Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 34 - That's One Hell Of A Party Favor

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

"Tony," Lex Luthor says with a smile, "would you please be a sport and provide those items I had arranged with you to be put aside in case I felt they were necessary? I believe I'd like to put them to use now."

"Of course, Lex." Tony walks directly over to a black plastics storage container shoved into the corner of the locker. Bending down he lifts off the wide plastic lid and reaches in with both hands, gathering up a variety of items in his arms. Straightening up, he turns around with several sex toys cradled in his arms and strides rapidly over to Lex. A dazed and weakened Supergirl is draped over the seated bald genius, her eyes half open, her arms limp against his sides. Lex's prick is slowly softening within her but she is squeezing the deflating penis with her inner muscles even as it withdraws from her. Supergirl's legs dangle over Luthor's, her boot tips just grazing the floor, her bright red cape draped off to the side hanging down off her neck like a shiny red towel. She and Lex had thoroughly screwed each other's brains out. Her under the influence of his powerful drug-filled Nympho Patch. Him under the influence of a malevolent genius for mayhem and an insatiable desire to use and humiliate meta-humans.

"Excellent," beams Luthor, reaching up. "I'll take that battery-operated dildo, the green one, yes, and that red candy dildo. The pink dildo and the blue candy one you can give to our friend Sergei to use on the lovely Amazon princess over there." Tony nods, standing there now with the remaining dildos, one in each hand.

Supergirl turns her head dreamily and then her eyes go wide. She licks her lips with anticipation as she sees Lex take the two large sex toys from Tony. The Nympho-Patch is still juicing her system with a regulated dose of the aphrodisiac that she has no strength to resist. With the steady low level of kryptonite radiation maintaining her in a powerless state of weary low-grade pain as well as a dazed lightheadedness from her recent orgasm, the mighty Maid of Steel is completely defenseless against Lex's plans for her total sexual domination. She does feel a mild rush of energy from her lustful need to have these big fat dildos filling her orifices and she makes that feeling known right away.

"Ohh, Lexxie," Supergirl murmurs softly, the drugs converting all her heroic qualities to lust-filled, bubble-headed desire, "are those for me?" Her eyes, locking onto the toys, are bright with hope.

"Absolutely, my dear. Only the best for you so you can reach new heights of sexual bliss under my caring, loving touch. Oh, Tony," Luthor stops the young Don in mid-turn even as Sergei approaches him to take the sex toys over to Wonder Woman. Turning back to Luthor, Tony's eyebrows rise in question. Luthor rests the green dildo on the floor and puts the candy dildo in his pocket. And then he withdraws a second Nympho-Patch from the same pocket and hands it over to Tony. "Give that to Sergei, too. There's no reason, Wonder Woman shouldn't enjoy herself just as much as my young blonde friend here. I realize she's feeling Supergirl's emotions through the magic lasso but there's nothing like truly feeling the effects of my wonderful new drug directly to make a woman go weak in the knees. And slutty in the head! Am I right over there, Princess?"

"You'll pay for this Luthor," grunts Diana who is getting a bit of her energy back after her powerful orgasm with Superman. Even now she is trying to separate herself from the silent, mortified champion in blue as she lifts her body away from his. She slowly backs off from Superman's sweaty chained body, pulling herself off of his half-erect penis. She sits back on her calves, her knees spread, her pussy gleaming wetly with his semen and her own cum as it seeps out between her thighs. Superman looks up at her with a confused mix of chagrin and concern. With his penis bobbing and deflating between his thighs, he has nothing to say. She immediately looks away with flustered, scarlet shame spreading over her beautiful face and the top of her breasts.

Diana already feels Kara's blossoming need within her and is nearly panicked about the possible effects of the patch when it's applied directly to her own skin. She couldn't resist its effects through the lasso before. What in Hera's name would she do with its heinous poisoned lust directly flowing through her veins? And on top of Kara's own reactions, how in Zeus' name would she behave? I am in Hades' realm now. That is for sure!

"Oh, my dear, Wonder Woman," Luthor responds to her raspy pledge, "I have paid. Millions of dollars to be precise. Just so we could spend this lovely time together with lovely Kara here." He picks the green dildo off the floor and slowly rubs the smooth rounded tip up and down in the crease of her bright red costume skirt, smoothing it along the silky covered crack of her ass, pushing the tip firmly into the crease right above where her anus is, then deeper around to the soft nether regions where her womanhood lies barely protected by the soft, glistening red fabric. He presses the tip harder against Supergirl's bright red skirt, eliciting a gasp from both Kara and Diana.

"By the way," Luthor mocks, "I do hope you and Super Stud over there aren't feeling awkward about your sweaty, grunting, slippery, cum-blasted fuckfest. I could barely hear myself think with the groaning, gasping, heaving sounds of skin slapping against skin over there. You two certainly seemed to enjoy humping like first-time, randy, pimple-faced teenagers. Did that rigid steel tool of Superman's stretch your pretty Amazon snatch to your satisfaction, Diana? It sure sounded like it did from over here."

"For Rao's sake, Luthor. Have some...common...decency," the mortified Man of Steel calls out loudly.

"Suck it up, you pathetic chump," snarls Luthor. "The lady's not complaining much. She has more balls than you do! Anyway, we're about to enjoy each other's company again. Let's get started shall we? Sergei, you can slap that patch on Wonder Woman's big bad boobies any time you like, and please insert the dildos exactly when I do with Supergirl. I want their two bodies coordinated in blinding, overheated lust."

"Yessir" Sergei had taken the sex toys from Tony and now stands behind Wonder Woman with an eager glint in his eye, ready to respond to Luthor's direction immediately. He strokes the black, lustrous hair with his palm and Diana flinches like a nervous filly.

"Poor little Amazon," Sergei mocks, "forced to enjoy all the powerful, erotic sensations that are to be pouring through her. Her body not her own. Her brain on fire for a man's cock. Such a horrible torment for a woman claiming to be so superior to men, nyet? To have her own pussy dripping with a man's seed despite herself and to find herself wanting to be violated so much, so often, so completely."

Diana's head shakes slowly back and forth in denial but Sergei's words bite deep, especially with the heady sensations that Kara is now exuding through the lasso. Luthor's work with the dildo, now moving under her skirt, lightly grazes the lips of her pink labia. With no panties in the way, the Maid of Steel's pussy is an easy target. The roaming dildo excites the young Kryptonian's desires to a sudden fever pitch that breaks Wonder Woman into a light perspiring flush in response.

"...uhhh...." Diana moans softly as Luthor reaches his arm all the way behind Supergirl's back and presses the tip of the dildo into Supergirl's moist vagina, teasing it around the outer ring of the sensitive tissue of her all too eager channel of love. Lying over Lex in a trembling, sighing stupor, the Maid of Steel's eyes stare out in half-lidded doped bliss, her mouth slack, her tongue hanging over her bottom teeth in an expression of quivering, befuddled delight.

"Ohhhh....feels....gooood...." she whispers breathily, slowly beginning to grind her body against Lex, swiveling her hips to magnify the sensation of the dildo.

"I'm sure, my dear. Now stand up, please, for a moment and turn around. I want you to put your cute little rear end on my lap. Wonder Woman, stand up and do the same. I want your big naked ass nestling Superman's limp dick so you can get him excited again. After she sits down, Sergei, you can slap that patch on either one of her tits. Your choice."

Supergirl stands up willingly, although slowly and unsteadily from the steady, weakening radiation from the kryptonite control disc in her cape. She pushes the cape aside and dizzily squats down, lowering her naked ass onto Luthor's lap. The cleft of her warm cheeks surrounds his now flaccid penis. Squirming her butt against the soft, unresisting lump, Supergirl frowns in disappointment. She is ready for more thrusting and Lexxie is soft! She gives off a disgruntled "hmmmf"

"Not to worry, Supergirl. You'll have more cock in just a couple of minutes. I'm not that young a man, you know. But what I lack in rapid recovery I more than make up for in ingenuity. We'll pass the time with a little oral, vaginal and clitoral stimulation while we're waiting, sugar. But first, let's let your girlfriend over there catch up with us, okay?"

"Yes, Lexxie," the heavily-doped heroine replies quietly.

"Good. You can apply the patch now, Sergei," Luthor commands.

"Da, Mr. Luthor." Reaching down to Wonder Woman, who has turned around like Supergirl and is now sitting in Superman's lap, Sergei looks deep into the dark, stormy blue eyes of the Champion of All Women. Seeing the fighting spirit in them, Sergei pulls out the tazer and waves it in Wonder Woman's face.

"Any trouble, bitch, and you're back to drooling and shaking like a Parkinson's patient!" Still looking steadily into her frowning face, Sergei reaches over with his right hand and pulls on the fabric eagle of her bustier. With his left hand holding the tazer against her neck, Sergei pulls down on the golden fabric with deliberate delight, slowly revealing the wide, soft swell of Wonder Woman's breast. Pulling steadily, he reveals more and more of her breast as she helplessly sits on Superman's naked soft penis and is humiliated beyond belief. Finally the nipple is revealed and Sergei pulls the fabric down all the way with a final harsh tug. The soft pale skin of Wonder Woman's breast is completely exposed, the weighty teat bobbing gently from the hard yank of the fabric.

"Once again, your tit is on display for all the men in this room to admire and memorize, slut. And I am thinking it is just perfect. A perfect nipple to be tickled, rubbed and squeezed..." Sergei's fingertips reach down and caress the pale brown nipple lightly at first and then more roughly until finally he compresses the nipple between his white, straining fingertips until the Amazon warrior squeaks in pain. "...a perfect size to be fondled and mauled..." Sergei's palm opens and holds the fleshy, soft orb now and his large hand roams over its surface smoothly as he plays with the ample bosom, lifting it, mauling it and squeezing it tightly until, once again, Wonder Woman lets out a pained squeak. "...and a perfect place to be wearing Mr. Luthor's new Nympho-Patch."

Quickly peeling off the backing, Sergei slaps the adhesive side of the round patch onto the wide expanse of Wonder Woman's left breast. The lower edge of the patch just brushes against the top edge of the Amazon's exposed nipple, irritating it slightly. With the sensation of the dildo caressing Supergirl's vaginal wall to deal with as well as Sergei's manipulation of her breast, the warrior princess is feeling a confusing storm of pleasure and pain in her mind. She sways forward slightly, dazed by the influx of sensations, wavering in confusion. Sergei smiles at the nodding, groggy beauty and then quickly pulls up on the folds of the golden fabric eagle, covering up the patch with the famous costume and smiling smarmily down at the distracted beauty. He pats her breast lightly and withdraws a few steps, waiting for the powerful aphrodisiac to work its magic on the mighty heroine. He's anxious to see how Wonder Woman responds. Even she won't be able to handle this much stimulation, he thinks. Not with the lasso and the patch. This slut would be howling at the moon and riding Superman's dick like a cat in heat, he suspected.

"Thank you, Sergei. I believe you should now insert the pink dildo into Wonder Woman's snatch as well. She'll be desperately wanting it there in less than a minute anyway, right, Diana?"

"Screw you, Luthor!" Diana blurts out the curse in soft-voiced frustration.

"No, screw you, Wonder Woman. Just the way I planned it." With a grinning, superior smile Lex Luthor thrusts the dildo deeply into Supergirl's vagina.

"HUUNGHH!" The beautiful, horny Maid of Steel gasps in delight at this wonderful invasion beneath her skirt, her eyes rolling up under her lids momentarily as the aphrodisiac heightens the sensation of this delightful, drilling rod. And then Luthor turns on the small switch on the bottom of the dildo and the buzzing vibrations take the superheroine's breath away. "Whuhh....ohhh....yess....that's....just....great..." she pants greedily, her hips jerking with delight as the penetrating rod buzzes heavily within her tight pussy.

Diana jerks in sudden pleasure, too, her body thrilled with the sudden impalement of Kara by Luthor's dildo. As the blonde beauty savors the sensation of the smooth green plastic dildo humming deep within her loins, the Princess of Themyscira feels the erotic surge from the helpless Maid of Steel like a huge rock thrown into a pond. Circled waves of joy rush out from within her in all directions, emanating from the golden lasso stretched across the eight feet from Supergirl.

"Ohhh!" Wonder Woman moans softly trying not to enjoy the ripples passing through her body. Trying to be heroic in her resolve to fight the sensations flowing through her mind. And then, without warning, the delightful ripples grow in size into wild, huge waves like a crashing storm lashing a rocky coast. As Supergirl's pussy is stimulated by the buzzing vibrator shoved deep inside her, Diana's head is rocked back by the rushing, thrilling amplified sensation generated by the patch plastered to her tit. It multiplies the sensation of the dildo in Supergirl's snatch by some unknown multiple and she shouts out a throaty "OHH! HERA...YES!"

"Oh, Diana, what have they done to you now?" Superman bemoans his friend's helpless, lusty frenzy even as she squirms against his limp prick in unconscious hope for an erection to rub against. Sergei, under Luthor's direction, has what she craves however and he steps forward with a lecherous smile, enjoying the sight of the famous Wonder Woman succumbing helplessly to this powerful erotic stimulation. He is only too happy to provide more grist for the mill, so to speak. Leaning over, he swiftly grasps Wonder Woman's ankle and lifts it high in the air even as he squats before her. There is no need for threats now, no tazers brandished either. He simply angles her leg off to the side with one hand and puts the pink dildo into the damp opening of her pussy with his other hand and pushes the pink tool hard into Wonder Woman's vagina.

"GHHUUHH!" Diana grunts, her hips jerking with a spasm of pleasure as Sergei thrusts the long tool as deep as he can into the yearning, wet crevice of the Amazon slut. "OHHHH!"

Inundated by the sensations of the buzzing vibrator between Kara's thighs and the hard, slick plastic rod filling her own vagina, Wonder Woman is overwhelmed with pleasure. She bucks and moans in slobbering delirium. " me....OHHHH....HUUHH...Too.. much...stop....ohhhhhhhhhh.....huuhhhh....whooooaaaahhhh.....!"

"Didn't I tell you I was going to screw you, Wonder Woman," Luthor crows in laughing delight at the sound of Wonder Woman grunting, moaning and gasping from across the room. "And that's even before that dildo is turned on. Go ahead, Sergei, make her day!"

Sergei turns on the vibrating pink dildo and now begins to slowly push and pull on it so it thrusts in and out of Diana's pussy with patient, continuous strokes that fill the Amazon's head with waves of pleasure that sweep away all her reason. She rocks her hips in time with the thrusts, slavishly tuned to the rhythms of Sergei's slow and steady stimulation. Superman's penis begins to grow larger with the sliding, sweaty crotch of the beautiful woman resting against it. His groans however can barely be heard over Wonder Woman's louder grunts and moans from Sergei's work with the buzzing vibrating pink rod of joy. On top of that, Lex's work with Kara's bedeviled snatch doubles Wonder Woman's pleasure and she shakes her head violently back and forth in gasping, pleading denial, her raven hair showering sweat in all directions.

"What's the matter, Wonder Woman," Sergei taunts, "can't handle a little stimulation?"


"Perhaps now would be a good time to plug Wonder Woman's mouth with that candy dildo to shut her up and increase her pleasure at the same time," Luthor says, pulling out the red candy dildo from his pocket and holding it aloft, waiting for Sergei to get his blue candy sex toy ready. "Want something tasty, my little Kara?"

"Lexxie....i..i..I'm a little dizzy...right now...." Supergirl mumbles.

"I know, but it'll pass. I think. But if it doesn't, so what. Open wide!" Supergirl starts to protest again but the moment she opens her mouth to speak, Lex forces the red candy rod into her mouth until half of it disappears down Supergirl's throat.

"Waauulkkh!" she gags, her eyes bulging momentarily. After only a few seconds however, she breathes deeply through her nose and fights the instinctive gag reflex. Lex slowly rubs the candy cock around on Supergirl's tongue, giving her a chance to savor the sweet cherry flavor as it seeps through her mouth. He rolls it in her mouth with a twist of his fingers back and forth. "Mmmmmmm." The blonde beauty murmurs with complete satisfaction from this tasty treat that accompanies the relentless vibrations in her damp pussy. Slowly Lex pulls the candy prick out of Supergirl's mouth and then slowly pushes it back in. The Maid of Steel's eyes drift lazily as she luxuriates in the oral stimulation of the sweet fat cock filling her mouth. The liquified candy in her mouth dribbles like blood from both sides of her mouth but Supergirl is too buzzed with pleasure to notice or care.

Wonder Woman is not so accomplished at handling anything this big in her mouth. Sergei has left the dildo in between her thighs buzzing away steadily and has shoved the blue candy dildo deep into Diana's mouth so that it touches the back of her tongue. She gags heavily, choking and fighting to breathe. Her hands come up quickly and grab Sergei's wrists, trying to pry them away, to force them to withdraw the long blue rod stealing her very breath. Without her power belt and with the dildo buzzing away deep inside her vagina, Wonder Woman is too weak and disoriented to fight back effectively. Sergei has one hand behind her head and the other on the blue candy dildo trying to keep it in her mouth, Wonder Woman is getting extremely lightheaded from all the sensations. Even as she fights and squirms for air, she feels Superman's cock growing hugely beneath her, pressing hard within her ass crack, filling its length with his manly heat.

Now he's hard? I'm fighting to breathe and now the bastard's ready to go? Every man on Earth and every man even beyond Earth is a damn prick! Every single male of the species. I loathe them all! Them and all their rock hard penises!

"Let up on the poor girl, Sergei," Luthor shouts. "I don't want her choked to death. Ease up, man! EASE THE FUCK UP!"

Sergei yanks the candy dildo out of Wonder Woman's mouth in fear. This is the first time Luthor had shown anger and the Russian is deeply frightened he'd gone too far in his eagerness to dominate the Amazon. He had definite issues here. And he had to control them. Maybe Tony should be controlling the bitch. I am too involved, too emotional.

Wonder Woman gags and wheezes and leans forward with her head bowed low between her now widely-splayed thighs. After about half a minute, she regains her breath and her wheezing slows down to simple fast panting, her breasts rising and falling rapidly within her red bustier. Luthor has shut off the vibrating dildo and withdrawn the cherry-flavored dildo from Supergirl's mouth to stop all stimulation through the lasso so that Wonder Woman can compose herself. The vibrator in Wonder Woman's pussy is still humming away but with the stimulation levels from the lasso reduced to simply Supergirl's steady pulsing horniness, Diana can control her libido for now.

"Oh, Lexxie, it was just getting good," she says to Luthor, pouting sulkily.

"By Zeus's beard, Kara, I almost choked to death over here!" Wonder Woman's raspy voice crackles like heat lightning in the room, ionizing it with her anger. "And all you care about is getting your cunt and pie-hole filled!"

Supergirl's eyes go wide in shock, she is stunned back to reality for the moment by Diana's brutal comment. She blushes a deep red and skews her head around to look at her friend.

"Diana....I'm so in..."

"Yeah, yeah. You girls will have to kiss and make up later, I've got a schedule to keep," Luthor barks and shoves the dildo back in Supergirl's open mouth. "And Sergei, not so fucking deep, okay?"

"DA! Mr. Luthor. Da." Carefully now, Sergei pinches Wonder Woman's jaw with enough force at the pressure point to cause her to open her mouth. "Open wide like a good little girl, Wonder Woman," jeers Sergei, "Your man has a tasty blueberry cock for you to suck on."

"...huck...on...'" Wonder Woman says through her pained, gaping mouth as she grabs his wrists again and suddenly tries to jam Sergei in the nuts with a quick jerk of her knee. Addled by the throbbing dildo deep within her vagina as well as Kara's sudden rush of excitement as Luthor flips the switch on the vibrating green dildo, Diana misses Sergei's crotch by just a couple of inches. Reacting angrily, Sergei pushes her face back hard and Wonder Woman back is pressed roughly against Superman's body, his penis jammed tightly into her ass crack. He pushes the candy cock into Wonder Woman's mouth and withdraws his hand quickly breaking the grasp she has on his wrist. Whipping out the tazer, Sergei dials the control down and presses the unit up under Wonder Woman's breast and shocks her with a one-eighth power jolt.

"Ghuunhhh!" The mighty Amazon warrior's necks snaps back knocking into Superman's jaw and dazing him slightly. Her own eyes lose all their focus and her body jerks and shakes for three seconds before going completely slack against the stunned Man of Steel. Her body is draped over Superman's form, her legs sprawled out in opposite directions and her listless mouth filled with a dangling blue candy cock.

Tony Bonano watches his security chief carefully. The heroine had been an escape threat, albeit slight. So he isn't particularly upset at how Sergei had reacted. Tony just hoped Luthor wouldn't have a problem with it. He continued to watch both Sergei and Luthor. Neither one seems overly concerned.

"Can't say I didn't warn you, bitch!" Sergei snarls and then realizes that Wonder Woman is panting heavily as she lies in helpless disarray on top of a groaning Superman. With her brain stunned by the tazer shock, all Wonder Woman can process at the moment are the sensual feelings of Kara's erotic bliss from Luthor's steady hand pumping the dildo in and out of her pussy, Diana's own thrill from the vibrating dildo in her snatch and the sweet sensation of her mouth half-filled with a satisfying wide candy shaft.

"Whhhuuuhhhh......oohhhhhh.......nnuhhhhhhh....." The Amazon princess moans through the delicious candy cock. She is dazed and bewildered by the rushing river of sexual bliss that floods into her brain now. All the anger, all the fight, all her resistance has drained out of her, replaced by a gigantic yawning need for satisfaction in every single orifice. The tazer has obliterated her defiance and in the vacuum of her mind rushes the drug-based lust of Lex Luthor's Nympho Patch. Sergei sees the lusty look in Wonder Woman's eyes and takes hold of the dildo buzzing away between her thighs. He pushes and pulls on the pink device rapidly thrusting it in and out of the now damp cavern of love as Wonder Woman moans with delight. She actually takes hold of the candy dildo and rolls it around in her mouth by herself, enjoying the taste, the width and the depth of the candy shaft now that she is controlling it. "Mmmmm!"

Lex in the meantime has the green dildo buried deep within Kara's vagina and his fingers are playing with her clit, rolling it softly and bringing it to a hard nub. "Ohhh....Lex...ohhhh..." Supergirl is panting with wanton desire now and Lex's cock shows definite signs of life as she squirms and rubs against him. The warmth of her ass spread over his dick hardens him more and more now even as his fingers bring a wet flush of even more lubrication to her warm hole. Rubbing his hand in the damp pussy, Luthor moves it around and strokes his slick hand against the blonde champion's anus. To further moisten it, he spits in his hand and applies that to Kara's balloon knot. She quivers in his lap, moaning with delight as she savors all the sensations of the humming dildo, the fat candy cock, and the sensitized thrill of her anal cavity being probed by Luthor's wet finger.

"Ohhh....phuut yoar cock in my wheer end, Wexxie. Phuut it in now," Supergirl begs through the candy dildo.

"You read my mind, little lady." Lex Luthor lifts up Supergirl's hips, centers his engorged penis on her anus and pushes himself slowly and deeply into the sex-crazed superheroine's ass with a huge smile on his face. The tightness is not too bad at all since the famous teen champion from Krypton is so high on the Nympho Patch that she is more than eager to be butt fucked by her enemy. Lex removes the candy dildo momentarily.

"How does that feel, Supergirl?"

"'re so nice...and so big," Kara moans in unashamed delight.

"So it is true after all," Luthor gloats. "The famous Supergirl actually does like taking it up the ass." Luthor starts to slowly rotate his hips and then to gently thrust his penis deep into Supergirl's ass.

" it...faster...."

Lex picks up the pace, replaces the candy dildo and, leaving no stone unturned, reaches around to Supergirl's breasts to fondle them as he fucks her rear with a now steadily increasing tempo. She grinds her body against his lap as his hands stretch, maul and squeeze the ample breasts beneath the famous logo on her chest.

Wonder Woman is a lost soul. Like Luthor, Sergei is also fondling her tits, rubbing and mauling them through her bustier. With his other hand, he pulls and pushes the vibrating dildo inside Wonder Woman's clamping pussy. And like Supergirl, Wonder Woman now has a huge cock in her ass!

Just before, Sergei had helped lift the delirious Amazon's ass when she reached back and held Superman's huge cock aloft. Lowering herself down with an eager smile, she impaled her own well-lubricated anus on his manly shaft. Now Wonder Woman was energetically bobbing her body up and down, riding Superman's generous dick in her ass with a loopy expression of unbridled lust on her face. She eagerly sucks on the blueberry cock and actually howls with delight through the wide candy cock, not just from her own sexual bliss but from the large rushing flow moving from Kara through the magic lasso. The Nympho Patch has totally obliterated Wonder Woman's sense of right and wrong for now. All she needed, all she cared about, all she was focused on was her own satisfaction. And it was building to a incredible climax even as she rides Superman's cock with gusto. Beneath her, the blasted, sex-stunned Man of Steel was proving his anatomy to be exactly that: a steel rod of astonishing proportion and aptitude as Wonder Woman's rear end rises and falls, rises and falls on his large member in a frenzy of lust neither of them has ever experienced before.

Cameras all over the room are focusing on the fast-paced action, some automatically zooming in via infared guidance, others at Stevie's expert touch. This would be a monster DVD when all was said and done. The famous superheroines were sweating and moaning and thrusting and jerking like wildcats in heat. There was no reserved sense of decorum, no halting, angry shows of defiance now. Both women were riding their men like cowgirls at the rodeo and both having the time of their lives. And the cameras were catching every moment of the shameless exhibition with cold, clear detail.

Supergirl's moans take on a more strident tone now as she nears her peak. Every single erotic spot on her body is being stimulated it seemed. Her mouth is filled with sweet fat delight. Her pussy is throbbing with ecstacy as the green dildo unrelentingly buzzes within her vagina, filling her mind with howling, swirling gales of lust. Lex's cock is pumping away in her rear end, thrusting in and out of her tight rectum like a hot, driving piston. Even Lex's fingers are busy. One hand teases her nipples, stretching, pulling and twisting them to distraction even as the fingers on his other hand are doing the same to her clit, sending her into complete sexual overload. It is far too much pleasure to withstand and the famous blonde teenage wonder arches her neck with a frozen rictus of joy. Her eyes clamp closed and her mouth gapes open with the pure rounded shape of untold bliss. She cums hard, yelling with abandon now as Luthor, too, succumbs to his own pleasure and shoots his semen deep into her rear in a spasm of total satisfaction. He pulls the syrupy cherry cock out of Supergirl's mouth just as she begins to yell with the total release of her soul

"AAAIIIEEEYYEEAAAHHH!" Supergirl wails with pure joy.

"WOWWWWWW!" Lex Luthor shouts almost simultaneously.

The famous bald criminal has buttfucked the famous Supergirl to perfection and she was screaming with delight about it. And the camera doesn't lie.

Across the room, Wonder Woman's mind is blasted to smithereens as Kara's orgasm floods through her system even as she continues to squat on Superman's lap and jerk up and down, filling her own ass over and over with his thrusting rod of steel. Tipping forward, bewildered, unbalanced, blinded by her own sexual bliss as well as the rushing wall of feeling coursing through the lasso, she almost falls off Superman's lap. Sergei's firm push on her tits rocks her back all the way down to the base of the Kryptonian hero's cock. Wonder Woman's eye bulge at this total penetration of her anal cavity even as she howls like a wolf in the Alaskan wilderness at this final surge of Superman's dick. Diana is helpless in her ecstacy as this massive rod fills her body to its fullest. Inundated with the sensations of all her erogenous zones satisfied to the utmost, the Amazon beauty's head is deluged with a white rushing wall of blinding bliss.

"AAAWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" With her eyes open, her mouth open, her soul opened to the core, Wonder Woman simply exists in this moment, a victim of her own lust, beaten, bewildered and blasted into blithering confusion. She collapses back onto Superman's body even as he cums within her rear. Together the two heroes jerk and twitch and moan as their fluids release and drip down their sweaty thighs.

A full minute passes with both couples moaning and sighing in blurry bliss. Lex Luthor has fucked Supergirl over big time. And Wonder Woman as well. He sighs one final time in pure delight at his double victory. The Nympho Patch was a huge success, like he knew it would be. His plan to abuse, humiliate and dominate his three most hated enemies had succeeded beautifully. There was only one more little item to make his day complete.

Stroking Supergirl's neck with one hand, he brings up his other from off her heaving breast and pulls on the small winding stem on his watch. A long length of thin glowing green wire stretches outward and Luthor immediately circles this razor thin wire around the Maid of Steel's neck and pulls it tight.

"WRAUUGKK!" Supergirl's eyes bulge with fear as she lies draped over Lex's body in exhausted helplessness.

"Okay, everybody, heads up," Luthor announces in a loud, clear voice. "It's been a joy and a thrill to have so totally fucked over my three super friends here, but the party's come to an end and I've decided I'd like to take home a party favor. So, Tony, if you would be so kind, please help pull Wonder Slut there off of Superman's dick because I'm taking him with me."

"Lex, you can't be serious," Tony says, stalling for time.

"About Superman I never joke, Tony," Luthor says calmly. "Please don't make things difficult. Supergirl here is getting quite low on oxygen and seeing how played out she is from all the exertions over the last couple of hours, I don't think she's long for this world if I yank this wire tight in her present state, even if you do dial her control disc down to zero. Especially with the kryptonite glazing on this wire. Now no sudden moves, gentlemen. Move it, Tony. Sergei, stand up slowly, pull the dildo out of the princess there and keep your hands up. Turn around now please. And put the tazer on the floor and kick it over to me."

Sergei does as he is told, his arm holding the shining pink dildo aloft, its surface glistening with Wonder Woman's cum. Tony briskly walks over to the dazed and limp Wonder Woman and grabs her by her forearms, lifting her up and off of a nodding, sleepy Superman. There is a wet slurping pop of sexual separation as Superman's penis is pulled out of Wonder Woman's ass. The mighty Amazon heroine slumps against Tony's side as he holds her up for a moment. Between her legs, down her thighs flows a thin mixed stream of Superman's thick white semen oozing from her ass and her own cum draining out of her pussy. The two fluids mix and form a puddle between her boots as Diana sways in a stupefied funk in Tony's arms.

"Alright, Petrov and Mohammed," Luthor speaks into the watch face, "Tony will give his men the okay for you to come on in with the board. Right, Tony?"

"Stevie, make it happen," Tony snaps loudly in the tense room.

"You guys know where to find us," Luthor says. "I expect you here in two minutes."

"Heeellkkkk.....Lex.....stup...can't....breathe....." Kara's face is red, her hands weakly pulling at Luthor's forearms to no effect.

"Yes, I know, sweetie. It's a condition we have to maintain to ensure cooperation from your employer. It won't last much longer, will it, Tony?"

"Loosen the wire, Lex. You can have Superman. I need these two women unharmed."

"Haauugkkk," Even Wonder Woman is gasping and choking, the magic lasso is still transmitting Kara's sensations to Diana. The raven-haired beauty's face matches Supergirl's beet red color. Both heroines are gasping with raw, harsh wheezes in their desperate fight for oxygen that will not come.

"Don't look so gloomy, Tony," Luthor smiles widely. "You did earn quite a payday with these two lovely ladies. I'm not reneging on my deal. And I'm still planning to provide you with the Nympho Patches as discussed at the price we agreed upon. I'm just taking Superman here as, well, call it collateral for your first payment. You see, my two associates are not only bringing your free supply, they're also bringing the first month's shipment of patches as well. I didn't want there to be any hard feelings. Hey, I understood you were going to release the big lug anyway tonight. No big deal, right?"

"Yeah, well, I have people even I mus answer to, Lex, and they won't be too happy if Superman is not released."

"Ah, well, the best laid plans of mice and men, eh?" Lex does loosen the wire slightly and Supergirl's wheezing breath can be heard whistling through her still constrained airway. Diana's face loses a little of its redness as well.

Upstairs, Stevie decides it would be unwise to turn the control disc all the way off but he does lessen it to 2.5 so that Supergirl won't choke to death. She still will be incapable of sudden moves that might startle Lex into any unplanned drastic actions.

"I'm going to sit Wonder Woman down against the wall, if that's alright with you, Lex," Tony states. "She seems like she's about to pass out."

"Slowly, Tony. Hands visible at all times please. Sergei, you can help." Together the two men carefully situate Wonder Woman so she is sitting down with her back against the wall. She sits in a slumped, exhausted daze, her legs stretched out, her breasts heaving powerfully and her eyes closed. The Nympho Patch is still juicing her system. Kara's has finally played itself out, so the Amazon warrior, while edgy with sexual frustration is too tired to do or demand anything.

After a minute of all parties staring each other down, except for a slumbering Man of Steel, there is a noise in the distance. Down the hall, the sound of heavy footsteps are heard and Lex looks steadily at Tony and Sergei standing on either side of the slouching Wonder Woman. Checking on Superman, Lex sees the nodding, tired blue and red-clad hero has slipped completely into sleep from his own exhaustion from sex and heavy doses of kryptonite.

Two large men in blue blazers round the corner and enter the room side by side. Both are over six feet tall with barrel chests. Between them is a long board made from some dull gray metal. There's a large brown cardboard box centered on the board but what's astounding is that the two men don't seem to be holding the board but merely guiding it. It seems to be floating.

"Tony," Luthor says, "if you would hand the keys over to Superman's bondage chains, my two associates here will load him onto my anti-grav Gurney. Slowly and carefully, sir."

Tony reaches into his jacket pocket and holds out the key. The big Arab Mohammed flips a switch on the anti-grav Gurney and it slowly lowers to the floor. Petrov lifts the cardboard box off the board and easily slides it across the floor so it comes to rest in the corner by the big plastic storage box. Mohamamed reaches out and takes the chrome key from Tony and puts it in his pocket. He then takes out of the same pocket a flashlight that he hands to the big Russian Petrov. Petrov shines the flashlight on Superman and the bright green cone of light from the face of the flashlight bathes Superman in a eerie, deadly glow that causes the Man of Steel to moan loudly.

"Stevie," Tony calls aloud, "I think you can lower the control disc to zero on Superman. Mr. Luthor seems to have everything under control."

"As always, Tony," Luthor gives him a smile and a nod.

"Control disc to zero," the speaker in the ceiling responds.

After unlocking and unwinding the chains of the bondage chair, Mohammed hoists Superman out of the chair and lays him out flat onto his back while Petrov keeps the flashlight trained on the helpless son of Krypton all the time. Mohammed rolls Superman onto his side and Petrov pushes the board underneath the Man of Steel. Mohammed rolls Superman over onto his back again and flips the switch on the anti-grav Gurney. Slowly it rises into the air. Petrov takes a bright green cord out of his jacket pocket. He efficiently wraps Superman's body tightly with this thin cord, binding him to the board. After he completes that task, Petrov removes a bright green leather mask from the side pocket of his jacket and pulls this over Superman's head. He pulls the zipper down the middle of the mask which tightly encloses the Man of Steel's face in heavy kryptonite impregnated leather. Through the small eye holes, a bewildered, fearful Superman's eyes have opened to a terror that he cannot control.

A muffled groan escapes from within the mask and Supergirl's eyes begin to water. She had never seen her cousin so completely overwhelmed and in such pain. "Lutha...please...don't.. hurt him...."

"No promises, little girl. No promises. Well, I think that just about does it for my visit. I thank you, Tony, for all your hospitality. I regret the final slight of hand but I couldn't resist my old nemesis so wonderfully packaged and ready for me, as you so kindly provided. I hope you won't take this setback personally, Tony, and that we can continue to do business with my patches for many years to come."

"If I'm around," Tony frowns.

"Oh, you seem pretty resourceful, Tony. I'm sure you'll end up on your feet. Petrov, Mohammed, if you would cover my retreat, we can leave these charming people to their own devices and be on our way."

The two burly men both pull large .357 magnum pistols from underneath their jackets and point them at Tony and Sergei, with a small wave in the direction of the dully nodding Wonder Woman. Lex slowly and carefully unwinds the razor wire from around Supergirl's neck and lets it retract back into his watch.

"Your search was pretty damn thorough, Tony. Just not quite thorough enough." Lex pushes Supergirl off his lap and leaps off to the side even as she goes sprawling face forward on the hard floor.

"Uhnnff." The famous blonde is splayed over the floor in ungainly confusion. From her cute round bottom sprays a thick white clot of Lex Luthor's cum. It splatters on the floor between her thighs as Supergirl's hand reaches back and pushes her skirt down over her rear in shame. Slowly, the humiliated heroine gets herself weakly onto her hands and knees.

"Sorry, Kara, but there was no sure safe way to execute that maneuver without taking the chance of you doing some silly heroic thing. But I certainly enjoyed our time together, my dear. You are a woman of deep passion. I look forward to seeing and coupling with you again."

Weakly standing up and pulling herself together with an embarrassed brushing of her skirt and blouse, Supergirl looks chagrined as she looks at a frowning Tony and Sergei. Luthor has had his way with all of them. As he usually did.

"I will be coming for Kal, Luthor. I promise you that," Supergirl mutters, wobbling unsteadily as, upstairs, Stevie checks the levels on her control disc. He raises it to 2.75 to ensure she is incapable of causing any trouble before or after Lex leaves. She sways heavily, putting her hand to her forehead and trying not to stagger to her knees.

"Thanks for the heads up, my dear. I'll be sure to arrange something nice for your reception. Will we be fucking again, do you think?"

"I'll be coming, Luthor."

"No pun intended, I trust?" Luthor laughs out loud as Supergirl realizes what she's said and blushes deeply. The bald genius motions to his two accomplices and they back out of the room carefully, guns trained on the foursome as they make their way down the hall with a helpless Superman bound to the anti-grav Gurney floating between them. Tony, Sergei, Supergirl and Wonder Woman all hear Lex Luthor's laughter echoing off the basement walls as he retreats. "I'll be coming," he shouts back. "I love that!"

Tony looks at his watch. It's almost 5:00 p.m. and Lex Luthor had just carried off Superman. He was in trouble with all the Mafia families now and he knew it. Big trouble.

End of Chapter 34

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