Supergirl Captured by the Mob 53  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 53 - Complete Abdication

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia and Don Lupenzo are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

The mighty Champion of All Women stumbles weakly into the elevator, towed by Sergei who firmly grips her elbow. After the brutal fucking session on the cement loading dock floor, the bruises she'd suffered from the beating by the powerful Russian felt tight and sore. She was very thirsty, slightly disoriented and felt an immense need in her gut for the relief that only Istanbul Express could provide.

"Your pussy is very tight, whore. I like that," the big blonde Russian says, staring at the brushed steel doors and not even looking at the tired heroine in blue and red swaying beside him.

"Are we going upstairs to get the heroin now?" Wonder Woman crosses her arms over her stomach and bends forward, groaning softly due to a nasty stomach cramp.

"Da. I told you I would give it to you and I will. When you behave as instructed, you will be finding I am to be very generous. A pussycat."

"...good..." Diana murmurs, as she shivers from the withdrawal symptoms as the elevator ascends to the penthouse. "...i...really need"

"I know you do, Diana. But you will have to be learning how to inject the heroin yourself. I do not have time to always be babysitting you. But for this time, I will shoot you up. You are shaking so much, you couldn't hit a vein and you don't want to screw that up, I guarantee this. If you miss, it gets nasty and dangerous and you don't get the effects you so richly are deserving. Besides, it can create nasty bruising that Tony would not like. We want you to look as good as possible for your video scenes."

"...uh huh..." the bleary, addicted heroine mumbles in reply.

When they reach the penthouse, the elevator doors slide apart to reveal Stevie standing there ready to go downstairs.

"Tony wants to see us in his suite," the young hoodlum states somberly. "He was surprised it took so long for us to get back here. I didn't tell him about you and her," he says, nodding at the numbly swaying Wonder Woman. "Or about Supergirl and me. Not yet anyway. Hope he's not too pissed about it."

"Why would he be? We have just been training them according to his plans. Together, both of these girls are now stabilized and obedient. Isn't that right, Wonder Whore?"

"...uh, yes, of course..certainly...Sergei..." She answers softly, nodding distractedly. "Uugghhhn! ... ..please...shoot me up! I need the" She pleads shamelessly, hoping to get Sergei to administer the heroin immediately. Her cramps are quite severe.

"Tell Tony I will be down in just a couple of minutes. I have to fill this famous Amazon princess' veins with junk so she doesn't pitch a whining temper tantrum. Isn't that right, Wonder Woman?" Sergei lifts the grimacing heroine's chin and looks into the blood-shot half-lidded blue eyes of the confused beauty standing by his side.

"..uh...yes...Sergei...y'ur the" she responds, biting her lip as she bobs her head dully.

"Fine," Stevie says, stepping into the elevator as Sergei pulls the beaten, befuddled, shuffling raven-haired female out and into the suite, "just don't take too long. Tony seemed very concerned."

"I'll be down in no time. Where's my blonde davooshka?"

"She's taking a shower."

"Okay, I won't be long with this one. Hey, Stevie," Sergei says, stopping short and looking directly into Stevie's eyes, "lighten up. We did a good job in Brooklyn. Tony should be pleased. I do not know what crawled up his butt, but nothing we have done with these girls should bother him. It's probably something else."

Stevie nods solemnly, finally lets go of the "Hold elevator" button and the doors close with a quiet thump.

"Okay, you pathetic junkie, it's time to get you your Istanbul Express!"

"...good..." the most famous resident of Themyscira replies thankfully. She needed the dose desperately. She felt slightly nauseous and was now shivering violently.

Once the twosome is in the bedroom, Sergei instructs Diana to sit on the edge of the bed. Taking a heroin kit out of the night table beside the bed, he unzips it with quick, practiced movements. This isn't the first woman he's gotten addicted to the white death. She's just the most famous one.

"Give me your arm," he says, sitting down on the bed. Diana holds up her right arm, extending it straight out across Sergei's body who sits right beside her. He takes the pale brown rubber hose and ties it tightly around her bicep, swelling her veins slightly. "Make a tight fist and hold it so I can see your veins," he commands. She does and he sees the blue veins rise even more prominently through her skin. Tapping a good-sized pulsing vein in the crook of her elbow, he smiles broadly.

"This is the very one I've been using. It's held up nicely since we've started you on the 'H', my beauty." Her skin has only a few brown pin hole marks on the inner elbow with one slightly larger than the rest.

With practiced efficiency he handles the vials and spoons and book of matches effortlessly, heating the mixture and then carefully drawing it into the syringe.

"You should be thanking Tony every day that he is providing this most excellent heroin. Pure, cut with only the best stuff and not rat poison or other crap that can kill you. And you don't even have to pay anything for it. He's quite generous to you. He must like you."

"Shoot me up now, pleeeaaaaseee," Wonder Woman begs as Sergei teases her, holding the syringe aloft and slowly squeezing out the tiniest drops to clear any air in the barrel.

"Certainly, Wonder Woman. But I need you to be holding still."

Freezing in place as best she can considering the tremors jacking through her body, the famous heroine watches with wide eager eyes as the needle finally enters her arm and the plunger is slowly pressed forward, delivering her relief to her in a slow steady stream into her blood. She sighs deeply waiting for the drug to kick in. Sergei pulls out the needle and unties the rubber hose. It springs off her arm and releases the pent up drug in her forearm. With incredible speed, the heroin circulates within her. And then her eyes roll up slightly under the lids and her head falls backward into the nestling curve of her shoulders.

"Aahhhhhh," she breathes, floating with pleasure from the drug now as it swirls into her brain and makes everything perfect. "....gooood..." she murmurs and lowers herself back onto the soft mattress, barely aware of doing so, simply relaxing in the pool of warmth she finds herself bathing in.

With her thighs spread apart, her soft full breasts rising and falling under the wings of the bright gold eagle on her bustier, her boot tips turned inward on the soft carpet and her arms limp at her sides, Wonder Woman lies sprawled on the bed in a drugged stupor, blissed out on heroin without a concern in the world for now. She barely even registers the sensation of Sergei removing her power belt and then squeezing her breast slowly and lasciviously. He then swiftly packs up the drug kit, puts it in the night table drawer and heads toward bedroom door. He stops and turns to look at the lewdly-posed, drooling champion with her mouth agape and her breath sighing out loudly.

"They all succumb eventually. Even the famous Wonder Woman." He smiles smugly and softly closes the door behind him.

Six minutes later, downstairs, Tony is pacing the carpet in his living room as Carmine and Stevie and Sergei sit on the long, curved leather sectional sofa, drinking their scotches in heavy tumblers as they listen to him lay out their immediate strategy.

"I know, at first, that we were going to release Supergirl to ease up on all the pressure from the cops, the public and Don Lupenzo. But I got to thinking that I was limiting my thinking and our options here. First, the public really doesn't care as much about Supergirl since the DVD series has been released. They see her as a kind of super slut and the outcry for their champion has died down considerably. That bank robbery didn't help her cause much either. The cops are still in our pockets regarding her, for the same reasons and because we pay them generously.

"So, that leaves Gino and the families for whom he speaks. Now you guys may or may not know that there's bad blood between Don Lupenzo and myself. Carmine knows this all too well. He was there when my father was killed and took a bullet during that incident. I, luckily, was in the bathroom at the time and the hit team, which was arranged by Gino according to my sources, never came to look for me. That's Gino's bad luck. I will see to that."

Tony's men look at their leader with a mix of sympathy and dread. They know Tony's ingenious skills and all are glad they're on his side. But they all are still concerned about the families behind Don Lupenzo and how they will respond if even more negative publicity is created by Tony about the Mob.

As if reading their minds, Tony speaks to that issue next.

"We think Don Lupenzo is speaking for the rest of the family when he threatens us, but I know some of the key players. I've met them in the past and have gauged their resolve. If we can cut down on the negative publicity, I think the money we're injecting into the general fund from the DVD series will keep them happy. Gino has an ax to grind with me, but I'm not convinced that he speaks for everyone else. So I'm going to go after Gino."

"I hear he's holed up now, Ton," Carmine says. "I'm not sure we're gonna be able to get to him. Frankly I think we're more exposed than he is right now."

"You're forgetting about our ace in the hole, Carmine," Tony says with a wide smile.

"What would that be?" Stevie asks from the other end of the sofa.

"You should know, Stevie," Tony replies, turning toward his young protege. You're the one who told me through Sergei that our ace was completely under our control now?"

"Our ace...?" Stevie looks quizzically at Tony.

"Supergirl! Didn't you say she was completely addicted to the crack now?"

"Well, yeah...."

"You think she'll do just about anything for a fix, right? What makes you think that, Stefano?"

Stevie face deepens to a bright red and he looks down at the floor between his shoes.

"This is not the time to be shy, boy! A lot depends on this and I trust your gut, but I need a reason that you're so convinced that you didn't think we even had to knock her out to transport her back here this morning."

"Because of how she fucked me, Tony."

"What the fuck?!" Carmine blusters and almost spills his drink before setting it down roughly on the glass table with a sharp crack of glass on glass. The table doesn't crack because the glass is tempered but only just by a hair.

"Carmine, settle down and let's hear the gentleman's thinking, please," Tony says calmly. He is at his best when things get dicey - and his most dangerous. He nods toward Stevie to have him continue.

"She did it willingly. All her own just 'cause she knew there would be crack at the end of the session. I told her no tricks, no funny stuff and she totally complied. No bullshit,guys, she put those beautiful long legs of hers on my shoulders, one at a time, then gently settled down on my dick and rode me slowly and passionately, all for the hit of crack I'd promised. There was no hesitation in her at all."

Everyone in the room had their eyebrows furrowed in concentration at this revelation. Sergei was imagining the sex scene with envy. Carmine was too, wondering if he would be able to handle that position at his age. Tony breezed past the mental image to the reality of Stevie's assessment. The boy was right and Tony's smiled. His plan would work.

"Excellent," he said, striding to the bar to refill his scotch. "Great work, Stevie. Good, heads up thinking. I hope I didn't screw it up by having you drug her for the transport. It could have stoked some resentment in her toward me.

"Well, when we got back here this morning I gave her some more crack in the penthouse and she seemed far from resentful while we were fucking," Stevie smiled.

"Obviously, she likes you, Stefano, or to be more precise, she likes your cock! But we're talking about me here now. So...I guess the only way to be sure how she feels is to see how she responds to the suggestion of me fucking her," Tony muses aloud.

"What makes you think her willingness to suck cock or fuck like a bunny under the influence or the promise of crack will to translate into doing your bidding of taking out Gino?" Sergei looks Tony directly in the eye as he poses this thorny question.

"I've had crack whores working for me for ten years, Sergei. And so have you, so you know that most of them would sell their own babies for a hit. If Supergirl is truly addicted, and we all believe she is, she'll do what we ask, short of killing, I'd say. And we probably don't have to kill Gino. Just scare the shit out of him with Supergirl showing up at his hideout and reducing his place to kindling."

"Use her as our enforcer, huh," Carmine says, nodding slowly, grasping the possibilities.

"With Gino or anyone else we need to intimidate," Tony nods purposefully.

"Not just her, either," Sergei adds. "I believe Wonder Woman is close to this level of subservience as well. Or will be in a day or so."

"Really?" Tony turns and looks at Sergei with a smile. "So the Babe did hit one out of the park as he promised," Tony says, referring to Sergei's earlier promise to break the famous Amazon down to a workable addict.

"Da, Tony. A fucking walk-off home run, if I may be so bold. She spread her legs for me on the loading dock this morning when we got back here for the promise of a shot of heroin. I had to teach her a very severe lesson yesterday when she tried yet another escape attempt when making love to Supergirl."

"You boys have been very busy!" Tony says incredulously. "How is she doing?"

"She's healing. Slowly. I came back and put her power belt on her because, well, the beating I gave her was quite vehement, let me say. No permanent scars as directed, of course," Sergei concludes.

"Hmmm. She doesn't still have the power belt on now, does she?" Tony ask with alarm.

"No. I removed it before I came down and secured it in the safe. Right after I gave her the fix," responds the Russian mobster.

"You get any of these sex scenes or addict shots on camera by any chance?" Tony looks at Sergei first, then at Stevie.

"We got the session with the girls going at it. Very hot," Stevie replies. "But uh, the one with Supergirl and me in Brooklyn wasn't captured. Things happened kind of quick, Tony. Uh, sorry about that."

"No sweat, Stevie. We got plenty of Supergirl stuff. One lost scene doesn't matter. But what it represents is gold. How about your session on the loading dock, Serge?"

"It was delightful!" The Russian bear smiles like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

"I don't give a fuck if you thought it was delightful, you dumb ox, I'm asking if it got recorded?"

Sergei gulps and looks at Stevie. "Are there camera's down there?"

"A couple. I've got to check the security tapes. It won't be nearly as good as what we've got on Supergirl or on Wonder Woman in Brooklyn or in the penthouse with all those expensive cameras. If there is one, it might have a kinky voyeuristic quality that I can play with. Oh, and, as I said, Tony, there's also the session with remote cameras from upstairs with Supergirl and myself from about 30 minutes ago. Pretty standard stuff. I took her from behind with her arms outstretched and her nails digging into the carpet."

"Well, very, very busy boys, indeed," Tony is smiling even as he shakes his head. "I may have to cut back on your access privileges, gentlemen. You seem to be very hard on the help. Pun intended!"

"We're just making sure the girls, uh, that they are well-trained, Tony," Sergei states.

"Right!" Tony scoffs at this weak protest. "Stevie, look into the security tapes for the loading dock area," Tony says. "Also, we're going ahead with your plan of soiling Wonder Woman's precious reputation by having her willingly service a gang of terrorists with her mouth and pussy in front of horrified live spectators. If Sergei believes she's that close to doing our bidding, we're very close to being able to release her series to the public. That kind of money, possibly over another 100 million, if it's nearly as successful as the Supergirl series, will go a long way to loosening the pressure from the families that Don Lupenzo claims to speak for."

"Tony," Sergei raises his hand as if in school. "I am still concerned about Gino Lupenzo and his capability of hitting us over the short term. How soon can we get Supergirl to back him off?"

"I'd say we'll know in about an hour. I'm about to go upstairs and see how willing she is to play ball by playing with my balls."

"You might have to wait a couple of hours. She just had a hit about..." Stevie checks his watch, "45 minutes ago."

"Fine, we'll give her some time to build up her motivation to please me. In the meantime, Carmine, you check on your men and see if anything unusual is going on out on the streets with Gino's men. Maybe they're making a play for our territory or something. Sergei, double check this building's security for loopholes. Stevie, check out the loading dock security tapes and see what's there. We'll meet back here in four hours if that's okay with everyone?"

The general nodding and clinking ice cubes as the men quickly finish their drinks answers Tony in the affirmative and the meeting breaks up with everyone going their own way with their chores in mind.

Tony sits down in the matching leather armchair after his three lieutenants leave the suite and slowly drinks his scotch, staring at a framed picture yet not even seeing it as he thinks over his plans and searches them for weak points.

Walking out of the bathroom while drying her hair one-handedly with a towel, a naked Supergirl is wearing nothing more than a thin glowing green choker when she opens the door to the bedroom in her suite. She is shocked to see Diana sprawled on the bed with her mouth open and a shiny line of drool sliding out of the corner of her mouth.

"Oh....Diana!" She hurries forward to look at her friend more closely. Bending over the inert Amazon, Kara sees the dazed euphoria that overwhelms her friend. "Tch, tch, tch," she clucks. "Heroin," she says flatly. "Let's get you up, girl, and get you back to your old self."

Pulling up on Diana's limp arms, she yanks a low, throaty groan from the obliterated Themysciran warrior.


"Come on, Di. Help me here a little."

"....nuh....wanna jus lie here...wanna jes...feel good..."

"'ll feel better once you get up and get some tea and crackers in you," Kara says, pulling up on the dead weight that is her friend.

"...leave me....lone!" Diana barks angrily. "'arms...!"

"Oh, I....I didn't realize," Kara says with deep regret, forgetting about the beating even with the bruises all over her friend's body. She was so used to Diana shrugging off pain and battle wounds that she was surprised to hear the complaint. Then she remembered Stevie describing Sergei's beating and she suddenly releases her grip on Diana's arms in a wave of shame at her own lack of compassion.

Diana's body flops backward onto the mattress and bounces once before coming to rest back in the same position. The famous face goes back to slack befuddlement as she swims in the soft sensation of her liquid high.

"...gooood...." she murmurs.

"Where does it hurt?" Supergirl sits beside her prone friend and strokes her forehead gently.


A naked Kara with just a towel around her neck and her damp blonde hair framing her face looks down with deep concern at Wonder Woman. There wasn't anything she could do except try to get her friend moving so the drug would circulate faster and spend its morbid energy in her and be done with it. She thought Diana had drifted off to sleep when she spoke softly again.

"....somewhere...." The heroin was playing with Diana's brain the way a child unfeelingly plays with a lowly bug. Making it walk this way and that while constantly blocking its path for cruel amusement. Diana's mind wanders aimlessly from thought to thought, a stream of consciousness with no real direction to it whatsoever.

"...ova' the rainbow............bluebirds fly...."

A tear runs down Kara's cheek at her friend's drugged helplessness. And for herself. She knew she was no better than this when she was feeling the crack. Except she was usually much more energized, more crazed for excitement. And sex. She always seemed to need hard, pounding sex when she got into her crack high. It led to a rush of shame within her just thinking about it. An immediate longing for her own drug clings to the pit of her stomach for a moment. Since she had enjoyed it so recently she was able to push it out of her mind for now. She knew she wouldn't be able to later.

"Some pair of superheroines we are," a bare-assed, frowning Supergirl says to the slack-mouthed Amazon on the bed beside her.

Forty minutes later, the two friends are wearing lush silk bathrobes over bras and panties while slowly sipping tea at the kitchen table.

"They've beaten us, Kara. Literally. Figuratively. Every way you can think of. There's nothing we can do but try to please them so they don't hurt us anymore than they think is necessary." Wonder Woman glumly picks up a saltine cracker and bites off a corner.

"You're probably right, Diana. And nobody seems to be coming for us. It doesn't feel like anyone cares about us anymore. Certainly not about me. When I saw how that crowd reacted to the table of sex DVDs of me, it made me realize how important our reputations are....or our being trusted and honored by the justice system and the people. Without it, it's like we're just part of the stream of bad feelings and fear that everyone lives in these days. Without our reputations, we can't inspire or rise above the level of self-interest that envelopes everyone, you know?"

"Yes, Kara. I guess you're right about that. But right now we can't take the long view. We just have to try to keep each other safe and try to make it through this without getting killed. We can't think like superheroes right now. It can get us killed. Believe me, I came very close the last time. If it weren't for my power belt, I'm pretty sure I would have died of my injuries. That Sergei is just too much for me." Diana's voice gets thick and then it cracks with emotion. "He scares me so much, Kara."

"I know, Di," the beautiful blonde says, patting Diana's hand resting on the table beside hers. "He scares me, too. I hate him and fear him as much as you do."

"You know, I remember seeing how you acted around him when I first arrived in this hell-hole. I wouldn't have believed you could be so cowed by anyone. Now I know why. I'm sorry if I judged you too harshly, Kara."

"And I'm sorry if I did the same to you, Diana. We both have these addictions now and there's no way to fight them given our circumstances. Maybe if we were free we could get treatment, counseling, the whole regime to get ourselves back to who we were. But in here...." She lets her voice trail off in hopeless despair.

"We have to look out for each other. We're all we have," Wonder Woman concludes the thought, palming Kara's cheek and looking into her blue eyes. "No judgmental attitudes. Nothing but looking out for each other's back, okay?"

"Okay," Supergirl nods, agreeing in the softest voice. "And if there's a way out, it will have to come from outside help from now on."

"I think that's best, too," Diana replies, sipping her tea and then sighing deeply.

By 3:45 that Tuesday afternoon, Tony is entering the penthouse suite at The Pleasure Dome. He is actually quite eager to see if Supergirl would be as energetic in her response to his sexual demands as she had been with Stevie. If so, he felt she would no doubt graduate to her role as his enforcer without further hesitation. A lot depended on her being the willing crack addict who would do as she was told for her reward of a hit of the prime stuff. He is pretty confident but you could never be sure with these superheroines. They had reserves that still surprised him. Nevertheless, the famous Maid of Steel had been pretty thoroughly trained and humiliated. By now, she should be cowed enough and addicted enough to do his bidding. Her talk with Diana in the kitchen had been recorded and he'd viewed it only a few minutes ago. He didn't think they were playacting for the cameras. Still, he had a tiny edge of wariness as he walked out of the elevator.

Supergirl is sitting on the couch curled up with an old Cosmopolitan magazine. She is still wearing nothing more than her yellow silk robe over a matching set of pale blue satin bra and panties. With a ballpoint pen in her hand, she is taking some kind of quiz he guessed. She looks up when the elevator doors slid open, sees it is Tony and then goes back to her quiz.

"Good afternoon, Kara. It's nice to have you back here. How are you feeling?"

"Okay," she replies, circling an answer on the magazine page before her with a scowl.

"I want to apologize. Stevie said that he didn't think you had to be drugged for the ride back here this morning and I was overzealous about ensuring your safety during the process."

"My safety?" Kara raises her head, her scowl deepening. "Really, Mr. Bonano?"

"Fine. You're right. My lack of trust in you. It was wrong. I was wrong. You deserved better."

"I should say so," she nods vigorously, milking his guilt with her vehemence. "I had agreed to that bank job and then you don't trust me to sit in the back of a van and not try to escape. I would have thought you knew me better than that."

"Well, you did spill your guts to the media about me during that failed bank heist. I wouldn't exactly say it was a shining moment of trust. You clearly had an agenda of your own."

"I had all the money bundled up just the way you wanted, didn't I? I may have gotten a little nervous and spouted off a little, that's true. But I would have gotten your money if it weren't for that other gang and the red kryptonite and all that."

"Let's just say that I do trust you now. I'm not here to argue with you. I come in peace, my dear. With a gift of your favorite type of magic pellets: Vanilla Pudding, as you like to call it."

Supergirl's eyes widen and she licks her lips in anticipation of her coming high.

"I thought we would relax and enjoy each other's company for a couple of hours. Where is Diana?"

"She's sleeping in the bedroom. She's had a horrible time since Sergei beat her to an inch of her life. I hate that man, Tony. So does Diana."

"Well, I gave him the responsibility to see that you girls have what you need and that everything runs smoothly up here when clients come in. He's very committed to making sure that happens. Sometimes he gets carried away in his duties, it's true, especially if he thinks he notices something like an escape attempt. You have to realize there will be repercussions, young lady. I won't apologize for him carrying out my orders."

"He's brutal. He almost killed Diana."

"I hope she learned her lesson from it. And you. He's not above doing it again if he thinks it's necessary. Do you think it will be necessary again, Kara?"

"Rao, no! No, Tony. Not at all. Diana and I talked about it. We don't want anymore trouble. Or anymore discipline."

"I'm pleased to hear that. Very pleased."

"What would you like, Tony?" The blonde pats the couch next to her and throws the magazine on the coffee table in front of the sofa. "I'm done with that dumb quiz anyway."

"What was it about?"

"It helps rate your ability to take charge of a situation. I didn't do that well. Guess I'm off my game lately," Kara concludes with a mumbled aside. Talk about understatements!

"I wouldn't be too hard on yourself. That whole episode in the South Bronx with those three scumbags would give anyone a crisis of confidence. But you came through it. Hell, when I opened the door to that apartment and you tossed that big brute Paul across the room with a simple jerk of your wrist, I was very proud of you, I have to say."

"It was one of my better moments in a very trying few months, I'll give you that." Supergirl rubs her fingertips up and down Tony's forearm, gently caressing it as she leans into him. "I was actually glad to see you there. When I looked through the door, I was shocked that you found me."

"I never stopped looking from the moment you crashed through the ceiling of that bank," Tony replies, looking deeply into Supergirl's blue eyes. "I really enjoy your company, Kara. I love your sense of humor and I admire your courage and strength."

"Really?" Kara is surprised at this admission from the mob don. "I thought I was just, you know, a product of yours to peddle to the highest bidder, a commodity to be used as you see best."

"When I first took you in, I admit I did think that way. But after all this time, I've come to see your strength and vitality in the face of overwhelming odds and I can't help but admire it. Ask Carmine or Stevie. They'll tell you I am softer about you than any other girl I've ever had... around me," Tony says, downplaying her captivity with a twist of words.

"I guess that means something," Kara says quietly. "You probably want to me to fuck you now, right, before you give me the crack?"

"I'd feel better if it were something you wanted to do as well. To share our respect. Before or after the crack. It's your choice."


"Absolutely. Whatever makes you happy?"

"Well, uh, let's do it before I smoke the pellets. I don't absolutely need them right now. I can wait."

"That's nice to hear, Kara. Nothing would please me more than to savor your body and for you to enjoy mine."

"That's sweet of you to say. I guess I'll start by pleasing you first. I do enjoy making men hard, teasing them a bit."

"I'm all yours, Kara."

The beautiful blonde teen leans forward and her robe gaps wide to display her generous breasts cupped in bright blue satin. She reaches her hand over, placing it on Tony's crotch, gently squeezing him, feeling the roll of his penis beneath the suit pants. She lets go, then rubs her palm over the crotch in slow circles, enlarging the soft muscle there until the lump straightens into a noticeable bulge beneath the fabric.

"Mmmm," Tony murmurs with pleasure.


Supergirl's hand slips past the zipper and brushes through the fly of the silk boxers to the warm rod of flesh. Palming it gently, she squeezes the muscle and gets a pulsing response back in the palm of her hand. She smiles with a gentle twitch that reveals the satisfaction of having the young don under her gentle control.

"It's been a while since I've felt this fella," she says. "Did he miss me?"

"What do you think?" Tony looks directly into her beautiful blue eyes with earnest desire.

"What do I know? He could have a very full social calendar," Kara replies coyly. "You certainly have enough beautiful women around here to keep him occupied." Her hand continues to squeeze his penis with regular pulsing motions that harden Tony more and more.

"His only eye is for you."

"Ewww. That's gross!" She stops squeezing.

"I apologize," Tony says immediately, even as he reaches into the gap of her robe to palm her breast, his hand squeezing soft flesh and cool satin all in one gentle compression. "But, it's true! I haven't been with anyone for days." His hand slowly mauls the young heroine with tender manipulations that roughen up her breathing a bit.

"You're a cad. Why should I believe you?" Nevertheless, she starts her squeezing back up and Tony has to ask her to shift his straining member around so the boxers don't constrain it. She obligingly pulls the long muscle out of the fly, it wavers in the air between them.

"First, I've been too busy. Second, these girls don't hold a candle to you in my eyes."

"Fwattuhwhur," Supergirl replies, her mouth suddenly holding the tip of Tony's penis. She sucks firmly on the fully-engorged tip of the hard cock, sucking in her cheeks and holding him tightly in her warm mouth. Her right hand reaches down into his pants and gently cups his balls. Her left hand grips his shaft and begins sliding up and down the length of it in slow, persistant strokes.

His own hand continues to fondle the young blonde's breasts, quickening his motions up and around and under the bra, then squeezing the nipple through the blue satin. His other hand palms into the depths of her hair, his fingers stroking the blonde tresses outward, onto the back of her robe.

"...uuuhhnnnn..." Tony groans with lustful appreciation of Kara's steady mouth and hand work.

Drawing back a bit, Supergirl works up a measure of saliva and lets it flow out of her mouth onto the head of Tony's cock, the tiny clear rivulets sliding down the surface momentarily before the eager teenage champion slathers it all around the bulging purplish glans with her wide, stroking tongue.

"Ahh!" Tony jerks with pleasure, cupping his hand against the back of Kara's head and holding it in his compressed fingertips as she gives his penis head a rousing tongue bath even as her hands continue to fondle his balls and stroke his shaft.

"Uhhh....slower...getting me too excited."

"Oh, whass wong? Ith the powafhuul mafia bigthot woozing contwol?"

"No! Really!"

Reluctantly, Kara takes her mouth off Tony's cock and stops all her handwork. She raises herself up on her elbow, looking up from his crotch at the young don is sitting over her, breathing rapidly, trying to recover his control.

"You can cum in my mouth, you know," she says confidently. "We're past my having problems with that."

"I know. I just wanted to be inside you."

"You're young. Who says you can't cum twice. You have a schedule to keep? Another appointment with some other woman after me?" Kara sulks beneath him. Her lower lip rolled outward. She'd wanted him to cum on her schedule. But not Tony. Everything had to be his way!

"Nothing like that. It's just that I wanted it a certain way," he says, confirming his need to manage everything.

"Spontaneity doesn't count for anything with you?" Kara asks with a sharp edge to her voice.

"It has its place. But..."

"Then let go every now and then, Tony. You'll appreciate the moments more when they happen without consciously planning them. Not everything has to be micro-managed. Especially not sex!" She grabs his cock in her palm and rapidly begins to jerk him off, her hand a blur in his lap. "Let me have my fun and believe me, you'll have a good time, too!"

His rock hard cock thickens even more as she works her magic on him, fluttering her hand over and around the head of his cock, then back to the rigid shaft, then down to the base of his cock with her fingertips feathering the hair on his balls as she bends back down and sucks on the full length of him, taking him deep into her mouth into the very opening of her throat. The compression of her warm mouth surrounding his cock while her fingers caress his sack make Tony dizzy with pleasure.

Supergirl then begins to bob her head up and down in Tony's lap, sucking him off with a vengeance of pure sexual domination that the young don is incapable of resisting.


Tony's head flops backward onto the couch unable to concentrate as Supergirl takes complete control of his libido.

"'re great...!"


"..dun't stop..."

But she does. Completely. She pulls away from him and his head slowly comes up off the cushion and he looks at her with befuddled concern.


"Oh, nothing. I'm just moving on to phase two."

"..s'okay for you to plan though...huh?"

"Absolutely!" The blonde beauty stands up, unties her robe and quickly shirks it off into a pile on the carpet. She then pulls down her panties until they fall in a puddle of blue satin at her ankles which she quickly kicks away. Wearing only her bra, Kara puts her arms on either side of Tony's head, she grips the couch behind him and leans her body forward until her damp pussy rests directly against Tony's waving prick. She lowers herself down until her pussy presses his cock against his stomach and her tits compress tightly against his chest. Her face is two inches away from his. Slowly her pelvis begins to rock up and down against Tony's penis, her breasts against his chest. Her tongue flicks out and licks his full lips and both of Tony's hands grab the young blonde teen's rear end and squeeze hard as the couple entwine tongues and delight in the warm friction of their bodies.

After half a minute of carnal delight, Supergirl pulls away from Tony's mouth, while keeping her body pressed against his.

"I'm wrinkling your suit," she teases.

"I'll buy another. I'll buy 30. I don't give a fuck!"

"Let me try another, less subtle approach. Take off the fucking suit, Tony. I want to feel your skin against mine!" She backs up and straightens up as Tony hurriedly shucks off his dress shirt and pulls off his suit pants until he's only wearing his silk boxers, his penis sticking out of the fly like a curved flagpole.

"Keep the boxers on. I like the feel of the silk against my inner thighs," Supergirl smiles.

Getting back into the same position, the famous Maid of Steel once more begins rocking her pelvis against Tony's cock, her labia wrapped around the shaft, gently slickening him up with her excited pussy. Tony's right hand is between their bodies caressing Kara's breasts with slow figure eights across both tits. His left hand is around her right buttock, squeezing it and pressing her body closer to his so her pussy envelopes his prick even more.

"I want in," Tony whispers.

"Of course you do." But Supergirl pulls away slightly and then begins to rapidly rub only her pussy against Tony's cock without contact from her anywhere else on his body, teasing him mercilessly.

"Uhhhnn....uhhnn...uuhhhh..." she moans with delight at the contact of his hard rod sliding within her quivering lower lips. The sensation of his warmth against her hot snatch. Savoring the heat of the moment and the longing of it all.

"God, you bitch, put me inside you," Tony snarls in passion.

"Never!" She squeals happily, continuing her rapid, slippery motions until Tony is almost grinding his teeth in frustration.

"No, now, Kara!" His hands are fumbling mindlessly, ineptly at the hooks in the back of her bra strap. The finesse of the skill required is beyond him right now, even with all his years of springing pairs of tits free from bondage. He is that distracted by Supergirl's relentless humping of his hard tool.

Grabbing Tony's head, Kara plants a passionate tongue-twisting soul kiss on the young Italian mobster even as she continues to stroke his cock with her juicy pussy. She is delighted with the feeling of toying with Tony even as she enjoys the feel of his tool sliding up and down against her nether lips. But now even she is eager to have Tony's long, hard cock deep inside her. I guess I should finally give the poor guy a break!

Just then, Tony finally succeeds with the clasp on Supergirl's bra, getting the hooks undone. The bra snaps open, the shoulder straps fall forward over Kara's shoulders and slide down her arms. Her exposed breasts hang over Tony's face and he lurches upward and grabs one of her nipples in his mouth and sucks mercilessly on the fleshy pink button, then nipping severely before going back to sucking it with powerful draws.

"AYIEEE" Supergirl shrieks out in a yelp of pleasure at this assault on her breasts. Taking advantage of her distraction, the six-foot Italian don reaches his hands around her waist even as he rapidly rises up out of the depths of the cushy leather sofa. The blonde champion is shocked to be tossed in the air, spun around so that she's facing away from Tony and then driven face first into the plush seat cushions of the deep brown leather sofa.

"....hey....." Muffled from the depths of the couch, the Maid of Steel can barely be heard. Tony straight-arms her with a hand in the middle of her back even as he pulls her right thigh sideways and centers his prick at the opening of her vagina. He thrusts forward with his pelvis, impaling himself into the surprised and out-leveraged blonde superhero.

"OOONNNFFFF!" A loud grunt from the defenseless teen is muffled by the cushions. There's a jerking thump as Tony's penis drives the length of Supergirl's vagina coming to a stop with his glans brushing up against her cervix.

"Whuuuhhhhh!" A softer muffled grunt with the hint of pleasure wafts out of the couch.

Tony begins humping away at the wriggling naked girl beneath him, pushing and pulling his cock to the depths of her cavity in a ferocious sexual frenzy. Supergirl's hands sprawl out and grab the back of the couch and the short leg underneath and tightly grip them as her body is jolted again and again by the impassioned young don. Kara feels the rock hard muscle fill her vaginal cavity again and again. In and out, In and out. The friction along the length of her vagina obliterates all her thoughts as only the momentous pillaging of her sex fills her existence.

Behind Tony, Kara's legs squirm and twist in an eye-opening display of both fear and pleasure. Her toes are curled under and her ankles bang against the couch arm as she gets lightheaded with the ecstasy she's experiencing. She's coming close to the level of oxygen starvation even as her pleasure center floods with light and joy. The very lack of air is stimulating her excitement as well.

Finally Tony moves his hand from the middle of Supergirl's back to her head and pulls her up by her hair. The Maid of Steel's eyes have rolled up under her lids even as her slackened mouth forms a broken smile of pure delight.


Tony continues to fuck away at his comely blonde prize. His pleasure is building close to its peak as well. The blonde champion had teased him to a level of sexual passion he'd rarely achieved before. This lack of control is a revelation that fills him with wonder even as his cock plays the part of a search and destroy drone in the depths of Supergirl's silken treasure.

"…Rao….i….i'm…sorry….sorry….Tony…" she pleads, delirious with joy as she feels him pull her thigh open wider and drive even deeper into her.

"No you're not," he rasps out noisily. "…and neither am I!" His pumping continues yet.

"Unnhh…unnhh… unnhh… unnhh… unnhh… unnhh…" His every grunt is a thrust. Every thrust is a step on the ladder to ecstasy. For them both.

"YEAAHH….OHHHHH….RAAOOOO…." Kara shouts with complete abandon. She is mere seconds away from complete white oblivion. She only feels the thrusts and the heat of her loins and the stiffness of this man centered deep within her. Her head drops to the cushion, her eyes go blind with the fever of love and her ass trembles and shakes as she peaks in the pure white collision of galaxies.

"AAAIIIEEEEYYYAHHHHH!!!!" Supergirl screams in complete pleasure as she cums violently under Tony's relentless driving penis. Her snatch spasms around Tony in uncontrolled pleasure and this sets him off at last. All his emotional protection is shattered and he cums with a loud, steady moan.

"GUUUUNHHHHH!" Tony shoots hard, thick jets of his milky essence deep into the quivering blonde beneath him. This interaction immediately sets off Supergirl into another mind-blowing orgasm that has her gripping the cushion into a thin layer of leather and foam rubber that belies the effect of the glowing green collar around her neck. One would think she had her powers back with how thin the couch has been compressed in her grip.

"OHHHHH!" Her eyes flutter and her irises bounce like pale ice cubes off a floor as the wave of her sustained pleasure sweeps over her body. "….OOHHHH….dear…raooo…."

The blonde champion is weeping with delight. She's hit a peak here that she's never felt before. Tears are rolling down her cheeks and even Tony is laughing uncontrollably in the aftermath of his own orgasm. His peak was a new high for him as well.

It takes a full five minutes before either can speak. Tony's body covers Supergirl's own as they pant and breathe with harsh drawing breaths coupled together amongst the cushions.

"…that…was…amazing…." Kara says.

"Truly!" Tony agrees. "I never…." he begins and stops, numb within the aftermath.

"Me neither," Kara replies.

Twenty minutes later, Supergirl is up and dressed back in her minimal outfit of bra, panties and robe. She is sitting at the kitchen table drawing on her blue glass crack pipe and enjoying a completely different kind of high. Tony is heading into the elevator, redressed and looking very pleased with himself. He has his new enforcer.

End of Chapter 53

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 53