Supergirl Captured by the Mob 18  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 18 - Hard Lessons Learned

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

At 1:33 a.m., Supergirl teeters into the bedroom spent and miserable about the evening she's just been subjected to. True, with the way she'd been a world-class bitch to Frank Rozzo, she had no right to expect any sympathy from him, but the rape was both demeaning and upsetting in so many ways. The fact that she'd actually had an orgasm during a rape spoke volumes about just how powerfully conditioned her mind and body had been since her kidnaping. Plus, the sudden weakening from kryptonite had totally taken her by surprise. Where could that have come from? And, of course, having that money pressed into her hands for services rendered made her feel horrified and ashamed at the blatant implication of her active participation in all this.

Exhausted and depressed, she parts the pink sheer curtains of the four poster bed and throws herself face down on the mattress. Covering her head with a pillow to shut out the world, Supergirl turns her head to the side and exhales forlornly with a mighty sigh. Her cheap cape drapes against her back. With her legs slightly spread, the hourglass shape of her crotch is prominently displayed beneath the ridiculous skirt. She's totally unaware that Sergei has entered the bedroom and is standing at the foot of the bed staring at the prone figure lying there. His disobedient whore! A hard lesson was about to be learned by the blonde superheroine.

"Superwhore. You thought you were being cute? This is the reason for your behavior?"

"Ohh...Sergei. It won't happen again," Supergirl sighs from under the pillow. " I was angry with Tony. Tell Frank Rozzo that I'll give him a blowjob he'll never forget. Just let me sleep for a while. I'm so tired. It's late."

"Yes, too late. Too late for apologies that I don't believe and you don't really mean." Sergei moves over to the right side of the bed. The bitch doesn't even have the manners to look at me. That will change!

"No, I do mean it. I apologize I was angry about some weak crack that Tony had given me. Really, it won't happen again. I'll be your good little g...UUHNNTT!" The girl's body jolts with a nasty flinch to the left. The pillow covering her head flips off the bed from her jerking response.

Rao! That one hurt a lot. The nasty jolt to her side hurts almost as much as the blow Randy had delivered to her kidney. Not quite, but almost. These guys sure knew the weak points to go after. Sluggish from the rape, the low-level kryptonite at her throat and the punch to her side, the blonde teen slowly opens her eyes to see Sergei standing there fuming at her.

"You sure know how to hurt a girl." Looking down, she says, "That felt like brass knuck...."

There's a wood handled paring knife stuck in her side! The waist of her blue costume blouse is beginning to bloom with a spreading stain of bright red blood. Her blood!

" stabbed me!?..."

"Correct, cunt!" His hand reaches forward and pulls the knife with it's 5" blade out of the flabbergasted girl's body with a quick yank.

"Uuhhhnn...." The girl's eyes are wide with shock at this sudden turn of events.

The blood oozes out of her like a pot bubbling over. Supergirl turns on her opposite side watches as a small red drizzle of blood pools on the bedspread.

"You are not very bright for a superhero, beetch. I would have thought my story about the neeples would have made very clear how important it was for you to be a good whore under my employ, yes?"

Sergei jabs the knife forward toward Supergirl's chest but she instinctively blocks this with a sweep of her hand. The knife pinwheels away out of Sergei's grasp. Supergirl starts to slide back off the bed and away from this mad Russian but he snakes out his hand and catches Supergirl's wrist. He smiles broadly at her even as his other hand grabs her middle finger.

"So this is the second time I am to be warning you about disappointing me in this job you do as my whore. You give me the fuck finger when you teased Mr. Rozzo. This cannot be."

"No...i...i..didn't...i..swear...i..was...angry...I'm sorry....please don't hurt me...please..." The blonde teen is shaking in absolute terror as she watches Sergei bending her middle finger back. The pressure in the knuckle is tremendous. "OW...oww...oww....don' Rao..'t...."


"AIEEYAAH!" The broken fingered blonde looks at the middle finger pointing upward in the wrong direction and almost faints. Sergei releases her and the panicked teen slides backward off the bed and immediately starts to head for the bedroom door and the escape it offers.

"'s gone mad!" Shouting and limping badly from the wound at her side, Supergirl strains and pants as she disappears through the bedroom door. Sergei calmly reaches down and retrieves the knife from the corner of the room and places it on the night stand. Turning around he sees the bright spotted blood trail and starts to follow it out to the living room area.

Coming out of the bedroom he sees no blood trail down the hallway. Glancing at the bathroom he see's the door's halfway open, and a tiny spot of blood is on the tile. He takes two steps toward the living room then suddenly spins and rushes back at the door. Slamming into it with his shoulder, Sergei feels it knock against the hidden teen's body and recoil back.

"HUUNFFF...OWW!......ohhhhh...." A hairdryer drops to the floor and shatters it plastic shell. A beat later, Supergirl falls onto her knees, supported by one weakly wavering arm as the hand with the broken finger clutches at her bloody nose. Apparently it had taken a direct hit from the door. Supergirl's hair drapes over her eyes and she's blubbering like a four year old.

"...don't hurt me....anymore....please...i..need....medical...attention...for the...wound....."

"Maybe later. Stand up, whore."


"I want you to do what I tell you. All the time. As soon as I tell you, da?"

Slowly getting to her feet, the woozy blonde wavers in front of Sergei with violent trembling, not even looking in his eyes. A small trickle of blood from her nose drips into her mouth with a coppery taste. The blood loss from the knife wound is starting to be serious as the bright red liquid drips down her leg, into her boot and also onto the floor.

"So you were going to be making me unconscious with the hair dryer to the head, yes?"


"As well you should be!" He feints at her face with an obvious bitch slap but, instinctively, the desperate heroine puts up her good hand to block it. Sergei easily snatches the hand out of mid-air of the dazed and panicked girl and grabs the middle finger of this hand and bends it sharply back.



"AAHHHH!" Sergei releases the teetering blonde's hand and backs off two feet.

"So, now we have declawed the kitty, yes?"

"...ohhhh....owwww...owww...owww..." Supergirl stands in the bathroom staring at her violently shaking hands before her. Both middle fingers point in opposite directions and she is helpless to put them in her armpits for comfort. She is waving them in small circles as her head hangs lower and she cries abysmally at her fate.

"Now you will not be giving me the middle finger fuck you attitude with any john who comes to you, yes? Everybody gets what they want from you, yes?


Sergei nods in affirmation as the girl nods like a crazed woman along with him.

"Good. Now I am going to make one more point and I am wanting for you to be listening very carefully, da?" He puts his arm around the tottering teen's shoulder. She has trouble keeping focused due to the loss of blood. Her life is in the balance.

"..i...i'm...listening." she stutters, her face only inches from his, is looking down at her feet and the blood pool spreading between the garish boots.

"Please to be looking right at me," Sergei asks.

Supergirl looks up into his cold blue Siberian eyes and shivers. That's why she doesn't see the gut punch coming. Even if she'd seen it, she couldn't have stopped it with both hands out of commission.

"Oooofffff" The Maid of Steel collapses on her ass like a bag of wet sand. Snatching a lipstick off the vanity, Sergei gathers up a thick clump of Supergirl's silky blonde hair and drags the moaning teen into the hallway and all the way to the entrance to the living area. He looks back toward the bathroom and sees a long smeary blood trail she's left behind. He knows he's got to finish the lesson quickly. He didn't want her dying on him. He just wanted her absolute obedience.

Sergei lets go of Supergirl's hair and her head knocks against the wood floor loudly.

"Okay, so here is lesson for last time." After uncapping the lipstick and tossing the plastic top back toward the bathroom, Sergei turns the bottom of the tube until the bright pink point of lipstick gleams in the light. Holding up the back of the dazed and nodding heroine's head, Sergei draws a big garish circle around Supergirl's mouth. It streaks above her upper lip, around her frown lines at the sides and across the front of her trembling chin.

"This is mouth area. Used for cocksucking, kissing, ear licking, ass licking, cum swallowing, ball gags, hoop gags, drinking fluids and anything else a mouth can do and shouldn't do. This is clear to you?"

"...yes..." Supergirl says faintly, hands trembling helplessly at her sides, one knee up in the air, her breasts rising and falling weakly now, her body drifting with her mind.

Moving around to her kneel between her legs, Sergei pulls Supergirl's knee down with a tug on her boot and spreads her thighs slightly. Then reaching under the skirt, he grasps her panties by the waistline and pulls them down, exposing her feminine treasures to every camera in the room. He draws another circle of lipstick here, too. Quickly now, he smears the greased pink point over her naked pelvis above the soft bush of bright blonde hair and around to her inner thigh. Jumping to the other leg with the pink crushed greased point, he closes the circle.

"This is cunt! Used for fucking, fingering, pissing, quiffing, taking in all sorts of devices, ointments and, vegetables, if necessary. Everything a whore is expected to take in, this you will do, yes?"

"...yes...." more faintly, Supergirl is trying to hold onto consciousness like a lyric she's forgotten.

"Excellent. There is hope for you still." Flipping over the limp figure like a sack of potatoes, Sergie makes his final circle. He pulls apart the inert blonde's ass cheeks and draws the bright pink line on the insides of both cheeks, up and over and around her beautiful curved rear.

"Finally, this is ass area. This you use to take in cocks, tongues dildos, beads, balls, devices of all kinds. Also for excreting everything that is put up inside ass, as well as normal body functions. Everything is go for entry back here by everybody and everything, yes?"

"...yessss..." Supergirl vision is closing to a circle. Sergei turns her over onto her back again. She looks up to see Sergei nodding at her and then Tony appears over her, his face looking very concerned.

"Okay, Mr. Zhukovia, you made your point. I appreciate you have a job to do, but you've cut this damn close. Now can I try to save her life?"

"Da. The lesson I am believing is learned."

Tony lifts Supergirl's head up slightly and undoes the catch on her choker with surprising finesse considering how nervous he was about her condition. He puts the choker in his pocket and walks over to the dining area and grabs a yard of paper towels off the roll. This damn Russian may have just killed Supergirl. He actually wasn't sure. That last hiss of her 'Yes' soundly awfully final. Returning to her side, he kneels down and puts the wad of towel against her side, applying pressure to stop the blood flow. The redness fills the towels like a slowly opening flower. And then it slows somewhat.

Looking at her fingers, Tony isn't sure what to do about those. Should he bend them straight or would that do irreparable damage.

"Hold the towels tightly against the wound, Sergei!"

He didn't know for sure, but, in the end, the fingers look so gruesome that he decides to straighten them. The unconscious teen moans loudly as he does this. Now he can only wait. He goes into the bathroom and brings back white surgical tape and gauze pads from under the sink. He tapes up the wound and is pleased to see the blooming redness has slowed. There's still a spot that grows a bit but it's not nearly as bad as the wad of towels. With every bit of kryptonite withdrawn, there's a chance she'll recover. He doesn't want to move her and risk disturbing the wound so he just puts a small pillow under her head from the sectional in the living room and lets her rest and recover. He retreats to the secret control room behind the mirror and watches the monitor closely, taking the first shift of three hours and giving the second one to Stevie. Now he just has to wait and see if the Maid of Steel will live through the night.

"Good morning, Vega Construction."

"Hello, My name is Diana Prince. I'd like to speak to Mr. Carmine Vega, please."

"Mr. Vega is not in at the moment. Can I ask the nature of your phone call?"

"Do you know when he'll be back?"

"I'm not sure if he'll be in today at all. He's been busy with meetings all week. Is there a message I can take for him?"

"I have a friend of mine to whom he may have granted an interview. A reporter named Linda Danvers."

"Danvers? The brunette on Channel 5?"

"Yes, that's her. Do you know if she's talked to him. Or was she on his appointment calendar?"

"I'm sorry I don't have access to the calendar. I haven't seen her in this office. I would have remembered her. I love her work."

"I'll tell her that. What's your name, dear?"


"Well, Kate. I know its an imposition but Linda's gone missing for a few days now and I'm trying to locate her last whereabouts. I was given to believe she had a meeting with Mr. Vega."

"Well, as I said, I don't know much more than what I've told you, Mrs. Prince was it?

"Ms. Diana Prince, yes. Can you please tell Mr. Vega I called and that I'd like to talk to him very briefly? He's just one of several possibilities I'm trying to track down. I won't take up much of his time. It would be a big help."

"Of course, let me take the numbers where he can contact you."

"Thank you."

After taking down Diana Prince's contact information, Kate wishes her well on her search and raises an eyebrow. That was unusual. She truly hopes the young reporter isn't in trouble somewhere. She had such an energetic and engaging reporting style.

It is 10:45 a.m. before Supergirl opens her eyes. She is on her back lying on hard wood. There's a pillow under her head and, looking down, her tight blouse has been pulled up and bunched in a roll under her breasts, exposing her abdomen. She sees a wide gauze pad stretched over her side with white adhesive tape. It takes her a second to recall why on earth that would be necessary.

"Why in the...oh." She also sees a bright pink waxy smear circling her crotch. Putting her fingertips to her cheek, she feels the same pink waxiness of the lipstick. "Oh yeah. Sergei's lesson." After slowly sitting up, Supergirl gingerly peels the tape back, removing the bandage. Her skin shows no mark or entry wound of any kind. And then, flexing her fingers like she's playing the piano, Supergirl realizes her broken fingers have healed as well. The horrifying memory, however, is something else.

"Good morning, my little sunburst." Supergirl entire body jerks in panic at Sergei's voice over the loudspeaker. She looks around the apartment with darting, terrified eyes. Her head pivots this way and that before she takes a panting breath.

"..g...guh...good...m..morning...." She bites her lip, frozen in place sitting in the hallway.

"You look a little out of it, my dear. Can I bring you some coffee and a doughnut?"

"No! No! No! Umm....thank you. I'm...I'm not....hungry."

"Are you sure? It's been some time since you last ate anything. Should I fix you some eggs perhaps?"

"What? Eggs. Is that what you want? You want me to have eggs?" Supergirl is babbling with the fear welling up within her like a fountain.

"Whatever you like, Linda. May I call you Linda?"

"Yes! Sure! Yes... Linda's fine. You can call me Linda. Yes."

"Do you like your eggs scrambled, as an omelet or sunny-side up? I'm quite a good cook when it comes to eggs, you know. You'll be getting quite a treat."

"I don't care. Any way is good. I'll eat them anyway you like. Any way at all."

"Well, I will make you a cheese omelet. You like this?"

"Yes! Cheese omelet's fine. That's great. Thank you. Cheese....omelet...." She's panting like she's just run a marathon. This man has instilled a fear in her she's never felt before. She had to get a grip here. She couldn't live at this state of panic. Her heart would give out in a couple of days, if that. Already she feels it thumping wildly in her chest. She closes her eyes and tries to breathe normally. Oh Rao, does she need crack! The best stuff possible. Please, if there's any justice on this little blue planet, Tony will be bringing her a pipe of his best stuff in through that doorway any second. She wants to ask but is scared shitless to pose the question to Sergei. She doesn't want to make a single demand on him to get him upset in any possible way.


"Yes, my pet?"

"" I have to stop stuttering like this. ""

"He is coming in to see you shortly, my dear."

"Oh thank Rao," she murmurs softly. She pulls the blouse down to her waist and tucks it in as best she can.

"What was that?" Sergei asks.

"Nothing. I'm sorry. Nothing." Sergei is laughing in the control room. This bitch was about to piss herself with the fear she's showing. He was thrilled with the results of his lesson. His control over her should be virtually absolute from now on. He tells Stevie to keep an eye on her on the monitor. He's going to go into the kitchenette in his suite on the floor below Supergirl's and make her omelet.

"And Stevie, she's back to almost half of her superpowers we think, so please to be ready to open the aperture on the control disk in her cape to full radiation. Should it be necessary. We don't want any sudden escape attempts. But I think she'll be fine. Especially when Tony comes in with the crack."

"Sure thing, Sergei. Boy, she's sure scared a' you!"

"That was the idea, my friend."

Five minutes later Tony enters Supergirl's suite whistling in high spirits. He'd gotten an update from Sergei by cell phone on the way up in the elevator. The girl was an emotional wreck, babbling in positive response to anything Sergei suggested. What's more, judging by the cameras located around the room, her wounds had healed completely. She was seen wiggling her fingers and, in an extreme closeup from camera four, no mark at all was evident under the bandage. This was great news. Any johns that roughed her up would not leave lasting marks on the beautiful prize. She could be a punching bag and as long as she wasn't killed, she would recover as good as new. At least physically.

"Hello, Supergirl. I trust you're feeling....okaay..." He'd been so busy last night with trying to save her life that he hadn't appreciated the full effect of her appearance until now. The teenage blonde is still sitting on the hard wood floor by the pillow, afraid to make any moves other than scooting her rear around to face him as he crosses the plush rug. Her face is circled with a bright pink ring of lipstick. So is her crotch. What's more, her breasts are boldly accented by the tightness of the tawdry blouse. The badly printed S emblem stretched over her boobs is such an outright mockery of her true famous costume that it makes the mighty champion look truly whorish. Her crotch is completely exposed for his viewing pleasure, the lines of her labia accented by the overly tight red panties. Wearing this outfit, with her orifices so outlandishly highlighted in pink, the promise of sexual gratification is broadcast by the unwary girl like a 50,000 watt clear channel signal on a summer eve. You can feel the ooze of sexuality as far away as Mexico.

"Yes, thank you, Mr. Bonano. I feel okay."

Crossing to the nodding blue-eyed blonde, he extends his hand to help her up. "Good. Sergei gets very upset when his girls don't behave like he expects them to."

"Yes. Well, um...sir. I assure you, that will not happen again. Lesson learned. Absolutely." She straightens her tawdry costume as much as possible but there's so little fabric to work with, it only takes a pass of her palm here and there.

"Well, that's excellent then. Because Sergei's arranged two gentlemen callers for you today. We'll go over what's expected of you in a few minutes. But first, I need to replace your choker that I had to remove last night to help you heal."

"Yes, of course." She turns so her back is facing him and bows her head without a second's thought about resistance. There is a third humiliatingly bright pink circle of lipstick around the beautiful blonde's ass. Sergei was relentless and thorough, Tony had to give him that. The choker taken from Tony's pocket is fastened around her throat in no time and once again, Tony steadies the grunting teen with a hand on her bicep and another on her waist.

" your...assistance, Mr. B. Kryptonite always takes it out of me until I get a little adjusted to the radiation. Ohh...whew... Did you bring me any crack?"

Sliding both hands around her waist, Tony hugs the blonde teenager close and whispers in her ear. "As a matter of fact I did. Look, you should go into the bathroom and clean yourself up a little. We'll talk when you come out."

Supergirl looks down at her body and sees the rings of shame. "Oh my god! Yes. Alright, I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere." She rushes off to the bathroom absolutely mortified.

Tony stands at the edge of the living area and rocks on his heels, waiting patiently until Supergirl comes out cleaned, buffed and smiling with nervous anticipation.

"Is it good crack? I mean, like the first few days? Strong?" She stands before him eager.

"You should have no problem with this shipment, Linda." He puts his palms on both of her shoulders and looks her in the eye. "After all you've been through I would say you could use some primo stuff and I aim to please."

"That's fantastic. Can I...can I have it now, please. Mr. B. Please!"

Why, yes, certainly." He starts to put one hand in his jacket pocket for the pipe, his other still pressed around Supergirl's shoulder when Sergei pushes through the apartment door, backwards at first, carrying a tray of breakfast food.

"Here I am with the omelet you requested, Supergirl," Sergei says brightly. Tony feels the blonde teenager go absolutely rigid against him. Wow! She is utterly terrified of Sergei!

"...but the pipe.." Supergirl says in frustration.

"Oh, that," Sergei says. "Well, why don't you enjoy the omelet and then have the pipe for dessert, yes?" He carries the tray into the dining area and pulls a chair out for the blonde like a friendly waiter. "Please sit."

Supergirl almost yanks out of Tony's hold and scurries over to the dining room table and sits down obediently at the end of the table where Sergei has set the tray. Tony hides a smirk behind his hand at the submissive body language of the girl who could once stop a charging rhino with a simple puff of air from her beautiful mouth. Right now that mouth is stuffed with eggs and melted cheddar cheese as the anxious heroine tries to finish the omelet as quickly as possible. Sergei is sitting in the chair next to her, simply watching the blonde shoveling the omelet in like a chore.

"Slow down, Supergirl. Please, you can't even taste my secret ingredient you're eating so fast." Tony comes around the table and sits on the other side of the nervous heroine.

Looking up with a forkful of eggs poised in mid-air Supergirl swallows and murmurs, "Sorry. It's very good. The omelet. It's a little spicy. Nicely spicy, I mean. And the cheese is terrific. It all tastes terrific. What's the secret ingredient? Can I ask that? I'm sorry, you said it was a secret ingredient. I didn't mean to...I'm sorry. It's good. It's really good."

Sergei winks at Tony. "Nonsense, it's not that big a secret. Just a touch of Tobasco sauce and a some white pepper. No big deal. But people seem to like it."

"Yes, Tobasco. I can taste it now that you mention it. It gives it a little tang."

"Coffee?" Sergei asks, pouring out a fragrant steaming black arc of liquid from a small two-cup server to a beautiful red and black oriental mug. "How do you take it?"

"Two sugars and cream. But let me. don't have to do that."

Snatching up a spoon, the blonde teen takes the lid off the sugar bowl and ladles two heaping spoonfuls into the mug, followed by a splash of cream from the tiny pitcher on the tray. The spoon rattles against the rim of the mug like a telegraph operator with palsy. And then it stops as Supergirl lets the spoon drop to the table and lowers her head and begins to cry.

Sergei and Tony, sitting opposite each other at the table look at each other with raised eyebrows. Soft, mewling sobs come out of the girl as her chest heaves in its tight blouse.

"...I'm sorry. I don't mean to do this. To cry like this.'s been a hard, hard, week. Harder than any time I've ever experienced in my life. And I'm just so damn scared of...of doing something wrong again. I don't want to be hurt anymore. Don't hurt me." She looks up at Sergei with pleading watery blue eyes as wide as the sky and grabs his hand, bends her head and kisses the skin on the back of his hand, wetting it with her dripping cheek and she places her face against it. "Please, Sergei, don't hurt me anymore. I'll be good. I'll do everything you ask. I...i..need you to promise me you won't kill me or torture me again. I need to know I have... some...leeway...if I don't do everything exactly correctly. You understand? I don't....know...I'm not sure how to behave... I can't....take...all this's for But...but...if...I know...there's room to...make small mistakes without being stabbed or burnt or, I don't know, beaten, I'll be a better whore. Less nervous. Can you promise me that. So I can be a better whore for you? Can you agree to that. Please....please Sergei?"

"Da. Yes. I can restrain myself from hurting you. If the mistakes are small. I will not hurt you unnecessarily. Nobody is perfect. And, as you say, it is better for business if everyone is working together to accomplish what we want: a pleasant experience for the men who come to you. I will be fine with this, I can assure you. Small mistakes are not my concern, sweet Linda. Big mistakes only, like yesterday's.

"Oh thank you. Thank you. She kisses his hand one more time and then releases it and turns to Tony. "Can I have the crack. Please, Tony. Please. It's been so long. I've finished my eggs. Please."

"Sergei when is the first gentleman expected?"

"He will be here at 4:00 this afternoon. There is plenty of time."

"Good. Why don't you and I go sit on the couch, Supergirl, and you can relax with the pipe over there."

"Okay." She breathes a huge, heavy sigh and looks at Sergei. "Thank you for your promise," she nods respectfully.

"Is nothing. We understand each other perfectly. As I said, I like to treat my girls well when they behave. We have turned a corner and put the willful child behind us. That is all I ever wanted." He opens up the paper on the counter and begins to pore over the day's news.

"Behind us. Yes," she agrees with a nod and slowly makes her way over to the big beige sectional. Tony has the blue glass crack pipe out and ready.

As she sits down beside the Mafia Don, Supergirl eagerly takes the pipe from him and then the lighter. She flicks on the small yellow flame and applies it to the base of the pipe and takes short quick sucks to light the tiny white pebble completely. The small crackling sound from which this form of cocaine gets its name is music to Supergirl's ears by now, as is the sharp taste of the tiny cloud of smoke from within the blue glass. It means a high will be mere seconds away, and within that precious high she will drift off into the distance, away from all her cares like a cruise ship leaving port. Wave to the silly troubles standing on the dock of life! She is starting her short vacation! Eleven seconds to have her ticket punched by the steward and be standing at the rail waving goodbye. This was wonderful crack and promised to be a wonderful journey.

"Mmmmm. Ohhh. Rao, did I need this! Aaaahhhhh." Her head sags back against the soft leather pillow back of the sectional and she sighs yet again. "Feels like vanilla pudding," she says with euphoria.

"This is a new supplier I'm testing. And I agree. Everybody who's had this batch as told me it was a sweet high. I think you just created a brand name for this stuff, Supergirl."

"Well. work...with a reporter...." she says, drifting away from the metaphysical shore.

"Say, I have a great idea. Don't go away." He stands up and heads toward the kitchenette cabinets.

"You're funny, where would I go?"

When he comes back Tony's got an opened container of pre-packaged vanilla pudding and a spoon in his hands. "Tell me how this tastes, Supergirl." He sits next to the blonde who's leaning back into the depth of the sofa cushion, the picture of a whore at rest. Her breasts are rising and falling like gentle bellows, her knees are splayed wide apart and her silky red panties are gleaming brightly in the sunlight. Tony spoons a generous dollop of vanilla pudding into her mouth.

"Ohhh...yuu-uummm. Ah ha ha. That's freakin' fabulous. Oh, mmm...more!" He ladles in another spoonful and the blonde sucks hard on the spoon as he slowly withdraws it from her mouth. "You try some. It's great."

Tony takes a spoonful and nods his head. "It is good." It's not as orgasmically good as she thinks it is, but then he's not orbiting the moon, is he?

"Vanilla Pudding. Who would have thought it would be so erotic?" Supergirl opens her mouth for another spoonful.

"Plenty of people have discovered the joys of pudding, my dear. They even wrestle in it sometimes."

"Oooh. Kinky. More, please." She opens her mouth wider and looks at Tony expectantly.

He pulls the spoon away for a second then brings it in slowly until she grabs it with her mouth. Tony releases the spoon and, using both free hands, unzips his suit pants and takes out his penis.

Hearing the zipper, she opens her eyes and looks directly at Tony's lap. "Why Mr. Bonano. This is so sudden."

"Spoon some of that ambrosia on my cock, Supergirl, and see just how erotic pudding can be," Tony requests with a firm nod.

Biting her lip for a fraction of a second in dismay, Supergirl suddenly smiles up at Tony while thinking of Sergei sitting in the kitchenette reading the morning paper.

"Sure!" She leans over and does as she is told, placing a neat gumdrop sized mound of pudding on his half erect penis. He takes the pudding and spoon from her and tosses them gently on the cocktail table as she shifts her body so her soft chest bounces against his thigh, her legs are bent with her booted toes waving in the air and her head is directly over Tony's pudding- covered cock. She goes down on the dick slowly, lowering her head with her mouth open and her tongue out. She encompasses the whole tip of his penis and sucks in her cheeks. This creates a pocket of warm mouth and cool pudding that raises Tony's eyebrows straight up. His pecker too! She swirls it all around in her mouth and circles his glans with a simultaneous rotation of her head and tongue.

"Mmmmm. Thweet to the tongue. Thmooth on the gums." She pulls her mouth off the tip and swallows the pudding with a loud gulp. "Tastes like pudding but looks like cum!"

"You're a fucking Longfellow!"

"No. You are. I'm Emily Dickens-mouth!"

"Don't stop, sweet mouth!" Tony grins.

She lowers her head into his lap again and licks his prick all over with her tongue, using lots of saliva and lots of flicking tip action with the very tip of her tongue on his shaft, on his glans and on the underside of his prick where he's the most sensitive.

"Ahh. That's great!" Now he's the one leaning back into the seat cushion. Her left hand cups his balls, fingering them lightly as her right hand slides up and down his shaft. Her mouth continues to suck and rotate and pull on and off the top third of his cock with a building rhythm that's bringing his breath in short pants now.

"I'm not going to swallow. I want you to come on my breasts, okay?"


"Don't hold my head." She looks up at him with blue-eyed hope.

"I won't. I won't. Don't slow down."

Picking up the tempo, Supergirl strokes faster and with a little more firmness, even as her fingers play Mozart with the hairs and skin of his nutsack. Her mouth now grips the whole top half of his penis and is tightly jerking back and forth on it with gusto.

"Mmm...mmm...mmm...mmm...mmm...mmm...." She works steadily as she feels his width increase and his prick bob suddenly. She pulls her mouth off in a hurry. She lowers his dick even as he grasps her shoulder and she can't quite move fast enough in position for him to hit her chest. The white arc of his jism catches her full in the face, splattering all over her cheeks, nose and mouth.

Her mouth gapes open in shock and a secondary squirt goes right down her throat like a perfect jism dunk shot. There's even a follow-up three pointer squirt from downtown that lands right on her left eyelid. Once again Supergirl discovers a new way to be sexually humiliated.

"..hreegkk...Oh....eeyeegghh....aakkh..ohh...tony!" The cum-splattered face of the Maid of Steel drips with thick white strands of Bonano's salty jism. Blinking away the cum dripping from her eye, Supergirl sputters and gags in disgust and shame. She starts to get up to go clean off in the bathroom, when Tony's arm grabs her bicep and pulls her right back down to the same position on her belly.

"Where are you going?" Tony looks at the frowning cum-drenched face of the famous teenage champion pulled onto his lap.

"I was....huullgkk....going to clean myself up!"

"We'll do it here," Tony says.

"What? What do you mean?" Supergirl girl tries to rise again and he pulls her back with a firm grip again.

"Let me help you with that," Tony says. His palm sweeps down from her forehead, around her cheeks, skims over her mouth and down and under her chin. He's effectively smeared Supergirl's entire face with cum.

"What the hell...oh...oh....acgkkk...huurlgkk...stop....stuhpp....gonna be sick..."

"Is there a problem, Tony?" Sergei asks, folding the newspaper to a new page.

Supergirl freezes in place. Breathes through her nose and calms herself down immediately.

"No. I think we're fine over here, Sergei," Tony replies, looking at the miserable blonde with the darting eyes in his lap. He holds out his hand and there's a white puddle of the thick viscous jism in his palm. "Lick it up."

The crack high is long gone. Reluctantly but obediently, the blonde heroine to millions laps up the cum in Tony's hand like a pet poodle. Taking small licks at the edges and working her way inward so she doesn't gag and puke, Supergirl finishes the job in about eight minutes. Twice she had to rest for twenty seconds to keep from losing her composure and her breakfast. But the newspaper rattling off in the distance keeps her focused and determined.

"Good," Tony says with a smile. He takes the forlorn cum-streaked face of the blonde beauty in the palm of his freshly cleaned hand and looks into her baby blues. "Now listen to me, Linda. Sex is not always neat and not always fun. That you've clearly learned over the last few days. And, you're new to this so I expect mistakes, but this gagging thing you've got about cum, you have to beat that! Customers want to think you enjoy swallowing. Some may get off on the gagging, but you never know which ones will take it wrong. It will take practice and patience to solve this. But it has to be done. It's part of your profession for the next year! You may or may not believe this but I did not try to cum in your face. You got me very excited and didn't release me fast enough and I couldn't control myself because you did such a good job with your mouth. I would have happily cummed on your tits. Believe me. It would have been a pleasure to cum all over Supergirl's tits. Who wouldn't agree with that?" Tony says with a smirk. "Do you understand what I'm saying? Cause Sergei will hear about the gagging and the complaints and that will not be a small mistake. I will talk to him about this 'failing' of yours and try to get him to understand, but you've got to try on your end, too. If its practice you need, I'm sure Carmine and Stevie would be happy to help," Tony smiles broadly at this

"Hmm!" Supergirl grunts and gives a small wry grin back. "Yeah, I don't doubt it. I'll work on it, Tony. Promise."

"Good. Now go in there and clean up and we'll do another pipe to get you back in a good mood. I like my ladies to be smiling and satisfied whenever possible."

"Okay, Mr. B."

Fifteen minutes later, Supergirl is back on the cruise ship Driftwood floating along on the Gulf Stream of Crack. Lying back in the big beige leather couch cushion, her legs are spread wide apart and Stevie is on his knees on the floor in front of her. The cocktail table has been pushed off to the side to make room for his legs because Stevie has his chin on the sofa seat and is rapidly stroking Supergirl's clit with his tongue. His right hand holds the crotch of her panties off to the side while his other hand feathers softly against her inner thigh.

"Oooohh....ohhhh....ah...ha...haahhh....that's wunnerful...Stevie....." she says twitching with joy.

Tony's actively working on Supergirl's breasts, using firm steady squeezes to ply them, caress them, lift them and press them. He breaks up the steady fondling with exquisite nipple work as well. Pulling down the collar of her shirt to reveal the bouncing beauties, he concentrates on tweaking, twisting, nibbling and dribbling saliva on them to an unending series of squeaks, moans and shudders from the drowsy, satiated blonde.

"This is the kind of attention a girl should always have," she murmurs happily. "Oh... Tony...don't stop what you're doing..."

"Wouldn't think of it." Tony glances at the wall clock. 2:25 p.m. He had to get things underway. He nods to Stevie. "In fact, I think we'll pick up the pace a little."

"Be my guest," she sighs.

Taking a compact 4" blue crystal dildo with a 2-1/2" width from his pocket, Stevie puts the tip against the panting blonde's well lubricated vagina and slowly presses the device into her tight pussy.

" and....your toys....."

"We aim to please, Miss Linda," Stevie says in a bad southern accent. Then he turns on the battery-operated device and sends Supergirl into the first class cabin on the Driftwood's Millionaire's Club Section.

"WHAAHH....OHH....Rao....that's incredible..." Supergirl's hips buck spastically as the motorized dildo takes over her focus. It doesn't hurt that she's still high from the second pipe of the Vanilla Pudding. Not to mention the aphrodisiac that thoroughly laced the cheese omelet so courteously supplied by Sergei. The Maid of Steel is a chain reaction about to initiate. Just the way Tony had planned.

Tony leans over and licks Supergirl's ear as his hands continue to fondle her breasts in slow figure eights. Then he whispers in her ear, "Carmine had a call from an interesting woman this morning who was looking for you."

"Oh...whooooo...." she breathes softly as Stevie pulls the dildo out and works the outside of her slick pussy, rubbing it in the folds of her major and minor labia. "Ohh...."

"Someone named Diana Prince."


"You know her?"

"Aaahhh..ohhh...yess....she's...a...long time....friend....mmhhhh...."

"She was quite concerned. We had to lie to her of course. Carmine returned her call and told her he had talked to you but hadn't seen you since the night you disappeared."

Diana is looking for me! So are others probably. There could be an ending to...

"WHAAHH!" Supergirl's hips twitch and buck again as Stevie puts the dildo right against the sensitized heroine's clit. She turns her head and gnaws not so gently on Tony's shoulder. "Oohh."

"She was quite persistent., Carmine tells me."

"....that's Diana...mmm...ahhh...OH! OH!..Stevie...tha..that has to be illegal somewhere!"

"Should I stop?" He winks at Tony.

"Don't you freaking dare!"

"A friend like that, well, it must be a wonder to have a woman like that in your corner."

" say that..." She giggles, then sighs then moans loudly as Stevie goes full bore with the dildo under Tony's command.

Tony had heard the giggle and knew what it meant. Supergirl under a barrage of sexual manipulation and crack and a simple verbal slight of hand by Tony Bonano had just given up her friend's secret identity to a Mob boss.

And for her reward she got a wonderful screaming multiple orgasm that would last a full minute and haunt her for the rest of her days.

Tony suspicions would have to be verified. Once that was done, he was prepared to move decisively against Ms. Diana Prince.

End of Chapter 18

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 18