Supergirl Captured by the Mob 08  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 8 - All Kinds of Trouble with That Crack

By Dr. Dominator

Note: All characters and names are property of DC Comics. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

It is 8 o'clock at night and the vanquished blonde teenager heroine strapped onto the bondage table in the jail cell within the basement of Tony Bonano's headquarters continues her troubled sleep cycle. Moaning and murmuring in frightened yips and gasps, the once mighty Supergirl is, no doubt, reliving the horror of the last 24 hours in her nightmares. If she hadn't been strapped down, the anxious bedeviled teen might have even rolled off the table during her frightening dreams.

Watching the monitors in the control room next door, Carmine Vega, Tony Bonano and his two associates, Stevie and Randy, are planning the next several training sessions. The overall program is designed to use crack cocaine to turn the beautiful and celebrated Girl of Steel into a horny, weak-willed, subservient crack whore willing to do any act, no matter how perverse - just for the promise of another hit of crack.

By the look of the blonde's drawn and haggard expression on the monitors before them, the girl is definitely on her way. Tony believes it probably would pay better for the little tart to actually still look beautiful to the johns she'd be doing, but he wasn't sure that was going to happen. She would probably look decent enough. That would serve. And, of course, the costume was crucial. Everybody got off on the costume.

"Well, naturally, the crack is a definite for this next round," Tony states. "We'll shoot her up with the good stuff again, but we're not going to go all hearts and flowers like the last time out. We're not talking love-making at this stage, we're talking grunting quick orgasms under the influence. Multiple orgasms when we can using vibrators to get it done real fast. Connect the drug with the sexual thrill. Tie 'em tight together in her mind and her body. Chain her need for one directly with the other. It'll take a little doing with this cunt. She's got a will of iron, even if we have been able to cut her down to size over the last day. But its critical that we can't let her build up any emotional or physical reserves.

"Doesn't the kryptonite prevent that?" Randy asks.

"For the most part, it does. Still, I've seen this alien bitch get it together real fast over the last 24 hours when I thought she was down for the count. It's fuckin' spooky how determined this cunt can be. Now we're gonna concentrate on breaking down that psychological foundation of hers, every day in some way or other. And that's already started. The point is, we all still got to be on our guard whenever we go into that room. Okay?"

Everybody nods in agreement, and then Carmine asks, "How long you gonna let her nap in there if you don't want her reserves building up?"

"Well, it looks like that's not the most restful sleep she's ever had. Plus the kryptonite in the dildo is still doing its job, so I don't think there's much to worry about right now. Fact is, I'm liking the fact that little miss sunshine in there is getting a little green around the gills, so to speak. The kryptonite is slowly poisoning her system and it shows in the tint of her eyelids, the greenish tinge to her lips and in her fingernails, too, I noticed. Naturally we don't want to overdose our young protoge. That works against our entire plan, but it certainly is hard to know just the proper amount and blend of krypto-slime and deutronium to use in that custom-built double-length buttplug of hers. We'll have to keep a close eye on that. But, to answer your specific question, Carmine, I'll bring her around in a couple of minutes and we'll start her next training session. It'll be very short but effective." Tony pauses for a minute and takes a sip of coffee he was holding. Everyone had taken a couple of hours off after the last session, so the group was pretty well rested.

"Now Stevie," Tony looks at the amiable young hood. "I want you to handle the crack dosing, including the precise amounts, the different ways we can get it into her system voluntarily and involuntarily. Rocks, serum, different crack pipes and shit like that which we talked about. Use what you think will work best. We also need to keep exact records of the schedule and dosages. Randy, that's your gig. Both you guys know more than I do about this shit. That's why you two are on the team; in addition to your good looks, boyish charms, and, of course, Randy's gentle, persuasive way with assertive women in capes."

The pale, brutish hoodlum grins sheepishly.

"Alright Stevie," Tony says, "get the first injectable dose we talked about ready. How long you think it'll take for bubble butt in there to feel it?

"Well, last time was about 45 seconds or so, Tony, which is, like, fucking unheard of. With a normal girl of her age, it usually only take about 8 to 12 seconds at the most. But this one's a bull. It's hard to say."

"I don't think our young friend is feeling nearly as bullish after what we've put her through, Stevie," Tony considers. I'm thinking ten to twelve seconds sounds about right for our guest to hit the heights How long will it last?"

"Again, last time we had her going for about 15 minutes. That's the normal timing."

"Great. Let's see, the sex toys are all in the various drawers of the table she's strapped in, so we're set there. Carmine, you'll come in with me." Tony pulls his fellow Don off to the side for a moment while Stevie and Randy go into the storeroom to get the crack from the safe. Tony had given Stevie the combination and he felt proud that Tony trusted him that much.

"Carm, follow my lead in there and don't be gentle with her," Tony then comes up with a slow smile, "I really loved how you humiliated Supergirl with your dick in her face at the end of the last session. Not to mention the look of shock and disappointment on the slut's face when you wouldn't let her swallow your whole load. That was priceless. You see the replay on that?"

"Only six times." Carmine grins as Tony chuckles. "And you, Tony...well, when you punched out Supergirl's lights, using that overconfident cunt like a body bag, and then forced that two-bit little do-gooder to crawl over and climb up onto that table on command, I was high fivin' with your two guys like crazy. You really taught her who was the boss!"

"Some fucking mouth on her though, huh?" Tony asks.

"Fuckin' amazing, Ton. Under that stuff you gave her, it was like nothin' I ever had before. Even from some pros. Course, the fact it was, you know, 'the Famous Maid of Steel' was part of it, I know. But still, she's got some real talent there. That bitch will bring in a lot of dough when word gets around the street that Tony Bonano's got Supergirl tucked away in a private whorehouse giving out amazing blowjobs!"

"Wait til you stick it in her pussy, Carmine. She's got game down there like you wouldn't believe. Fuckin' slice of heaven. Took all I had to pull out on the sorry twat. But that hurt and stunned look of desertion when I sprayed my cum all over the front of her skirt and underpants, that was priceless. You and I, we brought that pretentious, oversexed bitch down hard!"

"Everything seems to be going too good here, Tony. It's got me worried."

"Carmine, I know how you feel. But we're being very careful here, right? You've got a good look at how I operate by now. You know I'm careful. I think things through...well, most of the time. That strangulation thing got a little close, but it worked out great in the long run. It'll be okay, Carmine. Really. We're going to be millionaires. Think about that. And about all the different ways you'll be getting into blondie's pussy in there over the next year. That'll take your mind off your worries."

"True enough, partner," Carmine replies. "True enough. Now let's go get Supergirl hooked on crack."

All of Supergirl's arms and legs are held by giant jungle vines. She is stretched out in every direction possible while small, smooth tendrils of some hideous plant monster explore her body inch by inch. One tendril is forced deep in her ass and another is about to slide down her throat when yet another tendril rises up and slaps her rear end. She yelps but the tendril comes down with another painful slap.

"...up, Supergirl. Wake up and join us," Tony Bonano says. He gives her a third stiff whack on her butt.

"OW" she blurts through gummy, rubbery lips.

"I think that one finally did it," Carmine says, as the shapely blonde strapped down to the table beside him groggily lifts her head and blinks at him with a dumb look of simple annoyance. Who was this guy?


"Rise and shine, sugarplum," a voice says brightly behind her. " It's time for your special twilight training session." Slowly, the dazed blonde turns her head and sees Tony Bonano standing over her.

"...buh...nan...oh..." she mumbles.

"Mr. Bonano, my dear. Remember?"

"...y..yes...sir..." the wakening girl recalls, coming to her full senses slowly. She turns her head to look again at the man standing on the other side of her, between her and the wall.

"...vay....uh...Mr. Vega..."

"Wow. What a polite little whore you got here, Tony." Vega reaches down and squeezes the flinching Supergirl's cheek like some old proud grandmother from a childhood she never had. "And cute as a button, too."

"I'm not a whore," replies the blonde teen without hesitation, coming out of her stupor fully and assessing her situation. _Dildo still there. No powers. No way out._A deep frown crosses the tired girl's face which Carmine picks up on. He presses his advantage.

"You are every inch the whore in my book, girlie girl. Anybody who sucks me off like you did, honey, is certainly a qualified professional hooker in my eyes. As a matter of fact, I do believe I felt a little trail of cum on your cheek here, Supergirl, when I squeezed it just now." The girl lowers her head and takes a deep breath to calm herself down. "And look," Carmine continues his psychological assault, "there's some more dried out cum that dribbled down your chin there after I came in your mouth. Just another aspect of being a pro in the cocksucking game, right sugar?" He scrapes the crusty residue off with his fingernail, then squats down so he'd directly in her face. "What, you don't remember swallowing my spunk, Supergirl. You should, 'cause your breath stinks of it and your hair is splattered with it." Standing up, he winks at Tony. It isn't seen by the girl staring straight ahead, marshaling her resolve, holding on to her courage.

"You drugged me," she says matter-of-factly.

"Maybe," says Tony above her, "but you sure took to sex like a bee to honey. I was trying to keep it slow and romantic, but you couldn't wait, Superslut. Had to kiss me full on the mouth and grab my cock like some cheap barroom floozy."

Supergirl continues her resolute stare, her lips compressed into thin pale pink bands as she tries to shake off the memory that Tony's dragging out of her subconscious.

" was all the drugs...ton...uh...Mr. Bonano. I...I...assure you."

"Great. Then let's get back to the drugs, by all means."

"What?" Supergirl turns her head towards Tony just as his arm shoots out and his palm seizes the side of her head. "Wait....don't..."

He presses her head firmly against the tablepad. "Carmine, will you keep our blonde friend's head steady for a moment.

"Glad to." Firm hands circle Supergirl's head and press her cheek even harder against the tablepad. The pressure of Carmine putting his full body weight into his arms keeps the wide-eyed blonde's head from moving an inch.

"Don't...Tony...sir...Mr. don't have to do this...I'll...I'll have sex with you..."

"And everyone else, too, I'm afraid, Superslut." Flicking the syringe he's holding now with his thumbnail, Tony smiles in a very unpleasant way. "Because we're doing things my way, blondie. And my way includes crack." There is a pinching sensation in her neck and Supergirl grimaces in anger.

These bastards are drugging me again, dammit! If I had my powers for just one minute I'd......

"AYEE....WHOOAAA....wh...wh...what...a....a....feeling....." Supergirl blurts out in shocked delight. The intense high that this pure crack creates sends Supergirl into a whirl of cloudy bliss she cannot begin to resist. The harsh hands pressing her head down disappear and the blue and red clad teenage heroine lies on the table in a slack stupor of total joy.

"Nine seconds," says Tony with a smirk. "Let's bring out the toys."

".....mmmmnnn...." the contented champion moans softly, happily unaware of the devices being readied for her training. Tony straps a small electric massage motor on the back of his hand and flicks it on. A low buzzing hum erupts from the device and Tony holds his middle finger out to see it vibrating in a blur of flesh.

"Oh, you're going to enjoy me giving you this finger, Supersnatch."


Carmine picks up a purple candy dildo wrapped in plastic that's six inches long and three inches wide. He tears away the crinkly wrapping, licks his finger, swipes the shaft with it and tastes the flavor. "Grape," he says with a grin.

"Okay, honeydew," says Tony with glee, "it's time to pull down your panties for some crack super sex!"

"...oh....really...." sighs the uncomprehending superheroine. She feels her underpants being pulled slowly off her rear end, the cool air surrounding her buttocks gives her a wiggle of pleasure. The panties are pulled down to the backs of her thighs. And then a hand is at her crotch cupping her sex. It's pulsing and shaking against her, the warmth of the palm holding her firmly, the fingertips tickling her bush with inhuman speed.

"OHH....AAAH....Whoaaa..." Tony feels the girl's pussy moisten almost instantaneously. She writhes in his grasp with repeated moans of excitement. Strapped down and unable to reach out or participate actively, the gasping girl arches her neck, her eyes clamped shut and stutters..."...slow...slow down....tuh...too...intense...."

"Try this dick, Superslut," says Carmine. "You're going to love it." He rubs the tip of the candy dildo around the lips of the panting teen's open mouth. Immediately, the eager tongue swipes all over and around her pink lips leaving them with a glossy sheen.

"....mmmmm...." she purrs.

Carmine puts the tip of the candy dildo against the blonde's slightly open mouth and holds it lightly against her lower lip. Without hesitation, the aroused teen slides her tongue out, licks the underside of the candy tip and then flutters her tongue rapidly against the tasty treat. Carmine pushes the dildo forward and the quivering teen takes the whole tip eagerly into her mouth, sucking on it with delight and moaning with pleasure.

"AWMMM.....OOMMM." Supergirl thrills both to the sweet taste and generous width of the dildo. Carmine pushes it in further so it fills her mouth. The once innocent Maid of Steel rocks her head back and forth with mewling grunts of pleasure as she savors the flavor and sensation of the candy cock as it passes across her lips and tongue. "mmmhhh..mmmhhh"

And then Tony puts his middle finger against her clitoris and Supergirl jerks with joy. In seconds the pulsing, humming, twitching finger is flushed with the teenage heroine's musky juices and the air is filled with the perfume of her desire.

"The crack is accentuating the sensitivity of your body, Supergirl. I hope you appreciate what I'm doing for you here."

"..yheth....yhethh ..ah...dooo....." replies the world-renowned female hero with the candy cock in her mouth. And then the planet's shining example of purity, truth and justice slowly and deliberately grinds her pelvis around Tony's buzzing finger - first in a small circle to the left and then to the right. There's no mistaking this shockingly vulgar act from the gorgeous writhing blonde on the table. She is wantonly demonstrating just how much she appreciates Tony's efforts. Even more so as he slides his palm over her rear and massages her ass with firm round circular strokes. She moans in delight at every cycle of his warm palm. This man knows what I want before I do, thinks the crack-addled heroine. And then a second finger slips into her vagina and begins to circle there in dizzying spirals, even as the other humming digit remains unerringly yet lightly pressed against her clitoris.

"...oowlmmm......oowlmmm......oowlmMM......OOWLMMM..." the frenzy builds quickly as the helpless teen is relentlessly stimulated at both ends by the two determined Dons. Carmine tightly holds the squirming young woman's hair and looks searchingly into Supergirl's famous blue eyes. There he is thrilled to see that, from under listless green-tinted eyelids, the irises that once radiated love, honor and unending inner strength are currently little more than dull, flat windows into a surprisingly boorish stupidity.

"Isn't this just the best tasting cock ever, Supergirl?" Inundated with crack-induced, irresistible erotic needs, the one-time champion of the people is, at this moment, nothing more than a gullible, doped up teenage girl whose only concern is how much pleasure she can channel from the attentions of her two male friends.

"Ghhuddd," she replies. The sweet fat dildo fills her mouth and withdraws, fills and withdraws, its syrupy slickness staining Supergirl's lips a deep purple. Thin lines of purple drool flow out of the oblivious girl's mouth from both corners, dripping down her face and sliding in twisting streams along her neck in rivulets of purple passion. Supergirl's body jerks and trembles continuously on the table. Her full, rounded breasts hanging beneath her shake and wobble heavily within her skintight top, the protruding nipples prominently displaying her arousal for the cameras.

With Tony's fingers vibrating continuously against her clitoris and with her vagina, the mighty Maid of Steel is helpless to resist the overwhelming surge of sensations flooding her brain anymore. With a keening shriek of delight, masked by the candy dildo filling her mouth, the blonde shuts her eyes and succumbs body and soul to the orgasmic tsunami that sweeps through her being.

"EEEEEMMPHHH....EEEEEMMPHHH..." Tony feels the flood of juices gush against his hand and slide all over the tablepads. Carmine pulls the slippery candy dong out of Supergirl's purple stained mouth and drops it on the floor, but continues to hold her head up by the hair. The panting teen moans and gasps with rippling waves of pleasure.

"...OHHH...AAHHHHH.....ohhhh....myyyy.....myyyy....godddd..." Still with his hand cupping her crotch and his two fingers humming in her snatch, Tony watches Supergirl freeze in place, trying desperately to find a hint of control. But she can't.

"..doh...don't....whhayttt....stuuppp...stop...stah....STAHH...AAAIEEEYAAHHHH." The overwhelmed blonde in the tight blue and red costume shakes and wobbles uncontrollably as she climaxes for a second time in the hands of the Mafia kingpins. Tony pulls both fingers out of Supergirl's snatch and smiles at his partner with a nod. Carmine then reaches his hand down to the sticky collar of Supergirl's blouse and slides it underneath, moving it forward until his palm slides over the curve of her rapidly rising and falling breast. He squeezes it firmly.

"....uhhhh.....huhh...oohhh...." Coming down from the heights, Supergirl languishes in the afterglow of her climax. She felt like a melted pad of butter in the frypan of life. Carmine squeezes her tit harder and draws a gasp from the breathy blonde.

"....aahh...oww...." Carmine grips her hair and squeezes he tit harshly again. "OWW"

"Now listen up, juicy," Tony is declaring loudly behind her. "All that pleasure only comes with crack from now on. Understand? Crack and cum. Cum and crack. They're a team. No crack, no cum. And vice versa. Okay, let's go, Carmine. This slut has had enough fun for now." Tony puts the massage motor back in the drawer. Carmine pulls his hand out from under Supergirl's blouse and wipes the sticky purple candy slobber on the back of his hand in Supergirl's hair. The stunned teen watches in bewildered confusion as the two men turn to leave. Then Tony pauses and says, "Oh, and I'm leaving your panties pulled down, whore, so I can have you nice and easy whenever I please." Without another word, Tony and Carmine leave the jail cell and Supergirl lays her head on the tablepad with a heavy sigh. Still heady from her two orgasms and feeling only a little pain in the tit that Vega had mauled, the blonde heroine shivers with one last aftershock as she lets herself drift in an pool of unrestrained pleasure.

An hour later, the nodding blonde picks her head up from her drowsy lethargy. She hadn't actually slept but her awareness had drifted in and out. Earlier, Supergirl had heard voices in the next room but, without her super hearing, she could not make out what was being said. She strained to pick up any bits of valuable information but all she heard was a low murmur. And then a TV must have been turned on because there were frequent shouts of "Look at her go" and "What a slut!" There were also many raucous cheers and sinister laughter. She wasn't positive, but it certainly sounded like some kind of porn movie was playing. Some grunting, unfortunate female in the film was moaning very loudly, probably experiencing a series of orgasms. Filthy cretins and their smarmy porn!

Supergirl sighs heavily. The kryptonite-laced sex toy these bastards had forced into her anus was keeping her miserably weak. She also felt extremely slow-witted, with all her thoughts cluttered and imprecise. She couldn't concentrate on anything for more than a few moments at a time. She starts wondering if they were going to give her another dose of crack. I certainly hope so...uh...hope not._Stopping her thoughts abruptly, Supergirl backtracks. Her mind had mistakenly jumped at the possibility she'd be getting more crack and was momentarily eager for it. Was that possible, she wonders. That can't be a good. sign. She takes several deep breaths. _Settle down, girl. Stay strong.

Looking down at her shaking hands, the anxious blonde then notices with great alarm that her fingernails have a definite greenish tint to them. Oh no! Kryptonite poisoning. I've got to get these men to take this damn dildo out of me! It could eventually kill me if they don't know what they're doing! Even now it's playing hell with my insides. The blonde teen groans in discomfort. She desperately needs to use the bathroom in every way possible. Her insides felt like a churning storm that was threatening to break into a tropical deluge any moment. Her ass, as if to acknowledge the inner turmoil, helplessly releases a blustery, whistling fart past the firmly set dildo.

"Oh dear, that smells horrible!" Supergirl actually gasps. "Ohhh...sweet Nightbells of Krypton, did that actually come out of me?! I've got to get to a toilet. SIR! Mr. Bonano!" the distraught blonde calls out loudly to get the attention of the porn-watching lowlifes in the next room. "Can someone come in here, PLEASE?"

"Ah, the call of duty," Tony says in the next room. "Our young houseguest sounds like she's ready for her next dose of crack. What have you got for her this time, Stevie?"

The young hoodlum hands Tony a small white capsule that's 2" long and an eighth of an inch wide. "This capsule is filled with my own specially treated crack from your supply, Tony. It has a lower ignition point so it will go up easily in a thick puff of smoke when lit. Make sure it's right under her face. She won't be able to avoid it or its effects. Obviously, you should keep out of its way until it dissipates. In less than ten seconds after inhaling it, however, the proud and noble Supergirl will turn into that stupid, cock-loving slut we're all getting to know."

"Thanks, Stevie. That's great. I'm thinking this should be a quick session again. I'm putting a couple of my most efficient battery run remote dildoes to work on our lovely young heroine's libido. Be ready with the swivel cameras, boys." Tony heads for the door, singing as he walks. "She'll be cummin' round the mountain when she comes. She'll be cummin' round the mountain when she.." Tony pushes open the door to the jail cell, ready to introduce a new level of hell into Supergirl's life. She gets the first shot in however. Tony shuts up and stops dead in his tracks.

"Whoaa...What the FUCK did you do in here, you stinking skank? Good lord it smells like a the worst fucking shithouse in the worst cholora ward in Calcutta!" Tony retreats back to the door of the control room, calling to Randy while trying to hold his breath. "Randy, turn on the fan in the jail cell on full blast, then follow me in and bring the super K shooter with you." Standing in the frame of the open jail cell door, Tony shakes his head and blows out his breath with a hugh sigh. "Jeezuz, yet another new super power from the mighty Toxic Waste Waif"

The rumble and whine of a high-powered fan starts up and, after a minute, the smell has dissipated significantly. Tony walks over to the blonde teenager strapped onto the domination table. He carefully checks the straps as he circles the table, talking all the while. Her anxious, darting eyes follow his progress with a perceptible groggy bobbing motion of her head.

"That's quite an ability you've got there, Fartgirl. You unleash that power and you can clear any room of evil doers in 15 seconds flat."

"Mr. Bonano, I need to use the bathroom, badly."

"NO. You think so?"

"The kryptonite...thing... in, it's damaging me internally. I can feel it. You've got to remove it.. I have to use the bathroom right now."

"Or what, you'll shit yourself, Supergirl?" Tony leans back against the table and looks down at the pale, squirming teen lying prone beneath him. She's not going anywhere without his say so. And he's going to draw this torment out a bit. It's yet another surprise opportunity to blast a hole in the faltering foundation of Supergirl's self esteem.

"Is that what you're going to do, hero? You already pissed yourself, girlie. Now, what, if I don't let you go make poopy, are you're going to drop a fat load in those fancy costume panties of yours?"

"'s..not what I...i..mean....i...won't..."

"Gosh, I'm not so sure, Supergirl, that you won't, you know, crap yourself. You look pale and a little green if you ask me. Let's just see how things are going back here." Tony walks behind the restrained blonde who rests her chin on the tablepad and moans with discomfort from the churning stomach and harsh pelvic spasms. The mafia don squats down to look directly at her ass crack. With her panties already pulled down from the previous session, it's a simple matter for Tony to reach up with both hands and pull the weakend Supergirl's round, well-muscled butt cheeks apart. There was a time you wouldn't have been able to pull these beautiful soft mounds apart with even the Jaws of Life used to extract car wreck survivors. But that was two days ago. Now Tony Bonano can expose the proud superheroine's asshole without a second thought.

"Hmmm. That's interesting. Did you know that your balloon knot was bright green, Supergirl?"

"Oh no!" The girl's lower lip quivers at the news. This is a disaster. She has to get this horrible tool removed as soon as possible.

"Oh yes. It is. In fact, the whole inside area from here to here" Tony indicates the two points with a steely poke of his finger, "between your cute little buttocks is now colored a cool, smooth green. It looks just like the front door to Shaunessy's Pub on Saint Patty's day! How does this feel, champ?" He drags his fingernail in a quick hard slash right between Supergirl's cheeks where her skin is completely green. It slices the skin like a paper cut. A small line of blood seeps up into the wound from the layer of skin below.

"YEAAGGHH....OWW.....ohhh...please...don't...don't do that again...!.." Supergirl pants hard as she looks straight ahead, trying to stare into the future

"Just as I thought, gorgeous, you're skin down here between your ass cheeks where it's a solid green is now weaker than even a normal human's flesh. That's gotta suck, huh? And what happens when I do this?" Tony lines up the end of the dildo with the palm of his hand and gives it a hard little whack.

"HAAUGNH.....Don't...don' that..." Supergirl clamps her jaw and spits the words with anger. Tony ignores her. He grips the end of the dildo in his fingers and swivels the long tube in a small circular motion.

"AAHGHHHH...WHUGGHH....AAAH...." The toes of Supergirl's boots thump and knock against the sides of the bondage table as her neck arches and her eyes well up with tears. Randy walks up to the table while the screaming girl helplessly flails in the leather straps. Randy is holding the kryptonite slime gun firmly against his chest, the muzzle pointed in a upward slant in the ready position. He looks down at the girl's sweaty blonde bangs as they slap wetly back and forth against her forehead. This fucking bitch is toast. Tony's got her beat down but good.

"OH..OH...Ohhhhh...don''re making much worse...I have to get to a bonano...please...don't"

The churning motion that Tony did with the dildo has set irrevocable sensations in motion within the grim, helpless teen's bowels. She knows for sure that if she doesn't get to a bathroom in the next couple of minutes, she will blow whatever's inside her intestines all over herself and this table. A loud gurgling sound emanates from the female hero's stomach and, trying to keep control, Supergirl bites her lip hard, drawing blood. She breaks out in a fresh round of sweat all over her body now. Her armpits, crotch and her blouse beneath her breasts are all circled with damp, dark rings of the salty moisture. Even her face, legs and exposed ass shine in the light with a sheen of her heavy persperation..

Another horrific fart wheezes out of Supergirl's tush and this finally convinces Tony that he really doesn't want the Maid of Steel to shit herself. As much as the humiliation would be a major leverage point in his domination strategy, the fact was, it was just too gross to think about.

"Okay, Randy, keep her covered with the slime gun there. Supergirl, I'm going to allow a bathroom break. I'm even going to pull out the dildo."

"...thank you....sir...." the relieved heroines grunts softly.

"You remember your good friend Randy, of course, He'll be watching you very closely and I think you know what an itchy trigger finger he has where you're concerned, so behave yourself. If you don't you're going to be a very messy hero with kryptonite slime all over you as you lie in a pool of your own stinking waste. So no funny moves. I'm unstrapping your legs now. After I do your arms and yank the dildo, I want you to sit up with your hands in your lap and wait for my permission before you leave the table. Understood?"

" bonano..."

Moving around, Tony quickly unstraps the leather holding Supergirl's wrists to the table. She lies there trying to hold her world together. She's not sure how she's even going to walk to the bathroom. She hoped to Rao it wasn't far away.

"Randy, you good?" Tony checks.

"I'm aces, boss." Randy is the iceman, staring at Supergirl's every quiver, his gun trained on her. Stevie and Carmine watch the monitor with deeply concerned faces. If anything went wrong here....

"Okay, Supergirl, I'm pulling out the dildo now. Try to relax your sphincter without losing your whole intestinal tract, shithead, okay?"

"Yes," the girl grunts, focused on her task. Escape was not the issue here. Not humiliating herself by shitting all over herself was the issue. She feels a slow release of pressure within her bowels. Release the dildo, not the crap, Supergirl repeats to herself over and over like a mantra, concentrating on every muscle group down below.

Having been weakened so consistently for so long, the muscles in Supergirl's rear end relax more than enough now for Tony to be able to pull out the long glowing green lucite sex toy. First a reluctant 2" and then, more rapidly, 4", 6", 7" and finally the rest of the long deadly device is withdrawn from the blonde teenage girl's ass. The tiniest little rivulet of green sweat drips out of Supergirl's asshole and nothing more. She lets go with a long, soft sigh as Tony wipes the greasy toy down with a cloth from a nearby drawer. Then, he steps closer to her and pulls up her underpants, stretching them over the curves of her ass until they're back in place. He smooths the fabric down with his palm, reaching between her thighs so the leg bands are not twisted. Supergirl flinches badly. And so does Randy. But nothing happens. Yet.

"Don't," she spits.

"You're actually getting shy at this point, you pathetic skank?" blusters Tony. "I ought to let you crap...."

"Not a pride issue. Control issue." Supergirl says bluntly.

"Ahhh, right. Fine. Well, sit up, princess, if you think you can. Slowly. Hands in your lap."

The weary teen slowly maneuvers her body to the appropriate position. Squeezing her butt cheeks together, the Maid of Steel looks at Tony and asks, "I hope it's not a long way to go to the bathroom."

"About 75 feet, I'd say," Tony replies coldly. "Can you walk it, cunt, or not?"

"," The sweat-stained blonde answers, gritting her teeth. A slow grumbling roll of her stomach gives everyone pause.

"If you shit yourself, bitch...."

"Let's do this, SIR." Supergirl snaps, her face a stone mask of resolve. "Permission to stand."

"Fine. Randy, anything funny and Leprechaun Butt here gets a full dose all over her tits, right?"

"Right as rain, boss," says the tall, pale hood.

"Randy, you walk backwards, leading blondie here to the crapper. I'll be holding her arm to make sure she doesn't sway or fall or make you unnecessarily nervous. Okay, bubbles, stand up."

Supergirl slowly edges her rear off the table and gets her feet on the floor. She wavers on rubbery legs. Tony grabs her bicep and steadies her. Supergirl breathes rapidly in short little doggy pants through lips pulled tight over her teeth.

"EEUULLGKKK!" A nasty cramp seizes through Supergirl's stomach and a loud rumble ushers from the distended belly of the wavering blonde. "OHHH," she grunts loudly, bending at the waist slightly. The smell of a sudden fart from the grimacing blonde gets Randy moving backward quickly.

"Fuck! That smell is...This way, bitch. Move it," he commands. With Tony holding her arm, the sweaty, mortified heroine takes a few stiff legged steps forward. She starts up her panting again.

"Follow me, Supergirl. This way..." encourages Randy. Stiff legged, the grimacing girl walks stiffly forward, tenuously step by step with her ass muscles clenched, her sphincter constricted as tightly as possible. "Through this door. Keep going," Randy urges, breathing through his mouth.

The group is in the control room now, Randy backing past Stevie who's directing the camera shots on the main panel with practiced efficiency. Carmine stands in the corner. He has actually pulled his gun and has it trained on the grim faced heroine as she passes by. She gives him a look, sees the gun and blanches as a sudden surge of fear twists her stomach in a knot.. That finishes it.

Another wrenching stomach spasm bends Supergirl suddenly at the waist.

"OHHWW...NOOOO...." She's not going to make it. A loud blattering fart blows out her ass along with a sudden small greenish brown stain that appears in the back of her silken underpants

Without thinking, Tony sweeps one arm under the grimacing, paralyzed heroine's legs, throws the other around her back and lifts her right off the floor. Without another second's hesitation, he dashes through the control room and straight into the storeroom. Twenty feet away, the bathroom door is ajar and Tony drives to it with legs pumping.

"AAGHHH!" Supergirl gasps in the throes of a nasty spear of pain from her rectum. And then another sputtering blat of air pumps out of the limp girl in Tony's arms. The smell is horrendous with this gassy burst. And the stain on her panties grows noticeably larger.

Tony kicks the door of the john open and holds it there with his thigh as he swings the shocked girl out of his grasp and sets her roughly on her feet. Reaching around, he snaps down the shocked girl's underpants so hard they fall straight to the floor around her ankles. Tony then pushes down roughly on the mighty teen's shoulders and forces her unceremoniously onto the bright white waiting throne.

The Maid of Steel doubles over on the toilet and empties everything within her into the toilet in a long rushing flood. Tony backs away, steps out the door and lets Randy step in, training the dangerous kryptonite slime gun at the oblivious blonde who is doubled over on the seat, grunting in a mix of pain and relief.

"What a pathetic, foul-smelling loser you are, Supergirl," Randy says with scorn. Supergirl merely bends lower on the throne and tries to breathe normally in the horrid smell of the tiny bathroom.

From outside the door, Tony says, "We're going to have to wash those costume panties of yours champ, they've had a tough day."

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 8