Supergirl Captured by the Mob 01  

By Dr. Dominator


Part 1. A Surprise Attack

Note: All characters and names are property of DC Comics. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

Linda Danvers has been following top Mafia boss, Carmine Vega for three months, trying to gather evidence to put him behind bars for life for murder. Now, on a cool evening in May, following a tip, the persistent girl reporter has shadowed the crime kingpin to an old factory in Soho where he's supposed to meet with Tony 'The Wire' Bonano, the head of another Mafia family, to work out a protection racket on their common turf.

Dressed in a burgundy mid-length slit-skirt, matching jacket, ruffled white blouse and matching burgundy pumps, the cagey brunette hides in the shadow of a garage doorway of the building next door.

Carmine's long black limousine has pulled into the factory parking lot where it now sits on the tarmac flanked by two mid-size gray sedans. Leaning against each sedan are two burly bodyguards a piece wearing dark suits and sunglasses. An eight-foot high chain-link fence topped with thick coils of razor wire surrounds the parking lot. The fence gate is open now, awaiting the arrival of Tony Bonano's car.

Up the street, a red Testarossa screeches around the corner. It roars loudly down the blacktop towards the factory, then swings hard into the gate and comes to squealing stop next to Vega's limo. A tall, dark Italian climbs out of the sport car and walks over to the back door of the limo. Its blackened window slides down and Linda sees the silver-haired Carmine lean forward to talk to Tony the Wire. She focuses her attention forward to hear every word.

"Why you gotta be so flashy?"

"Hey, that's my style," Tony says with a smile. "You got a problem with that?"

"Don't get hot.... uh, where are your men?"

"They're around."

Linda is surprised to hear that and looks all around for other faces in the night but sees no one. Was Tony lying or were they all that well concealed? How many men did this guy have in the area, she wondered.

"Let's talk business," Carmine says. "Get in."

"It's healthier out here," Bonano counters. "Stretch your legs. Enjoy the night. I'm gonna make you a rich man."

Linda focuses on the conversation.

"Is that right. How you gonna do that?" Carmine stays in his car and talks through the half-open window.

"First, I'm gonna clear out the dead wood and troublemakers around town so I got a clear field to work on. Then, you and I are going to move in nice and polite on all the big businesses on our mutual turf with a little deal they can't turn down."

"What kind of dead wood you talking about," asks Vega.

"Supergirl," Bonano says with a very self-satisfied smile.

Linda's eyes widen in surprise.

"You nuts?" Vega blurts. "How you gonna do that? I hear she's like a steel wall, totally impenetrable."

"Interesting choice of words. But hey, Carmine, we all got weak spots. Even famous fuckin' Supergirl." Tony says with an evil chuckle. "Believe me, I know a few things and I'm telling you we can take out this gullible, over-confident little cocktease! Trust me when I say, Carmine, that this super cunt is like a wall only in one way. She's got a nice, big crack. A crack that you can stick your dick into! That's right. Fuck the famous Supergirl! It's not impossible."

"Come off it,"snorts Carmine derisively.

"Look, I know it's hard to believe, Carmine, but I'm here to tell you that we really can get under this famous teenage bitch's pretty little red skirt and get her precious pussy hot, slippery and poised to please!"

"Give me a fuckin' break, Tony!" Carmine scoffs.

"It's true," Tony snaps back. "Get out of the fuckin' car for a second, would ya', this is important."

Vega gets out and draws himself up to his full height and stares straight at this flashy prick's face. Could he actually do what he claimed?

Tony puts his arm around Vega's shoulders and leans in.

"Okay, Carmine, here's the dope. According to my sources, Supergirl isn't nearly as intelligent or as invincible as she wants everyone to think she is! She has weaknesses, like kryptonite, for example. You heard of that, right? And she has patterns of behavior that can be exploited. And she's just like any other female in the all-important way: She's got tits and a cunt and a clit that you can stimulate. You strip that girl of her super powers and you'll find out real quick that there's nothing so special about what's between that busty blonde's long, pretty legs. Big shot heroine or not, I'm telling you that I know a way that we can get to this bitch's snatch and tease it until little Miss Wonderful's silky costume panties get damp and sticky from her own cum!"

"Tony, please!"

"I'm telling you the truth, Carmine. I can make Supergirl so horny, so wet with desire that she'll get down on her pretty little knees and give out blow jobs on demand!"

"This is bullshit!" Carmine starts to get back in his car but Bonano grips his shoulder.

"Carmine, Carmine, Carmine," Tony shakes his head and earnestly looks Vega directly in the eye. In a conspiratorial whisper he says, "Listen, this little lady puts on her costume panties one leg hole at a time. But I'll tell you one thing, my friend, they'll be coming off her both legs at once -- stripped off in nothing flat -- when I get hold of her. Before you drive off, just think of this for a second: your long-time rival reduced to a whimpering helpless girl with her pubes pointed right at you. Ready for fucking."

Linda seethes with anger at the vulgarity that this thug is using to describe her and his plans.

"Gimme a break, Tony." Carmine is getting pissed, too. This guy is all talk.

"Hey, have faith, Carmine," Tony vows. "I've got a trick or two up my sleeve that will outsmart even Supergirl."

"Yeah? How the fuck did you get so smart about her?" sneers Carmine.

Linda concentrates closer than ever to the conversation. Had one of her friends given some information away on her?

"Paid informants. Cost me a pretty penny, too. But I'm coming into this deal prepared to take it to the limit. I want this deal between us to work and I'm backing my play with all I got. You just got to agree to share the turf like we talked about."

"Mmh." Vega nods, skeptical as always.

"I'm tellin' you, I've got blondie covered, Carmine. Before that big-breasted slut knows what's hit her, Supergirl is gonna get a nasty surprise that even she won't be able to handle!" Tony grins evilly.

Linda shivers at the smarmy description used about her and focuses her hearing in a tighter range so she won't miss a word.

"Look, Tony, you always did have a good line of BS, but I ain't buyin'. There's too much at stake. We need to take a low profile on this plan."

"Low profile? What good's a low profile if we're in jail 'cause Superslut charges in and blows the whole scheme to bits? We gotta take action and make it stick."

"There's so much downside if it doesn't play." Vega frowns.

"Downside, huh. Carmine, tell you what. I personally guarantee it! I'll put up $100 grand - no risk on your end at all. I prove to you that this dumb bitch ain't indestructible. She goes down I get a $100 grand in addition to the split we're working on between our two territories. You know the bounty on her is ten times that. She don't go down, you walk away with a clean 100 G's. It's a no-lose proposition for you!"

"You make a tempting offer, Tony."

"I'm tellin' you, I know what it takes to knock the gullible little pussy to her knees. I'm putting Supergirl's brain on ice. She'll be so stunned she won't know what hit her. I've got all the inside dope I need! With my plan, those famous powers of her won't have time to come into play! And then her silky costume underpants come off and Tony Bonano gets to stick his prick up that greasy tramp's cunt! And you too, Carmine! Imagine wetting your wick in Supergirl's blonde bush!"

Linda stifles a growl of anger as she listens to this filth coming out of Bonano's mouth.

"I got it all planned, Carmine. Little Miss Super Sunshine is gonna have her pretty little costume skirt pulled up and her panties pulled down so fast, she won't know what hit her. Then I'm going to spread her legs in the air and gag her wiseass mouth shut. She won't be so high and mighty after I get her in that position. Just let me handle her. Everything's already set. When she ain't suspecting anything, we take her out. Simple and quick! Then we conduct business in real style."

"You're really full of shit, Bonano. How are you gonna hit her? You forgetting about her super powers?"

"Fuck no. Like I said, I got the bitch covered. I've been working on this stuff for a year now. Be cool. I'm gonna dominate Supergirl like she was one of my own stable whores. She won't know which way is up! I'm gonna fuck with that girl's head like she was a fifteen year old bus terminal runaway. And then I'm gonna drive up under the dumb cunt's skirt, fuck her cute little ass and ride her all over the room if I want, pulling on her famous cape, squeezing her lovely tits and belting out 'Home on the Range.'"

Even Carmine has to laugh at this visual.

'The beautiful thing is," Bonano gets serious, "from the very second I outsmart her, and the so-called brilliant Supergirl won't have the strength or smarts left to do shit about it! So, come on, Carmine, she is only just a girl. Show some balls, huh!"

Carmine bristles at this and begins to say something when suddenly, from behind Linda, a pair of powerful hands suddenly grabs her arms, pins them to her side and spins her around.

"Hey!' She's blurts out as she's spun roughly around. Linda is staring straight into the wide, round nozzle of a very strange dark gray weapon with a large cylindrical reservoir. A tall pale man in a gray suit points the strange gun in her face, five inches from her nose. Behind her, a bearded man in a blue suit grips her biceps in a steely hold. She doesn't want to blow her secret identity, so she decides to play this out and see where it goes. Tony and Carmine stop their conversation and look over. The pale man next to the thug holding the gun on Linda speaks steadily.

"Eavesdroppin' ain't healthy, lady. Don't move a hair now or you're..."

Even as a gaping Linda Danvers is berating herself for focusing her attention so much that she let these two goons sneak up on her, the tall pale man holding the gun unexpectedly pulls the trigger. A thick, gooey stream of glowing green sludge suddenly splurges out of the gun's nozzle and drenches the beautiful teenager's face with a foul smelling, greasy muck. The green sludge completely blinds the startled girl, clinging in heavy clumps all in her nose and inside her open mouth.

"AULLLGGKK!" Linda gags loudly as she yanks roughly away from the bearded man. She takes a step forward and doubles over, her head swimming in dizzy confusion. Rao, no! Kryptonite! Sick...I'm going to be sick!

"...heeh...haaakk...whaaullk...huuhhnnn...." The bewildered girl gags violently, barely controlling her esophagus. She finally gets herself under control and try's to spit out the nauseating green sludge but it coats her throat. Sickened to the pit of her stomach, the brunette wavers in the middle of the street in gasping confusion. She reaches up to her face to try to scrape away the disgusting scum from her eyes with both hands but the bearded assailant behind her suddenly reaches down and grabs Linda tightly by the neck and straightens the bent teenager back up with a harsh jerk. The surprised brunette's neck is arched far back before she can clear away the slime coating her face. The bearded man's other hand reaches around and grabs her breast, squeezing it hard while pulling her body close to his obviously muscular physique.

"Come to Stevie, pretty lady. Your tits need a good feelin' up!"

"Whuh?" Linda blurts in dismay. The blinded teen's left hand grabs out behind her head in a flash and catches the wrist holding her hair.

Not today you don't.... she thinks. Instinctively, she's about to twist hard on her unseen assailant's arm to break it when the pale man with the gun slams the nozzle with all his might into her stomach.

"OOOOFFF!" Linda's mouth drops open with a gasping wheeze as she helplessly releases the man's wrist in a spasm of pain.


In that instant, as she's drawing a deep wheezing breath, the pale man's strong hand grips her jaw and the cold muzzle of the gun is suddenly forced past the blinded girl's teeth.


The gun is suddenly fired and a huge, thick glob of glowing green muck shoots down her windpipe, clogging it up entirely.

"WHULLGGGKK! AULGK!" Linda manages to yank away from the bearded man's hands and reels away in the dark, trying desperately to clear out her throat. She grabs at her neck and coughs hard. Bending over deeply at the waist, she sticks her finger down her throat to try to clear it. Her body starts to shake. The gagging teen is going into toxic shock.

"You got her good on that one, Randy," the bearded Stevie shouts.

"Jesus, is this bitch strong!" The tall pale man named Randy says. But despite that, the green sludge plastering the beautiful girl's face and coating her throat is obviously having its effect. The stunned teenager wavers dumbly in the street with her hands on her knees gagging loudly.

Across the street, the two mafia kingpins watch the swaying girl closely. Bonano is nodding, approving the action.

"Who's that?"asks Carmine.

"A nosey reporter I set up for a little lesson in humility. If she's who I think she is, she's in for a very long night!"

Linda's eyes tear and sting under a thick coat of foul green gel that almost seals her lids shut. She feels unthinkably sick. She's barely able to stand up. Bending over numbly between the two men closing in, shaking with fever, arms now crossed over her stomach, the famous teen hero is blinded by putrid gel all over her face. She's trying desperately to control violent, lurching stomach spasms.

"...oohhhh...who....who...the hell....are you....people?" A grimacing Linda Danvers groans loudly.

"Do it now," shouts Randy and Linda suddenly feels someone grab her shins and yank them out from under her. The blinded girl pitches forward into the moonlight, her hands flying forward as she lands hard on her stomach in the street. All the wind is knocked right out of her.

"UNNGGHH!" Sickened by the glowing gel she's been forced to swallow, a stunned and bewildered Linda Danvers lies face down, sprawled out on the pavement with her long legs spread out behind her. Her hair is a disheveled mess. Her burgundy skirt is ripped wide apart at the slit and is hiked up to mid-thigh in complete disarray. Through the rip in the skirt, red silk panties gleam brightly in the moonlight. Her blouse is splattered with glowing green blobs and her chest rises and falls with great heaves as the confused girl tries to draw a clean breath.

The choking gunk in her throat overwhelms Linda's senses however and the numb teen's right cheek thuds to the pavement, her thoughts jumbled in barely-conscious bewilderment as Randy steps up unobserved behind her.

Things are happening much too fast for a staggered Linda Danvers now. She is too stunned and sick to realize that Randy is kneeling between her legs, pulling up on the hem of her skirt. The dazed brunette feels a draft as her red silk panties are exposed but is too disoriented to react in time. Quickly, Randy grabs the waistband of the bright red underpants shining in the lamplight and immediately pulls down on the shapely brunette's panties. The stunned teenager's soft rounded buttocks are exposed to the cold air.

"Whooaa...whah ..a..ya...dooin...." slurs the bewildered teen.

"Just following the plan, girlie. I'm making a special deposit in the Linda Danvers First National Twat Bank."

The bewildered teen starts to twist her head around when she feels a cold metal object thrust between her cheeks.

"HUUNFFF! Hey don't" The grunting teenager doesn't have the time or awareness to respond to the harsh jab of the cold nozzle in her crotch. The steel tip of the deadly gun is shoved deeply into the depths of her panties and the gun's trigger is quickly pulled.

A thick, jellied mass of glowing green sludge suddenly splurges out of the gun. It fills up the stunned brunette's underpants with a slick paste of glowing green ooze in less than a second. Within her panties, the drenching rush of gloppy muck surrounds the shocked teen's buttocks and squeezes between her thighs with a gummy wetness that disgusts the bewildered girl. A thick glob of the slime has even squirted into her vagina.

"EEEYUUGGKK!" Linda pulls forward with a horrified jerk, scrambling to her knees. Her panties snap back the tall Randy backs off and watches.

"I'm told that thick, sticky green load stretching out your sagging panties is the perfect way to degrade and defeat you, Princess." Stevie leers at the shapely, overwhelmed girl before him.

The anguished brunette starts to stand up, but then the full effect of the deadly slime flooding her bright red underpants overcomes her senses and rocks her head back in blunt astonishment.

"...oh my...GGUUUHH..." Her eyes roll up and the overwhelmed brunette fall harshly to her knees, wavering there in a half-lidded daze.

Linda can't breathe and she feels sick to her stomach. Her silky red panties sag heavily between her quivering thighs as she wavers in place on her knees in confused impotence. The bright red underpants are now dark and wet, filled with this devastating thick green kryptonite muck. Contained within her bulging costume pants, her crotch and rear are surrounded by this greasy slime that is completely incapacitating her.

Overcome, the stunned reporter abruptly falls on all fours and wavers on her hands and knees before the pair of grinning hoodlums, feeling sick, woozy and horribly weak. Her panties sag like she dropped a fat load in them. She sways in stupid incomprehension as her attackers stand by grinning.

"Feeling nauseous, soiled and confused, aren't you, Miss Danvers," Bonano calls out from across the street.

Must get away from here fast!

"What's the top news story for tonight, news girl?" Randy jeers. "Nosy reporter's panties and spirits sag with heavy load of green slime."

Forcing herself, Linda wobbles unsteadily on her knees, trying to stand up when an overpowering shock wave of dizziness crashes behind her eyes. Sick and dazed, the unsteady teen twists around and falls hard on her back with her knees in the air, her thighs flopping open and her mouth agape in stunned helplessness. A thick puddle of glowing slime squirts out of her underpants, forming a small green pool between the heels of her shoes.

"Just can't seem to focus, Linda, my dear. Can you?" Bonano calls out with glee.

Linda Danvers lies in the middle of the suddenly quiet street, a senseless ravaged wreck. A streetlight shines down on her inert form.


The greasy, soiled crotch of her now dark red silk panties is clearly exposed under the torn, rumpled skirt. It is bulging with lumpy clumps of thick green muck, the fabric gleaming with the sheen of the glowing green gel. The messy load slowly oozes from between her legs, pooling out from a small gap in the leg bands of her panties. It steadily grows into a glowing green puddle on the street under her stunned body.

"....OOHHHHH...." The groaning brunette lies in the open street totally exposed and stunned into submission. Her arms are splayed beside her and her bare knees and thighs thrust up through the torn burgundy skirt. She twitches and jerks with helpless spasms. The misaligned crotch of her bright red, damp underwear gleams slickly in the lamplight. A patch of pubic hair gleams in the yellow glow.

"That rang your bell, didn't it, cunt. Give it to her again," Stevie says.

"...nuhhh..." rasps the frightened, dazed teenager lying on her back in the street, straining to try to sit up. "..nuhh...w..wait...d..d..duhhn't.."

But once again the gun is aimed and fired, this time at the sluggish girl's chest. The front of her bright white blouse is suddenly drenched in bright green slime. The fumes from the glowing gunk coating Linda's breasts make her even woozier.

"...oohhhhhh...." she moans weakly as Randy kneels down beside her. He puts his odd gun down, grabs the girl's collar and pulls up the feeble, slime-faced teenager to a sitting position. Then, without missing a beat, he begins to quickly massage the gooey substance all over her chest.

"...duhnnt....nuhh...stuuppp....!..." Shaking lips plead to no avail.


She is too tired and weak to fight off his rough, roaming palms. She slumps against him, her hands limp at her sides, her head nodding dully like a bobble head doll as his hands surround her firm young tits, smearing the vile goo around the smooth shape of her jutting breasts, working the thick salve into the damp fabric of her white blouse.

"You gotta learn the rules, lady. Even famous reporter bitches like you are not allowed to sneak around in the dark on Tony the Wire's turf," Randy sneers as he continues to coat the round firmness of the sagging teen's large breasts with vile smelling ointment. Meanwhile, his accomplice Stevie holds the struggling girl's ankles, pinning them to the ground.

"...ughhn....don' it...." mumbles the nauseous girl. But Randy continues to fondle the swooning teen's pliable breasts through the thin material of her wet, clinging blouse, carefully surrounding this gorgeous teen's jiggling tits with a thin, deadly coating of slick shiny gel.

"Too bad, Miss Danvers, but I got strict orders to thoroughly grease up your jiggling jugs with this filthy knockout gunk and that's what I'm gonna do!" He pops a button on her blouse and reaches in to smear more gel on her bra when he sees a flash of bright blue material.

The surprised hood stops for a second, shocked at what he thinks he's seen, then hastily yanks the blouse out of the weakly protesting girl's burgundy skirt, anxious for a better look. He crudely rips the fabric apart, popping the buttons in all directions. There, under the slime-covered white blouse is an astonishing sight: Supergirl's world famous red and yellow diamond insignia surrounded by the shiny blue material of a tight leotard top. The famous emblem is slick with shiny green film of oily slime and the shape of the young teenager's breasts are clearly revealed by the damp fabric, right down to her nipples. The attacker supporting the limp female freezes in total surprise for a second.

"Holy shit! These are Supergirl's tits I'm smearing with slime!" Randy blurts out.

'WHAT!' Stevie shouts, leaning in. He's astonished to see Randy reach under the neckline of what looks like Supergirl's bright blue costume blouse and smear the deadly salve directly over the slumping teen's soft young breast, coating her nipples with the glowing green slime. After a moment he withdraws his hand with a leer.

The cool ointment makes the young teenager's nipples grow stiff. They poke tautly against the darkened, slippery blue material of her famous tunic.

"Is this really, Supergirl?" The two assailants speak simultaneously.

This is a truly incredible sight! Here she is, the famous Supergirl, sitting in a slumped stupor in one man's embrace while the other holds her ankles and leans forward in shock. Her round, full breasts are clearly accentuated by the wet fabric of her costume blouse. Her protruding nipples are explicitly defined through the thin, slimy cloth as she wavers before him in a nodding, helpless daze. And the wonderful thing is, the mighty Maid of Steel is unable to do anything more than sag against his shoulder in an incoherent poisoned stupor.

"Is that really her?" Stevie asks again.

"I thought Supergirl was a blonde." Says Randy.

"Must be a wig and that green junk must be kryptonite! Holy Shit!" Stevie blinks in wonder.

"I can't believe it. Look at this bitch's bodacious boobs. And me, I felt up the strongest fucking bitch in the universe and she was too weak to do anything but drool and whimper like a helpless baby!"

"Look at her, Randy' echoes an astonished Stevie. 'She's wasted. She can't do nothin' but sit there like a fool."

"Say, what's it feel like to be the famous Maid of Steel and still get yourself all felt up, Supergirl?" Randy jeers.

" dis.....tuh....meee...." Lifting the babbling girl's chin, a leering Randy looks into the frightened eyes of the wobbling brunette who leans against him in an impotent stupor. Bubbles of spittle break on the confused teen's trembling lips.

"What's the matter, Supergirl?" Stevie taunts as he reaches forward with one hand and sticks it under the girl's torn and filthy burgundy skirt. He grasps the slick smooth crotch of the Maid of Steel's red silk panties. 'Is this nasty green slime filling up your precious panties making you all sickie-wicky?'


"Stop? You must be joking, bitch. We've turned you into our very own soft and squeezable little boy toy, girlie," Stevie growls as he massages the thick gooey slime in between the legs of the slumping teenage champion. He draws his palm in a long, slow swipe against the shiny crotch of the vanquished girl, sliding the toxic paste against the bulge of Supergirl's pubic bush and high up under her skirt to the top waistband of her panties. The slippery green sludge completely coats the sagging girl's underpants, waist and breasts now. Now, gripping her by her shoulder with his left arm, Randy begins to slide his right hand all over and around the defenseless girl's torso, too, smearing the drenching, disabling salve all over the weak and helpless Supergirl's body at will.

'..nnnuhhhhhhh......' the world's most powerful teenager drools and blubbers weakly in the street as her breasts, stomach and groin are roughly groped, fondled and smeared with thick, greasy green kryptonite slime that totally disables her. The two thugs are grinning like baboons.

"These big soft tits of yours are now the exclusive property of Tony 'The Wire', Stupidgirl," says Randy as he palms her chest from inside her tunic. His right hand rubs all around inside the elastic blouse of the nodding girl, distorting the famous emblem and stretching out the bright blue fabric as he squeezes and caresses the rubbery breasts of the dazed teenager. His hands roam deep within Supergirl's costume top coating her full soft breasts with the slippery green slime.

Meanwhile, Stevie's hand slides up and down her thighs before pushing between her legs. His palm strokes the cleft of fabric between Supergirl's legs, rubbing her crotch vigorously.

"This warm furry vagina is also his, champ," Stevie announces. "And once Tony gets a new toy, he doesn't let it go until he's tired of it or it breaks. And if I know Tony, he's going to pop your cherry and break you good, cunt!"

"...can' me...." moans a defiant Maid of Steel dumbly.

"I don't see you doing anything to stop me, bitch!" Stevie chuckles. "Not with this thick, sticky load of poisonous green glop filling up your pretty panties and sucking all of your precious super powers out of you.

"And the moment you can stop me from feeling up these plump sweaty tits of yours, I'll respect you, Supergirl," Randy says. "Until then, I'll just keep smearing this gunk all over your radical bod as much as I want."

Supergirl groans as the stench and poisonous radiation of the kryptonite gel inundates her nostrils. She gags loudly as Randy's burly hand cups her breast and squeezes it slowly then fondles it in methodical small circles that get larger with each pass around her nipple.

Nobody had ever overpowered the mighty Maid of Steel like this before. A few times in the past she had been weakened by bits of kryptonite fragments hurled at her by her enemies. Even had been knocked on her back by a thick bat fashioned from a long block of the deadly element. But this, this was something far more deadly and insidious. There was no quick recourse, no instant response like a blast of super breath that would disperse this sickening layer of scum that was being smeared all over her body like some toxic car wax. No maneuver that would eliminate the sickening sagging load of glowing green gel stretching out the crotch of her costume panties. This was complete sexual humiliation and nothing she could think of would dispel this horrific paste.

"Forget trying to fight back, bitch," Tony calls out from across the street, echoing her thoughts. "You can't fight the nausea and disabling capability of my Kryptonite Subjugation Sludge. That's deadly, radioactive green dust from your home world, darling. I've suspended it in a thick adhesive gel that's designed to cling to your body like glue, immediately eliminate your super strength and overwhelm you with nausea, cramps and muscle fatigue. Would you like to order a couple of jars of it for your night table at home, Supergirl?"

The humbled teenage heroine is absolutely devastated by the deadly goo clinging to her. It's toxic fumes and nauseating radiation prove far too much for her to endure. With a jolt, her head rocks forward out of his grip and she vomits all over the front of her blouse and into the lap of her burgundy skirt.

"...uuhh...wuURAAGAALLAAHH...oohhhhh...." She moans as vomit bubbles break on her lips.

"Shit! Look at this sorry bitch lose it!" Steve says with awe, having backed off just in time to avoid being splattered with puke. Randy, too, has released the captive brunette and is leaning away from her slightly.

Completely debilitated and dumbfounded, the woozy teenager's dull blue eyes roll up under her lids and her whole torso falls forward into the puddle of puke in the lap of her skirt. She then rolls over on her side into an unconscious heap in the middle of the street, her legs spread apart and her rumpled, gel-soaked panties showing clearly under her dress, brightly lit by a nearby streetlight.

Shaking his head, Randy says to himself. "Un-fuckin-believable! The strongest bitch on the planet -- the so-called all-powerful Girl of Steel -- puking right before me. And she falls for the simplest sneak attack in the world!" He suddenly shouts orders to other henchmen hurrying over from Vega's limo..

"John, Eddie, pick up this overrated heap of super shit and bring her to Tony's place. He's gonna want to hose her down and fuck this pussy, good."

With another shake of his head, Randy murmurs aloud, "I can't believe it! A successful hit on the one and only Supergirl. That Tony is a genius! And these very hands were feeling up her tits, reaching up under her skirt and groping her super twat like she was just some slutty 42nd Street teenage cocksucking alley whore. It's just totally un-fuckin-believable!"

Back in the parking lot, Tony winks at a gaping Carmine standing at the car beside him. "What are you so surprised at Carmine? Like I told you before, it's really quite easy to get under the famous costume skirt and reach right down into the softly scented silk panties of the almighty Maid of Steel and caress her snatch. You just have to know how to drain her super powers. When you do, a little careful planning and, as you saw, she's weak and helpless as a baby kitten. Now, I'm going to show you exactly how to humiliate this overbearing little bitch! This is just the beginning, Carmine, my friend. Next stop, we're fucking the drugged up and helpless Maid of Steel every way you can imagine!"

'Tony. What can I say. You've earned your 100 G's. Big time!"

End of Part One

Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 1