Supergirl Captured by the Mob 58  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 58 - Gangbang Of A Heroine

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia and Don Lupenzo are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

The raw autumn air in the shade between the buildings on mid-town Manhattan's York Avenue foretells the onset of a cold winter. The small group of people huddled a block away from Don Gino Lupenzo's headquarters blow on their hands while they discuss what Mario had seen when he casually sauntered by the front of the building. Being a new soldier among Tony's troops from Brooklyn, Mario is a fresh-faced dark-haired lad in his first year of Brooklyn Community College. He's got a thin long nose, thick lips and curly black hair. Most importantly, this new member of Tony's family isn't someone that Lupenzo or any of his men would have reason to recognize.

"There's only one person out front guarding the doors, Mr. Bonano," Mario reports. "He's short, stocky, about 5 foot 8 or so. He's wearing a Mets sweatshirt. He keeps rubbing his shoulder like he bruised it or something. The door behind him is completely smashed in. You can see right past the guy into the front hallway from the street."

"Has he got any kind of weapon in his hands," Wonder Woman asks. She stands with one hip cocked, her fist on her belt, her real lasso dangling on her opposite hip. The golden eagle at her calmly rising breasts is dark in the shade of the tall buildings.

"I didn't see him holding anything but I did notice his sweatshirt was bulging. Must be a big gun to make it bulge that much."

"Good eyes, Mario. Thanks," says Tony. "You still want to take the roof, Wonder Woman, or come at the guard straight on? You've got those bullet-proof bracelets and you've done this kind of thing more often than us."

"I'll search for an access from the roof like we discussed," Diana says with calm authority. "When I'm up there, after I'm sure I can get access to the building, I'll create a distraction from overhead so you can get the drop on the front door guard. It would be better if you take him out silently if you can. I'd like to keep the element of surprise as long as we possibly can. It will be safer for Kara if we do. Once I see you handle the guard out front, I'll go in through the access I find and work my way down through the building looking for Kara. If there's no access, I'll signal that with a cross wave of my hands like this. I'll still do the distraction but then just come back down and go inside from the front. But don't wait for me to come down. You go in and I'll catch up with you."

"Sounds good," Tony replies. "Sergei, after Diana gives us a signal that she's ready to distract the guard, I want you and Ricco here," he pats the tall young redhead on the shoulder as he talks, "hustling by the front door like you're both in a hurry. The moment Wonder Woman draws his attention, Sergei, you turn and throw your knife. How's your aim? Have you done this lately? I know you've taken out guys like this before but how long since you last did it?"

"Last year in Sarajevo. Not to worry, Tony. I practice enough."

"Wait! You're not going to kill the man are you?" Wonder Woman is taken aback by the realization of what she's getting involved with here.

"What did you expect, Princess," Sergei snarls.

"To subdue him with more stealth than a bumbling amateur," snaps Diana, her warrior side spilling out foolishly. Then she sees the cold fierceness in Sergei's eyes and lowers her own eyes with instant humbleness. "Uhh, but you should do what you think is best, of course."

"As I always do, Wonder Woman," Sergei replies icily. The sarcasm that drips from the word 'Wonder' is obvious to all who stand in the small huddled circle.

"Enough you two," Tony barks. "We have to do this as a team. Get your heads in the game on this or someone's going to pay the price. You all get me on that?" Tony surveys the group sternly. The sullen nods around the circle indicate reluctant agreement. "Good. Okay, Sergei, once you take out the door guard, you and Ricco get him inside. Mario and I will immediately follow you inside with Gilberto," he nods at a small, dour-faced hoodlum who's got both arms crossed on his chest and sullenly listening to all the plans with a scowl. He wants to shoot Lupenzo's guard without all the trickery but it's not his call. "We will rush around the corner and help you take over the vestibule. If there's anyone else inside, do you have a second knife, Serg?"

"Da, and a third. If anyone's inside the front foyer, they are to be dead in seconds. Silently, I promise."

"I am handy with a knife myself, Mr. Bonano," Ricco adds. A rare redheaded Italian who's family's roots are sunk in northern Italy near the Austrian border, Ricco has a calmness about him that inspires confidence in people. It's why Tony picked him for this assignment. "Sergei and I will handle everything."

"Excellent, Ricco. You're Carmine's nephew right?"

"Stepson, actually, from his third wife, Angela. I was born after Carmine and she split up."

"Well, be careful, Ricco. Carmine would have my head on a platter if anything happens to you." "Carmine worries too much," Ricco scowls, being tough at 27 years old in front of the famous don.

"Tell me something I don't know," smiles Tony. "And Gilberto," Tony says, turning to look at the sour-faced gunman, "no shooting unless I give the signal. We're playing this one cagey at the outset. I don't want any blasting done unless I give the order. I know you're aces with a firearm, that's why I brought you. You've got the best aim of anyone here. But you don't discharge your weapon unless I give you the thumbs up, got me?"

"Yeah, Mr. B, I got it," he nods respectfully.

"Good man. Okay, Diana, head out and let's get this done. Time's a'wastin'," Bonano says, tossing off a drawl like some old cowboy.

Wonder Woman simply nods and trots off around the corner to find the back of Gino's building and search out a fire escape or other way to get to the roof. Back in superhero mode for the first time in ages, Diana feels good about their chances. She just hopes that Kara has not unduly suffered during the six hours she's been out of contact. If all goes well, when they're done here, Diana hopes that she and Kara can just hang out together and get high. Tony had given her a fraction of a hit of heroin just after they finished discussing this rescue back at the Pleasure Dome. He didn't want her going through withdrawal or to be too stoned to be effective. He called it a tough balancing act. But with her power belt on, Diana felt on top of the world for the first time since she was first attacked in Bryant Park. How her life had been turned upside down since that day, she ponders.

"Come on, Diana," she whispers aloud to herself, "focus! Kara's life is on the line here!" With that admonition, Wonder Woman blocks all random thoughts from her mind and concentrates on her mission.

* * *

It's entirely possible that Supergirl has never looked in worse shape in her life. She is lying flat on her back in the fancy office at Don Lupenzo's headquarters with her bare arms thrown wide apart and her knees up in the air, held wide apart by a four-foot long black iron spreader bar. Wide leather cuffs around her ankles force her to keep her feet flat on the floor. One cuff circles her bright red boot, the other a bare ankle. Her second boot is nearby, cast aside in a folded lump. Her silken cape is lumped uncomfortably beneath her, it's fabric is wrinkled and stained, it's hem bunched and stretched out of shape.

The blonde heroine's blouse with its renowned diamond 'S' emblem has been indecently pulled down to her waist, revealing her full young breasts, bright red nipples that have been obviously abused and a chubby, distended belly. With equally nasty unseemliness, her short costume skirt has been hiked up to her hips offering unrestrained scrutiny of her neatly trimmed pubic bush and a hint of the gleaming pink folds of her labia. Shockingly, the sprawled body of the Maid of Might is colored a sickly shade of green. From her waxen face to her trembling toes, the teenaged wonder's entire body is the ghastly color of watery pea soup that indicates severe kryptonite poisoning. The sound of her wheezy labored breathing confirms her distress.

Supergirl's eyes are closed, but her lids flutter weakly as she vainly tries to regain consciousness. Self-awareness, however, may be the last thing that the once mighty Kryptonian hero wants to achieve since the young blonde is covered head to toe with thick globs of gluey semen. With humiliating thoroughness, gelatinous white cum drips from every part of Supergirl's sprawled green figure: from her spunk-matted eyebrows to the hollows of her twitching sunken cheeks; from the cracked cum-shelled curves of her bare breasts to her widely flung arms with hands crusty with congealed jism. Rank semen is puddled in her belly button and shines in a spreading chain of drops across her naked stomach. Nasty white trails of ejaculate slowly ooze down the once muscular thighs, now slack with jowly, shaking tremors, and trace along the curved shiny calf of Supergirl's quivering left boot. Her bare right foot is heavily mottled with oddly-shaped clumps of cum that thicken between her toes and slowly slide off her naked ankle. With her face turned sideways, her cum-pasted cheek flush against the plush blue carpet, Supergirl's mouth gapes open as a fat lump of pale white jism slowly slides out of the corner of her mouth to join a substantial amount of the foul jelly pooled beneath her cheek.


The proud beauty had ingested so much thick gluey ball juice from her hours under the control of Don Lupenzo and his vindictive crew that her belly, bloated with semen, even now unconsciously rejects the overflowing jism up out of her throat and onto the rug on which she lies.

Supergirl's puffy, raw-lipped vagina, clearly exposed since her panties have been unceremoniously tossed off onto the nearby couch, is a misshapen, overused orifice that involuntarily leaks its own slow trickle of thick white cum between her helplessly shackled and splayed legs. Abused by bottles, a bat and massive cocks, there could be no clearer manifestation of Supergirl's soiled honor than the shocking image of her now sagging, leaky twat.

Directly under her twitching butt cheeks, Supergirl's asshole drains out its own dismal stream of lumpy white jism that clings to her rear like thick paste. It spreads a dark stain onto the section of the bright red cape spread beneath her rear. Supergirl's ass, like her pussy, is now spread wide open, a stretched-out, red-rimmed hole incapable of any significant muscle control. After repeated sessions under strain by large penises, a selection of wine and beer bottles and one vengefully applied monster dildo, the once tightly restricted sphincter is nothing but an unprotected cavity whose sole function has been utterly compromised by the constant abuse heaped on the heavily-drugged teenage wonder. Having the kryptonite pendant kept so effectively cloistered for long hours between her breasts has reduced Supergirl's once tight body with its youthful elasticity and virgin charms to a flabby, defiled wreck that offers only the pathetic looseness and negligible appeal of a lifelong whore offering sloppy seconds.

With her famous uniform crassly stripped from her tits, and with it's bright blue and red colors defiled by a heavy coating of foul-smelling cum, Supergirl is the ultimate picture of a disgraced and defeated heroine. To know the glory of what she was at her soaring, smiling best and to see her wretched condition now is to look with horror at the heights from which a heroine can fall, and to know the deepest depths that a soul can reach. Her remarkable body has become a conspicuous testament to the ruin that stems from drugs and a broken spirit. The world renowned Maid of Steel trembles, groans and hacks up another clump of cum, demonstrating complete humiliation as obviously as her deathly green hue exhibits her unsteady grip on life.

"...hhrgkkk....aaauurrgghhhhh...." Moaning weakly, overwhelmed by the constant strain of deadly kryptonite radiation and the after-effects of five long hours of unrelenting sexual abuse, the green-faced Maid of Steel has been rendered obsolete as a symbol of justice. The way she now lies on the carpet in a barely conscious fog of drooling ineptitude, the teenage champion is the embodiment of eye-fluttering, splayed-legged, cum-soaked devastation,

But even more, there is one unassailable fact that underlies this tragic scene of utter debauchery that is truly the most shocking notion of all: Supergirl, once the illustrious role model for millions of adoring fans and the pride of an entire planet, was nothing less than an enthusiastic, active participant in her own spectacular destruction.

* * *

It began early on, right after Don Lupenzo and she had groggily woken up after the elderly yet virile don's hedonistic defiling of the famous Daughter of Krypton. Upon awakening, Supergirl displayed an all-too-eager willingness to smoke pipe after pipe of high-grade crack. This 'fuck-it-all' attitude was based on Supergirl's morose realization that she had so quickly and so easily capitulated to Gino. Knowing she had given up herself so readily, the Maid of Steel's damaged spirit sank into the muck of its own despair. This, in turn, sparked a manic desire to continue a course of self-destructive behavior that was, in equal parts, depraved, boisterous and unrepentant.

This mood of manic self-degrading behavior directly contributed, along with the influence of some very potent crack, to her teasing, playful encouragement of half a dozen of Don Lupenzo's men. Some were called in from the road who'd been on assignment searching for Tony's men to assassinate. Others were the very souls she'd so cavalierly disposed of when she'd first attacked Gino's headquarters. Needless to say, the gang of men escalated their responses to the Maid of Steel's sexual taunts from crude verbal reactions to outright sexual attacks in the space of a mere six minutes. Gino's earlier allusion to Supergirl's desire for punishment clarified into a path of sexual exploitation that was explored to the limits of endurance by both Supergirl and the gang of Lupenzo's henchmen.

Now these same thugs lie in sprawled positions of beaming sexual gratification around the large room after hours and hours of face fucking, ass reaming and pussy stuffing of the famous blonde champion.

At first, the drug-crazed sex addict had stupidly encouraged and then thoroughly enjoyed the unrestricted melee of groping, thrusting, screaming hard-core sex. She exhibited a frenzied need for physical penetration and verbal abuse that actually stunned this hardened crew of miscreants. None had ever experienced anything like this before. The bitch was almost insatiable for all forms of abuse. Naturally they had obliged her in any and every way they could think of.. Some of the suggestions had come from Supergirl herself to the shocked but immediate agreement by all parties concerned. But after a while, even the drug-crazed manic Maid of Steel had discovered her limits. Unfortunately, the gang of Lupenzo's thugs had not, so out came a steel spreader bar and the helpless heroine's ankles were securely cuffed. Then, no matter how much she protested and whimpered and complained, she couldn't close her legs and her vagina and rectum were forced to endure continued indignities until all the gang was satisfied and Supergirl was a ravaged wreck.

* * *

The first pipe's worth of crack smoked with quick, desperate purpose by the blonde beauty stuns her into a somber silence that she marinates in for a few minutes. Gathered around her are six swarthy mafia thugs and the old don. They merely watch the nodding teen as her head twitches against the top of the glass table on which she is bound. After about four minutes of savoring her high, Supergirl's eyes open and she blearily registers the circle of men surrounding the table.

" and...nobody' a share...?.." she mumbles.

"You're gonna get yours, bitch. Don't worry about that," growls one man.

"...all talk...' mama's boys...."

"Six hard cases are ready to do you right now, Super cunt. Hope you're ready!"

"...z'matta...? Need...a..fucken....'graved invitation...?..."

"Not for your pussy, from what I hear," chuckles one of the men.

" me me what you got....Mary...."

A nod from Gino and four men eagerly attack the ropes and handcuffs pinning Supergirl's four limbs to the coffee table. In no time, she is hoisted to her unsteady feet by Basso and Tino, Don Lupenzo's personal security guards.

Sagging between the two large men on wobbly knees, the blonde lifts her drooping head and looks around the group of men surrounding her " you losers....can pretend to be front of...each other...."

Basso nods at Tino who releases the blonde. Holding her up by her dangling cape, Basso quickly twists Supergirl's arm behind her, forcing her wrist into the middle of her back.

"Arghh!" She yelps instinctively, swaying awkwardly in place until Basso's other hand grips her breast. He pulls the blonde teen sharply against his chest and squeezes her fleshy tit harshly in his wide, encompassing hands.

"..finally...a real man..." she says. "'fraid to touch my tits..."

With that, the remaining five mafia thugs surrounding Supergirl close in on the helpless teen with hands outstretched, seeking the soft parts of her body to squeeze and prod and fondle with impunity. Both breasts are pawed at and mauled by multiple hands. Her nipples are pinched, tickled and rubbed until Supergirl squeals loudly, her head thrown back, her voice cracked with pleasure.

"YES! OH, YEAH!!!....Oh...yes...! That's what I was hoping for!"

Other hands have plunged into her panties, their fingers probing deeply into her vagina and ass, stroking her feathery bush, tickling her inner thighs, fingering her twat and poking deep into her rear.

"...Eeeemmmm.....ohhhhhh......that's...incredible...too..." she gasps as her excitement mounts.

"Okay, cunt," someone says. "You've had some fun. Now it's time to pass that pussy around!"

"" Supergirl slurs. "Somethin' naughty..a.. hope..."

Basso speaks up, an idea he's been thinking about since he first saw one of Supergirl's hottest selling DVDs, "Supergirl Takes A Big One."

"You're gonna do the Supergirl Squat, blondie," Basso commands. "I'll make sure you're nice and ready."

With the crack high having swept away the addled blonde champion's inhibitions, she willingly stands in place while Tino fingers her pussy for two straight minutes. Before the time is up, the Maid of Steel is slumped weakly against Basso's hard physique, her lowered panties clinging to her legs as her pussy drips its juicy pleasure down her trembling thighs.

"Okay, Tino, you look ready. Lie down there and let the famous Twat of Steel here squat down and impale herself on your boner."

"...sounds...lovely..." breathes the blonde beauty huskily.

"Wait a sec. Let me get this annoying towel out of the way," Basso says. He reaches behind Supergirl's neck finds the secret clasp after a moment's search and releases the cape. He tosses it off to the side for now.

The heavily stimulated slack-jawed teen is turned around, and she stumbles a bit, but is steadied by Basso. She looks down to see Tino's shoes sticking up between her own boots. She turns her head around and smiles to see Tino lying on the blue carpet propped up on his elbows with his hard cock waving in the air. Supergirl slowly squats down looking directly into Tino's eyes with smoldering heat as she guides him to the entrance of her moist, eager pussy. She then turns her head away from Tino and merely studies the carpet as her well-lubricated vagina slowly slips over the full length of the Tino's cock, encompassing the hot muscle completely. Wriggling in place for several moments with a lusty smile pasted on her face, the famous Kryptonian champion savors the pleasure of the deep penetration. Then she begins to bob up and down on the hard, throbbing muscle with obvious gusto. The lucky mafia hood holds his hands lightly on Supergirl's hips as he watches her gorgeous round butt cheeks play hide and seek beneath her short flapping skirt. With every eager up-stroke of her toned body, the silky skirt clings to the beautiful rear, accenting the rounded curves enticingly. Every lusty downstroke creates enough airflow to lift the skirt up high enough to reveal that flexing, rounded rear as her tight twat swallows the man's entire penis in a velvet chamber of absolute bliss. Again and again, Supergirl humps away before the ecstatic hoodlum without reservation. Her crack-saturated psyche seeks the pleasures that her body demands and the punishment her soul craves. Her pace is relentless, spurred on by the rhythmic clapping and hooting of the surrounding group of men calling out "Hump! Hump! Hump! Hump!" with lusty encouragement.

The blonde beauty's hips become a repeating piston of desire as her mindless pussy clutches the hard muscle on every downbeat. It isn't even a contest. The Kryptonian cunt massages and rides the human cock with unbridled lust, working it's velvety channel over the hard rod without stopping. The friction is too much for Tino to bear. It sucks the spewing seed right out of the helplessly delighted hoodlum. The man's neck arches and strains with climax as his balls send a geyser of cum into Supergirl's eagerly squeezing love box. Tino collapses flat on his back with pleasure, only to be dragged off and replaced with Basso's stiff prick as he shows a shit-eating grin of anticipation.

Supergirl does him, too. Her palms press against his thighs as she bobs her body up and down on the hard cock with wild abandon. Basso has the ingenuity to stick his forefinger up Supergirl's ass and wiggle it back and forth as she rides him, causing the aroused blonde to moan huskily as she pumps her slick pussy up and down over the man's rigid prick.

"...g...gooood...." she murmurs happily, her eyes drooping with pleasure as her excitement builds steadily within her. Walking up to her from the surrounding circle, a man wearing navy blue sweatpants with contrasting light blue stripes running down the legs and a matching light blue polo shirt presents himself to the leering blonde, pulling out his dick from a button fly.

"Hello, Supergirl. I'm Sal and you're gonna suck my dick."

"..yur the one....on the other...side a da door...who wouldn't... open the door to.... let Vinnie in....z'bout...protocol..."

"That's me. But now you're the one who's gonna open up, blondie....and give me head."

" a man....knows...what...he wants... AWWHMMM..."

Supergirl stops her bobbing action for a moment and merely grinds her pelvis slowly against Basso's crotch, as she takes the head of Sal's hard cock into her warm mouth. She then pulls back on it slowly, letting her warm breath waft over the pulsing rod. The blonde teen then leans forward as she gyrates in slow motion on Basso's cock, licking Sal's penis with her long pink tongue. It swipes all around the head and shaft of the grinning mafia hood, giving the prick a bright shining coat of warm spit.

Sal reaches down, palms the back of Supergirl's head with both hands and gradually pulls her face forward until the famous blonde heroine's nose is buried in his pubic hair and his 7" cock is deep down her throat. Then the overanxious thug begins to rapidly thrust his hips back and forth, forcing his cock in and out of the disoriented heroine's face. He's pushing and pulling too fast for Supergirl to even use her tongue. She holds her mouth open for him as he shoves his dick in and out of the famous champion's face. And then he stops his thrusting completely and simply holds her head in the tight vise of his palms, savoring the pleasure of face-fucking the one and only Supergirl! After seven seconds, Supergirl puts her palms on Sal's legs and tries to push off. The kryptonite has weakened her to the point where she can't break Sal's grip. A choking gagging noise gurgles out of the wide-eyed teen but she can't extricate herself from the iron hands pressing her head into this man's groin.

"Oh man, her pussy just spasmed like a motherfucker," blurts Basso. "Incredible!"

With her throat clogged by seven inches of hard cock and her nose buried in soft, curly hair, Supergirl's eyes begin to roll up under her lids as her face goes red.


"That's enough, Sal. Let her go. Leave some for the rest of the guys," Don Lupenzo commands.

"Sorry, boss. Didn't mean to hog the hog!" He lets his hands drop away from the blonde's hair and she backs off immediately, the long dick retreating from the depths of her throat with a gleaming layer of clear pre-cum shining on it's veined surface.


With her elbows locked and her hands on Basso's thighs, Supergirl's head hangs low as she takes painful gasps of air into her fiery lungs. After about 20 seconds of respite, Basso prods the gasping girl's kidneys with his knuckles. Her slack figure rests heavily on his pelvis, his prick still deeply buried in her cooz

"Forget about me, beautiful? Start it up again, Super Whore."

The teenage champion scowls momentarily, angry at Sal but taking it out on herself and Basso as she immediately begins bouncing up and down on the hard muscled rod with a frenzied determination that takes the big man's breath away in a mix of shock and ecstacy. A mere one minute later, Basso nuts tighten up with exquisite tension and he shoots his load into the hard-riding femme fatale in red and blue above him.

"OOHHHHHH," he moans as he empties his ballsack in ultimate joy. After several spurts, Supergirl raises herself up with yet another scowl while Basso slides out from under her and goes off to the john.

Even as her pussy drips with Basso's semen, the Maid of Steel pulls up her costume panties and complains, "That's it? You fucking guys all finish up before a girl can truly enjoy herself. Aren't there any real men in this group?"

"Well, let's try it a different way, you foul-mouthed slut," a deep voice says from behind her. Before Supergirl can turn to see who's speaking to her, her head vibrates with a stunning shot from a baseball bat that has her seeing double.

"UUUGGHNNN!" The stunned teen falls forward onto her palms, her knees spread on the carpet as she barely holds herself up. "...oohhhhhhhh...." Moaning, Kara sways weakly in place on all fours, her brain a disoriented mess. She feels a hand around her waist as someone kneels behind her. Then her panties are quickly yanked off her and pulled down to mid-thigh once again. Immediately after she's been stripped of her panties, Supergirl's vagina sears with agony as the working end of Don Lupenzo's aluminum baseball bat is jammed past the entrance of her nether lips and buried four inches deep into her yawning pink cavern.

"AAAGGHH!" Supergirl screams in shock and torment, her eyes overflowing with tears. And then that deep voice whispers in her ear.

"That better, Super Cunt? Closer to what you need?"


"Too fast. Too big. Some women just can't be satisfied," deep voice says with a leer. "Hey, I've had bats bigger than this up many a girl's cooze. Just takes a little getting used to. And the proper stimulation. Here, let me show you, Supergirl."

With one hand around her waist, Deep Voice lets the bat handle go and the end of it thumps into the carpet, twisting the head of the bat so it rubs against the ceiling of the Kryptonian teen's vagina.

"AAHH!" she gasps. The hand around her waist tightens, holding up the dazed, helplessly wobbling teenage champion as he pins her in place. Then the other hand smooths over the skin at the apex of her crotch just over the place where her clitoris is located. Deft fingers begin rapid circles over the spot, caressing ceaseless goose eggs over her sensitive flesh Around and around the fingers race, stimulating Kara's love bud from outside her vagina yet pleasing her deeply. Then the circles slow and begin anew in the opposite direction at a extremely fast pace.

"Mmmmm," she moans, pleased once again at the growing sensations within her. Her tunnel of love begins to generate its lubricating river so the boats can glide in. The circling fingers then stop only to be replaced with simple rapid back and forth strokes directly over the spot of her steadily expanding clit.

"....ooooohh......aaaahhhh...." purrs the satisfied Maid of Steel as she slumps down on her forearms, her ass angled high in the air.

"See, Supergirl. I told you that you could handle this," Deep Voice whispers in her ear. "And I think you're ready for more."

"" There's no answer but the hand around her waist disappears and then Kara feels the head of bat gently rotated within her loins. But this time there's no pain, merely pressure. Ever so slowly, the large round aluminum cylinder is pressed forward, deeper into the chasm of joy. Supergirl begins to pant as the enormous shaft edges up the sides of her expanding pussy. The walls are stretched magnificently and Kara can only drool in delight as she feels herself filled beyond anything she's felt before.

"OHHH! DEAR RAO...I...NEVER....FELT...THIS...FULLLLL..." The Last Daughter of Krypton whimpers with pleasure. Her mouth drops wide open in an oval of untold delight. Her eyes clench shut. All her nerve endings seem wired directly to her vagina and it's generating an irresistible swell of pleasure that she's been wishing for

The bat is once more slowly turned within her, causing more whimpering and gasping by the quivering blonde. "'s....goooood..."

"There's more, " Deep voice tells her. "You deserve a good buttfucking!"

" I..c..can't...take it...."

"Trust me, skank, you'll love it! Let me just make sure old Louie here is nice and snug so it doesn't fall out." The aluminum bat is gently and slowly pressed another inch into Supergirl's pussy

"...ohh..hh..hhh....hhh...." The jittery voiced blonde exults in the sensation of her vaginal walls stretched to their limit, her body wrapped around a cool hard core of metal that she's holding aloft with no help from Deep Voice's hand at all. "...ah..h....hh..hhhhhh....." Stuttering with moaning delight, Supergirl feels her juices sliding down her inner thighs as her orgasm slowly swells within her. It's like a panther on the prowl that will not be denied.

Feeling Deep Voice changing position behind her, Supergirl finally turns her head around, her forearms still flat against the carpet, her ass in the air and a shiny aluminum bat sticking out from under her skirt, wavering in the air. Deep Voice is poised above her now, looking down on her as if from a great height. Supergirl is surprised because the man who shoved a bat up her butt is not that large, maybe five foot seven at most. Wearing black jeans and a blue denim work shirt, this is one of the ambush squad that Supergirl had run into in the marble foyer. She had knocked his head together with Sal's at the top of the stairs. He didn't look any the worse for it. His smirk told her that he certainly was enjoying himself. And why shouldn't he? She surely was, thanks to him.

"My name is Arturo. When you think back on this pleasure, as you often will, remember that Arturo knew how to handle a woman of deep needs." He peels off his jeans and his black plaid boxers until he stands naked behind her.

"...i...i..will..." Kara murmurs, licking her lips in anticipation of that nicely-sized prick driving inside her.

"Turn around, I want your body to experience the sensations, not your eyes."

Supergirl obliges willingly, turning her head and simply staring down at the carpet. Then she feels her rear end pulled apart, her warm cheeks separated by strong hands. The feel of cool anal gel being swirled over and inside her balloon knot surprises and pleases her. This wasn't about power but pleasure. Well, at least not entirely about power. Control certainly, but what the fuck, she'd asked for it.

The pressure of a warm penis sliding through the thick glob of gel at the very depths of her ass tickles the blonde beauty at first. But then, as the firm staff asserts its right of entry, the fun little tickle turns to a jolt of excitement as the head of Arturo's cock thrusts past the entry of her ass and explores the first two inches of her back passage. The dick head circles around the entryway, sliding all over the inner vestibule of Supergirl's ass. The thick anal grease is spread all around the area by the wandering dick head.

"Whoa! Huh.h.hh..." Garbled pleasure blurts from the Maid of Steel as she is willingly sodomized.

"Don Lupenzo told me you liked it up the ass, Supergirl," Arturo whispers. "Guess he didn't lie."

"...di...didn't..." she answers, savoring the incredible dual sensation of a jam-packed vagina and an ass with a curious python stretching its head into the warm corners of her cave.

"Let's get you vertical for even more fun, champ," orders Arturo. He grabs her by the collar and a thick clump of her hair and jerks Supergirl up so she's kneeling in place. The bat swings down until the handle knocks against the carpet driving the head of the aluminum toy another inch into her pussy.

"YAAHHH!' The Maid of Steel body twitches and flails within Arturo's grasp as she absorbs the sexual stimulation that this extra inch provides. It makes her feel dizzy with pleasure.

"...w..wait..a..second...have to adju....GHUNNGHH!" With a rude jolt, Arturo thrust his cock a mouth dropping five inches up Supergirl's greased ass. The buxom beauty sags in his arms, her eyes rolling up as she loses all her bearings momentarily. Held limply by her collar and her hair, Kara's head nods against her chest as she tries to gather her strength together. The hand holding her hair disappears for a moment until it reappears at her right breast, squeezing it firmly. And the cock in her ass is slowly pulled down until just the head is buried inside her.

"....uhhhh....gotta!" Once again, Arturo's hot pulsing prick is buried deep up Supergirl's ass, this time going all the way to it's base. The blonde's neck arches back and she grimaces in breathless shock at the feeling of having both her lower orifices stretched to their fullest capability. "...oohhhhhhhhh...." All she can do for the moment is moan.

Arturo withdraws his cock once again, slowly, working the greasy salve along the inside of the anal passage with a careful angling this way and that of his hips. Supergirl coughs and a comet of saliva shoots out of her mouth, flying through the air in front of her face before arcing down to the wilds of the thick pile below.

This time, Arturo's prick is pulled completely out of Kara's rear and she feels a moment of sadness. That's before the newly greased pole slides easily past her relaxed hole and ever so slowly pushes along the walls of her cavity with slippery finesse, gradually pressing ever deeper into the Maid of Steel's encouraging ass.

"Eeehhhhmmmmmmm" Kara purrs with pleasure when the rod comes to rest for a moment fully buried in her back channel. Delighted by this double impalement, Supergirl's head rolls on her neck while her breast is squeezed, rubbed in circles and handled from beneath like a man choosing ripe cantaloupes.

Arturo's other hand continues to hold tightly onto Supergirl's collar so the lust-drunk floozy doesn't collapse on the rug in dazed delight.

"Gonna pick up the pace now, Sugar Slit," Arturo notifies the befuddled blonde. And he does. Quite a bit. In moments, the short but powerful mafia thug is riding Supergirl's ass like she's the prize bull in a rodeo ring. He rides her bucking body with a firm grip on her collar and her chest, moving his hand from tit to tit as he gives the famous beauty his shaft again and again with driving thrusts that force grunts out of her widely stretched mouth.


Only the whites of the blonde heroine's eyes are visible now. She is on full overload. The driving cock works in tandem with the massive cool bat bouncing up and down in her vagina with every slapping jolt of Arturo's bare hips against her shimmying rear. From deep within her core, Supergirl feels her orgasm rising like superheated steam in a volcano vent. With a soft turn of her nipple and the rushing thump of his penis driving to its hilt within her, Supergirl cannot contain the flood within her. All the sensations fill her mind simultaneously and she explodes with blinding white pleasure, her body arched like a bow as everything within her releases at the same time.

"AAAIEEEYYAAAAHHHHH." She screams to the heavens with ecstacy. Her loins flood with her cum as she jerks and writhes in the total exhilaration of her body and soul. Even her eyes flood with tears of happiness as she reaches her arms back to hold Arturo's flanks. He is near his own orgasm as well, and he quivers and shimmies as well even as he gives his final few thrusts to the famous blue and red clad heroine jerking with nirvana in his arms. He savors her warmth, her juices and her trembling figure as he gives one final thrust and then he too loses himself in ecstacy. His balls shoot heavy streams of pleasure out through his pulsing dick, bathing the insides of his comely prize with oceans of lusty love juice.

"Gguuuhhhnnn!" Arturo grunts loudly, as he blindly spews his jism and holds the limp figure of Supergirl close to his groin. The spurting feel of his ultimate pleasure sends an additional wave of tingling sensations into the very core of Supergirl's brain. She is wracked by a second orgasm that shakes and jerks her body so violently it draws every ounce of semen out of an spent and tired Arturo. It also dislodges the aluminum bat enough that it slides out of Supergirl's well-oiled vagina and falls to the carpet with a thump.

"Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Supergirl moans feebly, now slackly draped over Arturo's folded arm as she limply hangs by her stretched collar, a study in satisfaction.

"Whhuuuuuhhhnnnnnn!" Arturo groans with full-throated deep pleasure himself. He had fucked this famous cunt soundly and she was overjoyed by it, would dream about him and his cock for years to come. Dizzy with spent desire, Arturo pulls out of Supergirl's oozing asshole. Together they plop to the carpet on their asses wavering in the orgasmic afterglow of an amazing session of unrepentant debauchery.

"Who's next?" Don Lupenzo looks around the circle for eager eyes. There are so many, it's hard to choose.

* * *

Diana climbs from the last rung of the roof access ladder over the parapet and onto the hard black tarred surface covering the roof of Don Lupenzo's headquarters. Cautiously she scans the area with wary eyes, searching for movement. There is none. There are chimneys and vents and ac units all over the expansive roof for someone to hide behind but Wonder Woman sees no one.

What she does see is a large hole in the front left corner of the structure, near the face of the building. Judging by the angle of the concrete and the steel rebar bent upwards toward the sky, Kara had punched through the building from below with not a little vengeance. Good for her! But then something must have happened. Otherwise she certainly would have returned. Neither of them would leave Tony's domain without the other. They'd vowed this together over mugs of tea.

Wonder Woman stealthily trots toward the yawning hole, her head pivoting in all directions in search of sentries. There doesn't seem to be any. Standing over the five foot wide hole, Diana looks down and sees a two similar holes directly beneath this one. Supergirl had punched through two floors and the roof in her whirlwind of destruction. Wow! That girl had game when she was on! It gladdens Diana's heart with a surge of momentary hope. With Kara's powers intact, maybe there was a chance for them to escape this madness of Tony Bonano and his twisted dreams of mob rule.

But then the realization of Kara's absence punctures her spirit like a crossbow to her heart. Kara's powers were probably history by now, otherwise Diana wouldn't even be on this roof. "Enough daydreaming, girl," Diana murmurs to herself. "Just get down there and see what's...."

A sound behind her snaps her head around and Wonder Woman sees a fat steel pipe swinging straight for her face. Throwing her arm up at the last second, the Amazon warrior manages to turn the crushing blow into a deflected blow against her wrist bracelet and a nasty rap on her temple.

"Hnnnhhh!" Diana goes down hard, falling to her hands and knees in stunned confusion as her head swims with pain and dancing glowing lights. "....oohhhhhhh...."

"Fuck!" Her assailant curses from somewhere off to the side.

Diana tries shaking her head but that only stirs up a bout of nausea. She can't concentrate as her head rings with a blaring tone that even Tony four floors below must be able to hear. But the ringing is in Wonder Woman's head alone as she wobbles on all fours trying desperately not to pass out.

"You're one tough bitch, Princess," a surprisingly close voice snarls in her ear. And then some kind of thin cord snaps around Wonder Woman's throat and pulls tightly across her pale olive skin, choking off her airway completely.

"WRRULLGKK!" Diana's eyes bug out in horror as she is lifted off her knees and yanked backwards against the hard physique of the sizeable man behind her. This is a disaster! One second she is the predator and now she's the prey, a very desperate overmatched prey. And then the two of them fall backward. Her large opponent slaps to the roof on his ass and pulls Wonder Woman onto his lap, forcing her to lean back against him at an awkward angle as he continues to pull the cord around her throat, squeezing her neck like a vise.


Diana's hands reach up but she doesn't even try to get her fingers under the cord strangling the air out of her. She knows that's already impossible. He'd been too quick, had snapped the line too tightly around her throat. She'd been inattentive and now she was paying for it big time.

Her flailing hands grab the powerful wrists of the man choking her but the stunning blow to her head and the lack of oxygen make it difficult to pull the strong arms apart. His two fists are behind her ears, straining hard on the choking rope as it sinks into the skin of her throat.

"AAAGKKK!" The Amazon warrior sets her feet flat against the roof and pulls with every ounce of effort on the wrists. She manages to pull them wider and lessen the choking power of the thin cord. It's just barely enough to take a whistling breath. Encouraged, Diana sets her feet again for leverage and pulls hard on the wrists once more. This time the man gets smart, however, and his feet kick out against Wonder Woman's heels and her boots slide out straight, cancelling her leverage. The man's two legs entwine around the calves of Wonder Woman's boots and raise them in the air even as he pulls with a massive yank on the choke cord.


Wonder Woman is helpless. He holds her there, his body freezing her in place for an agonizing twenty more seconds. Diana's bright blue eyes protrude like large eggs. Her face is deep purple. Her fat tongue now dangles out of a wide open mouth that searches desperately for a non-existent airway. Her hands flail wildly now, like panicked birds. Her boots jerk and kick in defenseless spasms.

Can't let it end like this!

But the cord is unrelenting and Wonder Woman's hands fall slack behind her, limp dead things on the black tarred roof beside the hips of her all-too-powerful adversary. There is a final strangling wheeze and then from between Wonder Woman's thighs flows a rushing wave of urine that soaks her panties and the man's lap beneath. Wonder Woman's head falls back at an odd angle and her boots thump to the rooftop with a stunning finality.

"Wow! I thought you'd be much tougher than that, Wonder Wooman. Guess I hit you harder than I thought."

Letting up on the choke cord, the large man unwraps it from Wonder Woman's throat as he pushes her off him. Her body rolls over, face down on the black roof, a limp figure with a yellow puddle beneath her hips.

"Fuckin' pathetic bitch pissed herself and me. Some fuckin' hero she turned out to be," the man shakes his head with disdain, looking down at the lifeless body. "Nice ass though. Gotta give her that. I was gettin' hard just havin' her in my lap." Squatting down in appreciation beside the limp form of the garrotted Amazon, the six-footer slides his palm over the smooth expanse of her ample buttocks.

"Yup, a royal piece of Amazon ass! Too bad you ran into "Knuckles" Zambini, toots. Should a been more careful for lookouts. But you wuz too hot to get inside and save your pretty blonde friend. Too bad for you."

He rolls over the limp body to get a better look at the famous tits. He hadn't seen them from the front during their fight. As Wonder Woman's body flops onto her back and her tits shimmy before the wide-eyed Zambini, the muscle man whistles in appreciation. He ignores the lolling tongue and the endless stare of the bulging eyes. He only has eyes for those magnificent tits.

"Great knockers!" Knuckles leans over to get a good two-handed feel of these massive beauties. And that's when Wonder Woman's knee jerks up suddenly and catches Knuckles right on the throat.

"HRRGKK!" He chokes as his adam apple is crushed. His palms hit the roof as he sways in choking horror over the beaten heroine. And his eyes go wide as he sees the thousand mile stare of those blue eyes turn toward him with a cold fury that scares him to his core.

"...not....dead....?..." he rasps out.

"Close but no cigar, you dumb bastard!" Wonder Woman's voice is hoarse as well. She then lashes out with her left hand, grabs the man's shirt collar and sends a hard right cross into his face with all her considerable strength behind it. Her fist slams into Knuckle's nose shattering it to pieces.

"AARGGH!" Blood showers out of the nose and onto his clothes. Diana doesn't let go of the collar until she hits the big guy with a devastating right uppercut to his chin that sends him flying off to the right. The man rolls over and over in a loose tumble of arms and legs until he comes to a stop three feet from the hole in the roof. He is the limp one now. But Diana knows he can't be faking this. There are too many odd angles and too many protruding bones for him not to be dead.

Her remorse is slight and over quickly. She'd had to piss herself just to convince the man she was dead. Thank Hera he'd never strangled someone before. He would have known it never happened that fast. Strangling is one of the hardest ways there are to kill a person. She knows from experience.

Rising to a low squat, Wonder Woman duck waddles over to the edge of the building. Looking down on its front face, she sees the man in the Mets sweatshirt still standing guard. And she sees Tony and his group standing on the corner searching the rooftop for a familiar face. Finally they see her and she gives them the signal she's ready to distract the man. Sergei and Ricco start up the street, walking briskly like they have someplace urgent to be. Diana picks up a small piece of gravel from the roof and, when Sergei and Ricco are nearly in place, she drops the stone. It falls the four stories and lands right behind the guard with a loud crack in the cold air.

Spinning around, the guard sees the stone and looks up. Shielding his eyes, the large man see a face leaning over the edge of the roof. It's a woman with a shiny headpiece glowing in the late afternoon light.

"Oops! Sorry," yells the black haired lady. "Hey, lookout behind you!"

The guard spins around only to see the two men who'd been hurrying by now stopped at the foot of the front stairs. One man has his arm cocked with something shiny in the hand.

"What the fuck.....KKKGHH!" Going for his gun, the guard was much too late on the draw. The knife is in his throat before the large pistol clears his waistband. Dropping the gun to the stairs, the man feebly tries to pull the knife from his throat. The fact that he succeeds is not a good thing. The spewing artery sends a cascading arc of blood out over the front stoop. It falls at Sergei's feet even as he sidesteps it and grabs the falling bulky body which he drags inside the building. Ricco takes the feet without being told and the man is noiselessly dispatched in less than twenty seconds.

Looking down from the rooftop, Diana shakes her head in grim resolve. Two dead at her hand already. Things weren't going quite as she had expected. She rises and heads over to the hole in the roof, undoing her lasso so she can lower herself down and find Kara as expeditiously as she can. She wanted to find her, get her out and head home to strip off her piss-stained costume and stand under a hot shower for as long as it took for her to feel clean. Maybe five years?

End of Chapter 58

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