Supergirl Captured by the Mob 35  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 35 - A Long Night's Journey Into Day

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

"... I've seen fire and I've seen rain. I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end. I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend. But I always thought that I'd see you again."

Supergirl weeps quietly to the strains of James Taylor on the stereo as she lies cuddled up with a chocolate brown throw pillow clutched in her twisting hands. She is wearing an oversized pale yellow T-shirt emblazoned with bright red type reading "The Pleasure Dome: Nothing's Off Limits." Underneath the untucked hem of the shirt, khaki shorts peek out, accenting her long, limber legs curled up beneath her. She'd thrown on the outfit without a thought, grabbing the first thing she found in the bureau after a long, hot shower. Around her neck is the small kryptonite maintenance collar Tony had placed there to keep her powers negated before he left with Carmine and Sergei to talk things over.

Now, nestled in the corner of the sectional couch in her living room suite back in the Pleasure Dome, the red-eyed heroine thinks of all that has gone so horribly wrong in her life over the last month or more. She'd been captured, badly beaten, stabbed, forced into a serious crack addiction and sexually abused countless times. She'd also been humiliated beyond any possible repair through all the media outlets, Internet and millions of water cooler conversations everywhere as the entire world discussed, reviewed and smirked at her exploits on the best-selling DVD series ever to hit the shelves.

On top of that she was responsible for her cousin being abducted by Lex Luthor and carried back to some god-forsaken hideout that nobody knew the location of and that was probably protected by enough death traps to take out the entire Justice League!

To make matters even worse, her best friend Wonder Woman wasn't even speaking to her. When they'd been brought back in chains to the suite by Tony, Carmine and Sergei, Wonder Woman had purposely stayed on the opposite side of the apartment from her, not saying a word and not even looking at her. After Kara had tried to talk to her once the two of them had taken long separate showers, the grim-faced Amazon had simply walked into the bedroom of the suite and slammed the door in Kara's face, even as she had chased after Diana trying to reason with her. Maybe she'd cool down after she slept a while. Tony promised to have a second bed brought in so the two women could share the suite for a day or two until he decided how to handle his mob connections and various other pressing business matters.

It was the abduction of Superman that gnawed at Kara's insides the most, however, making her sick to her stomach, queasy and depressed. The look on his face that she had glimpsed through that horrible kryptonite-imbued leather mask was shockingly terrified. She'd never seen her cousin look like that before in her life. She'd seen worry, strain, anger and even a touch of fear now and then, but never the wide-eyed terror accented by the greenish tinge of the skin around his eyes. She hadn't any idea of what he'd been through before she'd seen him chained to the bondage chair when she and Diana were brought into that hellish chamber of sexual depravity, but it must have been terrible. She hadn't been very focused during the whole time Luthor had been having his way with her, but even she could tell that Kal hardly seemed like himself the entire time he was in that chair. It was more than just the kryptonite bearing down on him. It was like he had given up all his hope. His protests were strident and insecure, his responses to Luthor's nasty jibes were muted, pathetic mumbles if he even responded at all. Most of the time, she'd seen him simply lower his head and frown, even sigh. And now he was in the clutches of his arch enemy without much hope of escape.

If she could escape, Kara mused, she might be able to find Superman, but her own escape seemed unlikely given that Tony was likely to keep a more vigilant eye on his two remaining prizes. With Diana in the same suite, they might be able to double team him and his brutal Russian muscle and get away. But that wasn't going to happen unless she and Diana worked out their differences first. Poor, poor Kal.

"But I always thought that I'd see you again." Under the influence of James Taylor and her own morose self-pity, Kara wept quietly for her cousin, for herself and even for Diana. And beneath the tears lies the waiting face of the dragon as her need for crack begins to grow stronger now that the stimulants in the Nympho Patch have worked their way through her system. She shakes her head at the mountain she had to climb while carrying such a heavy burden.

Inside the bedroom, a very angry Amazon princess lies on the large bed wearing a pale blue oversized t-shirt with a bright multi-colored parrot with a comic-style word balloon coming out of its beak with the words, "Polly wants his crack (or ecstacy)!" Beneath the shirt are black skin-tight nylon shorts, the only other thing she found in the dresser that fit her.

But Diana isn't worried about her limited wardrobe right now. She is staring at the ceiling, fuming at her relentless memories as they swirl through her mind like unwelcome guests. Her hands are tight clutching claws of steel at the bedspread by her side. The length of chain links between her wrists are thin titanium, hard enough so they can't be broken but light enough and long enough to barely be an incumbrance. They ensure Wonder Woman's incredible powers are nullified to that of a normal woman. A woman seething with anger and despair! Superman had cum in her own ass! Cum? He had virtually erupted within her. And in her vagina. And in her mouth! She had liked the feelings! All of them! The mouth: Even though she had almost gagged on his ejaculation, the taste and width of that warm tool in her mouth was exciting, sensuous, salty and strangely satisfying. Oh, and that beautiful hard tool: when it filled her most sacred channel, stretching it and rubbing against its walls with hard heat that would not be denied. How it filled with the sense of completion she had never so appreciated before.

Diana, you are a total slut! How can you call yourself the Champion of Women when you so obviously crave only that which a man can give? How can you look in a mirror or face poor Kara or, Hera, help me, my mother's trusting eyes ever again?

That is why the Amazon warrior is so furious, why she seeks the blood of Lex Luthor. He had forced her to face a weakness she only suspected she harbored. He had known and he had made it damn certain that now she did too. She was furious at herself for this core of need that she carried within her. That Luthor and Sergei had so effectively tapped! Oh, yes, that pig Sergei was also to blame. She would save some of her anger for him. Yes, she would secure away a healthy portion in her heart for that disgusting Russian slimeball and repay him with interest when the moment presented itself.

Even Kara had angered her with her desperate need for pleasure while Diana was gagging on that damn candy dildo! But Kara she would forgive. Must forgive. Despite all her naivety, the blonde Kryptonian was a good person and a true champion. My god, the horrible sickening sensation of just wanting to lie down and give up when she first had felt the rushing flow through the magic lasso of what the kryptonite did to poor Kara was almost too much for Diana to bear. And the girl had stood up to that and to Tony for over a week, she believed, before Kara had caved and agreed to be the whore to Tony's pimp. I lasted but a mere dozen hours, if that, before I agreed to be his whore! No, Kara would be forgiven and together they might be able to end this nightmare somehow, some way. Too jazzed to even think about sleep even though she is exhausted from the unending sex with Kal, Diana decides to go out and talk to Kara. She would apologize and together they would plan together to try to save poor Kal from the clutches of that fucking bald madman!

"Tony, we're in the shithouse and the stink ain't goin' away!" Carmine settles back on the couch in Tony's living room and takes a long hard pull on his scotch, the ice clinking against the heavy crystal tumbler.

"Tell me somethin' I don't know, Carmine," Tony scowls. "Got any ideas how to deal with your friend Don Lupenzo? I mean, we have at least four or five hours. Maybe we can track down Luthor and get Superman back. Ask nicely. Whaddaya think?" It's a sign of Tony's anxiety that he actually slips into the slurred slang of his youth in Brooklyn, something he's spent considerable time and effort trying to erase from his persona.

"Can you be tracking him somehow with a GPS locator?" Sergei asks. "Superman I am referring to."

"That would have required foresight, my Russian friend. Something I pay you for as my security chief!" Tony's spewing his anger in all directions. He takes a gulp of his own scotch and tries to settle down. Yelling and blaming isn't going to solve anything. He's got to cool down and think hard about how to handle this situation. Think real hard, because so far, from his headquarters in Brooklyn all the way up to The Pleasure Dome in the South Bronx he had come up with zilch! Luthor had blind-sided him. Tony had been warned by Carmine but he thought he had covered all the angles. But with Lex Luthor that was, apparently, impossible. Fucking kryptonite choke wire in the lead-shielded watch. It had even set off the metal detector and he'd missed it! FUCK!

"I'm sorry, Sergei, it's not your fault," Tony murmurs. "Luthor's a criminal genius and I thought I was in his league. Clearly, I'm not. But remind me to attach a device to Supergirl and Wonder Woman's costumes first thing tomorrow. I don't want to lose my meal tickets!"

"Consider it done." Sergei tips his beer can back and takes a large finishing swallow. He then crushes the aluminum can flat between his palms, angry as well, and heads into the kitchen area for another beer. He tosses the flat aluminum pancake into the trash, pulls the refrigerator door open and swipes out another brew. Then his head comes up and he says, "Hey, Tony, maybe if you are showing the DVD of what Luthor did, this Lupenzo sees it is not your fault and gives you some...slack, is how you say it."

"Haah, right," Tony snorts. "Not much chance of that working. I was the one who let Luthor waltz in and steal Superman from under my nose. It was on my watch. It goes on my account, believe me. No, Don Lupenzo is not the forgiving type. We may have to go to the mattresses on this one boys."

"You really think Lupenzo would start a war over this?" Carmine asks.

"You know him better than I do, Carm. You tell me."

"Well, I know he's thrilled with all the extra money coming into the general family fund thanks to those DVD sales. Gotta be eight million in that fund from our work there. And nobody loves a buck more than Gino. On the other hand, he's really pissed about your high profile. He hates drawing any attention to the families and while we dodged a bullet on Wonder Woman with your and Stevie's terrorist video, I don't think you're gonna get a pass on Superman not flyin' around protecting the U.S. Especially since you got everybody nervous about terrorism again, seein' how they were so successful takin' out Wonder Woman and Superman."

"There's nothing on the tape about Superman and the terrorists," Tony replies with a frown.

"True enough," Carmine notes, "but the same team took them both out. And if they got Wonder Woman, stands to reason that Superman is with them unless people hear different. Listen to talk radio, Ton. Most people think the big guy's dead 'cause there's nothin' said about him and he ain't showed since that attack."

"We screwed ourselves you're saying," Tony looks at Carmine with a hollow feeling in his gut.

"Right up the ass!" The burly Don grimaces and takes a final swallow of his scotch.

Sergei walks over and sits down in a plush armchair across from the two men. "Maybe we are to be substituting one of the women for Superman to take the heat off us. What do you think about that, Tony?"

"That's a great idea Sergei. Really! But, man, I'd hate to do that. The girls are a gold mine. Plus, they're out of our hair so profits are up in all our businesses since they're not stopping our drug deals, our gambling or our prostitution rings. What if I give Luthor's fee directly to Don Lupenzo, you think he'd go for that, Carmine?"

"Not a chance. Much as he likes money, Gino's got Old World honor and he's got the families watchin' him close how he handles this. He won't put his own neck in the noose. Not even for three million bucks."

"Tony. Excuse me please, but I am getting back to giving up one of the girls again. This Supergirl, she has earned us millions with the sales of her DVDs. Perhaps, I am thinking, she has, how you say, run her course? Give the blonde one back to the world. The Amazon can be earning her way just as well and it could make the families to be less angry, nyet?"

"And what about when she comes back at us like an angry hornet protecting its nest, Sergei? You going to take her down? You literally pissed all over that girl, Serge. A superheroine who you urinated on like a public toilet. You don't think she's going to come after you hard if I let her go?"

"This is true. But there can be ways to lower her desire for revenge before we let her go. We could make her promise to leave us alone. These super heroes are known for keeping their promises, no?"

"Well, you make some good points, my Russian friend," Tony says, holding the liquor glass to the light and searching the golden brown highlights within the ice cubes for answers to his dilemma. "You certainly do. Let me mull it over for a few hours. Don Lupenzo's deadline is five hours from now. I'll have an answer for you and for the families in a couple of hours. I'm going to lie down and sleep on it. Sergei, I suggest you check in on the ladies. My guess is that the two of them are getting a little anxious for their fixes: crack for Supergirl and heroin for Wonder Woman. Give 'em a good dose so they don't get into any trouble before this deadline passes. The last thing I need are more complications." Tony slugs back the last of his scotch. Maybe the answers have to be drunk before they'll come to him. He sets the tumbler on the cocktail table and rises with a sigh. As he heads into the bedroom for a rest and to think, he calls back to his two associates, offering a poor attempt at a joke, "Well, the families can only kill me once. There's that silver lining to appreciate."

Carmine and Sergei just look at each other, both heads shaking in shared disbelief at Tony and the fix they're all in.

Don Lupenzo is walking through one of his underground bookie parlors in Queens. He's there on a surprise visit to collect the receipts and check up on the action from the preseason football gambling and an upcoming PGA major tournament. There's a Friday night match between San Francisco and the Giants. The action is light. Not anything like when the two teams met back in the '80s for a conference championship game. With Tiger Woods leading after two days, the bettors are staying away from that action, too. Woods was pure money when leading after 36 holes. Lupenzo sighs as he looks at the four bookies lazing around the phones hoping for bettors to call.

"Any word on the news about Superman showin' up anywhere?" Don Lupenzo asks Basso as he walks the floor toward the back office.

"Not a 'ting, boss. I ain't hoid nuthin'."

Lupenzo checks his watch. 7:30 p.m. He scowls and opens the door to the manager's office. The manager sees the frowning Don and almost craps himself. What had he done now?

"Don Lupenzo. What an unexpected pleasure it is to see you tonight."

"I'm sure, Vick. Good to see you. So how are things. Real quiet, huh?"

"Quiet. I wouldn't say that. Not really. Maybe a little, yeah, I guess it is. But it's preseason. No one gives a crap, ya' know!" The sweat is already forming on Vick's forehead.

Supergirl and Wonder Woman are locked in each other's arms, their heads on each others shoulders, copious tears wetting the t-shirts the two women wear, wracking sobs emanating from both their bodies, the two of them lost in the watery deluge of sorrow and pity.

Finally Wonder Woman composes herself enough to speak. "Oh, Kara, I'm sorry about being a bitch. I was made at myself more than you. You're a real fighter, sweetheart. I never, ever realized all the pain you went through when exposed to kryptonite. It's horrible: like you want to just lie down, give up and die in pain without hope. I felt it through my lasso. It was devastating."

" get...used to it...after it happens often enough...kind of..." Supergirl says through her sniffling attempt to pull herself together.

"I don't know how you could. I couldn't Kara. I swear I admire you so much for all you've gone through. I've seen some of the DVDs and, well, you are the most courageous person I know."

"Oh, Rao, no, Diana, don't say that. The things I've done..."

"You did them under incredible duress, sweetie. I mean, by Zeus' beard, you were drugged and beaten and subjected to so much kryptonite so often. And the crack they made you take. We have to address that, Kara. But even with all that, you lasted far, far longer than anyone could have begun to expect. You're my hero, Kara. I mean that."

"But...but that's crazy, Di! You're the strongest person in the world to me. Truly I dream about your mental stamina. I envy your powerful sense of who you are."

"Smoke and mirrors. That's all it was when it came down to Sergei's little program to bring me down. I caved in less than one night, Kara. I wasn't even in your league. I wasn't... even...close...." Diana begins to cry again and Kara puts her arms around the Amazon princess, letting her release all her pent up anger, frustration and sorrow into her soggy t-shirt yet again.

"Hush, Diana. Let's just say no one could be expected to hold up under all that sadistic sexual torture we both underwent. We have to give ourselves some slack or we'll never be able to function again. You know that. So do I. Let's learn the lesson and move on, okay Diana? Okay?"

"I hate these men. I hate all men. They are beasts with no thoughts except for their own pleasure. Even Kal was getting hard under me while I almost choked to death on that damn candy dildo."

"Diana, it's just a physiological response. Stimulation brings blood flow and their peckers get hard." Supergirl sighs heavily, waving her hands with a back and forth motion as she says, "Sometimes it's mental stimulation. Sometimes it's physical. Believe me, it doesn't take much to get 'em going!" Supergirl actually chuckles at this and Diana looks at her in shock. And then the Princess of Themyscira bursts into gales of laughter at Kara's offhand slight of all men. She laughs hard and long and Kara quickly joins in, the two of them rolling on the bed, weeping with tears of happy release and total silliness. The pent up emotion of their long day with Lex Luthor and his sexual campaign of debasement seeps out of their systems like mist off a cold morning lake. As they laugh together at the absurdity of all the machinations Luthor had gone through to give them such incredible orgasms. Both women wonder why he did it. The humiliation factor must have been the biggest part. Obviously Diana's overwrought sense of pride was in his cross-hairs the entire time. Kara he just simply enjoyed fucking as a power trip.

"...grunting, slippery, cum-blasted fuckfest..." Kara howls with laughter. "Are you kidding me? Really Lex? Really?"

"Don't....don't...Kara...I can't breathe...." Diana is red from laughter. She barely can get out the words, "'m a little dizzy...right now....Shut up bitch, Take it!" And Kara is the one now red from embarrassment along with her squealing peals of laughter. The women bond like this for several minutes, sampling the ridiculous conversations between them and Lex and Sergei. It does the two of them a world of good to cry from laughing so hard. Their predicament is not one iota less dangerous, but the two of them are back on solid ground for the first time in weeks for Kara and days for Diana.

When they finally calm down and start talking, the two heroines sober up quickly, trying to come up with a way to escape and to try to find Superman without getting themselves killed. Between the two of them, they come up with a kind of crazed, desperate but possible plan. And that is when they hear a knock on the bedroom door and Sergei comes in with his usual wolfish, leering smile.

"Hello, ladies. Miss me?"

"We kind of didn't," Kara snaps back. All she missed actually was the crack but she tries to suppress that thought for the moment.

"Ah, yes, the smart-mouthed Supergirl. Don't quite have your powers right at the moment, do you, bitch? Remember when we met in the elevator and I told you I would be reminding you who you serve. We're there right now, cunt. Oh, and I have brought to use my trusty tazer with me just like I promised. Now please to move aside Wonder Woman, you already have had your tazering for the day. It's this haughty bitch I have to remind who's the boss. Besides she's overdue for her crack pipe." Sergei grins evilly and starts slowly toward the bed. Immediately the two women hop off the oversized mattress on opposite sides of it, getting into defensive stances against the oncoming Sergei.

Stevie is a very busy man. The amount of editing he has before him is huge. Gotta be more than 20 hours worth of recordings, going back to Sergei's sessions with Wonder Woman from the night before. He takes a sip of the cold coffee from The Pleasure Dome mug before him and grimaces. Standing up he goes to the microwave, puts the cup in and sets it for a minute on high. He then picks up the nearby phone and calls in a pizza order. The restaurant has the address on file complete with instructions on how to get in the building for the delivery. One large pepperoni and a liter of Pepsi. He had a long night in front of him. It would make him rich beyond his dreams. At least, it had so far. Just yesterday, he had ordered a new midnight blue Corvette with the proceeds from the existing DVD sales. A few long nights was nothing with payback like this coming in day after day. The Supergirl series was a worldwide phenomenon. He suspected that the Wonder Woman series would do at least as well. The stuff was hot!

Suddenly Stevie wonders if he should have had Luthor sign a release. The litigious son of a bitch might want part of the sales take. Bald headed prick. It would be just like him. Letting out a heavy sigh, Stevie opens the door of the microwave and takes out the heavy mug and blows on the now hot coffee. Now back to the cut of where Wonder Woman's face goes wide with shock as the mechanical fucking machine enters her snatch for the first time. He did so much enjoy his work.

Carmine's cell phone sounds off loudly from within his pocket as he sits quietly drinking his third scotch and water and trying to figure out all the angles of their problem with Don Lupenzo. Tony is inside the bedroom either sleeping or thinking or jacking off. Carmine didn't have a clue as to which one it was. He looks at the cell phone face. "LUPENZO IMPORTS"

"Shit," Carmine scowls at the phone, not even wanting to answer it. The time on the phone said 8:15 p.m. Only three hours til the deadline, not that it mattered. Tony wasn't going to produce Superman out of his hat like a rabbit in some magic show. Tony and his crew were fucked. Now Carmine had to tap dance with Gino so I could buy some time before the actual fucking of Tony and his crew would come down.

"Hello," Carmine answers the phone with a jolly tone he absolutely does not feel.

"What the fuck are you so happy about?" Don Gino Lupenzo barks at the other end of the call. "The deadline's here and I ain't heard a peep from any news show about Superman showin' up. What's the deal, Carmine? We had an understanding."


"Yeah, you fuck, it's Gino. Don't get cute, Carmine. Tell me what's goin' on. Now."

"Tony's working on a special...."

"Fuck Tony. You have Superman or not. You releasing him or not. You like living or not?"

"Look, Gino, there are things you can say to me and things you can't. You're crossing the line here. We go back a long way so I'm willing to overlook bad manners but...."

"You know what bad manners are, Carmine. Welching on a deal. Goin' back on your word. Trying to weasel out of what you promised. That's what bad manners are, Carmine, and that's what it sounds like I'm hearin' here. Tell me I'm wrong."

"The deadline's not here, Gino. It's not for three hours. Don't call me. I'll call you!" Gino snaps the phone shut and breathes out heavily. Then he downs the rest of his full drink at nice quick clip. Fucking Tony Bonano was going to get him killed yet. By a bullet to the head or by stroke. One way or another, Carmine thought, I'm goin' down.

Kara slowly circles around the end of the bed toward Sergei, carefully eyeing the tazer. With her shackles, Wonder Woman would be at a disadvantage in a fight and Kara wanted to protect her. She knew she was probably going to get tazered by Sergei but she would go down fighting. She was just sorry that she was so weak from the damn kryptonite collar but that wouldn't stop her from trying.

Sergei, for his part, watches both women warily but with confidence. The blonde had the glowing green choke collar nullifying those amazing powers of hers so she could be had. The black haired one was more crafty and those chains, while eliminating her incredible strength, could be used as a weapon that he had to guard against. His large size and bulk were to his advantage if it came down to close hand to hand fighting. He liked his chances.

With a sudden lunge, Sergei thrusts his tazer in Supergirl's direction and then steps back smiling. "Careful little girl, this gizmo can make you stupider than you already are!"

"Too bad it can't make you better looking, Sergie!"

"I'll look pretty good to you when I'm fucking you while you are high on crack in a few minutes, Super Bitch. Oh yeah, I am knowing that look. You are more than ready for your precious crack, are you not, sweet Supergirl?" Another lunge from Sergei backs Kara up to the end of the bed before she can cut to her left and block him from Diana.

"Kara, go the other way. Outflank him. I can handle myself," Wonder Woman says calmly as she looks at Sergei as he shifts his weight from one foot to another, ready to make another lunge depending on how Supergirl moves.

"Yes, outflank me, little Kara," Sergei coos. "Listen to the Amazon warrior. She knows her battle strategies." Sergei thumbs the tazer to full power. The recharge rate was eight seconds. That might be too damn long unless he could hold one of the bitches off him until he had power again for a second shot to take out the remaining heroine. Half power had a recharge rate of four seconds but he wasn't sure that level shock would be enough to put both of these bitches down long enough to get the drugs into them. Kara does start to circle to her right as per Diana's orders but Sergei's waving tazer cuts her off. She backs up in a kind of standoff among the three of them.

"Oooh, are you two in trouble," says Sergei. "You agreed to whore for Tony. To follow instructions and to be good little girls. This is not what I am calling good. Give up and I won't tazer you. Plus, I will give you the drugs I know you want. How about a nice crack pipe, Supergirl? Sound good? I know your body craves it. You're nervous and sweaty and need your fix. Put your hands down and I'll give you the pipe. Tony agreed to the primo stuuuufff," Sergei draws out the words with a high inflection and his eyebrows bounce up at this. "What do you say, blondie?"

"Ignore him, Kara. Be careful. Watch his foot, he's shifting for another lunge."

"How about you, Wonder Cunt? Ready for a nice shot of heroin to loosen up that pussy of yours. I know how much you love my cock in you. You were screaming for me to move it faster just last night."

"I wanted you to move faster because I couldn't stand looking at your ugly face any more than I absolutely had to, Sergie boy."

"You will be learning how to pronounce my name correctly even with my cock in your mouth, Amazon bitch."

"That's the only way it could come out sounding like a normal name, Russian prick." Diana rushes forward two steps and fakes a leg kick before jumping back out of Sergei's sweeping pass at her with the tazer. To his side, Kara rushes at the distracted blonde thug but she's not fast enough to get to his arm before it drops out of her range. Off balance, Kara tries to step back but Sergei thrusts out at her with the tazer. It's tip is three inches from Kara's chest. Wonder Woman rushes in, trying to grab Sergei's arm and stop Kara from being shocked. In a brilliant, almost balletic move, Sergei tosses the tazer from one hand to his other waiting hand and jabs Wonder Woman directly in the chest with the tazer at full power.

"GHUUHN!" Wonder Woman's body jerks back violently, her eyes roll up and she flies backward for three feet, landing on the carpet with a loud thud. Her body shakes and trembles helplessly on the floor, her spit flying in all directions as the electrical charge surges through her body in all directions. "UUHHN...UUHHN...UUHHN....UUHHN.... UUUNNHHH"

Kara rushes forward toward Sergei only to have his elbow fly up and catch her directly in the mouth.

"DIAN...OWW!" Supergirl's hand goes to her bleeding mouth and her head swivels sideways sharply from the blow. Sergei turns, once more throws the tazer to his opposite hand and comes into the stunned Maid of Steel with a hard, piercing right handed knuckle punch to her stomach that bends the teenage wonder over in gasping, wheezing pain. As she tries to catch her breath which seems to take forever, Sergei finally sees the recharge light go green on the taser and he calmly places the device against an unwary Supergirl's neck and presses the stun button.

The beautiful blonde champion's body spasms harshly, her neck arcing back, her arms flailing and her knees wobbling badly. As Sergei pulls the tazer away, Supergirl's eyes go dull, flat and lifeless and she falls to the floor in a heap, her head on the carpet, her knees tucked under her and her arms spread out in opposite directions. The famous blonde heroine jerks and twitches helplessly as the remainder of the electrical shock plays out in her system.

Sergei looks from drooling female heroine to another. Full shocks for both and not a problem in sight. He was thrilled. They will be incapacitated long enough for him to shoot them up with their crack and heroin with time to spare. The stupid bitches were going back into drug training and he was looking forward to administering their punishment.

Of course, there's no way that Sergei could know that Tony had just come to the sad conclusion that Supergirl would have to released to save his own skin.

"That's great news Tony," Carmine is pumping Tony Bonano's hand with an overly-energetic handshake, the relief in the burly Don's face is obvious. "Great news. Let me call Don Lupenzo back and straighten things out right now. I think at least one superhero returned will get the families off our backs for the mean time. "

"Not so fast, Carm," Tony says, holding his hand up. "There are a few things we have to get straight before you can call. The timing for one thing. She's not being released tonight. That just can't happen. This is going to take some careful planning and we're going to have to be sure Supergirl gives us her promise not to retaliate against us. That may take some doing before she can be...persuaded to agree to such a promise.

"Now Gino's goin' to think that's a stall tactic so we're going to have to give up Luthor's three million, well, maybe two mill will do it, just to keep him happy with the stall once we promise to release her. Hell, we can afford that, we've taken in over 110 million bucks on this series. In any case, that money and the promise to release Supergirl still may not be enough to get him to back off. We will have to show him the DVD of Luthor carrying off Superman to explain why its her being released. He knows that the whole terrorist thing is a dodge so it won't matter that he sees Wonder Woman in the scenes. But I'll explain that the Amazon DVDs will keep money coming into the families general fund. He just may buy it. He won't like the stall of Supergirl's release but if we explain how we're trying to protect the families and not just us against her retaliation I think he'll go along. The two million will make it easier for him to swallow. What do you think, Carm?"

Carmine looks at his watch. 9:55 p.m. An hour and a half until deadline. This would be tight.

"I think we've got to meet with him before the deadline and show him the DVD. On neutral ground. This is chancy, Ton. He may be so steamed that he's coming armed and ready to hit us before we even open up our laptop to show him the DVD. After the DVD and the two million, I do think he'll buy it. He'll want a fast release. One day, maybe two at the most. That's what I'd want. He's doin' us a favor. Two million won't buy us even a week."

"That greedy fuck!" Tony begins to pace the room.

"It's just good business, Ton. Keep the pressure on us." Carmine says. "Keeps him in control."

"I don't want to get sloppy about Supergirl, that's all. If she's not playing ball, there's no game here, Carmine. We both know that. I'd go to the mattresses before I let her go without being sure of her not coming after us. Don't you think I'm right on that?"

"Yeah, I don't want that girl looking to get revenge for all we've done to her. Of course it doesn't mean she won't send her friends after us. We could be facin' any number of spandex do-gooders, you know. Batman, for one. That guy gives me the creeps. Or the Flash guy. We could be wrapped up in ropes before we could even get off a shot. Or how'd you like to have the Fantastic Four on our case? I'm fuckin' surprised nobody's shown up here already to get her or Superman out."

"Me too. I figured they were slowed down when they saw how easily that overgrown boy scout was taken out. Maybe they're planning an all-out team assault. Who knows. But right now it's Gino and the families behind him that are our first concern."

"Well, let me call him and set up tonight's meet."

"Wait one minute."

"What the fuck is it now, Tony?"

"Hey, Carmine. Chill. I want to get this done, too. I'm just calling Sergei for a status report. For all we know, the ladies jumped out a window and we got nothing to offer."

"There are bars on all the windows, aren't there?"

"Yes. It was just an example, you dumb Guinny."

"No dumber than you, ya stupid fuck."

"Shut up, I'm on the phone. Sergei, it's me. What's going on upstairs? I thought I heard a couple of loud thumps up there. Really. Both of them. I'm impressed. You didn't give them the shots yet, did you? Already? You're too fucking efficient, you Russian bastard. Alright fine. Come back down, they're not going anywhere on that stuff for a half hour easy. I've got to fill you in on some new plans. Alright. See you in a couple. Nice work, Sergei."

"What now?" Carmine's face is tense with worry about new complications.

"The ladies gave him static about getting the shots. He took them both out with his tazer then shot 'em up. We'll have to approach the subject with Supergirl after our meet with Don Lupenzo. We'll have to fly blind about that and try to work the timing of her release in our favor as much as possible. It's not a huge problem. I don't think."

"We're making a promise we're not sure we can keep. That would be the ballgame if it falls through, Tony." Carmine looks Bonano in the eye with a frown.

"True enough, Carmine, but what else can we do. We only have an hour or so to get this squared away enough to give us time to work the angles with Supergirl. We've got to work with the hand we got."

"Feels like we're holding a pair of sevens against three kings to me."

"So we bluff until the draw," Tony smiles for the first time in hours. He's a damn good poker player.

Kara's head is filled with a floating sense of peace and happiness she hasn't felt in what seemed like days and days. The crack that Sergei had injected into her arm was truly magnificent stuff. She's unaware that a line of drool is seeping out of her mouth and onto the bedspread as she luxuriates in the crack high. Her hand is casually stuffed down her shorts and she is playing with herself, rubbing her clitoris with a slow, steady rhythm that is just beginning to pick up her breathing. She's thinking about Lex Luthor's large cock in her pussy thrusting away in rapid, powerful strokes. Her smile is wide and her eyes are tightly shut as, yet again, Supergirl's new habits get the better of her.

Out in the living room, Wonder Woman is sprawled on the couch in a dreamy daze of her own. The powerful heroin coursing through her system fills her brain with a mushy sense of total ease and satisfaction. Treated to a careful dose of some of the best uncut heroin on the East Coast, the Amazon princess lies buried deep in the cushions of the leather couch. At the moment, the powerful, beautiful Wonder Woman is a stupefied, helpless wreck who couldn't pronounce Themyscira, the name of her home island, on a bet.

At 11:21 p.m., Tony and Carmine are sitting across the table from Don Gino Lupenzo and his two goons, Tino and Basso, in a booth at Junior's Restaurant on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. They are just wrapping up their meeting with the grim-faced Don amidst a gaggle of loud-talking tourists enjoying that restaurant's famous cheesecake. In front of all the participants, their own full-sized 10" round cheesecake has been left untouched. Carefully sectioned into large slices of cherry-topped creamy wonder, the cake has been ignored during the tense discussion among the three men. Ignored, that is, except by Tino and Basso who have been eyeing the cake with frustrated anticipation the entire time Tony and Carmine are bartering for their very lives with their boss.

"Well, Don Bonano, you and Don Vega have given me quite a headache over the last few weeks," Gino Lupenzo says. "Capturing superheroes and releasing videos and not letting them go..."

"And putting eight million dollars in the general fund in that same time, I might add." Tony injects with proud assertion.

The icy glare from Lupenzo freezes Tony's blood momentarily. He had to kiss this guy's butt and here he was mouthing off. He had to be cooler than this. Carmine looks at him with his own chilly gaze.

"I apologize for all the trouble I've caused," Tony continues, a much softer tone to his words now. "I admit my ambition exceeds my good sense every now and then. But I am a good earner for the families..."

"And yourself." It is Don Lupenzo doing the interrupting now, trading bad manners to prove a point and exert control at the same time.

"Point given," Tony nods. "But I do understand your distaste for my high-profile ways and will be scaling back all those activities which draw attention to the families. As I said, once our powerful blonde friend gives her promise not to take her vengeance out on family locations, she will be released and much of the heat will be eased in the media. About the powerful gentleman in blue, I can do little. I have contacts with Mr. Luthor and I will negotiate for the man's release but I doubt he will comply. You have seen the DVD and how he talked to Superman," Tony says, lowering his voice and leaning forward slightly at the hero's name so he's not overheard. "The animosity there is too great."

"When will the girl be released? Assuming I can calm down the other heads of the families, Don Bonano. And, by the way, that is not as easy a task as you seem to believe. Her release will go a long way to soothing their rattled nerves. However, releasing her is not nearly as good as releasing the hero in blue. I believe you blundered badly in not releasing him sooner and to let this Lex Luthor criminal even get near him."

Ignoring the reprimands doled out by the frowning Don, Tony addresses the question at hand. "I am hoping to release her in a week, Don Lupenzo."

"Hmmph. Please do not insult me, Don Bonano, or the families behind us. You must do better than that. Seriously better." Gino looks at Tony with cool expectancy.

"What would seem reasonable to you, Don Lupenzo?"

"To me, Don Bonano, immediately seems reasonable. However, I understand the restrictions you described. I also do not wish for the blonde heroine to seek revenge on you by attacking our families' properties. But the question is, do you really believe you can get her to make such a promise? Have you posed this to her already?"

"She has mentioned her willingness in the past to do whatever is necessary to effect her release. I expect her attitude has not changed." Tony is talking about Supergirl's desperation from weeks ago but Don Lupenzo didn't have to know that.

"Well then, Don Bonano, if she agrees I would expect you to release her by Sunday evening, 48 hours from now."

"I may have to prepare defenses for my headquarters even if she gives her word, Don Lupenzo. I would respectfully request until Monday night for her release," Tony asks smoothly.

"You can request as respectfully as you like, Tony," Don Lupenzo says slowly and sternly. Using Tony's first name is like a sudden slap to Tony's face by the adamantly respectful Don Lupenzo. It's a clear sign of how angry he is at this sudden shift and how he was hung on a hook for so long. "But it's 48 hours and no more. Be happy you have that! It is only due to your considerate donations to the families' general fund over the past month, and to your promise to curtail the flagrant behavior of yours that seems to draw the media's attention to our families concerns like flies to honey, that I will present your renegotiated terms to the families at all. This is all most displeasing. Look, it is late and I have my grandson's birthday party tomorrow so you will have to wait until Sunday morning, Don Bonano, for an answer from the families that your terms of substituting Supergirl for Superman are acceptable. You should proceed as if it will be acceptable. I will talk to you Sunday. Make this happen, Tony. I'd hate to lose such a valuable earner as yourself." Don Lupenzo rises and, startled, Tino and Basso rise seconds after him. Good luck with the girl, gentlemen. I will call you Sunday, late morning, Carmine. I trust you will take my call.

"Absolutely, Don Gino. I look forward to settling all this amicably by then."

"Indeed." Don Lupenzo motions for his men to follow him and he heads for the door. The two big lugs follow him reluctantly, following him through the tables but looking back longingly at the cherry cheese they must leave behind.

"Well, that went as well as could be expected," Carmine says, forking a big slice of the cheesecake onto his plate and digging into it with gusto.

"The fucking pig eats two million dollars of mine and has the balls to lecture me about my behavior? I wanted to whack him right then and there," Tony simmers on near boil even as he too digs into the creamy dessert with a stabbing fork and angry, jerky movements.

"Yeah, well, that's Gino for you. I think we can get the girl to comply in two days, don't you," Carmine asks, savoring the taste of the dessert.

"I suspect we can. But I got to tell you, Carmine, I'm actually going to miss the little minx."

"Maybe so. Let's just hope that the little minx doesn't come screaming back at us like a guided missile despite her promise."

"Yeah, well, there is that!"

End of Chapter 35

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