Supergirl Captured by the Mob 25

Author: Dr. Dominator
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Note: This is the 25th entry in the series! If you haven't yet, try starting from Part 1.

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 25 - Fuck It!

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia, Bruno Gemano and Scarlett O'Shea are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

When Tony arrives back at Supergirl's suite just after noon, he finds her spreadeagled on the couch openly masturbating in the same yellow silk pajamas that he'd left her sleeping in. With her leg thrown over the top edge of the sofa, one of the beautiful blonde's hands is stuffed down the front of her pants moving around under the silk, rapidly jiggling her fingers against her clitoris. The other is clutching her breast through the bright yellow pajama top, rolling her fingers back and forth over her nipple, using the silk material along with a new domination fantasy she'd been introduced to over the past week to help stimulate herself to higher thresholds of satisfaction.

"Aahhh.....oooh.....ohhhhhh....noohh...please....don't do that...oh no..anywhere but there... oh...stop you brute..ahhh...can't fight you off...ooohhhhhh...."

"Is this a private party or can anyone join in?" Tony asks, not the least bit surprised that the famous teen heroine is abusing herself and is no doubt enjoying the rippling eddies of crack smoke drifting through her brain. After all, the addicted heroine had been carefully conditioned to associate sex with crack. So when she got high, her first inclination was now to incorporate sexual activity with it.

"...ohhh..hi..Ton...ooooh...ahhh...just finishing" Supergirl calls out in a shrill climax that, in her high state, she's not the least bit embarrassed about, the rattling pictures and tipsy lampshades from her super shriek notwithstanding.

Stevie stands at the elevator door wincing in pain and slightly stunned at the blatant display of Supergirl's raging libido. He moves into the kitchen area and snaps open a can of Heineken and takes a long satisfying pull at it. Sergei would have enjoyed that little scene, he thinks, as the girl lolls on the couch panting and sighing in release.

But the "Russian Bear"was left back in Secaucus with a set of instructions from Tony to oversee the humiliation of Wonder Woman. He was also in charge of preparing the drugged heroine's transfer that evening to the jail cell in which they had successfully tamed Supergirl. There was much more equipment and many more sophisticated devices and tools at Tony's headquarters, not to mention all that recording technology they'd used with Supergirl. Located in a low-rent area of Brooklyn, Tony's site was also a more secure location than Carmine's Secaucus warehouse which was used too much as a regular transport depot for drugs and such. Tony's Brooklyn facility wasn't nearly as busy.

Tony walks over to the couch and sits down next to the sighing girl and palms her breast, seizing it gently through the yellow silk and fondling her fullness with a slow rolling motion. She writhes in feline pleasure under his hand, licking her lips and opening her bright blues with drowsy delight.

"Come to help?" she purrs, taking his hand and placing it between her thighs. Her pajama pants are damp and strongly scented from her self-satisfaction.

"Well, I was going to suggest we take a walk but there's time for a little early 'afternoon delight' I suppose."

"That's the can-do attitude I was hoping for," the beautiful blonde smiles with a new and boldly lustful look that actually takes Tony by surprise. "Let's get you ready for action!"

The famous Maid of Steel had definitely bought into the whole "no rules" attitude it seemed since her capitulation last night. She certainly was for now anyway, while under the influence of very high grade crack. Tony wondered how long it would hold when she came down. But in the mean time he was going up, quite quickly in fact as Supergirl rubs one hand against the crotch of his suit pants and uses the other to grab Tony behind the neck and pull his face down to her bosom.

Tony eagerly finds and nibbles at her sensitive nipple through the smooth yellow fabric even as he whips off his suit jacket and throws it over the back of the couch. And then the couple is all arms and legs, pulling and tugging to undress as quickly as possible. Tony's tie is flung over a table lamp and his shirt is tossed halfway across the room. Linda's silky yellow pj bottoms hit the coffee table and slide off in frictionless rush to the carpet. Her top is tossed high in the air and over the couch like a flag of surrender. Tony's pants get the heave ho and his shoes thump in opposite directions. and finally the naked pair are lying on the couch in the 69 position, Tony kissing and licking Supergirl's moist pussy while she holds his 8" cock and slides her mouth over the tip with a happy moan.

"Well, I guess I'm out of here," Stevie says, thinking to head for the control room hidden behind the mirror and gear up the recording equipment to capture a few editable scenes of sex between his boss and the cocksucking teenage superheroine.

"Whearhh do yhoo thinngk yhurrr gwohin?" Supergirl calls out through a mouthful of stiff prick. She slides her mouth slowly off Tony's spit-lubed penis, lifts her head above the arm of the couch and smiles at Stevie. "Come join the party, Stevarino. If that's okay with you, Mr. Bonano?" She gives Tony her 1000 watt smile and who can resist that?

"Sure, fuck it. It's fine, Stevie."

"Yeah, Stevie," Supergirl says, slowly swaying her beautiful, naked bottom back and forth in a come-hither motion, "fuck it."

Stevie probably sets a new world record for undressing from a standing start and is over by the couch before Supergirl has begun to fully explore Tony's cock and balls with her lips, tongue and warm, wet mouth. Tony's stiff cock stands at full attention as her right hand slowly slides up and down the shaft. Her other hand cups his balls as the beautiful blonde teen begins licking the junction where his "twig and berries" meet with slow, fat lapping strokes.

"Uuhhh....whoa....ahhhhh," Tony moans with pleasure at her all-out attack on his crotch. Lifting her eyes, Supergirl sees Stevie standing naked beside the couch looking down with a bright, hard gleam in his eyes. His prick points at face her like a compass showing True North.

"Don't be shy, Stevie. Kneel down here on the couch so I can reach you," the drug-addled teen coos. Being every inch the gentleman his mother raised, Stevie sticks his dick in front of Supergirl's face as directed. She leans forward and licks the tip of his cock, sending it bobbing up and down with pleasure. On the second downward pass, the lovely teen catches the bouncing bad boy with her soft plush lips and moves her face forward to take fully half of Stevie's penis in her eager warm mouth. In the meantime, she continues to steadily stroke Tony.

"Mmmm," she murmurs as she begins to move her head back and forth, wetly slathering the fully hard prick with her saliva.

"Huughnn," Stevie grunts and takes her head in his palms and pulls her face tightly against his crotch. She doesn't protest. She's fully enjoying the feel of Stevie's warm hard staff filling her mouth and now pressing deeply into her throat. He begins to move it back and forth, fucking Supergirl's face with a steady, relaxed stroke that has her eyes rolling up under her lids with pleasure. That and Tony's relentless tonguing and nipping of her labia and his frequent attention to the swollen nub of her bright pink clit. Her hips are bucking with spastic jerks of excitement as his arms tightly wrap around her legs and pin her in place. This was just about as sexually thrilling as the rape fantasy she'd been enjoying when these two magnificent specimens entered the suite. Riding the high of the crack and the delights of the flesh that her mouth and pussy are being inundated with, Supergirl begins ascending the ladder of sexual fulfillment she's climbed so often over the past two weeks since her capture.

Stevie's long penis in her face picks up the tempo, driving in and out of her mouth with long, deep quick repetitive strokes that graze and tickle the insides of her cheeks, her larynx and the back of her tongue. The hands holding her head pull and push with masterly control that is too much for the dazed blonde to even think about resisting if she wanted to. Her brain and body were lighting up like a pinball machine as Tony's lips suckle at her throbbing clit and his hands go on the prowl. One palm finds and squeezes her left breast, plying it like fresh dough. The other hand strokes gently between her butt cheeks before a wet long forefinger pokes deeply into her asshole.

"MMFFF!" She squeaks with delight. Barely able to concentrate under this relentless barrage of oral and vaginal stimulation, the famous Maid of Steel uses her now limited resources to try to continue to please Tony by gently stroking his dick with her fist at an incredible speed.

None of the three participants can handle the sexual pressure wave they've built up so rapidly. Stevie cock jerks up and freezes before filling Supergirl's mouth with a thick stream of salty jism that she swallows without hesitation, only a little of it running out of her mouth in a thin white drizzle. Tony blows his wad all over Supergirl's naked tits, spraying the dangling, pendulous breasts with ropes of dripping cum. For her part, the climaxing blonde superheroine provides Tony's face with a shiny mask of her sweet pussy nectar from his nose to his chin. Stevie unexpectedly sends out a second jerking clot of cum into the blonde beauty's mouth. Pulling away harshly, a surprised and sickened Supergirl gags out a fat, stringy strand of white jism onto Tony's bare thigh, where it puddles up before draining down to the leather cushion below.

"Oh, damn. I'm sorry, Supergirl. I've never cummed so hard in my life!"

"..aacgkk...ohh.....don't...don't worry.....bout it, Stevie....." She wheezes softly and then composes herself quickly. "You just shot a bigger load than I expected. Tony, how are you doing?"

"Huh? Ohhhhh. Fine....just fine..." He smiles widely, the glistening cum-shiny grin of a man completely satisfied with a job well done to him and by him. Idly, Tony smears his cum over the round satiny surface of Supergirl's breasts before she gives out a loud whooshing sigh and collapses onto Tony's sprawled body. Stevie staggers off to get dressed as Tony and Supergirl lie on the couch enjoying the afterglow of a thrilling three-way fucking.

Diana Prince is experiencing no such glowing delight. In fact, she is not registering any emotion at all. She is deep into an emotional stasis of her own doing. She knew that the combination of heroin and a powerful aphrodisiac were going to be nearly impossible to resist without her belt and she didn't want to give these thugs the pleasure of seeing her grovel for mercy which she knew they would not give. So, mere moments after Tony had left her alone in the recovery room and she'd tested the unrelenting resistance of the adamantian manacles, she'd reluctantly decided to take the Amazonian "Vow of Impetus Denego", which roughly translated to "passion denied."

This was a obscure, rarely-used rite originated by an early high priestess of Themyscira during the time a few years before Hercules had invaded the homeland of Paradise Island, as it was also called. The rite of taking the Vow had originated when a old woman seer had told the priestess of her vision that the Amazons would be defeated and humiliated by men in a few years hence. Great sorrow and incredibly brutal sexual conquests were foretold by the monotone voice of the old crone in her prophetic trance. The priestess with her three disciples set about creating a self-hypnotic procedure that would create a virtually impenetrable shell of cold reason around the emotional soul of an amazon.

It took months for the Priestess and her disciples to perfect the trance state. They'd practiced it religiously, forcing themselves into mystically deep self-imposed emotional prisons and then having each other poke needles into the skin of their breasts or flail their legs and backs with studded whips. When any pain or torment could be withstood, they knew they had accomplished their goal. It was a severe talent inasmuch as the trance state could be reversed in about 10 minutes but the capability to feel emotions would be lost for a month or more, depending on the willpower of that Amazon who took the vow. Very often, an Amazon would be kept apart during the rare occasions when the Vow of Impetus Denego had been taken and then reversed since the coldest, most hurtful things would be said without a thought to the reaction of the listener. Cold reason without compassion could be as painful as a short sword to the thigh, with the verbal wound smarting long after the physical one would have healed.

Only select members of the royal family and other high officials and their families were taught the Vow so its use and its power was not generally known even among the Amazons. When she was just a teenager on Paradise Island, Diana herself had taken a few weeks to develop the ability. In fact, the priestess felt the young princess was better at the Vow than most trainees who learned the technique. With practice, the daughter of Hyppolita could put herself in a near-perfect trance in about 10 minutes. Near perfect was good enough and, when reversed, the hardship of the emotional shell dissipated in just a week or so rather than the usual month. Diana had been instructed by her mother and the high priestess never to tell a soul about the Vow and she never had.

But now she had to use it and she virtually completes the process when Sergei comes charging back into the recovery room area, shouting something at her in unintelligible Russian and slamming his fist hard into her jaw with brutal ferocity. Virtually completed was not absolutely completed but it appears to be enough. Diana feels her face jolt sideways with the blow but feels no pain. Above her ball gag, Diana's eyes look at Sergei with icy blueness without the hint of distress or pain. This angers the "Russian Bear" so much he belts her again on the other side of her jaw, sending her face rocketing sideways again with an ugly thump. When she turns back to give him the same unabashed stare of cold placidity, he blurts out, "So, you are stronger than even I expected, Wonder Woman. Good I like a challenge. Especially one from a stuck up bitch who doesn't know how to hold her tongue in the presence of her torturer." He loosens Wonder Woman's ball gag for a moment and pulls it down to her chin.

"But Tony gave me free reign to be breaking your spirit however I am seeing fit! What do you think of that, eh?"

"You will not," she states as a hard fact.

"This we shall be seeing. You do not know the toys I have."

"You and the Banana do not understand your adversary. It will probably mean your death and maybe his."

"Hmmph. Pretty sure of yourself for a person who's got her tits and pussy on display and is strapped to a table with unbreakable chains," Sergei mocks, fondling her left tit with his palm as he looks into her face for the wince of disgust and shame he expects. It doesn't come. Not even close.

"This is a temporary condition. Your death will not be."

"Yeah, well, let's see how confident you are when the heroin and the aphrodisiac kick in in a few minutes, princess."

"It will probably make me tired and somewhat irritable but no more than that."

You obviously have never enjoyed Mexicali Cum Juice, Wonder Woman. You will be having a totally different attitude when it hits, I think, dah?"

"No. I won't."

"Shut up, you dumb cunt," He jams the ball-gag back into Wonder Woman's mouth and tightens the buckle again. "We will see how you will be liking it when I violate your precious womanhood with my cock, you frigid bitch!"

The raven haired beauty looks up at the ceiling without even acknowledging Sergei's threat and he punches her hard in the stomach. Her body jerks and air whistles out through the sides of the ball gag but this is simply an autonomic wheeze from her lungs. No whimpering. No tears. No nothing.

"What is it with you, woman? Have you no fear at all? No anger? No sense of shame?" Sergei is genuinely frustrated at her complete lack of response to his presence or his violent assault. "Perhaps you will be more fearful of my wire cutters, Wonder Woman." He takes them off a table he'd set up yesterday prior to her arrival. Waving them in front of Diana, he puts his face in front of hers and intones with severe coldness "I have removed nipples from many women with this tool you see before you. Such scarring is not pretty, Diana Prince. I assure you, not pretty at all!"

She moves her gaze from the ceiling to his face and assesses his snarling visage with calm, careful judgement and then looks back up at the ceiling without any expression whatsoever.

Sergei's pale Russian face goes red as a beet at her implacable resolve to not engage him. Placing the blades immediately around the sides of her left nipple, he squeezes the handle closed slightly, drawing thin lines of blood from the tender buds. Diana does not even turn her head. The tiniest sigh issues out from the edges of the ball gag, which what must be the coldest resignation to fate a person will ever hear. Sergei searches the half-naked heroine's face for any other crack, any break in her stony intransigence. None is forthcoming.

"FUCK IT!" Throwing the wire cutters across the room, Sergei stalks out to the warehouse area. "I will be coming back after I check on Superman, bitch." More likely, he's going out to compose himself. Tony had given him orders that no permanent disfiguring was to be handed out to Wonder Woman since he wanted her to be attractive to his clientele when she started whoring for him. Did she know this or somehow sense this directive in his attitude or anything he said. He didn't think so, but no woman he'd ever known had ever shown such resolve in the face of this tactic before. He did not usually bluff and was pissed that the one time he had tried it, he'd been called on it by a half-naked woman who had ice-water in her veins.

He wanders over to the helplessly inert Man of Steel half-submerged in the steel tub filled with glowing green poison.

"What do you think is going on with this over-endowed black-haired bitch, eh, Superman? Is the heroin not working or the aphrodisiac?"

"....pull me.....out....p...please..." Superman groans, his eyes searching Sergei for mercy as he weakly sloshes in the tub, pulling pitifully on the newly wrapped nylon cords around his wrists and ankles. He was even too weak to break out of them, since the Adamantian manacles had been transferred over to Wonder Woman's restraints.

"Oh, stop whining, you pathetic wimp. Show a little backbone like your girlfriend in there. She's a true superhero. You are an overrated blowhard, Superman. And of no consequence."

The sloshing stops and Superman's face sets hard with a cold look for the first time in hours. "...don't bet....on... that..." He turns his head to the side and exhales with a loud focused pant and steels himself to withstand this horrific slime as long as he has a breath in his body.

Sergei doesn't acknowledge the exchange. He merely looks down at his watch. It's been about 15 minutes since Wonder Woman had been forced to swallow the Mexicali Cum Juice. It should be working but maybe her strong constitution has slowed things down a bit. And the aphrodisiac would take even longer than the heroin. He had to calm down and be more patient. Very hard for "The Russian Bear." He expends his frustration by going over and punching Superman in the jaw which sends the helpless champion into unconsciousness with a loud, breathy grunt.

Inside the recovery room, Wonder Woman is grunting herself, as well as taking slow measured breaths as she finally feels the rush of heroin sweeping into her brain. Her irises drift slightly and her eyelids lower somewhat sleepily but there's no overwhelming sense of euphoria, no loss of judgement, no irrepressible giddiness or loose morals involved here. Her hypnotic shell of "Impetus Denego" remains intact. Her resolve undiminished. Now she had to wait for the aphrodisiac which should be a bit easier, she supposes. She calmly waits to see. She also wondered if Superman was still alive. She suspected he might be dead or perilously close to it already. That, eventually, would be sad.

Supergirl- is dressed in disguise for her little walk through the South Bronx with Tony. Sporting a short-cropped red-headed wig Tony has purchased, the beautiful teen won't be recognized as herself or as Linda Danvers. Not that she won't be noticed since she's wearing a short denim miniskirt and simple baby blue cotton tank top that show off her killer body to its best advantage. White leather sandals and a matching white leather fanny pack filled with gum, basic makeup and other feminine accessories complete her outfit.

Filled with youthful exuberance of a kid on a school vacation, the gorgeous blue-eyed beauty puts her arm in Tony's as they head down the elevator to the basement level for a surreptitious exit. He didn't want to walk through the casino main room with Supergirl. It would create too much of a stir, and generate too much talk and could lead to trouble he didn't need. A quiet walk around the surrounding few blocks shouldn't be as much of a problem as long as he spirited her in and out of the place through a little used doorway in the side of the building.

When they walk out into the bright June sunshine, Supergirl digs into her small bag and pulls out a pair of sunglasses.

"Let's walk this way," Tony steers her to the left and after a couple of blocks of government-built low-income projects, the neighborhood starts to get nasty. Empty lots become more frequent with rubble strewn about and mangy stray dogs prowling here and there.

"Welcome to the neighborhood of Morrisania, Linda. You're walking through one of the poorest areas of the entire country." He points out a shell of a building that had been badly burnt a year ago that the landlord had never repaired or replaced. "Nice place, huh?"

"It's shocking actually," Supergirl was always upset when she'd flown over such areas of unrelenting poverty and decay, be it the South Bronx or shanty towns in the Deep South or the cardboard slums that were filled with disease, drugs and despair surrounding cities from South America to the Far East. There was no way for her to clean up the economic conditions that created such pockets of poverty but it saddened her to think of how people must feel living in such squalor and hopelessness. Now she was getting a first-hand look at it from street level rather than from the lofty heights of a super-powered flyover on the way to some heroic mission.

"Why don't people fix this place up? The mayor or the Bronx city council?" Supergirl is appalled at the eyesore this area had become. Occasionally she saw an effort to start a garden or fence a vacant lot and protect a house with fencing and such, but much more often she saw cracked pavement with weeds growing through it, smashed beer bottles piled high and scattered litter and lost clothing hanging over broken foundations, burnt out husks of buildings and nodding figures wearing greasy clothing and peering out from under dirty wool caps with hard looks that actually unnerved her a bit.

"Doesn't pay in many cases. Property values prohibit normal rebuilding efforts in so many cases. It's been like this for over the past two decades, more in some areas. Some areas are trying to come back. But this neighborhood isn't exactly ripe for gentrification as they say. That was why my building is so inexpensive for me to run and operate. Low taxes, cost almost nothing to buy the lots that I put together. It was a steal."

The extra capital he'd been generating as a smart Mob businessman had gone into buying a few lots over the years at sacrifice prices. It was Tony's brainchild to build "The Pleasure Dome," a powerful draw in the community. It offered the fun of an unlicensed casino and strip club behind barricaded steel doors. Passwords were required for entrance and the place was usually busy, filled with local mob soldiers and their bosses, privileged high rollers from the five boroughs, local precinct cops on the payroll and many others. Between the casino, the bar and his twenty five whores who worked the four floors above it in spacious, uniquely-themed bedrooms, Tony cleared about twenty grand easy on weeknights and more than double that on weekends. In a half-way decent neighborhood, it would be twice that, but then so would the rent. Of course none of these calculations included his prime star on his arm, Super Whore, who was earning more than double a weekend's night take with just one session.

As Tony and Linda turn a corner, the young Mafia Don sees Jimmy, a Jamaican hustler he knows selling bootleg DVDs off a hastily thrown blanket on the sidewalk. There's actually a small crowd around him of about 15 people, some teenagers, twenty-something gangbanger types and even a few middle-aged men forking over money to a fast moving Jimmy.

"No, I sold out of those, mon. I woon't be gettin' dem back in for a mebby a week or so, mon. Sorry. Pick sumthin' else and be quick, 'cause you see I got customers waitin' on you!" "Shit," says a tall thin black teen who wearing a red -shirt with nothing but the picture of a black hand flipping the finger. "Well, have you got the one where Supergirl is fucking the two guys at once with a dildo in her ass?"

Over dere, in the pile at the end," Jimmy points. "It's called "Double Trouble."

"Great! I'll take it!"

"Thirty dollars each or two for $42," Jimmy says. The kid just buys the one DVD and saunters off reading the DVD cover through the clear plastic. Passing by the crowd, Linda is shocked to see a man in a suit come out of the crowd holding a DVD case with a close-up photo of herself wearing her famous uniform and sucking eagerly on a cock as her eyes roll up in her head with absolute pleasure. The title reads, "Super Suck-Off!" The renowned S diamond emblem is in the upper left-hand corner of the cover with the words, "Supergirl's Downfall: The Series."

Stopping short so suddenly that she almost yanks Tony off his feet, Linda stands on the edge of the crowd and tries to look past the bodies crowding Jimmy's selling area to the surface of the blanket itself. Pushing a particularly large youth to the side with an easy shove of her incredible strength, Supergirl's mouth drops open in shock as she finally sees three rows of six different DVD cases showcasing the famous Maid of Steel in a wide variety of positions doing the most degrading sex acts, acts that she has only a dim memory of committing since she was first captured by the Mob. With titles such as "Taking It Super Hard," "Sucking On a Fat One", "Glowing, Glowing, Gone!", "Humiliating Heroine Humping" and "Supergirl Assfucked at Last!" the horrified Maid of Steel slowly backs away from the crowd in its buying frenzy.

"God, what a slut this Supergirl turned out to be, huh?" A man in his mid-twenties or so wearing a stained Mets jersey says to no one in particular but the crowd takes up the theme eagerly.

"Get her high and the sleazy cunt will fuck anything in pants," a young man with baggy silver shorts chimes in. "What I wouldn't give to put my cock in her!"

"I have one where she gives some guy a blowjob. You never see his face but you sure see hers! She not only loves sucking cock, she's fucking amazin' at it! I wish my old lady gave head like this super-powered mouth. Wow!"

Supergirl goes white and sways in place, stunned and shocked by the crowd of energized men and boys that doesn't even see her standing behind them. Tony takes hold of her arm and just stands there with her as the filthy conversation sinks in, reinforcing precisely the scenario he'd described the night before. She is wavering in place, just listening to herself being disparaged like the foulest, most common hooker alive! Her reputation was undeniably obliterated. She is dirt to these people. These people who's planet she has saved countless times.

Meanwhile the sales of DVDs continue at a brisk pace.

"I love how she talks with a dick in her mouth," says a teen, continuing the banter as he paws over the various stacks of DVD cases looking for his best choice. "Such a pretty mouth and so eager to please. Ten minutes with her and I'd have her sucking my nuts like candied almonds!"

"You know," says a middle-aged man in a suit who Tony recognizes as a councilman from the Bronx who frequents "The Pleasure Dome" after he's scammed a bribe from a local contractor, "I always thought of Supergirl as a modest, almost prissy girl. Too good for the rest of us. A hero above us all who would help the city out when she felt it was appropriate. Now, come to find out, the stuck up bitch is nothing but a cocksucking low-life tramp who puts out like a whore at the drop of a hat. Guess you never know who's pure and who's pure filth!"

"But you don't know...." Linda whispers, with her head bowed.

"Hey guy, give me two DVDs would you, the councilman asks. "I'll take 'Gagging It Up for Good'and that mixed edit DVD in that pile there, yeah, the one called 'Heroic Blowjobs on Parade.' Thanks, here's a fifty!"

"T'ank you, mon. Tis a pleasure doin' business with you."

"You people are ignorant morons!" Linda is shouting furiously. "You have no idea what she probably went through."

"Yeah, she looks very upset, lady," the teen in the silver shorts responds. "Take a look at this picture," he holds up the picture of Supergirl lovingly sucking a cock on the cover of 'Heroic Blowjobs on Parade.' He thrusts it almost in her face. "Now I ask you, does the bitch look upset or does she look likes she's about to juice her pants?"

"...she....looks excited, yes....But, but you have no idea what led her to that situation. You couldn't know how...."

"Lady," interrupts the teen, "whatever the hell led her to that situation, she is supposed to be a superhero. She is supposed to suck it up and fight the bad guys. Here, it looks to me like she's just too busy sucking! With that expression, I know chicks, she's into this BJ like its her last meal and being a superhero is the last thing on her mind. She don't respect herself. I got no respect for her. Might as well buy the show that proves Supergirl is nothing more than street trash. No better than the rest of us."

"....i...can't.....that is....i....don't...."

"Hey don't take it so hard, mama. It's life. Especially around here. Why would we expect anything different?"

Jimmy finishes making change with the last customer even as Supergirl stands there in a frustrated funk. She sees that every DVD on the blanket has been sold in less than seven minutes. Jimmy folds up his blanket, puts it in his now empty cardboard box and walks off toward Tony's Pleasure Dome to enjoy himself with his quick several hundred dollars he just made. Tony knows 'cause Jimmy is one of his bigger street vendors that Tony favors with a slightly lower rate than others.

"...they....bought them all...." she stammers in disbelief, shaking her head, her eyes starting to well up. "Like tubes of toothpaste or Playstation games burgers..."

"You're very popular and they've never seen anything like this," Tony says, watching her carefully. The crowd has completely dispersed now, moving off to parts unknown.

"But...but it's so wrong. This is me...this is a superhero who's been protecting the planet from Rao knows what kind of disasters and evil for more than three years now! Don't they respect that?"

"No. Not really. It's just entertainment to them. They're not really affected by...."

"That asteroid I stopped last year while Superman was away," she interrupts. "That would have ended life on this fucking planet if I hadn't knocked it off a collision course with earth! They gave me a key to the city."

"The bigger they are..." Tony says calmly. "Hey, it's human nature. You're the famous and pure Maid of Steel. You're beautiful and sexy in your famous costume. You're everyone's wet dream. So when it comes to life on DVD, yeah it sells out! Why wouldn't it?"

"It's immoral. It's cheap. It's disgusting. It appeals to the worst in people. You want me to go on?"

"I wouldn't let it get to you, Linda. They don't know you."

"Where else is this sold?"

"Everywhere. All over the city. All over the country."

"...the country...the whole country....?"


" I....i...need to....go back, Tony. I don't feel well. I need some more crack. A lot more. Can we just go back to the suite. I so need a pipe right now."

"Sure, Linda. Sure." He starts leading them back to his building.

" I just found out that I've lost the trust of the planet..." Supergirl mumbles as she walks in an emotional limbo. "and ... and... nobody gives a shit about me. Nobody gives a damn. It's all about how many penises I've put in my mouth now. How often I've fucked or been fucked. The whole country has seen me at my worst....They think! Well wait til they catch me when I'm not saving their putrid lives, when I'm not coming to the rescue. Wait til they see what I'm like when I don't give a damn about them. When they all can go to hell when the next asteroid shows up or the next super villain is about to crush their miserable lives to dust and they see me do nothing and with all their pleading all they hear from me is 'FUCK IT! And FUCK YOU, WORLD!"

End of Chapter 25

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