Supergirl Captured by the Mob 16  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 16 - The Girl Has Serious Game

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

Tony Bonano is astonished.. He is exultant. He is on the express elevator to heaven. Positioned on the floor in front of his arm chair, the one and only Supergirl is on her knees with one hand holding his thigh off to the side and the other hand slowly and gently sliding her hand up and down the shaft of his cock. Just the fact that the gorgeous girl clad in her tight red and blue costume had pulled down his fly, pulled his prick out of the opening in his dark blue briefs and planted a soft wet kiss on the tip of his penis had already brought his member to full attention.

Tony realized that the addicted heroine wanted the crack in a hurry and that Supergirl knew for her to get it she had to give him a blow job that was 'done very well,' but this was an appealingly fast start to what he had feared was going to be a fumbling, amateurish hatchet job the first time out. But no, this was better than expected and getting better by the minute.

Taking her hand off his thigh, the blonde teenager gathers her hair dangling in her face and flips it behind her with a casual fling, letting it fall over the long brilliant red cape that drapes her kneeling form from the back. From the front, however, Tony watches in wonder as, with eager hands, the venturous young girl slides her palm all the way over the glans of his circumcised penis, circles it there with a few gentle passes and then slides her palm back down the shaft. Even as her hand is sliding down his cock with a rapid, tight stroke, the girl bends forward and lets a thin string of drool slide from her lower lip to the pulsing mushroom tip of his cock. Dipping her head lower, she works her mouth slowly over and around that tip with a firm grip of her exquisitely full lips.

"Whoa!" His cock jerks up as do his hips.

"Doth that hurthh?" she asks, her mouth filled by his cock as her bright blue eyes look up in concern.

"No. It does not hurt. Not in the least!"

"Goodt." Her smile around his cock is wide and goofy looking. He could give a fuck! She looks down and returns her mouth's grip to his mushroom tip. Her lips pulse and flutter as she moves her head up and down. In this way the lubricated tip moves in and out of her mouth with a quick sensual rhythm of slick, delicious friction that gives Tony an involuntary shudder of delight. She does this little maneuver more than a dozen times and Tony lets his head fall back against the chair cushion with utter delight.

"Juth relaxthhh, thir," she murmurs softly through the prick in her mouth. Then she pulls her lips quickly off the tip with a delicate pop. "And keep your penis and scrotum in an upright position prior to takeoff." She next breathes a stream of warm air from the depths of her gorgeous chest onto his moistened glans.

"Aahhhh!" Tony moans with pleasure. He looks down between his legs to see the famous Maid of Steel go to work with her tongue, slathering his glans, circling it and tickling the most sensitive underside where it meets the shaft. She flicks her tongue at this juncture with a fluttering butterfly quality that stiffens Tony even further. And then with coyly malicious intent, she presses her tongue flat against this junction and firmly holds it in position there as she rocks her head up and down five, seven, eleven times in torturous repetition. Tony bangs his head against the chair cushion, enthralled with her inventive technique.

"Fuck. Who are you?"

"Whuy...I'm Thooperguuwll....mithter...she takes her mouth off his cock and blows soft currents of air with her words against the sensitive underside of the shaft that she holds firmly in place."..Bhhaaa....Naaaanh ... Nnnohhhhh..."

"Godfuckingdammit! You sure are!"

Then the industrious young maid unconsciously licks the precum off her lips as her fist begins to slide rapidly up and down the hard 8" staff, moving the skin up and down with each stroke with a firm steadiness that fills Tony's senses with shivering joy. She adds more spit to the equation and sucks hard on Tony's member. Up and down, up and down, his cock head is licked, sucked and coaxed as the shaft is stroked with a building frenzy that makes the mob boss' head swim.

Rising higher on her knees, Supergirl is captured by multiple cameras as she firmly holds the base of Tony's cock with one hand, fondles his balls with her other and opens her mouth wider to take the throbbing muscle much deeper in her throat. Her breasts wobble and shake heavily within the tight confines of her blouse as the world renowned blonde bobs her head up and down in Tony's lap, taking the full measure of the man's cock down her eager throat again and again and again and again. Where has she been all my life! The tightness and warmth of her throat causes an incredible swell of erotic sensations to crash on the psychic shoreline of Tony's brain.


A camera from the side angle catches the profile of the famous Maid of Steel going down on the mob boss with the enthusiasm of a high school cheerleader. Her head is bobbing up and down in such an obscene and unmistakable rhythm that even a passerby would be embarrassed to witness it.

" tathe guhhhd...."Supergirl says during a momentary pause of an upstroke with her voracious mouth. Her mouth then slowly releases his cock with the softest brushing of her lips around the outer ring of his glans. A thread of thin clear pre-cum connects her lower lip to his prick. It finally releases when, looking up with a smile and a wink of her infinite blue eyes, the renowned blonde heroine grins and says, "Like a good steak smothered in mushroom sauce." Her soft pink tongue then skitters and slides wildly across the head of his prick like a skateboarder in a gale force wind.

"Aahhhhh..." Tony's breath shudders from his jittering mouth.

Scooting even closer, the beautiful teen reaches into Tony's fly, through the fly flap of his underwear and buries her hand between his buttocks. She sticks her middle finger up his ass, even as her mouth encompasses the full length of his member and the lining of her throat contracts hard against it.

"Awgk" This is a much too deep for the blonde's amateur ability and she gags heavily from the unexpected depth of penetration of her throat. Instantly withdrawing her face from the depths of his crotch and her hand from Tony's ass, Supergirl dodges back away from his lap with another string of drool that clings from her lips to Tony's glans. This one is much thicker and longer and doesn't break until she pulls her head away with a sudden shudder. "Whraaaagkk," she gasps. The drool dangles from her lower lip in a long shimmering line of which she is totally unaware. Finally it drops onto the S on her heaving chest. Cameras capture the incapacitated teen in her distressed gag reflex with pinpoint clarity. The famous heroine mouth gapes open, issuing squeaking clicks from irrepressible throat spasms, her eyes are half-closed in her helpless need for a clear air passage and her head dips forward in a weak headiness from her sudden lack of oxygen. A stunned and fascinated Tony watches the helplessly gagging blonde, held still by her fist continuing to grip his cock even as she fights for air. Her long blonde hair has fallen past her ears and now droops over her face. Finally, after several frozen seconds, Supergirl takes a sudden deep wheezing gulp of air and is able to breathe again, albeit with a ragged harshness. It is not the finest moment in the illustrious champion's career as a protector of decency. Not by a long shot.

"Wheww....Guess I got a little too....eager there.. .hwauk...for a second. Motioning to the

glass of cognac on the table, she says, "May I?"

"By all means." The dainty young blonde lifts the wide crystal snifter and downs the mellow brown liqueur in a fast gulp.

"Eeehhh. Huhhhh. Smooth," she rasps. She would have preferred water but the after effects of the potent drink along with its concentrated aroma has settled her down.

"Well..huhh..that was interesting," she says, shaking off the event. She looks down at the cock in her hand and then up to Tony's hopeful face. Composed again, the blue-eyed beauty looks up at Tony, smiles with a shrug then chimes, "Back to the salt mines!" and dives back onto his cock with her mouth. Repositioning her body to where it was before, Supergirl pushes her hand back into the depths of Tony's pants and reinserts her finger into his butt. Now she pulls it back and forth slightly, stimulating his prostate gland and sending him into a new level of pleasure.

The camera loves the girl! High-speed film captures the sequence forever as the idolized teen heroine's mouth slides up and down the length of Tony's cock, the dark pink shaft entering and exiting the girl's face over and over and over. Careful not to let the penis delve too deeply down her throat again, the conscientious teen still keeps a gentle pressure on his cock with her lips. Meanwhile, Supergirl's free hand cups and gentle fondles his nutsack while her other hand, stuffed up his crack, continues to circle, press and stimulate his prostate. A full minute of this has Tony on the edge of the chair, worked up and ready to blow.

Sensing this, Supergirl takes a break from her mouth work and goes back to a fast, firm handjob. "You're pretty damn big, Tony. And hard!" The willing young girl's fist applies the perfect pressure, her thumb sticking up so that with every rapid upstroke, and there are too many to count, it rubs against the underside of his cock where the bulbous tip meets the shaft. "I can see how much fun these things can be when they come out to play nice!"

Leaning over, Supergirl works up more saliva and drools it lazily all over the engorged tip of Tony's pulsing cock. Then her hands work it quickly all across the tip and down the shaft, creating more gasps from the man with his head wavering woozily on his chest.

"You like?"


"You ready for my big final production number?"

"God no!"

"Twoooh baaahhhhth." Her luscious mouth takes his cock again and swallows it whole, then rapidly retreats and advances up and down Tony's fleshy pole at a frenzied pace that stuns and paralyzes Tony. Her dedication and enthusiasm for his pleasure knows no bounds it seems. Poised on her bare knees before him, clad in her famous costume, her bouncing breasts barely contained by the tight blue fabric, Supergirl's head bobs relentlessly in his lap. Repetitive gulping sounds waft up to his ears to match the thunderous roar in his head.

"..ulgk...ulgk...ulgk...ulgk...ulgk...ulgk..." He's overwhelmed by her tenacity, her mouth her hands, her shocking aptitude at this. Helplessly, his hands reach for her head now and his fingers bury themselves in her flowing golden locks. Supergirl has her eyes shut in complete concentration as she feels the swell of the man's prick reach its full potential. His breath coming in short gasps now suddenly get deeper and she knows he's going to blow his wad. She pulls her head back to let him release his cum over her chest as she suspects might be his pleasure. But her head won't move back! He's gripping her tightly and her eyes bulge in shock as she realizes she's going to have to take this shot down her open throat.

".uullk..." she gags in panic at the thought.Too much, too soon! And then the rushing stream of warm liquid erupts in her mouth and rushes down her gullet before she can do anything about it. He holds her skull tightly in place as she's forced to swallow a huge blasting river of his semen.

SO MUCH CUM! Rao. It doesn't end!

"Haulggkkk...ellgk.....WHET GOH!" she pleads.

Finally, he does let go of her head and the breathless, gagging Maid of Steel yanks away from his crotch, falls off to side on her hands and knees and gags up huge dripping white clots of cum onto the pale yellow carpet between her hands.

"Hoooooggkkk....haaaccckkkk....hurrrlggg...." The white strings of cum hang from her mouth like streams of thickly sour milk. And are just as revolting to her. Some of them swing wildly back and forth in the air as she pants heavily in place. Others drain onto her chest.

"Tony....whatthehell....Awwkkk....bhulahaaghalaah." More cum spills over her lips and down her neck. "Rao....give...a....girl...a....fucking....clue...." Then with a loud hack, a final thick wide clump jets out of her mouth, catches on her lower lip and hangs there like a clump of tapioca pudding for a full ten seconds, even as the blonde heroine slowly shakes her head back and forth. "Oohhhhh....." Finally it drops to the carpet as Supergirl stands up slowly on very shaky legs and teeters over to the bathroom to collect herself and rinse out her mouth with a gallon of mouthwash.

Through all this, Tony simply slumps in the armchair savoring what was the best blow job he'd ever had in his life. Numero uno, without question! He moans happily in Neverland while the disgusted Maid of Steel leans against the sink in the bathroom, running the tap water at full strength and sobbing deeply at the horror in the mirror. Herself.

When she returns to the bedroom five minutes later, she is stunned to see Tony has left. On the small table beside the armchair, she sees the crack pipe and lighter and rushes over to the small items. She had certainly earned this pipe's worth of crack. She didn't even know how she came up with half the stuff she had done. Some of it she'd seen performed on an evidence porno DVD for a ring she'd busted three years ago. She couldn't believe she remembered half of the techniques! She must have been more curious than she thought.

The shaking blonde heroine is anxious to get to her fix now. Then she notices that the pipe is sitting on two five dollar bills fanned out neatly with a little yellow sticky note stuck to the top fiver. What's this?

The note reads. "Superwhore, You're supposed to swallow, stupid. Keep practicing."

Supergirl's expression changes from excited anticipation about the pipe to blank, stony, dead awareness of all she has become. She puts her arm out, balancing weakly on the chair, then drops into it heavily, her head turned staring at the sticky note. Her lips tremble violently, the flame from the lighter barely catching the end of the crack pipe as she purposefully sucks deeply on the blue glass cylinder and the short, deeply needed oblivion it offers.

Down in the control room, Tony and his crew are reviewing the playback from the mind-blowing BJ session in the bedroom. They can't take their eyes off the monitor.

"This is the same girl?" Sergei asks in disbelief. "Cannot be. Is impossible! This is not superhero! This is whore. This is true whore!"

"It's her," Tony sighs. "I was there and I couldn't believe it."

"This girl has serious game!" Stevie is hard as a rock just watching the monitor. "Tony, I'm surprised you lasted as long as you did. No disrespect intended," he takes a sudden nervous look at his boss, wondering if he crossed the line.

"You and me both, Stefano." Tony just sighs again. Talk about job perks!

"After the way she went off on you about the costume and all, I never, ever, ever, ever thought she'd give you a hummer, Ton," Carmine says in stark astonishment. He can't believe his eyes even now, as he's watches with envy and shock as the famous blonde heroine in the bright red and blue outfit moves her head up and down in Tony's lap like it was the apple bobbing championship of the world! "She's doin' you like a ten-dollar dock whore trying to make her rent while the fleet's in town. Shit, look at her use that mouth! Fuckin' A, Bonano, you are the master." He stretches his arms over his head and bends his body in half up and down three times. "I bow to your magnificence."

"And that's exactly what I left on the table for her. Two pathetic five dollar bills. With a note that told her to work on her shoddy technique.

"The fuck you say!" Stevie can't help his outburst.

"Gotta keep the girls in line, you know," Tony pronounces. "Well boys, Phase Two has begun. Start lining up the bidders. We're moving Supergirl at 6 p.m. to the Pleasure Dome. That's two hours from now. We're going to start making some serious cash."

Sitting at her office desk in the U.N. building, Themyscira's Diplomat-at-Large Diana Prince was deeply concerned. She was supposed to have met Linda Danvers, at a dinner rendevous for simple drinks and serious gossip dishing three nights ago. And she was a no-show. Very unlike her. Certainly unlike Supergirl, too. Diana's affection for the bright young heroine was a deep and abiding joy in her life. The girl's spirit and courage were phenomenal. She might be a bit impetuous, and that had gotten her in trouble a few times, no doubt, but when it came to loyalty and heart, you couldn't ask for a better person on your side. That's why she had placed a call to Clark. She wanted to know if he'd talked to his cousin lately. He'd yet to return the call.

Drumming her fingers on her desk, her short but beautifully sculpted nails tapped out a staccato beat that helped the Amazon beauty think. She would try to see if she could backtrack Linda's news assignments for the past week and see where that led. It was a long shot but she couldn't sit and wonder about this a minute longer. It was time for Wonder Woman to step up to the plate, as they said these days. She stands up, grabs her purse off the desk and heads out toward the elevators.

"Cancel my appointments for the next day and a half, Bonnie," she says. "I have to go locate a dear friend who's gone missing."

"I'm sorry to hear that. Anybody I know?"

"Linda Danvers.

"The TV reporter?"

"That's the one. If she calls, put her through to my cell phone immediately."

"I hope nothing's wrong. I love her take on things. Serious news or human interest, she just knows where the heart of every story seems to be."

"That's my friend," Diana says as the elevator doors close with a soft thump.

When Carmine and Sergei open the door to Tony's private bedroom, they immediately see the Maid of Steel splayed belly up all over the shiny pink comforter with her head actually draped over the end of the bed and upside down. Her boots have been kicked off to opposite sides of the room, her cape has been removed and dropped on the floor like an old beach blanket and her skirt is in disarray as her bright red panties face the two men coming out of the elevator with shocking lewdness.

"Hi ya, fellas!" Supergirl throws out a wave and then lets her hand drop. "Did you know you can extend a crack high if you hang over the bed like this and let the blood rush to your head?"

Sergei looks at Carmine with a shrug. "That is news to me, divooshka. But sit up, you must be coming with us now. Besides you have done two pipes already. Is enough for now."

"Where we going, Sergie, ole watery wiener?"

"That is Sergei. Not Surjee. Show respect woman before you start trouble you cannot handle. And stand up and respect yourself as well"

"Hah! That's rich." The Maid of Steel tries to pick her head up and, being too disoriented by the crack and to weak from the kryptonite control disc attached to the back of her costume, she fails miserably. Failing that, she abruptly launches into her best Aretha Franklin impression. "R.E.S.P.E.C.T.. .find out what it means to me. R.E.S.P.E.C.T...sock it to me, sock it to me. Urp. Ah fellas, can you help me up here. Kinda stuck."

Carmine goes to the end of the bed and drags her off it with a hard yank. Falling gracelessly, the mighty teenage champion ends up on her back with her knees touching the carpet by her ears and her crotch on display for virtually every camera in the room.

"Whoa! This is a position you guys haven't tried on me yet."

"Get up, slut, before I take out my wire cutters!" Sergei barks.

Supergirl immediately unfolds her body and swiftly and smoothly adjusts her costume, then stands by the bed with her head bowed awaiting further orders.

"Better," Sergei says. "Now we must make you to be ready for your new deegs. A fine house in the South Bronx.

"I didn't think there were any fine houses out there," Supergirl says, looking back and forth at the men on either side of her as she tries to recall the neighborhood. She's been yanked off her crack high, already ten minutes old, and is not greedy for another hit just yet. So she's thinking somewhat clearly again. "Pretty rugged neighborhoods. put a lot of crooks and junkies away that came out of there. No, no nice houses since I was there last that I can think of."

Let's just say this is a new urban development plan," Carmine sneers. "It's a New Enterprise Zone thing that Tony is starting to take an active role in."

"Really. How admirable. Let me guess, I'm the enterprise."

"Smart cookie, as always," Carmine smiles. "Stevie. 5.2 aperture please."

"5.2. Check."

"What? Why? I'm cooperating. You don't have to...OWWW....ohhhhh...." Supergirl slumps weakly against Carmine, her hand thumping against his chest as the deutronium kryptonite control disc opens up widely, bathing the groaning girl with devastating radiation. "Not giving trouble." Carmine grabs her wrists and tells Sergei to grab her legs. Hoisting the sluggish, deeply sickened blonde, they place her carefully onto the bed with a minor bounce. Carmine continues holding the girl's wrists.

"F'you wanted... to play with my body on...the bed, why dinju just leave me there?"

"Procedures, darling. Tony's got his ways," Carmine nod to Sergei who throws him a small rubber device. "Here, open up your mouth for something tasty."


"Something like that. Hush and be good girl," Sergei says.

"Fine figure...goes to hell....from all these calories, don't blame..Mmmllff"

A medium sized rubber bladder is thrust into Supegirl's mouth, its end hanging down against her lower lip.

"Whhaitt...Thithh duttannt tase wike candee at awwl!"

"I lied." Sergei says as he reaches over and touches a button on the bladder's end and it immediately inflates to fat sausage shape in the bewildered blonde's mouth, filling it completely.

"AWGK! Whaah...oooen?"

Without warning Carmine punches Supergirl in the stomach and she doubles over on the bed.

"HOOOWFFF" Her eyes blink and stutter and the gasping girl goes cross-eyed in pained bafflement.

"Stevie. 6.6 please," Carmine says.

"Check. 6.6."

"...Eeeemmm.....ooooooooohhh....." Supergirl writhes in agony at this high aperture. It feels like somebody is hammering climbing pitons into her skull, her chest and her abdomen. She contorts and thrashes on the bed for a full minute in the tight controlling grasp of Carmine and Sergei. Sweat pours off her body in splattering sprays. She could be a lawn sprinkler with what she's throwing off.

Carmine's seen enough. "Stevie. 2.2 now!"

"2.2. Check and done," the speaker confirms.

The thrashing settles down very quickly. Only rapid panting is left. Supergirl's eyes are shut as she is barely conscious from this stunning attack.

Reaching up under the unwary heroine's skirt, Carmine pulls down her panties with an effortless yank. He pulls them all the way down to her ankles.

"..whhhhooo..." muffled, weak protests through the bladder gag. Pointless.

Lifting her thigh up high, Carmine then takes a regular 7" batter powered dildo and unlubricated, quickly forces it into the moaning teen's vagina.

"GWUUHH" Shock and awe on a personal front. And the sick, powerless blonde has no possible response for now. Carmine pulls the thigh back down, straightens her leg on the bed, then pushes the tiny On switch and the device begins to hum within the frustrated teen's cooze.

"EEEMMMMM!" More pointless protests.

Sergei reaches under the body of the writhing blonde beauty and flips her unceremoniously onto her stomach. Moving around toward the end of the bed, he takes out the rubber conical butt plug from his pocket and pulls apart Supergirl's wobbling butt cheeks. There he does use a dab of AnalEze and swipes it on the now terrified but helpless champion.

Forcefully using his palm, Sergei presses the buttplug into the girl's asshole until the entire conical head is buried within her. He turns on the device's high-speed motor from the remote in his pocket.

"EEHHHHMMM" Supergirl's brain is barraged by incredible sensations from both orifices beneath her skirt. Carmine flips her over again onto her back and drags her to a sitting position against the headboard. He begins to fondle her breasts with firm insistent strokes. Then moves on to stimulate the nipples. The dazed and bewildered heroine's eyes can barely stay opens as she looks up into Carmine's face for answers that are just not there. In the mean time, Sergei pulls up the teen heroine's panties tightly against her ass once more. This helps keep the buzzing dildos firmly in place. The dildos, the kryptonite control disk and the constant attention to her nipples by a smiling Carmine has the Maid of Steel succumbing quickly. She orgasms from this duo of relentless humming, throbbing toys stuffed within her.


Her juices dampen her panties and still there's more pleasure to bear. But who can bear the unbearable under these conditions? Supergirl comes a second time in as many minutes. Her wriggling, exotic form relaxes momentarily as she pants and whimpers lying on top of this smooth, silken, delightfully sensuous pink comforter. Everything is a stimulating experience, with these two toys throbbing away. Carmine's hands are remarkably talented and Sergei bumps the buttplug motor into overdrive. With her head thumping against the pillow in slow steady beats that only Supergirl can hear, Supergirl is thrown once again into the deep end of the blissful pool, experiencing her third orgasm as her vagina and rectum clash in heavenly harmony to create some new galaxy of stars and light within which she is held by gravitational forces too great to resist. The Maid of Steel faints dead away. A silent entity of ghostly fame who now is finally ready to be carried into the elevator and out into the world of sin.

"Please to tell me again why we subdue already helpless girl this way. It seems...wasteful of resources," Sergie asks Tony as he lowers the limp blonde onto the thick army blanket lining the long wood crate. Her wrists and ankles are constrained with regular steel handcuffs. A thick lead pad is wrapped around her head covering her eyes like a blindfold. Her cheeks balloon out with the expanded rubber gag stuffed in her mouth. Her pale face is bathed in sweat. And within her panties, two powerful dildos hum away creating a perpetual, delirious dream state of ecstacy from which the blonde teen can not escape. Coupled with the kryptonite control disc attached to the back of her costume with a 2.5 aperture, the powerful Maid of Steel is about as dangerous as a old dirty, wet sock lost on the street.

Tony covers the crate with the plywood top and begins hammering 2" construction nails into the frame of the lid. "Well, it's not actually that complicated. It's all about humiliation and suppression of her heroic personality. True, I could have chloroformed her or K-gassed her or even knocked her silly with a steel rod. I've done all those things to her and she keeps coming back with attitude. Now you, Sergei, have a special genius for getting compliance through fear and physical...confrontations, shall we say."

"Hmmf!" Sergei snorts at the phrasing. He takes the hammer from Tony and starts nailing his side of the crate shut.

"...but there is one thing I know works with this bitch. Doubt! Relentlessly attacking her belief in herself. Eliminating her self-confidence. Crushing her ego to dust. Twisting her with guilt so she thinks she's responsible for her own failures. Filling her with crack so her heart and mind are too wasted and too addicted to accept or believe in hope. Basically, they're all pathways to the same goal. Neutralizing the core of her personality and controlling it for our own means. Our own very profitable means, I might add.

"But you have done these attacks on her...ego you many...four days now and still you worry about this? She has will so strong as this?"

"I've seen it myself. With everything I've thrown at this bitch, and that's a hell of a lot of punishment, I still feel she could be waiting for an opportunity. Even your wire cutters, though they scared her shitless at the time, may be minimized in her head if she thinks she's got a reasonable shot at escaping. So that's why I'm shipping her this way. It could take two hours or more to get her inside the club without being seen. So, inside this box, when she wakes up, she will feel the total ecstacy of the dildos overwhelming her will to resist In that way she accepts a good amount of blame for not escaping. Bingo! Doubt, self-recrimination, submission, despair, crack habit, whorish behavior. It's all locked in her head even as we uncrate her. If she'd just been knocked cold, she'd come out fighting mad. This way, she comes out fighting herself and our battle is much easier with her on our side!"

"This is an intelligence I can respect. It makes you very dangerous, Tony Bonano."

"No more than yourself, Mr. Zhukovia."

"Differently dangerous. I am a humble 'thug' as our young friend says."

"I don't believe that for a second, Sergei. If I did, I wouldn't have hired you. But it's good to ask questions. I'm happy to explain my methods and my ground rules to you anytime."

"Thank you, Tony. Your trust in me will pay dividends."

"I've no doubt, Sergei. Now help me lift this box in the truck. Carmine's gone up ahead to get things ready at The Pleasure Dome."

"What is this place of which you speak. I have not heard of it." The two men slide the long crate into the back of the indiscriminate box truck and pull down the back gate with a bang.

"It's an unlicensed, underground club of mine that offers all sorts amenities to the locals who like drugs, girls, rock and roll and gambling. Vegas East, if you will. It will be your base of operations until I think its security might be compromised. Or if you think it's compromised in some way. You'll be my eyes and ears there as well, tracking customers and non-customers alike. Sensing the flow of the place and any dangerous conditions that might create troubles for our enterprise.

"This I can do very well. I have exceptional antennae for these things."

Tony closes the padlock to the back of the truck with a satisfying click. "That's what I heard. That's why you're here. Let's get going."

It's actually three and a half hours later that the box is finally lowered to the floor in the basement of the decrepit old building housing "The Pleasure Dome." With impossible traffic from a nasty accident that actually shut down every lane of the FDR Drive for forty minutes, plus having to wait for the crowds to clear away from the front of the club during its busiest time, Tony is nervously tapping his fingertips together as Stevie and Carmine yank the nails out of the long wooden crate with a squeal of tortured metal.

"Hurry it up, fellas. I didn't plan on everything taking this long. It's awfully quiet in there. I hope to Christ I haven't killed the bitch."

The final nail is pulled with a painful screech and Tony kneels down beside the box as Carmine and Stevie lift off the cover and put it off to the side quietly. Lying absolutely still like a corpse in a coffin, Supergirl looks lifeless. Her costume is virtually transparent with sweat. Her boobs even with the nipples prominently poking through the damp fabric, are deathly still. Her face is pale white. Her cheeks, unnaturally swollen by the rubber bladder, are slack and shiny with a sheen of perspiration. A huge stream of drool has cascaded down the pale, drawn face and collected in the blanket beneath her neck. With the lead blindfold over her eyes, Tony can't tell for sure if she's alive or not. Underneath the dark gray pad, she could be staring into the gates of heaven for all he knows. He presses a valve and the mouth gag blusters and hisses as the air rushes out, as if desperate to leave this scene of horror. Tony pulls the gag out of the blonde's mouth and there's a breath of air there. But it could be natural gasses exuded by her death! He can't tell.

Peeling off the leaded blindfold, Tony is happy to see closed eyes, not the stare of death he'd so clearly imagined.

"Supergirl! Linda! Can you hear me? Wake up. Come back to us, sweetie. Come back to the world."

No response. Nothing. Tony puts his head on her chest to listen for a heartbeat. And there is one! "I can hear her heart. Very faint though. God knows what's she's going to be like after all this. Could be a vegetable for all the fuck I know."

"Settle down, Ton." Carmine doesn't want or need to see his fellow boss lose it in front of the troops if the worst has happened here. "Let's let her get some air into her for a sec. Maybe that's all she needs."

"Air, da. This is good idea, Tony Bonano," Sergei hurriedly agrees. "Carmine speaks the truth."

"Look, her eyes are moving," Stevie points to her face.

It's true. The eyelids are slowly fluttering. Then they are still for a moment. And then they slowly open like the door to a church after Mass, slowly letting the congregation move out into the light of a fresh day. Supergirl's blue irises radiate a warmth and a consciousness that fills Tony's heart with relief. Her mouth slowly opens with another of those angelic breaths. And, finally, she speaks.

"....hullo....boys..." she murmurs softly. And then a silly, ridiculous really, shit-eating grin sets her face aglow and she speaks with a loud slur as her head swoons in circles on her graceful neck "...tell me.....have you come me cum...and have fun...when I cum... when you cum as you are...Have you cum from afar....Do you cum in jar...." Her voice suddenly trails off and she sighs heavily. "...i...come from...a star..."

"Dr. Suess I presume." Tony smiles down at the blasted teen. Her mind, while obviously fixated on her topic by the humming dildos, is clearly working. He's breathing again.

Slowly he reaches in to pull her out of the crate and help her up, up into a dark, strange and nasty world with which she has no experience and precious few resources to withstand.

"Tony," she purrs softly into his ear, even while being held up by Sergei and Stevie on impossibly wavering, boneless legs. "Can you pretty please with a cherry on top pull these Fucking Dildos OUT OF ME NOW!"

"Da, Tony Bonano. Please to be giving this girl a break, yes?" Sergei smiles at his boss and nods. It's so rare that he gets to play the nice guy in situations like this.

"I guess I can do that," Tony says with a shrug. And the tiniest of smiles.

End of Chapter 16

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 16