Supergirl Captured by the Mob 05  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 5 -Endless Humiliation

Note: All characters and names are property of DC Comics. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

At 8:30 a.m., unknown to the mafia hoods snoring away in their sleeping quarters nearby,

a gaunt wheezing Supergirl stirs in her jail cell. A long mournful moan fills the silence. The ragged blonde's eyes open, staring ahead in blank confusion from under heavy lids. Her head sways slightly side to side as she looks dumbly ahead at a white cinderblock wall through stringy, filthy hair hanging in her face. She feels cold, terribly weak and completely bewildered by her condition. The back of her head is ringing with pain. What happened? Where am I? Why am I on the floor? Who did..?

"OH!" A sudden wave of dizziness sweeps through the stunned teen and she puts her head on the floor sideways to try to regain her equilibrium. It doesn't work. "..whut... the... hell..." The wave crashes behind the eyes of the uncomprehending heroine and sweeps her consciousness away with the softest of grunts as pale greenish eyelids slide closed in the early hours of the morning.

Water! Cold water is splashing against her lips and flowing down her throat. Supergirl gags momentarily, an involuntary reflex.

"Easy there, Randy. Not too fast." Tony says. The water disappears, only two or three cool drops remain on her lower lip.

Supergirl licks her lips and opens her mouth like a baby pleading for more. It comes again, this time a little more slowly as she feels the plastic of the bottle knock against her teeth. She continues to gulp the sweet elixir of life. Tony smiles at the scene. The bitch for the moment was being more compliant.

"Enough," he says and the water is removed. "Thanks, Randy. "Get back on the equipment. I'll call you when I need you."

As the sound of footsteps retreat, resignedly, the young blonde opens her eyes. She knows exactly the situation. She can do nothing. She looks at Tony Bonano sitting in a chair pulled up three feet away from her. He's leaning forward, watchful but smiling.

"How are we feeling, princess?"

"...I feel...whunderfhul.....yuh...lowlife...punnkhh..."

"Great!" Tony is genuinely relieved. "I have to say, you had us a little worried, nipples. Our pal Stevie gave you quite a shot to the head. I was afraid you were going to be even stupider and more clueless than before. Which would be going some. I think the next step down is officially classified as moron."

"...yhou'd know..." Supergirl mumbles numbly. There's no kryptonite puddle anymore! But she still feels the presence of the deadly element; all through her in fact. She feels extremely weak, slightly nauseous and is having trouble staying focused. Bonano was rambling about something about lucite, but there's a harsh pressure in her rear that she can't ignore...something foreign in there!

" that's why I wanted had to check that the dildo wouldn't be too easy for you to expel with a contraction of your...Gosh, am I boring you, Supergirl?" Tony realizes the groggy blonde before him isn't paying attention to him. Her head is rolling gently on her neck, her tip of her tongue droops slightly over her teeth and the girl is drifting in a fog of confusion. He's not sure if it's from the shot to her skull which he'd treated this morning or the dildo filled with kryptonite shoved up her ass, but he's please to see the famous Maid of Steel was going to be easier to handle this morning.


"Try to keep up, Supergirl. You're becoming a cliched blonde joke here. As I was just telling you, we had to keep your powers from coming back after we cleaned you up from all that krypto-slime so we slid a nice long dildo filled with kryptonite up that cute little tush of yours. How's it feel, champ?"

" you....will...when I get...."

"Out of here," Tony cuts her off. "Yeah, right, that'll happen." Tony quickly leaps the distance between himself and the prone teenage girl pinned to the floor, squats down and picks her chin up in his palm. He leans a foot away from her startled eyes. "You're not going anywhere, Little Miss Pukeface! Is that a new superpower of yours? Vomiting at your enemies?"

"....wh..what..?" The disoriented teen tries to pull her self together, to focus, to fight this all-encompassing weakness. Did I really vomit?

"Tell me you don't remember upchucking all over that famous emblem on the front of your costume, Pukergirl"

My god, I did! Twice or more, now that she thought back.

"And I know you'll never forget how I did this, you greasy skank."

Tony reaches down, slides his arm below the prostrated girl hero and squeezes her breast, then slowly rubs it and slides his hand all around the front of her shirt, once again crushing and disfiguring the bright red and yellow insignia, just as he had the previous night. This brings back the muscle memory to the flustered blonde champion. Her face goes crimson as Tony whispers at her.

"All that puke. All that humiliation. I don't know how you can live with yourself, Supergirl. Especially since it's all recorded in high-speed digital format!"


"Completely helpless and overmatched, just like you are now, Supergirl. So let's not have anymore bullshit from the mighty heroine about how she's going to escape and bring justice down on our heads. Does this feel like justice, you egotistical bitch?"

With one hand still holding her breast, Tony makes a fist with the other, reaches over and

thumps it against the shocked girl's buttcrack. This forces the dildo slightly higher up the young teenager's rear

"Unnghh!" Supergirl's eyes blink in a flash of pain. And then Tony flicks hard against her nipple.


"Remember Nipple Hockey, sugar tits?' The wincing blonde's memory is yanked back to Tony's other earlier torture routine. Her resolve and self-confidence crumble with the thought that this lowlife had been able to make her yelp and thus swallow that disgusting green slime. Even now she has to fight the image just to keep from getting sicker than she already was.

"Of course, I'm sure you'll remember the special feelings you have for me when I do this, my charming little slut." Tony's hand slides under the elastic waistband of Supergirl's panties and he slowly palms her crotch, sliding his forefinger up against her dry vaginal lips.

This bastard won't stop. He just won't let up! I don't have a clue how to beat this man!


"No, you don't remember cumming together like lovers. Or no, you don't want me to fuck you unless I buy you dinner, flower and chocolates. Or no, I shouldn't try to fuck you until I get you juiced up on crack again so it'll feel oh so wonderful to have my penis between your thighs."

Crack? Oh, Rao, now I remember the crack! How he drugged me...needle in my neck... He violated me...held me down... forced me to climax...made me feel things I didn't want to...and yet...couldn't resist...bad things...very bad that I shouldn't have felt... shouldn't have needed....shouldn't have liked very much.

Tony watches the side of Supergirl's face and realizes with a thrill that he's gotten her to relive last night's many degradations, just as he had hoped she would. The horror, shame and unending disgrace is carved into the teen's features like something out of Dante's inferno. This was perfect!He watches closely as the display of horror plays so obviously across this blonde's strained and tear-streaked face.

My god...all that...that pleasure...I remember the feelings...the thrill of his size...the heat and the movement....his hands on me...all over my breasts...squeezing...just like powerful...unyielding.... sooh hot...I was so.....FUCK!...this pig abused me... destroyed me...and I liked it...I...liked it.

Tears are streaming down Supergirl's face as she stares into the past, a broken, tarnished, helpless victim*. There's no way to win here.* The famous teenager is starting to feel panicky and totally overwhelmed*.* He'd been ahead of her every single step of the way.Every single step.

"Or is it maybe 'No, I can't believe Tony how lewdly and whorishly I've behaved in the short time we've known each other. Which 'no' is it, Supergirl? You have to be more specific."

"...not me...not really..." the blonde murmurs softly, trying to retain a shred of dignity.

"Oh it was you, Supergirl. All you. You just have to be reminded."

Tony continues teasing the girl's nipple and rubbing her pussy, but, dry as it is, she only twists in uncomfortable pain.

"...uhhn..." Leaning back a bit, Bonano continues to watch the blonde's face. Her eyes are dull and lifeless, staring straight ahead. She's just trying to endure this humilation for now.

Time to ratchet things up a bit, Tony thinks to himself.

"Well, as fun as our conversation has been, I think it's time we began the next training session, Superwhore. This one is called 'Taking Twofers.' You'll love it." He starts to pull away from the haggard teenage girl lying in arms, when she grips his wrist. He pauses, still embracing her full breast in one hand and cupping her crotch with his other..

"...t..tony...don't..puh..please...listen...." Supergirl's desperation is obvious in her stutter. She can't go through any more abuse. Not now. Maybe not ever. " want...or need. Anything. I'll get it for you. And...and...never bother you...or your 'family' again.. I...i..."

"That's quite an offer, darling. Get me money, girls, a nice car? What are we talking about here?" Tony wants the draw out the girl's humiliation, reinforce her hopelessness by making her put it in her own words. He slowly begins to fondle her breasts and rub the soft hair of her bush, keeping his fingers out of her snatch for now. "Tell me what you'd do for me."

"...i...don't...know..." Supergirl's trying to imagine what a man of Tony Bonano's stature would want. She's having trouble concentrating though. Between his roaming hands and the

all pervasive weakness from the debilitating dildo forced inside her, she's completely baffled.

Surprisingly, Tony offers a thought. "Would you rob a bank?"

"No. That'd be wrong."

"Well, this isn't much of a real offer is it?"He twists her nipple a bit to make his point.

"..well..okay...yes....i..guess so...long as no one...gets hurt..."

"That would be your department, toots. What else. Would you Fort Knox?"

"...if that's what you want..." If he lets me go to rob it, I can get help.

"Interesting. How about big oil. Would you take out, I don't know, Kuwait, and make me the head of the country there?"

"What, no. I couldn't do that.....uunnhh..." Another squeeze on her nipple and a sudden squeeze of her pubic mound. Tony's enjoying this surprising turn of the game.

"...buh...but...i...i..could steal..a..supertanker...for you...filled with oil, you know...lots of oil...millions worth of oil for you....." The blonde chatters nervously, trying any opening she thinks will work. " could sell it...the oil...and....I ..i...could steal more than one for you... oil tanker...I you could sell all that oil...."

"Yes, oil tankers. I know. I get it, Einstein. What about killing someone. Would you..."

"Absolutely not!" This time Supergirl cuts Tony off.

"Oh, nobody who's like a good guy or anything like that. There's just this mob guy who runs a child pornography ring, and I really hate that kind of filthy shit. I'm sure you agree with that. You'd be doing the world a favor, really." Tony waits for her answer as he strokes her pussy with soft tickling fingers with one hand and circles her nipples slowly with the other.

"'t...not really...."

"How about break his legs or make him a paraplegic so he can't do his child porn thing anymore."

"...still wouldn't be right..." the girl blinks in confusion, sighs with despair at all this.

"And child pornography is right?" Tony strokes and fondles away, smiling widely behind the perplexed teenager's head as he holds her tightly in his arms. This was great! He was overwhelming her with both a moral and physical dilemma. The bitch might blow a circuit and come around to his training a lot faster.

" course..child porn is...d'spikhable.." she slurs. "..but maiming a man...gosh.. ...i..can't do that... still worse...i..mean..i.. uhh...feel..its wrong...put a man in a wheelchair..uhh.. for life...of course...well...uhm...child porn...that's...uh...really, really bad...but .i..i...don't know.. ..not sure greater..evil..not sure of anything... anymore...STOP THAT!"

"Stop what, precious?" The young don grins as he squeezes her tit and jiggles her Mound of Venus simultaneously.

"Stop fondling me! I can't think straight with your hands all over me like this." Supergirl, though pinned to the floor, squirms roughly in Tony's arms. He suddenly realizes from the completely lucid sentence she'd just spoken that her anger has triggered a flow of strength he's got to deal with quickly. The dildo was still working, he knew. Her superpowers certainly weren't coming back, but she could make it uncomfortable if he didn't change tactics here right now! So he does. He pokes two fingers into the opening of her vagina, finds her hooded clit and squeezes down with all the pressure he can.

"AAIYHEE!" Supergirl squeals in agony as her head snaps back in a sharp intake of breath. If Tony hadn't been prepared and pulled himself immediately away from the jerking teenager just as he squeezed her love button, she might have knocked his own head clear into tomorrow. The fast-moving Mafiosa immediately yanks his hands out of the girl's costume and stands up. He quickly reaches for a spray bottle on the shelf nearby even as Supergirl shakes off the painful torment he'd just inflicted. She looks around, see's him standing there on her right. He's holding some kind of bottle. Instinctively she uses her heat vision to burn his hand so he'll drop it.

Except there's no heat vision, of course. And the bottle's now in her face and he's pulling the pump handle on it. A mist of greenish fog suddenly engulfs the blonde's head. It covers her face and hair with a fine greenish sheen.

"Ecchh...aughh....You bastard. Why can't you fight again....damn you...T..Tony..." Supergirl shakes her head to try to clear it and keep her sudden surge of angry strength going, but the mist burns her eyes like a sack of onions had been rubbed in them. Her face feels numb all over and rushing flood of lightheadedness makes the helpless blonde lower her head in nodding swoon. With her forehead against the cool stone, Supergirl mumbles in despair. "...never were gonna let me go...were...yuh..."

"Nope. I was playing you. Wanted to see just how low the moral guardian of the planet would sink just to save her lousy ass. Admit it, Holier-than-Thou-Girl, you were seriously considering breaking Mr. Child Porn's spine, weren't you."

"...playing for time...just like you...B'nano..." grunts the dizzy teenager as she gasps for air through the misty droplets covering her drawn and frowning face.

"Didn't do you much good, did it, sugar slit?"

"...almost got you..."

"Yeah, right. Maybe, if you'd had the heat vision I saw you just try on me. But old Tony had turned off the power down below long ago, hadn't he, you poor thing. With his good old reliable kryptonite dildo stuffed up your little skirt like a happy ray of glowing sunshine." Tony reaches down to the dizzy, panting teen and puts his palm on Supergirl's wobbling ass and strokes it slowly. "Except this little number glows green instead of yellow and that makes all the difference, doesn't it, beautiful?"

"....bastard...." mumbles the grimacing teen as her sensitive rear end is stroked, fondled and squeezed as if she were no more than a brainless rubber love doll. She's lost all her energy yet again. Unable to even keep her head up, the overwhelmed blonde slumps lower to the floor, her face on its side now as she groans from the pain. This mist covering her face was burning like some sport cream from hell.

"Slut." Tony says firmly and then calls out. "Randy, come in and help me get our pliable little fuck toy on the table for her training lesson."

As soon as Randy comes through the door, he tells Tony that Carmine and Stevie left for a short trip to Dunkin' Donuts.

"Swell, I'm getting this cunt ready for the blow job of his life and Carmine's out getting a Deluxe Sprinkle Mix. That man's got food issues. What the fuck, let's do this while the spray's got her weakened."

Tony squats down and, with his special key, releases the leg manacles holding down the limp blonde. First the left leg, then the right. "Okay, hold her arms, Ran. I'm releasing the left manacle in 5...4...3...2...1..." Click. The manacle opens and Randy presses down with all his might on Supergirl's left wrist.

"....owww..." she groans.

"She's pretty out of it, Ran. You don't have to put that much weight on it," Tony says, moving over to the right arm manacle.

"You sure?" Randy looks skeptical. "I once saw a picture of her holding up a fucking airplane, Tony. A jumbo jet."

"Was she sporting an 8" anal dildo filled with kryptonite at the time, Randy?" Tony positions the key at the second manacle and looks at the lad's careful pondering expression.

"Couldn't tell, the picture wasn't really an upskirt kind of shot."

"I'm guessing she wasn't, Randy. Now focus please!" He nods at the manacle, waits a moment for Randy to get his head in the game and turns the key. The second manacle opens with a springy click and Tony moves to the neck collar, the final bondage cuff holding Supergirl on the floor. Randy's pressing down on both of the girl's wrists with a slightly less pressure than before. Then he see's she's actually got a little puddle of drool under her mouth and relaxes somewhat.

"Okay, here we go with the last one," Tony says, a bit nervously. "Be ready, just in case. I don't think she's faking it but with this bitch, you just never know."

"Great." Randy looks just like he did back in eighth grade when his mother told him he was grounded him for a week.


Tony raises the neck bar and swings it over. Without hesitating, he scuttles backward and takes hold of Supergirl's ankles. "Okay. Lift on one. 3...2....1." With less effort than expected, the two men hoist the limp form off the floor and carry her over to the special table that had been set up this morning while the Maid of Steel was still unconscious. Placing her on the padded table, the two men start to reach for the leather straps at either end when the blonde girl rolls over and falls on the floor.

"Christ, I thought we had her centered," Tony says, squatting down to take her arms. "Randy, grab her legs and let's get her back up." Randy squats by the blonde's legs, looks down at them admiring their beauty, letting his glance slide up to where the flawless thighs disappear under that famous skirt. When he looks up, Tony's face is contorted in a soundless scream of surprise and agony. Supergirl's fist is retreating from Tony's crotch and her beautiful leg is flexing at the knee to give Randy a shot to his own nuts.

He thrusts himself backward immediately and the weakened heroine grimaces in anger that she was too slow from the kryptonite dildo to take both men out at once. Watching Randy rise in the corner, she crab walks back to the wall behind her and then, leans forward onto her knees and, using the wall pulls herself up to a standing position. Tony is curled up on the floor nearby in agony, trying to catch his breath and regain his manhood. Neither are coming quickly.

"You don't look so hot, Supergirl. That dildo working its magic."

"Don't try to psyche me out... Randy, is it? You haven't got the talent for it." Supergirl stalls to build her energy back from the exertion of the last minute. She's got almost no reserves thanks to this damn dildo. The dildo! I've got to pull it out.

"I've got the talent to take you down, bitch. Hey, what're you doin'." Supergirl reaches down and starts to pull the crotch of her panties to the side when Randy immediately bull rushes her from across the room. Seeing the hulking thug cover the distance in merely three bounds, the blonde has to raise her hands to get ready to defend herself, so the fabric at her crotch snaps back in place, holding the dildo still securely within the frustrated teen.

She sidesteps his charge with a surprisingly graceful twirl considering her condition. Randy rams into the concrete wall, bounces back two feet and lands hard on his butt, a bit stunned. While the twirl was magnificent, the spinning motion is murder on the inner ear of the dazed and weakened teenage heroine. She stumbles sideways two steps in one direction and three more in overcompensation in the other. Unfortunately, this brings the disoriented blonde right next to the sitting thug, who's looking right up at her. Randy launches a swift jab upward, his fist slamming hard into Supergirl's stomach.


"OOOMMPHHH." Her eyes bulging in shock, the blonde exhales every breath she's taken in the last week and collapses down to her knees, her arms clutching her stomach. There's two seconds delay before the famous blonde heroine can even begin to start the wheeze to bring air back into her body. In that time, Randy has grabbed the girl's left forearm and won't let go. The two of them are on their knees on the floor, barely two feet apart.

"HEEEZEEE!" Drawing a painful gasping gulp of air into her lungs, the overmatched teen tries to wrench her arm away from Randy's grip so she can stand up and take on this guy in a more evenly matched duel. Once again, however, with a tube filled with glowing kryptonite forced up her ass, Supergirl doesn't begin to have the strength to accomplish her plan. She can't pull away from this hulking bastard's grip. In fact, in trying to desperately yank herself away, the courageous heroine actually pulls herself into a second devastating short arm punch to her gut.

"HUUNNGG" The blonde wonder from Krypton collapses over Randy's arm, doubled up in breathless silence for the second time in less than a minute. Weak, woozy and shaking with

nausea, the once mightiest of all teenagers moans in abject terror. Can't get away from this huge SOB!

"HEEEZEEE!" Once again, gulping air, Supergirl slowly starts to straighten up and face her hulking foe. That's when an uppercut drives under her sternum, knocks her breathless for a third time while sending her reeling backward in a graceless backward flop. Randy's arm stops her short, and she hangs backward and away from him, almost sitting on the heels of her boots, her knees akimbo, her one arm limply hanging at her side, her other stretched out and held by a widely grinning Randy. Her eyes are at half mast, staring out in droopy incoherence due to this horrific beating

"WHHOOOP' The bleary teen gasps for air yet again. And yet again Randy clenches his fist and draws his prey forward with a yank.

This punch he launches directly at Supergirl's face. She sees it coming and throws herself frantically to the side. Her free arm stops her from crashing face first onto the floor. Fortunately, the punch misses but a now loudly wheezing Supergirl feels herself yanked upward and back toward Randy. He's still gripping her arm and his next blow is actually a hard stinging forehand slap to her right cheek. It jerks her head sideways, brings a scarlet rush to her face and completely stuns her. It even stops her in mid-wheeze. She blinks a few times in a blankly stupid stare at the man looming on his knees before her. The stunning slap has left her without any fighting tactics whatsoever. That's when her arm is yanked and she's pulled to the left and totally off balance. She puts her palm on Randy's chest to steady herself but this leaves her face unguarded. The backhand that rocks her head sideways is harder than the first bitch slap. It sends Supergirl reeling helplessly to her right, only to be pulled back yet another time by her captured arm. Both cheeks glow a bright red and the now feebleminded and vulnerable Supergirl's head revolves in small circles before a smiling Randy.

"Yeah. Bitchslapping is exactly the punishment a whore like you deserves," Randy says and delivers a third and final powerful bitchslap to Supergirl's right cheek this time. As he lets go of her arm, the helpless blonde heroine falls head over heels into the padded table. Her feet actually rest on the table top, her back is on the floor and her chin is tucked into her chest.

"...uugghhhnnnn..." The senseless teen tries to focus but the room is spinning and she's totally depleted from the vicious beating she's just taken. Randy stands up and looks over toward Tony. The man is uncurling slowly, groaning loudly himself.

Randy walks over to Supergirl's splayed figure, grabs an ankle with his right hand and drops to his knee. He delivers a thundering punch to Supergirl's groin. The blonde's head snaps up, hits the table leg and drops back to the floor in a senseless flop. Randy throws her ankle to the side and her legs also flop to the floor, splayed out in opposite directions. The picture of defeat.

"That one's for Tony, you pathetically incompetent cunt!"

Randy steps back two feet, looks over at the spreadeagled girl and jeers, "You're the famous all-powerful superheroine that everyone's so afraid of, huh? Well, you don't look like no fuckin' champion world beater now, Supergirl, with your legs spread, drool puddling on your tits and blood dripping off your split lip. To me, girlie, you look like a whore whose been set straight by her pimp. Guess I dohave the talent to take you down, Supercunt!"

The teen hero simply lays in unconscious obliviousness as automated cameras record her demeaning position. Randy looks over to see Tony feebly trying to straighten out to a standing position.

"Table," he motions with a limp wave of the hand at the sprawled girl on the floor.

Immediately, Randy goes over to the senseless girl, slides his arms around her waist and hoists her up and over his shoulder. Before he unloads her onto the padded tabletop, Randy reaches up under the blonde's short skirt and slides his hand under the elastic legband of her silky red panties. Feeling for the anal dildo, Randy presses it a bit deeper into the teen's rear, although she hadn't had the chance to withdraw it more than an inch or so before his bull rush.

"....huuhnn..." It's only a whispered grunt but Randy takes no chances. If she's awake, she's a threat to him. Inside, for all his talk, he still harbors an immense fear of this girl.

He runs toward to the opposite wall and, lifting her off his shoulder as he races forward, slams her body back first into the wall. Supergirl, though barely awake, grimaces in agony as first her back hits hard cinder block and then the back of her head in a whiplash. If it had been the lower part already bashed by Stevie, the Maid of Steel might have died right there from a severe concussion. As it was, the blow to her back and head knock her senseless. She slides down the wall halfway, both knees bowed outward and her arms limp at her sides. Randy stops the slide with a strong twisting grip of the front of Supergirl's blouse. The emblem is crushed in his grip, the fabric pulls tight against her breasts as she hangs there against the wall in a mindless, sluggish fog as Randy looks her over. Her mouth hangs open, her eyes have rolled up into her head so virtually only her whites are showing. She seems helpless enough.

"....uhhhh...." Unaware of her surroundings, the barely conscious teenage heroine moans in distress. Randy takes that as an excuse to drive a devastating kidney punch to Supergirl's side.

"YEOWW...uuunghh." Supergirl is actually brought back to breathless consciousness by this painful jolt. She wrenches sideways away from Randy and collapses on the floor, curled on her side and coughing up a splatter of blood.

"....ohhhhhh....suh...stupphhh...." She pleads, bright red lips drip spots on the floor beneath the anguished teen's face. ""

"Do I, Supergirl? Do I. Or maybe you need another shot to shut your fucking mouth once and for all." Randy draws his fist back as the horrified teen tries to cover her face and side, not knowing where the punch would land. She just knew it would probably finish her for good.


Randy turns his head and sees Tony leaning with one arm braced against the wall and the other cupping his nuts. He's drawn and miserable and angry as hell. Randy sees a look of deadly menace in those eyes and snaps to, instantly.

"Sorry, Tony. Sorry. I just thought she was still a threat."

"The table, Randy. Now."

"Sure. Sure thing, Tony." He quickly picks the wilted, defenseless girl up off the floor by her armpits and, in a quick kind of clean and jerk, puts her face down on the table.

"Straps," Tony commands, breathing slowly and steadily again, getting his wind back, his nerves and his stomach, which had been knotted like a macrame plant hanger.

Randy fits the limp girl's ankles into the thick leather straps positioned at both back corners of the table. The he straps her arms into those at both front corners. Blood and drool from Supergirl's mouth are dripping onto the slightly rounded padded table top and sliding off the edge onto the floor.

Tony walks over to the restrained superheroine and lifts her head up by the hair. He looks into a defeated adversary's face. Amazingly, Supergirl is still conscious, and to his delight, all that Tony can see in those twitching, darting eyes is absolute fear. Randy's beating might actually have saved him a few training steps. Thankfully, he hadn't killed her. Have to give that kid a talking to, even though he probably had saved his life.

"Almost did get away, didn't you, my little blonde dildo-tamed concubine." Tony strokes the quivering teenage heroine's cheek gently, possessively and the wide-eyed girl flinches at his touch. "And you played possum so well. Even faking the drool. Nice touch there. Surprised the hell out of me," he snarls. "But that's not fake drool now, is it, princess. Not fake blood either, I'd say. Looks like our boy Randy here beat the living shit out of you, Supergirl. So, where's all that famous indomitable spirit now, sweet buns? Where's that incessant 'can do' attitude you champions of good are always spouting?"

"....don'" Supergirl whimpers, copious tears mixing with the blood and drool that puddle on the floor at Tony's feet.

"Don't do what, Super Wimp?" He continues to keep his face in hers. Staring her down.

"...don't do...anything....I ..i...can't...can't take it...anymore.. I'm yours..." She hangs her head in shame, but Tony yanks it up and stares coldly into her frightened orbs.

"I know you're mine. That's the point of all of this, you stupid bimbo."

"...yes...i...know...but no more...beatings..."

"You don't have a say in it, slut. Anyway, the beatings are done for now. But my friend Randy here," he gestures to the earnest man standing beside him, "he'll be around to make sure you stay in line, okay, little girl. You gonna stay in line for this nice man?"

"...absolutely..." The quivering heroine blurts, looking at Randy with little girl anguish at his mean temper. Don't want this man mad at me again. Ever!

"Okay then, well let's move on to our lesson. 'Taking Twofers'as I said." Tony moves over behind the nervous blonde strapped to the table and pulls the legs of the table apart in an open V. "You're going to be learning how to handle two men at once, sexually satisfying them both. Now there's three orifices and two men in this training session so there's a choice to be made here by one of the men. Cunt, mouth or ass." He pulls the front of the table apart into a matching V shape and grins lewdly down at the girl strapped before him.

"...oh...rao...." Supergirl moans without thinking.

"Problem, Superslit?" Tony grabs her hair, lifts her head and gives her a menacing stare. Then jerks his head in Randy's direction and rolls his eyes over there to freeze Supergirl's blood.


"Good. Now, I wasn't going to use lubrication during this training session to teach you a lesson in discipline, but well, I'd say that you learned the importance of discipline in our recent unplanned training seminar just now. So you get to be well-oiled for this session. Isn't that nice?"

Supergirl stares into the middle distance trying to pull on mental reserves for what's coming but she's just so exhausted and scared that she bursts out crying.

"Haven't you had enough. Bonano...Tony. I...i...don't think I can live through this abuse. I think I might die. You duh...don't want that. N..not really. I...I'm good to you dead, right." The blubbering begging teen is looking up at Tony with tear-stained cheeks and absolute subservience in her eyes. She blinks away the tears and says again, softly, "I'm not worth anything to you dead, Tony. Please don't hurt me again."

"Did you get all that Stevie? Did you get her begging for her life in that pitiful, groveling whine. Tell me you got that."

The intercom clicks loudly. "We got it, boss."

"Great!" Tony reaches down and pats the horrified blonde on her ass as he stands over her, sporting a cold hearted smile and giving her a soft butt a slow, lazy caress that's anything but loving. "Don't worry your pretty little head about anything that the bad old Tony might do, precious. You're Supergirl. You can take anything I can dish out. Remember?"

The blonde on the table slowly lays her head and continues whimpering miserably in front of her triumphant captor. Tony motions for everyone to leave the room with him for a moment.

"I'll be back, darling, in just a few minutes. Don't miss me too much, kay?"

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 5