Supergirl Captured by the Mob 41  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 41 - Used, Confused and Definitely Abused

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia, Don Lupenzo and Don Corronado are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

A very drunk, very powerless, very naive Supergirl settles the cleft of her ass deeper into Paul's lap, spreading it over his expanding cock with a sigh and a giggle. Still wearing her famous costume, the booze-soaked blonde heroine is oblivious to her brazenly sluttish and scandalously inappropriate behavior. Thanks to her unfamiliarity with liquor and, after having downed over three-fourths of a pitcher of extremely tasty, extremely potent Brandy Alexanders, the befuddled teenage champion thinks nothing of rubbing her soft, rounded, lusciously-silky, red-skirted butt over the big man's member. She teasingly squirms against it like it's some kind of fun and innocent kid's game. But the man's meaty pole grows in his pants to its full 10 inches and at that point even the ditzy, thoroughly plastered blonde can't miss the girth of the swollen wood beneath her. And yet she playfully avoids the subject entirely, thinking that simply issuing a nice compliment will defuse the sexual tension warming her rear end.

"Ya' have a whery powa'ful body, Paul," the blonde slurs in a mushy romantic blabber which is nothing more than the sloshing booze in her head talking. "It feels safe just ta' be whrapp'd up innit." Cooing and giggling, the inebriated teen reaches up and strokes Paul's cheek with her warm palm.

"Well, let me hold you a little closer so you can feel even safer, little lady," the large, crafty, completely sober ex-con says with a smile. One hand ceases the gentle pawing of Supergirl's thigh and slides up and over to her stomach for a gentle caress before ultimately moving up and over her breast. The other hand comes up from the floor at her side to wrap around her mid-section. The two hands hold her firmly in place. "Now, you're nice and secure," he whispers in her ear.

"Mmm hmmm," she murmurs in reply, letting her head fall back lazily against his barrel chest. "..'cept... ih..feels like yur ghettin'...ah...bit 'cited...bhig fella," slurs the blonde with a stupid drunken grin. She was making this big man hard just by being on his lap. What a hoot!

"Well, let me see if I can return the favor, Supergirl." Paul's hand begins to rub Supergirl's breast in slow, wide circles, the palm passing over the shiny red "S" of her renowned insignia with rough familiarity that goes completely unchecked by the slightly aroused teenage heroine. She doesn't even move her hand off his face. In fact, if anything, the sloshed blonde arches her back a bit and willingly thrusts her right breast deeper into Paul's big palm, filling it with her supple softness. He eagerly accommodates the boozily acquiescent beauty with a hard, steady squeeze that flattens out the fleshy tit in his hand and draws a feathery moan from the besotted girl champion.

"..ohhhhh..." she murmurs softly, "ya got wheal shtrong hanns."

Pressing his advantage against this drunken teenaged wonder sprawled brazenly in his lap, Paul's other hand slips beneath Supergirl's loosely cinched belt and burrows deeply into her panties, his fat, long, middle finger sliding into the crevice of her pussy without any hesitation whatsoever.

"Whuhhh....oooooohhhh....wha' ya...doennn?"

"Feel's like I'm getting you a bit excited too, little lady," Paul whispers in her ear with a lighthearted air to stymie the teen's briefly confused hesitation at this forwardness. But then the big man picks up the pace with both hands, squeezing and fondling the flushed blonde's boobs with firm, constant movements even as his finger works the silky pink crevice of Supergirl's pussy with a hard, steady up and down rubbing action that draws gasps of pleasure and a thin, glistening shine of lubrication to her pulsing slit.

"...whell...'at...duzz....feel...fab'lush..." Supergirl mutters as her overstimulated figure begins to writhe against Paul's powerful body.

"Just lie back and let me do the driving, sweet thing," Paul urges quietly, then curls his tongue and sticks it in her ear. The pace of his hands and fingers heats up even faster and Supergirl begins to breathe heavily.

"Aw..rhite," pants the plastered blonde heroine. ""

In the light from the bathroom, Paul can see his hand jiggling the bright red material of Supergirl's short skirt. Taking his hand off her breast, Paul quickly grabs the hem of the skirt and pulls it up to her stomach. The hand then quickly returns to her breasts, moving in a much wider oval now to encompass both soft, jiggling boobs within his firm, fondling passes.

"...attts....sgoooood...." mumbles the dazed blonde, her eyes half open, her irises drifting lazily under the eyelids, revealing the bright whites of her eyes with drunken unquestioning pleasure. The hand that is stretching out the silky red fabric of Supergirl's panties is now moving with rapid strokes as Paul's fat middle finger saws deeply in and out of the slippery pink crevice with unyielding persistence.

"...ahhhh.....ohhhhhh....dun''bout...shtopping...dat...." insists the boozy blonde heroine as the crotch of her panties darkens to a deep wine red color, the fabric damp from the now steady flush of clear, thin lubrication draining from her excited pussy. Her panting grows in volume and speed.

"What's the matter, Supergirl? Getting a little overheated by my finger twiddling your twat?"


"Or maybe I should try doing this, Supergirl." Inside the famous heroine's now hot, damp, heavily honeyed panties, Paul's middle finger stops thrusting deep within the drippy tunnel. With a jerk and a tickle, the finger retreats backward until it is rubbing up and down within the entrance of the wriggling blonde's cunt, sliding along the surface of her puffy lower lips. With each firm upward stroke, using a very determined pressing quiver against her clitoris, Paul fervently massages Supergirl's slit and clit with steady, constant strokes of his fat, deliberate digit.

"UH!! OH!'s...umbleev'ble! Aiyee. Oh...hoh......whoooh...oh.... hooh...ohhh..."

Paul's hand moves off of Supergirl's breasts, sliding up her chest until it reaches her long, arched neck. Grasping his palm around her openly exposed throat, just under the red leather spiked dog collar, Paul cagily and steadily squeezes down on it even as his finger becomes a blurring, fanatical rubbing machine within her disheveled, slippery panties.

With her airway compressed, the drunk blonde's eyes roll and dart in frantic confusion. She is bewildered by this dangerous predicament and intensely excited as well. Her hand over her head clutches feebly at Paul's wrist, trying to loosen the grip to no effect whatsoever. Unable to breathe freely, the now red-faced heroine has never been quite so overwhelmed by a mix of passion and danger at the same time. With her body held rigidly frozen in place by powerful arms across her pelvis and chest, the air in her lungs dwindling to precious low levels, her head dizzy with oxygen depletion and heavy alcoholic overdosing, Supergirl's clitoris is now being stimulated by a fluttering fingertip that circles, strokes and caresses the pink knob with relentless precision. The fast, fluttering finger's concentrated attention to her pleasure is unending!

Like a wheel of fortune that spins and spins and spins yet again within her, each time coming up at "Take another turn," the finger caresses and the pleasure builds. Supergirl is completely breathless now as her throat is compressed more and more and the slippery, constant unremitting sensation of the unforgiving finger rolls over the surface of her swollen pink clit. Circling it's smooth sensitized surface over and over and around and around, the movement is cumulative and undeniable, circling the pinkness forever. It winds her emotions up like a rubber band curling on itself in tight rubber knots. And still the finger continues to move. And the hand at her throat continues to contract. Over and over, endless circles and the clutching grip create a whirlpool in the dizzy young blonde. The throbbing pink nub quivers like a bowstring at High C, inundated beyond all measure by this feel of flooding, sliding, tickling, touching, twitching and rubbing of the very center of pleasure itself. It just won't stop. The slippery digit will not relent, will not slow down, will not cease its cyclonic rubbing. Hot slippery brushing circles swirl over, under and all around the slippery pink surface of her very existence. Their cycling vortexes create yawning whirlpools of inflamed, desperate desire. And still the hot palm grasps her throat tightly, allowing no surcease from its airless vise. It is all beyond Supergirl now. She cannot resist, cannot breathe, cannot think, cannot defend her right to live, to protect her virtue, to prevent her body or her will from succumbing to the only conclusion possible. The finger points to her destiny, continuing unabated, unrelenting, unforgiving as it twirls, rubs, strokes and tickles all that she is, all she was, all she ever will be. And then it begins to happen. The irrevocable cycling finger initiates a warm rushing glow within an oxygen-deprived Supergirl that quickly spreads white and hot in her brain. The ultimate twirling sensation becomes a wave now. Expanding within her like a sun going nova within her head.

It's here! It's here! It's here at last! Uh...uh...uh...ORGASM!

Truly, the stroking, the choking, the pinning and the spinning within her, around her and all the way through her to the very core of her being finally blows Supergirl's brain to smithereens. She comes in Paul's unyielding grasp with a mindless jarring jolt of utter joy that comes out as a silent scream of uninhibited pleasure and a jerking, flailing, bucking of Supergirl's helpless body. Her hips jerk and buck, her tits shimmy, her boots flop and kick in mindless paroxysms of pleasure. Even as Paul's steely grip on her throat finally relents, Supergirl can barely be restrained by the arms of the huge, powerful man. The young teenage heroine shivers, shakes, moans and groans with the rocking of this blasting overwhelming orgasm that blinds the blonde beauty to the edge of consciousness even as it shakes her entire body like a limp doll.

"Uhhhhhhhh....ohhhhhhhh.....uh...uh...uh...uh...uh...uh...uh..." Supergirl is a stuttering, brainless twitching, spasming wreck, blasted by an orgasm of earth-shaking finality. She is lost in time and space, a soul without a body. And this fills her with a surprising sadness that is overwhelming. Who am I? What am I?

Then the renowned Maid of Steel falls back to earth, broken on the anvil of reality. She breaks down into heavy whimpering, wheezy sobs, a limp, defenseless, overwrought, pathetically foolish, drunken teenage girl who's been toyed with and easily manipulated at will. She knows this in her heart and that she let it all happen without batting an eye! Her flawless body goes suddenly slack in Paul' lap, her legs draped to the side, her dark underpants dripping from her orgasm. Her eyes are slits of white as she drools with her head hanging off to the side of Paul's chest in a near faint of absolute weeping fulfillment and total despair at her frightening, helpless journey to oblivion.

"You liked that, didn't you, you drunken slut."

"....uuhhhhhhhhhhnnn...." Unintelligible moaning seems answer enough for the big man.

"Now it's my turn, beautiful," Paul says with a leer as he thinks briefly about which hole he's going to penetrate of the dazed, limp heroine draped over him in lethargic ecstacy. But it's no contest really. He knows which hole.

Diana looks at Don Corronado with a lusty gleam of desire burning bright in her eyes. She is waiting for him to start up the dildos within her vagina and her rear end as she had brazenly asked him to do from across the room. Clad within her tight rubber catsuit, the flap to her crotch pulled open and dangling between her legs, Wonder Woman kneels on the carpet, her back erect, one hand squeezing her own nipple, the other circling against her pubic hair drawing mindless zeroes as she awaits her pleasures. Her face is twisted with urgent need as she kneels there in silence, impatiently squirming and working her nipple as she longs for the two dildos to start spinning and humming within her crotch. The Nympho-Patch that Don Silvio had pasted to the middle of her back was flooding her body with trembling, intoxicating desire and Diana just had to get satisfaction as fast as she could and as much as she could....and it still wasn't coming.

"Come on, Don Silvio. Be as sport, huh? Just start up the remote and get them going so I...i...can get nice and wet for you. I guess that's what he'd want to hear. Uh....oh, YEAH! Make me hot for you. Get my vagina all warm and eager for your big, hard staff of love. Okay? Yes?"

She bites her lip now, waiting for the motion to begin any second now. She is staring with eager anticipation at the quiet Don. She twists her nipple with savage need, trying to pull pleasure from it like twisting a knob on a car radio. The fingers on her other hand have begun scratching gentle rows into her downy black bush as if she were raking a field of fresh cut hay. She kneels impatiently on the carpeted floor, quivering with need, expecting the spinning, buzzing, mind-numbing thrill to start momentarily. Waiting for the explosion of delight. Waiting for....forever!

"Here. Let me have the remote," Diana snaps impatiently as she rises up off her knees and takes two steps toward the couch where a placid, staring Don Silvio sits without moving a muscle. He's just looking at her like she's a museum exhibit. "I'll tell you what. Why don't I get them going while you...UNGHH!"

Silvio has pushed a blue button on the remote that freezes Diana in her tracks, her back arched in pain as a single tiny needle embedded within each dildo springs out from each separate tip of the two plastic rods she's inserted into her own orifices. They spike into her vaginal and anal walls with sharp, stinging jabs.

"Owww! Ohhh! Damn.....That really hurt! What the hehhh......ugghhhhnnn" Wonder Woman's head suddenly wavers in dizzy confusion as the highly potent knockout agent injected by the needles in each device surges into her brain, carried there by her bloodstream with record dispatch. The mighty Amazon beauty crumples to the carpet in a eye-rolling, slack-jawed heap of translucent rubber encasing inert flesh.

Don Silvio Corronado stands up and slowly walks over to the unconscious Princess of the Amazons. He looks down at the lovely, shining, tangled limbs and the blank expression of complete obliviousness as she lies at his feet in a tumbled, sedated heap, her eyes slitted nearly shut and her mouth agape.

"Once again, Wonder Woman, you refuse to understand the contract of control that I demand from you this evening. Ah well, you will learn."

The senseless, blasted Maid of Steel lies sprawled face-down on the floor of the living room, not two feet from the radiator to which she'd been tied all that afternoon. Darkness has invaded the apartment. It's after 11:30 at night. Rico and Luiz are deeply asleep, played out from their energetic two sessions with Supergirl earlier that afternoon. The bathroom light pours out from the door, the only illumination in the apartment at the moment, except for the glow of moonlight turning the thin, torn window shades a pale luminescent white.

The pretty blonde's eyes are shut as she lies in the semi-darkened room. Her lids flutter from the muscles there twitching occasionally from deep relaxation and from firing neurons in her clouded nebula, light years away in her drifting cosmic brain.

Supergirl's wide, soft cheek rests against the hard wood. A small puddle of drool has formed, draining from her mouth over soft pink lips crushed sideways by the floorboards. The blonde's arms, bent at the elbows, are flat against the cool wood, her palms face down, fingers spread. Supergirl's damp panties, ripe with the pungently sweet scent of her blinding, shuddering pleasure, are being pulled down to her thighs, stretched tightly by her slightly spread legs. Her large assailant looms over her limp body, his one palm is pressed against the small of Supergirl's back, the other clutches the crotch of the heroine's panties as he strips the famous teen of her bright red underwear. With quiet efficiency, Paul pulls the damp red panties all the way down the dazed teenager's legs, lifting her bright red boots when he has to and then tossing the panties onto the top of the white painted radiator. Heavily sedated by the booze and her orgasm, the blonde beauty is not even aware of the all too easy, humiliating removal of her costume panties.

Paul repositions himself over the girl, kneeling behind her and sitting on his calves. Slowly, the hand moves to Supergirl's rear end and glides in smooth, lazy circles over and around the high curves of the beautiful blonde heroine's supple ass. The silky red skirt draped over the protruding mounds highlights the luscious peaks and forbidden valleys of the inert blonde's incredible tush while barely protecting the illusion of her modesty. But that doesn't last long. As Paul's hand presses more insistently against the soft rounded hills of Supergirl's shiny fabric-covered butt, it pulls and shifts the miniskirt in circles now, too. With a firm, circling caress up to the bottom of Supergirl's belt, the captured skirt is pulled up to reveal the dazed blonde's perfect bare buttocks. The creamy smooth globes of her youthful, flawless teenage rear are accented by shadow and light. The glow from the bathroom creates warm yellow highlights on her left cheek while her right is merely suggested in soft shade. And deeper in the shadows between her thighs, the hint of her feminine treasures glints and winks from the shine of her earlier flushing orgasm.

Moaning with a low carnal need, Paul reaches down with both hands now and, after pulling up her costume skirt so it lays against her back, he spreads apart the blonde champion's exposed cheeks, pulling open her revealed anus slightly with his powerful grasp. And the satiated teen heroine doesn't even whimper as her tender rectum is conspicuously revealed to the piercing eyes of the looming animal above. She is floating in an alcoholic stupor and a daze of delight, spent and exhausted by the last twelve hours. The only thing that ultimately breaks into her reverie is the warm, slippery sensation on her balloon knot as Paul's hanging cord of saliva breaks the tension from his mouth and puddles up in the tiny creases of her rectum.

"...uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh....." The long, low moan of returning awareness comes sighing out of the lovely teen's skewed pink lips. It breaks several thin bubbles in the drool on the floor beneath her slack mouth. But before Supergirl can collect her wits enough to process the wet sensation at her anus, a heavy weight presses against her back, pinning her to the floor, forcing her pelvic bone into the unrelenting wood.

"Hhuunghhh!" she groans from the pain of more than 230 pounds of male domination crushing against her body. And then there is the sound of a zipper and the heat of something large pressing within her cheeks. A hot slippery prodding tool is being pushed against her anus and Supergirl's senses begin to return. But by then, it is too late for her. "Huhnhh. Whud'ja dune," she protests.

"Buttfucking the famous Supergirl. What do you think I'm doing, girlie?"

The hot, thick pressure against her tightly clenched anus as Supergirl is mercilessly pinned to the floor is powerful, insistent and wetly inescapable. She begins to plead even as the tip of the swollen penis pushes into the helpless yielding circle of her balloon knot.

"Stop! Don't. You don't have to do this. I'll....I'll suck your cock if you want, Paul." Her drunken foolishness has now dissipated, leaving a throbbing headache in its wake.

"Not interested, Supergirl."

"..unhhh...wait...don't....oww!" The pressure against her rear is inexorable as the hot, rigid shaft has poked its full bulbous head into her ass now. "Let me turn...oh!...over...and can...oww!... fuck me...much as you want..."

"Your back door is fine with me, blondie. In fact, I prefer it, if you want the truth."

"'re too big...!"

"My cock didn't get any bigger since this afternoon, champ, and you took all of me just fine then." He presses his hips forward and his rock-hard penis is forced four hot inexorable inches deep into her ass.

"Ughnn....owww...b..b..but I was...I was...more excited then...and you used....gel! There's no gel now!" The blonde teen is whining fairly loudly now. "Can you use the gehh...EGGHHK!" Paul's palm comes out of nowhere and grips her throat fiercely once again. This time cutting off her words and her air from the front.

"Shut up, Supergirl. I'm callin' the shots. Not you." And with that, the large, brutish thug puts his hand in the small of her back and thrusts his hips forward, impaling Supergirl's ass with his cock, driving it deep within her twin fleshy mounds.

"GUUNNGH!" The gasping grunt is followed by a harshly choked off painful yelp that the choking palm silences it to a wheezy whisper. With over eight long inches of Paul's rigid warm shaft forced into her ass, the dazed and choked heroine feels like she's being split like a cord of wood.

"Shhhh! Don't want to wake the fellas, girlie," whispers Paul.

Supergirl's eyes clench shut and her mouth hangs open in helpless anguish from the loss of oxygen and the stiff rod driven deep within her barely lubricated ass.

"You're really not used to not getting your own way, are you, hero?" Paul breathes into the grimacing blonde teenager's ear as he forces himself even deeper into the slowly yielding tunnel of the Maid of Steel's anal cavity, inching it forward through the raw fleshy tube.

"...uuhhhhh...aaaaghh....." Wincing in pain as the powerful staff pushes into her, Supergirl tries to somehow convert the torment to pleasure in her mind. To turn this horrific brutal act into a vision of pleasure that will somehow lubricate her so the pain will relent. But the hot, wide, pulsing shaft pressing its way relentlessly into her is too harshly raw against her anal walls to be anything but painful.


The pole pushes deeper still and the hand that was in the small of her back now palms her head and pushes Supergirl's face hard against the floor. With one hand clutching her throat and cinching her airway to a fraction of its useful width and the other gripping her skull, Paul's arms press forward, flattening Supergirl's soft, pale cheek against the cool wood and pulling a whimpering moan from her even as his full ten-inch cock penetrates to the very depths of her ass.

"" The pinned, pleading heroine has nowhere to go. Her brain won't let her escape the pain. Her body and head are being ground into the wooden floor by this behemoth. And now her breath is whistling through her grimacing face like air escaping a balloon.

"You got a problem, little miss bubble butt?"


"Gosh. That's not good! Say, why don't you just use your amazing strength and simply escape, Supergirl?" Paul continues to press against the helpless Maid of Steel with his hands and the weight of his body. After a few more seconds of trying to push the beautiful girl through the wooden floor to the apartment below, Paul relents and withdraws his prick slowly out of the raw tunnel of pain that Supergirl's inflamed rear has become. He even lets up on the pressure for the moment so she's not being crushed mercilessly against the unyielding wood. When his penis is two-thirds out of her ass, the looming thug speaks with unrestrained glee.

"Oh yeah, that's right. I forgot. You don't have any amazing powers, do you? So, I guess that means you can't escape!" He then thrusts his cock back into Supergirl's ass with a massive jolt of his powerful hips.

"HUUGHHNN! Eeeieee..." Supergirl grunts again then squeaks in a frightened whimper of pain as her body is once again crushed to the floor by Paul's heavy frame even as his hot pulsing prick throbs within her sore ass. The hand gripping her skull releases and then reaches down to around her thigh, pulling the blonde teen's pelvis closer to the floor as the cock pulls out once again. And then the punishing prick rushes back into the deep center of her anal cavity with yet another heavy driving thump.


"Yeah, the famous Maid of Steel just can't handle a good old fashioned ass pounding unless she gives her permission. Well, I didn't say 'pretty please' beautiful but your ass is still wrapped around my cock. I guess you're just not the big hero you thought you were, huh, Supergirl?"

"...aahhhh....errhhhggggg...." Supergirl's eyes snap open now, her irises darting in panic as her mouth yawns wide as she tries to draw in air through the thin shaft of raw pain that is her throat. The rigid hot pole now begins to move in and out of her wobbling buttocks with slow, repetitive thrusts as Paul takes his sadistic pleasure from her helpless torment.

"You are one tight piece of non-super ass, blondie. I'll give you that," Paul breathes roughly into the back of her head. "If you promise to be quiet, I'll stop chokin' you."

"..ESS! ESSS!" Supergirl frantically rasps out her agreement.

"That's a good girl." The hand disappears from her throat and reappears seconds later at her other thigh, pulling her legs outward so her thighs and her calves press against the floor with her knees bent at right angles. Paul's large, heavy upper body presses the grimacing blonde's fleshy chest flat against the floor as his hips rock back and forth in the air over the helpless Maid of Steel's dimpled rump. Slowing his rhythm down to a patient crawl, the powerful man uses slow, inexorable force to shove his cock into Supergirl's trembling rear end. He pushes its large girth the full length of her cavity until it stretches it's walls wide from opening to end with pulsing heat. And then he withdraws it slowly, savoring the tight friction as it pulls out of the warm confinement of her ass to the cool air between her thighs. And then the whole cycle begins anew. The slow push, the expanding walls, the whimper of pain from the blonde beneath him, the final encompassing spasming of her muscles. He does this six times, savoring the sensations with every passage into anal heaven as he drives his full length in between the groaning girl's buttocks.

"Uuughhnn............owwwww............ohhhhhh............owwww............uuughhnnn.... ....ohhhhh...." The helpless teenager grunts and moans as she receives every slow, inevitable invasion of the mammoth cock into the crevice of her naked rear.

"Yeah! This is how a superhero like you needs to learn her place!"

Paul's heat and frustration and anger at how unfairly life has treated him builds up in his mind now, electrifying his body as he suddenly begins to plunge his hot tool in and out of Supergirl's anus with raw, rapid fury. As he thrusts his cock in and out of the tight, hot tunnel he's made slightly slick with sweat and spit, Paul relishes the pinching feel of her spasming rectum as much as he does the pleasure of being able to dominate something for once, to control someone else's life for once. To show Supergirl, once and for all, that she just couldn't tease him without paying the price. He was her only master now and the master of his own destiny for the moment. He needed to teach her this lesson well.

His stiff prick now drives in and out of the whimpering blonde with fast, short punishing half-foot long strokes. Again and again he withdraws and plunges his massive tool into the tight confines of Supergirl's rear as she writhes and twists in helpless, whimpering frustration beneath him. Her body is rocked over and over with every thrust of his hips. Her eyes stream with tears at the disgrace, the pain and the desperation she feels with each jolt of his nutsack bumping against her crotch.

"..uhhn.....uhhn.....uhhn.....uhhn.....uhhn....uhhn....uhhn...." Supergirl grunts repeatedly as her body is crashed into by the massive bulk of Paul's physique again and again with no end in sight.

But then, the rushing flow of pleasure from the intense friction surges into the fevered brain of the hulking ex-con now, melding with his excitement and joy at total domination of the strongest female on the planet. She was his plaything and she knew it. She couldn't fight the sensation of his hot, thrusting manhood and the inevitable realization of her crushing defeat, and now he can't hold back the rushing sensation either of absolute pleasure. Paul's nuts contract and his thrill at his conquest explodes from him with a powerful surge of total physical release as his hot jism shoots outward from his prick into the depths of Supergirl's rear, showering her insides with thick spunky ecstacy.

"Uhhn! Yes! Take that, hero!" Paul's grunts with savage joy. He virtually radiates with pleasure as he feels his penis pulse as it spurts his pungent semen into Supergirl's limp form. He grinds his body against the helpless blonde with ultimate satisfaction. His prick throbs and pulses with delight as it spurts intermittently within her rear. And a helpless Supergirl is forced to endure this ultimate humiliation, unable to resist this undeniable fact of her debasement. The famous teen heroine is bleakly compelled to accept this unfathomable disgrace of a man spewing his seed up her ass. This was an anal rape that she could in no way prevent and, to her horror, may even have instigated herself by her drunken actions earlier in the evening. I am a miserable failure as a heroine and a person. That's the cold hard truth!

Finally, pleased and relaxed, Paul lets his whole body settle and he lies on the small blonde beneath him, his massive form crushing her slight figure against the floor, overwhelming the beaten teen.

"....owww!.....ghetoff....please...get" weeps the defiled heroine. "..p..please..'re....hurting me..."

"Fuck off, princess. I'm enjoying the moment. You don't get moments like this very often in life, so I'm taking my time, champ!" The nasty thug actually squirms against the small teen with a shivering roll of pleasure, pressing her body even more harshly into the unforgiving floor.


"Yeah, you're not so tough when your famous panties are stripped off ya', Supergirl. Your precious bunghole is just as available as any whore struttin' her stuff on the streets." Pulling his hand up from her thigh and back to her throat, Paul squeezes down firmly on her pale neck, compressing it slowly and relentlessly. "Am I right or am I right?"

"...urgkk!...r..r..right...ur...right," Supergirl rasps with desperate submissiveness.

"Yeah, I knew I was!" After releasing her throat, Paul lies there for another half-minute, actually stroking Supergirl's hair as she cringes in disgust. Finally, he raises his body off of the small blonde. He presses his hand against Supergirl's bare ass and slowly pulls his cock out of her anus. A wide trickle of thick white jism tinged pink with the blood from her raw anus walls immediately flushes out of the prone teenager's rear and puddles on the floor between her spreadeagled thighs. The Maid of Steel sighs mournfully in place, relieved that the crushing weight of this bastard's huge bulk was finally off her at least, and that his massive cock is finally removed from her pulverized, aching ass. She pushes the shame of the sodomy and the wet, leaking sensation of rank-smelling sperm draining out of her ass to the far back recesses of her mind. It's an ugly thing she can't bear to think about right now. She simply breathes the stale air as his hot breath wafts over her head and takes solace in the fact that she was not choked to death in his fevered rape.

"I guess I'd better tie you up nice and tight again," the drowsy brute mumbles as, once again he sits on his haunches, his energy quickly dissipating now. "Let's see where did I put those cords and that flashlight? Ah, here they are."

The pale girlish figure lying in whimpering hopelessness on the floor is bathed in the warm yellow shaft of light from the bathroom. Her painfully sore ass occupies all her attention and the forlorn blonde champion does not even sense the silvery tool as it gleams in the upper arc of its swing. Supergirl only feels the hard, sudden pain of cheap, dented metal on bone and sees a blinding flash of white as the flashlight crashes into the back of her skull. And then all the lights disappear entirely.

Above the unconscious teen, her damp panties dangle over her head off the top edge of the old radiator. They reek of her foolish drunken desire and her complete degradation. Paul smells them clearly, breathing in the powerful, exhilarating scent of Supergirl's utter defilement, savoring it sweetly as he ties up the limp figure in the soft amber light.

The sharp, tingling discomfort in Diana's wrists ultimately pulls her up from the depths of the small black lake of senselessness into which she'd been thrown headfirst.

"..uunnghh..." She pulls her head up off her chest with a soft groan, stands up straight and opens her eyes. Sitting on the bed in her Pleasure Dome suite is Don Silvio Corronado. He is talking on his cell phone.

"No, actually she just woke up. Pretty much on schedule, just like you called it. No, I'm good. Thanks, Sergei." Silvio snaps the phone shut and looks over at Wonder Woman pinned to the wall of her bedroom suite.

"How long have I been out?" The Amazon princess asks as she looks sideways at the shackles that hold her rubber-encased arms out horizontally to the sides. She'd been hanging limply in the steel cuffs holding her to the wall and her wrists are sore from her weight pulling downward on the unforgiving metal bands. Interestingly, the shackles are secured to the walls exactly where two wall sconces were originally located. In fact, Diana notices the sconces lying in the far corner of the room. Their pointed, notched backs were obviously interchangeable with the shackles and who knew what other despicably evil bondage equipment. Looking down, Diana frowns to see her legs spread apart and her ankles also cuffed in bright steel shackles. These have chains that stretch on either side with only a touch of slack to anchors in the wall exactly where two electrical outlets used to be. More clever inventiveness by Tony Bonano's suite designers.

"Well, let's see. You've been slumbering fitfully for about 20 minutes now. I placed you in the shackles just five minutes after you passed out."

"Was knocked out you mean."

"As you wish, Princess," Don Corronado waves his hand in the air as though the point was of no consequence at all.

"You placed me in these shackles," Diana's eyebrows arch noticeably.

"That's correct," Silvio replies.

"Great," Diana says flatly. Shackled by a man, as if she didn't have enough problems. Now she had even less strength than ever. She was also compelled to obey this bastard but she wasn't sure if he even knew that. Hopefully he wouldn't be giving her any direct commands.


"No, I was just wondering how much fun you had carrying me into the bedroom, propping me up and pinning me to the wall. Just how many free feels did you cop during my session with Morpheus?"

"We counting just tits or tits and twat combined?"

"Go for broke. The whole set. How many?"

"I'd say about two dozen or so gropes. Very pleasurable gropes I have to say. 18 for those marvelously full jugs of yours that are simply irresistible. Couldn't help myself. And, what, I guess six times sliding my hand over, under and around the mushy softness of that warm, moist cunt of yours. I left the flap open for easy access and to give your pussy some air. Besides, your delighted moaning when I fondled your breasts and manipulated your pink little twat indicated a certain agreeable acquiescence so I saw no reason not to partake of your charms."

"No reason not to, really. Glad I could get your rocks off."

"Likewise, I'm sure."

"Too bad I wasn't conscious enough to actually enjoy it."

"I'm not so sure you didn't judging by the noises you made. But hey, it's not too late to repeat the procedure. I'm sure that Nympho Patch still has a fair amount of juice in it. Would you like my to squeeze your boobs right now, Princess?"

"I think the moment's passed."

"Don't be so sure. Sergei says the stuff embedded in the patch is pretty powerful and lasts for hours. I only applied it about 40 minutes ago. I'll bet you still got plenty of loving left to give once I get your motor running again, Wonder Woman." Silvio begins walking toward the Amazon champion sealed in the full-body, tight rubber catsuit and shackled to the bedroom wall. In his hands, Diana notices he has a small pair of sharp, pointed scissors. Her irises enlarge as her breathing picks up a bit as Silvio speaks in that low honeyed voice of his.

"Let's try something and see if you like it, Princess."

"Terrific. You're going to mutilate my body now?"

"Damage such a treasured body as this? That would be a crime against nature. Also against Sergei's rules."

"Remind me to thank him when we're done here."

"As will I for the pleasure of your company."

"You charmer, you," Diana says without a glimmer of a smile.

"I get no complaints from the ladies."

"Well, if they do complain, I'm guessing they end up in cement shoes at the bottom of the East River. A whole school of non-floating ex-girlfriends who couldn't resist your charms. Am I right, Don Silvio?"

Silvio is standing right before Diana now, his eyes narrowed and cold. His brown irises are the color of East River mud and they are staring directly into Wonder Woman's wary blue eyes. The glint of the steel scissors shoots up between the two warm bodies facing each other. Don Corronado waves the open scissors in Wonder Woman's face, clicking the steel blades open and shut inches away from her compressed red lips.

"You do like to play with fire, don't you, Wonder Woman?" The angry don's eyes flash with tense energy that crackles in the face of Diana's insult.

"You did say that you admired my courage if I recall, you handsome Don, you" trying to appease the tight-lipped mobster before her.

"Now who's the charmer?" Don Corronado relaxes at the compliment. He slips the scissors into his pants pocket for the moment.

"I call 'em like I see 'em. You have good looks, a sexy voice, money and power. What's not to like?" Diana is pleased she's defused the situation. And then she blunders as her swelling pride gets the better of her. "I'm just surprised you have to resort to whores to get women."

"You know, you surprise me, Wonder Woman. You really should have a lot more self-respect, you being the supposed Champion of All Women, my dear. Tch, tch, referring to yourself that way."

"I...i...didn't mean me," Diana stutters, momentarily thrown by her unconscious Freudian slip.

"Actually, I believe you did, whether you knew it or not," Don Corronado gets right in Wonder Woman's face and begins ticking off his points on his fingers. "Let's look at the facts so far, shall we? You got paid up-front by me for services rendered. Those services included you willingly making me a nice little tea and a cheese plate like a good little fake wifey; you giving me a horrible but earnest blow job, also like a fake wifey; you learning how to suck my cock like a professional whore, you actually showing pride in that lesson although you are a supposed feminist heroine; you then successfully sucking my joint better than any whore I've ever had, again, even though you are supposedly a heroic feminist icon. What else, oh yeah, and you shoving two dildos up your crotch holes for my entertainment and your own slutty pleasure. Now I don't know about where you come from, but in my neighborhood, that all adds up to you being a regular, run-of-the-mill, dyed-in-the-wool whore, sweetie. Plain and simple!"

"That's not how it is!" Diana's voice stresses in an unnaturally high pitch as she shakes her head.

"That's not the way you want to see it. But that's certainly how it is. Now let's get those nipples stimulated and your twat slippery, what do you say, whore?" And without hesitation, Don Corronado reaches over with one hand and squeezes, flicks and tickles Wonder Woman's nipple through the clear rubber with very hard, deliberate movements. Despite herself, the fierce attention to her nipple creates a warmth of sensation that enlarges the brownish nub to a hard pointed roundness that stretches out the rubber noticeably.

"And now the other," says the smiling don with methodical delight. In seconds, Diana's other nipple protrudes glaringly through the shiny rubber encasing her massive chest.

"That's the excited heroine I like to see," Don Corronado teases as the gorgeous female hero glares at him, straining against her shackles in tense frustration. "Now let's get that pussy of yours worked up to a lather, shall we?" That said, the grinning don reaches between Diana's spread open thighs and immediately begins rubbing her exposed snatch with his fingers. He slides his forefinger all around the thin outer pink lips of the defenseless beauty's vagina while frequently alternating to his thumb as it rubs seductively at the upper crease of her slit, stimulating Diana's clitoris with steady, firm repetitive strokes.

"Hahhh...ohhhhhhh....uuuhhh...." Wonder Woman begins to pant and moan, her legs flexing and pulling futilely against her restraints as Don Silvio's fast and furious finger work stirs up her passions and reinstates a surge of aphrodisiac chemicals through the famous Amazon's body. The mighty Amazon begins to sweat as she writhes in her chains while the determined don ignites her wanton lust with his massaging hands and fingers.

"...ahhhh....wait...enough...made your...point..."

"Oh, I'm not even close yet, Princess," Silvio says to the straining heroine. "There's a lot more to come before you cum. But I'm glad that you so readily conceded my point about you being a whore. You certainly have the body for it. And the temperament, too, it seems."

With both hands, Don Corronado reaches forward and squeezes Wonder Woman's breasts in his palms, fondling her roughly through the rubber suit. He plays with them mercilessly, pulling, rolling, mauling and compressing them. He flattens them into fat, gorged disks, stretches them into long torpedoed ovals, shapes them into dimpled doughy loaves of flesh and pulls them into conical, nipple-stretched boobs of pink, tortured flesh.

When he's done with that, he returns to his finger work with her vagina, invading her region with every manipulative, stroking caress he can think of. After three minutes, Wonder Woman is a gasping, panting, horny, red-faced heroine who wants nothing more than to be filled with a hard, fat fleshy rod.

" me...Don Silvio...put your..penis...into me..." Diana breathes out raspily, her head low, her eyes fogged with lust from the Nympho patch as they peer out eagerly through her disheveled hair.

"Still not even close, Wonder Woman. But let's cut out two holes and give those imprisoned nipples of yours a taste of freedom, shall we?"

The scissors reappear from Silvio's pocket and he carefully grips the pliable rubber from around Diana's left nipple and gently pulls it away from the engorged brown nub. Stretching out the clear material two inches away from her protruding nipple, Silvio snips the rubber with the tips of the razor sharp scissors and the latex snaps back against Diana's breast encasing it firmly with only a three inch wide hole through which the freed nipple pokes with a seemingly excited bounce. A minute later, the other nipple waves in the open air with a happy jiggle of her massive tit. Don Corronado steps back and watches with juicy satisfaction as droplets of warm sweat leak out of the two holes in the suit and drip down under Diana's breasts. They slowly make their way onto the surface enclosing her ribs. The dewy drops then continue their long, slow journey down Wonder Woman's beautiful body, joined by parallel companions from her other nipple hole as the sweaty, lust-filled Amazon princess stands defenselessly in her shackles while Don Silvio Corronado watches his prize with bright eager eyes that memorize the scene before him. With a long delighted sigh, the exultant Mafioso captain breathes in the scene, treasuring this precious moment with his breathtakingly beautiful, panting, wriggling rubber-sheathed companion standing at his beck and call a mere three feet away.

"You must be very hot in all that tight rubber, Wonder Woman. Can I get you a drink?"

"By the gods, yes! Please!" Diana's forehead shines with her sweat. Her ribs, belly and legs are all matted within the rubber with glistening pockets of dewy perspiration collecting at every tiny gap in the rubber. The rubber suit at her knees, ankles and her toes is all misty with condensation and her hair around her face is damp with sweat as well, creating thin black lines of dangling locks that drip onto her suit with frequent, soft little pits and pats as they land.

"I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere."

"Funny." Diana remarks without conviction. She then shouts at his back as he leaves the bedroom, "When you return, why don't you bring back a man who knows how to use his penis on a beautiful woman!"

"Funny!" The retreating voice in the hallway responds. Diana just lowers her head, shakes the sweat out of her hair like a dog and rubs her ass against the wall to try to get any kind of sexual satisfaction she can under the spell of the Nympho Patch. She is crazed and mortified in equal measure at her own behavior. But she can't fight the chemicals coursing within her and she knows it's senseless to even try. She could try to exercise a little vocal restraint but her libido keeps sending out messages to her brain that her mouth can't help but voice. It was all just so humiliating!

When Don Silvio returns, he carries a bottle of off-brand flavored electrolyte water.

"Open wide, Princess." She does and he tips the bottle just enough for her to easily gulp the cold, refreshing liquid at her own pace. She downs half the bottle before pushing back against the plastic with her mouth to indicate her need to breathe.

"Don't go anywhere with that yet," Diana says, then takes a deep breath. "Okay," she nods and Silvio tips the bottle again. The raven-haired beauty drinks the remainder of the 16-ounce bottle without pause. After Silvio crushes it and launches it into the corner wastebasket, Diana nods and says, "Thank you. Did you bring back my real man?"

"Oh, he's around somewhere, Wonder Woman," smiles the mafia don pleasantly, completely unfazed by her insult. "But for now, let's get you really hot and bothered."

Turning and walking over to the bed, he reaches into a black plastic bag lying against the pink pillowcase and pulls out a large bottle of some kind. Examining the large round container with her hawk-like eyes, Diana reads the label. Stim-U-Love! Flavored sensitivity oil for enhanced sexual pleasure. Artificial Cherry Flavor!

"Fantastic," Diana snorts. "Real man in a bottle!"

The peeved don walks back over to his captive, shaking the bottle at her as he does.

"Let's see how funny you think it is when your entire body is slick with this stuff and that patch is pumping out its potent cravings for cock, Wonder Whore!"

"Really? That's your comeback? That's what you're going with?" Diana replies with incredulity. "Do all you guys get a handbook or something? Or is there some kind of website for pathetic losers on how to talk to women in bondage to make them cringe with fear? 'Cause, I have to tell you, Silvio, you should ask for a refund on your membership fee. The lines just aren't working."

"You fucking cunt!" Silvio rears back and drives a short hard punch into Wonder Woman's stomach.

"HUUNNFFF!" The Amazon beauty bends forward with a blasting grunt, her cheeks bulging, her eyes wide, her arms straining against the shackles. Diana hangs there for several moments trying to catch her breath with wheezing gasps while the raging don circles his fist before her and slowly gets control of himself. After thirty seconds, Diana lifts her head and looks straight into Don Corronado's eyes. She mutters softly, "Better. More concise. To the point and smartly delivered with emphasis. A little cliched but overall, nice job."

Once again Diana's intelligence, wit and courage captures Don Silvio's fancy and he laughs out loud. Then, chuckling frequently, he paces in a wide circle in front of the rubber-clad Amazon princess. "You really are quite the prize, Wonder Woman. I have to admit it! Looks. Brains. Pluck. You've got it all."

"Yeah, well, we Themyscirans are all about the pluck thing," Diana answers, straightening up as she regains her breath and full composure now. "So what now, you oil me down and we get it on?"

"Something like that. Shall we start with your cooze?"

"Traditional yet effective. You're calling the shots, big guy. Do what you will."

"I suggest you remember that, Princess." Silvio kneels down before Wonder Woman and twists open the cap on the bottle.

"You make it pretty hard to forget it, Don Corronado."

Carmine walks into the Top Hat Bar around 12:30 at night grumbling to himself with impatience. This was his tenth stop in this neighborhood and he was getting nowhere with this approach. Nobody had seen Supergirl, of course, but worse yet, nobody had seen anything that even smelled like a clue. And this seedy dive looked to be another likely dead end. Still, he approaches the bartender, a fat fuck with a nasty scar on his cheek. At the moment, there's no one else in the joint. He gets ready to ask him a series of about six questions he's got written down on piece of paper in his pocket but has fully memorized by now. But first, he starts off with a simple cordiality.

"Hey, what's your name, buddy?" Carmine asks.

"Buddy will do."

"Hit it right off on the first try, huh? Lucky me. Alright, listen up. I am not the law, cheeseball, so I don't give a rat's ass what probie officer you're trying to dodge. Or is it alimony lawyers you skirtin'?"

"The second. You're good at this."

"Practice. Gimme a draft, would ya'," Carmine says, settling on a bar stool.

"Light or Regular?"

"What is it?"


"It's all crap so it doesn't fuckin' matter if its regular or light," Carmine frowns. "What do you have in bottles?"

"Sam Adams, Coors or Fosters."

"I'll take the Aussie. Now, perk up," Carmine says to the bartender's back as the fat man walks halfway down the bar, reaches down to a fridge and pulls out a bottle of Fosters. "I am deeply connected with influential people in this area and at this point in the evening I don't have any sense of humor left so fucking pay attention and don't get cute or you'll be picking up your teeth off the floor of this puke palace. Got me?"

Returning with the bottle of beer, the fat man, unimpressed, pours half of it into the glass he places on the bar. "Yeah, yeah. I get it. Nice speech. You're stressed and you're passin' it down the line. So what do you want to know?"

"I got just a few questions and if you got the right answers and they test out okay, there's good money available to make your life easier for a week or so." Carmine takes a big gulp of his brew and looks steadily at the bartender.

"How much is good money?" The bar keep's voice goes up. He could use the extra cash.

"Depending on the answer, up to a grand. Maybe more if your information is gold and leads me exactly to what I need."

"Shoot." The bartender swipes the bar with a damp, dirty, threadbare towel.

"Let's go from the top again. What's your real name?"

"Edgar. You need a last name?"

"Nope. So Edgar, anything out of the ordinary happen over the last couple 'a days?"

"Like what?" The bartender shrugs.

"Like shit that doesn't usually pass for normal in this rat hole. Anything at all that raises an eyebrow."

"Can't think of anything big, off hand."

"Mmm hmm. You're not getting any closer to the big payoff, Edgar. How about anything small. A comment from someone, a strange face, a new look on an old face. Anything like that?"

"Jimmy 'Target' was in earlier selling shit under the table like usual."

"Yeah, and...?"

"Well, his buyers were locals I've seen around. Don't know their names, though."

"You're putting me to sleep, Edgar. What's your point?" Carmine asks impatiently. He was tired.

"Well, the buyers don't usually buy. That's all. And one of 'em seemed jazzed about something. Joey shouted out something strange, too, when they left. Like 'Tell Chelsea hello." And the buyer stops turns around, flashes a big smile and says, 'I'll do that.'"

"That's your big tip? What the fuck does it all mean?" Carmine scowls. This didn't sound like anything important. But who the fuck knew?

"Well, Joey comes up and orders a scotch. That's what really got my attention. Joey 'Target' is not a big spender. So I figured the buyers met his price. Also unusual from the way Joey was acting. It was all centered around this girl I thought. This Chelsea broad. You'll have to talk to Joey but after he sold and had his drink, he left. Don't know when he'll be back. And I don't know where he lives or if he even drinks anywhere else. He don't talk so much. Just deals at that table back there and feeds me a five every now and then to keep me from rousting his ass. Sometimes he doesn't come in for days. But like I said the unusual part was Joey buying a stiff drink with cash and those deadbeat locals meeting his price. Other than that, nothin' else comes to mind that's different."

"Hmmm." Carmine sits there sipping his beer quietly. After a moment, he asks Edgar another question. "And you don't know where these locals live?"

"Nope. Joey might. I'm not sure 'bout that though."

"Okay, Edgar. Thanks. Oh, one more thing. What does this Joey 'Target' push? Horse? Pills? Grass? What?"

"Joey. He only sells one item 'cause he uses it and selling it cuts his cost for his own habit."

"And that item would be what, Edgar?"

"Crack. Joey only sells crack."

"Really? And you think these buyers had a girl, a Chelsea?"

"It's possible. Who knows."

Carmine pulls out a business card with simply his name and cell phone number on it. He puts it on the bar, takes out his wallet and drops a fifty on top of the card. He pushes the two items over toward the fat bartender.

"That's for good faith. And, Edgar, the second that Joey Target shows up, you call that number. If things play out, you'll get your grand. Any time of day or night, you call. Got me?"

"Absolutely....Carmine," the large bartender says. "Day or night. Don't suppose you want to tell me what this is all about."

"Healthier for you not to know," Carmine actually smiles as he says this, but there's not a lot of heart behind it.

"Right. I figured."

Carmine finishes his beer and stands up. Before he goes, he looks at Edgar's face and the prominent scar cutting across his cheek. "Let me guess. The scar is a gift from your ex-wife."

"You really are good at this."

"Edgar. If your info's good. You'll not only get your grand, but I will personally see to it that the alimony lawyers your ex is siccing on you will stop harassing you for good. One way or another."



"Well, thanks, Carmine. I see Joey, I'll call first thing."

"Do it or it could be your very last thing," Carmine walks out of the Top Hat with a real smile for the first time all day.

Taking up the empty glass and wiping the bar where Carmine sat, Edgar looks at the door as it closes behind the big mobster.

"What a swell guy." His sarcasm is as dark as the dimly lit barroom. Still, he flicks the card thoughtfully against his knuckles before he stuffs it into his shirt pocket.

Wonder Woman is sweating heavily as she leans forward as far as possible within her shackles so her pussy is flat against the heel of Don Corronado's palm as it slides up and down between the moaning Amazon's thighs.

"Harder. Rub harder, Silvio. No, harder than that!" Diana pleads with her captor. "The rubber is blocking a lot of the sensation of your hand against my vagina." The crotch flap of the rubber catsuit has been resealed and the inside of the entire suit is now coated with a film of sensitizing lubricating oil. Half a bottle of the stuff has been poured down into the neck of the sealed suit and by now it has cascaded in thick flowing streams all over the flawless body of the securely restrained Amazon champion.

Thanks to the broad sweeping massage strokes provided by Silvio over the entire surface of Wonder Woman's luscious figure, followed up by the mob boss' precise attention to every nook and cranny of the beautiful champion's flesh, no spot on Diana's body is left untreated by the tingling oil. In fact, the room is heavily scented with the cloyingly sweet smell of cherries from the flavoring added to the solution. As promised, the famous Champion of All Women is caught in a deeply disorienting sexual frenzy from the oil and the constant caressing of every inch of her sensitized skin. She is writhing and bending and moaning with desperate sexual frustration as the heat from the squeaking rubber suit activates the sensitizing capability of the oil over every square inch of Wonder Woman's slippery figure.

Even now, the beautiful Amazon champion continues to shamelessly whine and beg for Silvio's firmer attention to her needs.

"Ohhhhh.....harder still. I can't feel your palm like I need. Really plow it in there, Silvio. Give it all you have!"

Don Corronado actually eases up with his hand, smiling as he sees Wonder Woman frown, her wide-eyed expression of sexual hunger dimmed to sullen dismay as he withdraws the rubbing pleasure she so desperately craves. He's been manipulating the Amazon for the past 30 minutes with varying teasing pleasures that have lifted her to sensual heights of panting delight only to stop them the instant he senses her spilling into eye-rolling rapture. Stripped down to just his blue plaid boxer shorts, the delighted mafia don had been most recently groping and hugging Wonder Woman's slippery body tightly against his own. Aggressively pressing his bare chest against her own large slippery tits, he had purposefully pulled his rigid penis poke out of the fly of his boxers and slid it between her rubber encased thighs so the mighty champion could feel the distant heat of it against her throbbing, frustrated snatch. So near yet so far, the penis was a prize unwon that made the Amazon gnash her teeth in frustration at her bondage. Diana's thoughts had centered on how she would take this man's hard body and wrap herself around his fine physique with an Amazon's unbreakable wrestling hold if she only could!

At other times over the past half hour, Silvio had fondled Wonder Woman's breasts, rolling his hands over the large slippery spheres with strong powerful strokes at one time and treating her areolas like racetracks at others, circling their perimeters with unrelenting passes even as his hot mouth sucked and nibbled at her exposed nipples to draw yelps of pleasure and groans of yawning desire from the raven-haired beauty as the brown nubs held firmly in his mouth sent shivers of pleasure through the defenseless heroine's body..

When he first started Diana off on her roller coaster of lust, Don Corronado had kneeled between her legs and licked teasingly at her clitoris for a good five minutes without pause. Occasionally he would dapple a bead of the cherry sensitizing oil against her pink nub and circle his finger around the outside of Wonder Woman's clit until he spread the tingling sheen of oil all over and around the distended fleshy knob in a way that had Diana's hips circling and jerking in delighted bucking movements as her very breath was stolen away. But he never brought her near to an orgasm, always licking the oily residue from the clit before it could linger long enough to send her over the edge into satisfied ecstasy. He was very careful about controlling her sensual overload, studiously pulling back each and every time before the wave crested and broke over her consciousness.

As a result, Wonder Woman was now begging for Silvio to allow her the full releasing orgasm she so desperately needed. Her pussy literally drips with desire at this point, although it's difficult to tell with all the sweat, oil and lubrication draining through the creases and folds of the over-stimulated Amazon's snatch. The very heat of her lust fogs the rubber covering her vagina like the cloudy mist lingering against the dewy ferns on a sweltering jungle floor.

All the oil that has leaked out through the nipple holes has been spread liberally over the outside of the slippery catsuit as well by the don's earnest attentions throughout this endless session. So whenever Don Silvio goes in for a clutching hug, his hard body slides firmly against Diana's warm figure with silky grace. And as he holds her in place and rubs his own warm, naked skin against the slick rubber suit, it excites Wonder Woman's libido even further in ways that cloud her judgment and flood her mind with lustful primal thoughts of hard thrusting pricks entering deep wet vaginas. With every pass of his palm over the curve of her wide greasy ass, every caress across the slippery slopes of her bouncing breasts or every sliding pass into the pulsing canyon of her trembling crotch, the famous Champion of All Women succumbs to her lusts with loud throaty moans of wanton joy at the very touch of a man's hand. Wonder Woman is creaming herself at the very thought of Silvio's prick even brushing against her. She has become a delirious, desperate cock-craving slut of pure opportunity now No act is too base for her to perform. No request too sick for her not to fulfill for the promise of an orgasm.

Don Corronado hasn't realized it yet but his every command to the strikingly lovely Amazon has been followed to the letter. She has kissed his mouth with long, lingering soul kisses. She has rubbed her leg against his own in a demeaning humping maneuver with her hips rolling and dipping as far as her shackles would allow. She eagerly kissed and licked slowly along the side of his neck with quick flicking licks and slow wide passes of her warm pink tongue until he shivered with delight. And, of course, with her new appreciation of the joys of blowjobs, Diana more than willingly bent over low as she could and took the don's generous cock in her mouth and sucked him off until his cock gleamed in the bedroom lights. He had to pull out before she could finish him off, wanting to use his cock within her treasured cooze rather than blowing his nut in her mouth.

Silvio thinks her immediate compliance is based on her need for sexual release and her instructions from Sergei that have compelled her unhesitating response to his orders. What he doesn't know is that the fact that he's the male who chained her now gives him complete control of her actions. She is at the very beck and call of Amazon forces that he does not understand. Nevertheless, her immediate obedience to his every whim thrills him to no end.

"Tell me how much you want me inside you, Princess. And be as lewdly graphic as you can imagine," he directs her.

Torn within by her aching need to obey and her utter shame at what he demands, Wonder Woman groans in anguish as she tries to fight for control of her body and her mind. The oil, her libido and her shackles override her modesty and her Amazon will completely, of course.

"I crave the heat of your mighty sword, Don Corronado. It would please me to no end to have you impale me with its formidable length until I scream for mercy."

"Not bad. I like the attitude but let me hear fewer euphemisms and more plainly crude language that anyone can understand."

"I would cum like a screaming banshee if you would fiercely plow my hot, wet cunt with your huge fuck rod, Don Silvio."

"And how would that make you feel, Wonder Woman?"

"My lust would be dripping out between my thighs for all to see. My eyes would beg to see only your cock. My lips to surround it. My soul to cherish the very touch of your penis against my wet, eager pussy."

Am I really saying these blasphemies? I am a harlot of the first order now!

"What else can you tell me, Wonder Woman, that you want from me right now?"

"If you release my legs and lift me up, I would thrust my cunt over the length of your prick and wrap my legs around your waist and hump you until we both came in a flush of helpless, mindless ecstasy, Don Corronado. My only wish is that you will let it happen!"

My absolute shame is now complete. I will die with these words carved into my tombstone. I know it!

"Sounds like a plan to me, Wonder Woman," replies Don Corronado with a wide beaming smile. "Let me just get you a little more worked up and we will make happen what you so clearly desire. Your ultimate fantasy of penetration is about to begin. You will give yourself to me."

"It is my only purpose as a woman, Don Silvio. I am a wet, sloshing tunnel awaiting your powerful, driving shaft. Make me your Amazon slave at last. I'm begging you! Tease me no more!"

Don Corronado has heard all he needs to hear. Wonder Woman was begging him to fuck her. His own lusts are about to overwhelm him. There is no longer any need to wait, to tease or delay his triumph now.

"I'm going to release your legs so you can be fucked as you requested. You will not try to escape or hurt me in any way, Wonder Woman. You got that?"

A direct order! Damn him! Damn him to Hades for all eternity.

"No escape attempt. I understand." She will be fucked by him at last and that is something she lives for right at this moment. She was hoping to escape right afterward, Sergei be damned. But that wouldn't be happening now. Unless she could make him unshackle her arms as well, Then she would not be bound by Amazon physical laws. Is it too much to hope for? To try to talk him into unlocking her arm shackles?

"Good!" Silvio says. Kneeling down, the mob hood presses a button on the back inside edge of the leg shackle and it releases easily with a click and a clink of metal as it falls away from her ankle. The second shackle releases just as easily seconds later.

Quickly pulling open the seal, Don Corronado undoes the crotch flap of Wonder Woman's tight rubber catsuit. A rushing stream of sweat and oil spills out of the crotch of the domination suit and onto the carpet, soaking it with a sickly sweet cherry smell along with the underlying scent of lusty Amazonian pheromones.

Don Corronado puts his fingers down to Diana's warm wet pussy and strokes around the edges with light tickling circles.


Diana is screaming in total frustration, right in the grinning don's face. He slips his palms under her knees without another word and hoists them up in the air. Diana gets a look of wild anticipation as she watches the hard, erect cock hone in on her pussy like a guided missile. With a hard, fast thrust of his hips, Don Corronado penis drives deeply into Diana's swollen snatch at long last! She grunts with pleasure as the full length of him fills her vagina with a width and a heat she never thought would finally arrive. With eager, lusty joy, she wraps her legs around Don Silvio's waist and grips him as tightly as possible with her slippery rubber-sheathed thighs.


"And probably the first whore to be permitted entrance, I'd bet," Don Corronado says with nasty coldness.

"I don't care. I really don't. The Nympho Patch has destroyed my morals. I could not fight its power," Diana admits. Her legs grip around the don's trim waist as the Amazon princess luxuriates in the feel of his long, hard penis within her tight loins at last. She begins humping him in earnest, rocking her hips and taking him deeply within her, then releasing, then capturing him again. She savors the penetration, the heat, the fulfilling wonder of this man's rigid cock. The delighted Silvio barely has to work his prick at all. He just keeps it still for the moment as Wonder Woman rocks her hips against him. Her warm wet snatch encompasses his prick with a tight eager pulsing that makes him as hard as he's ever been. His hands have moved down to her ass now, supporting her weight better so she can rock and hump him with even greater fervor.

"If only I could wrap my arms around your neck and mount you completely, I would be the happiest woman on earth," she murmurs softly, hoping against hope that he, too, would want this and in so doing would release her from her Amazonian curse of obedience to his shackling.

"That's not going to happen, Wonder Woman. Yet again, you fail to realize this isn't about what you need but what I want to let happen. But enough of that; are you satisfied with my penis in your twat? Is it all you hoped?

"It will be once I bring us to fulfillment. You do want that, don't you?"

"Of course. Fuck away, Wonder Woman. My cock is yours!"

And the world-famous feminist heroine begins to move her wide hips against Don Corronado with frantic, rapid jerks. With her arms spread wide, shackled securely to the wall, the face of the Amazon beauty is harshly drawn with fierce determination now. Her head is lowered and she looks through her sweaty strands of hair at Don Corronado with nothing less that wild, untamed feline lust. She is a jungle cat in heat. Her sole mission in life to feel the thrill of this rigid fleshy tool filling her heavenly cavity. It is a physiological imperative! Again and again she rocks her hips against his loins, filling her snatch with the hot cock she's been so desperate to feel for more than an hour now. The Nympho Patch has done its work she thinks to herself. I am its prisoner.

"You would not have…uhhhnn… been able to take me….ohhh….without the patch, Don Silvio," she grunts with obvious joy. "You know that…uhhh…. right?"

"Your resistance was paper thin, Wonder Woman. Now be quiet and just fuck me until my seed fills your snatch, whore!"

Hera help me! Another direct order!

It wasn't like she wouldn't be fucking him until she and he reached an orgasm but to be compelled to do so drew some of her pleasure away from her overwhelming excitement. But the passing despair at being commanded to perform to his tune is quickly lost as the heat of her passions fills her brain. She pumps her hips with pure machine-like efficiency now, lost in the need for friction within. She is close, very close. And so is he. His sweaty face bows close to hers as he cradles her pumping ass. Diana's hot sweaty crotch bumps up and down against his own. His breath is raw and ragged as the famous Amazon warrior grips his hips with her locked legs and slowly captures his lust in the tight confines of her rapidly sliding snatch. Silvio, too, is nearly lost in the absolute passion of the moment. He is on the threshold of his climax. Only one thing is left to accomplish.

"Anyway, Wonder Woman," he pants happily, his bright gleaming brown irises boring into her feverish, half-lidded blue ones, "that Nympho Patch was counteracted….ohhhhhh….about two minutes after I gave you that bargain-basement sport drink."

"….duhn't….b'lieve….you…" Diana breathes the words out harshly even as she continues to rock her pelvis in response to the command of her leering male captor.

"It's true. And I don't give a fuck….ahhh!...if you believe me or not. You've been a helpless, sex-crazed cunt based….ohhhh….on nothing but your own overdeveloped libido and some cheap drugstore sex grease, Wonder Woman!. What do you…yeeeeaaaghhh!...think of THAT?"

Diana actually stops pumping her hips as this ugly truth blasts through her soul. "Th…that….can't…be…true…." She cries out in stark horror. It couldn't have been all just me and this bastard's fingers doing this. Could it?

The crowning glory of Don Corronado's triumph over Wonder Woman is the shocked stare of cold realization that her own desires have driven her to this nadir of the most whorish behavior she could ever imagine. He sees this lost broken look in the stunned Amazon's eyes and takes delight in driving the final nail into the coffin that is burying her self-respect. Quickly he begins pumping his own hips now as he takes over the role of sexual aggressor proudly. One that he only relinquished as a slight of hand in the emotional and physical devastation of Wonder Woman. Cradling her warm ass, Don Silvio Corronado begins to lustily finish off the famous raven-haired hero with absolute delight now. He looks deep into her eyes and sees the light of hope extinguished like a snuffed candle, only to be replaced by the glow of highly-aroused wanton female desire filling the face of the beautiful heroine. Her eyes are closed in mindless rapture and her lips are parted with carnal lust as the large, hot shaft completes its mission. Wonder Woman's lips curl with a lewd groan of the basest need in the universe, the indefatigable force of procreation. Wonder Woman doesn't want children. She just needs to complete the act that will produce them on occasion. She is lost in the pleasures of fulfilling her feminine destiny. Her head bumps back against the wall as the world-famous Wonder Woman climaxes within the grip of her powerful, hip-thrusting captor. She screams in utter pleasure despite herself or because of herself. She's too lost in the sensation to know. Her climax sends Silvio over the edge right behind her and the two of them are moaning and leaning against the wall, a frozen coupled statue of rapture as they both douse each other's groin with wet, draining pleasure without end. Both of them complete in their mutual missions of absolute lust. The only sound in the room at the end is the panting of two humans who have discovered the deepest regions of their own souls. It has been a hell of a trip!

End of Chapter 41

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