Supergirl Captured by the Mob 44  

By Dr. Dominator

Supergirl Captured by the Mob

Part 44 - At Death's Door

By Dr. Dominator

Note: The Supergirl character and name as well as Superman, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince are the property of DC Comics. Tony Bonano and his crew as well as Sergei Zhukovia and Don Lupenzo are properties of Dr. Dominator and cannot be used without permission. This story is simply meant as entertainment and should be read only by consenting adults of 18 years or older. Violence and rape are never an answer to any situation.

Once again an unconscious Supergirl is being dragged across the floor of the dingy South Bronx apartment by a smiling Rico. This time, her grinning adversary is holding her by her ankles and pulling her on her back along the smooth floor between the front door and the couch. Her soft blonde hair, her upraised palms and her red leather leash all drag along behind her with a soft, lingering hiss of fabric on wood. The famous teenage super heroine is a mess. Her hair is clinging to her forehead from her sweat. Likewise, there are deep blue rings around her armpits and between her breasts from her perspiration. Her uniform is completely disheveled from her fight with Rico. Supergirl's cheek is badly bruised from the clobbering by the trophy base. It's already turning a bright reddish purple. Her slack, slightly open mouth shows streaks of blood at the corners from when she bit her tongue during her hard fall just moments ago. What's more, the gash on the back of her head, having been reopened and enlarged by her latest fall, is leaving a steady trail of blood spots as she is pulled unceremoniously toward her awaiting fate over the back of the couch. Rico plans to fuck this pussy if it's the last thing he ever does. As he backs his way toward the couch, his eyes seek out the area between Supergirl's legs, focusing on the gleaming patch of silky red panties revealed under her rumpled and upturned skirt. Her deep feminine prize awaits him beneath that silky stretch of fabric.

When he finally gets her over to the couch, Rico hoists her over the back of it, face down again, her stomach against the back of the couch, her rear end easily available. He begins to squeeze and fondle the limp blonde's ass with great delight. His hands roaming all over the surface of the skirt and then under it, squishing her buttocks, massaging her inner thighs, stroking his palm against her pussy and prodding her with his index finger.

"Man, what a sweet, soft, squeezable ass you've got, Supergirl. I could fondle this butt all day, but the guys will be back shortly so I'll have to cut to the chase and fuck your brains out. Oh, that's right, they're already out and dripping on your blouse collar!"

"¼Uuuugghhnnnnnnnn¼¼" The dazed and bewildered blonde heroine moans deeply as she fights for a consciousness that is not easily attained. Rico can't believe the bitch was already stirring. She'd only been knocked silly five minutes ago by her fall. He'd thought she'd be out cold for at least a half hour.

"¼whuuahyadoen¼?" She feels a finger probing into her anus as a hand squeezes her left buttock. "..stup¼dat¼."

"Like I'm going to listen to you, cunt!" He takes the waistband of her panties firmly in hand and pulls them down with a harsh yank. The two wide mounds of her ass are revealed, as is her perfect pink pussy. He takes the red underpants all the way down to her mid-thighs.

"There's that beautiful portal of pleasure. Supergirl's famous pussy and it's all mine!" Rico's mouth is dry with excited anticipation even as his cock strains against his pants.

"¼.nuhh¼.yuh¼.can't¼dooh¼.thishhh¼." she slurs. With a tremendous effort of concentration, a woozy Supergirl puts her hands out and pushes against the couch cushion in an attempt to push herself up to a standing position. "¼wun't¼..letchu¼.doit¼" It takes all she has but she's able to straighten herself up at least as far as her torso being parallel to the floor. She's just working her hands along the back cushion of the couch so she can push herself all the way up to full upright when Rico pulls the flashlight out of his back pocket, takes one step back away from the struggling blonde and swings the silver tube with a wide arc at the back of the unwary heroine's head. The head of the flashlight connects directly against the existing wound in Supergirl's lower skull and it sounds halfway between a thud and a crunch.

"UHN!" The sudden harsh grunt is all the once mighty heroine can offer before her world collapses into oblivion from this shocking skull fracture. Drained of all consciousness, the blonde's body falls forward against the couch back and hangs there limp as a worn out towel.

"Now that ought to keep you out of trouble 'til I'm done fuckin' you, hero!"

Taking the small jar of Vaseline out of his pocket, Rico proceeds to smear the exposed behind, the vagina and the inner thighs of the famous heroine with a slick coat of the yellowish ointment. As soon as he's done with that, he unzips and whips out his hardened cock and pushes it against Supergirl's nether lips. Gripping her thighs in his palms, he pushes forward and easily slides his muscled length into the warm tunnel of Supergirl's exposed vagina. The only resistance he feels are the tight muscles of the unconscious teen's pussy. And that is exactly everything Rico needs, all he wants. He pushes his penis into the very depths of the warm silkiness until his ball sack rests against Supergirl's inner cheeks.

"That is what I've been waiting for since yesterday evening!" Rico is exultant at his conquest and slowly he begins to fuck away to his heart's content, sawing at the heavenly cleft with fervor and a passion that excludes his awareness of the blood seeping out of the blonde teen's ears and her nose.

Small drops of her life essence fall to the couch cushion and stain it steadily, a growing collection of overlapping rings of red that offer startling proof of Supergirl's fatal wound. A basilar skull fracture like this, with the symptoms she is showing, including a slowly developing bruising around the orbits of her eyes, is evidence of an injury that can very likely kill the helpless blonde within the next half hour if not treated immediately.

But the only treatment Supergirl is receiving is the cruel attention of Rico's prick. He humps away at the dangling girl's sex with selfish eagerness that lights his eyes with a fever from which he does not want to escape. His lust knows no bounds as he draws in and out of Supergirl's lubricated love channel with piston-like movements. Holding the red leather leash wrapped around his clenched fist now, he pulls up on strap and the unconscious blonde's head bobs up and down, her eyes closed, her mouth draped open and blood flowing from her nose and ears. But the enraptured Rico can't see her face. He only sees her bobbing blonde head and this fills him with triumph.

"Uh¼hmmm¼.uhhnn¼.yeah¼yeah¼that's the super pussy I remember. Tight and warm and all so eager-to-please." Rico grunts and grins as he savors his prize. His head is swimming with pleasure and he's very close to cumming. It was faster than he wanted but Luiz and Paul would be back any minute and he wanted to be done. He knew he was going to catch hell damaging the merchandise like this but she was Supergirl. Nothing could kill her. Meanwhile, the friction is building to a crescendo as he pumps his hips with hard quick thrusts against Supergirl's ass. His penis thumps and withdraws, thumps and withdraws against the famous blonde champion's crotch.

And beneath him, Supergirl's head bleeds from three different openings. Her ears, nose and skull all leak their red drips of death. And Supergirl herself is falling closer and closer to that final edge of life itself. All thought gone. All her energies and essences are drawn down to nothing. The internal hemorrhaging is causing critical pressure on her veins. She is mere moments away from a possible massive stroke or bleeding out or severe brain damage. She is at the portal of it all: life and death on the wheel of existence.

And then she isn't.

The clock on the stove in the kitchen clicks to 12:49 just as Rico reaches his climax.

"Yess¼.yesss¼YESSS¼..YESSOWWW¼OWWWW¼YEOOOWWWWW!!!" From the lofty heights of ecstasy to the very depths of agony is a shocking distance to cover in one scream but Rico manages it with a tonal brilliance that even his upstairs neighbors appreciate. From manly shout to girlish scream in just four seconds.

Just after his penis sprayed its sticky measure into Supergirl's vagina, the tight muscles that encompassed his prick seized up with a sudden ferocity that made Rico's eyes bulge out of his head. The bitch's cunt felt like a fuckin' steel trap! He tries to pull away, pushing against her shoulders in terror. And then he gets very faint with the pain, and falls forward onto Supergirl's back, his arms limp against her own dangling arms. But the arms are no longer limp. They were moving and entwining around his own arms, her hands holding his wrists with the strength of handcuffs. How did this girl get this strong so suddenly? She was rising now and Rico can't help but rise with her, his dick still embedded within her loins, his arms locked in hers. Supergirl was completely vertical now and she was backing up with quick easy steps that caused his feet to drag along outside her legs as she picked up more and more speed. He was helpless in her dual grip of arms and snatch and then she reached the wall. Actually he did first. His back slammed hard against it and he heard a nasty crack and then he couldn't feel his legs or his penis at all. That was a relief! And then the bitch finally released him, her arms unwound from his and her steel pussy relaxed at last and Rico fell to the floor in a shapeless heap of twisted legs and flailed arms, his spinal cord crushed at the third and fourth vertebrae. His lower body paralyzed.

By the time Supergirl bends down to pull up her panties, she is completely healed. All bruises gone, all fractures as though they never were and all traces of red kryptonite vanished for good. All her memories are also back in her head along with the new ones from the last 24 hours which would take some emotional sorting out before they'd be categorized and filed in her amazing brain. Even the red leather dog collar lies snapped and broken on the floor, thrown there in disgust by the angry blonde. Now, looking down at the stunned, slack-jawed thug on the floor at her feet, Supergirl shakes her head slowly. Then walks into the bathroom and cleans off all the blood from her nose off the lower half of her face. Walking back into the living room, she glares with intense anger at the groaning Rico who is struggling to pull his legs into a semblance of order.

"You filthy pig," Supergirl snaps. "You're just lucky I have an oath against killing people.

Rico looks up at the blonde teen now standing over him in her famous heroic pose, her fisted hands on her hips. "You broke my fuckin' back, bitch! I can't move! Help me up!"

"Get up on your own, Rico. You're not a quadriplegic, you're only a paraplegic. You've got arms. You'd better learn to use them from now on."

"You can't do this to me. You gotta heal me. You can't leave me like this, Supergirl. Have a heart."

"You're confusing me with someone who gives a crap, Rico. I wouldn't heal you even if I could. You just about killed me you degenerate thug! I'm not doing squat for you. And when your two friends come back, I'm going to give them a taste of what they've been doing to me for the last 24 hours."

"We were only having fun. You even liked it! I saw your face. You enjoyed the sex at were getting off on¼.WAIT!... DON'T...OWWRRGGH!"

Rico would now need a good dental surgeon as well as a spinal specialist. Supergirl withdraws her boot from Rico's face and stares down at the bloody form without compassion. She may have lost her cool on that one but he'd brought it on himself. She figured she could live with the guilt of completely invalidating this pig's current dental records.

Just then the sound of a key in the lock snaps Supergirl's head up and a mere three seconds later Rico is tucked in his bed on his back with the blankets pinning him tightly to the mattress as Supergirl waits behind the door for Luiz and Rico to enter the apartment. Scanning through the door, the Maid of Steel is shocked to see Tony Bonano, Carmine Vega and Sergei Zhukovia accompanying Luiz and Paul in the hallway outside the apartment. Plus there was some other man with them.

Interesting. Very interesting. But I'm still going to teach Luiz and Paul a lesson, no matter what Tony thinks is going to happen!

Diana is fighting a huge headache as she slowly wakes up in the penthouse suite of the Pleasure Dome. She sees that she is still in the plush bedroom, she is naked and she is tied to the king sized bed by all four limbs, this time spread-eagled to each corner.

"Ohhhh...." she moans, shaking her head to try to clear it. She looks to her left and sees that the clock on the night table reads 1:08 p.m. Early afternoon. She'd been out for at least another two hours if not more. Tony had been steadily pumping her with drugs for almost twelve hours now and her mental capabilities feel very dull and her energy levels at their very minimum.

There is a quick double knock on the door which swings open without her even issuing any reply. Stevie is standing there at the bedroom door carrying a tray and wearing a wide smile.

"So much for privacy," Wonder Woman complains.

"Good morning, Diana. Hope you've been sleeping well," he says, ignoring her comment.

"Besides being stuck like a pin cushion and mercilessly subjected to the most powerful heroin possible, yeah I'm good. Thanks, Stevie. Is that another dosing?"

"And breakfast as well."

"What service!"

"Only the best at The Pleasure Dome for our special guests," Stevie replies and walks forward with the tray.

"I don't suppose you'd let me slip away to the bathroom. I have to pee something fierce."

"Sorry, no. But I can put a rubber sheet under you to catch the urine."

"You're such a sweetheart. I'll hold it in for now."

"Actually, since you already pissed the bed once, we'll go my route, so I don't have to clean up after you again, Wonder Woman."

"I soiled the bed once already?" Wonder Woman is distraught at this news.

"'Fraid so, Diana. Here's some orange juice and there's buttered toast and soft-boiled eggs. You shouldn't have anything too strong since your stomach and body are adjusting to the drugs."

"How long is Tony going to keep this up?" Wonder Woman ignores the food and eyes the syringe on the tray.

"Until you're a stone cold heroin addict would be my guess. You'll be easier to control that way."

"Tony just might be underestimating me."

"Yeah, well, let's wait and see how you feel when you don't get your fix. My guess is you'll fuck on command if this heroin is half as strong as I think it is."

"Quite the charming conversationalist, aren't you, Stevie?"

"Lady, let me tell you something. You talk a strong game, and you try to back it up, but you forget something…"

"Yeah? What's that, bright boy?"

"I've seen your dailies in the editing room, Diana. You suck and fuck as much as any whore when the motivation is there. Despite all your lofty Amazon principles and language, you can go down on a man's cock as well as any prostitute can. Maybe even better."

The raven haired beauty scowls at the filth coming out of this impudent thug.

"So when you get all high and mighty on me, Wonder Woman, just remember, I've seen you fuck your best friend Superman and beg him to fill your pussy with his rod of steel. I saw you whimper and weep and scream in ecstasy when Sergei took you from behind. And these mighty tits of yours? They can be stimulated and tickled to make you wet like any pussy on the planet so don't try putting on airs with me, Diana, because I'm not buying the act. I know the slut beneath that cool veneer of yours. And I appreciate her for all her talents. Now do you want your breakfast or not?"

"Screw you, Stevie!"

"Eventually, Wonder Woman. I'm guessing you will! I look forward to it."

"You filthy mongrel!"

"Well, if you don't want breakfast, we'll just move on to the injection."

"I will see you behind prison bars soon, Stevie. I promise you that."

"Stay still, Wonder Woman. We wouldn't want to rip a vein." And with that Stevie injects the sullen heroine with yet another dose of Istanbul Express, pushing the drug from the syringe barrel into the veins of the mighty Amazonian princess. In less than 15 seconds, the pretty and famous face of the Champion of All Women goes from grim determination to slack, dull-eyed and drooling as the potent drug rushes to her brain with stunning speed.

As promised, Stevie takes a rubber sheet out of one of the dresser drawers and works it under the famous heroine so she doesn't ruin another set of sheets and stain the mattress when her bladder releases in her obliterated state.

"Big talker, but look at you now, Wonder Woman. Too stoned to even control your body functions. Tony's got your number. And the sooner you accept that the better off you'll be."

"Pwetty juice box," Wonder Woman slurs, her mind ravaged by the heroin.

"Yes. It is, isn't it?" Stevie laughs out loud as he walks back to the bedroom door and shuts it softly behind him.

The moment the door to Luiz's apartment swings open, Supergirl waves energetically to Tony with a huge smile behind it.

"Hey guys! What a great surprise!"

"Hello, angel face," Tony replies, smiling. "It's great to see you. You're looking well. I was afraid for your health."

"Oh, pish. You know I can take care of myself," she giggles and lightly punches his arm playfully. Sergei and Carmine look on in mild bewilderment. This was not the scene they'd expected at all.

"Where's Rico?" Luiz looks past Supergirl and turns his head both ways with heavy suspicion. In the hallway craning his neck is Joey Target, his eyes like saucers as he takes in the view of Supergirl in Luiz's apartment. What the fuck is going on here?

"Oh, Rico, he decided to take a short nap."

"I don't believe you," says Paul with a low growling mutter.

"No?" Supergirl says brightly. "Well, you are actually right, Paul. He's not napping. He's trying to recover from the broken spine I gave him."

And with that, Supergirl reaches out and grabs Paul by the throat before anybody even has time to react to her comment. With a simple toss, she hurls the huge man across the entire room so he lands face first into the steel kitchen sink with a loud clang. Sergei's eyebrows go up and he stands there in quiet wonder at the incredible strength required to hurl a guy weighing about 250 pounds across the room with one hand.

Luiz fares not much better. He doesn't even have time to turn around before Supergirl seizes his shirt front chest high and slams him back and forth against the left and right sides of the doorframe half a dozen times. She tosses the bleeding form onto the couch with another careless heave. Both men are completely unconscious.

"So, what brings you boys around here? Miss me?" Supergirl is all smiles again.

"Like you wouldn't believe, doll. Ready to go?"

"Not yet. I want to insert a few things up these men's rear ends' to make a point about women's rights."

"Far be it for me to stand in the way of a feminist on a mission," Tony says. As Supergirl walks back into the apartment, Joey Target has seen enough. He turns to go when Carmine grabs his jacket collar, pulls him into the apartment and shuts the door firmly but with quiet purpose.

"Let's just hang in here a while and see what happens, Joey," Carmine says without a smile.

Six minutes later, the three little pigs as Supergirl has come to think of the South Bronx trio of losers are all on their knees in a row facing forward with their pants pulled down. Rico has the tennis trophy sticking out of his ass, but with his spine broken, it's more for effect than for the pain he does not feel. His rectum is badly torn but not as badly as if it would have been had the little golden arm holding the tennis racket not broken off in the fight earlier. Still there's much blood.

Luiz has an aluminum bat protruding from his butt and he's whimpering with muted gasps as his rectum also drips red. And Paul is leaning forward with his forehead pressing against the floor with an actual tennis racket sticking out of his rear. The handle is buried all the way up to the round tightly strung racket head and the big man is groaning in agony.

"Oh, should I have used some kind of gel there, Paul? Sorry about that. Heat of the moment, you know," Supergirl snarls with cold vindictiveness. "Now we can go, Tony," she adds.

"Not quite yet, sweetie," Tony answers her while watching the three men whimpering on the floor before him. "I want to give these men a lesson myself in the art of handling women."

"I'd just as soon get out of here," Supergirl says petulantly. "I'm really sick of this place."

"We can leave in just a few minutes, Supergirl. Right after you give Sergei, Carmine and myself a rollicking three-way fuck."

"…Wh…What…?" She actually takes a stunned step backward.

"You heard me, Supergirl. I want a three-way right now. I'm sure Carmine and Sergei would love one, wouldn't you guys?"

"Why on earth would I do that?" Supergirl stares at Tony, her anger rising. "I just taught these three perverts how I feel about non-consensual sex. Did you not get my point?"

"Oh, no. I got it. Loud and clear, Supergirl. But this isn't like that. You're going to do us all quite willingly. If you ever want the quality crack I can give you. Unless you prefer to take your chances with Joey's stuff here, which is stepped on more than the main floor of Grand Central Station."

"Oh, Tony. Why are you doing this?" The pouting, angry blonde heroine is distraught with her dilemma.

"I told you it's an exercise in control I'm showing to these low-lifes. They had a chance to do it right and they fucked it up. And then you fucked them up. I just want to show them how it's done correctly."

Leaning in to Tony, Supergirl whispers in his ear. "Couldn't we, like, do this back in my suite? It's cozier and everything. I…i…will do you all. But it has to be a double portion of the crack. 'Kay, Tony?"

"Nope. It's here and now or no crack. Ever! And based on how you're getting the jitters, I'm guessing it's been a while, right?"

"Yes. You're right," Supergirl admits glumly. She's beaten by her addiction and she knows it. With one last whining effort she pleads her case. "Please, Tony. Let's go back to the Pleasure Dome and do it there. I'll….i'll even see if I can get Diana to join in. Wouldn't you like that?"

"I'm sure we all would, my dear, but it's going down here and now. Don't make me lose my patience."

"Oh, fine," she grumbles. "How do you want to do this?"

"Guys?" Tony looks at Carmine and Sergei. The big Russian smiles and says, "She can sit on my dick. Carmine, you okay taking her ass?"

"It would be my pleasure," replies Carmine.

"Good, I'll take the blowjob. She's very good at it. Aren't you, Linda?"

"I was taught by a master," Supergirl replies coolly.

"You three stay right where you are," Tony commands. "And Joey, take a seat over there in the kitchen and don't try to get away or I'll put a bullet in you. Got me?"

"Sure, Mr. Bonano. Absolutely!" Joey goes immediately to where he's told and sits down to watch the show.

"Okay, Supergirl. Start giving Sergei and Carmine a good lap dance on the couch over there and we'll improvise as things get heated up."

"Yes, Tony," Supergirl murmurs.

This crack better be the best yet, damn him. The very, very best!

End of Chapter 44

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Supergirl Captured by the Mob part 44