Supergirl Captured by the Mob 14  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 14 - Randy's Big Night

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew are properties of Dr. Dominator as are ancillary characters who appear. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

Supergirl's kiss is like sweet honey filling Randy's mouth; her breath warm, her tongue a swift flighty thing that teases and satisfies in equal measure. Randy's cock expands and stiffens rapidly and his eyes drift with erotic delight. Finally, she breaks off the incredible kiss and looks down at him with a smile.

"I've been wanting to do that for the last 10 minutes!" She giggles, parroting his earlier kiss and comment about her. Then she strokes his cheek with one hand and moves her other up to his hair. Pulling his head back a bit harshly, she grins and says, "in fact, that was so good, I'll have another." She lowers her head again, her mouth slightly open, and finds his lips with hers, grazing his lower lip softly at first, then his upper lip and finally pressing both lips against his with a perfect combination of the soft desire and hard lust. Her tongue reaches for his and their mouths seal in an electric charge. Randy is lost in the rapture of this incredible girl's kiss and the scent of her incredibly powerful kryptonian pheremones. And, under the influence of the aphrodisiac and the crack, Supergirl actually has developed a sudden, deep crush on this gentle giant.

His hands, driven by primal needs, reach for her breast and ass simultaneously. Finding her softness in both places, he squeezes them greedily, pulling the girl closer as she breaks off the kiss and attacks his ear with heady determination, circling the tip of her tongue within its deepest part.

"Ahhh," He moans, palming her firm breast and feeling the nipple poking at attention through the tight blue fabric. He fondles the young heroine slowly, feeling her fullness rise and fall in his hand as she breathes deeply and sighs in his ear. His other hand is under Supergirl's skirt, sliding over the stiffened cum-stained red panties and squeezing the soft roundness of her left butt cheek hidden beneath the bright red material.

Pressing her breasts eagerly into his squeezing palm, Supergirl whispers into Randy's ear, "Mmmm... Why don't you unlock my legs, Ran, so we can enjoy ourselves without these shackles in the way!"

Captivated by her body, Randy doesn't answer. He continues to fondle the blonde beauty's ripe young bosom, sliding his hand over the outer curves of each breast in quick figure eights that pass across the red and yellow emblem with total disregard for its sanctity. He firmly squeezes their fleshy shapes, then narrows down to her nipples, squeezing each hard enough in turn through the blue fabric to draw gasps, but not tormenting them. Supergirl, intoxicated by his undivided attention to her chest, the aphrodisiac and the waning effects of the crack, simply sighs in pleasure at first. Then, his other hand goes on the move. Altering from its slow, non-stop caressing of her ass, Randy's hand slides down lower into the deep valley between her thighs. His hand works its way under the leg band near her crotch and finds its way to the young heroine's most vulnerable treasures. There, eager exploring fingers discover a warm wetness and, a little deeper, a highly aroused clitoris awaiting attention. Randy obliges with a firm rub with his thumb and forefinger.

Supergirl's body jerks in his grasp as if she'd been tazered again. Her head snaps up, her neck arches and her shoulders shake for a violent second as her body reacts helplessly to this intense stimulation.

"Whuuuhhhh.....whhooaa...hold on...wait...You're moving too fast, Randy. I...i...want this to last. We...b..both do. Don't w..we..?" The teen hero is confused. Her head is spinning with lust and the last happy feelings of her dissipating crack high. She wants his body to take hers in every way she can possibly imagine. The aphrodisiac is supplying a dozen possibilities in her mind, even as she leans over him in heavy lidded desire while he continues to ignore her, simply letting his hands play her body like an instrument. But there's something else she wants...She knows she wants to participate, not just to be taken. And something else...getting away...With him? An escape, a romantic escape somewhere possibly. Just the two of them. Escaping together to some island? Had he said anything about that? She couldn't remem...

"OHHH!" A sudden quick and firm counterclockwise circling finger on her clit draws a loud moan from the now trembling blonde. She slides her arms around his upper body and squeezes him with utter joy. And then Randy gets inventive. He slides his thumb into her vagina. Holding her tightly in his hand, his index finger works her clit and his thumb massages back and forth at the entrance to her dripping sex.

"AAHH....oohhhh, Ran....that's really....really great..." She lowers her head and goes in for another endless kiss. Supergirl is so lost in the heightened sensations from the aphrodisiac and Randy's delicious technique that her jumbled thoughts of escape evaporate in the heat of her desire. All she knows right now is the delight she feels as one hand firmly squeezes her breast and the other grips and manipulates her crotch with perfect synchronization. She breaks off the kiss, breathless and panting. She presses her face against his and, cheek to cheek with the mafia thug who's captured her mind and spirit over the past half hour, the Maid of Steel feels herself lose all control.

"....oh....yess...yessss...keep...doing it...with your fingers...and at my nipples...ohhh...don't's too good....OHHHHH...ahhh ...yess...i'm...there...Randy...yes...yes....YEESSSSSSSS!"

Her juices run freely over his now still hand as she trembles in his arms with ecstacy, frozen with pure pleasure. Randy simply holds her tight, one hand enveloping her breast, the other holding her crotch in a steady grip, relishing the feel of her trembling body in his arms. The teenage beauty clad in her tight fitting red and blue costume moans softly, a happy prisoner under Randy's dominating sexual control. Small aftershocks send quivers through the delighted, sighing blonde.


"Uh, sorry, I got carried away," he apologizes.

"...s'alrhiiighhhhttt..." she breathes. "It happens." She snuggles against him and, lying beneath her, he finally moves his arms away from her most sensitive areas and simply wraps her in his big arms and hugs her tight.

"You ready to move to the chair so we can uncramp those muscles? If they haven't already," he jests.

"Okay. And can I do another pipe?" She looks down into his eyes.

"Really?" He searches their deep blueness and sees desire there. Burning bright. And its not for him. It's for the crack!

"Oh yeah, I want to. A lot.."

She's hooked! Tony's gonna be thrilled.

"Well then, by all means. Let's do one," he says, with only a half smile. He'd done his job and, frankly, was bummed by it. Not completely surprised by it, mind you, not with everything this girl had been put through. But he was disappointed. He never actually believed deep down that the famous Supergirl that everybody thought was invincible could be so easily outsmarted, sexually victimized and reduced to being a crack addict like this. It just goes to show you that everybody's got a breaking point. Even the famous Maid of Steel. And now she was riding the demon. And very few people could handle the reins on this monster and come out alive.

Randy unwraps himself from his beautiful blonde partner, sliding out from under her. He then reaches over to the silver bag lying on the floor that he'd brought over from a drawer in the bondage table earlier. Unfastening the clip that locks the flap of the bag, he pulls out a pair of handcuffs to put on Supergirl's wrists. She's humming some tune he doesn't recognize, her hands now folded intertwined under her head as she rests her exhausted body. The orgasm had drained a lot of her energy. And yet she still feels extremely horny for some reason.

At least she does until the gut-wrenching pain hits.

"Aaghhh!" The handcuffs Randy that Randy are holding by her head have been coated in a deutronium kryptonite alloy. Supergirl has pulled her hands out from under her head and is now clutching her stomach and writhing in pain on the floor. Her ankles, still tightly shackled to the floor, prevent her from going into a full fetal position, but she is bent in half, groaning miserably. "...whut're...ya...dhooin' to mheee?" Horrified by this disastrous emotional and physical cliff she's just been pushed off, Supergirl looks at Randy with pleading blue eyes to see if there's any mercy there.

"Give me your hands. Quickly. I have to do it this way. It's the fastest way to get you in the chair and secured. I'll take them off as soon as I possibly can, promise. Then you can do another pipe. We'll get you feeling better in no time. There, both hands, that's good."

Tormented but trusting, Supergirl unclenches her arms from her stomach and slowly gives them up to her large pale friend, stretching them straight out on the floor before her. He adeptly clicks both wrists into the cuffs with practiced efficiency.


Silently, he scurries to the leg shackles and unlocks each in turn. Then he bends down over the groaning teenage heroine and slides his hands under her arms and lifts the limp blonde up off the floor. He pulls her up until she's on her knees, holding her by the waist. Her arms dangle limp at her sides even as her upper torso sways before him like a drunk sailor on the first night of shore leave.

"Can you stand up. Supergirl, look in my eyes. Can you stand up?"

"...caan'teven....stay up" she says, weeping pitifully. The cuffs and the dildo combine their deadly energies to sap the powerless girl of all her strength, courage and willpower. Why's he doing this? I thought he was different.

"Ooohhhh...." Swooning with a sudden surge of dizziness, the helpless heroine collapses against Randy's chest. The clinking chain of the glowing green handcuffs sway against his chest as her palms try to steady herself in her fall. But the dizziness is too much for even that and she starts to pitch forward face first toward the floor. Only Randy's instinctive reaction of grabbing her by the collar keeps the senseless heroine from smashing her pretty face onto the hard stone floor. Inches away from it, she is hauled back up by the collar and her hair. Supergirl's head lolls back onto her shoulders, her mouth hangs open and her bright blue irises have slid halfway up under her eyelids The resulting look is a shocking expression of bewildered stupidity.

"Oh you poor girl," Randy says, even as the cameras record yet another humiliating moment for the defenseless young champion.

Immediately Randy gathers up her wilted body, supporting her under her knees and behind her back, and carries her drooping figure over to the bondage chair. He carefully lays her body down onto the beige padded chair. Completely adjustable in infinite positions, the chair is set to a prime position, its back slightly reclined and the legs set to a 90 degree position, straight up and down. Holding her body in place with his palm held firmly against her chest so she doesn't fall out of the chair, Randy picks up a remote from a plastic holder fastened just below the chair's arm. He reclines the back a little lower with one button then raises each individual leg support higher with two other buttons. They whine into place with small but powerful electric motors. This supports the girl's limp frame better and she settles down into a relaxed position, her arms in her lap chained with glowing green handcuffs and her legs slightly raised. Her head is now slumped against her chest.

"" murmurs the devastated blonde.

"Almost there, Supergirl." Kneeling beside the chair, he grabs two thick, oversized plastic cable ties from his pocket and quickly wraps them around the ankles of the groaning heroine's bright red boots, threading each tie through the squared opening and yanking it tight.

Vvvvttttt. Vvvvttttt

The ties contract tightly against the shiny kryptovan fabric, allowing very little slack. With that done, he unlocks the cuffs and tosses them six feet away so they land right on the silver bag from which they'd come. Randy looks up at the ceiling grill where the kryptonite gas was released. He knew a camera was positioned inside it and gives a sullen nod toward it.

"...t'ank yuh..." whispers the limp teen below him. He looks down at her. Stringy blonde hair, wet with her sweat, droops in her face, her chin rests against her chest breathing laboredly. The red and yellow emblem on her chest rises and falls in a staccato rhythm that scares Randy. Can Supergirl have heart failure?

"Are you alright? You sound horrible!"

"...give me a sec...i'm...very weak....deutronium makes....radiation so much....worse..."

"I'm sorry about that, cupcake, but there wasn't any other way with the cameras watching." He takes Supergirl's flaccid right wrist and places it on the padded arm of the chair. Another cable tie from his pocket is looped around her wrist and the chair arm and pulled tight.


He does the same with the other wrist.


Supergirl is now bound securely in the chair. The thick cable ties can withstand up to 350 pounds per square inch of surface tension before material failure. With a kryptonite-filled dildo jammed into her anal cavity, there's no way the famous heroine can exert even a fraction of the strength it would take to break these ties. She's just as defenseless and incapable of escaping this bondage scenario as she was before. Steel or plastic, it didn't matter as long as there was the right amount of glowing kryptonite included in the equation. But for now, at least the agonizing handcuffs were gone. Once the planet's mightiest defender, now the sighing girl opens her eyes and lazily lifts her head.

"Can I have that crack pipe now, Ran?"

"Oh. Sure. Sorry. I'll go refill it." He rushes out of the room to retrieve more crack from Tony's private stash. In the control room his three compatriots are frowning at him as he enters. Stevie at the camera controls has his eyebrows raised and is looking askance at his fellow mob thug. Carmine has his arms folded, his legs spread in a dramatic blocking maneuver in the middle of the floor. Tony is leaning against the wall rubbing his chin.

Randy stops short. "What?" He's looking back and forth between the three men and not liking the expressions one bit.

"Getting a little chummy with the prisoner, ain't you, Randy?" sneers Carmine.

"I'm just doing what Tony told me," snaps Randy defensively. "I'm even getting more crack for her, Ton. She asked for it herself. You must 'a heard that! She's hooked, Tony. We've done what we planned. What you planned."

"I heard, Randy. I heard that, it's true. But I heard a lot of other things in there and I'm not sure I'm liking all of it. Either you're a much better actor than I gave you credit for or you're falling for that pretty blue-eyed beauty in there pretty hard. I need to know whose team you're playing for, Randolpho." Tony looks calmly at the anxious face of his large, pale associate. If anything it looks even paler than usual.

The voice that comes out of Randy is a combination of anger and fear. "I'm on your team, Tony. You gotta know that. Sure, uh, she's a great fuck and all, but, but...I'm with you on this." Hard to read. Tony stares at the man for a moment and then pats his shoulder.

"Okay, Randy. Get the crack. And make it the good stuff this time. Not the stepped on shit you gave her before. Although I have to say, Randy, that was a great idea. You got her to accept the crack willingly by suggesting a lower dose. I think she thought she might be able to get away if she weren't so out of it. Anyway, she took the pipe and that's a step I definitely wanted her to take. And now she's asking for more, so, yeah, you've done your job better than I could have hoped for. Okay, guy. Give her the good stuff and fuck her brains out. Oh, Randy, give her another small dose of the stuff from The Chemist. She looks like she wants what you're selling, but I just want to cover all the bases. "

"Sure. Okay. And thanks, Ton." Randy gets the crack from the storeroom safe and takes a bottle of dosed juice from the door in the mini-fridge, then returns to the jail cell.

Back in the control room, Tony looks at the monitor as Randy kneels beside the chair to give Supergirl a drink from the tainted juice bottle. He wipes her mouth with his sleeve and she smiles at him. Then she eagerly nods toward the pipe he's holding in his hand and he holds the crack pipe up to her lips. While he's lighting her up, Tony begins to talk to Stevie and Carmine in a soft, controlled manner.

"Gentlemen, I believe we've got a couple of issues here we have to deal with quickly. First, our pretty little coed in there seems to have developed a case of Stockholm Syndrome. Nothing that we can't handle, even use to our benefit."

"What's that, Stockholm thing?" Stevie pans a camera down to the scene of Supergirl taking another hit from the crack pipe. While handling the camera controls he shifts his eyes back to Tony every now and then.

"It's a condition when a captive under stress, usually a lot of stress like Superjugs in there has been enjoying for the last three days, begins to align her sympathies and alliances with that of her captors. A little psychological defense mechanism designed to help ensure survival. If you relate well enough to your captors, you'll know what pisses them off and won't do it anymore. You also misinterpret the sort of small kindnesses that Randy there has been showing her. Your brain is kind of substantiating the belief that the guy who's tormenting you isn't so bad 'cause he's just, I don't know, um, just calling you a whore instead of beating the shit out of you. That's about the gist of it. And, given the right circumstances, you can use those feelings of well, 'bonding' let's call it, to get the captive to do what you want. Intentionally or not, Randy was able to convince Supergirl to take that first hit of the crack pipe, just the way she's just done," he nods at the monitor, "in a way none of us could have done so quickly. I happen to think the aphrodisiac played a role in that, too. But it doesn't matter. What does matter, however is the other issue I'm worried about. I don't believe Randy is playing this girl for the patsy anymore, despite what he just said in here. I'm pretty convinced that Randy in there has a strong infatuation with Supergirl. And that could be clouding his judgement in ways that aren't good for any of us, including little Miss Sunshine. He could try helping her escape and get him, her or any of us killed in the process. I'm pulling him off the team."

"Oh, really?" Stevie is upset even as he watches the monitor as Supergirl's head flops forward, obviously heavily drugged.

"Got to, Stevie. The situation is too dangerous, too uncontrolled. You know how carefully we have to control this bitch, right? You've seen it first hand. She's capable of anything. And that threatens the entire success of this project and your considerable financial share in it, I might add."

"You know he's right, Stevie," confirms Carmine.

"Yeah, I know it. I just don't like it."

"Hey, me neither, Stevie. But for chrissake, I'm not whackin' him! He's getting his full share, I swear on my mother's grave. I'm just moving him out of town for a while. Maybe LA even. The kid's got acting talent I think. Anyway, I'm just giving him time to listen to his head instead of his dick!"

"You're right, Ton. I wasn't hasslin' you. I was just...sad."

"Forgettaboutit. Anyway, Stevie, Randy's going to get a nice send off from his pretty gal pal there that will keep him smiling for a week. One for the road. Just make sure you get in all on DVD for us. She looks like she's going to give him quite a ride!"

Pulling Carmine aside, Tony takes him to the back corner of the control room.

"Right after Randy blows his wad I want you in there fast. I don't want to give him a chance to work up any escape plan. Be nice with him, but firm. Send him back in here and I'll take it from there.

"What about her, she's gonna throw a fit when he leaves, I'll bet."

"Depends. She may be too out of it from the crack if Randy doesn't take to long to reach the finish line. If he's slow and patient, which is a fucking challenge with her going at you with all her charms, we could have a situation where she's starts fussing for loverboy. We'll have to play it by ear. Those zip ties should keep her in that chair, too, don't forget. Besides, I'm not going anywhere. I'll be working Camera # 5. I love a good closeup!"

"'faw..." The drooling champion is slowly lifting her head up off her chest for the second time in two minutes. She was too doped for the first minute than to do anything but slouch in the comfortable chair and let the rushing balloon lift her to the heavens. Now, on this second attempt, she raises her chin to look at the gentle face of the man kneeling beside her. Her blue eyes are glazed and barely focused on his. She's wearing a cockeyed smile, though as she mutters, "But zat's okay...feels...good."

"I'm glad, sweetie."



"..will you...kiss me...and me...?"

"Thought you'd never ask," he says with a smile. Positioning himself between her legs he takes the remote and presses two buttons to spread her legs a little wider to accommodate his large physique.


He chuckles, amazed at the naive, loving and fearless core of this incredible creature stretched out before him. This girl was worth 20, 40, 100 of any girl he'd ever met. He's torn apart inside by his physical need for her other-worldly beauty, his complete delight in her charm and grace under pressure and his disastrous obligation to humiliate her by taking her in such a crass and shameful manner. She clearly wants him inside her but that was the drugs and three days of abuse talking. In the real world she would be appalled at her behavior and her language. But in the real world, she wouldn't have given him the time of day. Except maybe to cart him off to jail with a lecture thrown in. She did have that superiority streak. But she wasn't so superior now, was she? No, she was weak and helpless. Didn't ultimately have the character to resist his advances, his crack or his sexual talents.

"Some Supergirl you turned out to be," he says, disassociating himself and projecting his own sense of failure onto her.


"Well, let's just see how super you are when I give you the Randolpho special." Way too stoned to capture the bitterness in his voice, Supergirl simply giggles as he roughly pulls down the collar of her famous blouse so low that her tits pop out and shimmy before him. Perfect curves of soft teenage beauty, tipped by tiny pink nipples standing at attention, Supergirl's breasts are breathtaking. Randy releases the fabric and the bunched blue material retracts quickly into soft rolls beneath her chest, lifting the two spheres with an inviting shake. Randy dives in with his mouth.

"...somebody'" she says, thrilled to have him at her breasts, even if he was being a little rough. The aphrodisiac leftover from the burger is still working its charms on the addled teen. Combined with the new hit of crack as well as the short dose from the juice bottle, the blonde heroine feels renewed energy but is hopelessly confused in her excitement at her friend's rough attentions. Thinking he cannot get enough of her, she urges him on even as his fingers now pull and twist at her nipples.

"...ohhhhh...mmmmhh....want you...inside me..." she moans. "NOW!"

Looking up, he sees the lust in her eyes and shrugs, "Whatever you say, you're highness."

Missing the subtext of his displaced anger, his despair and his lust, she teases, "...unsheathe thy sword...for thy ladies' honor...sir...Or dishonor..." She laughs brightly at this witticism just as Randy pulls aside the crotch of her panties and slides his penis deeply into her wet, slippery vagina.

"..ha..ha..ha..HOHHHH....Aaahhhhhh...." Satisfaction on so many levels. This man has a nice size penis! And he's been nice to me.

Randy begins to rotate his hips and them pump them up and down in a slow methodical fashion. With her wrists and ankles pinned to this bondage chair by extra strength cable ties, the drugged and deluded superheroine has been rendered completely defenseless against this humiliating assault. Her breasts are exposed, she's stoned to the gills with two different drugs and she's being crassly violated by a man whom she believes actually respects her. Willingly, she lifts her hips so Randy's stroking prick can delve deeper into her musky cavern while she thrills to the feel of her nipples being teased and stimulated by the pale man's harsh but effective fingers.

"Ahh....that's fantastic, Ran," she blurts in delight. Holding her body tightly against his own, Randy savors the sensations of his cock being willingly squeezed along its length by this talented teenager's pelvic muscles. Flushed with excitement, he looks down to Supergirl's semen-spotted red skirt flip up and down with each rushing thrust of his cock. The crotch of her panties has been merely pulled aside for a lustily requested quick impaling by the sex-crazed blonde heroine, Randy notices they too are thickly crusted with large white patches of dried cum. Boy, these panties are exactly the way Tony described they would be. And we haven't even set her up in his special whorehouse yet!

Feeling a touch guilty, Randy pulls up Supergirl's blouse.

"...don't stop...playing boobies, baby..." she says with a grin.

"Not me," he says," as his hands maul, caress and tease the breasts and nipples within the tight blue blouse, stretching it out as he takes his pleasure from this insatiable teen hero.

"...mmmhh.....ohhhh....good....yes...oh...grab my that...yes...i..ohh...i'm..getting there....Randy...AHH....." Pumping away at this incredible babe in his arms, her shiny uniform is now darkened and damp with her sweat while her shiny red "fuck me" boots jerk and twist in spasms of pleasure, Randy is on top of the world. She was, he had to admit, an unbelievable lay!

Picking up his rhythm, Randy gives in to his lust and the kryptonian pheremones that the mighty blonde is flooding the air with. He thrusts himself deeply into Supergirl's tight, warm pussy again and again even as his mouth tickles her nipples with quick circular passes.

Unable to move her arms or legs more than an inch in any direction, the bound champion is totally intoxicated with this complete loss of control. There was absolutely nothing she could do to protect herself, to prevent him from taking her most precious treasures, to resist his overwhelmingly powerful domination of her. Her sexual desires and her fantasies, spurred on by crack and the aphrodisiac, are being fulfilled to the utmost. Such total abdication of any responsibility was an incredible turnon! Especially in the hands of a man she trusts! She doesn't stand a chance against those odds. Her orgasm rushes at her like an animal pouncing on its prey.


Randy's brain is inundated by the pleasure. This incredible beauty's scent, the sudden seizing tightness of her inner muscles and the fact she was calling his name pushes the young man into his own powerful climax. He fills Supergirl with a thick jet of warm love, his cock pulsing and jerking within her.

"Uuughhhnnnn," the mafia hood grunts in pure satisfaction.

"...eeeeehhheeee.....aahhhh...OHHHHHH...." Flooded with love in all manner of speaking, the mighty young heroine enjoys the sensation of his sperm pulsing against her inner walls so much that she climaxes a second time. Her head is thrown back in ecstacy, her hands, bound tightly to the chair, are stretched out and shaking like fluttering doves. The blonde goddess' mouth gapes open with her tongue draped against her lower lip and her eyes squeezed shut in total delirium. The pungent scent of her juices waft around her as they dribble down the crease of her crotch.

He's just too good at this! Supergirl's eyes slowly open with a warmth and tenderness that's a by-product of all the drugs and her own powerful endorphins working overtime.

"...that....was....the best!" The blonde teen looks down at the head of young male consort as he pants heavily against her naked bosom.

"...absolutely..." He murmurs. He can't help this feeling of tenderness toward this beauty.

"It certainly looked stimulating from where I was standing," Carmine says from five feet away.

"Huh...whozzat....?" The startled Supergirl tilts her head back to see the straight-faced Carmine looking down at her with disdain " here..?

"I'm watching you hump your pal Randy like a career whore, Supergirl. I can't believe you're not already working on your back in one of our cathouses - a girl with your obvious skills and perverted needs!"

The Maid of Steel receives this verbal slap with a stunned gasp and a deep red blush . She looks at Randy who's face has come off her naked tits and looks at Carmine's with anger and a touch of embarrassment.

"Christ, Carmine, what the fuck are you doin'? Have a little decency. We're right in the middle of things here! I'll be in there in a minute!"

"From what I heard, loverboy, you're done! Pull out of this dripping skank and go see Tony now! He wants to talk to you."

"You got no right to talk to us like that, Vega!" Randy's anger rises fast, his face flushing red. With his penis buried in Supergirl's pussy, however, he's in no position right now to confront the scowling bulk of a man standing in front of him.

"Let's not lose our heads here, Randy. You're talking to a Don here, remember? A made man who's got every right to talk to a soldier like you any fuckin' way I like. You may be Tony's boy but I got the pull to make things unpleasant for you. Keep your head, remember your place and..." Carmine gives a polite nod of his head, "..please... go see Tony now."

Randy's face sheds its redness even as his prick deflates by this dressing down. He'd been shamed badly and was quickly coming back to himself now. He was jeopardizing everything he had worked for over the last five years for this lovely wonder in his arms. A girl he knew in his heart could never be his; in fact, was only his because of drugs and three days of unrelenting mental and physical torment. Who was he kidding?

"Yeah...alright, Carmine. I'm goin'" He pulls his limp dick out of Supergirl's juicy pussy and puts it back in his pants. Her inner thighs gleam in the lights with the mixture of sweat and cum smeared on them.

Below him, a flabbergasted Supergirl, ripped out of her fading drugged high of only moments ago, stares open-mouthed at the pale man rising off the floor and away from her. "But...wait....what....why....are you going...? I don't understand..."

Randy reaches down and caresses the bewildered blonde's cheek. "Hush, babe. This is just the way it's gotta be. Face it, you know we don't fit. Never really did. It was just the drugs talking.

" was more," she insists. She presses her cheek against his palm for a desperate moment, frightened of a future she can't see and needing a second of pure grace from his rough caring touch.

"Just be strong, okay? We both know you got it in you. You're Supergirl, after all."

Then he moves away, walking slowly toward the control room as Carmine looks on with stern eyes.

"Hey, Ran?"

He turns with a world of sorrow in his heart. "Jeez, what now?" he forces himself to jest.

"I'll miss you, Marshmallow man," she says softly.

"Yeah," he mutters, afraid to speak. Then he briskly walks into the control room.

"Very touching," Carmine says sarcastically. "Now, how about some crack?"

"No thank you!" Supergirl says coldly.

"You misunderstand me, Supergirl. It wasn't a suggestion. It was an order." He walks over to the chair and kneels down behind her head. "Anyway, you know you want it. Your body's already trembling 'cause you need it so much. You want to get over your little heartbreak, right? So why not take a nice hit of crack and forget your troubles?"

"You're the only trouble I've got, Car...MR. Vega,"she spits. "And, believe me, I wish I could forg...EEGKHH!"

The thin gray rope suddenly flipped around Supergirl's throat is yanked tightly against her airway. Carmine keeps it tightly in rein with both hands, his knuckles pressing against the base of her skull.

"Tony's not the only person in the world who knows how to choke a pretty girl, you stupid cow. I suggest you remember that."

"...ehhhllgkkk.....glaaacggkk....hhraauullgggg...." With her eyes bulging, and her wrists and ankles straining helplessly against the wide white plastic zip ties, the choking, gagging blonde heroine is completely defenseless against Carmine's ruthless attack.

"Now listen to me carefully, Supergirl," the broad-shouldered, dark haired Don commands to his gasping captive as he holds the choke cord tight against the struggling champion's throat. "As of now, your hero days are done! You realize it, too, blondie, because you and I both know that no real heroine pees in her panties like you did, right?"


"And no real superheroine begs and whimpers for cock like you keep doing, right?"

"....du...du....dun't..." Her bright red boots jerk and shake helplessly within the tight plastic loops holding her ankles to each chair leg.

"And no real superheroine worth a plug nickel would be caught having an orgasm when she gets fucked in the ass by the very guys who abducted her, just the way you have, right?

"...whraaagkk....leh...gohhh...preeze...." The tendons on her wrists bulge with the strain of trying to wrench free from the white loops that so effectively pin her arms to the sides of the chair.

"I'm not letting up on this choke cord til you face the facts about what and who you are, Supergirl. Anyway, you're much too weak from the glowing kryptonite dildo shoved up your pretty, young ass to even break four little simple store-bought plastic zip ties."


"Ironic, ain't it? The girl who could once bend massive steel girders like pretzels now can't even snap a little plastic zip tie and stop me from strangling her pretty little neck. You may not want to believe it, girlie, but that's a fact that even you can appreciate as your tiny little brain shuts down!"

Supergirl's eyes begin to roll up under her lids with panic and helpless confusion.

"Here's another fun fact, Supergirl. You are a whore! Plain and simple. Only a true whore would behave as crudely and lewdly as you have. And the sooner you face that fact, the better."


"Not just yet, blondie. You need to get it through that thick blonde skull of yours that you don't have a say about anything that happens to you from this point on. You're our whore. You're our property, bitch. You do what we say when we say it."

"....Aaaakkhhh.....heegkkkk....oh..oh...ukay....." Supergirl's tongue flops out of her mouth and drapes over her teeth as black dots begin to collect in her vision.

Carmine shifts his hands, keeping a relentless grip on the two ends of the impossibly tight rope with one hand as his other hand slides over the wheezing blonde's right shoulder, passes under the collar of her blouse and slowly encompasses her left breast.

"....eeeeggkkk..." The hovering black dots before her eyes are beginning to dance in greater numbers, circling at the edges of her vision. Her body helplessly bucks and jerks as Carmine roughly mauls and fondles her wobbling round breast with a broad smile.

"And when I say property, you pathetic, skanky sloppy seconds bitch, I mean just that - touchable, pliable and without any will of its own. Got me?"

Slumping from a critical lack of oxygen in the chair, her eyes staring at the ceiling in utter horror, Supergirl rasps out her barely audible answer"....huuurghkk....iillgghhh...yeh.... yezzz..."

"Good," Carmine says, finally releasing the cord. "Then we'll have no more bullshit about resistance, will we?"

The wheezing, coughing blonde cannot speak for a moment as she takes huge wheezing gasps of air to fill her starving lungs. She coughs and rasps for several moments in horrible rasping pain as her throat screeches with relief that she thought would never come. Finally, the rasping blonde painfully whispers "'sist...ance...." Her long, pretty throat as a bright red horizontal line across it.

"Alright, then. I'll get you some water to soothe your throat and you'll do that pipe like a good girl."

As he leaves the room for water, Supergirl burst into tears, gasping and wheezing for air and shattered by yet another near death experience from strangulation. Oh Randy, you bastard, you overwhelmed me with sex! You never gave me the chance to escape!

In the control room, Carmine reaches into the mini-fridge for a bottle of pure spring water as a somber Randy is shaking Tony's hand goodbye. " understand, really I do, Tony. And I thank you for the share in this and the opportunity you're giving me in LA. I won't let you down."

"Randolpho, if you do half as good a job out there as you did in here tonight, you'll go far. I'm going to set you up at a hotel called the Raffles L'Ermitage for the next couple of weeks. It's supposed to be the best; five star all the way. You've earned it, not just for tonight but for everything you've done over the past five years! You'll meet with Sal Vincentamino and he'll help you find local digs, acting lessons, whatever you need."

Tony then looks the pale hood straight in the eyes, earnestly advising him, "And Randy, try to relax about all this. She's a hero, she's young, she'll survive. It's just a year out of her life, then we let her go before the rest of the hero's have time to snoop out where she is. I figure I can keep her on the move at least that long, keep one step ahead of the over-muscled pricks and cunts who will try to rescue her. If you need anything, call me. I'll do anything I can to help." Tony then turns and talks to Carmine for a minute.

"Randy," Stevie says, getting up from the control board after he zooms out from the face of the crying blonde teenager in the other room, "I want to be just like you when I grow up!" He grabs Randy and hugs him as the big man scoffs.

"Yeah, well. You know how it is. She's so high she doesn't know what she's doing. She makes it easy," His smile is very low wattage. Stevie looks at him and shakes his head.

"Don't fixate on it, bro. Let it go and move on. And send me a postcard when you're in the movies and famous and shit!"

"I'll do that, Stevie. See ya, Carmine. Don't kill the golden goose, Carm! She's worth her weight in gold." And without waiting for the big man's reply, Randy leaves out the back door of the control room and disappears into the dark night and his bright future.

"You don't think you might have been a little rough in there with Randy, eh Carmine? The situation could have gotten a little dicey, you know."

"Ton, the tough talk was more for the cunt's benefit, really. I was putting her in her place just the way you said you wanted. What's more, I was shutting things down fast and distracting them from anything they might have been planning. It worked out. And I did say, 'please' didn't I?" Carmine winks at his fellow mob boss.

"Yeah. You're right. I shouldn't have criticized. Everything's going fine," Tony pats Carmine on the shoulder. "Now get back in there and get that bitch hooked. I said I wanted her addicted by morning and I meant it."

"My pleasure, Tony!" Carmine grins and takes the blue glass crack pipe out of his pocket and checks that the little white crystal is settled within the deeply smudged end of the demon machine.

The Maid of Steel takes five hits from the crack pipe over the next four hours. Every one is done with timid acceptance under Carmine's watchful face. He holds the pipe for her and she willingly sucks in the potent drug, getting more and more proficient at holding in the smoke without coughing. Her face is filled with grim determination at first, then, when the rushing euphoria hits, she merely slumps sideways a bit in the bondage chair and hums softly to herself. Carmine feeds her junk food burgers and even a taco. She drops bright red ground beef covered in hot sauce on the insignia on her chest and doesn't think twice about it.

There's also the five forced orgasms. Still carefully forging the link between crack and her deepest sexual needs, Tony has insisted that the blonde champion be heavily stimulated until she cums, preferably right while she's near the peak of her crack high. Massive Marvin makes a second appearance and the blonde teen cannot help but shriek with delight at the unrelenting sensations the huge dildo generates. Her panties are sticky from her uncontrollable pleasure.

At another point, special vibrating metal nipple cushions attached to her chest create so much erotic tension and release that the mighty heroine almost separates a shoulder trying to pull out of the plastic ties that bind her so securely to the chair.

On two other occasions Carmine's prick dodges in and out of the heavily lubricated snatch of the heavily doped blonde slumped helplessly in the bondage chair, her eyes rolling in her head as her brain is flushed with sexual bliss. The KY bottle is nearly empty from the malevolent attentions the famous teenager heroine is receiving throughout the endless night..

The final time has the drug-addled teen being stimulated by the motorized conical rubber butt plug, a pheromone infused cherry flavored candy cock and a special vibrating pussy-gripping rubber butterfly. The beautiful blonde girl is so overwhelmed by her crack-fogged orgasm that she's left drooling and panting like a toy poodle, her tongue hanging out and her eyes rolling up in her head. The continuous 30-second orgasm leaves the helpless champion a bleary, nodding wreck. Moments later she passes out entirely from a brutally effective four hour "training session" that has finally sealed her fate.

Supergirl had taken enough hits of top-grade crack over the past couple of days to hook an entire team of steroid-filled body builders. There was no way that even Supergirl can resist a crack habit this deeply ingrained. At this point, the young blonde superhero would do any and everything she had to for another hit of the old crack pipe. Just the way Tony had planned it all along.

At four in the morning, Carmine's shift is over and he goes into the control room to find Tony labeling DVD disks from the sessions just held and some previous ones over the previous three days. These disks are easily worth millions of dollars. He's been making back-ups all the time Carmine was working with the blonde beauty in the cell next door. Stevie is taking a break from his cameraman responsibilities and gone out to an all-night diner for coffee and a cannoli.

"Nice job, Carmine. I enjoy watching a man who likes his work."

"God, Tony. I can understand why Randy got so worked up about this bitch. She's got a tight pussy, a great ass, world class tits and a face you can bring home to your mom. Although I'd much rather be stickin' my cock in it!"

"Careful there, Carmine. I'm not sure I can afford to send you to L'Ermitage, too!"

"Fuck off, Bonano. You know I like the Bel Air!"

"Boor." Tony grins.

"Snotty upperclass wonk!" Carmine says watching the sleeping girl on the monitor. "She's hooked solid, Ton." He says, getting serious. "The last two times, when I held off giving her the crack for just a few extra minutes, she was getting edgy already. I'd say we're done.

"Almost. I have a little extra final maneuver that will help me control the entire plan for the next year.

"Really? What else is there to do?"

"At seven o'clock or so, our young superheroine will be meeting her pimp."

"I thought you were doing that part."

"I decided I needed somebody with a strong hand to manage our investment while I concentrated on the bigger picture or had to be away on business. He's worth the extra money. It'll come out of the DVD sales and her whoring work."

"Sounds okay as long as my share don't suffer."

"There's plenty to go around, Carmine. Don't worry about that."

"Who'd ya get?"

"Sergei Zhukovia"

"You're shitting me!"

"I shit you not."

"Fuck! 'The Mad Bear' as her pimp? That's genius, Bonano! When did you think of this?"

"I was mulling it around. Then Randy went AWOL emotionally and I figured 'Why not,' so I made the call. There are some details to work out, but I'm pretty sure they're minor. I'd say he'll come on board. It's right up his alley and right to his taste!"

"Fuck!" Carmine shakes his head in wonder. "The Mad Bear, that crazy Russian. Well, the bitch is toast."

"Pretty much." Tony says, marking up another DVD.

End of Chapter 13

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