Supergirl Captured by the Mob 51  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 51 - Love Among The Ruins

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia and Don Lupenzo are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

Supergirl is panting and moaning noisily, her breasts rising and falling in rapid succession within the too-tight faded costume tunic as Wonder Woman slips her pink tongue deeply into her ear and circles it slowly. She is caressing Kara's breast with her left hand using slow, constant strokes. At the same time, Diana's other hand is stuffed under the belt of Supergirl's skirt, her fingertips teasingly stroking through the soft yellow curls of the writhing blonde heroine's pubic bush inside the Kryptonian's original bright red panties.

"YAAHH!" The speaker, with the microphones cranked up to max levels, blares out Supergirl's yelp of pleasure like a voting van broadcasting requests to the populace to get out and vote.

"PLEASE!" Supergirl squeals with uninhibited delight. "DON'T!" Any extra noise she makes she figures will help cover anything Diana is trying to do to retract the kryptonite buttplug from her rear. Besides, the fingers, the hand on her breast and the hot, wet tongue felt fabulous together! She planned on having on a long talk to Diana about her lovemaking skills if she ever got out of this room in one piece!

"I cannot see her other hand," Sergei says.

"It's shoved down Supergirl's skirt, you dumb Russian," Stevie snaps. "Look at the second monitor. I've got her knuckles showing under the fabric there in tight close-up."

"Ah, yes. I see it."

With her wrists and ankles restrained in thick leather buckles, there's no way Supergirl can offer any pleasurable payback to Diana for the exquisite joy she was receiving. If anything, Kara was even more turned on by this fact. She simply had to accept the gifts Diana was offering without any recourse. And the fact that she had to seem to be trying to fight against the sensations that Wonder Woman was providing was all the more arousing to the young Kryptonian. In fact, her clitoris was poking out of its sheath with eager anticipation of the Amazon's fingers traveling inside her. And she was steadily leaking copious amounts of fluids into her already soaked panties.

"THIS IS FOR MAKING ME BREAK MY VOW, YOU DUMB BLONDE!" Diana barks as she grabs both of Supergirl's ears and goes in for a long, slow passionate kiss.

"MMMFFF!" Supergirl protests the invasion even as her mouth secretly opens to receive Diana's warm searching tongue. While the two famous heroines are locked in this passionate kiss, Wonder Woman hoists herself up onto the bondage table and slowly maneuvers her body so it covers the young blonde's, fitting her voluptuous figure against Supergirl's formidable body while blocking the majority of views the multiple cameras were recording of the helpless blonde champion.

"This is good stuff," Stevie remarks as he works the controls. "And we don't have anything like it on any of the DVDs. It ought to sell very well!"

"Da," Sergei says, licking his lips as his eyes flick greedily among the eight monitors taking feeds from the various cameras. On one there is a close-up of the two heroine's mouths locked together, the women's smooth cheeks poking out occasionally with the heavy tongue action from within. Another monitor shows Wonder Woman's hand gently cupping Supergirl's breast, the thumb caressing the nipple in lazy circles. On one of the bottom monitors of the double row of four facing the control table, Sergei see's the pelvis of Wonder Woman's cheap starred panties grinding against Supergirl's faded skirt. He notes the Kryptonian's thighs are a darker shade of green than when he'd noticed an hour before. He would have to figure out what to do about that, but meanwhile, inside his pants, Sergei's prick is now large and hard.

"Very good stuff," Stevie repeats aloud, adjusting his crotch to ease the strain of his own hard-on.

Diana moves her right hand off of Kara's breast and begins to rub it up and down, slowly caressing it all along the left side of the bound blonde's body. The hand works its way from her breast, copping a generous final feel for a moment, then down to her waist where lithe fingers teasingly caress the skin revealed by the dislodged fabric of the faded tunic. The hand moves onward, sliding down to the hips and then the thighs where several long slow caresses cause the restrained heroine to buck and moan and protest through locked tongues to no avail. The hand continues to caress. And then it moves under Supergirl's body, gathering the soft left buttock and squeezing it hard.. And then, suddenly, Wonder Woman breaks away from the kiss, almost having to rip her face away from the Kryptonian's reluctant, entwining tongue.




The two mafiosa wince painfully at the blasting voices but are transfixed by the scene before them as they watch Wonder Woman slide her body backward with her feet dangling off the end of the bondage table until her face is positioned directly over Supergirl's pelvis. As the famous Amazon beauty lowers her head, both men lean forward in their chairs. Sergei zooms in on Diana's face as her finger comes in from the side of the shot and pulls aside the crotch of Supergirl's shiny red panties, revealing the glistening pussy beneath. Two labial lips gleam in the light from the overhead fluorescent fixtures. Diana's tongue slides just along the left labia and Supergirl's pelvic jerks away in a thrilled spasm.

Now both of Diana's hands form the top corners of the shot as she takes firm grip of Supergirl's thighs and pins them in place. A hooked pinky keeps the crotch of the panties aside as Wonder Woman moves her face closer to Kara's wetly excited vagina. Diana figured the men would definitely be disappointed if there wasn't a crotch shot so that's what she had to give them. Later, they wouldn't care as much if they got this close-up in the can, so to speak. Later she could take chances that they wouldn't zoom in while she tried to extract the buttplug. But for now, all of Kara's privacy was about to be invaded. There was nothing to be done about it but to get it over with. But damn if Kara's Kryptonian pheremones weren't pumping out a heady scent that made Diana a bit dizzy with desire herself.

Once again, she licked the lips of Supergirl's pussy and tasted the sweetness there and felt the spasm of the mighty heroine's thighs in the palms of her hands and heard the gasp of the blonde champion overhead. She repeated the action. And then once more.

Supergirl bit her lip hard enough to draw a bit of blood and to keep her excitement under control. But she knew she couldn't hold out for long. Not with Diana's tongue teasing her into a quivering mass of helpless muscles.

"WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?" Kara genuinely wanted to know if this was absolutely necessary to the plan. She couldn't think straight at the moment.

"BECAUSE YOU NEED TO HAVE IT DONE TO YOU." Diana replies, sliding her tongue deeply between Supergirl's thighs now and licking just around the perimeter of her clitoris.



Drawing back from Supergirl's twitching pussy, Diana puts her right elbow on top of Supergirl's thigh to pin it in place and slowly smooths the palm of her right hand over the whole area of Kara's crotch, feeling the wetness coat her skin as she does.


The befuddled blonde teen doesn't know what to make of that comment. Was Diana playing to the two men or was it a clue that she should let herself go? When Wonder Woman's forefinger centers on the thin spot of skin at the apex of her crotch just over her clit and begins to rapidly stroke back and forth in tiny blurred motions, Kara is too aroused not to respond to the incredible rush of sensation.

"OOOHHHH! EMMMHHH!" Her head cranes forward to try to see Diana's face for any signal of intent but the finger suddenly stops, circles rapidly and begins to stroke up and down know with the same frenzied pace as before. Supergirl's head snaps back hard against the cushioned table and her thighs spread apart as far as the leather restraints allow.



Diana hoped Stevie would take the bait and train at least one camera on Kara's face. With her eyes shut and her mouth open in erotic excitement, it certainly was getting Diana hot. She figures it's time to take it to the next level and finish this part of the show. So Diana takes her finger off of Supergirl's crotch and puts that hand back on her thigh to hold it in place. She then gets her face closer to the Maid of Steel's gleaming crotch and slowly works her tongue up into Kara's vagina until it reaches the area near her clitoris. She circles the perimeter of the hard nub with several slow orbits of the tip of her tongue, barely grazing its sides as she does.



Diana circles her tongue once more and then goes in for the kill. The boys would expect it, as she said. And the intoxicating scent of Kara's accelerating excitement was spurring Diana onward with a physiological demand that was making her wet and somewhat confused with inflamed lust. Wonder Woman puts the tip of her tongue on Supergirl's exposed pink knob of desire and flutters it there. Enjoying the control and forgetting herself for the moment.


"I DON'T PLAN ON STOPPING IT!" Diana taunts, corrupting the meaning of the excited teen's pleas. Supergirl's wrists and ankles strain mightily at the leather bondage cuffs but she is helplessly pinned to the table as her clitoris is bathed by Diana's warm surrounding tongue.

"RAAOOOO!" Supergirl moans in long, low throttling growl of pleasure. She can't take much more of this. She didn't think Diana wanted her to cum but if not why would she be doing this? Was she promised heroin that she could no longer refuse? Kara's brain can not focus with all this pleasure. She wonders if she's been betrayed even as Wonder Woman's tongue now insistently strokes at her vibrating clit. Up and down, back and forth like a metronome. There is no fighting back this unendurable pleasure a moment longer. Her ass bumps up and down as the whole world goes blindingly white, her senses explode in ecstacy, and her vagina floods with liquid joy that washes into Wonder Woman's mouth. The Amazon warrior, bleary with Kryptonian pheremones, experiences a minor orgasm of her own, dampening her own panties with cum as she shivers on the table.

The cameras have caught the moment and Sergei and Stevie slap high-fives as Supergirl's head lolls to the side in a classic shot of dopey orgasmic pleasure.

After a moment, Diana comes back to herself and calls out haughtily "NOW WHO IS THE ONE WHO CANNOT CONTROL HERSELF, SUPERGIRL?"

Kara's eyes, drowsy with sexual bliss can barely focus on Diana's face. She had let herself enjoy the stimulation Wonder Woman had provided far too much. She'd lost her control it was true and Diana's comment bit into her consciousness even as it fed into the lust of the two men in the control room.

Well done, Diana! Two birds with one stone. I am now more aware and Stevie and Sergei are probably dry humping the control room table from underneath!


Diana immediately understands Supergirl's clue. Kara needed her to fight now. Needed her to pick up the pace because she was getting weaker every minute. Any escape attempt wouldn't work if she had to take too long to get her powers back. Diana had to move faster. So she did. She just hoped Kara could handle what she was going to do!

Sliding up the beautiful blonde's body, Wonder Woman takes the famous emblem on Supergirl's chest in her teeth, making sure there's no skin pinched in there, and snaps her head down in a hard, sudden jerk. The sound of ripping cloth blasts through the speakers like an air hose releasing at full pressure.

Sergei winces as the harsh ripping noise blasts through the speakers. "They are no longer whispering. Please, lower the volume, Stefano!" The young man nods and pushes the lever to regular levels. He then maneuvers the main camera so it captures the new view afforded by Wonder Woman's savage attack on Supergirl's blouse.

There before them, the beautiful blonde's breasts are revealed for the viewing pleasure of as many cameras that Stevie cares to use. Diana hopes it's every single one. But that wouldn't happen, she knows that. So she gives the Mafia technician an extra reason to focus on Kara's chest by slowly rising up and licking noisily at the tender pink nipples with her long, lapping tongue. Stevie does devote two more cameras to this, one for each breast, as Wonder Woman then begins to work her tongue in circles around Supergirl's rock hard nipples.

Arching her back to accept the tongue more readily and to provide a bit more access to her rear, the Maid of Steel's pulse quickens immediately as the tactile wonders of Diana's tongue create new ripples in the center of Kara's being. She felt herself losing control on a major level yet again. If another orgasm could mask a maneuver on Diana's part, that would be a good thing, right? Kara tries to think if she should let herself cum again or not. The circling tongue has more to say about it than her brain, of course, and it was doing everything possible to sway her opinion.

"Rao! You are relentless, you bitch!" Kara growls, her throat dry from all the pleasure.

Diana ups the ante by taking Supergirl's throat in her palm and squeezing it tightly, even as the tongue continues its work, only breaking the rhythm to issue a taunt.

"Keep quiet or I will strike you, fool!"

Sergei devotes yet another camera to Supergirl's face, not wanting to lose the possible shot of Wonder Woman knocking the famous Maid of Steel silly with a good, hard backhand. Only three cameras are not focused on Supergirl's face or upper torso. Two provide general wide shots of the room from opposite directions and one is focused on the lower part of Supergirl's and Wonder Woman's bodies. It is showing their pelvises locked together. None of the three cameras are under Stevie's direct control. They are all set on automatic for now.

"You have sold your soul for heroin, Diana. You betray your people and yourself!"

"Look who's talking, Kara! Supergirl: the super crack addict." Diana grabs a handful of material at the torn blouse's shoulder with one hand and slaps Kara across the cheek with the flat of her other hand. Kara's head snaps to the side, taking the slap with a surprisingly adept roll that makes the loud slap seem far worse than it is.

"Hitting a defenseless opponent," spits Supergirl as she brings her face back to stare Diana down. "Is that the Amazon way now?"

Diana grabs Supergirl's neck in her left palm and squeezes it hard now and Supergirl's face flushes red. All cameras that Stevie controls are focused on the expressions of the two combatants. The anger and desperation is painted broadly across the two faces. And both men are glued to the scene. So glued in fact, that they miss the fact that Wonder Woman's other hand has slid under the pinned blonde's rear end and into the depths of her panties.

"See how quick-witted you are with my teeth on your nipples, you pathetic tramp!"

Diana lowers her face and bites on the areola on Supergirl's left breast. Stevie focuses the camera on the Diana's pearly whites as they clamp down on a generous portion of the tip of Supergirl's breast. The shot is clear enough to catch the reddish marks of the teeth as they dimple deeply into the breast. What the two men don't catch is the buttplug being quickly and adeptly twisted out of Supergirl's rear end by Wonder Woman's hidden hand. The blonde arches her back in apparent pain from the bite. And the rising tide of her impending orgasm calms down dramatically with the pain as well. Two more birds with one stone from Diana.

Suddenly, Diana lets go of Supergirl's neck and grabs her by the hair, forcing the Maid of Steel to arch her neck as she lowers her head and talks into Supergirl's face from only inches away. The two mafiosa watch with their eyes glued to the main monitor as Wonder Woman taunts Supergirl yet again.

"You never could handle yourself well in a fight, Supergirl. I always knew that about you!" Diana snarls in the blonde's face even as she surreptitiously slides the buttplug into her own panties, letting it nestle between her thighs.

"And you would call this a fair fight?" Supergirl's voice drips with sarcasm. She dares not show the relief she feels now that the deadly sex toy has been withdrawn from the depths of her body. She is far from recovered. That will take several minutes. They will have to stall somehow.

"As fair as it would be if you had your super powers against me. Which is to say not at all."

"Perhaps then, we should make it fairer," Sergei says into a microphone he has keyed to broadcast his voice throughout the room. Supergirl and Wonder Woman both turn their heads to the camera on the control room wall in shock. This was the last thing either of them expected.

"Sorry to interrupt, girls. But Wonder Woman is to be making a good point. I think she should now be tied down to the bondage table and Supergirl should have the luxury of teasing her."

"No!" Both women reply as one and this raises Sergei's suspicions instantaneously.

"Why not?" He asks, wary. His eyebrows arched.

"She has already had the opportunity," Diana says quickly. "You were even there. This is my payback for then. Why should she get another free ride?"

"Because I said so?" Sergei taunts the two of them, enjoying himself. Stevie is simply annoyed. This intrusive Russian had butted in just when things were getting dramatic. Now he'd have to edit around this whole nonsense. Still, he kept quiet, not wanting to annoy the moody Slav.

"I have no desire to give this bitch an ounce of pleasure," Supergirl snaps out. "We are friends no longer."

"Is that so?" Sergei says, frowning. He thought he might have gotten another full sex scene with the two girls in opposite positions but that seemed less and less likely now.

"But Kara," Diana says with a slow nasty smile on her face, "I still think of you as my friend. Here, let me prove it." Wonder Woman reaches down to the still bound blonde teen heroine and squeezes her nipple gently. She had to give Supergirl more time to recover and this was the only way that was going to happen. As it was, they were very close to Sergei coming in right now and destroying the whole escape attempt.

Drawing in a sharp breath with a gasp of surprise and excitement, Supergirl feels an electric charge shoot through her as Diana gently twists and squeezes the nipple until it is as hard as a pencil eraser.

"Now doesn't that feel nice and friendly," Diana says with a cooing soft tone.

Stevie, snapped back to the present, checks on all monitors and sees that six of them are covering the upper torso of the two women. He looks at the one centered on the middle of the two heroines' torsos and sees a bulge in Diana's panties. One that definitely wasn't there before. He scowls deeply and then motions to Sergei who has gotten involved in watching Diana playing with Supergirl's nipple. The big Russian leans toward Stevie.

"What is it?"

"We've been had."

"What do you mean?"

"It looks like Wonder Woman extracted the buttplug out of Supergirl. Look her thighs aren't nearly as green as they were two minutes ago.

"You are right!"

"We have to do something. She gets her powers back exponentially I believe. If we wait much longer, she will have powers we can't deal with."

"What do you suggest?" Sergei is calm and controlled. "There is kryptonite all over this place. Certainly we can subdue her. Or, how about we give her a dose of crack?"

"Softer, Serge. Her super hearing might be one of the first senses to return."

The two men watch as Wonder Woman continues her stall by fondling Supergirl's breasts and kissing her nipples. First one, then the other, back and forth as her hands cup the full breasts and squeeze them with loving gentleness.

"Stop that, you degenerate skank!" Kara is trying to draw out the scene herself, she felt she only needed a couple of more minutes before she would have a chance to use her powers at one quarter strength. The buttplug had been in her for a very long time. To complicate matters, once again, Diana's skills are making her a bit dazed with delight.

"What's the matter, Superslut? Can't handle a little simple feeling up?"

"I don't think Wonder Woman would let us give Supergirl crack at this point," whispers Stevie. "Do you think you can take on the Amazon while I try to shoot up Supergirl with a dose of crack or weaken her with kryptonite or something?"

"I can beat the Amazon if you think you can be managing Supergirl."

"I don't think we have a choice. We've got to move now. Take Wonder Woman down as quickly as possible. I've got something that will do the job for Supergirl." Unlocking a drawer, Stevie takes out two capsules of crack that they had used during Supergirl's initial training. Breaking the capsule would ignite a puff of smoke that she would inhale, incapacitating her enough to handle. At least he hoped it would.

"Let's do this!" Stevie says softly. The two men move as one.

"Diana, you can't do this!" Supergirl is actually beside herself with pleasure once again as Wonder Woman's ministrations to her breasts excite her libido to dangerous levels. She strains her wrists at the leather and it squeaks loudly but does not break. But she's nearly there. One more minute should do it.

The sight of the two men rushing into the room surprises Supergirl into a gasp of surprise which Diana takes as simply another noise of pleasure from her mighty friend. So when a shadow crosses over her and darkens the face of the blonde Kryptonian whose breasts she is licking, Diana is unprepared for Sergei's harsh fist crashing into her kidney.

"UUNNGGH!" She falls unceremoniously off the side of the table onto her back on the hard stone floor with a loud thud. Lying prone on the cold surface, Diana has no time to react before she feels a hand grab a huge clump of her hair, yanking her head back. Sergei's large fist rockets directly into her face stunning her completely. She falls back onto the floor dazed.

Supergirl can do no better. Try as she might with all her strength, she twists and pulls at all four leather buckles, straining them to their limit. Not one of them break. She was still too weak from the kryptonite buttplug's effects. Stevie punches the grimacing girl hard in the stomach and then breaks a crack capsule directly under her nose. Wheezing for air, the mighty blonde heroine draws in the thick plume of white dust into her lungs and a mere ten seconds later, is flat on her back with a soporific expression of simple joy on her face. Helpless on the table in a heavy drugged daze, the mighty Supergirl can do nothing to help her friend Wonder Woman as the stunned Amazon beauty takes one of the most savage beatings of her life. After that, she is manacled to the floor again and administered a hefty dose of Istanbul Express. Tomorrow they will be shuttled back to the South Bronx, all hope dispersed. Two drug addicted superheroines under the complete control of Tony Bonano. Nothing had changed.

Monday evening, just before 11:00 p.m., Carmine opens his cell phone and dials Don Gino Lupenzo. The conversation is terse and tense between the two rivals.

"Carmine, have you called to tell me Tony is going to release the blonde heroine tonight?"

"No, Gino. But if you check tomorrow's paper, you'll see our club was raided tonight, just as Tony suspected it would be."

"More attention drawn to the Families. You consider this good news?"

"I consider it as merely evidence that Tony was telling you the truth about the raid and that his desire to heal this rift between the two of you is genuine."

"I don't believe anything Tony Bonano says anymore, Carmine. Neither should you!"

The simple click of Don Lupenzo disconnecting the call is soft as a quiet threat.

Late Tuesday morning finds Supergirl tied to the bondage table and just waking up. She is dazed by a night of two separate injections of prime grade crack. There is a small glowing green pendant draped around her neck hanging from a silver chain that keeps her powerless but not in much pain. At the moment the tear shaped jewelry is draped between her breasts casting a soft green glow on the inner surfaces of her pale skin. With so little time in the sun over the past 36 hours, any tan she has is completely dissipated. The logy heroine slowly climbs higher into a wider consciousness. Now she smells herself and she is pretty rank. A shower would be heaven. The once-mighty champion of justice looks around the room slowly, her head lolling weakly as she tries to process the visual information and feels the gnawing need for more crack well up inside her. Her last injection had been over six hours ago.

I am back in Tony's chamber of horrors. Still in it. Was here last night with Diana.

Looking over to the floor where Wonder Woman had been locked face-down in place by bright chrome manacles, Kara sees only empty manacles there and no Diana. That seemed like a bad thing to the befuddled blonde.

"...stevie....HEY! STEVIE!" After a weak whisper, Kara finds her voice, scratchy but loud.

"You don't have to shout, Supergirl. I can hear you perfectly well in the control room. What do you want?" The disembodied voice fills the room.

"Where's Diana?"


"I can see that. Gone where?"

"Upstairs in Tony's bedroom."

"S'Tony there?" Supergirl slurs, still trying to gather her senses. A good dose of crack would start her day off right.

"No. A doctor is there."


"Let's just say Sergei likes his work too much."

Warm tears suddenly well up in the teenage heroine's eyes and slide down her temples.

"Oh, Rao. No. So much violence and pain for poor Diana," she whimpers softly, slowly shaking her blonde hair. Stevie looks up at the monitor from the editing of last night's session between the two heroines. He had finished the work-around edit of Sergei's interruption and had only a couple of simple edits left between the two women after Stevie had seen the bulge in Diana's panties: the "breast play stall tactic" as Stevie thought of it. The young Mafia hood sees Supergirl crying on the table. She was probably quite vulnerable right now with the escape having failed and it being six hours since her last crack high. He can finish the edits later. He thinks he can use Supergirl's moment of weakness to his advantage.

Supergirl turns her head as she sees Stevie walk out of the control room and over toward her.

"How bad did he beat her," she asks, gathering herself now to full wakefulness.

"Well, he's a professional so there won't be permanent scars I'm thinking, but I'd be surprised if he didn't break one or two of her ribs. Might have knocked her knee out of whack but that could just be a pulled hammy. She was so desperately trying to limp away from him so it was hard to tell what the injury was. Then her caught her and well.." He lets the blonde fill in the image of what Sergei was capable of and sees her eyes fill once more with tears overflowing.

"Oh, and she was definitely coughing up blood," Stevie continues, "so I think her kidneys might have been damaged. Once he saw the blood, Sergei unshackled her and took her upstairs to Tony's bedroom and tied her to the bed. I didn't think that was necessary since he beat her so badly.. Anyway, then he drove back to the Pleasure Dome to get her belt to help her heal. Of course they put her out with something strong so she wouldn't escape while the belt's on her. Sergei and the doc will figure it out. He's the same one who sewed her up after the ambush in Bryant Park. He's good."

Kara sighed as the final tear dropped onto the cushion by her head, saying nothing. Numb with everything that had been done to her and to her friend.

"But hey, how are you feeling? You sure had a lot of action over the last 24 hours or so. You slept like a log most of the night."

"I feel fuzzy and tired. Can I have a dose of crack, Stevie?"

"Well.... you already had two during the night. The stuff's not free you know. In fact, it's damn expensive, especially the primo stuff you're getting from us."

"Tony said I could have as much as I wanted if I did what he asked."

"Yeah, well, that was before you were a naughty girl and tried to escape."

"I didn't really do anything though. Diana was the one who came up with everything. You saw what she was doing. What was I supposed to do? I was totally restrained!"

Stevie is stunned by Supergirl's statement. She had just betrayed her friendship with Wonder Woman for the hope of a hit of crack. The woman she'd been crying about not two minutes ago was now thrown under the bus for the promise of a good buzz. If he had any doubts whether Supergirl was hooked, they had just evaporated in the still air of this clammy room.

"Yes, well," Stevie says slowly, "if her plan had worked you're not going to tell me you wouldn't have tried to escape with her and probably have beaten the crap out of Sergei and I before you left. Hell, you probably would have killed us if you could have."

"NO! I don't do that. I don't kill people." Kara looks him straight in the eye.

"Fine, but you would have certainly broken me into little pieces I'm guessing."

"No, I wouldn't have. I don't think so. I just would have flown Diana and I out of here."

"To where?"

"I don't know. Away somewhere. I didn't plan that far in advance."

"So you were part of the plan!" Stevie's voice grows harsh, playing on her guilt and confusion.

"A small part, yes," she says softly.

"Well, I'm not sure Tony would reward you with crack for what you did," Stevie draws out the addicted blonde's torment.

"But you gave me two hits during the night. Why are things different now?"

"That was just to keep you quiet so I could get some rest. As it was, I only got a couple of hours sleep and I'm tense all over from being at that editing board for the last four hours. I could use a little relaxation. Think you'd be willing to help with that?"

"What do you want?" Supergirl looks up from the table at him. "That you can't take from me anyway."

"I want to relax with a nice session of mutual sex. No escape plans. No funny stuff. You do that and I'll give you as much crack as you want."

"Deal," Supergirl says immediately.

"I mean it, little lady. Mutual sex and no funny business or you'll be the sorriest bitch on the planet. Sorrier than even what's left of that Amazon girlfriend of yours upstairs. And that's a promise!"

"I said it's a deal and I meant it," Supergirl licks her lip, already trembling a bit with withdrawal symptoms.

"Superhero code of honor?" Stevie stares down the blonde.

"Cross my heart and hope to die," she replies. "I'll cross my heart as soon as you undo these buckles."

And Stevie does it. Wrists and ankles freed, the famous teenage beauty sits up slowly, rubbing her wrists and shaking her head to clear the final doldrums away.

"One more thing, Supergirl," Stevie says taking a step back. "I am not trying to be rude but before we do anything, you could use a shower, bigtime!"

The famous blonde teen's sullen face suddenly lights up with a flashy smile. It's not her full-tilt 1000-watt version but it cuts to Stevie's heart nonetheless. With everything she'd gone through, with her stringy hair plastered to her forehead, her face drawn and weary by a heavy crack addiction, and even wearing a sweat-stained, reeking, cheap costume knock-off of her famous uniform, Supergirl's incredible beauty still has the power to mesmerize.

"Stevie, that's the best thing anybody's said to me in days! Let me at it!" She actually has a small bounce in her step as she strides quickly past the stunned young mobster and heads for the shower.

Fifteen minutes later, wearing only a pair of blue men's jockey briefs that Stevie had scrounged out of his overnight bag, Supergirl has her mouth wrapped around the young stud's cock and is bobbing her head up and down on his joint with complete unabashed dedication. Sitting in a simple cushioned rolling chair from the control room that he wheeled out into the main room, Stevie is naked from the waist down, with only a plain white t-shirt on. His head is craned back and his hands are entwined in the damp but clean blonde hair of the teenage heroine.

"Ohhh. Slower. No. Stop. Stop entirely. I don't want to shoot this soon," he orders through heavy pants." Supergirl stops her work and releases him as directed. The long, hard penis bobs in the air before her face, a face that looks expectantly at Stevie.

"You want to fuck now, right?" She nods at him, eager to get this over so she can get her crack.

"Damn straight. I'm hard as a rock and ready to plow fertile ground. Lie back and spread those beautiful legs of yours, blondie. Stevie's coming for you!"

"On a cold stone floor? I think we can do better." The eager to please blonde champion gets off her knees and stands before Stevie with the oversized briefs barely hanging on her hips. She pushes down on the waistband with the slightest effort and they fall in puddle around her ankles. Stepping out of them, Supergirl raises her right leg high in the air and rests it on Stevie's shoulder. Clasping her hands around the wide-eyed Italian's neck, the lithe maiden lifts herself up and slowly lowers her warm vagina onto the hard muscle waiting below.

"Ohhhh.....mannnnnnn!" Supergirl's left hand moves from Stevie's neck to his waist, counterbalanced by her right leg over his shoulder. She then wraps her right arm around his waist and links her hands behind his back. When she lifts her left leg and folds it over his shoulder, her weight settles slightly in his lap and he goes very deep within her.

"Mmmmm," she hums with pleasure herself. And then begins to writhe her pelvis in circles, creating sensations within Stevie that went far beyond any conventional sex he'd ever had.

"You're fucking amazing!" His hands are now clasped behind her back and he begins gently rocking his pelvis. Supergirl stops the gyrations and begins to match his rocking. Together they bring themselves through several layers of pleasure. Stevie buries his face between the teenage beauty's breasts, inhaling her scent as he rocks himself toward oblivion. The generous size of Stevie's rod is giving Supergirl the wriggling shivers as well and before long neither of them can handle the ever-ascending sensations rushing up from their loins to their brains.

Finally, gasping in delight, the couple comes together, holding each other tightly and feeling every inch of skin settled against the others body. Stevie sends out ropes of cum and Supergirl leans her head back and whimpers with joy at this final sensation. For several minutes they simply sit in the chair and breathe slowly, floating in a pool of pure pleasure.

Ten minutes later, Supergirl is wrapped in a towel and is taking a long pull on a glass crack pipe that a now jeans-clad Stevie has produced. Mere seconds after that, the glassy-eyed heroine's head bobs slowly on her shoulders as she abandons all her worldly experience for the stupidity of a meaningless crack high.

When Sergei walks into the control room thirty minutes later, Stevie has finished the final edit and saved the entire file to disk.

"How's Wonder Woman doing," Stevie asks as he labels the disk with a Sharpie.

"She's out cold but recovering nicely, thanks to that belt of hers. We doped her up with her favorite heroin as well as a nice heavy sedative. She'll be out for hours. Tony called. He said we could bring the ladies back to the Pleasure Dome. The van is on the way. You been editing all this time?"

"Not exactly," Stevie says with smirk.

"Did you get it on camera?"

"Nope! That one was just for me. And brother, if I died today, I'd die a happy man!"

"Da, well, let's get them now in the boxes for transport. The van should be here in about twenty minutes."

"I don't think Supergirl has to go in a crate," Stevie protests. "Let's just tell her to keep her head down. She's so hooked, she'll do anything we ask."

"Sounds too dangerous. Let's do it Tony's way. Play it safe."

"Well, alright, you're the security guy. I'm just saying the blonde's a total junkie and is completely controllable at this point."

"Just cause you got your rocks off with her makes you so sure."

"Just how I got my rocks off with her, Sergei. Just how!"

End of Chapter 51

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 51