Supergirl Captured by the Mob 31  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 31 - Lex's Big Day

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

Supergirl sits in the back seat of one of four limousines Tony owns. She and Carmine and Tony are heading down the FDR Drive on the way to Tony's headquarters in Brooklyn. She is looking at the skyline of the south tip of Manhattan, missing, like everyone, the two tall towers that no longer grace the beautiful view. She sighs for the many sorrowful changes that life holds. For herself, for the United States, for the world. She yearns for an innocence that seems to have drifted away with the ozone layer.

This is the second time on the FDR Drive today for Tony and Carmine. They'd come up from his Brooklyn place to the Pleasure Dome building to collect the completely zonked Maid of Steel for the appointment with Lex Luthor. Carmine had gone into his bedroom to change clothes and freshen up, Tony proceeded up to see about Supergirl.

Upon his arrival in the suite, Tony found the stoned blonde teen sprawled on the leather couch asleep with her hands in her underpants. Maybe he'd done too good a job connecting the crack with her desire for sexual stimulation. The bitch couldn't keep her hands out of her cooze! I guess there's nothing wrong with a whore who likes sex....a lot.

He roused the lethargic girl, dragged her almost bodily into the shower which got her brain functioning again. After Kara stepped out of the shower, she'd grabbed a towel and headed into the bedroom after drying off. Immediately, she had spotted her full, original Supergirl costume that Tony had laid on the bed while she was in the shower. Everything was in perfect condition, clean and ready for her to slip into. Seeing this, Kara began to tear up badly. It seemed like ages since she had seen these clothes, this amazing blouse and cape and boots and skirt; this inspiring Kryptonian symbol of her heritage and her role as a heroine. She had gulped and then gone quiet. And then, in the softest voice, one Tony had to strain to hear, said, "I....can't wear that....take it away."

"What are you talking about? This is your original stuff! I thought you'd be thrilled," he had replied.

"...I...can't...wear it. I don't....want put it on. I'll wear the fake costume instead. I don't mind."

"Lu.....Your client wants you in this, Linda. So be a good girl and please put it on."


"Why the fuck not?" Tony's anger had built quickly. He had a schedule to keep and suspected that Lex Luthor would not look kindly on lateness.

"..I can't....I...shouldn't....I...don't.....i......don't......deserve to wear it.....anymore." With a choked gasp, with her heart in her throat, the blonde teenager had run out of the bedroom and into the bathroom and slammed the door.

"I fuckin' need this shit right now. I absolutely need to have this happen! SHIT! This fucking cunt! I can't fuckin' believe it!" Tony stormed out of the bedroom and pounded on the locked bathroom door. Why did he put a lock on the damn thing? That was going!

"Linda. Supergirl. Kara. Whatever the fuck you want to be called, if you don't come out here in ten seconds and put on that uniform you will rediscover Sergei's skill at gaining cooperation from reluctant beautiful women. I'm counting now." He had actually reached the number four before the door opened before the red-eyed, tear-stained face of Supergirl poked out. "Thank you," he had said. Walking the towel-clad girl her into the bedroom with his arm around her bare shoulder, he directed her gently, "Just put it on. You'll feel better when you do, I'm sure. I'll be in the hall...waiting." He had added pointedly.

And, in fact, she had felt better, despite her shame. The soft, luxurious fabric fit her body like a glove. It shimmered slightly in the light as she pulled her blouse over her head and then straightened the famous emblem across her chest. She felt the small tingling thrill as she zipped up her boots so they hugged her calves tightly. She felt the simple joy as she attached the cape and felt the gentle weight of it brush against her rear. The muscle memory of having donned this heroic garb for years came back like an old friend and she felt a searing, bright spark of true, non-drug-related delight that she hadn't felt since she could remember.

Glancing in the mirror as she turned to head out, Supergirl saw her reflection for the first time in weeks wearing this uniform. She froze at the image. Her body looked thinner. There were slight wrinkles across her belly where none had existed before. But she couldn't get over the face that looked back at her. It was drawn and tired and older looking. The eyes were haunted and scared and were filled with a world-weariness that shocked her deeply. The petal-soft rose of her youth was absent and in its place was a harder, angrier person who she did not recognize...or like. But then Tony had lost patience, burst through the door, grabbed her arm and hustled her out of the suite, down the elevator and into the limo and that was that.

"Is everything ready, Stevie?" Tony glances out the deeply-tinted window at the South Street Seaport sliding behind them as he talks on the cell phone. "Um hmm. Yeah, that's good. No eight should be fine." Tony looks at his watch: 1:42 and they were just halfway across the Brooklyn Bridge. It would be tight to get to the 2:00 appointment. "Has our guest arrived yet? Has he called? Well, don't sweat it. We're running a bit late ourselves, so I'm happy he's not there yet. What about Sergei's new girl?" Supergirl turns her head and looks at Tony. Diana? Is he talking about Diana? What did he mean by Sergei's new girl?

"Well, keep them upstairs until I say so. I want to go over our guest with a fine tooth comb. As does Carmine" he says as the stocky Don besides him nods quickly. "If he gets there before I do, bring him into my study. No strike that. I don't want him poking his nose into my desk. Bring him to the conference room and offer him anything from the bar. Stall him, nicely, Stevie, until I arrive. I'll bring Supergirl up to my bedroom. She can wait there while Carmine and I check over our guest. Then you'll come down to the locker in pairs. You'll take down my lovely blonde friend here and Sergei will bring his friend. Right. See you then." Closing the phone with a click, Tony slips it into the outside pocket of his blue suit jacket. His dark blue shirt and bright blue tie accented his strong physique nicely and Supergirl had to admit that Tony sure did dress well.

"So, you heard the arrangements. You'll be in my bedroom suite until I call for Stevie to bring you down."

"It sounds like this guest is pretty important. And dangerous, too, judging by how nervous you and Carmine look," Supergirl says matter-of-factly.

"Bright girl," Carmine grunts.

"Yes, well, I am a reporter. I get paid to notice things." She smiles wanly at Carmine who just shrugs. He's thinking about Luthor and his scheming mind.

"Did you notice," Tony snaps, "that you haven't filed a story in a few weeks, smartass?"

"Maybe I'm working deep background, undercover, waiting for the right moment to get away and write a Pulitzer Prize-winning series about today's Mob."

"If that were the case, it wouldn't be deep background and undercover, sweetie," Tony says with a cold smile. "It would be deep underground, about six feet I'd say, with a ground cover. If you catch my drift."

"Subtle," the blonde in tight red and blue says with a sigh, tapping her fingernails on the calves of her bright red boots as she turns and looks out the window again.

Diana's beautiful blonde friend Artemis is gently stroking the dark-haired Amazon's cheek. Cradling the frazzled champion in her arms, the two of them lie on a couch in the middle of the great hall in the Temple of Aphrodite.

"There, there Diana. Be at peace. Your troubles are near an end. I am sure of it."

"It's been so hard, Artemis. So brutal. So endless. I....i..could not...withstand the torment ...the pain. I'"

"Shhhhh. There was nothing you could do."

"I could have fought harder. I could have died trying. I could have...."

"No one fights harder than you, Diana. I know. You have bested me too many times in tournaments for me not to know. I am sure you fought your best."

"But I let him...take me. He forced his member rear..."

"Hera! How horrible for you."

"Yes. He stimulated me and drugged me and...and I experienced full pleasure."

"Full pleasure?"

"Yes. I could not fight it. He had abused me for over 10 hours and...."

"Full pleasure!"

"Yes. He was relentless, you see, and had kicked me in the..."

"SLUT!" Artemis slaps her cheek hard with her open hand. The same cheek she'd been caressing mere moments before.

"You don't understand, Artemis! He was so bru..."

Whack! Another harsh slap. This time the other cheek. "SLUT. YOU FILTHY WHORE!"

"...please...don' mad, Artemis. I....i... couldn't stand it...i...."

Whack! "Come on whore, wake up!" The harsh male voice sounds strange coming out of Artemis' pretty mouth and then Diana comes out of the nasty nightmare to see Sergei with his hand drawn back ready to swing his palm once more against her face.

"Stop! I am awake!" Wonder Woman is lying on her back chained to the cushioned bondage table. Still naked.

"At last. You were snoring, woman. Not very lady-like of you." Sergei looks down at her slap-reddened face, checking her eyes for aggression. He sees none. Simply tired resignation and a bit of confusion.

"I was exhausted. I still am. I need to sleep more."

"I am just as exhausted as you, slut." Wonder Woman looks at Sergei's face and notices the dark circles under his cold ice-blue eyes. But there is a gloating triumph in there that fuels him deeply from within. She has no such fuel within her right now. In fact, her soul feels empty of all energy and hope. "But there are things to be done. We can sleep when we're dead. Your first customer has arrived, Wonder Whore. You must to get ready. I have your costume. Your client wishes for you to wear it for him. You will to be doing exactly as he says or I will be punishing you without mercy. Understand?"

"Yes," Diana nods her head with tight-lipped begrudging agreement.

"Good. Now I will unlock the handcuffs so you can get dressed. No tricks. This taser gun I am holding will stun you into sudden stupidity in seconds if you give me trouble." He unlocks all four cuffs and stands back with the high-voltage taser in his hand, arms crossed as he stands by and watches the naked Wonder Woman tiredly sit up, wrap her famous bustier around herself and fix the clasps behind her back, all the time looking down in cowed resignation. The nightmare had been a clear and strong reinforcement of her deep sense of shame. Reaching for the blue and white starred briefs, she realizes they are not her original panties. What she picks up from the vinyl padded surface of the bondage table are faded, well-worn blue panties with white stars that obviously come from some cheesy knock-off Wonder Woman Halloween costume. The inside of the waistband is unraveling, showing a tired, yellowed elastic band. The faded blue is not even the proper color and Diana sees the lining of the crotch is stiff and spotted with wide rings of faded yellow and pale pink stains.

"What are these?" Diana holds the panties up with the tip of her forefinger, not even wanting to hold the disgusting things.

"Those are your new costume panties you are to be wearing," Sergei says with a harsh affirmative nod.

"Where are my own? I will not wear these abominations."

Sergei circles the defiant Amazon beauty, slowly walking around the table now as he talks. "You surrendered your own panties to me when you agreed to be a whore, bitch. Recall your shame. Relive the pain of your defeat." Diana nervously turns her head to watch him as he crosses behind her. "Remember your promise to me to obey. Now put on the fucking panties!" He stands beside her now, glowering.

"But these panties have been worn many times before," she protests. "They are so unsanitary. I certainly will not pu....uunnghh!" The black taser presses to her right side, just below her ribs, against smooth red satin even as Wonder Woman's body jerks, her head snaps back and her eyes roll up under her lids. The stunned heroine flops over backward onto the bondage table and lies there with her legs hanging over one edge, her head over another and her wrists, draped beside either thigh, twitching sporadically as she drools helplessly in a dazed semi-conscious haze of misfiring neurons. "...g..g...guuuuhh...uhhhh....."

"I had thought you to be smarter, Wonder Woman." Sergei looks down at the white skim of froth lining the inside right edge of the champion's mouth as is forms a small drop and then slowly slides out of her mouth and hangs in a thin drooling line out in a swaying glimmer until it disconnects and falls to the floor. "I guess not. So, I will have to be putting your new panties on you myself. And your boots." Squatting down, Sergei pushes her dangling feet through the leg holes of the disgusting briefs that had been used by countless whores in fantasy scenarios back at the Pleasure Dome building. The cum, urine and menstrual stains make the crotch fabric stiff but Sergei manages, after lifting the stunned heroine's hips up off the table with effort, to pull the panties up enough so they fit around Wonder Woman's body and cover her crotch completely though not very tightly.

Lying in twitching helplessness on the table, trying to clear her head, Wonder Woman's shame is captured by multiple cameras. The obvious mismatch of her discolored, slack and wrinkled panties clearly displays, yet again, her defeat and disgrace. Anybody casually looking at the mighty Amazon princess will know instantly that she is not the heroine she purports to be. No one wearing these clownish, ill-fitting costume castoffs could try to pull off any kind of heroic attitude without being laughed at and denigrated with insulting catcalls and snide verbal abuse. And so, the magnificent aura of the once mighty Wonder Woman is, once more, severely diminished, her royal heritage and her noble bearing completely undermined by Sergei's simple but shrewd substitution of these loathsome, pathetically ridiculous panties. As the dazed, limp beauty drapes over the table in twitching helpless confusion, Sergei fits both feet into her bright red leather boots and zips them up, securing the shapely calves within the hugging shiny fabric.

Finally, after pocketing the taser, Sergei puts his arm around the lethargic woman's shoulders and hefts Wonder Woman up to an upright sitting position, holding her there while she collects her wits.

"Now you're not to be giving me any more trouble, Ms. Prince, will you?"

"" she mumbles, wavering in place as her eyes begin to focus. "i...won't."

"Excellent. Now stand up, slowly, there, that is good. Now walk around a bit to get your mind working again. We will wait for the call to meet your first client. You will do precisely as he asks or I will beat you to death, yes?"

Her eyes widen in alarm at this even as her senses return. Diana looks down and sees that she is wearing the hideously demeaning costume knock-off panties. She even feels the stiffness of the crotch material scratching annoyingly at her inner thigh as she walks around the bondage table and regains her equilibrium. She shakes her head glumly and nods with a mortified grunt, "Yes."

"Good," Sergei grins and gives a very sullen Wonder Woman a couple of humiliating pats on her ridiculously-clad right buttock as she passes him in her ambling shuffle around the bondage table as she tries to get her mental capabilities back.

Lex Luthor stands calmly before Tony Bonano in a very expensive dark brown suit with his socks sticking out from under his cuffs. His cordovan shoes are in a rubber bin set on the top of a nearby table.

"If you would put your arms out to the side, Mr. Luthor," Tony asks with full courtesy, "we can finish this search without unnecessary delay."

"Certainly, Mr. Bonano. I don't want to delay my appointment with your charges a moment longer than necessary." Tony pats him down thoroughly, even carefully moving his hand all around Lex Luthor's crotch to check for hidden weapons and sharp surfaces that shouldn't be there.

"Please, call me Tony."

"With your hand on my groin, how could I do less?" Luthor looks into Tony's startled eyes as they glance up from his search. There's no mirth in Luthor's eyes, just the calm appraisal of a predator.

"Well," Tony continues on in order to break the awkward silence. "That formula you sent me for deutronium-enhanced kryptonite worked like a charm, as you probably already know."

"Yes. It took me twelve years to perfect it. Your payment was negligible compared to the satisfaction I got knowing it helped you take down Supergirl and keep Superman in a helpless, weak, pathetic stupor for two days. Thank you for sending the DVD of his capture and captivity. I bought the Supergirl video myself on-line from one of your distributor's I would presume."

"If you liked the first DVD, you'll love the next one in which he gets it up the ass!" Tony finishes his pat down, having found no weapons of any kind. He straightens out and looks Luthor in the eye with a twinkle. "From two transexuals that he thought were girls. Here's the disc." Tony hands it to Lex who slides the case and DVD into his inside jacket pocket.

"Is that a fact?" Luthor shows no familiar emotion here to Tony. "How did the Man of Steel react to that?"

"He was in shock and quite uncomfortable. It's all on there." Tony says with little enthusiasm. Luthor was impossible to read on this topic.

"I will enjoy watching it on a slow news day." He is saying this just to be polite thinks Tony.

"You know, Lex, I feel like I know you from all I've heard about you over the years," Tony says, trying to find common ground with Luthor.

"Do you? How unfortunate that you should feel that way. I assure you the media's portrayal of me has been so consistently incorrect and so libelous it would be worth pursuing in the courts if I thought for a second I could get a fair hearing."

"Yeah, I guess the press is clueless most of the time, but if you know how to manipulate them, they can serve a purpose."

"Are you saying I am incapable of manipulating the press?" Luthor asks while Tony finishes up his search by walking over to the shoes in the rectangular rubber bin and searching them for hidden compartments.

"Of course not," Tony turns back quickly, startled that Luthor thought he was insulting him. "I was simply indicating that...."

"...that your little manipulation with the phony Muslim terrorist group had worked to your satisfaction. Yes, I applaud the simple effectiveness of your scheme."

How the fuck does he know about that! "Mr. Luthor, I don't know what you think you've heard but I....i...didn't...."

"Of course you did, Tony. Let's not start underestimating each other's skills sets, shall we? And yes, you may call me Lex. As I said, I applaud you. It was well done and efficient, though perhaps a bit obvious. I do hope the FBI doesn't pick up the slight mistake in the dialect your Muslim friend used for a word or two. It was a bit more American than someone who'd been raised in Afghanistan would have pronounced it, but if the man were an true American-born Muslim, he might have said the words the way he did. I'm sure it was not even noticed."

"You speak Afghani?" This is just one more aspect of Luthor's brilliance that was being revealed so remarkably here. But, naturally, the thing that unnerves Tony and Carmine more is this possible flaw in his plan. The two don's look at each other.

"As a purveyor of armaments with unique tactical capabilities," Luthor continues, "I have found the need to speak many languages well to ensure smooth transactions and less bloodshed. You should try the Rosetta Stone software. It really is quite good for basic round-the-country type phrases. A local man or woman is necessary of course to learn the subtleties of properly insinuating, for instance, that a person's behavior has been questionable but not larcenous if you want to avoid an out and out firefight with some of these moodier terrorist types, you understand."

"Of course, Lex." Tony tries not to show his concern or his excessive admiration for a man of such remarkable talents: masterful engineer, brilliant inventor, cunning tactician, conversant in multiple languages and who knows what else. Tony realizes he is out of his league here, but he's pleased to be learning powerful tips on subtle intimidation from a master. He's certainly under the man's spell. Having completed his inspection of Luthor's shoes, he hands them back to the bald genius.

"But you, Tony, have definitely escaped the full furor and dazzling exposure that the media can bring to bear." Luthor sits on a nearby chair and slips on his loafers. "So for that I envy you your freedom to move unhindered. I thank you for your kind concession to using a less conspicuous venue for this appointment."

"My pleasure, Lex.."

"Is your search complete?" Luthor asks.

"Just one more thing and we're done. Would you stand up please." Tony steps aside and Carmine wands the now standing Lex with an airport security metal detector. He moves it up, down and all around the quietly standing six-foot bald-headed man with the only reaction being the soft electronic yowl that occurs when the wand comes near Lex's watch.

"Would you remove that watch, Mr. Luthor, please," Carmine asks. "Just set it on the table there. Thank you."

"And you are?"

"Carmine Vega, Mr. Luthor." He wands Luthor again without any reaction from the detector this time.

"Ah, yes. I've heard of you, Mr. Vega. We have a mutual friend, I believe. Don Lupenzo."

"How do you know Gino? If you don't mind me asking?" Carmine looks at Luthor steadily and calmly.

"Business interactions." Luthor nods at the watch and raises his eyebrows. Carmine waves him on without concern and Luthor snaps the metal watch band in place back on his wrist.

"Is that so?" Carmine looks at the bald master criminal. He can't figure his angle yet but he sure knows there is one. But without a reason to complain, Carmine just stands there and watches and ponders the possibilities of the moment.

"That is so, Mr. Vega. I have my fingers in a great many pies in this country and in this city. It multiplies my options logarithmically. I'd say it's the essence of my success. Networking with people on the way up." Luthor turns to Tony with a friendly smile and puts his arm genially around Bonano's shoulder, "like my new friend Tony here."

"You are too kind, Mr. Luthor." Tony smiles and simply watches the interaction between Luthor and Carmine. Friction, very slight. Not dangerous yet.

"Call me Lex, please, Tony. After all, it's not everyone I sell one of my best inventions to and give away another. But then not everyone captures Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Superman in the same month! So, are you looking forward to the demonstration of the "instant aphrodisiac?"

"Most certainly, Lex. If you're ready, I will have the ladies brought down now. Carmine, we all good?"

"You bet, Tony," Carmine nods briskly.

"I'm afraid your associate does not trust me, Tony," Lex smiles thinly at Carmine.

"Lex, Carmine still sits with his back to the wall even when he sits down to Thanksgiving dinner with his mom. I wouldn't take his suspicions personally," Tony jests to lighten the mood. Although he knew this was, in fact, true about Carmine's seating arrangements. Would you like another drink before we head down to meet the girls, Lex?"

"No, I prefer to keep a sharp mind when dealing with superheroines. I recommend you do as well, Tony. They can do some very unexpected things, I assure you."

"I couldn't agree more, Lex. They're a handful." Tony motions with his outstretched arm toward the elevators and the trio starts out of the conference room toward the elevators at a leisurely pace.

"I expect that the Amazon will be even more than that, from what I've heard," Lex jokes.

"You will have the pleasure of feeling that situation up or out for yourself, Lex," Tony comes back with. He flips open his phone to notify Stevie and Sergei to bring the girls down to the storage locker in the basement now.

"Ah, yes. Very good, Tony. Indeed I will," Lex shows his teeth in a obviously phony smile as the elevator door slides shut with a soft thump and they head down to the basement.

Five minutes later, Stevie is descending in the same elevator with Supergirl, her arm hooked in his as she shakes and twitches noticeably as her need for more crack begins to build up again, although it's only been 90 minutes since her last hit. After being called by Tony, Stevie had brought a laggardly, whining Supergirl as directed from Tony's bedroom to the single elevator and jabbed the call button repeatedly with impatience. She had pressed him for crack repeatedly as soon as he got to the room and it had taken her several minutes to pull her act together: lipstick, arranging her hair and more pleading for crack. Now Stevie's annoyed because the elevator has stopped on the second floor for another passenger. It had to be somebody important enough to be carrying a by-pass key, since he had turned his own key to express mode from the upper floor where Tony's suite was located. Only five or six people at most, beside he and Tony, had by-pass keys to the elevator in this twelve story converted factory building. That included Jerry Califano, Tony's lead accountant; Carmine Vega as Tony's key mob associate, Rudy the security chief and Joey, the head of maintenance, plus one or two others Stevie couldn't recall.

As the doors slide open, Stevie sees the by-pass has been initiated by Sergei who shoves a stumbling, disoriented Wonder Woman into the elevator car ahead of him.

"Diana?" Supergirl gasps in shock at the shell of the woman before her. The Amazon warrior she'd seen less than 24 hours ago was now a dazed, beaten figure, completely cowed by a grinning Sergei. The slack faced beauty shuffles toward Supergirl with a wincing, faltering step. Her uniform panties are totally wrong, an embarrassing pair of cheap look-alike panties with an elastic waistband that was barely doing its job. The sagging panties had slipped down her hips and Wonder Woman even now has to pull them up so they don't eventually creep down to her thighs and expose her crotch for everyone to see.

"...ohh..h''re ya doin?" Wonder Woman mumbles with dazed concern for her blonde young friend.

"Me? Dear Rao, Diana, what has happened to you? Why are you wearing those atrocious panties?"

"I happened to her Supergirl!" Sergei snaps, stepping into the crowded little elevator and immediately into Supergirl's face. "I have tamed her, fucked her and put her in her place. Those panties simply confirm her subservience to me and Tony. I can get you a pair of similar shoddy, heavily soiled Supergirl costume panties for you if you ask nicely, my little davooshka."

"Careful, Sergei. I've got all my super powers at the moment. I'd hate to have to hurt you by accident."

"How quickly you have forgotten your place, Super Slut. Before this day is out, I plan to be reminding you who you serve."

"Why is Diana like this now. What have you done to her, you thug?"

"She got much too feisty, as have you, slut. So I had to be tasering her twice to keep her in line. Once at full power, this most recent time at quarter power mode. So, now she's nice and cooperative. It seems like you could use a bit of tasering yourself, Supergirl. Did you miss me, Super Cunt?" Sergei grins at the blonde hair beauty even as the raven-haired champion slumps weakly against him as she tries hard not to sway as the elevator descends to the basement.

"Sergei," Stevie says with an exasperated sigh. "Let it go for now. We have bigger fish to fry, right?" Stevie notices the canvas tote slung over Sergei's shoulder. Things were coming to a head.

"Yes, of course, Stevie. You are right. Supergirl's training can wait. Speaking of which, Supergirl, you look a little strung out and twitchy. Need another hit on the pretty little blue glass crack pipe of yours, do you?"

Supergirl lowers her head and murmurs, "I'm fine" but nobody in the small descending room is convinced. Not even a dazed and swaying Wonder Woman who looks at the chagrined blonde and shakes her head back and forth, primarily in doubt about Kara's mental and physical health and secondarily as an effort to clarify her muddled, taser-stunned thoughts.

When the elevator door opens on the basement level, Stevie and Sergei prod the two ladies and they hesitantly step forward out of the elevator. Both men take their female charges by their arms and lead them off to the left and down a long cinder block hallway painted a dirty industrial beige. Mini steel cages enclose every small light fixture on long thin poles that are spaced the entire length of the hallway. Pooled cones of light and dark draw the foursome forward as they head through the cool air of the basement toward the storage locker where Tony, Carmine, Lex Luthor and Superman are waiting.

"My goodness, Superman, what has happened to the most powerful man on earth?" Luthor gloats as he looks down at the drained and befuddled blue and red clad champion chained securely in the bondage chair before him. "Take a nasty fall from stupid arrogance to humiliated chump, did we?"

With his hands and wrists tightly cuffed to the arms and legs of the heavy, articulated bondage chair and the kryptonite control disc at his back set to 4.5, the helpless Man of Steel can only lift his head slowly and peer at his greatest foe with tired concern. "Lex? Should have would... eventually end this party."

"Well, my old pal, one of my inventions had been used to keep all those amazing super powers of yours neutralized," Luthor declares, "so, I just had to come and confirm its effectiveness in the field. Just good quality control procedures to ensure complete customer satisfaction."

"...your...invention...?" Superman frowns with anger at this.

"Yes, of course mine. I noticed in the television coverage of your unfortunate mishap in Bryant Park that my deutronium-enhanced kryptonite slime was very effective in knocking you out of the sky when used in a mini-bomb. Can you describe how weak and helpless you felt when your shorts imploded with all that slime covering your crotch? Was there a moment of shock or did you immediately black out and crash to the ground like a dead duck?"

"Slime was yours?"

"Naturally. Tony contacted me through back channels and said Supergirl had been tracking his friend Carmine as Linda Danvers and he needed to be able to dispatch her quickly and effectively. So I sold him my deutronium formula and a generous starter batch of kryptonite slime which he put to most effective use against your naive young cousin. See the videos? The regular kryptonite slime works damn quickly, as that video showed. However, when deutronium is added, well, there's just no fighting that overwhelming wave of debilitating weakness that drops you in your tracks on contact, is there? I understand you were soaking in a pool of it for two days, Superman. That must have been excruciating for you. I look forward to discussing that with you in the future."

"Kara. Is she here?" Superman looks up at Tony, ignoring Lex's long-winded gloat.

"Oh yes," Lex replies before Tony can reply. "She's coming to see you with a special friend of yours as well. Wonder Woman, whom you so gallantly tried to save from that nasty ambush and failed at so pathetically. We're all going to have ourselves a regular kegger-quality blow-out here, as we used to say back in college."

"....more....stupid...frat boy pranks.....Lex?" Superman tries to goad his adversary into a stupid mistake. But Luthor is beyond falling for such an obvious ploy.

"More degrading punishment for the famous Man of Steel certainly. And his two female friends," Lex smiles at the thought and Superman frowns. This was not good.

The sound of women in heels on hard tile slowly increases as Luthor and Superman eye each other with disdain and Tony and Carmine simply wait and watch the enemies glare at each other. Although Superman's glare has very little energy to it. Lex's, on the other hand, is a thing of hard brightness that makes Tony look away, not wanting to get in the way of the cold fire flaring in those eyes.

"Kal!" Supergirl has just rounded the corner and entered the storage locker. Upon seeing her cousin cuffed to the same bondage chair in which she had suffered many sexual indignities, she rushes toward him without thinking. Carmine sticks his leg out immediately and the unwary blonde heroine trips awkwardly and falls on her hands and knees. Tony, the remote already in his hand at the ready dials up the control disc under Supergirl's cape to 3.5 immediately.

"UUNGHH!" The mighty female champion grunts in pain as the severe dose of kryptonite stuns her and quickly drains her powers away in a wave of nausea and overpowering weakness.

"Kara!" Superman calls in alarm. Stevie turns up his remote as planned and Superman's control disc is suddenly elevated to 5.75. "Owww!....whuuuhh......uuuugghhhh......" The heavily restrained hero bucks in agony and then groans loudly as his body absorbs the deadly rush of glowing green destruction.

Diana's jaw drops in horror at the sudden punishing effects of some sort of kryptonite control devices used against her two closest friends. She takes one step forward herself toward the blonde heroine swaying weakly on all fours on the floor before her when Sergei presses the taser into her side and hits her with a quarter-power shock level.

"HUUNNGHH!" Diana's face contorts in a grimace of shock and agony before quickly slackening to a drooling senseless slow-wittedness as she slumps in Sergei's tight grasp. One of Sergei's arms firmly holds Wonder Woman around her waist, his other arm drapes over her shoulders while his hand clutches a handful of dark hair. He raises up the face of the slack-jawed Amazon. Her blue eyes are flat, dull and halfway under her lids with tasered helplessness.

"Okay, everyone. Let's just calm the fuck down now and appreciate our positions," Tony barks with sure command over the situation he had fully anticipated. "Supergirl and Wonder Woman, you two have been paid for by Lex here to be his whores for this session. Both of you have consented to perform these sexual duties when necessary so it shouldn't come as a surprise that it is now required. Correct?"

"..what..!.." Superman blurts in shock. "...that can't be true..." he groans, shaking his head trying to clear the pain of the radiation and bring his senses back.

"Oh, yes it is, Kal, old pal," Luthor smiles like an African crocodile. "So sorry but it's my understanding that your two lovely female companions here have agreed, albeit under duress, to use their bodies to please anybody Tony here tells them to in any way that client requests. And right now, that client happens to be lucky old me!"

"" Supergirl gasps out in desperation as she wavers on her hands and knees in shaky, nauseous instability. "Luthor is can't...let this...."

"Hush now, sweet Kara," Luthor says with oily slickness as he steps over to her. "You are a key part of my pleasurable little game here. Now let's get you up and in position." Grabbing Supergirl by the hair, Lex Luthor pulls her up so she's wavering on her knees before him, her face at his crotch, her palms weakly pushing against his thighs, trying to resist.

"I do believe we need a slight increase in radiation for this pretty little slut to make her just a touch more compliant, Tony," Luthor says looking down at the grimacing blonde kneeling before him, feebly trying to push away the looming form before her face.

"Don'" Superman pleads in harsh whisper through his pain.

Ignoring the shackled champion completely, Tony makes the adjustment with the remote, nudging it up to 4.1 on the dial.

"..Ow..Ow...Ohhhh...uuuuggghhhhhhh....." Supergirl's hands fall away from Luthor's side and she hangs by her hair in his grip, the backs of her hands scraping the floor, her face now slumped against Luthor's crotch, a line of her drool slowly sliding down his fly.

"Much better. Now," Luthor pulls up the cushioned mahogany armchair behind him and sits down on it as he talks, "I need Wonder Woman to come over here along with ah...Sergei, I believe your name is, correct?"

"Da," Sergei responds," slowly pulling the dazed and stumbling Diana forward towards Luthor.

"You have what I requested in that canvas tote, I presume," Luthor says as he adjusts the helplessly limp blonde teenager's face flush against his crotch, her knees bowing together slightly, her gaping mouth drooling onto the dark brown suit pants, darkening his crotch with her saliva.

"Da," the Russian answers again, guiding the wobbling Wonder Woman around chairs and legs and bodies toward Luthor. When the pair finally reach Lex, he holds out his hand and Sergei delivers the canvas tote to him.

"Excellent," Luthor beams as reaches into the canvas tote with eager anticipation. Smiling broadly, he slowly pulls out Wonder Woman's gold, glowing mystical rope and admires the shimmering coil he dangles before his evil, grinning face.

"'cal....lasso...." Wonder Woman mumbles.

"Precisely," answers the bald-headed genius. With Supergirl's face helplessly buried in his crotch, Wonder Woman swaying in tasered confusion before him and Superman impotently shackled in a bondage chair and reduced to groaning agony by toxic levels of kryptonite radiation, Lex Luthor has everyone exactly where he wants them. Wonder Woman looks dazedly at the eyes of this smiling man and it comes to her through her fog that she has seen this look before, this predatory glare of absolute confidence and reptilian will. It was in the eyes of a King Cobra in an Indian bazaar once. Just before it killed its distracted owner.

End of Chapter 31

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 31