Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 71  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 71 -

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as SergeiZhukovia, Don Gino Lupenzoand Scarlett O' Shea are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

Previously in SupergirlCaptured by the Mob...

Without a word, Wonder Woman walks over, sits down on the couch and unzips the case to prepare herself for the desperately needed shot of heroin. Carlo takes a seat in the armchair four feet away and just watches her as she goes about her business with the kit. This ought to be interesting to see.

And now the story continues:

Across the street from inside his parked Buick, Angelo watches the man in the waiter's uniform spray the sidewalk in front of the restaurant Anatra! The force of the water from the hose that the man swings back and forth pushes the litter, dust and debris into the gutter. Five minutes later, after he's done sweeping the paper cups and cigarette butts into the dustpan and dumping it in the nearby barrel, the waiter tucks the dustpan under his armpit and kicks a doorstop under the front door to prop it open and let fresh air into the restaurant. He then disappears inside, dragging the barrel back with him to the storeroom in the back.

Angelo gets out of his car and walks across the street toward the open door. The light weight of the Glock 27 tucked into the middle of his back doesn't make him nervous, just cautious. The piece was one of the best concealed carry guns on the market, featuring a buff black finish and compact size. It packed a good punch, yet not so much recoil that follow-up shots would be off-target. It wasn't a pretty piece but it would certainly get the job done.

Angelo is one of Don Lupenzo's most trusted soldiers and a Queensresident who lives just a five-minute drive away from the newly-opened restaurant. He calmly walks into the vacant restaurant ignoring the "Closed" sign in the window that has yet to be turned around by anyone on the staff. They're still getting ready for their 5:30 pm opening. The new restaurant did not serve lunch. It focused on a busy dinner crowd and had all its tables booked from 6:30 pm until 10:00 pm. The entire place was reserved for a private party by phone just two hours ago for 5:30 to 6:30. Hearing who reserved it, the owner had immediately okayed closing his place for just the one reservation and then placed a conciliatory call to the one reservation made for 5:30 pm by an older couple who liked to beat the heavier dinner rush. Sincere apologies, a guaranteed special window table at 6:30 pm, a free entree and a complimentary bottle of fine champagne had finally mollified the testy patrons.

Walking up to the bar, Angelo sees a bartender slicing limes for his garnishment tray. The beefy six-footer in a fresh apron looks up from his cutting board to see an equally tall young Italian male with an anguished expression on his face, who's bouncing from foot to foot.

"I'm sorry to bother you and I know you guys are not open yet but to be brutally frank, I gottatake a huge leak, buddy. You gotta restroom I can use? I'm desperate here."

Eyeing the distraught man in decent clothes, the bartender sees he's no bum but just a guy with a full bladder. "Yeah, I guess so," he gestures down the bar to a small hallway, "Second door on your left," he says and goes back to his limes.

"You're a life saver. I'll be quick as I can." Angelo makes a dash for the hallway.

Inside the bathroom, Angelo's desperate need to pee vanishes as he eyeballs the two stalls and two urinals. There's an old fashioned radiator against the wall to his right next to the first stall. He considers hiding the gun there but fears that it would be too easily found. He thinks about taping the gun to the underside of the top of the toilet tank but that would be too obvious as well. He then notices the little vanity between the two sinks on the wall to his left and walks over to it. He opens the double doors below the counter between the sinks and finds a deep space filled with extra rolls of toilet paper, bundled paper towels and cleaning supplies. There is a drawer above the space and he pulls this out. The track the drawer slides on is smooth and effortless. Liquid soap refills and a first aid kit roll forward.

"Hmmm." Quickly unlatching the stoppers that prevent the drawer from sliding out completely, Angelo slides the drawer forward off its track and sets it on the counter. Working swiftly he tapes the small Glock to the back of the drawer with the small roll of duct tape he'd brought and then slides the drawer back in place. With the gun being so light even with its clip of bullets, the drawer stills slides easily back and forth. Angelo smiles and straightens up. He flushes the urinal for realism and walks out of the bathroom.

"Thanks, man, I was about to bust," Angelo calls as waves and heads for the front door.

"No problem," replies the bartender who's moved on to slicing oranges into chunky crescents for those who liked them in their Belgian white beers.

Back in his car, Angelo reports to Basso about where to find the hidden piece in the men's bathroom. Basso is pleased and is certain that Don Gino will be as well. He commends Angelo on his work and then fills him in on an easy tractor trailer heist he can be part of that could pull in over a quarter of a million dollars for the four man crew. Now Angelo is pleased.

* * *

Wonder Woman sits on the front edge of the plush U-shaped sectional couch in the penthouse's living room. She is dressed in her full costume. Her real tiara adorns her thick black hair, lending her a genuinely regal air. Her famous red and gold bustier shows off her deep cleavage and generous breasts to a fault, the rounded shapes barely contained by the fabric. While she wears a wide, shiny gold belt, it only looks like her waist-hugging Girdle of Power. Unfortunately for her, it is nothing but a phony substitute just for appearances. Her blue briefs scattered with bold white stars cling to her body as if painted on and they accent her hips beautifully. Right now, the bright red and white boots are set wide apart and with her thighs spread, her crotch is right in view of Carlo's line of sight.

The world-renowned beauty hardly looks regal though, despite her jeweled princess' tiara gleaming in the light. Right now, the mighty defender of right is too concerned with getting high on heroin. She's holding a disposable lighter under a bent metal spoon that contains a fingernail's worth of fine white powder and several drops of water. Heating the solution isn't strictly necessary since Tony's stuff is prime grade, but a warmer solution is less painful than a cold injection. That's just the way the Amazon has come to enjoy her heroin hits now.

She gently shakes the spoon to mix the dope and keeps a close eye on the level of the mixture. She doesn't want it to boil and she doesn't want to lose any of the potent cocktail. When it is mixed and warmed sufficiently, the highly-focused beauty puts down the lighter and pulls the syringe with it'ssterilized needle out of its plastic compartment within the leather case. Carefully drawing all of the pale white liquid into the syringe, she then holds the needle point up and sets down the empty spoon.

Taking up a length of pale brown rubber tubing she's laid on the coffee table, the famous Amazon warrior drapes it over her left arm and loops it into a miniature lasso of sorts. Obviously Wonder Woman is very familiar with the use of lassos, having snared countless villains with her golden rope, and the irony is not lost on the highly-focused addict that her remarkable rope skills have played a role in dragging her face-down into life's gutter. That's just one of the many truths she's trying to block out with the drugs: thus ensuring as undeniable a circle of hopelessness as any lasso loop she's ever used to capture any prey.

Pulling the circle of rubber tight to her arm, she blocks off her circulation slightly and then continues her drug regimen. Tapping the barrel of the syringe, Wonder Woman disperses the tiny bubbles she sees and gently pushes the plunger to drive out all the air and the tiniest possible drop of dope to ensure a safe injection. She doesn't want to waste one iota of the dreamy liquid in the barrel of the syringe held up before her wildly greedy bloodshot blue eyes.

Grabbing the rubber hose in her bared teeth like a desperate animal, the trembling beauty jerks her head to the right and pulls the rubber tubing much tighter to her skin now. Her veins bulge in her forearm and the once famed paragon of purity searches quickly for a site in which to inject herself. In one hand she holds the syringe while the other taps at her arm to raise a vein. She's so close to that feeling of perfect joy that the anticipation is making her tremble.

The sprinkling of needle tracks on her arms shocks the closely-attentive Carlo. There are three or four brownish dots scattered on her left arm along with some light purplish bruising running down the length of one of her veins. Her other arm is equally bruised.

"Wow, Princess, you've been busy lately. Do you have a secret stash somewhere in your room?"

"What? No Thazz rediculuz," answers the Amazon through teeth clinging tightly to the rubber tie-off hose. "No, 'courz not. NO! Why'd ju even tink dat? S'nottrue."

"Uh huh," Carlo replies in obvious disbelief. He has good reason to know she's lying. The truth is, over the course of the past month, Carlo has been tasked by Tony to oversee a regimen of both power infusion and power diffusion as conditions required with both Wonder Woman and Supergirl. On a regular basis, both heroines had been secretly gassed in their bedroom with a powerful colorless and odorless sleeping agent introduced into their air conditioning system.

Because the drug was strong enough to render them completely unconscious for hours at a time, Carlo would arrive in their bedroom via a secret panel in the closet and have all the time he needed to do his work. When necessary, power infusion sessions would be held. This included strapping on Wonder Woman's original Girdle of Power in her case or bringing in powerful solar lamps for Supergirl. Such sessions would exorcize some of the deeper side effects of their drug use without mitigating their psychological addictions. Thus, nasty needle tracks on Wonder Woman's forearms were reduced to the size of barely noticeable freckles. In Supergirl'scase, the aggressively paranoid behavior and respiratory dysfunction that are some of the symptoms of crack addiction became merely occasional irritability and a rare wheezing from Supergirl only when she was under tremendous stress.

A separate regimen was called for if the Maid of Steel began regaining too much of her super powers. A night time introduction of a small butt plug employing carefully adjusted doses of kryptonite radiation reliably drained her down to much more manageable physical levels. When she thought she had full super powers, in reality it was only a fraction of her full abilities. In her mental condition at this point, she really couldn't tell.

So, when Wonder Woman shakes her head in denial, Carlo knows she's lying through her bared, hose-clutching teeth. The bitch had been carefully belted just two nights ago. Those six or seven nasty brown needle marks on her arms had to be quite recent.

The pointless head shaking by the phonily indignant heroine as she tries to prove her point causes the ugly brown tubing to tighten down painfully. Wonder Woman winces at this stupid mistake of hers but then she sees a clean site on a bulging vein that will work fine. Ignoring the short annoying man, the one-time role model of millions shows off a disturbingly manic smile as she puts the point of the needle to her forearm and pushes it into the vein, causing a small spot of blood to ooze out. Totally focused, she presses the plunger on the syringe and fills her bloodstream with the mind-numbing, soul-stealing liquid she so desperately craves. Releasing her strong-jawed grip on the hose, it snaps off her arm and drops to the floor, giving her vein the go-ahead to surge with the poison she's injected into it.

Carlo watches with rapt attention as the renowned champion of justice and virtue placidly wavers there on the couch before him dazedly holding the syringe buried in her arm with an expression of pure cosmic delight.

Unknown to her, however, this is an extra-powerful form of heroin that the conniving videographer had substituted for Tony's carefully measured milder vial. Her cosmic threshold of drugged pleasure is passed very quickly. The classic beauty's face is filled with a sudden blankness and then a creased forehead and heavy frown. This is quickly followed by a stupefied eye roll up under her lids as if she'd been stunned like a cow in a packing plant. Wonder Woman tries to stand up, takes a very halting step forward and then drops to her knees four feet away from the couch. She's only there for one wavering second before she falls face first into the carpet with her ass in the air.

At first, Carlo is scared shitless thinking the cunt is suffering from an overdose but when she moans happily with her face turned sideways so her cheek presses into the carpet, he relaxes a bit. The shapely buttocks and inviting expression of stupid lassitude on the Amazon's half-buried face draw him forward out of the chair and the lip-chewing little thug stands up and circles around Wonder Woman until he's standing behind the softly purring heroine with her rump raised to the heavens. He bends over and carefully pulls the needle out of her arm and puts it on the coffee table.

"Look at you, bitch," the satisfied Italian says with a head shake. "Nothing but a dumb-struck fucking helpless junkie. Some paragon of justice you turned out to be. Now you're a paragon of just ass."

Carlo admires her wide rear end, two curved moons that stretch out her famous starred blue costume briefs to their limit. "Well, it didn't take some rampaging all-powerful super villain to reduce you to a pathetic, mindless fuck toy, did it, Princess? No, you did this all to yourself, sweetheart," gloats the grinning mobster poised over the oblivious champion. "You just served up your world- class cunt and deliciously-tight asshole on a silver platter to anybody who wanted it, you stupid cow. And now Carlo gets to fuck them both to his heart's content. Just like I have on so many memorable occasions before, you naive skank."

The leering hoodlum is recalling the many times he's taken advantage of Wonder Woman as well as Supergirl during his nighttime power infusion and diffusion sessions with them. With Carlo's expansive need to prove his dominance over the heroines, he regularly took liberties with them after they'd been gassed into their helplessly insensible states. He enjoyed fucking them in all their orifices over the course of the past month. His private collection of recordings showing them with wide white spreading puddles of his cum draining out from their exhausted assholes, leaky twats and slackened drooling mouths was his pride and joy.

Of course, they weren't in costume for these night time sessions with Carlo but their faces were clearly recognizable in long shots, medium shots and close ups when Carlo would hold their limp heads up by their hair and belittle the unconscious beauties mercilessly. Plus, when edited together with introductory comments by Carlo along with their famous emblems on the opening establishing shot, it was quite clear who the female was that was being violated. And after his evening pleasures the cautious hoodlum always diligently cleaned out his victims orifices so there was no evidence of his foul behavior.

"Anyway, thank you," Carlo tells the drooling stupefied Wonder Woman. "Now I think I'll unwrap this lovely fat-ass gift of yours. Time's a-wasting. Tony will probably be coming out here in about 30 minutes I'd guess after boning Supergirl, so let's get to it."

Carlo reaches down to where the fake gold belt covers the top of the blue panties. He reaches underneath and yanks up hard on the waistband of Wonder Woman's briefs, pulling them roughly into her ass crack in a painful wedgie and drawing a grunt from the drooling heroine.

"Oops," Carlo chuckles as he stares at the fabric pulled so tightly against the Amazon's crotch that he can see her pussy lips clearly defined through the satiny blue material. "I guess this wrapping is on tighter than I thought. Maybe I'll just push it aside instead, huh?"

After pulling out the wedgie, Carlo slides his fingertips under the right edge of the crotch in Wonder Woman's panties and pulls the material widely off to the left exposing both her nether holes. Taking his slowly expanding dick out of his fly, the thug rubs his palm up and down it'slength a few times to bring himself to full stiffness. Below him, the drug-addled heroine wavers in place, tipped forward and resting on her knees. Her drooling mouth remains half-buried in the nap of the sea- foam-colored carpet. Her arms lie limply on both sides of her body, palms up. Her back is mostly exposed with just the wide back of her red bustier and her gold belt clinging to her waist. Her rear end, tightly sheathed in blue silk, is raised to the sky and she is blissfully unaware of her impending impalement despite the air flowing over her now exposed orifices.

Quickly squatting down behind Wonder Woman's rear end, Carlo lines up his dick with her tightly-puckered anus. He pulls her right buttock to the right and smiles at the lack of reaction from the heroine below. His cock is hard and pulsing. All is ready.

"I hope you're enjoying your heroin, heroine," he says softly and then thrusts his hips forward with all his might. Wonder Woman's body jerks forward, pushing the right side of her face deep into the carpet as Carlo's thick six inches of rigid muscle drives all the way into her dry asshole.


The mighty Amazon grunts loudly at this but her brain is so inundated with pleasure from the heroin coursing through it that this dry cornholing of her ass quickly retreats to a distant sensation. Even when her body is rocked back and forth and her ass shakes and wobbles from the motions of the squatting man behind her, Wonder Woman remains bleary and fully content with the incredibly strong drug dampening all her reality to inconsequence.

Carlo leans over the rounded hump that was once the Champion of All Women and pumps away at her ass with total abandon, pushing and pulling his long engorged cock out of her rear again and again. The tightness of her ass cavity as he buries himself to his balls is unbelievably sensuous. It clutches the full length of his tool with warm delightful pressure on each and every stroke. The dark skin of his cock appears and disappears between the butt cheeks of the raven-haired Princess of Themyscira like some obscene magic act and still the fully-costumed Wonder Woman remains barely cognizant of his actions. All she feels is a growing sense of pleasure in her groin that's flowing through her body. It's beginning to match the lovely cloudiness in her mind.

Sensing the slight wetness of her crotch now, Carlo gathers some of it up from her pussy with a quick swipe of his right hand under the blue fabric. He rubs it around his shaft after he pulls everything but the fat mushroom tip of his rigid pole out of the Amazon's balloon knot. He even drops a thick measure of saliva from his mouth onto his shaft and then pushes and pulls his dick only halfway into the murmuring beauty's rear eight times in rapid succession, spreading the lubrication and drawing a pleased sigh from the face pushed into the carpet.

"Is the famous Wonder Woman enjoying her buttfucking?" Carlo asks this with mocking disdain as he goes back to full strokes of his penis in and out of the tight sphincter of his dazed prize. He repeats this maneuver over and over, hilting himself against her warm wobbling cheeks until there's a stunted whisper from the floor beneath his thrusting hips.

"...huhhh...." murmurs the dazed female, unaware of how her famous costume and body are being so thoroughly violated at this moment.

"Never mind, skank," Carlo says in a panting whisper near the back of her head now as he enjoys the sensation of his climax growing in his balls. "Just stay put and show the world how carelessly Wonder Woman throws away her virtue! This is being recorded after all." Indeed, he programmed every camera in the suite's living room to record the sessions he and Tony were having with the fallen heroines. Tony's he'd later edit and present to him. This session with the Amazon he will retain for his files alone.

"...uhhh...sure...okay..." Wonder Woman finally answers as the pleasure in her body grows more insistent within her.

Carlo pumps away at the hunched groggy female. His chest rests against her curved back. The fabric of his own silk shirt rubs against the silky red material of her famous bustier and the smooth gold fabric of her false girdle while his dick pounds in and out of her butt crack with relentless vigor. Carlo's hands clutch and release her wide and supple cheeks, squeezing and fondling them incessantly as he thrusts himself against her wide violated ass without a hint of complaint from the famous beauty..

Carlo's pace is relentless now. His hips jerk back and forth as he crouches over his magnificent trophy and reams her tight sphincter with his cock. Still not completely satisfied with this position, his hands move from Wonder Woman's ass to beneath her body, wrapping themselves around her suspended barely-contained breasts in her bustier.

Grasping the large rounded shapes in his palms, he lifts the upper body of the Amazon warrior until her slouching figure sags forward his arms. Her breasts are soft and squeezable as he presses their shapes into fat folds of pleasing warmth. Her hands dangle limply at her sides, her chin nods against her chest and her sweaty hair drapes like curtains over the front and sides of her face. He pumps away at her ass in a frenzy. His pelvis thrusts against her damp satin panties as his dick violates her rectum with piston-like repetition.

"Huh...huh...huh...huh..." Carlo is panting heavily now with every entry and retreat, every thrust and withdrawal, every rigid driving push into Wonder Woman's asshole by his hungry, ass-seeking cock missile. Every bump of his pelvis against her butt cheeks makes the drugged woman's head bounce up and down against her upper chest. She is a helpless, mindless, boneless figure as Carlo constantly and tirelessly humps away at her rear. Finally, he's too close not to bring it to a finish.

"...always...a screw this ass....of yours...Wonder Woman..." gasps Carlo, teetering on the very brink of his joy. Taking his left hand off her tit, the sexual tyrant takes hold of a clump of the slouching beauty's damp black hair and pulls her head up next to his own face, his mouth to her ear.

"...and to fill it...Princess..." he blurts with rough grunt. With a final grimace, his neck taut, Carlo finally gives himself over to his now insurmountable pleasure. His cock explodes in Wonder Woman's ass with a thick rushing stream of his cum. Multiple jerks of his cock repeatedly send jets of his seed into the beauty's rear cavity. His body freezes in place as the turgid pulsing dick pumps his full load into the slouching female champion, spraying her insides with his uncontainable lust.

Wonder Woman's face, revealed now as her head rests against Carlo's shoulder and her hair is gripped in his fist, goes from a slack, inattentive drooling stupor to a slightly more aware eye-fluttering consciousness. She sighs slightly in a little swirl of pleasure and her mouth twists into a smirk of tiny joy. But still the unrelenting power of the heroin holds sway in her mind and the brief glimpse of her excitement settles down once again to a slack jawed, tongue-draping confusion. Her eyes drift shut with a small grunt and Carlo lets her body tip forward again, back into it's original hunched over position on the carpet.

He just rests there on her curved frame for a full minute, panting, moaning, sighing and savoring the warm afterglow of having fucked Wonder Woman's ass while she was in her famous costume...and done it to his heart's content. When he pulls out of her rear, Carlo sees the thin white batter of his pleasure drain out of the oblivious heroine's butthole in a syrupy stream for a good seven seconds. He beams with delight at this vision of his conquest as it puddles in the carpet between her knees.

"Not quite the mighty defender of decency now, are you, Wonder Woman? Yeah, even you, Princess, can be butt-fucked." Carlo eyes the last dripping remains of his cum as it dribbles from between the ass-raped heroine's cheeks to the carpet below. He zips up his fly with satisfied finality.

When Tony comes out of the bedroom ten minutes later, Carlo is thoughtfully brushing the sweat-dampened hair off of the Amazon warrior's slack face as he kneels next to her body laid out on her side on the couch. He's cooing and stroking her face with all the attentiveness of a concerned lover. It was unlikely, after all was said and done, that he would have had time to fuck anything but her ass but Carlo is still very satisfied with himself. He had cleaned up her ass and soaked up all his jizz from the carpet with heaps of paper towels now buried in the kitchen trash can. If Tony asked about the wet spot on the carpet, Carlo would say the drugged Diana had spilled a drink or something.

"Everything okay out here?" Tony saunters into the livingroom, heading for the elevator. He's pretty blissed out with the delightful sexual favors that a horny, crack-infused Supergirl provided him behind closed doors. She'd given him a world-class teasingly erotic 15 minute blowjob then followed that with an ankle-grabbing pussy packing session for the young don. On her back with her legs in the air and her shiny red boots held tight in his grip, Supergirl's eager body, dampened just enough by kryptonite, had given Tony a climax he would never forget. The session had lit up Tony's brain like a personal new record on a pinball machine. He hosed her insides for what seemed like forever.

The smiling man, barely able to walk straight, was numb from it all and he was going to his suite to catch a quick hour nap. Supergirl was already snoring in the bedroom herself, now face down with her famous skirt bunched up around her waist, her red panties pulled down around her thighs, her cute rump exposed and Tony's cum drizzling out of her snatch.

"Everything is fine, Tony. Diana is just lying here enjoying her high. She wanted me to sing 'Hush Little Baby' to her so that's what I'm doing."

"Good man. Uhhh....see that she is ready for her john in 'bout 90 minutes. Oh...and uh..make sure Supergirlis dressed and clean too. Both of them in their full clean costumes," Tony says in a soft voice of a man who's just had his clock cleaned. He wanders into the elevator and pushes the button for the floor below.

"Sure thing, Tony. I've got her covered," Carlo calls out as the elevator doors slide closed. "Don't I, sweetheart?"

"....huhhhh...?...yeah...i...guess...ya doo....." Wonder Woman mumbles, starting to finally gain some mental function back.

"Hey, by the way, who are you getting your extra heroin from Wonder Woman?"


"Tell me or tell Sergei Your choice, champ. He won't ask so nicely though."

"...Marge...the maid," Wonder Woman admits quickly.

"Large Marge? Really? She's like, what, 250 pounds?"

"...yes..." nods the sulking champion knowing her extra heroin hits were now a thing of the past.

"What do you give her for the heroin and where does she get it?"

"...sexual favors...swiped two bags off a shipment....on Tony's desk while he went to the bathroom..." Wonder Woman's eyes are still dopey and half-lidded as she rests on the couch with Carlo casually stroking her forehead with his palm. He loved touching and caressing the powerful Amazon when she was in this dopey and restful condition.

"You have to eat Large Marge's pussy to get extra heroin?"


"Phew. Gross! You really are an addict, aren't you?"

"...yes....I am..."

Carlo looks at the pretty visage before him and considers giving the Amazon a face fucking but decides it's too risky. He's enjoyed himself enough for now. He stands up and goes back to sit in the arm chair across from the couch. Picking up the Cosmopolitan magazine on the coffee table, he reads one of the cover lines. "Hey, look! '10 Naughty Ways to Please Your Man.' Let's see if we made it to number one, Princess." Carlo chuckles and begins flipping through the pages to find the article.

* * *

At 3:45 that Saturday afternoon, rested and ready, Carmine and Tony meet once again in Tony's suite. Both sit in their customary places, Tony on the couch with Carmine in the armchair. Right now they are only sipping ginger ale from their glasses since both intend to stay away from hard liquor and to remain sharp for the evening ahead.

"I just got a call before you came in, Don Lugese has already landed and is on his way from LaGuardia now. He'll be here in about 10 minutes," Tony tells Carmine.

It'll be nice to see him again," Carmine says. "Randy's done damn well for himself in just eight months out there in L.A. Hard to believe it's only been that long. Seems like ages ago."

"Well, he's no don yet, that's just an act for tonight, but he's become quite an earner for Rebozo'sfamily out there," Tony reveals. "He's already charmed and forced his way into three huge hauling contracts out there for them. They couldn't be more pleased."

"Really? Good for him. So, he knows what to do tonight?"

"Yeah, I filled him in. He wishes he was escorting Supergirl tonight, of course. He's still got a soft spot for the little tease from his training time with her."

"Understandable," Carmine says. "She IS a world-class piece of ass and she's talented with it at that."

"Not to mention her cunt and her mouth. She had me hard as a railroad spike this afternoon. I nailed her like I was joining up the transcontinental railroad, let me tell you."

"Talk about job perks. Who's babysitting her and the Amazon now, Carlo?"

"Yup," Tony nods. "The kid's okay with them from what I can tell. Nice enough, but he's no Stephano. I sure miss that kid."

"Yeah, me too. Stevie was smart and resourceful as hell. It's a fuckin' shame that Gino's guys hit him like that."

"Gino will pay, Carmine."

"Yeah, well, keep your cool tonight, Tony. There are a lot of balls in the air to juggle."

"I know it," Tony replies and takes a long gulp of his soda.

Five minutes later, the phone rings announcing the arrival of Don Lugese at the entrance to the Pleasure Dome. Two minutes after that, the stocky bearded Italian mobster is shaking hands and clapping the backs of Tony and Carmine.

"How was the flight?"

"Aces, and thanks for the limo pickup."

"No problem. You want something from the bar," Tony asks waving at the open liquor cabinet in the wall unit.

"What are you guys drinking?"

"Ginger ale," Carmine says. "Keepin' our heads clear for the night."

"Guess I should too. Give me a glass of that then."

Carmine does the honors, pouring a full tumbler of Canada Dry over ice for him. Randy sips it and the three of them sit down to talk.

"So, you really going to do this tonight, Tony?" Randy's eyes search out Tony's for verification.

"Things are very hot right now, Randy. I'm too hot," Tony declares, then sips his drink. "This way, things cool off. It'll take off the public pressure. I made enough money with this thing. It's time to bring it to an end."

"I'm sure Wonder Woman will be pleased to get out. What about Supergirl?" Randy's concern is palpable. Even after being away from her for over seven months, it's obvious to Tony that he's still carrying a torch for her. She had that kind of affect on men. And her time with Randy was before she'd developed her full range of sexual talents. If Randy spent a day with her like Tony had today, the man would be nothing more than her little pull toy, the young don thinks to himself.

"I'm not exactly sure how Supergirl's night will end, to be honest. But I wouldn't worry, boy. She can take care of herself." Tony is playing his cards close to the vest. No sense letting the love-struck young man know everything. There was no need and it was safer all around.

Randy just nods, a bit glum at this answer. Tony sees this and puts his drink down on the table before grabbing Randy by both shoulders.

"Look at me, Randy. I need you sharp and focused and on task tonight. You have to make this look real. It has to be convincing. You are a big shot, Don Leo Lugesefrom the West Coast. Wonder Woman is your reward. You're going to fuck her brains out before you go away for a five-year stretch in Pelican Bay, one of the nastiest federal prisons in California. Hell, in the whole U.S."

Tony grips Randy's shoulders and stares into his eyes. "Now, are you ready to do this tonight because your dramatic role starts in about ten minutes upstairs in the penthouse.I'm counting on you, boy."

Randy returns Tony's eyeballing of him with a solid nod and a strong reply as he drops into character. "Bring it on. I was born to play this role. Where is this so-called Champion of All Twats?"

Tony's eyebrows hike up as do Carmine's. Randy had disappeared and a very self-important Don Lugese stood before them.

"She's upstairs," Tony replies. "But wait here a bit longer. Carmine, meet me out front downstairs in the Navigator. You're driving to wherever this restaurant is. That phone call from Baldini should be coming in shortly." Tony looks back at Randy, telling him, "I've got to get Supergirl out of the Penthouse first. She'll recognize you on the spot and we can't have that."

"Super Snatch? Sure, drag her out by the hair for all I care," the beefy man says, maintaining his new persona. "Just let me at that Amazon poon tang. If I'm goin' up for five years, I'm goin' up her cunt so hard I still be able to feel her juices on my cock when I'm three years into my stretch in Pelican."

Carmine and Tony both chuckle and shake their heads as Tony heads for the elevator in his suite. "This kid really ought to be in the movies," Carmine declares. "He's fucking great."

* * *

Sergei sits in one of the overstuffed armchairs in the small sitting area of his room. One leg rests on the floor and the other dangles over the arm. While it's not nearly as spacious as the penthouse room or Tony's or even Carmine's suite, this room is still very nice by anyone's standards.

The tall Russian, still with his hair still colored black for disguise purposes, is quietly pulling the flat of the blade of his favorite knife against a dark gray sharpening stone. With the stone in his left hand, his right holds a very old-looking knife with a worn beige horn handle and a six-inch blade featuring Cyrillic writing engraved on it. Back and forth he sharpens the steel edge for minutes on end, not even watching it but merely letting his head sink into the thick cushion behind him as he draws the knife back and forth against the stone. His eyes are closed and he's humming some ancient Russian lullaby. He is remembering the story his mother told him of how some Arab came in her home one night with theft on his mind until he saw her beautiful full-chested 27-year old figure and her rare blonde hair. Then his intentions changed. And when he came at her with a threatening wave of his knife and a promise of rape, his intentions changed again. He wanted to escape the fury she'd unleashed upon him. Kicking him in his balls without warning and beating him to his knees with a wooden bucket and then taking the knife from him, he was defeated before he knew what had happened. And when the knife cut his throat, the Arab fell onto the crude dirt floor and filled it with his blood. From that time until she bequeathed it to her son on her death bed, Sergei's mother was never without her Arabic blade. And now, with her knife back in his possession, her only son is content.

* * *

When the elevator doors slide open at the penthouse level, Tony is greeted by pandemonium. Carlo, while not foolishly putting himself in the middle of an empowered Supergirland Wonder Woman in their full costumes, is, nevertheless, rushing from one to the other exhorting them to behave like the superheroines they're supposed to be. In the furor, none of them has heard the elevator arrive.

"Come on, Supergirl," Carlo implores the furious blonde, "I'm sure that Wonder Woman didn't really mean you'd fuck EVERY person in Grand Central Station."

"Everyone up to and including the shoe shine men," Diana affirms with her hands on her hips and a imperial toss of her head.

"Of course, you'd know them from your daily rounds there, you two-dollar whore." Kara flips the Amazon the finger.

"Come on, ladies! Tony's going to be here any moment," the exasperated Italian interjects, "and I'm sure he doesn't want to see this."

"NO," Tony shouts out and then says with quiet anger, "he certainly doesn't. I don't have time for this bullshit!"

The two women stop glaring at each other and turn their heads toward the stern-faced mob boss. Supergirlquickly brushes past Carlo and sidles up to Tony with a sexy shake of her tits and ass as she puts his arm through his and snuggles up to his tall frame.

"I'm all ready to go to the big meeting, Tony, while Wonder Cunt here 'entertains' that big-shot mob boss tonight." Kara's one-handed air quotes on the word 'entertains' has Diana's jaw locking tight with tension, her nostrils flaring.

"He chose me to stay here because I can carry on a conversation about something other than Sponge Bob Square Pants, you blonde bimbo."

"Oh, do you plan on talking about ancient Greek culture with his dick shoved in your mouth, Princess?" Supergirl makes the obscene gesture of stroking a cock while her tongue repetitively pushes out her cheek.

"Enough, you two! Kara, go inside the elevator and put it on hold," Tony commands. "Diana, come with me." He drags the Amazon toward the kitchen with a grip on her Feminumbracelet. "Carlo, go make sure the video equipment is all set in the control room."

The videographer heads toward the bedroom where most of the action will be taking place in front of the cameras positioned there. Wonder Woman turns her head to look back at him with a scowl and then a flash of confusion as Tony pulls her body forward into the kitchen area.

Swinging the petulant beauty into a near spin, Tony presses his hips against her own, pinning the shapely woman's blue and white clad rear end against the counter as he grips her bare shoulders and goes in for a surprise kiss. Flustered, Wonder Woman feels Tony's tongue slide inside her mouth. But enjoying the sensation and the attention, her left hand quickly reaches up to the back of his neck as her right palm smooths against the luxurious silk shirt he's wearing. She returns his kiss with warm delight.

Kara watches from the elevator, fuming at Tony's sudden passion for Diana. The man was fickle!

After a moment, the pair breaks off the lingering kiss and Tony whispers in Wonder Woman's ear, "Don't pay any attention to Supergirl, Diana. What you're doing tonight is just as important to me as her role." Saying that, one hand wraps around her waist while his other reaches up and gently squeezes her left breast within the cool smooth red silk bustier.

Wonder Woman presses herself closer to the man, feeling her nipple stiffen as he fondles her. "I can't tell you how much I appreciate you saying that, Tony. I just...I just want you to be happy with me. I don't....I don't want to make any more trouble for you. I just want to be left alone and....and do what I'm told....and shoot up my heroin. I...don't...want to be....hurt anymore... I hear Sergei is back.....please, Tony.... please don't let him punish me.....not anymore...I'll be good...I swear..."

Kara's eyes widen with shock as her super hearing picks up the fact of Sergei's return. This is more distressing than anything she's heard or seen lately. Her mouth goes dry and she backs up against the rear wall of the elevator in a very defensive posture.

"I don't think Sergei will be a concern after tonight, Diana," Tony says softly, feeling the nipple press against his palm as he casually holds her breast. "He's just here to collect a few belongings. He's much too hot for me to let him hang around past this evening."

"But he'll be here the I'm here...uhhh...uhhhh..." Wonder Woman's face drains of all its color as her hands come off of Tony and reach back to hold on to the counter as she steadies her trembling legs.

"Well, yes..." Tony says.

"Tony! I'll do whatever your mob guy wants, I swear it!" Wonder Woman begins pleading with Tony, taking hold of his lapel in one hand and caressing his balls with the other in near panic. "If he wants five blow jobs in a row or for me to lick his ass fuck me in the ass, that's okay. I'll do that! All that. I mean, I'm still a little sore from Carlo this afternoon, but that doesn't matter....anything he wants...."

"Wait, wait! What?" Tony interrupts the babbling, frightened heroine. "Sore? From Carlo? What do you mean?" He takes Wonder Woman's bare shoulders in hand once again and tilts his head, searching her eyes.

"Oh...oh, it's nothing, Tony. I didn't want to bother you. It''s nothing...forget it," mumbles Diana.

"No, I want to hear about this. I need to hear..." Tony's concern is cut off by his cell phone ringing. Perturbed by the interruption, Tony snatches the phone out of his jacket pocket. His anger dissipates when he sees the caller ID on his phone. It's Don Baldini. The call had been automatically forwarded to his cell phone from the Pleasure Dome's phone system the way he'd programmed it downstairs.

Holding up a finger high in the air to indicate silence is needed from one and all, Tony disengages from Wonder Woman's embrace and turns away to answer the phone.

"Hello. Yes, Don Baldini Okay, I've heard of the place. Yes, I will see you in 30 minutes. I hope it can all be settled as well. I will do everything I can to make that happen. Thank you, I'll see you then. Goodbye."

"Where's the meeting going to be, Tony?" Wonder Woman asks the tall mob boss as she leans back against the counter and crosses her arms just beneath her breasts, pushing them up and accenting the distracting cleavage even more. He's transfixed for a moment by the view and then snaps out of it.

"That's really none of your concern!" Tony barks, brushing her off with a wave of his hand. He then quickly dials Carmine's cell number. He walks into the corner of the kitchen and covers his mouth, then whispers the name of the restaurant to the older don. Speaking in a normal voice, he then continues. "Yeah, get Mario over there and see if he can somehow slip a piece in there. It's going to be tough. Baldini may already have security in place, but as you said, we have to try. I'll be down with her in a three minutes and we'll go," Tony concludes and disconnects the call.

Carlo comes back into the suite from the secret panel in the closet leading to the control room and saunters into the living room. "Everything checks out, Don Bonano. We're good to go for tonight," he declares.

"Yeah, right. Fine," replies the young don. His hands are on his hips thinking if he's covered all the bases with the girls. Then he stops and looks at Carlo.

"I don't know what sneaky crap has been going on between you and Wonder Woman, Carlo..."

"Don Bonano, I assure you...."

"Shut the fuck up! I don't have time for this now, but rest assured, Carlo, that we're going to have a serious talk about it after I get back tonight." The infuriated Don walks out of the kitchen and starts toward the elevator.

In the elevator, Supergirl makes a decision. She'd been listening with her super hearing to both ends of Tony's two conversations. She knows the location and, putting her acrimony with Diana aside, she walks out of the elevator and draws a scowl from Tony as she passes him in the middle of the living room.

"Hey! Now where are YOU going?" The lovely blonde strides past the frowning don with her cape flowing behind her, her thighs flexing. The glimpse of her cute wiggling derriere tantalizes Carlo.

When that blonde tart comes back later, I'm going to gas her into sleepy submission and tap that ass whether she needs a power diffusion session or not.

"Just getting a bottle of water," Supergirl answers, as she reaches into the refrigerator. I'm thirsty."

"Well make it quick, Kara, we've got a deadline to keep," snaps Tony.

"This fast enough?"

Tony is shocked to find Supergirl beside him in the elevator not even a full second after he growled at her. She is sipping her water, has her arm threaded through his and is giving him a sly wink. At super speed she had retrieved the water bottle, stood beside Wonder Woman and whispered the name Anatra!restaurant and its address in her ear and returned to her escort's side before the refrigerator's door had swung shut.

"Try not to wear out that twat of yours tonight, Diana," Supergirl calls out. "You're not nearly as young and tight as you used to be!" She gives a haughty toss of her blonde hair as the elevator doors slide shut.

The slightly confused Wonder Woman's eyes go wide and she's speechless as the opportunity for a response is lost in the whine of the descending elevator.

"Oh, don't worry, Princess. Your ass still is plenty tight." Carlo stands behind Wonder Woman, leering at her statuesque body clad in her famous costume that wraps her goods in such appealing splendor. The little tyrant is thrilled that Tony had so much on his plate this evening that he had no time for instant retribution. It gave Carlo time to come with a cover story for his boss, probably something about the Amazon trying to cover up her sneaking heroin on the side by offering him sex. That ought to work.

Wonder Woman turns and looks at Carlo like he's an ugly specimen in glass jar. "Knock on my door when Don Lugese comes up, then disappear back under whatever rock you crawled out from, you disgusting bug. I'll be in the bedroom."

Not waiting for an answer, Diana heads there, her long shapely legs in their red and white boots striding with purpose, her fake lasso slapping lightly at her hips. She's already pondering Supergirl's actions and feeling her heart warm up toward the crafty Kryptonian. Both of them could be in for a long and dangerous night and she is deeply worried.

Shutting the door and sitting down on the bed, Diana contemplates the situation. Her hands wring together in her lap as she thinks. Sergei is in the building and that could be a disaster, plus she has to fuck this don who's going away to prison and who knows how nasty that situation could be. And to top it all off, Tony had demanded she perform that strip tease in the Bang Bang Room late this evening in her full uniform. She had to peel off her costume and show her body to complete strangers!

Hera, how low she'd sunk in just half a year's time. It hardly seemed possible. If that important don weren't arriving in a couple of minutes, Wonder Woman would have loved to taken a final hit of the last of her secret stash of heroin. But she had to be on her toes tonight. She had to keep it together. For herself and for Kara.

Who knew what would happen with that naive young blonde at that restaurant tonight? There was no way they'd let a meta-human with her power levels be at that meeting without some sort of serious dampening system. Tony had kryptonite collars so that's probably how they'd do it. But if she were restrained, why even bring her? A show of force, of contempt? It didn't make a lot of sense to Diana. It felt like the blonde was just a pawn in this thing tonight. Could they be using Supergirlas a sacrificial lamb in some way? Was Kara's very life at risk? Is that why she whispered the name of the restaurant and its address to her. Did Supergirl think she was going to be killed? Did Kara really have faith in Wonder Woman that she could somehow save her in some way? With how pathetic Diana felt right now, why on earth would Kara believe she had that kind of fortitude left in her?

And what the hell was Tony's overall plan? Did he even have one or was he just shooting from the hip at this point, everything overwhelming him. He looked tense and unsure of himself and that was not like Tony.

Diana collapses back on the bed and looks up at the ceiling, her head pounding with tension, her lovely face reflecting her cycling emotions of despair, confusion and fear.

The sudden knock on the door jerks Wonder Woman's head up from the mattress.

"Your lover boy is here, Wondie," Carlo announces. "It's show time!"

* * *

At 4:40 p.m., wearing a Jets sweatshirt, gray sweat pants, matching ball cap and a snub-nosed .38 in an ankle holster, Mario casually walks up to the front of Anatra!and pretends to read the specials on the chalkboard leaning just inside the front window. Unfortunately he sees Don Baldini's beefy Italian muscle is already there. He scopes out two guys in cheap dark suits that barely contain their bulk, both carrying guns judging by the obvious bulges. They were setting up a metal detector frame just inside the front door. Off to the side, directing them was Baldini himself. The detector wasn't turned on yet. Mario opens the front door and steps in.

He waves at the bartender who doesn't return the greeting but just continues to wash the glasses in the sudsy sink before him. Mario starts to walk toward the bar when a fat hand palms his chest and one of the muscle steps in front of him. He's about 280 pounds of bad attitude and a haircut to match. A razor cut on the sides with wild tufts of brown hair strewn on top.

"Where do you think you're goin'?"

"I was just going to try to make a reservation," Mario looks up at the taller man.

"They're full."

"You don't even know what night I want."

"Still, they're full. Beat it." Bad Haircut pushes on his chest and this causes Mario to stumble backwards into the entryway.

"Hey! I just want to make a...Buddy!" Mario calls to the bartender. "Give me a break here, huh? You got anything available for next Wednesday?"

"You don't speak English, Mr. Jet?" Mario finds himself hoisted off his feet by his sweatshirt and held against the door post of the entryway. "They're full. I already told you that. Now do I have to toss you out on your head to make it clearer?"

"Rocco, not so rough," Don Tomas Baldini interjects, walking over. "We're getting set up for a private party and very busy. You understand. Come back again tomorrow and I'm sure the owner will be pleased to discuss it with you then. Or try phoning. People do."

"But I..." Mario begins when Baldini opens the door and Rocco carries him out to the street and deposits him back down on the sidewalk. The big fellow tugs at the sweatshirt, straightening it and gives a very insincere smile.

"Go Jets!" He then walks inside turns and crosses his arms blocking the doorway. Through the glass the shark smile remains.

Mario shakes his head. No chance to hide the gun. Tony is not going to like this.

* * *

"What do you think, Ton? The Triboro to local streets or Willis Avenue Bridge down to the FDR South and then across the Queensboro Bridge to Hunter's Point?"

"How the fuck should I know, Carmine? Listen to a goddam traffic report. I have to think of everything? Shit, it's a Saturday night and every motherfucker in the world is going to be on the road. It'll be a miracle if we get there in 30 minutes. Baldini didn't account for traffic. We're going to have to call him if we run late. I'm sure he's already there setting up but that old fuck Gino is probably in the same boat we are."

Carmine gives Tony a sidelong glance. He'd never seen the younger don so keyed up. He was usually very cool under fire. Such nervousness on Tony's part bleeds over to Carmine and he's not happy about it. His chest hurts and then he burps loudly. Embarrassed, the elder don apologizes but feels better. Then he turns on the all-news station on the radio, keeping the volume low as Tony turns around to face Supergirl sitting on the wide gray leather backseat of the expansive Lincoln SUV.

"Now listen, Kara. I'm not sure how all this is going to play out tonight but you're there to try to keep Gino honest and a little intimidated."

"I don't know how intimidated he'll be since the last time he saw me, he fucked me like a rubber blow-up doll. And, from what you told me in the elevator, I have to wear this kryptonite control collar the whole time." Supergirl fingers the wide circle of lead-lined chrome steel, pulling at it despondently. "How's that supposed to put the fear of God into him or anyone for that matter? Why am I even here, Tony?"

"Let's just say you may well be my ace in the hole in all this."

"Well, unless you've got some way to over-ride that remote you plan to hand over to this Baldiniguy, I don't know how much I'll be able to help."

"Let me worry about that, Kara," Tony says as he looks at the remote before putting it in his side jacket pocket.

"FDR southbound is pretty light, I'm going that way," Carmine announces.

"Command-level thinking, Vega," Tony blurts sarcastically. Then he's the one to apologize. "Sorry, Carm. I'm just edgy. As you said, a lot of balls in the air tonight."

"Forgeddaboutit!" Carmine's use of the trite phrase that has become the stock impression of all mobsters brings the first smile to Tony's face in hours. Seeing that, both Carmine and Supergirl feel a rush of relief and they both begin to chuckle and soon the three of them are laughing as they barrel down a surprisingly traffic-free FDR Drive.

* * *

Wonder Woman walks into the penthouse's living room to find Carlo setting down a bottle of $600 single malt scotch. He hands a tumbler of it to a large, bearded gentleman with curly brown hair in a very expensive silk suit. He carried his weight well, looked as if he was in good shape and was even sort of handsome to Diana's appraising eye. Well, that was a relief. She didn't have to fuck another ugly guy. But then he opens his mouth.

"Well, there she is," the large don says as he turns then pauses to take in the incredible beauty as she comes around the couch toward him, smiling broadly. She's breathtaking with her impressive chest thrust out in that red and gold bustier, her swaying hips as she walks in those high-cut blue and white boner-generating briefs and those red and white fuck-me boots. Still, Randy has a role to play as Don Lugese so he continues in a deep voice as she comes to stand five feet away from him."...the famous Champion of All Twats."

Wonder Woman's beaming smile disappears like an ice cube hit by a blowtorch.

"You ready to get it on tonight, Wonder Pussy? Cuz I got the meat and I'm ready with the motion, baby!" Randy captures the tall vision of loveliness by the waist in one arm as he hoists his scotch in the other and takes a healthy gulp from it. "Time to party," he exults after drinking.

When Carlo sees the incredible disappointment at the don's crude behavior stamp itself on the heroine's face, his own lights up at her predicament.

"Well, I'll just let you two lovebirds enjoy yourself. I've got some things to go see to," he says as he heads toward the elevator. He'll take it down one floor and then sneak around via the stairwell to the secret video control room one flight up nestled in the corner of the top floor of the Pleasure Dome building.

"Let's you and me get better acquainted, Wonder Woman," Don Lugese says as he directs the woman over to the couch. "We're about the same height, so that should work out real nice when we go down on each other, eh?"

The princess of the Amazons blanches at the nastiness of his words and his atrocious assumption. But then, why wouldn't he be talking like this. He was a crude son of a bitch but she was a bought and paid for commodity according to Tony. Her rate for the evening was a demeaning $863.00 she'd been told. She was appalled at the humiliatingly low price placed on her virtue.

"Yes, how convenient," she replies with a sickly smile.

"Oh, say, you got a shorter name I can use or do you prefer Wondie or Princess or what?"

"Diana will do. I don't exactly feel like...well a wonder right now."

"Maybe not but you sure look it. Hell, lady, you got tits from here to tomorrow. Mind if I give 'em a little squeeze?"

"Sure, why not. Help yourself," Wonder Woman answers leaning into the low-life so he can cop a generous feel of hefty boob. With Sergei now in the building, Diana just couldn't afford to upset this big galoot. He sets his glass down on the coffee table then goes to town, mauling her breast in his fat paw. He squeezes it hard then rolls it around and round like he's working a lump of dough. Finally he pinches her nipple beneath the fabric a bit and then rolls it between his fingers to excite the button enough so it presses noticeably through the red fabric.

"Sensitive! I like that," the large don says as he suddenly pulls down the top edge of the bustier. He tugs it down far enough that the fabric clumps beneath the fully-exposed left breast, pushing it higher so it's a matter of simplicity itself to suck on the fat little brown nub in his face. "Mmmm. Your rack even smells good," the don affirms between suckling little pulls at her bud. For a brief interlude, he stuffs his nose deep in her cleavage and breathes deeply. "That perfume musta cost you a pretty penny, huh?"

"At least $15 dollars a quart," replies Diana with barely-disguised sarcasm. Her eyes roll as she tips her head back on the couch and lets this good-looking mobster go back to sucking away at her breast like a hungry toddler.

"Hey, you're worth it, jugs," he declares after a final tongue flick of her nub. He's missed her sarcasm completely.

When he's done with the one side, the preoccupied don roughly pulls down the other side of her bustier to expose Wonder Woman's full chest and goes to work on her other tit. His fool-proof routine of playing baker man with her breasts followed by the nipple pinching repeats itself and Diana gives out a sigh of resignation at the complete lack of creativity in this moron. Of course, he interprets it as a sigh of contentment.

"I know. I'm good, right?"

"Very adept," Wonder Woman says curtly.

"You got a real pretty neck, too. I'm gonna lick it."

Play by play from a gorilla, how lucky can a girl get?

Wrapping one arm around her waist, his other reaches up around her back until his hand palms the back of her head. He firmly pulls Wonder Woman against his body and begins to lick her neck. She cringes for two reasons: the first because she's fully repulsed by the man and the second because he was lucky enough to hit a ticklish spot on her neck that actually felt good.

"Take it easy, toots. Let Leo Lugese do the driving," the thug says in a rough voice that sounds like he's trying way too hard to be smooth. "I've been around the block a few times. Like you have, I'm sure. We both know what we're doing, so let's do it right...and together."

"Sorry, it's just that you hit a sensitive spot there."

"Well, like I said, Deeana, I like sensitive. So, by all means, let's explore that, shall we?"

"It's Diana."

"Whatever. I'm gonnaplay more with these titties while I go to work on your neck."

The hand around her waist releases and moves up to caress her tit while his tongue slowly strokes up and down her neck, from the base of her throat to the bottom of her ear. In the control room, Carlo is zooming in on the despairing face of the famous Amazon as her body is being mauled by this big ape of a man. Then he pulls back to get a nice medium shot of both breasts now being worked over by the widely-roaming hand as the guy's face buries into her neck and then nibbles at her ear.

He's whispering into it now but it's so faint that the audio, sophisticated as it is, can't pick it up. Carlo thinks that's a shame since he's sure the guy's lines are the priceless gems of an oafish boor. You had to know how to talk to women like he did. The only reason this lug was getting to round the bases with Wondiewas because her night was bought and paid for by a family on the West Coast. Carmine had told him that even though the guy was getting Wonder Woman as a gift from some LA mob guys for taking the rap for a bank heist and going to prison, her going rate for a night like this was two-hundred and fifty grand.

That was a lot of scratch. And he'd fucked her for free on at least six occasions now. That was at least a million and half bucks of prime Amazon cunt and ass he'd sampled. He can't help but smile at the thought. He sure wished he could do better on audio but it wasn't going to happen. Tony would have to be happy with the sight of Wonder Woman getting felt up and fucked with very little sound. Carlo considers laying a music track under this part.

"Don't make any sudden moves. Keep your face looking as disgusted as I'm sure it is," Randy whispers. "I'm here to rescue you. We're getting you out of this place tonight. You can be back on Paradise Island by the morning."

With her face now in close up, Wonder Woman's eyes fill with tears. They shine brightly as the drops fall down her cheeks in tiny rivulets of silver. Carlo mistakenly believes they stem from the overwhelming shame and helplessness of being so crudely used by this hulking pig. He couldn't be more wrong. Diana thinks her long nightmare is about to come to an end. Barely daring to believe it, she tests the large don.

"You lying bastard," she says loud enough to hear.

Following her lead, Randy blurts out. "No, it's true, Princess. Every one told me you do it and I want it to happen tonight."

Carlo leans forward in the control room, intrigued now.

"Let me tell you what else they say about you, Wonder Woman." Again the big man grips her tightly by the head and waist and whispers in her ear once more.

"What the fuck," Carlo growls. "What's this prick saying to her?"

"Follow my cues, Wonder Woman. I need to start a fight with you to pull that little creep out of the control room so I can neutralize him. Ready?"

Pulling back from the big man's grip, Wonder Woman sits with her legs pressed together and her ankles crossed as she puts one hand on his chest. Her other hand fans her face like some Southern belle.

"Well, they're right about the first thing. I will do that," the smirking woman says coquettishly. Then her face goes stern and she continues, "But that second thing, that's never going to happen. I don't care who you are or how important you're supposed to be!"

Wonder Woman hops off the couch, pulls her bustier up to cover her naked breasts, then puts her hands on her hips, stalwart in her decision.

"I don't really give a rat's ass, lady, about the first thing. I got that little treat from my freshman prom date. It's that other thing that really gets me goin', bitch. And I say you're mine for the night and you're doin' it!"

"Fuck you, buster! I have my pride. I am an Amazon princess. I won't do it. You'll have to kill me first. I draw the line here and now. At last!"

Carlo is deeply distraught. Things weren't supposed to go like this. He's wondering if he should continue recording this or go in and intervene. When the big man lurches forward to grasp the wrists of Wonder Woman and swing her off her feet in a full circle until he lets her go flying into the armchair, the short videographer puts all cameras on automatic, grabs a taser from a nearby shelf and heads to secret door in the bedroom closet.

* * *

Although the FDR Drive was fairly smooth sailing, the Queensboro Bridge turned out to be a traffic disaster, packed with cars barely inching forward. The clock on the dashboard now reads 5:40 p.m. and Carmine is searching for parking on the surface streets of Hunter's Point, Queens. He can't find anything though and an anxious Tony tells him to drop Supergirl and himself off in front of the restaurant and to pay for a spot in a parking lot they'd passed.

"But suppose we need to make a quick getaway?" Carmine raises his eyebrows.

"We'll have to deal with it if it happens. Christ, Carmine we're more than 40 minutes late. We were supposed to be here at five."

"And we called and told Baldini and he seemed okay with it, Ton."

"He said it but I don't believe it. Just take a right at this corner and drop us at the place, will you, Carmine? Trust me."

"Fine," says Carmine, wrenching the wheel and then speeding down half a block before he pulls up to Anatra!" Tony and Supergirlget out of the big black SUV and it peels out with a squeal of rubber.

"Okay, Kara, just be cool. Don't say much if you don't have to. I'll do most of the talking. You just try to look vengeful, imposing, skeptical. Some version of one of those expressions, all night, 'kay?"

"I got it, Tony. How are you doing though?"

Taking a deep breath and then reaching for the door, Tony smiles at her. "Me, I'm doing fine."

Kara gets her first chance to try out her skeptical face.

The moment they pass through the door, they are greeted by two of Don Baldini's large muscle men.

"Good evening, Don Bonano. Miss," the huge bald black man in the brown suit nods his head respectfully at each of them separately. "My name is Edward and this is Ricco. We will be conducting your search for concealed weapons this evening." He says this as if he's announcing the dinner specials. "Please step through the metal detector first."

Tony steps through the 7-foot high detector and it beeps. He looks at Edward who passes him a square gray plastic tub and knowing the drill, Tony removes his watch and pen and places them in the tub along with the remote control to Supergirl'scollar. When he passes through the metal detector the second time, it remains silent. The passive-faced don replaces all his metal belongings on his person as Supergirl is tested.

"Miss," Edward motions toward the frame. With nothing metal on her besides the control collar, Supergirl steps through. Of course the metal collar sets off the detector. The lovely teen gives a sheepish hunch of her shoulders and jokes, "What can I tell you, I'm not called the Maid of Steel for nothing."

Ricco interjects, "We'll cover her with the body search in a moment." His wolfish smile wipes out the one on Supergirl's face immediately. She gives him a cold glare, eyes the horrific haircut but says nothing.

Just then, Carmine pushes through the front door and he too is sent through the detector after he removes all the metal objects on his person. He's clean and is allowed to put his watch back on and refill his pockets with assorted coins and keys.

"Gentlemen, hands against this wall, if you please, and assume the position,"saysEdward, patting the painted white brick. After a full minute of a very personal groping, it's determined that neither Tony orCarmine are carrying anything dangerous. The thin ceramic knives tucked into the hidden compartment in each of their belts get past the search and for that both men are relieved. When Tony had heard from Mario that the attempt to place the gun had not succeeded, it hadn't surprised him. He was glad at least he had some kind of backup weapon. No doubt Carmine felt the same. When the younger don looks over at his mentor, he's sees that he's sweating.

"You okay, Carm?"

"Yeah, I just had to jog from the parking lot. I'm good."

"Too bad you guys didn't get here earlier,"calls out Don Lupenzofrom the table where's he's sitting, "there was plenty of parking around five o'clock."

This remark draws a chuckle from the hefty Basso, Baldini's own muscle guy in a plain blue suit. Also sitting at the large round table was the sultry Scarlett O'Shea dressed in a figure-hugging red dress that advertised sex, and the elegant but frowning Don Baldini in a sharp black tweed suit that advertised money rather than sex. Three chairs were empty for the remaining threesome, with Supergirl the final member of their party still about to undergo the search process.

"Miss, if you would," asks the polite Edward, indicating the brick wall where he wants her hands placed.

"I got this, Eddie," says Rico. He steps past his frowning associate and behind Supergirl, then squats down His head is at eye level with her yellow belt as he begins his search of her body. Starting at her right boot, he squeezes it firmly, checking for any hidden objects. All he feels is her smooth firm calf muscle. "Lift your foot," he commands and Kara bends her knee so he can tap her soles and heels and squeeze her ankle feeling for anything unusual. He finds nothing and efficiently repeats this with her other boot.

Moving his hands up, he smooths them around her right thigh, circling it and squeezing it until his hands move beneath her skirt. Smiling, Ricco palms her ass and fondles her crotch searching for any foreign objects. Nothing is there that shouldn't be and everything is there that should. It's all warm flesh but extremely firm to the touch. He gives it the hardest squeeze possible and it disappoints him that her body is barely pliable. It's like trying to mold very old and dry clay; barely any give to it. Two of Ricco's fingers slide inside the leg band of her panties and press into her pussy to test for possible weapons hidden inside her cavity. Even her snatch feels hard and unforgiving to his probing digits. This girl doesn't feel like she'd be an easy fuck, that's for sure. There's nothing to be found inside her cunt but Ricco's fingers linger an extra second, just one of them flicking at her clit that causes a jerk of Supergirl's hips.

"Just being thorough," Ricco announces to everyone watching. And he proves this by repeating the same intrusive process on her left thigh, left buttock and left side of her snatch. For good measure, he slides his hand back inside her panties and with a huge effort manages to press his thumb into her asshole. If Supergirl were at anything close to her full powers, he'd have broken his fingers trying to penetrate either of her holes. He rotates it in a circle for a good ten seconds and then announces, "Nothing down below."

Everybody expected this search of Supergirl, of course, yet Tony can't help but wonder if Scarlett O'Shea also had to endure such a humiliating assault on her body. He'd hoped so. Fair was fair. In fact, he looks directly at her, lifts an eyebrow, cocks a thumb at Supergirl and mouths, "You too?"

Grimly, Scarlett nods back that she too had been groped by the animal with the ugly haircut. Nevertheless, the redheaded beauty can't help but enjoy the view of Supergirl'sathletic body being manhandled. At the moment, Ricco's hands are all over her breasts, buried high up under her blouse. He roughly squeezes them yet finds the boobs barely yielding to his powerful hands. More disappointment for the big man even though she's not wearing a bra. Everyone watches as his hands stretch and move under the famous insignia, distorting the iconic shield in a pointless search for weapons. The mighty heroine fumes silently as she submits to this gross indignity. Finally, with an unnecessary flick of her nipples with both hands on her breasts, Rico completes his body search of the blonde heroine, pulls his hands out from under her shirt and pronounces her clean.

Turning around, Supergirlwhispers to the large hoodlum, "I hope you enjoyed that because I plan on finding you when this is all over and hurting you. A lot."

Without batting an eye, Ricco points at Tony and says, "Show me how well her punishment collar works."

Reluctantly, Tony takes the remote out of his pocket and says, "I'm sorry Supergirl, but it won't last long." Then he turns a knob on the flat black box slightly to the right. The sliding opening on the collar reveals a greenish glow from inside the lead-lined ring and Supergirl suddenly wavers in place and groans. Carmine steps forward and takes her elbow to help her remain on her feet.

"Satisfied?" Tony asks and goes to rotate the knob back to the left when Ricco grabs it out of the shocked don's hands.

"No, I ain't," he says, turning the knob full to the right.

"Aaaarrgggghhhhh!"Supergirl cries out in agony and drops heavily out of Carmine's insufficiently light grip. She falls to her knees and then onto her side into a fetal position on the wooden floor of the restaurant. "..owwww...stop more...."

"What the fuck! Don Baldini," Tony shouts over the crying blonde's squeals, "this isn't called for!"

"I disagree, Don Bonano," the eldest don in the room calls back, loudly pronouncing his words over the din. "I've been informed by Don Lupenzo that this is a woman of virtually unlimited physical strength along with a remarkably devious nature. I merely have to be sure she can be controlled to my satisfaction."

"" And with that, Supergirl vomits a pool of green-tinged bile on the floor by her face, then rolls onto her back with her arms akimbo, breathing heavily with dull bits of puke dripping from her lips.

"Excellent. I believe that will suffice, Ricco. Turn it off and bring the device to me."

Ricco does as instructed but the mighty blonde champion remains splayed on her back with her eyes gripped shut and her chest heaving up and down in a rapid dog-like pant. Tony goes over to her, wipes her mouth with his handkerchief, smoothsthe hair off her forehead and pulls the grimacing teen to her feet. Barely able to walk, a wobbling Supergirl is led to one of the chairs around the table. Tony guides her down on it with a soothing voice.

"It'll be okay in a few minutes, Kara. He's shut your collar off now. Just rest here. You'll feel better shortly." He sit down in the chair next to her, just to Don Baldini'sright.

"...oh...k..kay....Tony...." Supergirlmurmurs weakly.

Carmine glares at Don Baldini and then at Don Lupenzoas he takes a seat at the table next to Scarlett.

"I have to say, Don Baldini," Carmine declares, "that this has been a most impolite beginning to this negotiation"

"Impolite but unavoidable, Don Vega," asserts the old don with eyes like cold iron. "Just like the late arrival of your group I would point out. Still we will proceed as if everything were cordial and fresh now that the young heroine has been properly cautioned on just how she should behave, yes?"

With Supergirlslouching numbly in her chair and trying to gather her senses, Tony finally takes his seat between her and Basso.

"Yes, Don Baldini," Tony answers. "I see your point and I apologize for our delay. Perhaps if we'd been given more notice beforehand..."

"Don Lupenzoand Ms O'Shea had the same amount of notice and they had no difficulty in arriving on time. Perhaps you should borrow their GPS devices next time."

Gino grins from ear to ear while Tony looks uncomfortable under Baldini's ridicule. Tony's wondering just how Gino had gotten here so quickly. Was he tipped off beforehand or had he just camped out in some coffee shop nearer to Queens to be ready? There was no way to know. He just knew he was already dealing from a weakened position now.

"I shall consider that, but in the mean time," Tony says, "there is much to discuss tonight and I look forward to bringing this trouble between Don Lupenzoand myself to an amicable conclusion."

"As do I, Don Bonano, but before we start," Don Baldini suggests, "may I propose that we order first. This will be a long and delicate process I suspect, and I for one am ravenous. The specialty of the house is duck, of course, and they serve it any number of delightful ways."

Raising his hand, he beckons to the owner of the restaurant with a snap of his fingers. Instantly three waiters appear and begin distributing black leather-bound menus to the table.

Off to the side, a bus boy has already cleaned up the wide greenish pool that Supergirlhad upchucked onto the floor.

Tony glances over at the wet spot the mop has left and frowns. Things weren't going nearly as well as he'd hoped.

* * *

When Carlo comes rushing out from the secret panel in the bedroom closet, he dashes through the suite and into the living room. He had pocketed the taser on the way, hoping to surprise either the large rampaging don with it or the furious Amazon. He had to gauge the situation carefully. This Lugeseguy was a big shot and Carlo didn't want to make any moves that threatened his job with Tony. If push came to shove, he'd shock Wonder Woman with the taser and take his chances there. Hell, she got punished all the time.

Standing beside the large armchair that had been flipped on its back when Wonder Woman got thrown against it, the glaring heroine now stares over at Don Lugese with her hands held up and moving in slow circles, the palms vertical and fingers pressed tightly together.

"You have taken on an Amazon, Don Lugese. Not a smart move. Stand down and let us both take a more pleasurable route. You certainly did not come here to fight, did you?"

Don Lugesecircles around the couch just as Carlo comes out from the hallway leading back to the bedroom. The videographer sees the confrontational poses of the two people before him and calls out in exasperation to Wonder Woman.

"Oh, come on Princess! You know you've already committed every sex act in the book. Just give him what he wants. How bad can it be?" Carlo then gives the don a shrug as he passes by him and says, "Women, what are ya' gonna do, huh?"

He goes toward the Amazon as she circles to her left. Don Lugese makes a move to his right cutting her off. Now she has two men stalking her.

"I won't agree to his filthy perverted needs. He needs a psychologist not a whore."

"You could use a therapist yourself, Wonder Woman," Don Lugese declares. "Your self-esteem clearly needs a boost."

"What? What do you mean....oh...OH!" Distracted by the harsh truth of this, Wonder Woman doesn't notice that Carlo has taken a device out of his pocket. Without warning he rushes up close to her and presses the button on the taser. Her remarkable reaction time even without her power belt saves her from a nasty shock as she moves to the side and the taser wires fly harmlessly past her hips.

From behind an astonished Carlo, Randy takes four quick strides and puts the gaping little Italian mobster in a choke hold that cuts off all his air. Pleased with how well he and Wonder Woman worked together to pull this off under impromptu conditions, Randy yanks Carlo backward onto his heels. The choking man's arms wave in circles before he thinks to grip on the elbow and forearm to relieve the crushing pressure against his windpipe. It does no good. He is off balance and already seeing spots. He claws and punches desperately at the big man's forearm for at least 40 seconds. It does no good and Carlo's face shades over to a deep red. Suddenly, his hands drop limply to the sides and Randy squats down, following the body to the rug as the helpless tyrant is laid out on his back completely unconscious.

"You didn't kill him, did you?" Wonder Woman asks, walking over to stand over the prone figure she'd come to despise.

"Nah, I just put him out for the count. He'll wake up with a huge headache though."

"Good then. The huger the better. The man's an absolute pig! Oh, and speaking of pigs, you certainly seemed to enjoy your role. I don't know who you really are but for a man who's here to rescue me, you certainly have some very odd moves. I thought you'd never stop groping my tits."

"Hey,"Randygrins, holding his palms up in a mea culpa. "I had to be convincing. But let's get out of here while the getting's good." He takes a step toward the elevator but Wonder Woman remains where she is.

"I wish I knew where my real power girdle and lasso are stashed. I hate to leave here without them."

"I think I have a good idea where they might be kept. Tony's got a safe in his bedroom downstairs. We can go down one flight on our way out, grab a coat so you're less conspicuous, and see if they're there." The two of them take a step toward the elevator.

"Don't bother. You won't get them. Certainly not if you have to go through me."

Stopping in their tracks and turning around, Randy and Wonder Woman see Sergei Zhukoviastanding in the hallway leading to the bedroom. His arms are crossed and he's poised and ready to take them both on. Wonder Woman's face goes white and she takes a halting step back with a nervous moan of despair.

"...ohh...nooo..." she murmurs.

Randy looks from her ashen face to the broad leer on the Russian's face, and then back to her, not liking the tall black-haired Russian's affect on the suddenly weak-kneed beauty at his side. What had this man done to Wonder Woman that she would be shaking like a leaf?

"Hello, Princess," Sergei greets her. "I've missed you. Have you missed me?"

* * *

With the entrees ordered all around, the table is suddenly quiet now that the owner and his waiters have all left the room to give the party its privacy. Tony idly checks his watch, it's 6:15.

Don Lupenzoopens the discussion with a wave of his hand and a pronouncement, "All this uproar and negative publicity caused by Don Bonanoover the past eight months have been absolutely unnecessary. It's all been nothing less than a greedy grab for power without discipline. It's been bad for business."

"Actually, I would contend that business has never been better," Carmine responds before Tony can say a word. "Receivables over the past eight months have jumped markedly, my friends. Thanks to Don Bonano, the balance in the general fund has never been higher."

"Bah, it's a one-time surge due to those DVD sales," Gino counters. "When they dwindle down, and they will, things will level out and we'll still have a horrible profile thanks to Don Bonano's heavy-handed approach."

"If I may continue without further interruption, Don Baldini..." Carmine cocks an eyebrow at the mediator.

"Yes, certainly. Don Lupenzo, keep quiet until Don Vega finishes making his case. You're impoliteness continues to grind at my nerves, Gino!"

"I...I am sorry, Don Baldini, I will...."

"You will shut up!" Baldini fixes his stare at Gino who clamps his mouth closed. A second later he opens it again to take a shaky sip of the wine that's been poured in crystal goblets at everyone's place setting. Tony gives a small smirk and also sips his wine, enjoying the bouquet of the $200 Pinot Noir.

"As I was saying," Carmine continues, "It's not just the balance of the general fund that has risen. I know for a fact, after making inquiries to families from Greenwich to Boston to Bangor, that the revenues of all the families throughout the entire northeast United States have significantly increased. With the absence of Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Superman from the picture, crime in all our most profitable categories is close to an all-time high."

Carmine ticks off the categories by raising an individual finger with his pronouncement of each. "Prostitution, theft, embezzlement, drugs, gambling, whorehouses and forced slavery; they all have been going gang busters. Nature hates a vacuum, gentlemen and ladies." Carmine gives a nod to Scarlett who nods back. His nod to Supergirlis barely acknowledged. She merely sits back in her chair with anything but an intimidating expression on her still stricken face.

"That vacuum, people," Carmine goes on, "has been filled by an unprecedented surge in our stock in trade. In fact, I might even propose that any superheroes and heroines who protect the Midwest states and the West Coast should be similarly removed and see if we can set a new record in Mafia revenues." Having finished his point, Carmine takes a drink from his water glass.

"What! Carmine, you can't be serious!" Don Lupenzo jumps up from his chair and points at Carmine. "You're supposed to be the reasonable one. But you're as crazy as Tony. They're both infected with this madness now. Don Baldini, you must see this!"

"Don Lupenzo!" Tomas Baldini is furious but his voice is low, measured and coldly sincere. "I will not warn you again about your decorum in this meeting! I will have you removed and grant Don Bonanowhatever he seeks from the families if you continue to act as you have."

Once again a very chastened Gino sits down and collects himself. As he does, Scarlett speaks up. "Ah know I'm not ah member of the family and thus have no say in these mattahs. I'm just here as a little old observer and to make sure that Supergirl over theah doesn't step out of line." She blows the distracted blonde two seats away a kiss that has the now fully cognizant heroine scowling back at the lady in red. "Howevah, if what Don Vega says is even half true, I think y'all should be thanking Tony, sorry, Don Bonano, not threatening him." She closes with a smile at Tony directly across the table from her.

"What the..? You're supposed to be on my team, you little..." Gino stops himself from using a disparaging term and gives the mediating don a very nervous glance. "What I mean is that, you have succinctly made your point, Ms. O'Shea."

"You mean about thanking Don Bonano?" Scarlett gives Gino a sly smile.

"No," Gino retorts, "about you not having anything to say about any of this. Just eat your meal when it comes and definitely keep your opinions to yourself!"

"Despite his extreme rudeness, Ms. O'Shea, I'm afraid that Don Lupenzo is correct. This is far from your bailiwick, my dear," Don Baldinisays with all cordiality. "I thank you for your effort to shed light on this issue but for now, please just sit there and simply look as lovely as you do while we men talk this through."

"Certainly, sugah. I apologize for so clearly oversteppin' mah position."

"Think nothing of it, dear lady," Don Baldini says, allowing for her regional mannerism to eclipse her lack of manners in how she refers to him. "Oh, excellent! Our meals have arrived."

* * *

"Uuhhh. Sergei...uhhmm. You're really b..back. I..uh...heard rumors b..but..." Wonder Woman stammers

"But you could not be believing your good fortune, Wonder Cunt. Have you been filling your thighs with anyone interesting since I left?"

Sergei takes two steps forward and the nervous beauty takes three back, her buttocks backing up against the railing dividing the living room from the kitchen. "Certainly not this steroid user. You could do no better? I guess Tony is running out of useful dicks to stuff up your snatch, Princess, if you've sunk down to him, da?"

"Hey, jerkwad," Randy barks, "I'm standing right here."

"For now. But not for so long I am to be thinking."

"Yeah, bring it, you pathetic baby thrower! Yeah, I recognize you now. Brave man who throws little children around."

"Again with the baby throwing. You Americans, so sentimental. Come for me, fat fuck. Let's see how far I can throw you, eh?"

"Don Lugese, don't do it," Wonder Woman wails, grabbing Randy's arm to hold him back. "Please! Don't fight him. You don't know what he's capable of. He'll kill you and then me."

"Why would I want to be killing you, whore? You are solely for fucking. Ass, mouth, twat. You are buffet."

Even Diana's fear curls over into anger at this. Her eyes narrow at the tall Russian. Her spine stiffens and she turns her body into attack mode. But when Sergei takes out a beige horn-handled knife from his pocket and flips the blade out, the Amazon gulps audibly. Randy's head swivels to the right at the sound. He sees Wonder Woman trembling lip as she fights between fear and anger and the fear is winning.

"Hey, It's just a knife, Wonder Woman," Randy says to her encouragingly. "You've got your bracelets and your warrior training. He's just one man and it's two of us."

"He's NOT just one man. He's Sergei," whines the shivering beauty. "He can't be beat. I can't defeat him. He's too good, too crafty. Let's give up."

"Give up? You're actually serious!" Randy gestures to the man still standing in the hallway. "We can take him!"

"No, you cannot. The bitch is correct," Sergei says with complete confidence. "It is better for you to be giving up. Let us drink vodka and maybe we both fuck her, da? A better idea all around."

"Do you believe the balls on this guy," Randy says, astonished.

"Big. Huge set," Sergei says with a winking grin. "Ask Wonder Mouth there, she has sucked on them plenty."

"Him? You fucked him?" Randy asks, his eyes on Diana's until she lowers her head.

"Of course I did. I HAD NO CHOICE! YOU CAN'T CONCEIVE OF WHAT HE PUT ME THROUGH! EVER! EVER!" Diana screams her anguish out, then suddenly she withdraws, sealing herself away emotionally. "So yeah, I fucked him. He fucked me. Whatever. I don't know. It was..."

"...Heaven!" Sergei interrupts.

"Inevitable," Wonder Woman counters, her expression numb, her voice quiet.

"Well, it was heaven from where I stood," Sergei contends, "which, by the way, was behind her with that fantastic ass of hers to be pumping away, pushing against me so I could go deeper into her pussy or her ass. It may have been both. We've fucked so many times, I am not remembering them all. And yes, we both saw heaven that day. To this I am not ashamed to admit. And so yes, I am looking to get back up in there, inside that heat. Just as soon as you give up, big man."

"Don't fight him, Leo," Diana says softly. "You won't win and I'm not worth it."

"Well, Wonder Woman, if you're not going to fight him," Randy advises, "then stand aside while I do. I don't want you to get hurt."

"He'll kill you," murmurs the trembling heroine. She turns and goes to sit down on the couch to await the outcome. Her hands are pressed between her thighs, her head turned to watch the carnage. Her heart is cold with raw terror.

"Last chance for us to share that drink and to be fucking that prime piece of Amazon tail, Mr. Hero. What do you say, double penetration, eh? She will do this in a heartbeat, I promise you. Think about it. You don't have to die for her. She is not willing to die for you, this is for sure."

"I believe she'll come around and knock the crap out of you, Sergei."

"Well, maybe you won't be dead before that. But I doubt this."

Randy takes a step into the hallway at the smiling Russian who's confidently tossing the knife from hand to the other.

"Which side to attack, big man? Only one way to go wrong or go right. What is to be that expression you Americans love. Oh yes: So, do you feel lucky, punk? Huh, do you?"

* * *

"Well, Don Bonano, Carmine made a very strong economic case on your behalf," Don Baldini says as the plates are cleared. It had been a sumptuous dinner that was conducted while covering a variety of topics not business related. This stipulation was arranged by the mediator so as not to interfere with his digestion. Lots of innocuous small talk and key sports results were exchanged and there was no gunfire.

"Now can you please tell me why you should not be severely penalized by the families for so aggressively taking three popular heroic icons off the streets while dragging the name of the Mafia through them?"

"Thank you for the opportunity to state my case, Don Baldini. Almost a year ago, my only intention was to remove Supergirl from my territory so I could execute a moderate expansion," Tony explains. "She was a constant inhibiting force against me so I naturally took steps to remove her so I could conduct my business like you or any of the many families around the country. I saw nothing wrong in that."

Supergirlsits with her hands in her lap, simply listening to Tony's cold explanation of how she was little more than a minor interference to be removed. It makes her feel very insignificant, especially based on how quickly and easily he had accomplished his task.

"Supergirl, of course, was based in New York eight months ago and she exhibited a particular interest in my businesses in Brooklyn and Manhattan, two of the prime economic engines of the five boroughs. That's no disrespect to your area of Queens, Don Baldini," Tony nods at the mediator with respect. "The Bronx and Staten Island of course were patrolled much less actively by her. I am sure you have run up against her in your time, Don Baldini, no?"

"There have been one or two occasions I've suffered losses to her," Tomas Baldinifreely admits. "I simply marked it up to the cost of doing business and tried to avoid her whenever possible. I kept a low profile, though. I did not go out seeking trouble by tangling with her. And nobody here needs an economics lesson on the five boroughs so please make your point, Don Bonano."

"My point is that it was getting more and more difficult to avoid her. She became a constant factor in my business plan. So yes, I arranged a way to effectively remove her as a factor and, ultimately, to turn her into a source of income. I had only expected a moderate cash flow by turning her into a crack whore and selling her services for a nice profit. It was only when the DVDs of her sexual conquests became such a highly desirable commodity that her profile increased."

"But it was you, Don Bonano, who created, finished and distributed those DVDs," declares an exasperated Gino. "You built her profile to worldwide proportions and yet you expect not to suffer the consequences when it comes to roost on the doorstep of all our families?"

Tony turns to Gino and direct his question to him directly. "How much call is there among all the media to save Supergirl these days, Don Lupenzo?"

"Well, it has declined somewhat," Gino admits reluctantly and Tony is surprised to see him do so.

"That's because I ruined her reputation so thoroughly. And that of Wonder Woman when she came looking for her and I captured her as well. Both women have become social pariahs when it comes to being effective heroines now. Were I to release either or both of them, I sincerely doubt they would be able to resume their careers in this city or any other on the globe."

Supergirllooks like she wants to crawl under the table and hide while being discussed as if she were a complete nonentity, which, at this point, she realizes she is.

"And what of Superman," Don Baldini inquires. "His reputation is not so badly soiled. Why do you not release him. Is it greed, Don Bonano?"

"Superman is not held by me, Don Baldini. I'm sorry to say that Lex Luthornow controls him."

"Aaah. I don't think I realized that," the mediator says thoughtfully.

"I apologize for interrupting but I need to use the ladies room," Supergirl surprisingly declares. "To splash some water on my face. This discussion is making me queasy."

"I'll join you, sugah, if you don't mind. All this business talk, well, it's just making mah head spin." Scarlett grabs her small red sequined purse from under her chair. She'd left it there leaning against the chair leg after it had been being passed through the metal detector and then thoroughly examined by hand when she first arrived.

All the gentlemen rise as one when the two women stand up and head off to the small hallway past the end of the bar where the rest rooms are located. While they're away, Tony explains how Lex managed to relieve Tony of his male superhero.

Inside the ladies room, Supergirl goes into one of the stalls, pulls down her red silk panties and pees. She'd always been delighted that she wasn't of those heroines who had to undo half their damn costume just to relieve themselves. When the last of her stream dribbles out, the blonde tears off some toilet paper, wipes herself and drops the paper into the toilet. Then the blonde puts her elbows on her knees and buries her face in her hands and sighs deeply. All that talk about Kal was so depressing, she just had to get away from it, get a change of scene.

Meanwhile, Scarlett gets close to the long marble counter and leans into the mirror slightly as she refreshes her lipstick. She carefully edges her lips, takes a paper towel and lightly blots her lips while waiting for the heroine to come out of the stall. At that time she will make her move and take out the strongest woman on the planet without even needing to use the kryptonite collar circling her pretty little neck. She had her own means, just as effective without all that nasty puking.

End of Chapter 71

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 71