Supergirl Captured by the Mob 09  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 9 - Devastated, Debauched and Defeated

By Dr. Dominator

Note: All characters and names are property of DC Comics. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

It had just been a devastating 90 minutes for the Maid of Steel. Like none, she'd ever experienced, and now Supergirl is back on the floor of the jail cell, bolted down again by solid steel manacles. She is mentally and physically exhausted. She had attempted an escape right after the fiasco with her bowels. And that escape attempt had ended in miserable failure. The moment was a flash of possibility that was here and gone in an instant. However, she is now, once again, under the sickening, energy-draining influence of kryptonite. Oh, but she had been so very close to getting away. But Tony Bonano had been too careful, too prepared and too quick for her. It had happened suddenly, right after she'd finished emptying herself of any and every thing her body wanted to discard. Which was quite a lot. Ultimately, pulling her head up and sighing heavily, the mortified heroine told the gun-toting Randy she was done with the john and felt good enough to stand up. Under the watchful eye of the grim-faced thug, the mighty heroine pulled up her underpants and had been quickly ushered from the bathroom to nearby shower stall. She was told to stand under the stream of warm water and wash herself and her uniform all over with the cake of harsh bar soap. She recalls her aborted bid for freedom with bitter disappointment.

Even with the dildo removed, the beautiful teen still feels tired and weak from all the abuse she'd taken over the past day. Obediently, the chagrined teen gets under the warm spray and immediately tilts her head back and washes her mouth out, then rubs her face and neck to remove the sticky purple candy streams. Next, she starts rubbing herself down with the oversized bar of soap, barely working up a lather from the cheap brand. Her uniform, now soaked with water, clings to her body with a breath-taking transparency, showing off every curve and dimple of her beautiful figure. Wet from head to toe, the drenched blue and red costume reveals powerful, sinewy arms and firm round breasts capped with delicate rosebud nipples that are plainly visible. Below, her washboard abs and graceful swiveling hips are complemented by a fetching rounded ass that wiggles alluringly as she soaps herself up thoroughly. Finally, flawlessly smooth legs taper to firm young calves that disappear into those bright red low-heeled boots.

Briskly rubbing her armpits, crotch and breasts to clear them of the sweaty circles that had outlined them so prominently before, Supergirl glances up to see the Randy staring at her in lip-licking lust. The gun is held tightly by the aroused hoodlum, pointed straight at her. Even Tony who has returned from the control room after a brief discussion with Carmine is back, staring at her with dilated pupils. Supergirl blushes heavily at the wanton looks of the two men, realizing what a turn-on this probably was for the pale, tall thug and his cruel boss. She was standing here in her dripping costume rubbing her crotch and tits and moaning. Even if it was in pain from the soreness of her breasts and vagina, she knew Randy and Tony are aroused by the tented pants and faster breathing. She rinses herself off then has a thought.

Wondering if she had enough strength back to use her heat vision, Supergirl lowers her head and stares at the dull metal drain between her feet. It looks as if she's bowed her head in disgrace but in actuality, it is a test. But it's a test that goes badly. There is no reddening of the small steel trap within the drain that would occur if her heat vision were working. Her powers are not yet restored, even though she feels much stronger with every passing minute. Buying time, she bends over and pulls down her panties so she can wash them more thoroughly before the entranced men. She knows the glassy-eyed duo is checking out her shapely ass peeking out at them from under her skirt. She turns around and bends slightly so her full moon is showing and, lifting her leg, picks up the glimmering panties with her toe. Then the beautiful blonde girl reaches down and seductively takes them slowly off her foot and holds them up in full display under the shower spray. Bending in half, the wily teen keeps her crotch in full view of the men and begins soaping up the panties to clean them more thoroughly. She is also stalling. Her powers, now surging back into her, fill her with a glow of confidence, a heady feeling that makes the girl's heart leap in hope for the first time since she was first captured. She does all she can not to show it to the men watching her rear. In fact, she sighs deeply and curses out loud.

"...damn... I hope...I hope these stains can come out." Her soft whiny girl voice is meant to show the men she is not a threat, merely a helpless blonde bimbo, in order to maximize her chance to surprise them. Rinsing the soapy red material under the spray, the mighty heroine feels the time to act had come. Her powers, though only at half strength, are still more than enough to finally take care of these two. She will put her costume underpants on, turn in a blur and crush the kryptonite gun with mighty blow. Then they'll pay for the torturous degradations they subjected her too. Pay big time.

"I guess these are as clean as they're going to get for now," she says, shaking the panties back and forth vigorously that makes them and her whole body quiver in the most distracting way she can think of. The clever teen keeps her head toward the shower wall so as not to let her face give any errant clue to the fact that a good deal of her super strength has come back. Slowly, she lifts her leg to put on the panties. Tensing, she thinks Then I'll turn in a flash and take out these low life thugs for good."Well," she says in actuality, "I guess I'll just have to wear them wet for now ...WUUHH ...OH....OH. ...UHHHHH."

A hand suddenly thrust between her thighs now cups her crotch in a firm grip. Looking down, the groaning, dumbfounded heroine sees a brightly glowing green latex glove holding her groin. Overwhelmed with a miserable weakness that stuns her thoughts and pulls a breathless gasp from her lips, Supergirl drops blindly to one knee, her head on her chest, groaning is misery. Reaching for the wall for support, the mighty blonde weakly drops her panties, a sodden red shiny lump on the drain. Then, unable to keep her balance, her second knee touches with a quiet thump as she sags in sluggish confusion at this astonishing turn of events. Five seconds ago she was feeling strong, confident, ready to pounce and now...

A second gloved hand glides rapidly up her body from her abdomen to her chest. The fingers open and the hand sheathed in deathly glowing green latex encompasses her breast and squeezes it slowly, wringing a small trickle of water from the tight shimmery fabric that mixes with the shower spray running down her belly as she sways feebly in Bonano's powerful grip. Swooning forward, Supergirl drops to all fours now, hands and knees spread out in rubbery, shaking helplessness.

Overhead, Randy turns off the shower, then returns to position, his gun trained on the unseeing girl, ready for action that will now not be necessary. Tony kneels beside the quivering blonde teen who is engulfed in that unique fog of nausea, lightheadedness and pain that only kryptonite generates. Gripping her pussy and tit with firm command, Tony coos in the ear of the swaying helpless blonde heroine.

"You weren't thinking about leaving us, were you, skank?"

"" the moaning, defeated teen lies in a thin whisper.

"Don't ever try to kid a kidder, sugar plum. We know all the tricks. I knew just from the way you were tensing up that you were getting ready to make a move. " He squeezes both the breast and groin of the restrained girl. Too weak to even keep herself in this humiliating pose, Supergirl sags in Tony's grip and is demeaningly dropped to the floor in a pathetic, ungainly sprawl. Her arms are limp at her sides, palm up. Her right cheek presses against the puddled floor of the shower stall. Damp hair surrounds her face as her sluggish, bewildered eyes stare at the shiny tile in total disarray, trying to make sense of her sudden failure. The powerful teenager's thighs are spread wide, the sides of her knees flat against cool floor tile, her calves twitching and fluttering as her brain is flushed with toxic radiation that drains every ounce of strength and willpower..

".....uuhhhhhhh....." Not again. I've lost again. Bastard...stopped me before I even had a chance.

So, how do you like the gloves, champ? Simple latex dishwashing gloves that I let marinate in deutronium-kryptonite slime alloy for a week so they'd be as potent as possible. Seems to have worked." Tony continues to squeeze and rub the feeble teenager's breast and crotch, making sure the full effects of the deadly glowing green gloves keep the young heroine defenseless and as easy to control as possible.

" to...get...uhhhpppp..." Amazed yet again by this girl's drive to overcome the odds, Tony feels her struggling to get her hands and legs in position to raise herself up. Well, I'll stop that nonsense right now.

"You want up? How's this for up, princess," Tony growls. Letting go of her breast while now firmly grasping her pussy, Tony grabs a thick bunch of blonde hair and yanks Supergirl upward as he himself rises to a stable, kneeling spread-leg stand. The unprepared blonde suddenly finds herself in the awkward position of having her back arched, her breasts thrust out, her knees spread wide apart and her dangling arms jerking weakly at her side.

"...lehhh....gohhh...." grunts the pained teen struggling ineffectively to regain her leverage in this indefensible position. Her ample breasts shake and shimmy side to side, pushed up against the damp, darkened red S emblem that shifts left and right with every wobble of her tits.

"Not just yet, Supercunt." Tony opens the hand clutching her crotch, bends the middle finger, twiddles it rapidly at the entrance of the startled heroine's vagina and then thrusts it deeply into the slippery opening.

"UHHNN" The grunting teen's eyes go wide as deadly deutroneum-kryptonite radiation suddenly floods her unprotected cavity. It spears into her like a huge, agonizing flaming sword. "OWW!...YIIEE...STOP.. ..STOP...OWWWW!" Supergirl twists and jerks in agony as she dangles helplessly by the stretched clump of hair that Tony holds aloft.

"Is this up high enough for you, Supertwat?"

"AAGHH...MAKE IT STOP...PLEEEAASEE....." Supergirl cries out in tortured agony. This pain was beyond belief. In only seven seconds, she has been reduced to a blubbering, pleading wreck.

"Anything you ask, cupcake." Tony smiles and immediately pulls the devastating digit out of Supergirl's spasming pussy. The searing sword of agony withdraws from Supergirl's insides and she sags in limp defeat under Tony's clenched fistful of hair.

" Bonan...UUNGHH..."

Randy's fist has exploded into her solar plexus, blasting out every ounce of oxygen within the limp blonde's body. Tony releases his hold on her hair and the beaten heroine flops forward on her face in a wheezing stupor. Tony surveys his comely prize. The beautiful Maid of Steel's rear end sticks high up in the air, the curve of her ass clearly defined by the sopping wet red skirt draped over it, her arms flung wide, her full, swelling breasts within the nearly transparent blue fabric expand and contract in tantalizing delight with every labored breath.


"Resistance is futile, you silly blonde." Tony says with a smile, mocking his conquered prize. He nods at Randy. "Take her back into her cell for a little R&R, Randy. Repression and Rape. With her ass hiked up and ready like that, I'd say our young whore-in-training here is ready for a lesson called 'Tapping That Ass,' don't you, lad?"

"Without a doubt, boss."

Tony winks at the single camera installed in the corner of the ceiling he had installed just in case something like this had occurred. Back in the control room, Stevie and Carmine smile at the satisfied face of Tony Bonano on the monitors.

"Fuckin' genius," Carmine shakes his head.

Four minutes later Tony is sitting with his back to the wall of the basement jail cell of his mafia headquarters. His pants and underwear are folded off on top of the bondage table across the room. Randy is slowly lowering Supergirl's limp form on top of his naked crotch. Her muscular legs are sprawled out in front of her, knees bent, calves drooping, the toes of her boots pointed in opposite directions, straddling Tony's legs. Supergirl's head nods slackly against her softly rising and falling chest. A thin thread of drool hangs from the corner of her mouth. Tony guides the blonde's soft, yielding ass onto his crotch so that her butt crack pushes the semi-erect cock flat against his pelvis. The wet costume skirt slaps softly against his stomach as the girl's shapely warm buttocks spread over his long penis. Tony does not want to enter this girl's beautiful ass just yet. He's wants Supergirl to be completely defenseless, unprepared and emotionally disoriented before he brazenly buttfucks the beloved hero. His ever-vigilant high-speed cameras will record the historic moment from every conceivable angle.

"There we go, sweetheart. That's right where I want you." Tony's eyes sparkle with joy. The sweet heat of Supergirl's world-class butt against his cock immediately brings Tony's member to full attention. Nestled within her cheeks, the stiff muscle pulses eagerly within the damp space.

"....uuhhhnnn...." Supergirl begins to stir at some kind of throbbing sensation in her rear. What... happened?

Tony gathers a ponytails worth of blonde hair in his left fist as his right hand reaches up. The wide palm presses firmly against Supergirl's breast with a slow, circular motion.

"Stay still, princess. I've got a very special gift for you." Tony pulls back on Supergirl's hair, arching her neck and holding her breast securely in his hand.

"...ohhhhhh......" The dizzy, defenseless teenage groans loudly, her mouth sagging open, her eyes fluttering weakly under half-open lids. Tony slowly slides his legs apart, forcing the vanquished heroine's ass lower as her own legs are forced apart by the pressure of his calves against hers. He stops his movement and enjoys the pressure of Supergirl's tush nestled tightly against his cock.

The cameras whir in their positions now, zooming in from every angle, capturing the renowned teenager's grand humiliation as the Mighty Maid of Steel lies spreadeagled in Tony Bonano's lap, her sopping wet costume blatantly displaying her body's every curve, every muscle, every sensuous recess in stark relief. Her famous face is now merely the visage of a slack-jawed, incompetent blue-eyed teenager with a vacant look of bewildered defeat.

"Randy, give Supergirl her new necklace, please."

Reaching into his shirt pocket, Randy pulls out a small, heavy gray pouch. Opening the little lead container, he lifts out a silver-chained necklace. Dangling at its end is a highly-polished emerald cut kryptonite stone in a 2" inch wide silver setting. Randy squats down next to the sprawled, slack-jawed heroine and fastens the necklace around her neck, then stands up and steps back to watch the show.

The glowing green jewel nestles heavily within the famous teenager's cleavage and the girl shivers in Tony's lap at this new measure of abuse heaped onto her broken body. His cock feels the delightful shimmy of her buttocks and rises into the warmth of her crack with an involuntary jerk. Wow! That delightful little ass shake was worth the ridiculous price that jeweler charged me!

"...uhhnnnhhh..." The semi-conscious blonde lets out a low groan of pain and Tony moves on to the next step in this training session.

"Okay, wobbles," I'm taking off these nasty gloves now, so you can rejoin us for our training." Tony lets go of Supergirl's hair and breast. Positioned securely in his lap, she simply slumps a little lower in his lap while her head leans softly against his own and she expels a long mournful sigh into his ear. Tony quivers in delight at this unexpected erotic bonus

"What a tease you are, sweetheart," he mocks, then quickly strips off the gloves, hands them to Randy and, shifting his body slightly, takes the oblivious girl's face in both hands, turns her head and leans over to kiss her fully. It is a long, leisurely soul kiss.

"...mmmff...." The groggy heroine feels her tongue being circled and caressed by someone else's tongue and comes to her senses to feel Tony's lips clamped firmly against hers and his hand squeezing her breast. She pushes against him weakly, her hand against his chest. "MMULFFF!" Without the strength to resist him and unable to take a breath, the blonde teen swoons dizzily beneath the insistent thug from lack of oxygen. Finally, he breaks off the kiss and shifts his body back so that the gasping young girl slides back into his lap with her legs spread wide apart. Supergirl's soggy red costume skirt is draped barely halfway across her pelvis so her soft blonde thatch of pubic hair and bright pink pussy lips gleam brightly in the lights. Cameras capture the entire scene in vivid detail as the half-naked young heroine's head nods in dull confusion while she tries to gather her senses.

"You are my own unique treasure, you beautiful tramp," Tony says, palming her breast with one hand and, with his other hand around her waist, pulling her body tightly against his own.

"...i'm...not yours....never will be..." the limp teen grunts, disgusted and demoralized by the roll of hard muscle rubbing between her buttocks.

"Oh, but my beautiful gift says differently. Can't you feel it there against your chest, Supergirl?" Tony mocks her as he squeezes the heavy tit within the damp blue fabric, wringing out a dribble of water and a pained yelp from the limp teenager.


"You sure feel like you're all mine, cutie. Especially with the way that kryptonite keeps you oh so vulnerable, oh so accessible in every orifice..." He wriggles his hips to make the blonde hero frown in response to his hard penis throbbing in her butt. "...every sensitive point on your body..." Harsh fingers tweak her nipple with a quick twist..."


"...and every erogenous area in your body." Tony hand drops from her waist and fingers the frowning heroine's clit with a sudden invasive poke of his finger.

"WHUHH.." Held tightly by her breast and drained by the large glowing crystal pressed into her cleavage, the outmaneuvered champion of the people cannot protect herself from his relentless attack on her mind and body.

"Why every part of your body is a willing accessory to your humiliating defeat, princess," Tony declares, somehow reading her mind. His hand continues to tickle her clit as his other reaches up and grabs her head, holding it in place.

"...not my soul...SIR..." grunts the exasperated teen, unwittingly acknowledging the conditioned respect she'd been trained to show.

"Oh, don't worry about your soul, bitch. We've got plenty of crack to take care of that!" Tony nods at Randy and the tall hood squats down in front of the startled blonde beauty. Withdrawing a small capsule and a red Bic lighter from his pocket, Randy holds the tiny white cylinder at Supergirl's waist and flicks the lighter. The small steady flame is held under the capsule even as Tony forces the wide-eyed blonde's head forward so she's bent low, her face directly over the white crack capsule. Tony's own head is arched back and far away as possible even as he grips the horrified, writhing teen. Tony luxuriates in the sensation of Supergirl's soft wriggling ass as it jerks and rubs against his swollen cock when the weakened teen tries in vain to escape this impossible trap. Randy's head is also turned away, keeping just a sidelong glance at his hands so he doesn't burn them while lighting the crack.

A sudden plume of smoke erupts from the capsule and, seeing this, Tony vigorously twists Supergirl's clitoris. This immediately draws a pained, involuntary gasp from the shocked girl.


The rising column of crack smoke is pulled in a stream into Supergirl's flaring nostrils and gaping mouth by her sudden intake of breath. She tries to jerk her head away but Tony's hold on her head is too strong. The full cloud of the powerful drug surrounds the blonde's face and she blubbers in frustration.

"" Tony gives the girl's head some slack and she raises it slowly, looking at Randy with pure hatred.

"...if i...ever...ghet...away...from...he...YEEOHH....oooohhhh!" Once again, the mighty champion's brain is flushed with the heady, wonderful glow of a crack high. She slumps in Tony's lap, her head lolling on his shoulder, her mind caught in a swirling whirlpool of absolute euphoria. Tony sighs, thrilled with the sudden, sagging soft beauty swooning in a drugged-out stupor in his lap. Slowly, he circles the finger within her pussy, lightly caressing her injured clit.

"AHH....easy...there....." she murmurs in a twitch of sensitive pain.

'Sorry, sugar. Guess I got a little rough before. Randy, how about a little KY gel to smooth things over with our lovely young guest." Randy is over to the table and back in a flash, squeezing out a spray of smooth, silky gel onto Tony's outstretched fingers. Tony puts the greased digits back into Supergirl's vagina, slowly working the slippery ointment all around her pulsing hole.

"Aaah...that's better..." the blonde moans with pleasure "....that feels..SOO...much better!"

Tony's fingers have found her hooded clit. Now soft stroking caresses bring it out from its hiding place, swelling it nicely.

"'s....ghoood...." Supergirl squirms, her blood rising within her, her face flushing with erotic zeal.

"I do believe it's time to introduce our mighty superhero to the pleasures of anal sex, young squire," Tony looks up at Randy. "Please help me lift her up so we can proceed."

Tony removes his hand from Supergirl's snatch and pushes up on her rear with one hand as he lifts her forcefully by the collar with the other. Randy at the same time grasps the red and yellow emblem on her blouse and the ankle of Supergirl's left boot. The two men hoist the teen three feet off the floor, her head, both arms and right leg dangling loosely in the air.

"...hey...whut...are...yuh guys doin'?" Supergirl asks with a giggle. What kind of game is this now? Tony quickly releases her collar, inasmuch as Randy has a powerful grip on the drooping teen's blouse, and rubs his cock thoroughly with the slippery KY jelly coating his fingers. He also smears the unwary blonde's balloon knot with the lubricating gel.

"..whoa....that felt good...what's going on..."

"We're just playing a little game of assfuck the famous heroine," Randy replies as Tony carefully steers the soft curves of the shapely blonde's butt over the tip of his cock. As she is slowly being lowered by this powerful man standing over her, the drug-addled girl shakes her head slightly.

"What?...what mean...?" The perplexed teen's eyes dart back and forth trying to see what's below her. A sudden grip of paranoia, typical with many crack users, fills the teen with nervous confusion that battles the euphoria. "What are you doing to me?"

"Don't worry, Supergirl," Tony says soothingly to the anxious girl. "This is going to feel fantastic. I guarantee it."

"Really?" Fear mixed with euphoria and a feeling she can't be harmed. Crack speaks volumes to her at this moment.

"Trust me, this is a ride you'll never forget."

Tony grips the blondes hips firmly and lets gravity and the KY salve do their work. The tip of Tony's penis prods Supergirl's asshole the girl realizes with a wide-eyed gulp what's being done here.

"Whoa...fellas....hold on...I...I've never been...uhhh....had...this way...."

"There's a first time for everything, Supergirl." Tony feels her tight young asshole slowly encompassing the full bulbous end of his cock.

"...whuhh...wait...hold up...that....that's a little big...there....." gasps the nervous teen. The crack has dulled her fear significantly but the blonde champion knows this act isn't right, and not something she wants to do. But she is too weak and too high to know how to prevent it.

"Don't worry, darling, every whore has to take on a larger sized man every now and then." The mafia don raises his hips and pushes his penis deeper into Supergirl's lowering butthole,

"UUHHH...OHH...that's...wrong...too...much...too soo...ooooohhh. Supergirl feels the muscular shaft fill the tight tunnel between her cheeks more than half way and moans loudly in a mix of discomfort and startling pleasure.

"Don't worry, champ, you're young enough and pliable enough to handle a long, hard cock like mine." Tony's hands surround the girl's belly and he nods at Randy, then pulls her to him as Randy releases her leg and her blouse at the same time. Supergirl's ass slides down the remainder of Tony's shaft with a soft thump

"AAHHH!'" Supergirl grunts in shock as her body shivers, trying to accommodate the huge pulsing shaft shoved deep between her buttocks. Her eyes blink rapidly and she pants quickly. This was an astonishing feeling. Tony was right about this ride. The strong young Mafia don surrounds her breast with his hand and cups her pussy in his palm.

"Let's get you juiced up, Supergirl, so you can fully appreciate a true rump ridin' rodeo."

"...ohhh....don''t move it...not ready...yet..." Supergirl pleads. Tony doesn't move his dick yet but his slippery fingers tickle Supergirl's nipple and rub against her sensitized clit.

Tony licks the soft pink earlobe of his helpless captive, then probes her inner ear with his wet tongue. He's enjoying his complete physical domination of this doped, inept heroine draped helplessly in his lap as her warm, sweet scented ass scandalously grinds and wriggles eagerly over his rock hard cock. "You know," Randy says, "I don't think any whore is really ready for her first anal fuckjob, Supergirl. Especially young, inexperienced debutantes like yourself. But once they get the feel of that long hard shaft shoved up under their pretty little party dresses, like this," Tony thrusts deeply into the mesmerized young blonde

"" she gasps with pleasure at the length and force of the hard muscle driving deep to the center of her pleasure pool.

"... they learn to deal with it," Tony continues nonchalantly. "Anyway, they all get used to it, just like you will. Hey, be thankful we used lubricant. Some guys aren't as thoughtful as I am."

Tony's hands continue to work their magic, slowly at first then with more and more speed. The girl's head lolls back at this unique blend of pleasure: an arousing, nerve-tingling nipple rub, a head-spinning full-on clit massage and a thrilling, unprecedented anal penetration. He jerks his penis up and down again, taking Supergirl's breath away with a rushing thump of bewildering pleasure.

"'s b..b..better." Her body shivers with intoxicated delight. Her butt cheeks tighten with a sudden electric thrill from within and Tony gets a five-second rippling cock squeeze along the entire length of his shaft. This causes him to grunt in his own mind numbing wave of ecstacy.

"Whoa. That was great! You sure you haven't been sodomized before by some long forgotten superhero friend of yours, wonder cheeks? You got the talent."

"You... are my first...Mr. Bonano," says the panting, delirious, crack-befuddled blonde heroine. "Now you can move that thing around, sir."

Tony obliges willingly. Now with both hands on her hips gripping the famous little red skirt, he withdraws his cock slowly out of Supergirl's rear until just the bulbous tip remains. He rotates his hips so she can feel the ginding bulb rub around the sensitive walls of her anus in slow, steady passes.

"Mmmmmm." Supergirl licks her lips and reaches down to slowly stroke Tony's thighs. He moves his hands up to take hold of both breasts and begins to fondle and caress them. Then he begins to pump his prick in and out of the rocking blonde's buttocks. The delighted blonde leans her head back, her gorgeous young lips twisted into an unapologetic, shockingly debauched leer of sinful delight as Tony repeatedly fills her young ass with cock; up and down, up and down, up and down with piston-like intensity. Supergirl's short red skirt flaps up and down between her thighs like a flag in a stiff wind.


The oblivious, drug-crazed heroine rocks and moans and drools with absolute joy as Tony's shaft drives back and forth within the tight, greasy hole she so willingly offers.

"I think Randy's getting a little jealous, Supergirl. Are you willing to let him fuck you in the ass, too?"

"'t...think so. Randy's too rough for me," Supergirl smiles nastily at the pale hoodlum watching her grinding away with her gorgeous butt. She doesn't have a clue how absolutely vulgar her behavior is now. As if to prove the point, the revered blonde hero lifts herself up slightly and then drops her ass down on Tony's eagerly waiting prick. "UNGHHH! ....Ah...that's nice....."

Randy stands over the jerking, rubbing, indulgent couple ass humping on the floor and marvels out loud, "Damn. Look at this fucking slut give it away. I can't believe my eyes here. The virtuous idolized Supergirl, the sainted role-model for teenage girls around the globe absolutely craves taking cock up the ass! And we've got it all on the record!"

"Randy, why don't you give the Maid of Steel a bonus for her fine efforts here today. Use the Short and Sweet Equalizer.

"Good idea, Tony." Randy replies, walking over to the bondage table and opening one of the many drawers.

"...UNNHH....ohhh....what's the....sweet...equalititator...?" Supergirl mumbles stupidly as another wave of erotic sensations sweeps through the channels of her brain.

"It's a special motorized toy I think you're going to like. A lot." Tony continues to fondle and squeeze the slumping girl's chest with continued zeal, even as his penis thrusts and withdraws within Supergirl's responsive ass.

The distracted girl has her head turned to the side and back, trying to kiss Tony's mouth as she rides his penis up and down like a carousel horse. Consequently she doesn't notice Randy as he kneels before her and takes a wide yellow crystal dildo out from behind his leg. Only 6" long but 3" wide, the tool looks formidable. With her attention totally on Tony, all Supergirl registers is a motor humming to life. And then her world changes in an instant.

Grabbing the Maid of Steel behind the neck, Tony places the smooth vibrating glass dildo against the lips of Supergirl's moist vagina and slides the wide pleasure stick deeply into the shocked teen.


"There you are, slut. That's the Short and Sweet Equalizer," Randy coos maliciously. "Kinda takes your breath away, doesn't it?"

Supergirl has folded forward in stunned and helpless excitation. Bent low in Tony's lap, her head hung low, her eyes are reduced to slits, her breath torn from her body with ragged harsh doggy pants.


The motorized dildo, forced high into her cooz takes Supergirl's breath away with a rushing jolt of ecstacy. Randy begins moving the wide, smooth dildo in and out of the whimpering blondes slit with a slow patience that surprises and pleases the young heroine.

"...this...thing is....f...f....f...fucking...f...fantastic...." blurts the overwhelmed girl.

"I thought you'd like it," says Tony, jerking his pelvis up to please the quivering girl from both ends.

"HUUHHHH....can't...take...much more.....of this..." The humming, sliding, crystal device pressing against the walls of her vagina fills her to her maximum width with vibrations that link directly to her brain. The gasping opened mouth blonde bent over in Tony's lap drools unknowingly onto her skirt as the two men hold her firmly in place and vaporize every notion of feminine restraint. Helpless to resist this onslaught of sensations, Supergirl is easily led down the garden path toward an orgasm. With her ass and her pussy filled to the walls with buzzing, grinding and slippery advances and retreats by long hard staffs of incomparable pleasure, the blonde heroine rushes down her own highway to heaven. Without a pause, in fact, Supergirl speeds past every milepost of joy into a yawning chasm of pure white ecstacy. Her eyes clamp shut and she rocks back and forth in Tony's lap in shrieking helpless passion.


Tony holds the blinded, lost teen tightly in his arms as she rocks within her orgasmic flood Randy, too, lightly holds her neck even as he rotates the smooth crystal dildo within the now whimpering girl's crotch.

"'s...another...another....cumming....I'm cumming....AAHHHHHH!"

Supergirl leans even farther forward and balls her fist in helpless joy as she is overwhelmed by her second orgasm. She drools in mindless confusion as her drugged brain shuts down, now allowing only primitive grunts.


Randy pulls the vibrating wide crystal toy out of Supergirl's cunt with a soft pop of her muscle. She languidly nods in the warm white afterglow of her absolute satisfaction. Seeing nothing, simply feeling Tony's hands caressing her tits. She certainly doesn't see Randy standing up right in front of her, then squatting so his dick is directly in her face. Smelling the musky man scent right before her, Supergirl lazily lifts her eyes just in time to see Randy grasp her chin.

"How about a nice big thank you blow job after old Randy gave you so much pleasure, Supergirl?" Surprisingly, this is Tony making the request as he shifts his hips and rotates his cock within the feverish heroine's ass.

"Haahh....oh...yes...okay..." whispers the spent symbol of purity and justice. Unable to fight the throbbing pleasure of his cock still grinding away in her ass, the gullible Maid of Steel, her tired arms slack at her sides, opens her mouth willingly for Randy's long hard penis. He slides the musky member along her tongue. She grabs the tool with her lips expecting the man to stop so she can pleasure him But he thrusts his tool deeper into her mouth until it passes the very back of her tongue and digs into the roof of her upper throat.

"GGAGKK!" Supergirl's eyes go wide at this clumsy intrusion. Raising her hands to take his tool and guide it back to where she can perform a decent job on this crude thug, Supergirl is shocked to feel Tony grab her wrists halfway up her sides, then wrap his legs around her calves, effectively immobilizing the exhausted heroine.

Randy grabs the back of Supergirl's head with two hands and withdraws his penis halfway back til it rests thickly on her tongue. That's better at least. Now I can...

"WRAULLLGG" Once again, Randy drives his dick down her throat and holds it there. Supergirl can't get away from Tony's restraining hold and the frightened blonde's eyes go wide as every feeling of pleasure, even the long hard cock in her ass, dissolves instantly within her. The crack high already thirteen minutes old has been obliterated by her fear and horror.

What the hell is going on? I'm being fucked in the ass and the the same time? How in hell did I let this hap..."

"UURRLLLKK" Randy has pumped his dick back and forth within the helpless teen's throat for a third time. And then, holding her head firmly in his palms, the grinning hoodlum begins rapidly stroking his pulsing, veiny cock in and out of the mortified girl's mouth. In and out, back and forth, deeply along her tongue and then back to her numb lips, the nasty penis dominates the helpless heroine. It chokes her airway, slimes her tongue, fills her cheeks and strikes back and forth within her mouth like some huge angry snake. A snake that's growing larger and wider even as it relentlessly searches for a prize she knows she won't be able to resist.

And within her ass, Tony's member is also building momentum, driving forward and back, dominating her anal cavity, sucking out all the joy in life. There's no pleasure here anymore, just relentless driving need from the heinous fiends holding her in place. Together, the two men swell to their full length now, jerking with anticipation. And then they both release their pleasure simultaneously. Randy shoots a thick jet of jism down the gagging blonde heroine's throat and Tony fills her butt with a firehose of his own, the warm cum shooting deep within her. Supergirl is forced to swallow just so she can breathe, but she is frozen in place by the unyielding arms and hands of the two men. Overwhelmed by shame at this despicable abuse, Supergirl's eyes fill with tears even as she feels Randy's member go slack in her mouth. The vile cum drains down her throat as he holds her face steady and grins lasciviously at her.

"That's a good cunt. Truly a stellar BJ, honey. I'd say you're ready for the big time." Randy chuckles and pulls his dick out of the rigidly held girl and releases her head. Immediately, the blonde superhero lurches forward and gags out a thick wad of cum. Coughing and crying the distraught teen shakes miserably in Tony's grip as he too begins to soften within her.

"That was truly the best piece of ass I've had in ages, Supergirl," Tony says, pushing the startled girl forward with a hard thrust of his palms. She flops forward, bent double with her face gagging and choking up thin lines of white cum onto the skirt draped in her lap. Pulling back, Tony pulls his cock out of Supergirl's ass and stands up. "Very, very nice, champ. I'd say we all deserve a rest. Randy let's get our guest back into the floor shackles, then we can hit the sack. It takes a lot of energy to completely and totally fuck over a superhero, you know?"

Randy drags the choking, defenseless blonde along the floor by her hair until he has her lined up with the floor manacles. The limp, demoralized teen offers no resistance whatsoever as he efficiently locks her arms into place. Next, he pulls the glowing kryptonite necklace around her neck so that the large stone is centered between her shoulder blades, held in place by her tight blouse. He then secures her neck in the hoop manacle with a loud click.

"Before you lock her legs," cautions Tony, "let me get Supergirl's panties and put them on her. I know how modest she is about her appearance. Got to keep up appearances for her adoring public you know. Isn't that right you eager little ass-fucked, cum-sucking whore," Tony says over his shoulder as he goes into the shower stall to retrieve the whimpering girl's panties. When he returns, he pulls the damp cold panties up the long shaking legs of the miserable captive. She offers no resistance to this as Tony pulls the wet red silken material over the curve of her wide, trembling ass. He smooths and adjusts the panties and then pulls down Supergirl's short skirt.

"There! All nice and virginal again for your millions of fans, Supergirl. Of course, we know better, don't we, slut?"

Supergirl merely lies in a pool of self-pity, drowning in the horror of the acts she had been forced to perform...and those she'd done so willingly.

"Get some rest, sweetie. You've got another training session tomorrow."

I am damned forever. The exhausted Supergirl shudders, then drifts off to merciful sleep. It is midnight of the second day of her capture by Tony Bonano and everything is going his way.

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 9