Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 43 - Big Trouble All Around

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia and Don Lupenzo are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

Tony Bonano looks at his Rolex: 8:30 a.m. He takes an annoyed sip from the lukewarm mug of coffee and looks around the deserted coffee shop on the ground floor of The Pleasure Dome. The place wouldn't open for business until 11:00 am. In the kitchen he heard the morning crew banging around getting the place set up for the 11:30 Sunday brunch in the main casino's banquet room.

After letting out a long sigh, Tony takes another sip of the coffee he had brought down in the elevator from his suite upstairs. Wearing dark gray dress slacks, a powder blue shirt and a dark blue v-neck cable knit sweater, he was keeping away the early morning fall chill as best he could in the cool large room that had just had the heat turned on.

He was up on a fucking Sunday morning at this hour for a man that worked for him! Well, not technically. The guy was on the payroll but Uncle Sam would never know about it to tax him for it. A cool 90 grand a year no less. But that was the going rate for police captains in New York who kept Mob bosses like him in the loop on every important decision that City Hall would be making for the year, or that the captain himself would be forced into making by public pressure. Tony wasn't sure what this meeting was about but Ryan O'Donnell had been adamant that Tony meet him this morning when he called late last night and Tony had suggested he come to the club. O'Donnell was the captain of the local Bronx station house several blocks away. The Pleasure Dome came under his jurisdiction and Tony was always sure to keep the Mick captain on a short leash when it came to knowing about things that might affect any of his money-making enterprises.

The quick staccato tap of a key on the glass front door alerts Tony that Ryan has arrived.

After Tony lets him in, the tall, beefy Irish cop sits down heavily in a chair opposite Tony and tosses the front section of the New York Times on the small table where Tony has sat himself down and taken another sip of his coffee. If he'd been carrying the entire paper and tossed it, the whole table would have probably tipped over. The Sunday Times was a heavy load when the fall sales circulars started bulking up the paper with what was left of the Earth's rainforests.

"Have you seen this?" O'Donnell asks. The folded thin front section had flapped open as it hit the table. The headline on the upper right hand column facing Tony reads: Supergirl Robbery Attempt Goes Awry at Bronx Bank. The accompanying color picture is one of Supergirl's red cape in the middle of the floor bundled around a huge pile of booty on the floor of the bank. Tony nods glumly at the paper. The Gray Lady as the NY Times has been known for years was getting much more color these days and had seen fit to go with the dramatic red cape shot to help sell papers. He hadn't seen the Times last night. It didn't offer an evening edition. The New York Post anyway had made a much bigger splash, taking up the whole front page with huge type and a huge color photo of Supergirl flying out of the hole in the roof of the bank with the headline reading: S'GIRL: SMASH! CASH! DASH! Inside, a two-page spread had a sequence of photos, including the smashed bank vault door, the cape bundle and a close up of the getaway photo. There was also a sidebar story featuring the bank manager and her daughter's heroics. It had been a real clusterfuck all right!

"I saw the Post's late edition last night," Tony replies, "but I got the gist of what happened. Plus it's been all over the tube. But this can't be what you wanted to see me about, can it, Captain O'Donnell?" The tone of superior to lackey was obvious.

"Why not?" The Bronx police captain gets his Irish up, annoyed at his friend's attitude. He was a goddamn New York City Police Captain, by god! "The bank's in your area and let's not be kidding ourselves, Tony me boy, nobody hits that bank without your permission!"

"You think Supergirl came to me for permission to rob that bank?" Tony manages a very convincing laugh at this concept. "You give me way too much credit, O'Donnell."

"Not her, you mook!" Tony had gone to high school with O'Donnell so they were on cordial terms, but Ryan was pressing it a bit since he was angry. "But that gang of bumblers who ran into that blonde buzz saw. We both know they wouldn't a been there unless they got clearance through you, laddie."

"That's an interesting opinion," Tony responds coolly, serious now.

"That's what the FBI thought, too," O'Donnell responds.

"Why are the feds involved with this?" Tony works hard at keeping his face neutral.

"It's a bank, Tony. These days, it doesn't take much to get the feds involved with a bank heist," Ryan is calming down now, realizing that neither of them is well-served by a pissing contest between them. Both of them were at risk here. "And when you get a cape thrown in, even the National Security guys' eyebrows go up, especially since that Wonder Woman lassie got snatched downtown at the park and that terrorist video came out. You couldn't get near Gun Hill Road where the bank is with a ten-foot shillelagh before 8 o'clock last night, not before everybody had their dusting powder packed away and gone home."

"So you think I knew those amateurs?" Tony looks O'Donnell directly in the eye.

"Fact is, Tony, yeah, but they can rot at Riker's for all I give a shit. Especially since the money wasn't actually taken. It's the fact that they had kryptonite on 'em that makes me and the feds interested. And that's why I'm here, old friend. The feds want to do a joint raid with a team from my precinct on this place tomorrow night during Monday Night Football. A big take night for you, I know. Busy with everything from wagering to free-flowing liquor and maybe drugs around. They're hoping to squeeze you for information and they'll be carrying search warrants to look for Supergirl on the premises. The whole premises top to bottom."

"Fuck me!" Tony is pissed and nervous at the same time.

"We got statements from the hostages, the bank manager, even her daughter about Supergirl talking about the mob connection. She dropped this whole ball of wax right in your lap, laddie. She didn't say your name but the feds and my own guys can put two and two together. We had our suspicions all along but I was holding my own guys back until now because of our long friendship, Tony. But I can't protect you from this kind of heat. I hope you'd be knowing that."

"Yeah, I know it, Ryan," Tony says as he looks off to the side, thinking ferociously about how to handle this wrinkle. He looks back toward the beefy Irishman who's sitting across from him. "I certainly appreciate the heads up. But I swear to you on my mother's grave, Ryan, Supergirl is not hiding in this building. I don't have a clue where she is. Believe me."

Looking closely at Tony's face, the middle-aged cop nods firmly. "I do believe you, laddie. I just don't believe you don't know anything about this whole disappearance of her and her cousin. That's got everybody stirred up more 'an anything. The way Superman got taken out was real unnerving. Everybody's tripping over their own bootlaces trying to get a clue that will lead to his return and that of Wonder Woman's. They're beating the bushes for that terrorist group but nobody's got a sniff about that for a week now. If you know anything about that, you'd better set that to rights, too, Tony boy."

"I hear you, you big Mick! Let me get going. I've got things I've got to attend to for this brunch today," Tony lies smoothly. "Thanks for the heads up. There won't be anything they'll find on Monday, I assure you. No embarrassments for you either, Ryan. And I hope your boys will keep their billy clubs in their belts during the raid. There's no reason to break up the place unnecessarily," Tony adds hopefully.

"I'll keep my guys on a short leash, but it can't be spotless, Tony. The feds expect a certain show, don't you know, and I'll have to give them something they can feel decent about. And for sure I can't be doing anything about how they'll behave."

"I hear that, too. Just do what you can. I'll see you Monday night," Tony answers as he unlocks the door to let the big Irishman out.

"Good day to you then, Tony."

When Supergirl wakes up around 9:15 on Sunday morning she hears and feels a male body lying beside her. He's snoring and weighing down the mattress to the point where she's rolled up against him. Opening her eyes, she faces directly into Luiz's chest. His arm is thrown over her shoulder and her arm is wedged between them. Her hand is …agghhh!..holding his dick! Again it is fat, it is hard and it is ready to go. Slowly, the blonde teenager unclasps her hand and ever so gently slides it out from under the warm prick. Luiz shifts and grumbles and then turns over, taking almost all the blankets with him. A naked Supergirl grabs the sheet and pulls it roughly away from the grumbling lummox so at least she is covered up.

Lying there, looking up at the cracked and peeling ceiling, Supergirl finally admits to herself that Luiz had been lying to her all along. She'd done crack twice now and there had been no feeling of incredible strength, no reaction of any kind beyond the thrill of the crack itself, of course. Crack didn't have anything to do with her supposed super powers! In fact, she wasn't convinced that she even had any powers. After what she'd been subjected to since she first met Luiz and his two cohorts, she felt like she'd never had them. But why would she have been wearing that red and blue costume if she weren't some kind of super hero? Certainly nobody in their right mind would dress up in something like that! Maybe she wasn't in her right mind. Maybe she had escaped from some kind of mental hospital. Considering how much sex she'd had either agreed to or been subjected to and subsequently enjoyed, she thought a case could be made that she was one of those nymphocraziacs or whatever they were called. She just didn't have a clue about what to do. As she lies there, she comes to the only conclusion she can. I have to get out of here. These guys aren't going to help me in the least and worse, they could hurt me or keep me prisoner. She starts to think about what she can do to get away when Luiz stirs against her.

"Uuhhh," he gives a morning grunt meaning nothing. Then sits up. "Gotta take a leak." He stands and leaves the room without another word.

And why would I care? Is that what couples do, announce their body functions to each other? I definitely have to get away from these guys!

At almost the same time, less than a mile away, Diana's struggle to wake up after being heavily drugged with heroin over three hours ago is much harder than Supergirl's. Her eyelids feel as if they're glued together. Her body is cold, numb and seems disconnected from her brain. She can't quite think straight yet. Even now she can't even move her arms to try to get up. Slowly she finally pulls open her eyes to see her arms stretched out together and tied with rope to the right corner of the bed below the mattress somehow. Looking down the length of her nearly naked body, she sees her legs are still spread-eagled to both corners at the bottom of the bed. And then she feels the dildo that's been forced into her vagina. It's a big one that stretches her out pretty wide. Not painful but definitely all there and accounted for! Some sort of tight black rubber pants keep it securely plugged up between her thighs.

"Uuughhhnnnn." Her long low moan elicits a noise from behind her, on the left side of the bed. She cranes her head around and sees Tony walking around the end of the bed.

"Good morning, Princess. I was just back there admiring your ass. It's a real beauty. And its shape is so nicely defined by these form-fitting latex panties. So, how do we feel today?"

"Kould betteh, yuh nashty prick," the dopey Amazon beauty slurs, angry and trying to focus after being inundated with a very potent drug all night long.

"Funny you should mention pricks. That's what it's all about this morning." He takes a syringe out of the front pocket of the bag he's toting over his shoulder.

"Wuddja doen ta me?"

"Giving you a nasty addiction to heroin, my dear. I would have thought that would have been obvious to a smart cookie like you. Now hold still, I don't want to hurt my prize whore."

Kneeling down beside the bleary woman, he pushes down on her head to freeze it in place as he brings the syringe up to the vein in her neck.

"Why ya doin' this, Tunny? Promised I'd do wut he ast." The raven-haired woman grimaces with anger and fear as the needle pokes through the skin, dead center into the pulsing blue vein.

"This is something extra. Something special just for me," He says as he pushes the plunger on the syringe and sends the mind-numbing narcotic surging into Wonder Woman's system. "This is something that goes beyond promises."

"Heroine's word...s'her bond, B'nana man. Yuh kin always trust it. I'd a been goo...oooood."

Wonder Woman draws out the word in dull stupidity as her brilliant blue eyes suddenly flutter from the heavy mental static from the heroin shorting out the connections in her brain. The nearly naked Amazon's body sags slightly into the mattress as all her muscles relax from the warmth of the potent Istanbul Express coursing through her body.

"Yes, well, promises are nice and all, but I prefer to go deeper, down to the raw emotions that drive the promises. You hearing me, Wonder Woman?"


"Good. Let's get started then, shall we?"

Tony takes a remote out of his pants pocket and presses the on/off button. Diana's buttocks shake with a hard shimmy as the huge appliance centered within her loins springs to life with a humming energy that takes her breath away.


And that quickly, the drugged heroine is aroused by the thrumming dildo going a mile a minute inside her overstuffed pussy. She sighs deeply under the combined pleasure of the heroin and the dildo.

"Okay, Wonder Woman. Since you promised to behave, I haven't used an O-ring to pry your mouth open. You will willingly do that now for me please."


"Open your mouth, Wonder Whore. I'm going to put my dick in it." Tony unzips his fly.

"Nutt s'posed to. Whimen heros dunt suck....peniseseses," the dazed Amazon mumbles as she pluralizes the noun almost beyond recognition.

"But you promised, Wonder Woman. So go ahead. Open up before I decide to get unpleasant about it. Come on now. You prooommmmisssseddd," he goads her. To goose her a bit, he thumbs the Plus button on the remote to increase the vibrations of the powerful dildo.

"Whuuhh!...aahhhh!" Wonder Woman opens her mouth with her grunt and moan of pleasure, then widens it reluctantly as Tony has commanded. She had agreed to do whatever she'd been asked. Even her drug-addled mind recalled that promise. Stepping up close to the edge of the bed, Tony grabs a handful of Wonder Woman's hair in his fist holding her head still and then slides his semi-erect penis into the beautiful Amazon princess' gaping mouth with a wide smile of satisfaction.

"There we go, Diana," Tony says with a syrupy, patronizing tone. "Now you've got two nice fat cocks in you. One is in your mouth and one is in your twat. Could there be a better way for the famous Wonder Woman to start her day?" The sensation of the heroine's warm mouth enclosing his prick is getting Tony harder quickly. "Now suck on it like you mean it, Princess. Give me a blow job I'll never forget. Fulfill your promise." Tony gets a slightly better grip on her black hair and leans his hips into her, eager to accept her submissive oral attention.

Trapped by logic and rope, Wonder Woman's confused brain, brimming with the rushing tide of heroin and intense pleasure from the fat, humming dildo simply complies as directed. She begins to suck on Tony's penis, slowly drawing in her cheeks and kindling the remembered delight of having her mouth filled with a warm, salty rod of pulsing flesh. She draws harder and then backs off and begins to slather her tongue over the full length of Tony Bonano's now fully erect prick. He gives out a long slow moan of delight as Diana uses her mouth to explore all the joys that a hard male member can offer a very horny female heroine.

Two minutes into her labor of lust, a head-bobbing, delirious Wonder Woman feels a warm cord slipped around her neck and pulled close to her skin. It's not too tight but the sensation is one she's felt before. It's her magic lasso. And through it, she feels the inexorable power of Tony's will as he holds the ends close to her throat and bends over to whisper in her ear.

"Slow it down, Diana," he murmurs huskily. She has been very, very good in her work and Tony is mere moments away from blowing his nut. But he has to keep to his plan and indoctrinate her at her most susceptible stage or things won't work the way he needs them to. "Just slowly suck on my joint in soft easy pulses while I talk to you," he commands. And she obeys.

"Good. Okay, this is your one true passion in life, Wonder Woman, giving the very best blow jobs you possibly can. It's all you live for, actually. Pleasing a man with your mouth is your life's highest ambition. Do you hear me?"

"..ethhh." she replies, slowly sucking on his dick now.

"Even if it comes down to saving a drowning friend or finishing up a blow job, you will, of course, finish off the suck fest before thinking about doing anything for your friend, right?


"That is your nature and your innermost drive, right?"


"You understand that my command that you be a cocksucking whore to the very core of your being is what you cherish to do anyway, yes?"


"Yes it is! I'm telling you it is. You must agree." He concentrates his will through the lasso with genuine fervor.

"…i…agwee…" Wonder Woman slowly responds, bending to his will.

"Excellent. Now that cocksucking professional whore who lusts for men's cocks like a tigress in heat craves a mate is going to go away into a special room in her mind. She is there now. Can you see the cock-crazed cunt pacing in there?

"...uh huh..."

"Good. I'm going to give you a phrase that will unlock the mental door of the room that holds this cocksucking whore prisoner in your mind. When the phrase is spoken, the woman whose only desire is to suck men's penises will be released from her mental prison cell. She will immediately suck the cock of the one who speaks the phrase and will not be satisfied until he is fully satisfied. Do you understand?"

"..ethh.." she replies with a slight nod that gives Tony a pleasurable shiver far up his spine.

"Very well." Tony tells her the phrase and repeats it so there's no chance of Wonder Woman mistaking any other casual phrase close to it.

"Now I command you to forget all these instructions completely until the time when that phrase is spoken. And after you completely satisfy the man who speaks the phrase, you will forget the instructions completely until the next time the phrase is spoken. If you understand all the commands I have given you, Wonder Woman, you will agree to them by saying, 'Yes Tony I do."

"Etthh, 'ony, ah...ooh.," the famous Amazon with a mouth full of cock answers without hesitation.

"That's terrific. Now you may finish sucking me off and after you do, you will forget everything until the code phrase as I have explained, yes?"


"Good. Then go at it, girl. Give me your best shot so I can give you mine."

She does. And she does it very well. And by doing so, Tony finally reaches his breaking point. Holding onto a clump of hair on the side of her head with one hand cupping her generous, warm soft breast in his other, an ecstatic Tony Bonano fills the eager woman's mouth with a flood of warm, thick cum. It gushes out rapidly but the pleased heroine obligingly swallows it all without any hesitation, happy she's fulfilled her role in life. She even excitedly licks the thick drips at the corners of her mouth once she has released her happy man's cock from her mouth. She enjoys the thrill of doing a job well, especially a blow job. Her dizzy head spins with delight at that thought as well as the humming power of the dildo and the warm bathing sensation of the Istanbul Express circulating within her befuddled mind.

After a full minute and two loud lusty body-shaking orgasms from Wonder Woman, Tony shuts off the dildo and, gripping the magic lasso around her neck closely against her skin, he takes a deep breath, clears his mind and lets Diana clear hers for several moments. Finally he says to her slowly, "Okay, Wonder Woman, that was fantastic. You're a real pro. Just like I thought you'd be. Now, I have just a few questions for you and then you can get some well-deserved sleep." But the questions go on for a half hour before Tony finally has all the answers he thinks he needs about her friends. After that, he does let her sleep.

"Hey, blondie, how about getting up and making us some breakfast," The yell from Rico in the kitchenette of the apartment comes through the thin door of the bedroom where Supergirl has drifted back to sleep alone. Luiz and Rico have been jawing in the living room about the incredible time they've had over the last day with their prize blonde and what to do with the heroine. Now, after deciding to enjoy their Sunday watching some football games and playing with their favorite female squeeze toy during commercials, the two young men are getting hungry.

"Now I'm their cook and waitress?" Supergirl grumbles. This has got to stop. She swiftly tosses aside the covers, slithers quietly out of bed and silently pads over to the window in her bare feet. It's shut tight and, looking out, she sees it's a straight drop six floors below. No escape that way!

"Yo, bitch! I'm not talking to hear myself ya' know. Come on out and fix us some eggs."

The door to Luiz's bedroom opens up and Supergirl stalks out in Luiz's gray running shorts and the black Sex Pistols t-shirt. She walks right up to Luiz, standing only one foot apart and stares up at the young Puerto Rican who stands a good couple of inches taller than her 5'8" height.

"I am not your maid, your cook or your mother, Rico," she growls in his face. "You want eggs, make them yourself. I'm going to take a shower. And if you're making eggs, I'll have two scrambled with toast please."

"Ooohhhh. She got you, homes." Luiz chatters with glee as Rico stands there shocked and fuming with anger.

Supergirl turns to head for the bathroom when Rico snatches out with his left arm and grabs her long blonde hair in a tight grip and yanks her backward right into a hard right shot to her kidney.

"GUUNNGHH!" The surprised blonde teenage heroine grunts in pain and arches her back in an involuntary spasm from the cruel punch. A follow-up flurry of three brutal knuckle punches with the same fisted right hand to the back of Supergirl's head knocks her head forward and completely stuns the young girl. She falls to her knees dazed and then to all fours, wavering in bewildered pain from the devastating attack.

"Hey, Rico, take it easy. She's not super anymore. You're gonna hurt her!"

"I don't take no lip from no cunt!" Rico takes a step forward, wraps the crook of his elbow around Supergirl's neck and pulls her backward until she's straightened up and wobbling in confusion on her shaking knees. "You giving me any more lip, cunt?"

"…no…" rasps the struggling blonde as her hands pry uselessly at Rico's powerful arm.

"Come on. Let her go, Rico. She was being very nice to me last night and this morning. She ain't done nothin' wrong. Let her go now!" Luiz's tone is firm but Rico is in the zone of feeling his power now that he's got the heroine choking and flailing helplessly in his grasp.

"In jus' a sec', Luiz. I wanna hear the cunt agree to make us breakfast first. You gonna do that for us, Super Cunt? You gonna make us breakfast now?" He gives a hard jerk of his arm and Supergirl's breath is completely cut off by the move. She dangles helplessly in Rico's hold, her arms having fallen to her sides, her knees splaying apart as he pulls back on her body.

"…yezz…" she gasps, her eyes fluttering. "will…make…breakfast…."

"Good," Rico smiles, releasing Supergirl and letting her body collapse limply to the floor. "Now go put on your costume. And don't shower. Just start fixing us breakfast immediately."

Supergirl lies on the floor trying to catch her breath and gets a short nasty kick in the rump from Rico for her delay that jerks her numbed body.

"Go on, cunt. Go get dressed before I give you a much harder shot to the ribs!"

Scrambling away with a half crab walk, half-crawl, Supergirl maneuvers several feet away before wearily rising to her feet and walking to the bathroom to retrieve her cleaned costume hanging over the shower rod from the night before.

"You gotta teach these bitches who's the boss early on, otherwise they expect to run things," Rico gloats. Luiz just looks at him and shakes his head.

"And who is the boss, Rico?" Paul asks from behind the started young man. Spinning around, Rico is face to face with the hulking massive physique of Paul standing over him.

"We…we all are. Least as far as she's concerned, Paulie. That's all I meant," Rico replies quickly with an appeasing smile.

"Just so you don't forget that, we're cool!" Paul stares at Rico coldly for two seconds, making sure his message is delivered. "So, she actually going to make us breakfast, Rico?"

"I certainly think so, big guy." Rico looks to the bathroom hoping he doesn't have to push the blonde around again in front of Paul. But kind of hoping he does. But two minutes later a chastened Maid of Steel comes out of the bathroom in full uniform except for the missing cape that's in the Bronx police station evidence room at the moment. Without a word to anybody, Supergirl goes to the kitchenette and starts gathering all the ingredients together to make breakfast.

If I had these so-called super powers, I would cram these eggs down Rico's throat so far he couldn't take a breath. See how he likes trying to get by without any oxygen!

She viciously raps an egg against the side of the bowl with a sharp crack that pulls the heads of all three men around in unison in surprise.

"Scrambled okay for everybody?" She asks loudly. It is 10:10 a.m. according to the tiny clock on the kitchen stove.

At 10:30 that bright, sunny Sunday morning, Carmine calls Tony on his cell phone.

"Where are you, Ton?"

"I'm in my suite, making some calls to see if anyone's heard or seen anything about our blonde friend. You?"

"The same. You got anything?"

"Not a fucking thing. Any luck on your end?"

"I got squat, too."

"Keep trying," Tony says. "You haven't called Lupenzo yet, have you?"

"To tell HIM I don't have squat? Hell, no! I don't have a death wish, Ton, unlike you. But I can't put it off past like one o'clock or so, you know."

"Yeah, I know, Carm. I agree."

"What are we gonna do if we don't have a line on her by then?"

"Fake a pass and do an end run, I think?"

"You care to explain that?"

"Not right now. Keep trying your people." Tony clicks his phone shut and Carmine simply stares at his with wonder.

"We'll be back in time for the football game," Luiz shouts to Supergirl who's retreated to the bathroom after cleaning up all the breakfast dishes. "We're just going out for beer and chips."

Luiz then looks at Rico sitting on the couch reading the sports section. "I'd feel better if you were comin' with us, Rico."

"I'll be fine," he waves them off with his up-thrown arm.

"It ain't you I'm worried about. No funny stuff with her," Luiz cautions him.

"Oh, it's fine for you two but not me? I heard Paul and you rumbling around all night with her. You can't tell me you didn't have a piece of that tail! Either of you."

"Yeah, well, we didn't beat the crap out of her either. It was consensual, wasn't it, Paul?"

"Mostly, yeah," the big man responds. Luiz gives him a "you're not helping my case here" look but then turns back and calls to Rico, "Fine. But take it easy on her. We all want a piece of her again today and I don't want to take no trips to the emergency room."

"Yeah, yeah. I hear you," Rico mumbles and gives them another wave off. Luiz pulls the apartment door shut behind him and the two men head outside to get their provisions.

As soon as he hears the elevator door close, Rico hops up and rushes to the bathroom door. He twists the knob but it's locked.

"Hey, I got to use the crapper, girl. You almost done with your shower?"

"Done? I just got in here," Supergirl says through the streaming warm water.

"Well, hurry it up. You're gonna want to anyway. We don't get much hot water when everyone's home on a Sunday morning." Rico stands there for 15 seconds listening.

"Yipe!" Supergirl squeals suddenly.

"See what I mean, sugar bush?" Rico chuckles to himself as he saunters off back to the couch and his paper.

Just after noon, Carmine's cell phone rings.

"Yeah, who's this?"

"Is this Carmine Vega?"

"Yes. Who is this?"

"Carmine, this is Ed, from the Top Hat Bar."

"Hi, yeah, Ed, what can I do for you?"

"I guess it's what I can do for you," he whispers. "Joey Target is here at the bar in his favorite corner drinking coffee. I'm callin' from the back room so he can't hear me. I don't know how long he'll be here. He was waiting for me when I came in to open up just now."

"Keep him there, Ed. There's three hundred in it for you if you can!"

"I'll do it. Get here fast though."

"I'm halfway there!" He clicks off and then dials Tony.

"Yeah?" Tony answers.

"Ton. We finally caught a break. Get your coat on, I'm coming up and then we're goin' out. Get Sergei ready to go, too!"

Five minutes later, the Escalade's tires are squealing and the three Mafia men are on their way to The Top Hat Bar with very concentrated expressions on their faces.

When a nervously defensive Supergirl finally opens the bathroom door a crack to peek out after she has finished her shower and gotten dressed back into her costume, Rico is there waiting. He knocks the door back with a shove, mumbling, "About time!" He brushes by her in a rush, lifts up the toilet seat immediately, unzips his fly and half turns to her. "You mind?" He glowers at her.

Letting her guard down, Supergirl turns to walk out when Rico spins all the way around to face her retreating back and lunges forward, pinning his arms around hers and reaching up from behind to grab her breasts.

"Gotcha, bitch!" He gives both tits a firm squeeze as he hugs her tightly to his body. The feel of her large soft breasts beneath the smooth cool silken blue fabric of her famous tunic feels like heaven in his palms.

"Aaghh…Bastard!" Supergirl yelps as his hands now squeeze her breasts with vise-like ferocity that brings tears to her eyes. "Let go, damn you!"

Lifting the blonde beauty off the bathroom floor with a jerk, Rico rushes forward with his prize pinned in his arms and heads straight for the wall in the hallway to smash Supergirl against it. But the savvy teen sees it coming and pulls her feet up in the air, bends her knees and stops the forward rush with the soles of her boots flat against the wall. Rico grunts as her feet absorb the impact and stop him short. Supergirl quickly pushes off the wall with a mighty thrust and both of them fall backwards onto the floor. Rico loses his grip and Supergirl scrambles away toward the living room on her knees at first until she puts three yards between herself and Rico.

When she finally hops to her feet and spins around, Rico is bull-rushing toward her, his arms outstretched. He gathers the back-pedaling teen heroine in mid-lunge and his momentum carries the two of them over the coffee table and against the front of the couch.

"Oww!" Supergirl yelps as her head connects with the couch.

"HUNGGHH!" Rico grunts as he lands on top of the blonde and her bent knee jams into his stomach. The two combatants roll apart and lie on their backs in woozy pain from the jarring impact against the couch. Supergirl's head had hit the couch only inches away from the flashlight wound from the previous night and the Band-Aids have been torn away by the glancing blow. The blonde champion sees stars as the pain swells quickly like a balloon inside her head. The reopened wound begins to seep blood as the groggy teenager lies on her back between the coffee table and the couch grimacing in agony. Two feet away, Rico is on his back as well with his hands clutching his stomach. He is fighting a wave of breathless nausea from the blow to his gut upon landing on the bitch's knee. After a moment, he turns over and raises himself to all fours and looks over to see Supergirl on her back with her eyes half shut and her chest rapidly rising up and down as she tries to fight off some kind of pain. It looks to Rico like she hit her head on the couch after they went flying over the coffee table.

Good. I can get a shot in before she knows what's happening!

Scuttling over to the prone girl on his hands and knees, Rico stops right at her feet since he can't quite get as close as he wants to with her wedged between the table and the couch. He leans forward, balanced on his knees and on his one left hand and awkwardly jabs his tight fist into an unwary Supergirl's exposed stomach. Rico is rewarded with a blast of hot breath forced out of the grunting girl's mouth. He gives her a second shot, this one right between the moaning teen's breasts, dead center on that famous "S" on her chest.

"OOONNFFF! OWWW!" Supergirl curls onto her side in a fetal position to protect herself as she tries to get her breath back. Wheezing loudly, she suddenly feels a painful jab against her kidney and with barely enough breath, she realizes she has to move or be pummeled into submission by this thug. Painfully dragging herself away, she then feels the hard fist once again, this time connecting with her thigh, but just a glancing blow. Supergirl is able to pull herself out of Rico's range. Having recovered from his own stomach pains and shortness of breath, Rico finally stands up. He heads around the other side of the coffee table with a cold look in his eyes, determined to continue his beating of the powerless, hurt Maid of Steel. But even as he does so, Supergirl's anger kicks in and she recovers her breath. In fact, she actually gets a second wind. Standing up quickly, she shifts sideways to an enraged Rico's oncoming bulk and kicks out sideways at his stomach. She connects solidly, her boot sole thumping loudly against the shocked man's gut. He bends in half and collapses onto the floor with a wheezing grunt. Bending over him, Supergirl gives him a straight hard right hand to his lower back.

"How do you like kidney punches, Rico? Hurts, doesn't it?" The fiercely determined blonde glares down at the groaning thug as he curls on his side in agony. Backing off several steps, Supergirl looks around and decides it's time she gets out of this hellhole! She takes several quick steps toward the front door when Rico gasps out loudly, "Don't steal our crack! Just leave, please."

Supergirl's eyes shift to the right and she freezes in place. Then she turns around to face the young Puerto Rican thug who's dragging himself to a sitting position against the side of the couch, breathing heavily with a raspy whistling wheeze.

"Where is it?"

"Like I'm gonna tell you."

"You will unless you want me to rearrange your face, Rico. Where's the crack?"

"Beat it out of me, cunt!"

"My pleasure, you obnoxious toad!" Supergirl stalks back toward Rico, then slows and circles around to his right. His right hand is steadying himself against the floor, his left is flung under the couch at the moment. He looks weak and unsure of himself but as she closes in, he gets a determined sneer on his face.

"Gonna hit a defenseless opponent, are you, Supergirl? Didn't think that was your style."

"I'm not going for style points, Rico. You've got one last chance. Where's the crack?"

" Between your legs, bitch. Right where my dick is going after I beat the shit out of you!"

"In your dreams, loser!" Supergirl feints a kick and Rico flinches badly. She follows it up immediately with a roundhouse right that comes from over her shoulder and into Rico's face. Except his face dodges at the last second to the right so Supergirl's punch simply connects with the side of the couch where his head no longer remains. From underneath her body, Rico's right hand comes up and grabs Supergirl's tunic in the center of her chest, pulling her off balance slightly. And that's when Rico's left hand comes out from under the couch with the tennis trophy that had rolled there when the two of them had crashed over the coffee table. Wielded like a golden club, the trophy flashes in the sunlight coming through the dirty windows as it swings in its short deadly arc with the powerful force of Rico's anger driving it forward. The flat hard wood side of the trophy's base slams into the side of Supergirl's face with a sickening crunch. Her cheekbone has cracked with the impact. The blonde's eyes roll up into her head and the collapsing Maid of Steel is easily pulled off her feet by Rico's right hand and tossed sideways over the coffee table. The famous blonde-haired champion of justice lands on the floor with resounding double thump as her shoulder hits first and then her knees. She lies in a senseless heap of limp arms and legs with her ass sticking in the air, her bright red panties displayed prominently.

"Dumb bitch!" Rico snarls as he slowly gets to his feet. "You fuckin' retarded crack whore! You were golden, you stupid cow. You were out of here and long gone but nooohh, you had to have the crack, too, didn't you? But the joke's on you, Supergirl. There was no crack! And now look at you: a pitiful, unconscious wreck of a cunt who's just waiting to be fucked!"

"Whaddaya think, Paul, should we get one more chunk of crack for blondie and us? Bring it back like a nice surprise and we all get high? Luiz is carrying four 40 oz. Colt 45 ale bottles in a brown bag nestled in his arm outside the liquor store next to D'Agostino's. Paul is carrying a brown bag filled with potato chips, pretzel rods and pre-made popcorn.

"How much money we got left?"

"About a ten-spot."

"I don't know. Rico lost his job last night according to the manager we just talked to. And he sure ain't offering us no jobs. So times are thin right now to be blowing it on things we don't absolutely need. A ten don't even buy us much crack either."

"True enough!" Rico nods. "But, Paulie, I gotta tell you, this girl puts out twice as well when you give her crack. And how often does a chance like tapping Supergirl come along? We'll make do. I say we get it."

"We could just take her without her approval and save the dough."

"Easy enough, that's true. But it sure ain't the same. If you'd been with her when I gave her the crack last night."

"You forget about yesterday afternoon? After the four-way? I remember how she gets, too. Ah, fuck it! Yeah, let's get it and then head on back, it's almost twelve-thirty, I don't want to miss the game."

"We've got world-class trim waiting for us and you're worried about the fuckin' game?"

"It's the Jets and I got a twenty on it for them to lose and they're heavy favorites so if the spread's covered then I could be lookin' at a hundred at 5 to 1! It'll pay for the crack and then some!"

"That's one way to look at it. The other way is that you're fuckin' queer as they come," Luiz cracks a wide smile.

"That's not what your mother said when I was holdin' her ankles in the air."

"Cum-breath-ed faggot!"

"Fuck-faced dipshit!"

"Let's go to Top Hat already," Luiz turns and heads that way.

"I hear that." Paul says, following.

Supergirl is lying face down on the floor of Luiz's father's apartment. The spiked dog collar is back around her neck and her unconscious body is being dragged in short jerking yanks across the floor by the leash Rico is holding tightly in both fists. He is pulling her toward the stuffed armchair in the living room. The smiling goon is puffing with the effort and every jerk brings a squeak as the toes of Supergirl's boots rub against the floor. He could have just lifted her with a fireman's carry but this seemed like more fun. There's no sound coming from the famous blonde teenage heroine except that inexorable squeak of her boots and the scraping sound of her belt against hardwood.

(Jerk) Squeak! Scrape! (Jerk) Squeak! Scrape! (Jerk) Squeak! Scrape!

Finally, the limp figure is pulled up to the base of the stuffed armchair and Rico bends over, gathers the flaccid girl in his arms and hauls her over the chair so her stomach is hanging over the back of it and her head is dangling just over the seat cushion. Her legs hang limply over the back of the chair, her toes just inches off the floor. Still not a whimper or moan from the beautiful blonde who'd been the most powerful female on the planet not so long ago.

"Well, here you are in all your glory, champ," mocks Rico as he eagerly stares at the defenseless teenage girl draped over the chair a mere foot away from his hard cock straining at his pants. "So, okay, let's see you do something super now, bitch!"

The silent form does nothing but drip bright red spots of blood from her face and her head onto the faded yellow seat cushion beneath her dangling head.

"Yeah, that's what I figured," scoffs Rico as he pulls his hard penis out of the fly he'd unzipped back in the bathroom before he'd attacked the dumb slut. "Pays to be prepared," he says to the unconscious form as he steps up against it.

"Alright Joey. Let's be sure what you're saying," Carmine says briskly, leaning his face into Joey Target's own from mere inches away. Carmine is deeply aware of the time factor. They had to call Don Gino Lupenzo in less than a half hour or so. "These guys, Luiz and Rico, you sold 'em crack and they mentioned a girl right."


"And that wasn't their usual thing, to have girls around."

"Right. Not really."

"You know where they live?"

"Kinda. It's around here. I don't remember for absolute sure."

"Would a beating be helping you to remember," Sergei says from over Carmine's shoulder.

"No! I…don't know if I could find it or not. Honest, guys. I'd help if I could."

"You never delivered the crack to their place personally?" Carmine puts the question calmly to the shaking, nervous dealer.

"Twice, but that was, like, two years ago."

"How close can you get to it before you're not sure?" Tony has thrown that question in.

"I don't know, a few blocks. It's near the projects but its…uh…an apartment house that's eight stories high. I remember that."

"That's good, Joey. There aren't that many apartment houses that tall around the projects. We've narrowed it down somewhat. You may live through this day!" Carmine gives the jittery young man shoulder a shake. "Come on, get your coat on. We're goin' for a walk."

"Sure. Sure thing, Mr. Vega. I wanna help. I really do." Carmine's grip on Joey's forearm makes sure he gets to the door quickly. Carmine looks at his watch: 12:37

The mighty Maid of Steel hangs over the back of the armchair with her panties pulled down to mid-thigh and her skirt hiked up to her waist in a disheveled wrinkled ring of bright red fabric. Rico's strong hands keep a tight hold on her bare hips and he thrusts his penis in and out of the unconscious teenager's snatch with a grimace that is a mix of pleasure and pain.

"Uh…uh… uh… uh…uh!" He pants with every other stroke as he pistons his cock into the heroine's vagina with harsh, angry effort.

"Damn! Wish you were wetter, bitch. Hey, I think Paulie used some lube yesterday when he was assfucking you. Yeah! He did! Let me go look in his room," Rico says to the silent blonde. He pulls out immediately, pulls up his pants and walks off to Paul's room.

A bleary, pained Supergirl hears the words "go look in his room" as her brain drags her out of her shock and unconsciousness to a bleary state of semi-awareness. Everything hurt so much! Her face, her head, her kidney and even her vagina were sending screaming emergency signals to her brain. She realizes she is hanging upside down on a stuffed chair and shifts her body with a soft groan by pushing off the seat cushion. Her feet find the floor and she struggles to a wobbly upright position, her head spinning with the effort. She steadies herself with an arm against the back of the chair and tries to put her brain to work. Rico would be coming back. She had to hide. No, she had to attack! He wouldn't expect that. If she hid, he'd just be on guard and find her and beat her mercilessly. No, attack was it. But with what? She looks around where she's standing in a slow, dopey search. Can't see anything that would…was that a trophy on the floor? She walks over to the tennis trophy near the couch on very unsteady legs. The arm carrying the little gold tennis racket has broken off at the shoulder.

"Isn't gonna help his backswing a'tall," Supergirl murmurs as she bends over to pick up the trophy. This is a mistake. Leaning over brings a rush of blood to her already overtaxed brain and a huge surge of dizziness sweeps through the young blonde heroine. She collapses to her knees, her hands splayed out with fingers bent just to keep herself from falling on her face. She stays there for as long as she dares to get her equilibrium back. Finally she is ready to stand, trophy in hand, when she hears Rico's voice in the living room behind her.

"Not going anywhere important I hope, Super Snatch," His tone is gleefully superior. "You're certainly not going anywhere quick judging by how you're swaying in the wind there, sugar bush. Anyway, I have some special lube here," he says shaking the small jar of Vaseline gel back and forth. "And I say we don't waste the moment. Now whaddaya say, champ, let's continue with what we were doing. Or should I say what I was doing to you!"

With a confident air, Rico walks over to Supergirl and takes a firm hold of her left bicep, dragging her off her knees to a standing position. He doesn't notice the hand holding the trophy since her body blocks his view of it. As he roughly swings her around by the left bicep to grab her other arm, the momentum gives extra power to a swing that the weak, bleary heroine has barely been able to generate. As she is harshly turned, Supergirl brings up the trophy to eye height and the wooden base finds flesh once again, this time Rico's temple. The flat base slaps hard into the side of Rico's head with a resounding smack! The stunned brown-eyed youth's pupils actually shake from the impact before his eyelids come half way down, his hand release their grip on Supergirl and he staggers sideways in a daze from the nasty blow.

Supergirl drops the trophy and gives the staggering Rico a wide berth as she makes her own wavering way to the front door of the apartment. She is watching him carefully, backing up to the door so he can't attack her again from behind. She's nearly at the door. She's so focused that she doesn't look down and see the flashlight on the floor that has rolled there during their battle. Her boot sole steps back onto the aluminum cylinder and the bleary, unwary champion doesn't have a prayer. Her legs shoot out from underneath her and she lands hard on her back even as the back of her head hits the wall with a heavy thunk.

"UNNGHH!" The Maid of Steel slips into the darkness as easily as she's slipped on the flashlight. Without a thought, she's down into the depths of night yet again. A staggered Rico leans against the armchair back, waiting for his head to clear. If the corner of that trophy base had hit his temple instead of the flat face, he could very well be dead. He was just lucky and the blonde bitch wasn't. That was all there was to it!

Joey is pointing out the tall apartment building a few blocks away to Carmine.

"I think that may be the one. It kinda looks familiar."

"You'd better be hoping it is," Sergei growls. He knew the timing just as well as his two friends. Their lives could hang on whether this clown of a dealer was right about this strange girl in the hands of these two or three crackheads. Joey hadn't been sure if the big guy was still with the duo that had bought from him last night.

Just as they turn a corner onto a main drag, Sergei spots two guys with groceries heading their way. So does Joey and his mouth drops open.

"It's them!"

"What, those two?" Carmine says, pulling down Joey's arm so he doesn't point at them like a fuckin' idiot.

"Yeah, Luiz and Paul. That's his name. Yeah. He's still with 'em, I guess."

"Please to be stepping over here," Sergei says, forcing the surprised Joey against the building by lifting him up and turning him around so he's facing the wall.

"What the fuck!" Joey says.

The two men carrying groceries stop in mid-street about 15 yards away. Something strange is going on with that group of guys. One of them even looked like Joey Target, the guy now facing the wall. Why wouldn't Joey want them to see his face?

"Gentlemen, Joey here says you deserve a refund on your purchase last night," Tony calls out. "He's ashamed he sold you low quality crack from the shipment we sent him. He said he cut it twice so it wasn't nearly as strong a product as we like to offer our clientele. This does not sit well with us, and it is mere fortune that we meet here and now. I was afraid our product was going to get negative publicity because of Joey and we can't have that, can we, Joey?" Tony nods at Sergei who gives Joey a shot to his lower back that shakes the dealers legs so badly he has to now be held up by Sergei.

"If you gentlemen would like to come here out of the center of the intersection, I'd like to make good on Joey's sad transgression with a free sample of our much better product."

Paul and Luiz look at each other. Free crack? That sounded too good to be true. But these looked like Mob guys and Luiz knew they liked to do business their way. Still he was hesitant.

"Gentlemen," Carmine calls now. "I assure you, we aim to make Joey's indiscretion right. Please, come this way and let us finish this transaction quickly so you can be on your way again."

"What do you think?" Luiz checks with Paul.

"I ain't crazy about it. But why would they want to fuck with us? Who are we?"

"You don't think it has anything to do with…uh…blondie, do yah?" Luiz bites his lip. The two of them haven't moved from the center of the intersection. Just then a car turns a nearby corner and rolls down the street toward them. It forces their hand.

"It is free crack, and as you said, we're low on dough," Luiz states. He takes a step forward but Paul takes his arm, holding him back.

"Still don't like it," Paul says.

"These pricks going to stand there all day?" Carmine is whispering out of the side of his mouth. "We're running low on time here, Ton."

"Be cool, Carmine. It's their decision to make. Sergei. Can you take them out with your piece if you had to?"

"One, perhaps, at this range. If the other one runs, I'd say he's gone."

"Good enough," Tony whispers back. "No kill shots. Wait for my signal."

The angry old male driving the car beeps his horn and maneuvers around the pair of men standing in the middle of the intersection, giving them the finger as he passes.

"Schmucks! Getthefuckouttamyway!"

"Back at ya' Grandpa," Paul responds. "Let's go home, Luiz. I ain't comfortable with this."

"But the crack…"

"Ain't fuckin' worth it, bro. Too much risk on the downside."

"Shit," Luiz curses and takes a step back.

"Gentlemen, this is a one-time offer," Tony says to the pair, who stop and stand in place.

"We'll pass. The stuff wasn't that bad, really," Luiz says. He takes a step back when Tony says softly, "Take out shorty's leg, Sergei. He'd be the faster one.

A loud bang hangs in the air and Luiz goes down on one knee with a shriek.

"Don't turn and run big fella," Tony barks out his command. "My friend will put one through your shoulder blades at this distance without any trouble. He's very, very good."

Paul is torn as he looks at Luiz kneeling down and holding his bleeding thigh. He's frozen with indecision and Tony pulls his piece and walks with it rapidly straight toward Paul, both arms out and keeping the big guy's chest in his aim. At six feet distance, Tony stops.

"Wise decision," he says. "Let's go."

"What's this all about?" Paul is cool and surprisingly calm. Tony respects that.

"I believe you have something of ours."

"Shit. Knew it was too good to last," Paul says.

"Hope you enjoyed it," Tony says coldly. "Head home, big guy. We're on a deadline."

Paul simply frowns deeply as he reaches down and hoists up a wincing Luiz.

"I'm shot, goddammit!"

"You think?" Carmine says.

Sergei brings Joey along and they head back toward Luiz's place, him limping along and complaining loudly.

"Just a flesh wound in the thigh. Nice shooting, Serge," Tony compliments the big Russian.

"I am to be having my moments," he smiles.

"Is that accent and that twisted English real?" Tony asks as they walk in the bright sunlight on this early afternoon in the South Bronx.

"For the most part. But I do like to jazz things up in my role."

"I noticed," Tony says with the glimmer of a smile. They might be back on fucking track.

Back at Luiz's apartment six blocks away, things are not going nearly as well for the Maid of Steel. Not nearly as well at all.

End of Chapter 43

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