Supergirl Captured by the Mob 19  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 19 - Donovan Sanders' Specialty

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

By 4 p.m. Supergirl had been briefed about her first trick of the day, a Mr. Donovan Sanders. The explanation was efficient and precise. He was a refined, wealthy bachelor in his late thirties who enjoyed anal sex. Supergirl was to entertain him for two hours any way she thought appropriate. That was it. Except for one other item. No one who came up here was to know that Tony Bonano was associated with this enterprise. If she had to refer to him, she would call him "her handler." Sergei's name could be used since he was meeting with the clients. Tony's name being mentioned was cause for very, very severe punishment. She nodded solemnly at this warning.

Then Tony returned her genuine costume panties, cleaned and fresh.

"What about the rest of my gear?" She was frowning at the small, folded silky red material in her open hand.

"I'm keeping it for now. I have my reasons. That's all you need to know," Tony says, turning toward the suite's only exit. "Sanders is downstairs. Sergei will send him up in a couple of minutes. Give him a good time."

"Yes, Mr. B." She agrees quietly and walks into the bedroom and changes from the cheesy, tight imposter underwear into the smooth, silken material from her homeworld. It felt infinitely better and even raised her spirits a bit. Although the thought of having a complete stranger put his penis in her rear brought her right back down. But there wasn't a thing she could do about it. Her body simply wasn't hers anymore. She looks at herself in the mirror. The tight, ridiculous outfit made her despise the farce that looked back at her.

"Hello? Anybody home?" A smooth, deep voice from the living room calls out.

"I'll be right out," she call back. "Well, let's go out there and show old Donny what a good sport you are, Kara."

When she enters the living room, Donovan Sanders is mixing himself a scotch and soda. Wearing a dark blue business suit with the palest salmon colored pinstripe, his matching tie and pale beige shirt complement his short curly dark hair and olive complexion very well. He looks up at the beautiful blonde coming at him in red and blue and stops pouring and starts admiring. But there's something quizzical about his expression as he moves forward and actually proffers his hand.

"Hello, Supergirl. Donovan Sanders. It's a pleasure to finally meet the woman who has done so much to keep America's citizens safe." His voice is like dark, rich molasses.

"Well, thank you, Mr. Sanders." She is surprised at his cordiality.

"Please, call me Don. My father is Mr. Sanders." He goes back to mixing his drink. "Can I offer you anything from the bar?"

"It's nice to meet you, Don. I'll just have a coke, thanks."

"I heard you like coke."

"Right. Cute." She likes the way he looks and sounds at least. She takes the tumbler of coke and sips it quickly, looking askance at him. Bit of an ass with that comment, though.

"I'm sorry. That was rude. It was supposed to be a joke to lessen the tension. I'm a little nervous here."

"Apology accepted. There's nothing to be nervous about, Don. I'm just a person like you with fears and joys in her life who's having a troubled time right now. Why don't you think of me as an old girlfriend who you haven't seen in years and missed a lot." She walks up to the pull down bar, sets her drink down and begins to loosen his tie. "Wouldn't you like to make yourself a little more comfortable?"

"Thank you. Aren't you sweet," Sanders looks genuinely taken with her charm. "Look, I know it's a bit forward, but isn't that costume a different look for you?"

Supergirl laughs outright at this. "Well, aren't you the diplomat. Yes, my original outfit is being cleaned and apparently this is what my handler thought was appropriate."

"Well, your handler's taste in room decor is a hell of a lot better than his taste in women's clothes."

"I can't argue with that," she chuckles, tossing the tie over the sofa. She starts to unbutton his shirt but he puts a hand on hers and stops her.

"Wait. Are there any other clothes in this apartment you can wear? You have, if I may say, an absolutely breathtaking figure, not to mention the face of an angel. I would not feel right sharing any kind of intimacy with you in that get-up. It is, well, I'm sorry, but the word is demeaning."

Supergirl is stunned by the simple humanity of this person. She gulps. "Uhh, I guess that there might be something in the bedroom closet. I haven't given the clothes there much of a look yet."

"Let's go check them out, if that's alright?" He removes his suit jacket and tosses it over the arm of the sectional.

"Sure. Certainly. I'd like that. Very much," The heartfelt smile she gives him almost gives him a coronary. Walking toward the bedroom with her hand pulling him gently along, Don Sanders is already having the best day of his life.

In the bedroom, Supergirl is pushing hangers apart and examining the dresses, skirts and costumes with a running commentary that keeps Sanders laughing so hard, he can barely take a drink from his scotch and soda without doing a spit take.

"Hello, it's 2009 and Carmen Electra doesn't live here anymore....Oh, puuhhleeze!... ..Trash.... Trashier...Good lord, this one makes the other trashier ones look like Ralph Lauren....Hmm, maybe for a drunk female impersonator but not on this girl...Yikes! The color combination from hell....Wow, like I suddenly so don't want to wear that!" The valley girl accent is dead on. "Oh god this is not getting any better as I go through these," she looks back at him. "I'm trying Don but this is the closet of a whore on crack in my handler's mind. It's not me. I'd go naked before I wore any of these things."

"I'm not opposed to that," He grins.

"Let's not give up hope," she says turning back to the closet.

"I know which way I'm hoping for."

"Shut up, you perv!" And suddenly the smiling girl's face goes white as she turns back to look at him in alarm. "Ohmygod, I'm sorry. That was so wrong. I'm so sorry. I...i...didn't mean it that way...I....apologize...please...please...accept my apology...I don't know what got into me."

"Whoa. Hey. What's the matter? I know you were joking. Hey, don't get upset. I took it as a joke, really. I really did. Hey, look at me, sweetie." He turns her face up to his with his hand under her chin. "What the hell have they done to you?"

"What? Nothing. I'm sorry," she blinks back tears. "I get like this recently. Forget about it. Let's see if we can find a simple black dress in here. I thought I saw one...."

He kisses her suddenly and holds her waist. She relaxes into him as his tongue slowly explores her mouth. She does not resist, allowing herself the pleasure of a sudden surprising tenderness. After a moment, he breaks it off and she puts her arms around his waist and hugs him tight, resting her head on his chest.

"That was nice," she whispers.

"Very," he replies, returning the hug.

"I really did think I found a dress in there..." she motions toward the closet.

"Let's just lose what you're wearing and let me take a look at perfection on earth as nature designed."

"I'm not opposed to that," she smiles brightly. The two-million volt special goes right to his heart once again. The beautiful blonde unzips the 2" zipper to the skirt and lets it fall to the floor in a heap. She steps out of it and quickly removes her cape and drops it on the floor. Next, she pulls the blouse over her head revealing her bouncing breasts without a hint of self-consciousness. She reaches down to unzip the boots, when Sanders puts his hand up.

"May I?"

"Be my guest."

He kneels before her and slowly unzips her left boot and pulls it off. She puts the foot down and flexes her toes in relief, kneading the pink pile carpet with delight.

"Aahh. That feels good."

"Boots too tight?

"Not really. I've just been wearing them all day."

Tapping her calf, he gets her to lift the other boot and removes it.

"Would you like a foot massage?"


"Why not you?"

"I'm the one who's supposed to be showing you a good time, Mr. Sanders." Motioning to the four poster with the sheer drop curtains, she says. "Let's get you inside my magic harem bed, master, and let me make your head spin."

"You already have. But let's not have any of that 'master/slave' bullshit. You, my dear, are nobody's slave. You are far too noble and sweet for that. And I mean it about that foot massage. I'm very proud of how good I am at giving them."

She looks at him with a deep melancholy and sighs deeply, along with a tiny drip down her cheek.

"What? More tears? What's the matter now?"

"Nothing. You just have a nice way of putting things that makes a girl happy," she looks into his eyes and they crinkle deeply.

"What can I say. I got the gift," he grins widely, puts his knuckles on his hips, strikes a heroic pose and in his deep bass voice says, "Super Nice Man!"

"Are you making fun of my cousin?" She says coldly, her face getting grim.

"Oh my god. Now I'm the one who's sorry. Really I..." He stops as she breaks into a giggle. "You rat! You scared the hell out of me!"

"Couldn't resist. Now, get in there and let me get those clothes off you. It's not fair that I'm the only one naked here!"

Once on the bed, the blonde teenager unbuckles Don's pants and pulls them off with a tug even as he lies back and unbuttons his shirt. Lifting up slightly, he tosses the shirt off the bed. She pulls off his Italian loafers and peels off his socks and then crawls up to his chest and rubs her palms all over it with broad, smooth, circular strokes. Both of them are wearing only their underwear now, except for Donovan's Rolex and Supergirl's pink nylon kryptonite choker. Nodding at the collar while her hands caress his nicely defined abs, Don asks, "What's that jeweled collar for?"

"Let's just say it keeps me in line. And, by the way, keeps me weak enough so I don't crush your manhood to pulp."

"Jeezuz, you're not from the National Council on Promoting Celibacy, are you?

"I'm sorry," she giggles. "That didn't come out well."

"And it's not going to go in well, either, if you keep up that kind of talk."

"Poor baby, let me give you a little encouragement."

"I'm all yours."

"Let's lose that underwear," she says. Scooting backward so her knees are near the end of the bed, Supergirl takes the waistband of his dark plaid boxer shorts and pulls them down slowly and methodically, rebuilding the sexual tension between them after her deflating comment. When they're at his ankles, he sits up and makes a move to remove the beautiful blonde's own red silken panties.

"Wow. I've never felt material like this," he says as he slides the bright red underwear over the soft curves of Supergirl's rear. "You have these made special?"

"You might say that. These are part of my original costume. The fabric is Kryptonian. Normally indestructible."

"Hmmm." He pulls them down her long, powerful legs and calves, also slowly to match her style. Then he drops them off the side of the bed on top of where she'd dropped his shorts. "I wish you had your original costume on. That would feel pretty erotic I'm guessing. I wouldn't mind making love to you in that."

"It can be sexy. It definitely can. Speaking of erotic, I can't help but notice you're off the celibacy list." He's lying on his back now with his hard penis extended up to his stomach. Just looking at her in all her stunningly beautiful nakedness has already gotten him hard.

"It's your wonderful way with me, woman!"

Supergirl freezes in place. That phrase rang a loud warning bell in her mind for some reason. Something she'd been talking about with Tony earlier in the day. Diana was looking for her. She remembered that. But there was something else and it was making her very uneasy. What had she said to Tony? She certainly couldn't remember. She'd been zoned out on crack at the time and Stevie was working that crystal dildo in her in ways that made her flush red just to think about.

"Where did you go there?" Donovan is looking up at her.


"Earth to Supergirl. You left the planet there for a minute."

"I'm sorry, Donovan. I just felt like somebody walked across my grave. Or my friend's."

"You okay to do this?" He nods toward his stiff penis bobbing against his stomach. All eight inches of it.

"You have my full attention. Pwaahhmiss," she says, lifting his manhood up and putting it in her mouth.

"What more could I....Ahh.haha!"

Supergirl has the tip of his cock firmly in her mouth, pulling back and forth gently with her lips, even as she rubs his shaft in a spiral motion, up and down repeatedly. She looks up with her baby blues to check his reaction. His arms are crossed on his chest, his bright eyes are watching her with amazement and he's breathing heavily already.

"Any weqwethss?"

"Excuse me?"

Taking her mouth off his penis, Supergirl continues stroking his prick while she flips her hair back from off her face. "Requests? Is there any particular way you like things done?"

"Well, now that you mentioned. I really was hoping you'd....god no, there's nothing you're doing that I wouldn't want you to do."

"Thath a douboo negatiff," she says, taking his cock back in her mouth.

"There's nothing negative about what you're doing, I promise you that."

Working up her spit, Supergirl slowly and seductively circles her tongue all over the tip of Don's penis as she continues to stroke him up and down with her hand. He is rock hard and panting rapidly as she works him up and down relentlessly. Then, backing up a bit, she takes her mouth off his cock and puts her face right up to the base of his prick and takes one of his balls in her mouth. Gently, the world-famous Maid of Steel makes little puffing motions with her mouth against his ball as she rubs the tip of his cock with a light, fast rolling rotation of her wrist.

"Ohh! Wow...Whoaa...that's incredible...wowww."

Switching balls, she puffs softly against his nut with the gentlest pressure from her cheeks even as her palm continues to rapidly stimulate his glistening glans.

"Damn....I've never...this haven't...when did you...Yahhhh."

Releasing his ball, the determined teen's face moves back up and hovers over the tip of his penis. She drools more spit onto the head of his rod letting a string of it slide down his shaft while most of it slips over the sides of his glans like thin icing. Her tongue then slathers it all over his cock, moistening every part of it so it shines in the light coming though the pink sheers. Changing her grip, Supergirl uses just her thumb and her forefinger and rubs it up and down the length of his shaft very lightly but very rapidly. This gets Don to sit up in bed and reach for her breast with one hand and to caress her head with the other. The blonde opens her mouth and goes down over the top half of his cock, closing on it tightly and sucking hard on it for two beats before starting to move up and down against it, working in sync with her light hand job.

"..yess....yess...that will do it....for.....sure...." He is panting heavily now as his hand squeezes and caresses the rubbery wobbling breast dangling into his palm.

Supergirl takes a deep breath through her nose, taking in as much air as possible. She does not want to gag with this man. She wants to be able to take him and his cum and swallow it. She wants to please him. She keeps up the light teasing motions with her fingers and maintains the pressure with her mouth, rising and falling onto his cock with a frenzied pace that makes the dark complexioned man flush hot with need.


"Ahhh..." He's there and she's as ready as she's ever going to be. She feels his prick pulse, widen slightly and then bob helplessly in her mouth, spurting his semen in a warm jet upward into her throat. His palm holds her head down and his other hand freezes in place holding her boob a hair tighter than is pleasant but not painfully so.

The first wave is done and she swallows heavily. Then breathes deeply as a second jet fills her mouth.

"..elgk..." Some cum drips out of the side of Supergirl's mouth, a thick ropey gob of it. It slithers down her lip and hangs there suspended like a tiny white yoyo bouncing on a string until finally it drips into his pubic hair. And still his hand continues to hold her head in place. Concentrating, the blonde teenage superhero swallows again and the second large gulp of jism slides down her throat without further incident. The third and final pulse of cum from Don's jerking cock hits the back of Supergirl's throat in a splatter of droplets that surprises and alarms her. His hand still holds her head in place on his cock and as she gently tries to withdraw she's afraid she's going to lose it and gag horribly.

"..ilgh..." Taking a final deep inhale through her nose, the strong-willed blonde dynamo gets her panic in check and swallows a final time. And then the hand lets go of her head and she's pulling back off his cock with a final deep inhalation through her mouth. Fresh air never tasted so good. But she'd done it.

"..kack.." she works up a thick final gob of cum from the back of her throat and surreptitiously turns her head and wipes it off her lips with the back of her hand.

"I'm sorry. Did I hurt your breast?"

"My breast? No, I'm fine."

"Good. I though I squeezed it a little hard when I came. It was just so damn fulfilling. I don't remember the last time I got that excited from a woman's mouth."

"I'm glad I could please you," she smiles at him

He pats the bed beside him. "Come up here. I want to hold you."

Sidling up to his naked body, the pleased blonde nestles into the crook of his arm as he gently fondles her breast. After a moment, he tilts his head toward her and kisses her deeply on the mouth.

"Mmmm." she purrs contentedly.

"Hmm," he says, breaking the kiss after a moment. "Is that what I taste like?"


"I don't know how women do it. Swallow cum like that."

"It's no big deal," she says, smiling to herself.

"Give me a minute to let my head clear and I'll do that foot massage."

"If you're offering massages, I'd rather you did my pussy. I got excited giving you head. I'm kind of worked up over here."

"Sorry. Of course. I didn't mean to be selfish."

"No problem and I know this 'date' is not about my needs. It's just that you offered the massage and I figure if you don't ask, you don't get."

"I aim to please. Besides, we still have 45 minutes by my watch."

"Let's make the best use of it, I say," the blonde kisses his mouth and he returns the soft messages of her searching tongue with equal fervor. After satisfied smiles face to face, Donovan takes his turn at the base of the bed, sprawling his legs off the end as his face goes between the giggling blonde's thighs.

He licks her inner thighs with a wide sweep of his tongue on one thigh then the other. Slowly, he works his way toward the junction, working with the flicking tip of his tongue deeper and deeper on the inside of her thighs. Even as he's applying this light tickling action with his tongue that draws gasps and giggles and spastic jerks from the aroused champion, his hand is circling her downy bush with the softest caresses possible. Dancing, tickling fingertips drum and swirl and caress their way slowly down toward her damp pussy from the opposite direction of his mouth. This coordinated assault by the brilliant General is putting a rout to the opposition's front lines. When his fingers drop below her hair line and rest over the crease where her clit is buried beneath the skin, the blonde teenager actually squeals with delight. Squirming in delightful torment, Supergirl's breath is coming in little huffing puffs now.

"Great moons of Krypton. Put your tongue on my clit or one of us will die in the next two minutes!"

"Yes, ma'am!" He does as requested and Supergirl gasps with joy. Then he begins to lick away with the rapidly fluttering tip of his tongue and Supergirl grabs her a handful of his hair and holds him in place for a change. See how he likes it!

The build up was slow but his finish is relentlessly fast. How can he breathe and do that so fast and so well? His nose is halfway up my snatch. Strike that. Why do I care? He's sending me to heaven!

Indeed, the wriggling blonde is at her limit with his ticking fingers and precise tongue. She seizes in place and gasps loudly as she cums helplessly in his face.


Her juices flow over his mouth and cheeks and drain down onto the crumpled bedcover. She is lost in a cloud of pure pleasure. He blows softly on her clit, bringing a rippling wave of aftershocks that send spasms through her pelvis, her fingers and her puffing lips.

".....ahhhhhhhhhhhh....that was.......fantastic.....thank you.....Don......"

"My pleasure. Turn over, I'm stiff as a board again and want to be inside you."

"...hmmmm......what?.....turn over? Oh....right. Of course." Anal sex was on the menu tonight she remembered. She rolls over onto her belly, her gorgeous round cheeks facing up to his adamant approval.

"Wow. You're gorgeous from every angle, blondie! Do you have lubricant?"

"Mmmm....try the night table, Dagwood" she murmurs, still savoring the last vestiges of her orgasm.

Retrieving a tube of anal lubricant from the drawer, Don unscrews the top eagerly. Pulling aside the drowsy teenager's cheek, he puts the narrowly rounded applicator tip against the Supergirl's butthole and squeezes a generous amount inside her anus.


"I was told you were okay with this," he says with a frown.

"I'm fine. The gel's cold, that's all." Plus the fact that I'm the so-called Maid of Steel who's about to take 8" inches of cock up my ass so I can have crack in my diet.

"Oh. Sorry about that. Let me warm it up a bit. He squeezes a large bead of the gel on his finger and works it all around Supergirl's asshole, smearing it all along the insides of her ass crack. Then he slowly pokes his finger into the tight anus and works it around inside to try to warm up the gel in there.

I guess this is what it feels like to be a whore. Letting a guy you hardly know stick his finger and then his cock up your ass. So I'm there now. I'm a whore pure and simple. Welcome to the club, Kara. Let me stamp your soul so you can come in and out of Whoresville any time you want, Supergirl!

"I'm going to need you to raise your rump a little darling for a better angle, if you don't mind?"

"Not at all," she replies and sticks her butt in the air. Hey everyone, look at the famous blonde superhero. She's going to willingly take it up the ass for money! I guess she's not much of a super anything anymore, is she now? I guess she's nothing but a bitter disappointment! A joke that no one can believe in anymore. A plaything for...

"Yeow!" The tip of his penis has pushed into her butt with a sudden surprising urgency. And it is far from pleasant. "Ahh..."

"You're pretty tight back here, Supergirl. Try relaxing a bit, it won't hurt that much, especially with the lubricant. Also, I'm going to stimulate your clit some more to help you get in the mood, okay?"

"That's kind of you, Don"

His hand reaches between her thighs from the back and his forefinger finds her withdrawn and barely damp clit.

"Wow, you cooled down in a hurry."

"I'm sorry about this. I'm still a little new."

"No problem. I'm glad to help. You've been so nice to me."

His finger slowly circles her clit, tickling it gently. A small smear of the lubricant on Don's finger does help tremendously. The glistening nob is soon coaxed out of its shelter as Supergirl's breathing gets shorter and breathier by the minute.

"Ahhh....that's better. I feel much more relaxed now," she affirms.

"Great. Let's try this again." He continues to twiddle her clit and Supergirl's body reacts favorably throughout, juices flow and passions rise. She feels pressure in her rear as the long pole slowly pushes into her anal cavity. The lubricant eases the way as more and more of Don's thick long shaft penetrates the blonde heroine's rear end.

"Ahhh...that's better..keep rubbing me there, please. It helps me accept you deep..Ahhh."

"You're wonderfully tight, sweet cheeks. I can feel you the length of my cock."

"Likewise, I'm sure."

Using his free hand to tweak and tickle Supergirl's nipple while his other hand continues to manipulate her pulsing clit helps the blonde teen with her ass in the air to accept even more of Don's long hard prick.

"Uuhhhhhhhh....that's pretty deep in there. Are you in all the way?"

"Yup." He slowly pulls his prick out halfway.

"Where you going? Over so sooo....OOONHHHH!"

The rushing thump of 8" of manliness thrust hard into her rear takes Supergirl by surprise. And then it is withdrawn again. And thrust in yet again.

" certainly like your work...."

This sequence continues, slowly gaining speed as the lubricant works all the way into Supergirl's ass. Don's member begins to slide more and more easily now. And slowly, the famous Maid of Steel learns to appreciate a good anal fucking. Despite herself.

"Ohboy! Hunffff....Ohhh.....uhhhh....ahhhh....ahhhh....okaaaay....this..iss...better...."

The clitoral and nipple stimulation helped opened the door, but the length of Donovan's penis and his long expertise at sodomy bring Supergirl to a place she's never willingly explored before. The sensations of this hard, living muscle pumping in and out of her ass is surprisingly pleasurable to the panting teenager. Properly lubricated and slowly stimulated, the mighty blonde champion of the people finds herself eagerly pumping her rear back and forth now to match Donovan's timing, allowing him a depth and a virginal tightness that he's never fully experienced himself. The whores he's had in the past were pros who'd been around the anal block more than a few times. This girl was fresh and sweet and, now after her initial hesitancy, a very willing student.

Now Don puts both hands on the blonde girl's hips as she rocks in time with him, her forearms pressing hard into the mattress. And Donovan Sanders begins pumping away at Supergirl's ass with a machine like speed and rhythm that neither person will be able to withstand for another fifteen seconds.

"...oh...oh...oh...oh...oh...oh...oh...oh...oh..oh...oh...oh..." Supergirl moans in stuttering rhythm to the beat Don's balls banging against her pussy.

"...uhh...uhhh...uhh...uhhh...uhh...uhhh..." His low, bass grunts match her higher moans as together they search for ecstacy in their co-mingled bodies. They find it at the same time.



He hoses the inside of Supergirl's rear end with a thick juicy blast of cum that, in her sensitized state delivers a second rush of pleasure to her body.

Her own gushing fluids stream down her thighs as her head presses against the mattress in pure white oblivion. The famous Maid of Steel had been patiently and thoroughly assfucked - and she had loved it!

After a minute of panting and sighing, the two sweat-drenched bodies begin to disentangle. Donovan gradually pulls the full length of his slowly dwindling cock out of the smiling blonde teen's anus. A bubbling clot of white semen drains out of Supergirl's balloon knot as he withdraws. It follows the same route as her own cum, sliding down her thigh to puddle on the bed cover.

She sighs deeply, "Mmmmm....that was wonderful. Thank you."

"The pleasure was all mine."

"Don't you believe it," she mumbles.

Checking his watch, Donovan sees he's got about six minutes left for his session. He slowly slides off the end of the bed and stands up.

"Where ya goin' Don?"

"My time is up."

"Right now?"

"I've got five minutes."

"Come cuddle for two. Please."

"Sure." He walks over to the side of the bed and lies down next to the naked blonde. Spooning with her, his stick dick pressed against her ass crack, Donovan Sanders thinks again. This is one of the best days of my life. It was worth the twenty grand. Hell, he could make that back with a good week at work.

Supergirl plays with the dark hair on the back of his forearm as he holds her tight. "That was one of the best times I've ever had in bed," she says. Her ass continues to leak with his strongly scented jism.


"You don't believe me?"

"I figured it was something working women said."

"Well not this working woman. Not yet anyway."

"Hey, don't get upset."

"Sorry," she cuts herself off. She didn't really want to piss off Donovan. What did he know about her situation anyway. And she certainly did not want to piss off Sergei. If it got back to him she was snotty at the end of the session, she'd be up shit's creek!

"Now I do have to go," he says and quickly pulls on his clothes.

Three minutes later, he's kissing her goodbye in the living room, by the bar where he had left his jacket earlier. She's wearing a terry cloth robe over her naked body.

It is a good kiss with earnest delight but not overly passionate. A touch of sadness, perhaps. And a final hand for a quick feel of her tit beneath the open robe.

"Mmmm. Nice kiss. Hey Donovan. Before you go, Can I ask you a personal question?

"Hmm? I guess."

"What do you do for a living, if I may ask?"

"Well, that's not something that usually gets asked in situations like this." He still holds her by the waist. A final embrace.

"You're right. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry. It's just that you're a real gentleman, good looking with money and charm. You're not what I expected from a...a...."

"A man who goes to whores."

"That's one way to put it." She pulls away and tightens the belt on her robe, suddenly self-conscious.

"Fact is I'm very rich, very busy and very good at what I do. I travel all the time. More than a wife or even a girlfriend would probably put up with. Hence, this type of arrangement suits me for now. I mean, when you're running cons all the time like I do, it just gets too..."

"What? Wait. Running cons?"

"Cons. Yes, I'm a con man."

Looking at him in a whole new light, Supergirl takes a halting step back, surveying his face. "What kind of cons? Government fraud?"

"Hell no, that's too much work. I work the middle and upper class marks." He picks up his tie and folds it neatly.

"How so?"

"You don't really want to know," he waves her off and turns to go.

"I certainly do," she says brusquely.

"Alright then," he turns back around and then says coldly, "if you're so curious, here's the breakdown: My real name isn't Donovan Sanders. That's for the marks. It's actually Otto Grupershank. But who would do business with a guy named like that, right? Anyway, there are a number of cons but basically they're all designed to clean out their savings accounts and then I disappear."

"Their life savings?"

"Whenever possible, sure. The sixteen year old last month was just gravy."

"Gravy! What do you mean gravy?"

"You're pretty naive for a whore." Supergirl steps back another pace as if slapped. "I mean I gave her the hard high one just like I gave it to her old man's back account and just like I gave it to you back in there. Except she wasn't quite as willing as you were, sweet cheeks."

"You raped her?"

"It's her word against mine but I don't think she'll go running to daddy. And daddy doesn't have any money for lawyers at the moment. Hey, it's what I do. What can I say. Gotta make a buck in this life. Well, I gotta go. Oh, wait. Almost forgot. Here's the fifteen bucks for services rendered," he says, slapping three fives on the bar. "You were great. Maybe I'll see you again."

The shocked blonde teenager looks at the money and the retreating back of the man who she had just willingly, no, make that eagerly, let sodomize her! It didn't register. She had read him so wrong that she couldn't believe that the man leaving was the very same one who had come in. He walks out the door into the private elevator and turns. Leaning forward he gives a wave just as the door swings shut.

She stands in the middle of the room, frozen in disbelief. This was probably how every single mark of his felt. Stupid. Horrified. Humiliated. Shocked. Crushed! The adjectives kept coming and she was now looking at the ceiling and panting hard as if she'd been punched.

" could I have been.....why didn't I sense....what was I thinking....FUCK HIM! THAT LOUSY PIECE OF SHIT! I hate that bastard. I hate myself for swallowing everything he said..." And then she remembers exactly what she did swallow and everything else she did as well.

"HUURLGKK...WRAALFFFF." And she loses her lunch right there in the middle of the living room. Just leans over with her palm clutching the open bar and pukes onto the expensive deep sea foam green carpet. Drool and vomit drip from her mouth as she collapses to her knees and then falls sideways onto her thighs and buries her head in her arms, face down on the carpet away from the mess. She weeps inconsolably yet again. "...i...let...that...prick...fuck... my ass!" Truer words were never spoken.

Twenty minutes later, Supergirl has finally calmed down. The barefoot blonde is wearing a yellow teddy under her pink terry cloth bathrobe and lying on the beige leather sectional with comfortable matching pillows raising both ends, under her head and under her feet. Her eyes are closed and she's listening to Billy Joel's "Summer Highland Falls" on the stereo. In her dangling hand, dangerously tipping is a tumbler of straight whiskey. Her second.

"They say that these are not the best of times, but they're the only times I've ever known..." She hums along with the tune, occasionally sipping her drink and when it gets to the chorus, she nods slowly.

"'s either sadness or euphoria." The piano riff fills her with a sad sense of joy and she sighs as she waits for Tony to bring in the crack pipe before her next appointment comes in a couple of hours at 8 p.m. It's supposed to be the Minetti brothers.

End of Chapter 19

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 19