Supergirl Captured by the Mob Part 67f  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 67F - An Imaginary Incident: The Girls Meet The Street - Part Six- Conclusion

By Dr. Dominator

IMPORTANT NOTE: This chapter was written at the suggestion of a loyal reader. It is an imaginary interlude and is not meant to be seen as a part of the current story or plot line, although it's designed to seem like it would. But Tony Bonano would never actually take the chance of letting both women out of his sight together in public. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this imaginary sequence.

The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

The lone spotlight shining down on the narrow alley in the heart of the South Bronx isn't the only light reflected in the puddles gathered amongst the cobblestones, the pitted tarmac and the broken bricks. There's also the full moon, it's bright, round face shining brightly with all obscuring clouds having been blown far to the east. The lunar lamp sends bright beams upon the scene of Supergirl and Wonder Woman poised on their knees before Chester and Mac. The two heroines' faces are now upturned by the firm hands of the panting men. Even with their bruises and scrapes, the features of the two famous champions are wondrous to behold, all the more so for the two bums who palm their soft chins and plainly note in the moon's pale white light the unbridled drunken lust of the two women.

The bums had asked, had cautioned and then had pleaded for the bobbing, fondling heroines to stop sucking them off. Both men desperately wanted to be able to fuck these famous babes and spewing from the blowjobs would ruin all that. They weren't old men but neither man was confident in his drunken state whether he had the capability to go twice with these women. Cumming once and then passing out was not out of the realm of possibility.

The heavily-inebriated heroines had slowed in their drunkenly-focused tasks but had not stopped entirely until the two men captured their heads and pulled their eager mouths off their dicks before they spewed. The heroines' warm gulping mouths and rapid stroking palms have produced glistening, ramrod hard cocks that both bums were now eager to put to their best use.

"Want to make love to you," Mac implores Supergirl, coming up with a miraculous phrase in his drunken need that may just open the gates of heaven for him.

"Yeah, me too," parrots Chester to Wonder Woman. "Lesh make love!"

These two hard-luck cases can't believe they're going to be sticking their throbbing tools deep into the soft accepting channels of these amazing beauties. And judging by the wide needy eyes of the intoxicated ladies, their swaying bodies and their slack mouths drooling a thick combination of spit and pre-cum, the two champions of justice appear more than ready to accept that notion.

Indeed, after suffering a night of ruthless brutality, shattered egos and drowning doses of liquor, neither Wonder Woman or Supergirl are in any position to refuse either the overt sexual initiatives of the heavily aroused bums or to resist their own volcanic libidos. With surprising swiftness, both women rock back off their knees and let the men push them down onto their backs.

"Howju know? Thash zactly whut I want, big guy," smiles Supergirl as she eagerly spreads her long, beautiful legs wide apart for Mac who immediately palms her silky red panties and starts rubbing away at her crotch as the Maid of Steel giggles and sighs with pleasure.

"Yez," mutters Wonder Woman in thick agreement, her eyes half-lidded in a completely relaxed drunken expression "Thash right! We both need a liddle tender luvin' care for a change thish evenin'!" She too opens her arms in a beckoning gesture as she spreads her legs wide apart with a come hither expression of dopey delight. As her thighs open up, Chester sees that her starred blue panties still have a dark brown stain from the motor oil despite the scrubbing under the drainpipe in the rain. But when the Champion of All Women willingly invites you to stick your dick in her by displaying her crotch like a cheap floozy, no man is going to take issue with the cleanliness of her wardrobe

Following Mac's lead which hasn't lead him astray all evening, Chester palms Wonder Woman's crotch as well and begins rubbing hard firm circles and short tickling strokes against the aroused Amazon's panties. Diana's eyes grow wide with delight. The cool fabric of her costume is pressed deep into the cleft of her womanhood by hard fingers. The silkiness of the material is rubbed back and forth, back and forth between and against her labia. It feels great! And no sooner does that erotic stimulation tilt her head back with joy than a secondary thrilling sensation grips her as her breasts are exposed by a hard yank on her bustier followed by a firm set of lips clamping down on her suddenly naked right nipple. It sends up a flare of exquisite pleasure that draws a sharp gasp from her quivering mouth.


"Yeah, you like that, don't ya, Prinshesh," mumbles Chester with a mouthful of sweet Amazon tit and a palmful of warm Amazon crotch.

"Mmmm. Yesss..." Diana coos as her nipple is licked and nibbled and sucked on repeatedly. Chester works the nub over until it gets as hard as a pink plastic button. Wonder Woman's breasts heave and harden as they, too, are heavily stimulated. Fondled and mauled, squeezed and groped, the massive tits are handled like modeling clay by the drunken Chester who is murmuring happily in his efforts.

"Sweet ole' titties, these are. Ripe as can'lopes. Tastes like fresh farm pickin's these big beauties. Yup!"

"You like my melons, good shir," giggles Diana, every single inhibition completely dissolved by the alcohol in her system. "Find them full and plump enough for your breakf....OHHH! HERA HELP ME...Ohhhhh... that feels soooo good!"

Chester's finger has slipped under the brown stained panties and found another pink nub on his soft, squeezable love toy to tickle and tease. This has the once-chaste heroine of ultimate virtue lifting her left leg high in the air and draping it loosely over the big man's shoulder. Her fingered crotch is blatantly displayed like a layout in a cheap porn magazine: the panties mostly covering her sex but yet pulled aside just enough to show a glance of curly black hair, a sliver of wrinkled pink pussy lip and a probing finger knuckle-deep in her barely-covered snatch. With this lewd act, the mighty Wonder Woman has completely relinquished all rights and privileges to the moral high ground. But then again, that fact was probably established several minutes earlier when she and her companion were eagerly bobbing their heads on the unzipped, un-sheathed, un-circumcised, and very un-flaccid penises of two street bums.

"Oohhhhh. Oh my. Shweet Aphrodite but you're good at thish!" Wonder Woman gasps as she takes Chester's forearms in her hands and rubs them up and down as he fondles her breasts and fingers her womanhood with eager dedication.

"You desherve only the besssst..." beams Chester as he works over the Amazon's erotic hots spots like a man possessed. He rolls the heavy jugs around Wonder Woman's chest, continuing his biting, sucking and licking with a rapid pattern that varies as the mood strikes him. The squeezing returns, the hard compression followed by soft, tickling caresses followed by chewing and a fluttering, snake-quick tongue followed by a slow, heavy circular tonguing that has Diana's eyes floating up under her lids a bit as she settles back against the hard surface of the street as if it were the softest goose down mattress, savoring his hands all over her breasts, his mouthwork and his slippery finger as it twiddles away between her legs.

"Mmmmmm....s'wunderfil!" She breathes this out slowly, dreamily.

"Getting nishe and juishy down blo...b'low," burps Chester.

"Yesh..i...i..feel it. Feels...good. Don't shtop...doin' that thing...thing with your finger..."

"You mean this?"

"AAHHH!" Diana's back arches in a spasm of pleasure and her jaw line captures the moonlight as she grips hard on Chester's forearms while he befuddles the Amazon warrior with the unrestrained pleasure of drunken sex play. Her hips buck at his fingerwork even as his mouth captures her tit by the nipple and stretches it out with his teeth. "Ye gods, ish there no end to your dev'lish tactics?"

"You bedder hope not, Prinshess. Not if you wanna cum like a broken fawzet with old Chester here."

" want that...I" sighs Diana, lost in the rising surge of his constant fondling and fingering. Her head rests in a shallow puddle, her raven locks soaking up the dirty water even as her eyelids flutter. Wonder Woman's sighs grow heavier as she offers a noisy counterpoint to her foolishly proffered virtue. Apparently, when drunk, the Champion of All Women was an easy lay.

Pressing his advantage, Chester reaches out, takes hold of Wonder Woman's right ankle and pulls it so that now both of the heroine's booted calves drape over his shoulders. He then grasps the waistband of those renowned starred briefs and pulls them down to mid-thigh, fully revealing all of the Amazon's feminine treasures. Drunk on her ass, Wonder Woman's tits and twat are on full display in the moonlight before this simple street bum. The massive breasts rise and fall in glorious defiance of gravity, their nipples like tiny gum drops. The soft thatch of black hair forms a fuzzy triangle that points to the cleft of her slit, all it's edges and crevices glinting with her frenzied desire. And the illustrious Princess of Themyscira is far too stoned, demoralized and befuddled to appreciate the depths of humiliation to which she has sunk on this endless night.

Continuing to distract his drunken prize from any realization of her profound degradation, Chester lifts Wonder Woman's hips and shoves his face between her thighs and smooches it deeply.

"OHH!" She cries out with joy. "UUMMMHH....AHH....AAIEEE!" Passionate exclamations steadily blurt out of the writhing Amazon's mouth even as her lower mouth is fully encompassed by eager lips and a wild tongue. Chester licks and twirls at the Wonder Woman's pussy lips, savoring the honey he tastes there. Slurping it up, sucking at her tender curly lips, gnawing gently at the ripe full flaps of sensitivity he is discovering. His comely prize bucks her hips and moans loudly, thrilled beyond reason at the rushing delights charging from her crotch to her brain. She thrashes. He probes deeper. She flails her arms and twists from side to side. He nibbles her clit like the edge of a cracker. She groans like a bear. He smiles between her thighs and savors her wetness as he rubs his face deeply within her loins. He bathes his cheeks in her juicy softness while reducing her to a simpering puddle with his mouth.

"OOOOHHHHHHH....Hera...thashh....increbidle.." she babbles. "..shho....good....."

"Tashte nice. Sweet," Chester says, lifting his head for a momentary breath of air and a gentlemanly compliment. Then he goes back to work. Kneeling before the dazed beauty, with his hands now squeezing her ripe wide ass, the beefy bearded bum lifts Wonder Woman's hips a touch higher, buries his face between her legs and goes to town. His balding head shines like cue ball as it nods slowly up and down with every long luxurious lick of her melting pussy.

Her boots bounce lightly against his back while her face scrunches up with the unqualified tension of a hugely satisfying vaginal bath. Urgently, Diana's hands seek his masculine physique, longing to grip him somewhere, anywhere. Her palms land on his shoulders and she grips his shirt, pulling him closer with frantic urgency, rubbing his face deeper into her throbbing, twitching cleft.

"Yesssshh. Lick it clean....sho...cleeeeaaaannnnn," she demands with breathy gasps.

"Shtill tastes a liddle like chicken gravy," Chester says between licks.

"....kay..." she sighs idly, kneading his wide firm shoulders with her palms. She squeezes them over and over again like a cat working a spot on cushioned couch arm before settling down. ""

"Here's sumthin' even nicer," he says, lifting her ass higher yet as his tongue moves down from her dripping pussy to the tight little twist of her ass. The warm tongue circles the tiny knotted entrance and then flicks up and down against the puckered pink knot.

"WHOAA! What the..? By Achilles' crushty jockshtrap, what on DOING?"

"Me? Jus'd tonguing up yhur butt, bootiful. Like it?" Chester smiles then bends low again, curls his tongue and probes it deeply against the knotted area, pushing it hard and then licking it all around.

"...i...never...UHHH!....I one..AAHH!....i..didn't...but....MORE! MORE! Thundering Olympus....MORE!!"

Spreading his left palm wide against her lower back and supporting her there, Chester then licks his forefinger and pokes it against her anus, spreading the knot open as he pushes against it. The tip of the wet digit moves through the excited, yielding hole and Diana's body jerks as she gives up a throaty gasp.


Chester pushes the finger deeper still and lowers his mouth back against her pussy, sealing it with his mouth as he kisses it deeply and warmly. The warmth of her loins throws off waves of heat and the thrill of his finger in her butt releases a small trickle that he laps up with his eager tongue.

"....Hermes' wingsh... you're sho....goooooodddd..."

"Whut? Who?"


Chester continues to move his finger deeper into Wonder Woman's asshole, burying it to the first knuckle and wiggling it in place. In the meantime, his mouth centers on her clit, his lips clasping it for a momentary grip before releasing it. He then uses his tongue to circle it endlessly, a plane waiting for airport control tower clearance on a busy holiday weekend. The sensation of the probing, twisting, wriggling finger up her butt and the relentless circling tongue overwhelms Wonder Woman's senses in a sudden rush of absolute pleasure. She squeaks loudly, bucks roughly and cums on the spot.

"HHHHNNNNNGGGGHHHH!" Wonder Woman grunts, frozen in place, her knees have snapped her calves out straight, the back of her head has pushed deeper into the puddle and her fingers grip the burly man's broad shoulders like talons.

Chester is flooded with her sweet nectar of joy. It fills his mouth and dribbles down his chin as he backs off from between her thighs and smiles.

"Thazz one!"

Speechless, Diana just melts into the street in her afterglow. Warmed by her climax, bathed by moonlight, her eyes white, her tongue lolling out of the corner of her mouth. Total satisfaction personified.

Drifting in her reverie, she recalls the moment she was going to let Chester have his way with her this evening. It was during the rainstorm when she was cleaning herself up, removing all the filth the whores had left in her costume. She was trying to get the golf balls out of her cooze but just couldn't get a good grip. That's when Chester came up. He was naked and dancing and all happy but then saw Diana suddenly frowning and frustrated so he helped her with the golf balls. His shaky hands reached up with surprising gentleness and withdrew them one by one. He didn't take easy swipes while he was there, he didn't offer any sarcastic comments. He just helped her by taking them all out one by one. That was all it took for her to decide he'd get lucky with Wonder Woman this evening. Very lucky. Mac had seen the moment and offered to help Supergirl with her folded grapefruit rind shoved up her twat but it was out before he finished offering his help. Still, she smiled demurely and thanked him. Diana turned to Kara at the time and winked at her and she was pretty sure Kara knew what they wink entailed.

And now, not three feet to her right, Supergirl is sitting in Mac's lap, facing him and smiling like the famous Cheshire cat while she bounces up and down on the bearded blonde bum's wide 7" of hot rigid muscle. Heavy panting is going on between them.

"Uunnghh, uunnghh, uunnghh, uunnghh, uunnghh." Kara grunts on every downstroke as she empales herself on the meaty stick. Her long bare legs are wrapped around Mac's hips with her ankles crossed behind his back.

"Uhh...uhh...uhh...uhh...uhh..." Mac holds her waist as her breasts flop up and down within her shirt, the famous red and yellow diamond emblem rising and falling before his eyes with mesmerizing fascination. He is fucking Supergirl! Well, she is fucking him at the moment. He's just a shit-eating grin happy camper as she bumps up and down on his pole like it's a carnival ride. Her hair is flying all around her head, strands of it flying in his face, grazing against his cheek in thick wet blonde slaps. Her palms are flat against his thighs as she bumps up and down on his lap with a fierce drunken frenzy of lust that is astoundingly pleasurable on so many levels.

His pole is shiny slick with her hot wetness as it appears and disappears into the tight cavity of her vagina. Over and over the famous Maid of Steel rises and falls on the long hard muscle. Mac looks into the heavily-lidded bright blue eyes of a girl possessed by lust. Her grunting is a regular and happy as a wild pig that's found a truffle patch.

" down...too mush....too fasht..." Mac implores, squeezing her waist in his palms, pushing down on her hips and bringing her to a stop. His forehead leans forward and rests against hers and he pants heavily and slowly as she wriggles in place, her desires fueled by the scotch coursing through her blood.

"No...not even squirming...gonna loozh it...don't wanna loozh it yet..."

"Why not?" Supergirl asks. "Ishn't point?"

"You...multiple...' one..." Mac murmurs softly, trying to catch his breath and compose himself for at least one more session of Bouncing Super Beauty.

The now still blonde teen stays in place, trying not to overexcite Mac. It seemed silly to her but she wanted to accommodate him since he'd been pretty decent to her, pulling her out of the garbage can and rescuing her and everything.

"Okay. Tell me what to do then," she purrs, stroking his face with her palm.

"Jesssh... give me a minute....get myshelf....rheddy..."


After 30 seconds of calming himself down without losing a bit of his rigidity, Mac slowly palms Supergirl's breasts while she sits before him unmoving except for her slightly swaying head that is nodding in her dazed condition.

"Lez jest lift up this top of yours so old Mac here can get at these shweet peaches of yours. Izzat okay with you, Supergirl?"

"Uh, shure. Why the heck not. I've let guys get to second bashe b'fore. 'Sides, you've already rounded home, I guezz, so why not let the whole team get on base, huh?

"Oh, would you look at these beauties!" Mac says, not paying much attention to the blabbing heroine's witty repartee, as he stares at the perfect breasts he's just displayed by quickly pushing up Supergirl's blouse. Indeed, her tits take his breath away. Stunning round, soft touchable globes of indescribable perfection. Not the hint of a sag. No scars, no marks, no blue veins, nothing but cream and pink visions of mind-numbing in-their-prime teenage beauty stare back at him. "Oh, I gotta touch these. Gotta feel these babies in my hands."

" my....guest...." Supergirl giggles.

Mac's shaking palms reach forward and envelope the Maid of Steel's soft curves. He squeezes them gently, feeling her nipples tickle his palms. Slowly he caresses them, smoothing his hands all over and around their rounded shape. He holds them, squeezes them, fondles and mauls them, savoring the sensation of feeling up the one and only Supergirl.

" might be harder to shqueeze these..." Mac mumbles.

"They can be a little harder but I'm not at my shtrongest right now. Thish choker is, I'm jusht not azh shtrong az I am norm'ly."

"Zorry 'bout that. Guessh your loss ish my gain, huh?"

"..could say that. Could. Uhhh, can I, you know, ride you again now? Pretty please?"

"Oh, uh, well, why don't we let me drive for a while. You jusht lay back and let me play with you. I'll give you a good time. Promise."

"Fab!" The Last Daughter of Krypton squeals with delight and rocks onto her back as Mac leans forward and untangles his legs until they're straight out behind him and Supergirl's boot soles are pointed at the sky. Mac starts thrusting his rock hard dick into the blonde girl while one hand continues to fondle her tits. His other hand takes hold of her thigh, lifts it slightly and squeezes it firmly while he increases his pace. Once again, the penis is driving in and out of the Supergirl's tight pussy and her eyes go to half-mast with pleasure. The respite has done wonders for Mac and he pumps away with focused vigor, savoring the tight channel's slippery sides as he pushes and withdraws again and again into heaven's gate.

"Mmmhhhh. Ohhhhh. Aahhhhh." Now it's Supergirl who begins to feel flushed, dizzy and inundated with sensations as Mac's penis dominates her hands caress her, his mouth seeks and envelopes, sucks and chews at her breast, her nipple and her neck, sending quivers of pure spasming joy into her head. "Rao," she bubbles.

Building momentum, Mac becomes a fucking machine, all his inebriation focused on his goal of bringing this blonde heroine to a rocking, mind-blowing climax that she'll never forget. His one night of glory in his dumpster-diving life. He thinks of all the things that have gone wrong for him through the past so he doesn't get overwhelmed by the sensations again. He concentrates on the bad so he can be very, very good this one moment in time.

"Aaahhh....aaaahhhhh...ooohhhhhhh.....Rao....that's ....super...." Kara pants as the driving hot rod works back and forth, rocking her body, rocking her world and stunning her with a confluence of thrusting violent friction between her thighs and hot feverish licking at that perfect point on her neck.

"UH...UH...UH...UH..." Mac is in the zone, feeling his prize wilt as he maintains a sudden steely coldness now. All purpose, minimal passion, all potency, minimum personal connection. And Supergirl is completely disconnected from his robotic frame of mind. She is a bumping, confused mass of erotic junctures that are firing codes back and forth across her body. Her breasts are zinging electric fire lines to her brain, her brain is centering all her attention on her vagina, her neck and thigh are bombarding her brain with urgent communiques of surrender and suddenly, all vectors are connected, the network is humming with every channel open wide and the brain is blasted by an explosion of information from every site on the network at once. Supergirl's eyes roll up under her lids, her arms clamp around Mac's head, her cheek flops sideways against cool tarmac, her thighs squeeze desperately to his rocking hips and she cums in a white soundless nova of pure pleasure.


The rushing flow of ecstacy inundates her pussy, crackles like fireworks in her fingertips and leaves her blind and gasping for a moment in the moonlit alley as Mac holds her shoulders and just lies on top of her enjoying her pleasure himself. He has held himself in check. It is Supergirl who is the limp, moaning creature in his arms. His conquest. His pride. His moment in the spotlight that he'll always have.

"...ohhhhhhh....." Kara moans softly, eyes fluttering, weak with satisfaction. Surprised at her own vulnerability to this man that has nothing to do with kryptonite. It does have a lot to do with the scotch.

Lazily turning her head, Kara is stunned to see her Amazon companion lying on her back with her knees raised and Chester sitting on her stomach. Diana's top has been pulled down to her belly with her breasts exposed. Wonder Woman is holding her massive chest in her own two hands, tightly squeezing her breasts together for Chester's pleasure. He is thrusting his penis back and forth in her sweaty cleavage and Diana and he are both smiling away as the Champion of All Women willingly accepts a humiliating tit fucking without a hint of resistance whatsoever. Quite to the contrary, the chuckling Amazon is sucking at the tip of Chester's penis with every thrust forward through her dark breasty tunnel into the moonlight. She is a willing accomplice to the absolute repudiation of everything she stands for as an Amazon.

"Di?" Kara blurts and Wonder Woman turns her head to the side.

"...oh....hiya...Kara... havin' fun?"


"The most..." sighs the drunken Wonder Woman.

"...uh...okay..." Kara is genuinely surprised at Diana's complete capitulation to Chester's suggestions. Not that she, Supergirl, had handled herself any better. But as the Champion of All Women, one expected a higher standard, Kara thinks.

Tough night for heroines. Great night for sluts.

Her thought is interrupted by Mac who asks her if she's ready for something different.

"Sure, why not..." Kara mumbles. Judging by Diana's actions, apparently anything goes this evening...or this morning.Gotta be almost morning, she muses.

"Turn over," Mac tells her. "Get on your hands and knees."

Diana is drunk on scotch and drunk on the freedom of doing whatever comes into her head or even Chester's head for that matter. She has trashed any and all morality in her mind for tonight. Everything's fair game. She'd played the hero and lost badly this evening and right now she didn't see the point in it. No point whatsoever. She simply basks in the pleasure of feeling Chester's cock sliding in and out between her tits while one hand cups her mons and fingers her as the other holds the back of Diana's head and helps her tilt it forward so she can suck his cock better. She even liked the taste of it. But that finger work was getting her very, very excited now.

".t..ta...take...meee...." she pleads. ""

"Okay, baby. Be my pleashure..." Chester says. "Turn over, get on your hands and knees."

Side by side, both superheroines are taken by the bums. What started out as a double blow job, now is ending up as a double fucking. Both men handle their dicks easily, sliding into the wet, willing pussies of Supergirl and Wonder Woman almost simultaneously. Driving deep inside their love nests, filling them with hot hard pricks without consciences. The alchohol did this. The beatings did this. The girls did this to themselves. Heads nodding, thighs quivering, breasts tightly held and fondled as both men lean onto the kneeling women's back, the famous champions of justice are reamed like whores from behind, doggy style, shamelessly. They are pounded and pounded and pounded. They whimper and coo, purr and growl, plead for more, plead for it to stop. They are overwhelmed and befuddled by sex and booze. And the pistoning dicks continue to stroke, to slide, to drive into tight channels and withdraw with endless consistency by two bums who are playing way over their heads in a league they never could have aspired to had not Dame Fortune cast these two beaten women across their twisting path.

The pace is relentless and none can stand it a moment longer. The heat becomes heaven. The passion becomes palpable. The ecstacy rises and becomes all as the foursome are rocked by simultaneous climaxes that include shouting, crying, frozen faces and gushing juices. It is a fountain of feeling and all are drained, satiated, confused and limp. And it over.

The two bums pull out of the heroines, leaving thick white trails down the crevices of their asses, down their thighs, down their tired wasted bodies. Penises are replaced and the bums take up their bottles and wander off into the night singing as they arrived. Happy conquering warriors who've bested the best.

As the bums leave the alley, they are stopped by a big swarthy Italian in an Escalade.

"You seen two...uh ladies...this evening, gentlemen... in...uh.. unusual costumes?"

"Girls? No, no girls, fella," Chester replies. "We seen two whores though. Back in that alley. Cheap floozies for sure. Guess they were wearing costumes. Didn't really notice." Chuckling together, Chester and Mac wander off into the night, arm in arm hoisting the remains of their scotch bottles in the air and singing at the top of their lungs.

Carmine looks at Mario and they nod together as Carmine says, "Let's check it out."

Laying in the moonlight, Diana feels a light pressure by her leg. Too exhausted to turn her head at the moment and look, she assumes it's Supergirl reaching out for condolence or to give it. What she doesn't expect is a sharp stinging pain on her bare rump. This pulls her from her lethargy and she sees a rat, the same rat as before, with his teeth in her ass. She flails at it blindly but, too weary, misses the creature who scurries off into the night, revenge taken as a meal served cold.

Back at the Pleasure Dome, Wonder Woman and Supergirl walk into their suite in tattered costumes, exhausted but thrilled to be back in the safety of their domain. And eager for their drugs. Tony is waiting for them as the elevator opens. He surveys his women. They are a mess. Beaten, bloodied, their costumes barely hanging on their sweaty, bruised bodies. His eyebrow goes up in disdain.

"How much?" He asks them.

"...nuthing..." murmurs Supergirl.


"Nothing. We ran into some trouble."

"Looks like it."

"A gang of whores..."

"Don't want to hear about it," Tony says. "You had a job to do. A goal. You didn't meet that goal. I'll put on your belt, Diana. I'll take off your collar, Kara. You two will get better. And tomorrow night, you're going out again!"

"No, Tony, no!" Both heroines gasp.

"Rules is rules," the mob don says and heads for the elevator.

End of Chapter 67-F

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 67.6