Supergirl Captured by the Mob 13  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 13 - Graduation Evening

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name are the property of DC Comics. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

So far, Stevie had been brilliant in his most recent training session with Supergirl. He played her perfectly; first teasing and belittling her, next undermining her self-respect and then physically dominating her. And that was just for starters! He then forced the confused and disoriented teenage heroine to believe her own powerful sexual impulses were the very cause of her own humiliation! Employing a carefully staged and edited audio replay, he forced her to relive several indisputable instances where she was anything but the virtuous, morally-upstanding champion of the people. Out of the chrome ceiling-mounted speaker, a horrified Supergirl had heard herself moaning and begging for cock! She couldn't be more shocked if she'd taken a direct hit from a bolt of lightening! She heard herself disgustingly groan with primitive pleasure. And, aghast, she listened to herself actually thank Tony Bonano for abusing her, even as her mouth was filled with a big, fat candy dildo!

In short, the mighty Maid of Steel had been systematically abused, sexually manipulated and cruelly tricked into believing her twisted, drug-driven sexual improprieties were actually blatant expressions of her obvious unworthiness as a heroine and a role model. She had, through non-stop kryptonite poisoning, starvation, physical exhaustion, and repeated drugging, been effectively coerced into accepting her scandalously erotic behavior under the influence of extremely powerful crack as a clear indication of her defective character. Hers was obviously a flawed personality by any reckoning. She heard herself behaving like a vulgar, trash-mouthed whore who was, astonishingly, a willing and eager participant in her own sexual degradation. And she now had come to believe that she was nothing better than that: an exhibitionist slut in a famously short skirt, provocatively tight blouse and shiny red "fuck me" boots.

Supergirl's newly conditioned conviction that she was a decadent creature of unworthy stature was the key to the success of Tony Bonano's entire scheme. By seeing herself now as a deeply immoral sexual deviant and a hypocritical fraud, Supergirl no longer had the foundation of her incredible heroic willpower to support her resistance to his unrelenting assault. Her most precious asset had been ruthlessly targeted and effectively eliminated. It wasn't her super strength or super vision or invulnerability or her ability to fly. No, it was her belief in her true inner goodness and the indomitable strength from which it stemmed that Tony's unrelenting training sessions had so thoroughly subverted. And that masterful subversion would dramatically undermine all of Supergirl's attempts to withstand his degrading attacks. She'd be unable to fight her growing need for crack. She'd be helpless to resist her own sexual impulses in the face of his dominating toys! She wouldn't have the strength or emotional resolve to fend off even the weakest john that Tony would pimp her out to. Faced with her profound corruption, the demoralized Maid of Steel was now an easy target for Tony Bonano and his cohorts. The initial proof of that had been clearly demonstrated when the famous heroine had willingly accepted the hit of crack offered to her when she couldn't handle the truth of her depraved character.

What's more, the simple fact that she had been reduced to a sobbing, pathetic wretch by a simple but crude dry humping was more than enough evidence of the Maid of Steel's shattered willpower. A little puddle of spunk sprayed on her precious panties and the once indomitable blonde dynamo had collapsed in a pitiful display of whimpering, drooling grief at her predicament.

It was now clear beyond a shadow of doubt. The most beloved and powerful female heroine on the planet had been brilliantly and indisputably neutralized by Tony Bonano. This mobster's keen understanding and ruthless exploitation of her physical and psychological weaknesses had conquered the supposedly invincible champion with shocking efficiency. In just under three days, Supergirl had been converted from a proud, principled, all-powerful defender of liberty and justice to an entirely different personality: a weak, confused, sex-starved crack addict with zero self-esteem and even less hope. So now the fun would begin.

Stevie leans over the sweaty, incapacitated blonde champion lying in a blissful, drooling crack haze on the cold stone floor. Supergirl's mouth is forced open by a bright red ball gag, her shiny pink lips obscuring the teeth that surround the ball. From around and under the gag thick rivulets of clear drool flow down the dazed, unfocused teen's face, forming a slimy pool of considerable size beneath her wet cheek.

For the second time in as many hours, Stevie pulls up the moaning teenager's costume skirt. The thin, semen-spotted fabric is dropped without fanfare against Supergirl's back and Stevie reaches for the waistband of her costume panties. Still slick and damp with the pungent smears of Stevie's cum, the bright silky red underpants are pulled off of Supergirl's softly curved buttocks with a quick, disrespectful yank. In the control room, Randy uses a small lever to zoom in on the scene, chalking up another humiliating moment for the epoch record of the famous teenager's capture and captivity. Randy notes in the log: "Stevie s3; Supergirl with her panties crudely yanked down to her thighs."

"Alrighty. Let's get you ready for Massive Marvin, sunshine." Stevie looks carefully over his target area. With all she's been through, this bitch still has one of the most beautiful butts I've ever seen. He takes both buttocks in his palms and pulls the fleshy, easily separated glutes in opposite directions.

"...whuh..." the distant drums of Supergirl's jungle message system taps out a muddled beat that something's happening somewhere she should probably pay attention to. But the pool of her crack-induced semi-consciousness is so delightful that she doesn't even try to swim to the shoreline.

Between her cheeks a soft glow of green light around the end of a dildo tells Stevie that the power-draining device buried within the lethargic blonde heroine's ass is still working. Even without the effects of the crack , the 8" Lucite tube filled with kryptonite gel would be more than enough to keep the powerful Maid of Steel helpless, weak and disoriented. But when the kryptonite is combined with the crack, even the mighty Supergirl can't withstand the overwhelming stupor the powerful duo generates. Stevie thinks that even if she wasn't shackled to the floor, this conquered cow lying before him wouldn't have the strength, desire or capacity to get to her knees at the moment, much less escape. And with the bitch-taming monstrosity he was about to force up Supergirl's twat, he was sure that facing such a trifecta of torment, she wouldn't have the intelligence or the focus to do anything other than lie in her shackles in jerking, orgasmic ecstacy. Just the way Tony wanted it. Tony also instructed him to take out the ball gag so Supergirl's rapture could be captured in Surround Sound by the miniature microphones place surreptitiously around the jail cell.

"...t'anks..." the doped blonde says, stretching her jaw after the long session with the ball gag.

"Oh, don't thank me yet, precious. Wait til Daddy gives you what you really, really want."

After spritzing a few drops of KY lubricant on his fingertips, Stevie swabs down the exposed thin, wrinkled pink lips of Supergirl's pussy with an all-to-familiar sweep and poke of his hands and fingers.

"...ahhh....nice...." the blonde bubbles softly at the sensation of him moistening her twat.

"Ha. You ain't felt nothin' yet, blondie." Picking up the huge dildo measuring 12" long and 3" wide, Stevie places the fat mushroom tip of Massive Marvin against Supergirl's labia and rubs it gently within the dark pink crease

"..mmmmm...that's good too. ." The drugged blonde unkinks her head neck muscles a bit, then her shoulders, then her hips, stretching and unwinding like a cat as much as she can within the constraining shackles that keep her pinned to the floor.

Stevie rubs the monster device against the blonde dynamo's pussy, gently grazing its outer realms with a slow up and down motion, then around in circles. This achieves its desired effect, stimulating the blonde teenager's body so that a glistening wetness from within combines with the gel from without. Stevie sees this and begins to push the large tip against Supergirl's vagina.

"Whoa dere...." the drugged teen blurts. "..that's ghunna....take some...d...UNNFFF!" The whole 3" wide head of the Massive Marvin dildo now rests inside Supergirl's vagina, penetrating a full 3-1/2" inside its opening. "'s...quite...a...big're using... ...there...." The blonde's baby blue eyes open half-way as she smiles in a grinning leer of pleasure at this unexpected bonus beyond the crack.

"You don't know the half of it, princess. This bad boy measures a full foot long and three inches wide. He's made of a special rubber compound I mentioned earlier." Stevie pushes against the end of the dildo slowly and two more inches of this cavity-filling behemoth plow into the dizzy teen's snatch.

"!.." Supergirl is panting heavily now, every nerve within her vagina is feeling the immense width of this marvelous device as it presses against the walls of her tightly stretched pussy. Just under a painful size, the huge hard rubber toy, feels incredibly lifelike to the delirious teenage heroine as it is now slowly pushed farther within her sex.

"..are dose veins...i'm...feelin'?" Supergirl murmurs.

"Simulated veins. We spared no expense for your total pleasure, Supergirl."' .please...slower... slo... OHH..."

Ignoring her pleas for sexual mercy, Stevie has fed 8" of the huge tool in between Supergirl's shaking thighs and she's drooling as if the ball gag were still in her mouth. The baby blue irises are barely visible under the heroine's fluttering eyelids and the muscles in her arms strain within the bright blue fabric as her white-knuckled fingers press against the floor for strength. Her bare knees rub and scrape against the stone floor as the gasping teen's body instinctively does all it can to accommodate this huge invader.

"Well, it looks like we still have at least another third of Massive Marvin to get up there into your promised land, Supergirl. How'zit feel now?"

"Haaahhh.....aahhh....ahhhh....(pant)" The huge rubber cock presses into Supergirl's cunt like an irresistible wave of shock troops charging forward. Every square inch of her cavity is occupied by this opposing force. How can this thing possibly go deeper?

" break...REST...moment...from...wideness...GOOD...pressure.. ... so...BIG...feels...."

Supergirl is so overwhelmed by the dildo and the crack she can't even form coherent thoughts anymore.

"I didn't get that, champ. But I'm just gonna keep on pushing." And he does!


Massive Marvin is stretching Supergirl's pussy and her psyche to the breaking point. Every point of consciousness is focused on her vaginal walls. She's never taken anything so huge within her. Not even close! 10 inches of this giant cock is enveloped by the gasping, moaning superheroine now. She feels the hard rubber filling every inch of her being. Feels like a warm, real muscle. Incredibly wide, with veins that seemed almost to throb against her vaginal wall. Or was that throbbing from her? She can't tell because the motion of Stevie still pressing this GodCock(!) into her is starting a thrilling ripple within her that her primal inner brain knows will break upon her consciousness like a tidal wave.


"You're not making any sense, Supergirl. Just relax and enjoy the feel of the crack and this big bruiser for all its worth. For now, Tony just wants you to have a good time."


"Yeah, I guess it is, Supergirl. Cause it's all the way in now. Congratulations. You took all 12" of Massive Marvin like a pro! Just like a true professional call girl who'd taken a nice little roll of singles would have. Others thought you'd break down and beg to have it taken out. 'Not this girl.' I said. 'You don't know her. She's got skills!' That's what I said and that's what I bet Tony. I put up ten bucks that you could handle all of Massive Marvin like a real pro. I said you could do it and you did. So Tony owes me ten bucks. Thanks, mean Supergirl."

"..ohhhh....sooo....biggggg....." gasps the haggard Maid of Steel. She does catch the repeated references to professionals and whores but is too focused on the earth-shattering sensations of this godcock within her to worry about this insult. Panting and moaning, the blonde champion lies face down on the floor, her body now gleaming with sweat at the exertion of taking a foot long dildo into her snatch. Her tightly constrained breasts within the tight blue blouse are heaving with the overwhelming pleasure she's barely able to control. Her shiny red boots slide and scrape on the floor as Supergirl shivers with spastic pleasure from the ripples she feels extending through every muscle in her body. The gorgeous bare ass of the beautiful blonde shimmies and shakes as Supergirl's body hums with the sensation of her every inch being smoothly pressed wider by a rift in the cosmos.

And then Stevie turns on Massive Marvin's motor and pulls his prick out of his pants.

"YAAAHHHHH!" The room shifts and drops with a sudden rushing swirl of instant gratification that Supergirl had never felt before in her life. She'd never had such a sudden fulfilling wash of pleasure sweep through her like that. It was different than an orgasm, but it was damn close! Stevie climbs onto the blonde heroine's trembling body, pulls her hips up off the floor slightly and slides his stiff penis between Supergirl's bare buttocks. He then begins to grind his hips and move them back and forth enjoying the warmth of Supergirl's ass nestling his cock.

The overly-excited champion barely registers Stevie's all-too-familiar maneuver. All her existence is centered on the massive vibrations emanating from her loins. With 12" of motorized dildo buzzing away at her vaginal walls, Supergirl has no understanding of the world beyond her cunt at the moment.

"Ohhh....myyyy...dear...Rao....this is some....k....kind of godddd....cccocckkk...AHHH... ...stopppp... please....too...much..."

Supergirl's eyes are welded shut as her body goes into overdrive. She's grinding her hips, helplessly aroused by the shattering width and length of this massive tool pressing against every single nerve cell within her cooz. It was so big, so wide, so devastatingly real. The crack carries her physical being onto a new plane of existence. The pleasure peaks within the helpless teenager with a joyous shriek of unequivocal ecstacy.

"Yiieeeehhhhhh...." The vaginal orgasm shreds Supergirl's world with a force of nature that stretches through every muscle in her body. Her hands spread wide on the floor, her mouth gapes open, her toes curl within her boots and her buttocks clench in helpless delight. Stevie almost cums himself as the Maid of Steels ass crack massages his prick with uncontrolled spasms she's not even aware of. This gets Stevie so excited that he concocts a brilliant plan on the spur of the moment. He backs off the quivering, panting blonde and kneels behind her.

"....oohhhhhhh...." the moaning champion is between orgasms. The motorized dildo is still switched on and a helpless Supergirl is about to go around the roller coaster for another ride.

Meanwhile Stevie reaches between Supergirl's buttcheeks and suddenly and unexpectantly pulls out the kryptonite dildo with a hard pop. Too blasted by the crack and the humming dildo, Supergirl doesn't even register the fact of the kryptonite's removal, other than a pleasing absence of pressure in her ass. Mounting the oblivious blonde teenager again, Stevie covers Supergirl's 5' 8" trembling body with his own larger frame, then reaches around with his hand and slides the glowing kryptonite dildo under the Maid of Might's tight blue blouse and between her heaving breasts, nestling it tightly withing the sweaty spheres.

"Uuunnghh......OOOOHHH....AAAHH !..." Her minor grunt of momentary discomfort from having the radiating element slid between her tits, so close to her wildly racing heart, is very quickly overwhelmed by the sensations of the giant dildo motoring away within her crotch with unrelenting consistency. It was still too wide, too long and too active to resist. And now there were new sensations joining in. Her clit is being stroked! Unbelievable! Her vagina is filled to bursting with an immense irresistible ultra-realistic cock and now her head is being pulled back by Stevie and her clitoris is between twiddled and flipped and rubbed by wet fingers that definitely know their work.


"Just making sure we're both getting our moneys worth, darling!" With that, Stevie bends his face close to Supergirl and kisses her deeply just as he presses his rock hard penis against Supergirl's lubricated ass and drives up between her butt cheeks with a grunt of pleasure.

"Unhh."I'm in!

"Mmmff!" Supergirl gives a gasp of pleasure of her own. This was not a painful ass fucking by any means. Having been so wet from the size and motion of Massive Marvin, and Stevie having lubricated his penis with KY gel, the grinning, ecstatic blonde accepts Stevie's cock deep into her rear without a whimper of pain. The two bodies, entwined, are kissing and thrusting and moaning in pure, thrilling sexual exploration.

"...whllff...mmmmm....eeehhh...ooohhhhh....mmmffff....." Supergirl, on the last vestiges of the crack dose, is still lost in a maelstrom of quivering, delighted flares of sexual joy sent up by her curvaceous body. Steve's penis is sliding in and out of her butt with a quick rhythmic slide and twist, slide and twist, slide and twist.

Supergirl's tight, warm ass squeezes and flutters around Stevie's cock with a matching rhythmic beat of her own and Stevie shakes his head with a spasm of pure unadulterated pleasure.

"Wow....What a fucking ass you have, Supergirl. You're incredible."

Pulling himself back from the brink of his orgasm, Stevie concentrates on Supergirl's clit once again. And now his magic fingers stroke Supergirl's engorged love nub with frenzied passes that swirl, caress and vigorously brush her clit into a frenzy of its own. Coupled with Massive Marvin's firm, consistent throbbing and buzzing against every nerve within her vagina, the teenage wunderkind is overwhelmed once again by all the stimulation her brain is receiving from her body's beleaguered message centers. Blasted to smithereens, her mind's defenses shut down and the beautiful blonde falls down a hole in the cosmos into a shimmering white cloud of physical pleasure she cannot see through, cannot touch and cannot resist.


The paroxysms of pleasure the young teenage champion are quivering with instantly telegraph their message of release to Stevie and he too tips over into the same cloud of physical ecstacy that Supergirl is immersed in. Gripping her body tightly, Stevie shoots his warm jet of thick semen deeply into Supergirl's ass, filling her cavity with a strong stream of spunk that generates a feeling of release and pleasure that Supergirl is surprised to experience.

The two figures lie on the floor spent and panting. After a moment, Stevie reaches under Supergirl's blouse and checks that the kryptonite dildo is still secured with her breasts. It is. Then he reaches below Supergirl's pelvis, feels the warm wet opening of her cunt beneath him and switches off Massive Marvin..

"...eeemmm...." A sigh of total relaxation and total capitulation by the Maid of Steel.

Stevie's session is completed. Supergirl has been given the two doses of crack that Tony stipulated he wanted her to receive. She'd also been humiliated as well as sexually satisfied while under the influence of crack. Every aspect of the session's targeted experiences had been achieved and then some. They were a step ahead of schedule with Supergirl willingly inhaling the crack at one point. And she was a broken shell of herself in terms of her psyche, falling apart badly after just a simple dry humping. On top of that, she'd had two orgasms and was beginning, Stevie thought, to need the sexual release almost as much as the crack.

The thrilled hoodlum pulls his slowly shrinking dick out of the shapely blonde heroine's butt and rolls off the exhausted, drifting teen. Once on his knees beside her, Stevie looks down at his conquest. Supergirl's skirt is hiked up in disarray. Her cum-soaked panties, now crusted over, have been stripped down to her thighs. Her tight young anus is slowly releasing a thick white clot of semen in a fat trickle down her flesh between her ass and her twat. Shifting her body slightly, the blonde teen passes gas and a thicker, wider clot of white spunk oozes out of Supergirl's ass and continues down her body until it forms a tiny white puddle between the oblivious teen's spreadeagled thighs.

"..ohhhhh...." Still coming out of the clouds, the moaning blonde doesn't have a clue that her dripping, cum-filled ass is being recorded in extreme close-up, wide angle and mid-range view from every camera stationed around the room. Even as her body slowly expels the pungent dribble of semen, the evidence of her degrading buggering is being recorded for posterity and, naturally, massive profits later on.

Stevie shakes his head in wonder at the sight. I've seen plenty of whores and even some willing girlfriends wind up bare assed and "sexhausted" like this, drooling stupidly with a shit-eating grin on their faces. But I never in my life thought I'd see Supergirl in this position, with a dopey look on her face and her ass dripping out cum. Especially my cum!

Bending over the dormant blonde, Stevie slowly and carefully withdraws Massive Marvin from the softly sighing teen's pussy. There's a bit of difficulty due to its glistening slickness from her mulitple orgasms. But after a minute, it is pulled free from the teenage heroine's dripping snatch.

Moving quickly now, Stevie next retrieves the kryptonite dildo from between the moaning blonde's tits. Squatting down beside her, Stevie carefully and steadily pushes the long glowing dildo firmly back into Supergirl's anus and pulls up her stained panties up over her shapely butt as she simply grunts in a bewildered, lightheaded fog. He arranges her skirt as neatly as possible, but the Maid of Steel's costume is a drycleaner's nightmare, badly stained with stale sweat, sour semen and the heady scent of kryptonian pheromones.

Straightening up, the young thug looks down at the dazed teen with the world class ass and pumps his fists in the air in victory. Yeah, I tapped that super ass and she loved it!

Walking out of the jail cell and into the control room, Stevie looks at Randy finishing up on a zooming close-up of the prostrated superheroine on the monitor.

"...and fade out and done," Randy pulls down on the fade lever and then looks up at Stevie with a wide grin. "Stevie, my man! You fucked that bitch up in every way Tony could ever want. I couldn't believe how fuckin' awesome you were, man. You were a beast. I want to be just like you when I grow up!"

"Hey, you got the next shot, Randy. I know you'll do me proud."

"Fuckin' A, I'll do you proud," Randy says. "Watch my smoke when I get going. But first, how about some coffee. It's almost 9:00 p.m. already. We got a long night before us."

"Not as long as that cunt's night," Stevie says with a smile. "Not nearly as long."

An hour later, Randy is describing his plans for the Maid of Steel's next session while they allow the depleted blonde to rest and recover a bit before her next endurance test. Over the open speaker in the control room ceiling they hear a froggy rasp call out.

"....stevie...need you....need water...come help me...."

Randy, grabbing a bottle of spring water from the mini-fridge says, "I got this," and walks into the jail cell.

"Heya, babe. Stevie's a little busy right now, but I got your water right here."

Frowning, Supergirl looks up at Randy holding the water bottle at his crotch and waving it around suggestively. The large, pale hoodlum is winking at her with wry contempt. The blonde beauty is exhausted and upset. Everything was a sexual game with this guy and she doesn't want to play. She just wanted the water. And food. She was weak with her need for nourishment.

"Come on, supertits. You want the water or not?" Still waving it like a cock in front of his groin.

She looks up with exasperation. "Of course."

"Well then, it's simple. You just have to ask me in the right way. You need to say, 'Randy,sir. May I please suck the water from your big bottle like a good Superwhore.' That's all!"

" can't be serious?"

"Most definitely."

"It's so...childish. Are you a child, Randy?"

"I like to get what I want. And if you want this, you know how to get it." Waving the bottle lewdly, Randy raises his eyebrows.

"I'll never need water that badly," Supergirl sighs and rests her head on the floor.

"Really?" Randy nods, then walks over to the bondage table and reaches into a lower drawer. He pulls out the short metal rod Supergirl had been desperately looking for during her escape attempt. It looms largely over the unwary blonde as Randy walks over and stands behind her.

"I think you do need water that badly, lady." Randy says coldly, raising the bar literally and figuratively.

Supergirl swivels her head to see the shiny steel rod lifted in mid-air and yelps, "Wait!" The bar circles menacingly, Randy's fist clenches its end tightly, the knuckles white. "Alright! Okay, I'll say it!" The threat of being bludgeoned by this brute is too much for the cowed heroine. Once she would have bravely withstood his cruel beating with disdain, even through the battering assault, knowing she was better than this street filth. But now, was she any better than street trash herself? Her honor wasn't something she felt deserved much protection these days.

"Let's hear it, blondie. Loud and clear."

"Randy,sir," Supergirl says in a flat monotone. "May I please...suck the water from your big a good...."



"Didn't catch that last bit, sweet thing."

"Superwhore. Like...A...Good...Super...Whore! Happy now?"

"Delighted. Drink up, bitch." He opens the bottle and tips it into the girl's waiting mouth, slowly let it drain down her throat.

As desperately parched as she was, Supergirl can't help but feel this cold clear water filling and soothing her throat still tasted bitter, but then she was drinking the bitter dregs of her defeat, wasn't she? Nevertheless, she gulped it down greedily, finishing the bottle as Randy squatted before her, his imagination running wild at the sight of this gorgeous blonde heroine laying helpless before him.

Sighing in delight, the pale thug, withdraws the empty bottle and says, "Tony said it was okay to feed you."

"And what do I have to say to get that?" Scorn with a tinge of fear in her voice.

"Actually hadn't thought about it. I'll come up with something. Be right back." Randy leaves the room and Supergirl lowers her head to the floor, licking the last drops of water off her lips. Once again the constant kryptonite exposure within her ass has given the mighty champion's lips, eyelids and fingertips a slight greenish tinge. Revived by the water, Supergirl looks around the room blankly. She's not planning an escape. She's not thinking about whether her friends are searching for her. She's not trying to test her shackles. She's just waiting dumbly for her food to be brought. Her stomach is rumbling anxiously now that the real possibility it will be filled has been raised.

And the impatient Maid of Steel is also thinking about crack. She's tired and hungry but Tony's crack would make those feeling go away immediately. She could sure use that. That would make her feel a whole lot better. She hoped Randy would bring it on the tray with the food. Maybe she should call out and ask him for it. But that was ridiculous. That's what these bastards would love to hear. She wouldn't give them the pleasure. She'd wait until they gave it to her. She wouldn't beg for it.

After a few minutes, Randy returns with nothing resembling a tray. He's simply holding an aluminum foil wrapped object and carrying a second bottle of water. He kneels down before the blue and red clad beauty and unwraps a cold greasy burger leftover from the dinner Tony and his crew had eaten earlier. He holds it up to Supergirl's face and she starts to stretch her neck forward to take a bite when Randy pulls it back.

"Uh uh. Not before you ask politely for it, girlie."

Sighing, Supergirl says,"Fine. Please, sir. May I have my hambur..."

"No!" Randy cuts her off bluntly, "I want to hear you say, 'Oh Randy, baby. I really want your meat in my mouth."

The frustrated blonde lowers her head, bites her lip in sudden anguish, and sighs, saying in a barely audible murmur, "Please don't do this."

"Don't be such a big baby, Supergirl. It's just words."

Lifting her head, she shivers off the despair, looks straight at Randy's belt buckle and, back to her monotone, says, "Oh Randy, baby...."

"Stop!" Randy grabs the startled teen's chin in his palm and tilts her head up sharply so she's looking right into his angry brown eyes. "This time with real feeling, Superwhore. I want to hear you mean it. Otherwise you get nothing." His eyes lock onto hers with cold expectation. "Except maybe a shot from The Convincer over here," he says, nodding toward the bar lying on the floor behind him.

"...okay..." she gulps. "...uhhh...Oh Randy,," Supergirl purrs with a nervous stutter at first, then licks her lips, bats her eyes and, giving up all resistance, moans in mock lust, "I reeeaaallllly want your meat in my mouth."

"That was much, much better, Supergirl. I knew you could do it if you your heart into it." He pushes the cold greasy burger up to her face, her chin still in his palm and watches as she takes a very unladylike bite out of the fat sandwich, tearing away a chunk and chewing it while not looking in his eyes. Randy lets her chin go and rocks back. Chewing silently, Supergirl is disappointed that the burger is cold, but thankful that it actually tastes pretty good. A little tangy.

Fifty minutes later, Supergirl gasps in utter joy as her nipples are roughly twisted and Randy thrusts himself deeper into her throbbing, eager cunt. Once again, the Chemist's powerful aphrodisiac that the burger had been heavily laced with has completely subverted all of Supergirl's sexual inhibitions. Combined with the multiple hits of crack she'd taken, the famous Maid of Steel was back to being a sex-crazed trollop in a short skirt and cum-crusted panties who's only interest was exploring the depths of her sexual appetites with the nearest available partner. And Randy was the lucky, grinning recipient.

Overwhelmed with lust, the eager Maid of Steel lifts her hips so Randy's stroking prick can delve deeper into her musky cavern while she thrills to the feel of her nipples being teased and stimulated by the pale man's harsh but effective fingers.

"Ahh....that's fantastic, Ran," she blurts in delight. Holding her body tightly against his own, Randy savors the sensations of his cock being willingly squeezed along its length by this talented bitch's pelvic muscles. Flushed with excitement, he looks down to Supergirl's semen-spotted red skirt flip up and down with each rushing thrust of his cock. The crotch of her panties has been merely pulled aside for a lustily requested quick impaling by the sex-crazed blonde heroine, Randy notices they too are thickly crusted with large white patches of dried cum. Boy, these panties are exactly the way Tony described they would be. And we haven't even set her up in his special whorehouse yet!

Meanwhile, his hands maul, caress and tease the breasts and nipples within the tight blue blouse, stretching it out as he takes his pleasure from this insatiable teen hero.

"...mmmhh.....ohhhh....good....yes...oh...grab my that...yes...i..ohh...i'm..getting there....Randy...AHH....." Pumping away at this incredible babe in his arms, her shiny uniform darkened and damp with her sweat while her shiny red "fuck me" boots jerk and twist in spasms of pleasure, Randy is on top of the world. This oversexed babe hadn't needed very much persuasion to get her going. The Chemist's aphrodisiac had sure seen to that. Although she seemed more than willing to get it on pretty quickly. Even faster than Randy had been led to believe it would take.

He had left Supergirl alone for 10 minutes after she'd wolfed down the hamburger he had so obligingly held in place for her. By the time he came back, he saw that her baby blue eyes were slightly dilated and she was breathing a bit faster than normal, a bewildered expression on her face.

"Is it hot in here?" she had asked, shaking her lowered head, obviously trying to fight the effects of the powerful sexual stimulant. Randy kneels down in front of her, looking her over with obvious lust.

"I know you're hot. In fact, you look great considering you've been sucking cock and taking it up the ass since you arrived!" Supergirl still blushes after all the depravity she's gone through. Why that was, she had no idea. She just knew that such crude sexual banter like this, especially about her, still took her by surprise. She'd have to get over that if she was going to be a crack whore...

Crack whore? Why the hell am I thinking like that? I'm not going to be a crack whore! That's insane! Got to get a grip here. These guys haven't let up an inch...but still...I should fight back somehow. I'm just so weak. The only thing that gives me energy is that crack! Maybe if I could control it and not let them get me aroused so quickly, I could escape somehow. Plan to play along, get them to unlock me by insinuating it would easier for them to get at my body if it weren't pressed against the floor like this. Hmmmm. It's a hell of a chance, but it's the only opening they're giving me.

"So, are you ready for a nice hit of crack, Supergirl?"

The moment of decision. I'm not sure I can control this stuff. It's just so powerful.

Randy notices her hesitating. Tony said if he could get her to willingly take the crack, that would be the best. And here she was seriously considering it. He'd try to tip the odds a bit in his favor with a softer approach.

"You don't have to do a full hit, you know," he says, taking her face in his large and powerful palm and tilting it up gently so she's looking into his eyes. "I've got some weaker stuff that we cut down for the rubes on the street. It still has a nice kick to it, but not anything you couldn't handle, being Supergirl and all." He smiles, but this one actually seems genuine, with a hint of ironic humor between them.

"...uh...I don't know. Doesn't seem right." She's playing hard to get, seeing where it leads.

"I guess it doesn't. Supergirl doing crack. That's not something anybody would think would happen in a million years." Randy knocks his forehead with his other palm, looking embarrassed. "Ahh, it was a dumb suggestion. Tell you the truth, Tony wants us to get you hooked on the stuff, but I think the kryptonite is enough to do the job. I've been watching you closely and that glowing green stuff really takes it out of you." He actually strokes her cheek at this point. "The crack isn't necessary at all. We can arrange it so you're know...private escort girl that Dons around the country can show off on when they come into town on their nights out. I've been thinking, a little kryptonite collar would keep things nice and simple. You'd be weak, sure, but you wouldn't be strung out all the time, begging for a hit, like all the crack whores I've ever seen. Goddammit, you're Supergirl. You don't deserve that life." With an off-hand grazing pet of her hair, he lets her head go and sighs.

The Maid of Steel doesn't know what to make of this speech. She's stunned to hear everything laid out so matter-of-factly by Tony's henchman. She certainly suspected that was the plan, but to have it so blatantly stated like that was a shock. Then there was the surprising respect that Randy had shown out of the blue. He admired her in a twisted way. And probably feared showing that in front of his boss and mafia family members. But feared it so much that he covered it with violence against her? He'd been nasty and brutal along the way here, but that might have been overcompensation. She wasn't sure. It was so confusing and she was so tired! And why am I so flushed? Did they turn up the heat in here?

"Thank you...uh...Randy....I...appreciate...that." She's stalling, trying to figure out how to play this. She did need the crack. Her body was now silently screaming for it and the energy it gave her for short bursts could be exactly what she needed to escape. Was she rationalizing this? She was so confused. Did this big brute with the soft hands have a heart of gold? That was probably too generous. But then, unexpectedly, Randy leans forward and plants a very gentle kiss on her lips and pulls back just as quickly.

"I've been wanting to do that for three days."

Supergirl rears her head back and looks at the open face of this man. She licks her lips absently, deciding on a course of action finally.

"Would you consider unlocking me so I could stretch my muscles. I'm so cramped."

"What? No, I can't do that! Tony would kill me. Literally, he'd whack me himself. You're nuts."

"But, wait, Randy, listen. I'm already weak from the...the thing... inside me. You know how much that takes out of me. You said that yourself."

"No. It's still way to risky. Besides, I hate to be...ah..selfish about this. But what's in it for me?" Randy looks at her pointedly.

"Well, I'm willing to do that other crack you described, you know, the less potent stuff. You could tell Tony that you still gave me a dose. And you could still keep me secure some other way than these shackles. I'm just so stiff and sore."

"Well, we do have handcuffs and rope and stuff."

"That would work," Supergirl nods. She at least had a chance against that type of bondage equipment. Two-inch steel shackles in her condition left her no options at all!

"Hmmm. I've got to think how we're going to do this." Randy starts working it out in a quiet running commentary that the attentive blonde heroine listens to carefully. "All the cameras around here make it tricky. I don't want it to look like I'm goin' easy on you. Tony wouldn't like that. I guess I could put you on the table over there.

"What? No!" Supergirl breaks in. "I mean..that's like..the same position really. It wouldn't help my cramps at all." And those thick leather straps would be almost as bad as the steel floor shackles, she thinks silently.

"Gosh. I'm not sure if there's...well, wait a second. I guess that chair Tony has in the back would work. That would be a completely different position. Not too uncomfortable either 'cause it's padded."

"What kind of chair?" Supergirl is leery of this twist.

"You're getting a little picky aren't you?" Randy looks at her sharply.

"I'm sorry,'s just that I'm tired and confused and scared." She actually is and the tear that makes its way down her cheek is quite real. Randy again strokes her cheek gently and looks at her earnestly. His concern is touching. And his touch is very warm against her face. She lets herself rub against it, actually enjoying the firmness of his palm.

After just a moment though, he pulls his hand away, awkwardly waving it in the air, covering his sensitivity with a brashness. "Ah, it's nothing to worry about. It's just a bondage chair that has a bunch of different positions. His girls use it occasionally for a change of pace with their regular customers. There's no straps or shackles or anything. The girl's usually just hang on to the hand grips and leg pads. It might be broken, otherwise I'm not sure why it would be here in the storage area. But it might work. I'd have to use either the rope or the handcuffs with it, you know."

"Of course," the blonde says looking directly at Randy. This could work.

"Alright. I'll get the crack." Randy turns to go.

"What, now?" Supergirl is thinking she needs to be alert while he was unshackling her, ready for her opportunity, not loopy with crack.

"Sure now. Why not?"

"I don't know. I just thought we'd do it when I was in the chair. Relaxing, you know."

"I don't think so. And there's no we about this. I can't take a hit of the crack. Tony's rules. Strict rules. Very whackable rules!"

"...oh..." Stalemate. Unless the crack wasn't so severe that it knocked her silly like all the other stuff. If it made her a little high and gave her the energy she needed. Big if, Kara.

"Look, if you don't want to do it this way, unfortunately, I'll have to go back to Tony's plan...."

"Huh? Oh no, it's fine. We'll do it as you suggested. It will sure be better than this situation anyway," the blonde replies quickly. She sure hopes it will be better.

"Great. I'll go get the stuff."

When Randy returns he's holding a small crack pipe in his hand. The small glass tube is already prepared with the small crack crystal inside. Supergirl is flabbergasted by this surprising turn of events.

"Is that a...a crack pipe?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"...i...i..don't know..." The girl stutters nervously. "I guess I thought you'd use those little capsules."

"But you didn't want the full strength stuff, you said."

"No, I didn't...uh...don't. But..i...i...never..expected...I mean, aren't there lower doses of those capsules?

"No. It doesn't work like that. Stevie made this batch up special. You usually can't even get it like this."

"Well, stuck me with a needle. Can't you do that, inject it or something?"

"Inject it? That's for full strength stuff too, usually. Anyway, I don't know enough about handling crack in that form. Stevie's really the expert and he's out. I sure don't want to overdose you."

Supergirl's head jerks up at this. "No. Of course not! I don't want that!"

"Hey, the pipe's easy, really. I'm doing all the work, you just have to inhale when I tell you."

"Well, I guess...okay...." This was the last thing on earth she ever thought she'd be doing and she was scared to death. But the tiniest flame of courage still glowed deeply in the dark abyss of her hopeless soul. "You're sure this stuff is a weaker..uhm...cut down version?"

"Oh sure. This stuff has been stepped on hard. It's probably half baking soda if not more. Should still be a pleasant little lift though," Randy says with a wink as he gets on his knees in front of the anxious blonde heroine.

He lowers the small bluish glass tube in front of her face and, once again takes her chin in his big, gentle hand. He tilts the frightened teen's face up toward his and smiles.

"Relax, sweetie. You've already done crack, Supergirl. Several times now. This is just a weaker form of it through a pipe. No big deal. Just inhale when I tell you to, okay, honey?"

"..yeah...sure..." He was right. It just didn't seem right. Not at all.

Nevertheless, on the third night of her captivity, through foolishness, desperation and a badly misjudged sense of trust in a mafia hood generated by a very potent aphrodisiac, the famous Maid of Steel is about to take her first hit off a crack pipe. She knows she's going to get high. She is planning to get high! She has to have that extra energy. And, due to the crack swirling already within her body's chemistry, she desperately needs to get high! It's all perfect and it's all so very wrong.

A concealed high-speed digital video camera records the scene in detail. Randy is slightly off to the side, flicking his lighter and holding the flame at the end of the short glass tube. Supergirl puckers up as she lies shackled to the floor, looking from Randy's face to the end of the crack pipe and back again. Her breasts are rising and falling within her tight blouse with nervous anticipation and accelerated emotions from the aphrodisiac. Her hands are clenched into fists. Then, the sound of crackling emerges from the end of the pipe and, seeing smoke clouding up the blue glass, Randy says "Inhale now." The red and yellow shield the world has come to respect and trust expands outward from Supergirl's chest as she takes a deep hit of crack cocaine from the small crack pipe Randy so obligingly holds. She takes the smoke into her lungs, holds it a beat and then exhales. The famous red S contracts, hidden in a plume of smoke, a strikingly symbolic image of its wearer's badly shrunken honor. Twelve seconds later, Supergirl is high as a kite.

The feeling of euphoria bloomed within her like a giant red orchid. She felt wonderful and positive. Positively wonderful. she giggles at the wordplay. This particular crack she'd smoked wasn't uncontrollable. She wasn't nearly as stupefied as the last times. Not knowing how long it would last, she asks Randy, "So, you gonna' let me go now?"

He laughs. "What? No. I'm going to do what we said, princess. I'm going to unlock you and put you in the chair."

"Right. S'what I mendt," she slurs, giddy from the initial rush. "J'want help?"

"How are you going to help me? You're hands and feet are shackled."

"Right. I'll just lie here."

"Yeah, you do that," shaking his head and chuckling, Randy starts to leave the room.

"Where ya goin', Ran?" He stops and turns, looking askance at that gorgeous beaming face with those beautiful baby blues. His heart actually melts a little.

"You are really a piece of work, babe. I'm going to get the chair we talked about, remember?"

"Okay!" He turns to go into the storage room when the cheery blonde pipes up again. "Hey, Ran?"

"What now?"

"You're actually a big softee marshmallow man. Inside. I can tell."

"Really," he frowns.

"Oh sure. I can see through you. Well, not right now cause I don't have my xray vision." She pauses to giggle at this little joke of hers, then gets serious again. "But even if I didn't have it, which I don't, I could see through you anyway. You know what I mean?"

"It's coming out a little screwy, like you. But I think I get you. Let me get the chair."

"Okay!" She happily rests her chin on the floor and yawns widely. Randy shakes his head and heads to retrieve the chair from the storeroom.

"Hey, Ran!"


"I like marshmallows. They're sweet. Like you."

"Thank you. I'll be back." He sprints for the door before the giddy girl has a chance to say anything else.

Randy returns in less than a minute carrying a large, heavy multi-hinged padded chair. The smiling girl lifts and turns her head to watch him lumber in with it, straining with the load.

"Wow. That looks heavy." Still high as a kite. Still giddy.

"It is." He heads grimly to the open area between the prostrate girl and the bondage table.

"If I had my superpowers, I could lift that with my little finger," she says, the voice of a 6-year old spoiled princess. "Too bad I dooon't..."she draws out the word playfully.

Randy teeters with chair, trying to figure out the best angle at which to set it down.

"I could ever be so much help!"

"Who are you, fucking Shirley Temple?"

"Who's that?"

"Nevermind," he says, setting the chair down with a thump and a grunt. "Whew. That's quite a load. Let me catch my breath and then I'll get you ready and unlock you."

"Get me ready? How, Ran?"

"I'm not just unlocking you. I've got to secure you first, so you can't try anything cute."

"You don't like cute? Don't you think I'm cute?"

"You're fuckin' adorable. But I don't need the kind of cute you tried before, if you remember.

"I remember, but that was before we liked each other."

"Nevertheless, we're goin' with the handcuffs. They're the fastest and easiest. And they'll be pretty secure, I'm thinking, with you weakened by the kryptonite."

"Sounds peachy keen to me, Ran. I'll just be happy to get off this cold floor and stretch a bit."

"Right. Well let me get the cuffs. How you doin' by the way. That crack okay, you still feeling good?"

"Terrific. Super Duper. Well, not super, I guess, but duper. Or a doper!" More giggles. "I can see why people like this stuff. When it's not too strong, it makes you feel warm and good all over. Like you never want it to stop."

"Yeah, that's the problem. People never want it to stop." Randy pulls a silver bag out of a bottom drawer of the bondage table and walks back toward his lovely companion. He's actually enjoying her company. She's a hoot! "And, the thing is, with crack, they usually don't stop. Not until they've changed into someone completely different. Someone not as nice." He kneels down near Supergirl's wrist to begin unlocking it.

"Hey, Ran," the blue eyed blonde says softly. He looks up, surprised at the change in her tone, and sees her bright blue eyes brimming with tears. "You won't let that happen to me, will ya?"

The big man gulps. "I...I...don't think I can do anything about it," he mumbles, unlocking her right wrist. He pays much more attention to the key and lock than they require, frowning deeply at how unfair life could be. Wondering if things could be different, would they?

" could try..." She replies quietly.

Wordlessly, the big man shifts over to her other wrist and unlocks it. He puts the key in his pants pocket and says, gruffly, "Alright. Put your wrists together now so I can handcuff them, Supergirl. You're not going anywhere, 'cause your legs are still locked down, so behave or..."

Before he can react, the blonde teenage champion lurches up, her upper torso in mid-air, and grabs Randy by the ears. Twisting his head hard to the side, she uses all her leverage to turn the large kneeling man's body so he awkwardly falls forward and flips onto his back right under Supergirl's chest, his shocked face directly below hers. Her own face drops like a rock. And then, a shocked Randy, his mouth gaping open, finds his tongue intertwined with the warm caressing tongue of the Maid of Steel as she plants the kiss of all kisses right on him! If this were a Mob kiss, he'd be as good as dead! As it is, he's never felt more alive in his life!

End of Chapter 13

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