Supergirl Captured by the Mob 04  

By Dr. Dominator


Part 4 - The Best Laid Plans and All That

Note: All characters and names are property of DC Comics. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

It's just past one in the morning as Tony Bonano walks into the control room of his hideout with a wide smile and starts shaking the hands of the group of deliriously happy men standing there. He had just accomplished the impossible. He'd taken down the one and only Supergirl, drugged her with crack and fucked her silly. Then, and this was the best part for him, he'd made her climax despite herself. Of course his climax wasn't bad either, he smiled to himself.

The laughing, beaming men reach out and pull him into their circle congratulating him with cheers and toasted glasses of champagne they'd had waiting in the nearby fridge.

"What a day this is," Randy says.

"Historic," replies Carmine raising his glass.

"The money alone from the video of this..." adds Stevie.

"Plus," says Tony with a twinkle in his eye, "the money we'll make from our Superwhore in there."

"Is that true about being able to train her with crack, Tony?" Carmine looks earnestly at his fellow Mob brother.

"Absolutely! The bitch may be Supergirl but her body chemistry obviously still reacts to our crack serum like any other female. And gentlemen, I know how to handle females. She'll take on the habit and I'll be her exclusive pimp. The job's below my station, but it's a pet project I'm actually looking forward to."

Carmine nods toward the cell in the next room."How much you figurin' to charge to tap a famous piece of ass like that?"

"Hell, I guess anybody who wants to fuck Supergirl would put up five grand for a couple of hours. That adds up pretty quick. Ten grand or more for the sick shit they're gonna want. We don't want to price her out of the market. But the thing is, and I've thought this through, I want whoever pays for her to give us the money up front, but when they're done with her, they'll be instructed to throw just a few bucks her way: five, ten or twenty dollars at the most."

"Why pay her at all?" Randy asks.

"Because I want that snotty bitch in there to feel like the lowest piece of shit on the planet. She'll be torn up inside by having to whore herself out for her habit, but when some lowlife tosses a mere five spot her way, she'll die a little more inside. Always remember this boys, that young blonde passed out in there with her panties pulled down to the backs of her knees is still a superhero...."

"Yeah, right," scoffs Stevie.

Bonano's famous reflexes take over before Stevie can even blink. He's eye to eye with the wide-eyed young hood and Stevie's shirt collar is tightly bunched in his fist.

"Let's be real clear here, Stefano," Bonano says with icy coolness. He only uses Stevie's full name when he's mad and Tony's certainly on the edge of that now. "I appreciate your many skills but you can be a tad reckless. Our shapely little friend in there would love you to be reckless. She's praying for it, I'm sure. Reckless is very, very, very bad." Tony pauses, thoughtful for a moment. "How bad, Stefano? How about having your balls fried to popcorn by her heat vision if you're not careful around her? Or maybe, I don't know, reaching into your chest and pulling your heart through your rib cage like she was picking up a stuffed toy off the shelf at The Disney Store."

Stevie gulps loudly. "Okay, Tony. Okay, yeah. I get it. Careful. Real careful 24/7."

"That's the good lad," Tony says, releasing the sweating hood and smoothing out his collar. "You gotta remember this: even after all that girl has been through, from the surprise degrading sliming on the street to that thoroughly humiliating fucking in there, she still thinks of herself as a superhero. I know their type. They're always trying to come out on top. When she wakes up, the first thing she'll do is start planning how to escape. I guarantee that. Now Carmine and I will be going in there to make it plain as day to her that "on top" is definitely not where she's going to be. And, over time, I'll have to break her down carefully and make sure she stays broken in every way possible. The small change laid out on her dresser, stuffed in her bra and thrown on the floor in her face as her john walks out of the room is just part of keeping it real for the soon to be famous Whore of Steel. Everybody get that?"

The men all nod in agreement and Tony draws Carmine aside for a moment. As Randy and Stevie figure out if they can come up with five grand, Tony hands Carmine a device from a nearby shelf.

"Here, take this. We're goin' back in there and fucking Supergirl from both ends. You said you always wanted to face fuck that arrogant cunt and that little gizmo will keep her from biting your dick off! Put it like this over her lower teeth and it'll open up and keep her mouth wide open for you. Don't worry, you'll be perfectly safe. That deutronium-kryptonite slime is keeping her weak as a kitten. In the mean time, I'll be fucking that sweet tight pussy of hers." Tony smiles widely as he leans toward Vega in a conspiratorial whisper. "Let me tell you, Carmine, if her mouth is anything like her twat, you're in for the thrill of your life. You'll love fuckin' this piece of ass, I guarantee it. Now, just to keep her in her place, I want to try to cum together. Me in her pussy, you in her mouth. The humiliation of this is important. If it don't happen, it's not the end of the world for us, but if it does happen, it could be the beginning of the end for little Miss Miniskirt in there. The loss of all her hope is what's gonna keep her down."

"You got it, Tony. I never knew you were such a planner. Truth is, I always thought you were more flash than substance. I'm not usually that far off in judging people. You got talents you've been hiding, my boy. I'm proud to be associated with you."

"Thanks, Carmine. That means a lot coming from you. Now, I'm going to go in and assess the situation. Make sure she's not too feisty. We can't give this twat a moment to think or she's liable to come up with a surprise or two I haven't anticipated. She'll be coming down from the first dose of crack right about now and I'm not going to give her another one for a while. I want her to know she's nothing but property to us. And I don't want her to enjoy this mini-gangbang of ours one bit. She's got to learn that she's defeated here and a double rape certainly should make that point. So you come in when I give the signal. Make sure the boys have all the camera and recording equipment cued up for our next session, okay?"

"Sure thing, Tony. I'll watch for the signal. Have fun."

"Always, my friend. That's the point of all this, isn't it?" Tony grins.

Supergirl wakes up with a jolt as her rear end is whacked with the short metal rod Tony has taken off the nearby shelf.

"OWW," she yelps as her head comes up off the floor and she turns it as much as possible within the slack neck manacle to see what hit her. Just as she does, Tony drops down hard on her ass in a kneeling position, whips the bar across her throat and pulls her head back.

"Miss me, honey cunt?" Tony says, keeping one hand on the bar and sweeping the palm of his other hand through the puddle of glowing greenish-white slime. He smiles down at the wide-eyed blue and red clad blonde shackled beneath him.

"Bonan....ULGGKKH..." Tony's palm cuts off her remark as it smears the thick, foul-smelling muck all over her face. The noxious sludge clogs her nostrils, coats her lips and eyes and drips off her forehead.


Not even pausing, Tony scoops up a second handful of slime and yanks Supergirl's head back again with the rod at her throat.


The hand in her face scrapes down against her gasping mouth and a wide swath of krypto-slime drops down a shocked Supergirl's throat. Too confused to react in time, the blue eyes of the blonde heroine bulge in horror as she swallows the thick disgusting mix.

"Well, Supergirl," Tony leans over and sticks his face a mere foot away from the girl's own face. " I'm pleased you learned your lesson about swallowing everything that comes your way. That's wonderful progress."

"...Agghh...haaacckk...wrullghh..." Supergirl manages to cough up a small clump of greenish ooze that dribbles down the corner of her mouth but the remainder has drained into her stomach to work its evil there.

Pulling the bar away from her throat, Tony raises it up over the gagging blonde's head and brings it down hard with a short chopping motion.


The blonde's eyes roll up and her head drops into the puddle on the floor like a wet beanbag. Tony lifts the limp form by her collar and reaches around to squeeze her nipple as hard as he can through the sopping wet blue fabric.


"Good, you're not totally unconscious, sweet buns. So we're going to have some more fun, Superslut." Tony backs off the naked tush of the moaning teen and centers himself once again in a kneeling position between her legs. Sitting on her bare ass and tormenting his helpless captive has made Tony stiff as a board and he pulls his penis out behind the unwary girl.

Supergirl's head aches. She extremely nauseous. She feels like she has no energy reserves. In fact, the puddle of kryptonite she's soaking in is beginning to generate severe cramps through her pelvis. Suddenly, the memory of the crack-induced orgasm returns and the groggy teenage heroine groans in absolute misery.


"Done? Why I've created a cottage growth industry for the Mob, Supergirl. In fact, with your help, we'll be on the cover of Fortune Magazine," Tony leans down and nibbles on the blonde's right ear. "especially if you're as good with my friends as you were with me, bubble butt. Let's see how good you are the second time around, shall we?"

"DON'T DO IT," shouts the pleading girl. She can feel his palms press against her sticky thighs and the small warmth of something poking against her nether lips. Immediately she jerks hard against the restraints pinning her to the floor. In a sudden frantic move borne of total desperation, Supergirl twists her hips to try to get away from this brute's sadistic assault.

"Why you little minx. You've still got some fire in your belly, huh. Let's see if we can put that out, shall we?" Tony puts his cock back in his pants and, with only a moment's pause, reaches over to a low shelf and picks up a plastic turkey baster with a large white rubber bulb. "Wasn't sure if I would need this, but my motto is 'Be Prepared.' Guess I'm just a boy scout at heart."

He squeezes the bulb at the baster's top end and puts the tip into the puddle beside the struggling heroine beneath him. It pulls a steady stream of slime into the baster, creating a greenish glowing tube in the process. Tony lifts it up and looks at the tube with a smile.

"I really admire you, Supergirl. All the pain you're in. All the cramps you've probably got. All that overwhelming weakness and still you fight the good fight. I can see why you're called a superhero. Too bad it's not going to do you any good."

Another crushing chop against the back of Supergirl's head with the steel bar near at hand stops all her struggling in mid twist. The blonde's mouth drops open and her head flops to the floor with a thump. Tony reaches down, slides his palm under the chin of the dazed teenager and lifts her head up slightly. He looks down to see Supergirl's eyelids fluttering weakly, with her mouth dropped open and groaning with a soft sigh, as she tries desperately to hold onto consciousness.


"Such a true champion. Let's see what we can do about that fire."

Tony places the end of the turkey baster against the back of Supergirl's tongue and squeezes the bulb. The full measure of slimy green death slides out of the glowing tube and down the helpless teen's throat.

"...hllghkk....eegkk..." The fluttering eyes continue even as the girl's body shakes and jerks with an involuntary spasm at this assault.

"You want another? Of course, sweetie." Bonano repeats the process, drawing the slippery solution into the tube of the baster and putting the open end into Supergirl's gaping mouth. A quick squeeze and another portion of vile lumpy sludge drains down the quivering girl's throat.

"...ggaggkk....whuulggh....shtop...dhis....phleeeas...." The gagging helpless blonde champion barely gags out her begging plea.

"That enough slime to quench your fire, nipples?" Tony leans back, shocked that this girl can even talk after taking two shots to the head and two full basters full of krypto-slime. Is there no end to the inner strength of this cunt? I got to be on my guard every second with this bitch!

"..feel...sick...woozy... "

"I would think so, sugar buns. You've just had double portions of the soup de jour and you're still ready for more." Tony fills another baster's worth of the gunk from the puddle by his knee, tips the teen's head back and brings the tip up to Supergirl's mouth. Grimly, the blonde dynamo puts all her effort at keeping her mouth tightly shut, her lips firmly pressed together. Tony can't get the tip through the thin, pressed pink lips of the determined girl.

"Games? You want to play games. Fabulous. I love games. Let's play Nipple Hockey, darling. Reaching down with his left hand, Tony leans against the pinned teenager's damp body writhing beneath him, reaches around and grabs Supergirl's breast through her blouse. Massaging it roughly and quickly, he feels the nipple against his palm and centers right on it. He squeezes it and rubs it to bring the erogenous button to full attention. Supergirl grimaces as Tony keeps the baster tip pressed hard against her unyielding lips.

"The object of Nipple Hockey, sweet thing, is to shoot the nipple into the goal. The goal is imaginary of course, but I know right where it is so I'll just flick this little pink wonder again and again until I score, okay?"

"....nnnghhh...." Supergirl shakes her head weakly but is too sick and weak to put up much of a fight other than keeping her mouth clamped shut.

"I'll take that as a yes." With that said, Tony lines up the girl's nipple against the fingernail of his third finger and says, "Bobby Orr sees an opening, lines up the shot. He shoots!" Tony flicks his finger as hard as possible using pressure against his thumb.


"Mmphhh!" Supergirl's eyes water from the stinging shot to her nipple. She keeps her mouth shut but tries to cripple Tony by suddenly raising her rear and trying to knock his balls back to third grade. She doesn't have the leverage, strength or aim to succeed, but Tony is still amazed at this girl's toughness. Still, he can't let her know that.

"Uuh, uhh, Supergirl, that's the wrong game you're playing. We're not doing Pin the Tail on the Donkey. That comes later. But wait, now it's Mario Lemieux who's got a shot." Another intense flick of the finger.


"Ennnhhh" A whimper and a grimace but Tony still can't force the tip into the struggling girl's mouth.

"Marty Brodeur is putting on some kind of show out there, Jim" Tony mocks with fake color commentary on his gruesome game. "Uh oh, here comes Patrick Eliash down center ice, he winds up big time, and he shoots hard right to the middle of the crease!"


"OWWW!" Supergirl yelps helplessly in pain at this harshest flick yet. The baster is forced into her mouth, pressed against her tongue and the syrupy glowing green slime floods into her mouth and down her gullet.

"HE SCORES," Tony yells in triumph as he pulls the baster out and tosses it on the shelf. That ought to be enough of that!

Supergirl goes pale as she coughs and gags, bringing up only a small portion of the slime forced down her throat. Her whole body shakes and trembles, her eyes going fruitloops through the disheveled hair in her face.

"....hulgkk...sick....can't...breathe...too much...gonna be...HAWLLGGKK." Her eyes have stopped pinballing but her body's gag reflex takes over and Supergirl, for the second time that day, vomits violently. It shoots in a greenish brown arc from her raised face outward onto the floor two feet away.

"Whoa. Didn't expect that, blondie." Kneeling behind her, Tony still holds the retching teen's head up, at arms length and leaning back away from her. A second gagging hack from the teen brings forth a spew with less force this time. The greenish puke floods out of her mouth, down her chin and neck and into and all over her top, oozing over the bright red and yellow insignia.

"This is not what we expect from our superheroes, my dear. Tsk, tsk." Changing his plan on the fly, Tony decides to use this incident to initiate a different round of humiliation instead of the planned double rape. Still holding her chin up with one hand, he uses the other to gather up a palmful of the spew with a swipe of his hand against Supergirl's chest. Slowly, he smears it against the girl's top, feeling the drooping tits hanging beneath the famous logo. Then he brings his hand up and smears the vomit all over the limp girl's face.

Though barely conscious, Supergirl reacts violently to the smell and texture of her own vomit pushed into her face. Her mouth opens in a loud hacking gurgle and she pukes again, flooding out against the hand Tony holds out inches from her face. The hand deflects the puke all over the front of Supergirl's costume. Now the celebrated emblem is completely obscured by Supergirl's own puke. It gleams greenish white in the lights. Tony lets the helpless blonde's head drop to the floor as she continues to heave weakly in absolute misery.

"GHAGKK....HWULLGHH....HHURRRLKK." Thick rivulets of greenish puke drain from the devastated teen's mouth and puddle against her slack cheek pressed against the cold stone floor.

"You know, I was just starting to respect you, toots. But this...I don't know. This isn't remotely like anything I've ever heard any superhero doing before. Never read a news report anywhere: 'Batman Tosses Cookies at Enemies and Faints' or 'Green Lantern Goes Green and Ralphs in Failure at Crime Scene.' Not even your cousin, 'Superman: Up, Up and Aw...God, What a Mess!' No, I'm afraid this is one for the books, sugar pie. And we got it all on tape!"

"....uhhgghh....." Supergirl moans in abject disgust at her position. This...bastard...he's ruthless. I don't have a chance.

Tony brings the small rod up over the unwary blonde's head for one more time. Just before he swings it down, he says. "Stay put, dollface. I'll be back." And then the stars explode in her vision and blackness surrounds her.

Back in the control room, Carmine consults with Tony.

"Change of plan, huh?"

"Had to, really. You saw how it went down. I didn't realize this stuff was so sickening to her. Luthor didn't exactly give me an instruction manual with his formula. Took his money and ran. I think Superman was after him and he had to go into hiding on short notice."

"That fuckin' Lex Luthor," Carmine grunts. "Criminal genius. Total asshole."

"Hey, don't stress it Carmine. Anyway, this works for us. It's got to knock the crap out of her self-respect. I mean, jeezus, puking all over her shirt like that. Fouling the very symbol of her pride, her power. If I didn't have to clean it up so we could fuck her, I'd keep her lying in her own waste for a few days just to take her ego down a few pegs. But we got a schedule to keep, so I'll have Stevie clean her up...carefully. And we'll have a go at her in few hours. Don't worry, you'll get your knob waxed by the Maid of Steel. Enjoy the anticipation." He pats Carmine on the shoulder and goes over to his two henchman talking in the corner of the control room, sipping on coffee and eating doughnuts.

"Hey boss," Randy nods. "We caught a lucky break. I was controlling the swivel mounted camera and had it pointed right at the bitch just as she upchucked. Captured both upchuck scenes, first in close-up on her face and the puke, and I zoomed out just in time to get the whole mess streamin' over her tits. Classic."

"That's fantastic, Randy!" Bonano's face lights up like a Christmas tree. He turns to Stevie and says, "I know it's a shit detail but you're the one who's got to clean up all that."

"Me? But..." he stops and decides to bite his tongue. He was already in enough trouble. "Okay, sure. No problem. But how? I mean, that slime is what's keeping her helpless, right? I don't want to clean up so much that she gets strong again. I'm guessin' she's got a temper."

Bonano bursts out laughing. A huge hearty laugh that infects the whole team. Everyone begins to laugh. Even Carmine is laughing so hard he's coughing like he's going to lose a lung.

"..guessin' she's got a temper," Bonano is actually weeping tears he's so exultant, not just by the remark but by the overall success of his plan so far.

"I'm just sayin'...." Stevie grins, enjoying his moment in the sun. He hadn't seen the boss laugh this hard in years.

Tony embraces Stevie by his shoulders and pokes his finger in the young man's chest. "Stevie, I like the way you think. Not just the 'temper' thing, but looking out for the angles regarding the cleanup job. We'll go over the whole process and make sure there are no surprises and nobody gets hurt. And, when things get back on schedule with Supergirl's training, I'm going to give you a 'free dip in the pool' shall we say. Anyway you want her!"

Stevie's face goes almost slack at this. "No, no way. Really, Tony? No kidding?"

"You earned it. You too, Randy. You boys handled her capture as well as I could have hoped. You both earned your shots at the world's prime piece of ass! Now let's plan how to handle Little Miss Toxic Waste in there." Tony guides Stevie off to the side to discuss details as Carmine nods his head thoughtfully. This Tony was a good leader. Tough when he had to be while still inspiring loyalty. This guy could be another John Gotti.

It's 2 a.m. and a wired Stevie Frazano kneels next to the inert form of the unconscious blonde teenage girl pinned to the stone floor of this cold jail cell. The large puddle of puke and deutronium-infused kryptonite has been completely cleaned up. Supergirl has even been hosed down, her costume clean but soaked completely through. Every curve and dimple of the beautiful teen's remarkable body is obviously accented by the tight clingy fabric. Beside the limp form is a small open tub of the greenish-white sludge. With the turkey baster filled with glowing kryptonite in one hand, he gingerly puts the tip into a clear lucite dildo and squeezes out just enough to fill the sexual toy with three ounces of the thick mixture. He puts down the baster then carefully screws in the stopper in the end of the dildo and smiles as he holds the glowing item up and looks down at the wheezing body beside him.

What a body! I'm going to be fucking your incredible body real soon, Supergirl.

Shaking his head to clear his thoughts and remain focused at the task at hand, Stevie picks up the small steel discipline rod that Tony had used earlier and raises it over Supergirl's head. Then reaches over and lifts up Supergirl's sopping wet miniskirt and watches for any flinch or movement whatsoever. Tony's instructions were to clobber the cunt if she made any threatening moves, but the only movement is the labored breathing of the helpless blonde lying on the floor in steel bondage cuffs. Stevie notices her eyelids look a little greenish in the light. Even her lips a little. Moving closer, he leans over the prostrate form and pulls aside her left buttock. Not even a whimper as the famous teen's balloon knot is revealed.

I think I may even just buttfuck you one day, Supergirl. Me, Stevie Frazano from Bensonhurst, shoving it up your sweet little rear end while you rock back and forth on your hands and knees and beg me to go deeper..

Carefully now, the cautious young man palms the dildo and swipes his extended forefinger into the tub of green gook and brings it slowly up to Supergirl's anus. His other arm is still raised over the teen's head, trying to detect any motion. Looking. Looking. Nothing.

His finger rubs the slippery goo against Supergirl's loveknot with a quick little rotation and Stevie pulls his hand back immediately, arm poised.

".....whhhsssss....." A breathy whisper of a wheeze but nothing more. Tony told him he had to make sure Supergirl's ass was well lubricated with the krypto-slime because he thought she'd be damn tight down there. It would be difficult to get this dildo up her rear. Stevie might have to use a lot of force. The fact is Tony didn't know. "Just be ready with the discipline stick and she won't be able to hurt you."

Reaching over with his finger he swabs Supergirl's butthole more thoroughly now, rubbing it firmly all around the area and poking his fingertip into her ass and wiping it around in a circular motion. Boy, she is tight! Incredibly, though, the girl simply continues to wheeze in a stunned stupor.

Reaching into the bucket to take a larger, thicker dollop of slime onto his finger, Stevie repeats the application, Smearing it generously all around between her cheeks. He slowly works his finger into Supergirl's rear end. It's like trying to put on a pinkie ring or something that's way to tight. He forces it forward an inch at a time but it's tough going. He's not sure he's gonna be able to get this dildo up this bitch's butt at all, it being so damn tight. He swabs his finger around trying to lubricate at least as far as he's gotten.

Supergirl's eyelids begin to flutter, but after all she's been subjected to, she's still a long way from being conscious. Her brain records an uneasiness but little more.

Stevie doesn't see the eyes move but he's pleased to have now finally inched his finger past the second knuckle into Supergirl's ass. He gives it a good roundhouse swipe and then slowly pulls it out with the softest pop of involuntary Kryptonian muscle.

"Man, this ain't gonna be easy," he whispers. Still cautious but with confidence now, Stevie rubs the smooth rounded tip of the glowing lucite dildo all around in the tub of glowing goop, then moves the dripping device over to Supergirl's tush. He puts down the rod and pulls apart the smooth rounded ass cheeks of what was once the most powerful female on the planet. With a 'Here goes nothing' shrug of his shoulders Stevie pushes the smoothed tipped dildo hard against Supergirl's anus. It goes a mere inch and a half and stops dead.

"Oh boy," the nervous man says. "This may be trouble."

"....uhhhnnn......" Supergirl groans as she slowly makes her way toward consciousness.

Stevie's eyes go wide with near panic. The bitch was wakin' up.

"Come on, you mutherfucker. Get in there!" Stevie lowers his body, puts his palm against the end of the dildo and drives his hand forward with a harsh grunt, pushing with all his might.

The 8" lucite tube jumps forward another four inches up the teenager's anal cavity and Stevie is rewarded with a harsh grunt in response from the body stretched out before him.


"Yes! Almost there," he proclaims in triumph.

"...ooohhhhh...." The groan tells Stevie he's out of time. Climbing quickly on top of the prostrate blonde, he forces his full weight against her, grabs her breast with one hand, reaches down to the dildo and pushes it with a rotating circular motion to make the most of the lubrication, then drives it the full remaining length deeply into Supergirl's ass.

"WHUGGH!" Supergirl's entire body jerks as her ass receives this irresistible attack.

\ "How's that feel, SuperAss?"

"....nughh......oooohhhh......." The blonde teenage champion groans aloud as she comes to full awareness. What had just happened? Where was...oh no....Bonano! But that wasn't his voice. There was a heavy unknown person on top of her. He was squeezing her breast! And there was something else..a pressure inside her.. It almost felt like....she had to go to the bath....YEEOW!"

The sudden searing agony in her rear is like nothing she's ever been subjected to her entire life.

"AIEEYYAAHH....OWWW....RAO....MAKE IT STOP.....PLEASE....STOP..." Supergirl cries and pleads in tortured agony. They're killing me. This is it. It's all over!

The Maid of Steel breaks out in a full sweat all over her body as she thrashes helplessly within the manacles. Stevie can barely hold on as she spasms like an epileptic in full Grand Mal seizure. She bucks and flails but he holds on like he's riding a bucking bull machine.

The speaker blares to life. Tony at the microphone shouting at Stevie.

"Club her, Steve! Knock her out with the rod! NOW. We overdosed her. HURRY!"

The bucking teen, undergoing the worst torment of her career, twists her body wildly under Steve as his head rocks back and forth like a bobblehead toy. He's suddenly thrown to the side from a unexpected twist in the opposite direction. Landing face down, he's on the opposite side of the jerking, flailing teen from the steel rod he needs so desperately. Her fingers are inches from his face but she's too tormented to notice she could probably poke his eyes out with a flick of her fingernail.

He rolls away in panic, leaps up and over the gyrating body and lands on the other side of her. Snatching up the rod, he swings it like a tennis backhand and connects low and hard at the base of Supergirl's skull. Not enough follow-through. It probably saves the young superheroine's life.

She goes slack in an instant. And a large bubble of spit breaks on her lips as saliva oozes into a puddle under her lip. She's out cold.

The door opens and Tony strides in with a determined rush toward the shocked and frightened Stevie.

"Tony, it was her...I didn' didn't tell me....I tried to..."

"Stefano," Tony puts his palm up to silence the trembling man. "I know. Don't worry, it's not your fault. We don't know enough about this stuff we got from Luthor."

The relief on Stevie's face is palpable. He shakes his head, a nervous chatter breaks out of him, "Wh...whuh...what a ride....Oh good lord....I ain't never been so happy and so scared in such a short period of time. First I did it, you know, nailed it all the way up her asshole just like you wanted. But then she starts screamin' and like goin' apeshit. I didn't know....I'm sorry Tony."

Tony motions to Randy and Carmine who walk into the large cell together to look the scene over for themselves. Tony pats Stevie's shoulder. "Randolpho, take Stevie out to the bar and get him a drink. He needs a double or two."

"Tony, it's quarter to three in the morning."

"What? Is it really? Right. Okay, fine. I got a bottle of Jack Daniels and a couple of glasses in the bottom draw of the red file cabinet in the storeroom. Here's the key, Randy. Sorry there's no ice, Stevie."

"Ice? Oh hell, don't worry about it Tony. And thanks." The two walk away buzzing with nervous energy. Stevie babbling away and Randy nodding, repeating, "I know. I saw. I know."

Carmine stands over the prone blonde shaking his head. "Were you watching the monitor? Did you see how close this cunt's hand came to that boy's eyes?"


"She's a piece of work. We really gonna be able to handle her like you think, Ton?"

"It's a hell of a fuckin' learning curve, I'll give you that. But the payoff, Carmine. The payoff is limitless."

"What if we just ice her. Right here. Right now. We can still go on with our plan. Split the turf. Without her around, we'll be in clover. The risk is pretty high here, Tony." Carmine is looking down at the blonde with a grimace. "Pretty damn high."

"Look, right now, I've got to handle this dildo problem. There's too much of that junk in there. I'm going to cut it in half."

"How do you know if that's going to be enough to hold her. This don't seem like an exact science here, Ton. I'm frankly worried here."

"I know, Carmine. Look, refill that gun we used up on the street. Make sure it's got the deutronium and kryptonite in there. The combination works ten times faster on her. You cover her while I drain out some of this glop from the dildo. She comes to or starts any shit, any shit at all, Carmine, and you douse her good. We'll check out how she reacts to a half dose and take it from there. Sound alright?"

"So you're sure you don't want to kill her right now?" Carmine gives Tony a cool look, the meaning of which is clear. If something went wrong, 'it was all Tony Bonano's idea.' But the payoff is so huge.

"We can do this, Carmine. Look, you still got a rim job comin' from this obnoxious slut. I'm telling you, let me worry about the details. You just stay ready with that gun."

"Okay Tony, we'll play it out your way. Why should you be the only one to get his whick wet?"

Tony smiles. Carmine did have a set of balls after all. And, if Tony had anything to say about it, Supergirl was going to get the product of Carmine's nuts spewed all over her pretty face.

In the end, it worked out beautifully. The fucking blonde cunt stayed out cold throughout the whole operation. Carmine had the special gun trained on her and even Stevie and Randy were standing nearby, each with a small bucket of glowing green slime ready to sling all over the troublesome bitch's head and body.

None of it was necessary. Tony removed the dildo, poured out half into Stevie's bucket with a sly wink, and then shoved the turkey baster into Supergirl's butt and greased her good. After that, Tony put the tip of the dildo as far as he could into the girl's loveknot and rammed it home with a rubber mallet. It only took two wallops. And not even a grunt to be heard. Fact was, Tony was worried that Stevie's backhand might have done permanent damage to the dumb blonde floozy. Couldn't tell until she woke up. And who knew when that would be?

One final test that Tony thought of, before they all went to lie down for a few hours, was the anal retraction test. He wanted to be sure he hadn't overlubed the girl's butt, so he tried to pull the dildo out after it had been deep inside her for five minutes. He gripped the end and tried to pull the dildo out, but to his delight, the blonde's sphincter wouldn't release it. Not with even a good hard tug. He was pretty sure the dose would be okay, too. He'd gone easy on the mix, only a few drops of deutronium, mostly krypto-slime.

With the whole procedure done, Tony leaned over and pulled up Supergirl's sopping wet panties, arranging them neatly over her soft, amply curved rear end. All the better to help keep the deadly dildo in place. Patting the oblivious teenager's rear end and rubbing her buttocks with both hands, Tony smooths out the last wrinkles from the famous heroine's bright red underpants. Then he stood up with a yawn and a satisfied smile.

"Randy," he said, "tie in the motion sensors in Supergirl's jail cell here to the central alarm system like I showed you. If she moves out of the tolerance range I set, we'll know about it. But I don't expect any trouble. I think the all-powerful cunt of steel here will be too tired, helpless and weak with a butt-full of kryptonite to pose any problems. Right now, I want everyone to get a few hours shuteye. You know where your sleeping quarters are. Christ it's 5:15. We've been playing with our young toy here for about twelve hours. I want everyone to be sharp. We're up at 10:30 a.m., gentlemen. See you all in about five hours. Good work, I guess.."

End of Part 4

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 4