish room. Sergei sees this clearly in her eyes.

He sits down facing her on the plywood crate top and pulls the tightly bound heroine forward toward him, arranging her so her upper body lies across the top of the crate, her breasts smearing through the puddle of her own blood. What did it matter to her. The uniform was a cheap imitation and so, apparently now, so is she. She opens her mouth wide and Sergei edges forward, his penis now out and half erect from this wonderful power play.

"Let's get this party started," he beams and reaches for Wonder Woman's head with both palms spread wide in a gathering motion that makes the nervous, cowed heroine flinch with fear.

It is just past six o'clock on Monday evening at the Pleasure Dome. The crowd is thin yet with kickoff time for the Monday Night Football game still a good two hours away. A few couples enjoy dinner in the restaurant area, trying to talk over the sound of the big screen TV set up at the end of the room. If they think this is loud, they're not going to want to be here when the game starts and the place really starts jumping with loud drunken revelers and shrieking, laughing girls.

A couple of young black college guys are at the bar getting an early start on their beer buzz. Wearing football jerseys, one with a blue Giants Taylor and the other with a green Jets Klecko, they're snacking on the salty popcorn in wooden bowls set before them. It's a proven fact that popcorn, one of the cheapest snacks on the planet when not bought in movie theaters will increase the night's liquor tab a neat 6.5 percent. The house doesn't lose money in any phase of its operation. And if any phase doesn't perform as expected, it goes away or changes in some way until it does perform.

The two guys are drinking draft Blue Moon beer. Up until now, they've been discussing the only two things that college guys really care about. Sports and pussy. That conversation wraps up for the moment. The two of them are feeling good, having made it out of the mean streets of the South Bronx, so they begin celebrating that fact by now trying to "out-hood" the other with scary tales of street danger, even though both got off lightly in their escape from the hood. Hell, neither one of them even has a scar.

"I was so pissin' scared that time that Ernie Blount cornered me in the locker room in high school. But I wasn't going to take any more of his shit. I was fed up, ya' know. Shit, no jackoff dude with a thyroid condition is going to back me down, you hear me."

"I do. I hear you."

"I was ready to dance whatever way he came at me, you feel me?"

"I surely do. I feel you."

Carmine glides past the two frat house fakes and surveys his territory for the twentieth time in the last forty minutes. Everything was clean as a whistle with no tricks or gimmicks in place at all. No watered beer. No card readers shadowed with capture devices to steal credit information and feed it to the storage computer upstairs. That whole setup had been disconnected hours ago and driven to Jersey by Tony in his Escalade. Likewise the two rigged slot machines and the rigged roulette wheel from the casino. Tonight, everything was going to be regular house odds and no better.

Hell, if they couldn't make money that way, they didn't deserve to be in business anyway. Especially with Monday Night Football tilting the take into the $75,000 range. And this was a poor neighborhood. In Atlantic City a night's take in even a mediocre bar on the boardwalk on a Monday night in football season could rake in twice that. Of course, tonight's raid would certainly cut that $75,000 down considerably, especially if it ran long. It was Carmine's job tonight to make sure things went as smoothly as possible, hence, his tight facial muscles, grim demeanor and nervous prowling of his domain for the past two hours. It was anybody's guess when the cops would show. The pool among the employees had the heaviest money on 9:25 or so, just about halftime when the heavy spending kicked into overdrive. Cops could be real dicks when they put their mind to it.

Carmine sighed and headed for the casino to talk to the pit bosses about the cordial behavior he expected from them this evening. It could be a long, hard night.

Diana's long hard night is shifting into its own overdrive with a vengeance. Her mouth is tightly wrapped around the head of Sergei's cock, sucking on it with powerful draws of her sunken cheeks as her now unbound hands work their slow, twisting way up and down his shaft. Still bound tightly by blue nylon rope from her waist to her ankles, the sprawled heroine lies with her head in between a seated Sergei's widely-spread thighs as she desperately tries to please him. With so little experience at blowjobs, it is not going well for Wonder Woman, or Sergei for that matter.

"Aghh!" Sergei winces as Diana twists her hands too hard on his erection, pulling skin in places it should not go. "You are such a pathetic skank, you can't even get me off with your hands untied," Sergei blusters at her with frustration. "'Oh, let me hold your penis in my hands,' you said. 'I will show you fireworks,' you claimed. Well, it's been ten minutes and you haven't done squat, you miserable excuse for a woman. No fireworks, no sparklers, not even a fucking match flame have you lit here, bitch! Have you no man in your life who you give oral pleasure to?"

"Of course dot!" Wonder Woman's nose continues to garble her words. "I am saving byself for marriage when the dime is right."

"I have the deepest regrets for your unsuspecting husband, Wonder Woman. His wedding night will be a hellish surprise. Although I suppose he could always jerk off in your mighty tits. Would you let him do that, Diana. Would you at least give him the satisfaction of fucking your tits?"

"Dhat is doh bidness of yours."

"Will you let me jerk off in your tits then, you stupid cow?"

"Doh! I would dever..." Seeing the scowl on Sergei's face, Diana stops in mid-sentence. The Russian mobster is getting very angry and he looks at Stevie, jerking his fist sharply in a "Choke Her Now" gesture.

"Doh! Don't hurd her! You can do id," Diana rapidly shakes her head up and down. "You can jerk off in my breads," she says more softly, blushing from words she never thought would come from her mouth.

"Is that a fact? Well maybe we're getting somewhere. Why don't you just pull down that fabric chicken covering your teats and let me get a good look at them. It's been a while since I've seen them."


The interruption causes both Sergei and Diana to turn and look at the source of the noise. Laying on the table in a stupefied funk, the helpless Supergirl is being overwhelmed by yet another surging wave of ecstacy that shakes her body, flings drool everywhere and further dampens the dark red crotch of her panties. The wire is now held very loosely by Stevie who had only pulled the wire slightly at Sergei's motion a moment ago. After a thumping noisy thirty seconds, Supergirl's body slows it frantic jerks and sags into blissful calm for now. This is her sixth orgasm. Stevie says he's going to the refrigerator in the control room and get her some juice to keep the sweating heroine from completely dehydrating.

Waving him off to his chore, Sergei turns his attention back to Diana.

"Do not think that just because the noose is not held in Stevie's hands that you have any kind of chance to escape here, Wonder Woman. I could be killing you six different ways before you got close enough to hurt me. Now pull down your top, then get up on your forearms and shake those massive teats so they jiggle and bounce for me!"

Lowering her eyes in shameful obedience, a world-weary, drawn Wonder Woman does a one-arm pushup, her palm flat against the plywood. Using her other hand, she grasps the stained and wrinkled golden fabric eagle and slowly pulls down her top. Her heavy breasts bob out immediately and shimmy slightly in front of a smiling Sergei. Wonder Woman merely stays in place, both elbows now locked, both palms flat against the wood.

Full and lively, Diana's breasts never fail to draw the breath of any watching male. They are beautifully formed with large, caramel-colored nipples. Gravity seems to have ignored them as they face forward in a naturally uplifted position. Sergei licks his lips at the gorgeous pair of knockers facing him.

"Come on, beautiful. Shake 'em up. Let me see them dance."

Diana reluctantly gives a little shake of her upper body and the lively display of spheres in physical motion is a wonder to behold. Dancing nipples, rubber balloons at play and the soft slap of fleshy weights against each other is almost enough to get Sergei hard without laying a finger on her. But then, of course, he does; a whole hand in fact, cupped beneath her chest and lifting up her right breast. He gently plies the supple flesh with wonder, enjoying the sensation of having this marvelous creation filling his hand with its soft warmth. He puts his other hand over her left breast and fondles her slowly, teasingly. Finally looking up, he meets Diana's eyes and sees only the expectation of pain. The fear of sudden physical abuse. Sergei finally feels he has at last subdued the Amazon. To fortify his lesson, he gives her what she expects, sliding his palms up and taking both nipples in between his thumbs and forefingers. He squeezes very hard, drawing a gasp of pain.

"A little sensitive are we?"

"Doh! Djes. I don'd doh."

Sergei moves his entire body forward on the crate lid, coming up tightly against Diana so her face is staring at his chest. Smiling now, he takes a wallet out of his pocket and withdraws a thick wad of cash. He tosses the wallet off to the side on the floor and then turns back to Wonder Woman.

"Okay, Amazon whore, now I want you to do as I am instructing you, but there's no reason you shouldn't get paid for servicing me. Here's ten dollars" he says, peeling off a bill. He reaches down, pulls on the waistband of Wonder Woman's blue-starred panties and thrusts the money deep into her panties, plastering the bill against her sweaty pelvis. He then lets the panties snap back. "Now, lower yourself down, Amazon whore, so I can slide my cock between these gorgeous teats and titty fuck you."

Silently, the mighty Champion of All Women does as she is told. The new bill crinkles noisily as she bends her elbows and shifts her body so her breasts are directly in front of Sergei's penis. Pale-faced, her eyes downcast, a trembling Diana prostrates herself before the big Russian mobster.

"Excellent," Sergei chuckles. He then peels off another crisp new ten and folds it in half lengthwise. This time he pulls on the back of Wonder Woman's costume panties, stretching them out wide and displaying the crack of her wide, wobbling ass. He slowly pushes the new bill into cleavage of the Amazon's butt cheeks, letting the moment of humiliation linger in the air like the sound of a distant bell growing dim. Sergei lets go of the waistband and it retracts back with a dull snap.

"Now you are to push your teats together with your palms like so, da? You get it?"

Looking up at the bearded blonde Russian with his angular face and hostile eyes staring her down, Diana simply nods, mortified. She complies with his instructions compressing her large breasts together, creating a huge cleavage.

"Very nice."

In the control room, Stevie has stopped at the monitor, the bottle of water in his hands for Supergirl. He sees the scenario of what Sergei is doing and decides to work the cameras for the best angles on this incredible tableau. Supergirl will have to wait. This is too good to miss. He puts down the water and takes charge of his equipment with practiced precision. He closes in on the massive cleavage of Wonder Woman's chest as her palms squeeze her melons together with grim obedience. Backing off to mid-shot, Stevie captures the image of Sergei letting a large amount of spit drain out of his mouth into the cleavage.

"We are needing some lubrication, whore, and your sweaty tits are not quite enough. Be thankful I have not used your own blood for this. Now let them separate so I can put my dick between them. Oh, wait. Your money. He stuffs another ten into Wonder Woman's lowered tunic, the new bill pasted to her sweaty back, rustling against the coarse fabric as he places it there..

"....uuuhhhnnnnnn.....ohhhhh.....aaahhhhhh......" Off to the side, a moaning Supergirl serves to remind Diana of the reason for her subservience. A surge of anger at the foolish blonde wells within her for a moment.

Diana lets go of her breasts and they flop and bounce softly against the plywood, against each other and against the flesh of Sergei's cock. It stiffens with the effect and he shifts his pelvis forward, sliding the wide penis between the wobbling spheres.

"Could this be heaven?" Sergei jokes as he casually balls up a twenty and stuffs it into the back of Diana's tunic. More crinkling, more shame.

Suddenly Sergei's nose twitches and he scowls deeply.

"You have farted?"

"....yes..." a soft reply from the horrified heroine. "...deed to use duh doilet...badly..."

"This is terrible timing!"

"...sowwy...." her mumbled response.

"You must wait. Hold it in. Here is more money. Hold it in!" Sergei balls up another twenty and angrily thrusts it into the seat of Wonder Woman's panties.

The mortification of having money stuffed into her underpants, of being paid to control her bodily functions creates a yawning cavity of despair in Diana and she begins to whimper and cry. She has never felt lower in her life. Ever. Wide silver tears drain down her cheeks. A stream of them from both eyes.

"Good! We can use the lubrication." The heartless Russian swipes at her face and rubs the salty wetness between her tits. Then thrusts his cock between them and commands the whimpering woman to squeeze her tits together again.

Bent in half, with her torso pressed against the plywood crate lid, Wonder Woman presses her breasts together as told and Sergei begins to slide his penis up and down between the massive fleshy orbs. There is just enough lubrication to make it work.

"Mmmmmhh...." The Russian emits a low throaty moan of pleasure. "This is good. Very good." His dick is hard and he is happy as he leans back on his arms, one palm flat against the plywood, the other fisted with cash. He picks up the pace, thrusting his hips up and down.

"Look down, slut!"

Diana looks down at her chest and sees the swollen pink tip of Sergei's cock poking up from between her breasts. Then it disappears, sliding into the darkness of the huge cleavage. It reappears and disappears several times. The defeated Princess of Themyscira watches in dulled horror as she feels the hard sliding rod rub up and down between her lovely breasts. Breasts she treasured with great pride. Now they were mere sexual toys for a beastly, heartless man. And she was a willing partner in the act. It tears at her soul to know this and she shivers harshly with the truth burned into her memory.

Naturally, Sergei mistakes the shiver for sexual pleasure and says, "So you are getting into the fun, da?"

"Doh!" Diana denies vehemently.

"Well, you will. And now. Here." The stern-faced Russian sits forward and takes a crisp new fifty from his diminishing stack of bills. He crumples it up slowly, deliberately in the face of the palsied, tear-stained heroin-craving champion, then pushes the balled currency into the pile of money stuffed into the seat of her panties. Stevie goes in for a closeup of the bulging wad of cash in Wonder Woman's costume panties, then pulls back. He ups the level on the sound a bit to catch all the crinkling money and soft, shamed responses of the defeated champion laid out before Sergei like a temple offering.

"Now, Champion of All Whores, bend your head down and suck on my dick every time it appears between your teats!"

"...doh..." A horrified Diana gasps in shock. She had thought she had reached the nadir of her life. She was wrong. There were levels below here that Sergei would only be too happy to guide her through.


The bitch-slapped heroine's face snaps sideways. It stings with raw pain.

"Do it!"

Tossing the rest of the bills away in a fluttering shower of drifting green paper, Sergei scowls at the Amazon princess with fiery dominance. "Stevie! I think you should be coming back now so as to remind our reluctant Amazon guest about what is at stake here."

Setting the recording equipment on automatic and hoping for the best, Stevie quickly moves into the room, striding up to the limp blonde heroine strapped to the table. Her entire tawdry red and blue costume is soaked with sweat. The thin, damp fabric clings to her skin everywhere displaying her incredible body's supple muscles, muscles that are pathetically weak from kryptonite poisoning. Small stray blonde strands of Supergirl's hair are plastered to her forehead with a sheen of sweat.

Moaning and writhing with a deep sexual thrill, the flutter-eyed teenage heroine is on the verge of yet another orgasm. The looped wire with its wooden dowels still hangs around her neck, bobbing lightly. Stevie takes the wood handles in his hands and pulls the wire taut in a slow display of determination. Across the room, Diana's eyes are locked on Stevie's purposeful movements, the slowly spreading hands as they draw the wire tighter against Supergirl's exposed throat.

"WHUULGGKK!" The wide-eyed blonde champion bucks and jerks in her restraints as the wire sinks into her throat and cuts off her airway.

"DOH! DON'D PULL ANYBORE! BLEASE! I'll do id! I'll suck yhurr cock, Sergei. Blease dell him to sdop!" Diana presses her breasts together and hurriedly thrusts them forward toward Sergei, showing complete subservience.

Stevie's hands relax. letting the wire noose loosen. Supergirl wheezes and coughs, and then lies still for the moment. Diana is relieved. Then she lowers her eyes and looks at the penis sticking up between her breasts. Taking a slow breath to calm herself, the trembling heroine bends her neck as far as she can and takes the tip of Sergei's dick in her mouth. Her nervous lips flutter against the edges of the penis where the head meets the shaft and the swollen muscle twitches with the sensation.

"Hnnh!" Sergei grunts with delight and he leans forward, putting both hands on the back of Wonder Woman's head. He applies a steady force downward and the famous Amazon princess is forced to take the Russian's cock further into her mouth than she was prepared for. She gags on it.


"Since you have been proving yourself incompetent at blowjobs, Wonder Woman, I am to be helping you." Sergei lets up on the pressure and Diana withdraws her head and gasps loudly. Sergei's dick retreats into the darkness between the Amazon's breasts, nestled there in the warmth and the moisture. After getting her wind back, the disheveled, desperate heroine pleads for mercy.

"Blease don'd do dat. I will do id good."

"Then stop talking and start sucking, woman. I am out of my patience."

Sergei thrusts his hips forward and the fat penis rises up between Wonder Woman's breasts again. The rigid, warm shaft of flesh smells heavily of her own perspiration and Sergei's musty sweat. Protruding through the dark cleavage of her compressed tits, the top of Sergei's shaft awaits her mouth, her compliance. She hesitates for a final moment, gearing up her resolve to do this horrible thing.

"You have been paid all you are to be getting, whore. Suck the cock! Now!"

Lowering her head, Diana takes the cock in her mouth and begins to bob her head up and down, her lips brushing back and forth against the ridge that circles the head of Sergei's cock.

It bobs in her mouth, telling Diana she is doing something right for a change, so she continues this for a while, working her lips, plying them against the ridge as she bobs her head. After two minutes of this Wonder Woman is trying to think what else she can do. Her hands are busy pushing her breasts together so she couldn't use them. She's done everything with her mouth that her novice brain can think of. Maybe if she rubbed her cheek against his penis, he would like that. So she removes her mouth, turns her face sideways and begins to stroke it against the tip of Sergei's member. She gives it two, three passes. The small drops of pre-cum smear against her cheeks leaving silvery thin trails.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing now?" Sergei is livid. The mouth work had been okay at first but then became repetitive after a minute. After three minutes it was just barely keeping him stiff.

"I am giving you a blowjob."

"You think? I don't! Now we do it my way. Stevie, please to come over here."

Leaving the panting Maid of Steel to her surging libido, the young mob lieutenant walks over to the pair posed on and in the plywood crate.

"Yes, sir. What can I do for you?"

Sergei grasps Wonder Woman's biceps and roughly pushes her backward so her back thumps against the back of the crate, her arms flailing outward with the force.

"Grab her arms and hold them in place."

With them within easy reach from the force of Sergei's shove, it is quite simple for Stevie to snatch both her wrists and pin them backward, wedging them between the side of the crate and the cold stone floor.

"Aaahh!" Wonder Woman yelps in pain at this unexpected maneuver.

Taking her head in his hands, Sergei looks deeply into the frightened eyes of his Amazon captive, gauging her resistance.

"Open your mouth, whore, and keep it open. We are done with the niceties now. Your lips only can touch my penis as it slides in and out of your mouth. And once again I tell you this: If I feel the hint of any teeth, Supergirl, your precious Kara, dies before you can rescue her. Understand me?"

The wide-eyed raven-haired heroine simply nods her head shakily. Her withdrawal symptoms are at their peak. She is quivering, helpless and sick. She opens her mouth and waits. Sergei pushes the lid of the plywood crate off to the side and it falls to the floor with a loud bang. The determined Russian then walks forward until his crotch is looming over Wonder Woman's head, his dick swinging before her eyes. Pinned into the crate by Stevie, her head resting against the top edge of the box, Diana is completely dominated by the two men. The strong young Stevie is holding her wrists in his iron grip as the looming Sergei stands over her with his demonic fervor now. Diana can do nothing but wait.

"Remember what I have said," Sergei growls menacingly. Then he squats down puts his cock into Wonder Woman's wide open mouth and begins to face fuck the famous Champion of All Women. Slowly at first, his dick slides back and forth over her stretched tongue. Wonder Woman's eyes flutter at half-mast as she desperately tries to remain calm and control her gag reflex. It is very difficult with the tip of Sergei's cock continually rubbing against the back of her tongue but she manages it.

Shifting a bit closer, Sergei reaches down and begins to fondle Diana's naked breasts even as he thrusts his hips back and forth. Her edges of her mouth graze his shaft as he works it back and forth, over and over again. The shaft enters and withdraws from Wonder Woman's widely spread mouth with piston-like efficiency. The tip of his cock rubs across Diana's tongue in quick, light repetitive strokes that almost tickle. Another gag reflex she must suppress.

"Now you are learning this new trick for your skill set, Wonder Whore: accepting a face-fucking. And you are doing such a good job of it I think it is time we go to another level, as the Americans like to say, da?"

Removing his hands from her breasts, Sergei puts them behind the pinned woman's head and then slowly pushes his cock far down the defenseless female's throat. This is much too deep to suppress her gag response, but Wonder Woman can do nothing but choke desperately on the large, wide cock roughly thrust down her throat. With her nose buried in Sergei's pubic hair, the helpless heroine jerks and bucks in the grasp of the two men, her eyelids and jaw fluttering like hummingbird wings. There is no air to be had and Wonder Woman is growing faint.

After an endless ten seconds of his penis being forced far down her throat, Diana finally feels Sergei pulls it back, taking it completely out of the wheezing woman's mouth. Gagging and choking, her bare breasts heaving and shaking as she draws fresh air into her deprived lungs, Wonder Woman sags in the plywood crate, a helpless wreck. And Sergei is simply smiling down on her. His dick is hard and he is just waiting for her to recover before he begins again.


Yet again, the huge, wide Marvelous Marvin dildo wrenches a body-tensing, mind-stunning orgasm out of the bound and gagged Maid of Steel on the bondage table across the room. A thin rivulet of shimmering cum slides out from a gap in her panties as Supergirl writhes in ecstacy within the leather bondage cuffs. The cum creeps into a small puddle formed by a dimple in the leather cushion even as Supergirl's body trembles and quakes in the wake of her overwhelming pleasure.

Right now, between two of the most famous and powerful superheroines on the planet, there's not enough energy accessible to the blasted and defenseless females to snap a shoelace. It is a very bad time for the pair of world-renowned champions. Bound and helpless, controlled by drugs and fear, neither Supergirl or Wonder Woman has the mental strength, the willpower or the energy to fight the overwhelming odds against them. The room in which they are being thoroughly dominated has been the scene of constant humiliation for Supergirl and now Wonder Woman is learning the truth of its horrors as well. And the cameras record it all, the devastation, the anguish, the crushing defeat and the shame. Limp and defeated, the two heroines can only wait for whatever's next, expendable pawns in Tony Bonano's long-range plans.

His captive's breath regained and her breasts expanding and contracting at something of a normal rate, a grinning Sergei squats again to begin face-fucking the dazed and humbled Amazon warrior.

"Open up wide, Wonder Woman. Time for a second helping."

Shakily, her lips trembling and her eyes filled with pleading supplication for mercy she knows will not come, Diana slowly opens her mouth to allow Sergei's organ to enter it. But the fleshy snake merely bobs menacingly at the open lips.

"Kiss it, Wonder Whore. Give it a big smacking smooch right on the tip there. One that I can clearly hear!"

Diana's eyes flick to the stern face of the Russian who is calm but resolute. Looking back at the penis hanging over her, the famous symbol of womanly power and honor slowly stretches her neck upward toward the dangling prick, purses her lips and plants them against the slit on the end of Sergei's cock.

The screeching, whining sound of air being slowly released from a balloon fills the room as Wonder Woman kisses the Russian's cock as commanded. It ends with a small smacking pop and Diana retreats back, leaning against the back wall of the crate as Stevie reapplies pressure to keep her arms pinned. The famous Princess of Themyscira simply looks down at the tips of her cheesy red boots with their badly painted white stripes and frowns.

"That was truly exceptional," beams Sergei. This bitch was completely his now. She would do as commanded. To tighten the vise of her humiliation, Sergei stretches over, snatches up a twenty dollar bill off the floor and then straightens up. He holds the bill by its ends with pinched fingertips and snaps the currency loudly in Diana's face. "You have earned this, my pretty heroine for what you have just done and what you are about to do." He then crumples up the bill and thrusts it down the front of Wonder Woman's top. It crinkles against the other bill down there and Sergei withdraws his hand. "Your blowjobs may be terrible but your attitude is definitely to be improving!"

"Whud do you wand?" Diana looks up at Sergei with beaten eyes. "Dell me whud you wand uv be?"

"I want you to inject yourself with heroin, Wonder Woman. This has not changed. It will not change. Will you do this or not?"

"Dot," she says, knowing the punishment her response will bring. But she still cannot bring herself past this line in the sand, even though moments before she thought it possible.

Diana's body, as if to announce its solidarity with her resistance releases a mighty blattering gust of stinking wind.

"Uuuhhh!" Sergei steps back with disgust. "By all that is holy, your farts are worse than low tide on the Volga River!"

"....'can'd help madder how much you bay be...."

"Well then, let's get this over with so you can relieve yourself, you stinking skank. Open your mouth, tramp."

Grabbing the back of Wonder Woman's head, his palms in her dark hair, his fingertips clutching her skull, Sergei drops the head of his now semi-erect penis into the helpless champion's warm widely-spread mouth.

"Suck on it, woman. Get me hard."

She does and he does.

And then the thrusting and sliding of pungent flesh against Diana's tongue begins anew. The repetitive motion and disturbing sight of Sergei's groin coming at her and retreating over and over and over makes the sickened heroine dizzy so she closes her eyes.

The cameras in the corners and in the ceilings never close their unblinking eyes, of course. The image of the famous Wonder Woman in a cheap knock-off costume pinned inside a plywood crate as she is roughly face-fucked by a Russian mobster is a humiliation caught in gigabytes that the world will be shocked to see. And they will pay good money to see it again and again.

The jackhammer thrusting of the huge, hot muscle in her throat is now gagging her again as Diana feel's the tip of Sergei's cock brushing into the opening of her throat, far to the back of her tongue. She strains and pulls on her arms to try to stop this horrible gagging tool from stealing all her air, but Stevie holds on tight. Sergei's powerful hands grip her head forcing her nose deep into his pubic hair just like before, even as the large Russian mobster grunts with sexual pleasure overhead. His driving cock stops thrusting and then jitters and shakes in her mouth. Then all is suddenly and surprisingly still. Diana is shocked at the cessation of all the activity for the flash of a thought. And then her eyes go wide as she gleans the meaning of it all. That's when the explosion of surging hot semen comes. Deep in her mouth, at the entrance to her throat, the penis erupts with hot thick white lava that pours down her throat, a river of clingy spunk. She swallows just to stay alive. And then again as the massive dose of hot liquid overwhelms her senses. Incapable of containing all his ejaculation, Wonder Woman feels hot streams of it rising up and spilling out of the corner of her mouth and even a trickle of it from her eustachian tube that drips out of her nose. The thick sexual serum forms clots in Sergei's pubic hair and smears into Diana's face as she struggles to pull her face away from the jerking penis in her mouth. The unyielding grip on her skull suddenly relents and Diana pulls her face away from Sergei's crotch, her mouth disgorging his large hot muscle as she yanks herself away from it. Her effort slams her back against the plywood crate as all resistance is surprisingly removed.

"Eeennghhh!" Diana grunts in high-pitched pain and then begins to wheeze and gasp for air she never thought she'd breathe again. Her breasts are heaving with every effort to draw in more air to fill her body with the lost oxygen it desperately needs But the torment is far from over. A firm hand clutches a thick sheaf of hair on the top of her head, jerking Diana's face upward. Sergei's cock is there and it is not done with her. The spurting snake hoses a splatter of white globules all over Diana's face. It thickly clings to her eyelids, cheeks, nose, lips and chin. The heaving, gasping Amazon warrior blinks in a daze of bewildered wonder and intense disgust at the amount of cum this man produces.. Even now his hand takes his tool and directs it downward for a final spurt of rank semen that splatters against Diana's rapidly rising and falling breasts in thin trails of pale white spunk. The mighty Amazon heroine has been completely bested and she is a mess.

Her head lags back against the edge of the crate, her arms still pinned in place by a bemused Stevie. Her face drips with Sergei's cum, white lines of his male dominance dripping down her cheeks and hanging in threads off her chin like paint from a gang-banger's graffiti tagging of his personal turf. As her breathing slows and Sergei's as well, Diana weakly pulls her head up and the two of them lock eyes.

"So now you have been face fucked, Wonder Woman. Welcome back to my stable of whores. I am thinking you have done such a wonderful thing here today that you deserve a full syringe of the finest heroin money can buy. Stevie, please to prepare the bitch's needle. She has well earned it I say."

The mighty Amazon can only lie dazedly in the hard plywood crate, slumped in total defeat, coated by a spray of semen and ponders how she ever thought she could be a heroine. Or why she would even want to be one.

Off to the side, the mighty Maid of Steel begins to moan and thump and shake on the bondage table, undergoing yet another orgasm. She is totally drained of all her energy and reason. The dildo has made her into a moron for now.

Diana looks over at the blonde from under a heavily furred brow and sighs. She couldn't care less about Kara's troubles right now. She barely had enough energy to worry about her own. The thought of a dose of heroin swiping all her pain and defeat away in one stroke seems like a blessing to her. And she looks forward to Stevie's return with the needle with a great yawning need.

End of Chapter 49

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 49